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Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 2-16-17 Hour 3

Feb 16, 2017|

The guys check on the latest Coyotes arena issues in Phoenix, and Sprague the line before Brandon gets an early start on the weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Oh I tell you Jennifer cheers cheers and party but this is dirt and sprayed. Senate approved seven politics so she hopes of party's over so and keep the snow that's where Andy under Johnson and Brandon spray and iPod Hobart because it's well but bodies but deepest don't know because I just adore durden spray on virginity which. Which you should go for a de Shea. Especially for us that don't want to also to make dole Bob Dole and soaking the space he ends six to somehow. The New York streets will be a little. Only hey Dennis but Howard Sprague dedicated fans. Of Thursday's gone loan rates will be got fellas are to get home and we both sides here are some things she. You need a mobile home today things and I mean Garros compared jet skis. Some demands on the hunt sounds nasty out there but don't be surviving the rain OP state NC for him to be asked Craig what the weather's like in Arizona hired we just not one that got. Punch. Will. Actually we could let dad up ourselves I bet she will would you guess right now my guess would probably be 85 and sunny. That would be my guest Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Arizona in 73. Pass and it is sunny zero. This is sock on that it's only 73 eighths. We play this is the time that this is why they do spring training right now is 74777. 7678. And now everybody look at your car window. To your left to your right and dream that you were in seventy degree driver brought in and out wall because you're not and whether. They come out of the final are Tom Brady is saying he's not going anywhere so you better get used to it football fans. Because he says he's got a couple of years left in the tank bottom of the hour we will spring the line to get your take sponsors ready already have a few coming in the in a close up the show talking about non glow in the dark uniforms that everybody. As apparently losing their marbles over on Twitter but the ducks and beavers both action. Tonight who do that to close out the show but we did want to update you just got on the latest out of Arizona. And terms of what's that the legitimate chance that they can come to Portland. And I first and foremost probably what's the legitimate chance that they get out of that area that's why we've been following now. For awhile the stadium deal if you remember they had a two year lease that is up at the end of this coming season so that's about to expire. They had another stadium deal that was coming up at that they were trying to build one with Arizona State that fell through. And that's kind of what sparked the whole coyotes to Portland conversation. And does sort of talked to Craig Harris here in a second about the latest out of Glendale and I got questions to just about how old they view hockey down there because. We're always so series here because of the way our city has grown the last few years. And the way that we're kind of viewed in the sports landscape where or minor League City USA so. What is it gonna take in on the pro team here I got a lot of questions correct I would spring on Craig Harris is a reporter for the Arizona Republic in Portland Oregon native by the way is a welcome back to his home city acts he Harris easy rapids where you can find him. On Twitter he joined the Sunday guild mortgage mobile hotline Craig thanks for the time you wanna guess what the weather's like today in Portland. And how they are raining. Hey yes I am Vienna monsoon going on out there are some rejected it looks like he got 73 and sunny just I would be a little jealous. 73 if not duplicate now my when they're downtown Phoenix yet. That fund and the guy hired jerk yeah thank you mean Arafat. Let's get able maybe you already get an NHL team that is so it couldn't be all bad but let's let's talk about this deal Greg we just kind of want the latest on what's happening so we know the Arizona State deal falls through and everybody's thinking all right the coyotes are now on the move again but then. All of a sudden why it is they Arizona State Senate votes for 225 million in public funding. Could they possibly get more public money for another arena where we have with coyotes in their stadium. Well I think catapult into the tide you sell it back to 20022003. And it is quite a rollercoaster and then what happened recently is very able state senate panel. Approved a bill that would give it is about to actually had no regard to public financing 175 knowingly comes from self taxes generated by a bucket entertainment district or don't wanna build theory. 459 dollars from the local city. And that he would put it 135 Billick for the arena. It would have to go to the full senate which is controlled by Republicans. And if it passes there go over and Howell which is also controlled by Republicans which is completely format that he'll let go of not a war against. Mom and dad to get had a tough time I want to get to the other chambers so. That's kind of the national where things are they they want out of the arena. Which is in Glendale which is title like. I Hillsborough. View. Downtown Portland. So they want out of batteries don't go back to 2003 anyone brandywine. War does Phoenix even want hockey do you guys want hockey down there is that something that's important to sports fans. You know I think the coyotes fans here are are small but very loud and very enthusiastic. They have very much struggled and as he's done this before sport county a pro baseball pro basketball pro football. And the coyotes Dell and others are the university. Spring training starts right now got a couple NASCAR races so I Debian BA. It's a very very sexy market the coyotes have struggled to meet their attendance is a third of the bottom the National Hockey League. Com this will be the fourth straight year that they haven't made the playoffs so it is very tough for them here in this market but they do you have a very. Rabbit candies for the fans who are Chinese can't they're very vocal and very strong but they're not that BA can't. Now we're talking to Craig Harris reporter for the Arizona Republic follow him on tour at C Harris easy. Raping and getting back to the stadium me I discount from what I've read is that the least that they they signed that two year lease in the current building and that's up at the end of this season. So just how walkway down the scenario of this 225. Million in public funding does not go through they don't get that new stadium deal done. What's gonna happen I mean are they are they homeless next year if they don't move cities is are going to be a new lease for another year or two with the current building what what do you foresee happening if this new public funding does not work out. If you delete this for one more year they had them one more relief when we're glad to help then again it's cut out for grabbed it they stayed Glendale. Or were they kill I mean day as far as economics that got her really did helical until they get all the ticket revenue and all the concessions. Part keen 80% of the Amy writes in today's guide. And an amazing amount of money coming and the promises just not enough they just don't sell it not expensive floorboards seats. And to make it work for them and haven't been able to get sponsors. Part of the problem is you know what it's different factories market and even though Phoenix is the fifth or sixth largest city in the country. In the media now selected here's forty to 50045. To 50000 dollars. And that's hard to go around the house you know for pro sports teams here. And we don't really have the corporate base or a major corporation Syracuse go all the way around so. They really have struggled so far as where they go I don't know Amin appeared to go to Portland I don't know Paula called gonna give them. A whole lot of money could go play in the rose garner the motor senator. And if they go to Seattle there's not are read out there that is NHL ready he not be re not count Seattle. Is antiquated. This is that's by the supersonic let's go to Oklahoma City so. You know it's not like there are a whole lot of options out there for the coyotes. Were they would deal. You know the 1 thing I am curious about based on just tournaments are reading about this which is why we're excited to bring you on. The ownership group for the coyotes as you mentioned Paul Allen right and allowing them if it came too late to play in the mode is senator. Tom tell us in Portland is to give you a little. Tidbit here palm wood on our own it he would be allowed to summoned to come in and use the Mota said he wanna own it and get money from it. What's the ownership group situation right now with coyotes. Looked pretty solid right now they've got a they've got a pretty solid ownership group but it's expanded and flocks for a long timing and had a local person audit. Who was fifty year old was struck keen he put into bankruptcy that the leak on different couple three years that doctors have different ownership. Changes so for right now they ownership group is pretty get I don't know they're looking to sell or not I mean. It's possible they could flip it. But as far as going. You know that they want to keep it here is what they're saying they want to run the show so. YouTube probably right it probably only would work important. Paul Allen bought the team. Because that he can maximize the revenues. Out of the motor pattern and I doubt he'd wanna share with somebody else. Now in overtime and Craig Harris reporter for the Arizona Republican and you mentioned you've been on this case now since about 2002 in baton. It for those who follow hockey know that there's been a lot of ups and downs with this team. It just was stadium deals and ownership the NHL taken over reselling them. The threats of moving and it's been just a circus kind of now for 1415 years. What what does your gut tell you as somebody's been around covering that organization now for awhile what does it tell you about where this situation is going to be at two or three years from now. You know I would say they're the most. As far as freak and mystery here they're probably the. Most calm all vulnerable as far as Serena that you look at their there'll be locked and for one more. He's been up to this thing Glendale now that the Glendale. Would like to lock them up until long term beyond the reasons that there are short term deal out go to Glendale is essentially subsidizing them. To the tune of about fifteen million dollars a year and they realize we can't do that so they they cut off the subsidy. And they went and got a different arena and tiger which is 13 of the price send and that's what hurt the coyotes and indeed they logged fifteen million dollars and revenue right there. So you know they have to find a place that they can be arranged and that they can have. Things around it like part of the way it would work for them out here if they get over it they would have a hotel. Real estate. For them to run and manage and build a bake cookies those revenues to subsidize the club the club that lost money every year intraday it'll. No matter who the owner is it's the future model losses philosopher range sometimes up to fifteen to twenty million dollars a year. Tom it's really have to make money in this market their TV ratings are not very get their their radio ratings are not very ged. And so it's just tough for them to make money and beat it to be successful here in the desert. So you tell us there's a chance is based. And I'm getting up and all that. Thought may teach maybe it is the can't side I don't know I mean I think there are some very strong fans here. But I think at the end of the day they have to view what is that interest now they continually say. And it said that that the legislative hairy out that this week they want to stay here they want to make it worked its. The National Hockey League I believe also want to make it work this is the fifth or sixth largest. Natural market in the country. You know look at the Portland conductor I was born I love Portland they I grew up there went to order pretty high school. This is a bigger market that the National Hockey League would rather. And so there's also another legal reason why they wanted to stay at a big major market to go to a smaller markets. So as your gut tell you that they're gonna ultimately get the funding for the stadium in downtown Phoenix get a new arena and stadium there or are you. Think in something else. Well I you know if you look at based on the comment on this story that error eighty factual this week you look at other social media post. I think it's a hard split it could be a very difficult to get it through even the biggest through the senate there is bipartisan support in the house to kill it. So if it doesn't go through I don't know what you do it that it on the flip side if you give such a great deal for the coyotes. What do you do with their crackdown and that they wanted to stadium what do you do with the firms which is the first team that's ever been professionally. They wanted to read and cannot count scenic oak. You know you'd start shelling now money for one team which is essential that number fourteen. You know professional sport in popularity like Terry came out. Tom what do you do if ultimately do the basketball team and you could really get to a vicious cycle and I don't not because there is an appetite. Here in Arizona peace subsidized. Stadiums or Arenas and we we've gone back kicks for a long time. DP the building of. Spring training facilities is over I mean there's just not the resource is that when you look at this speedway and are funny for education is so low and we had to raise tuition forked tree colleges for higher Ed. I am not quite sure there's been an appetite at the legislature. To give money for it every now why can't. There is such a any need for. Public funding for education and higher Ed and. You worry spoiled sports fan and I would have to. I thought you please sign our petition that dirt my cohosts created to get Paul Allen's attention to take the coyotes out of. Well I'll do it I can't you know I have to I have to actually stay up late sometimes too like sensible my blood at that place so I'll. You know affordable I reckon it help you out by the. Yeah BA your hometown needs the NHL man we need a Geron is Craig come on stab but that's the citizens of Portland at one point in your life there. I loved I loved it great stuff gray hairs reporter for the Arizona Republic follow him on Twitter at C Harris AZ Brad Craig. They Stanley we've been following this closely and it was great to get some insight from somebody who's been following it from much longer time and us thanks for the time my in your home city we really appreciate it. Happy to be on daytime thanks so much for and I appreciate it. But Craig Harris great stuff so. Yeah I do it's it's a mixed bag I'd be part of me takes out of that interview hell no link and I happen and sure doesn't sound like it's gonna happen but then I get back to the main issues that face them for a long time now. They're not gonna have a building the plant there that they're not gonna pass public financing to build to a you pay 225 million dollars to build a stadium for the candidate this is not gonna have always leads a team is not supported very well and it's also another good point he brings up why they wouldn't. If you give them an arena and what they'll beat you with the suns and I says there some way to support his sons and Diamondbacks have a much bigger following in that area and if you give that to 25 million serve for us a hockey stadium isn't jump on call ready are you kidding me yeah I disputed honestly I think you it would totally hinge on whether or not Paul Allen Ludden NHL team play in his building without owning it. Because if he would allow that I think it would there is a realistic chance it can happen if he didn't have to buy the team and just give them the arena for 4190 year. He'd want a certain wild out of you but granny when I gonna kinda do I harder for an owner because I don't know how much of a cut Paul would want all the revenues from the building Bryant says that that's the question is is is would somebody let him buy a piece of the team should get a chunk of it absent they would somebody else would run it in conjunction. So. Yeah I just it's the secretary Iraq our boys are now where the teams not gonna be sold 'cause he ownership group was decently solid but they don't have an arena and a client. So where they get equal look he volume we appreciate Greg Harris. You know it's an inside out of Glendale they brace yourself football fans Tom Brady say he's not going anywhere any time soon that's next on tainted fans. Hey get your fix sponsors re a straight line the bottom of the hour. Who's right in line sponsored by the day sending in 55305. That in ninety wellspring lined yes last week. No you didn't I just. You are a thunder game he did I did it get over under is somebody talk smack to me thinking that I picked them to win. On my mind because thunder when I needed him to cover yeah has spread by the way I got that wrong in the when I said it was six and have a since five and have them get blamed for your dad picks and you drag me down was him and even though I got a prediction wrong on John we do I did set a good over under number. 26 and it the overeat in Chester boy. I adjusted wecht man and I listened to you know you just wouldn't watch the second yeah shades it was darker. They a couple of quick cuts and as the move move move on to Tom Brady CP UPD XA's alum this NHL Carla Taki gonna loosely are you loosely following the Seattle new arena talk so much of that affect this. F does like Chris Hansen is doing a big interview up in Seattle later this afternoon. Societe if he has an inning is say in any aid gets back to the same issue crohn's and and that is. Will will what will the building allow them to play in their arena with the current ownership group in pin position. But if if you allow the coyotes and move to Seattle and outselling the team. Beyond that absolutely comes into play but if they're in the same spot as pollen where they build an arena and they wanna own the team as well then their in the same situation Portland willing. You manage ending for Seattle is the guy that wants to privately fund everything in Seattle. Is willing to allow another Tenet in that arena and he's already come out and said that he's OK hockey being their but he wants MBA and he won nine NBA team you know he cares more about the MBA and this is this came out literally as we start the interview from carry eight years. He basically wrote an article titled will ice age hit Portland NHL rooms swirl. As inclusion is basically that it's not gonna happen any time. In the near future and the reasons he lists or because quotes from a gallon that he talked to McGowan. But there's a quote it's interesting to just. Plug in the back your minds because he does stock to Christmas down about this he did he said ME gallant told carriers were we think there's an opportunity for Portland or motive senator or something that's going to be good for the community. We're open to yeah I guarantee now Miguel and intelligent guys try to we haven't heard yet but. Gary hasn't seen anywhere any hockey anytime soon he could be wrong I hope that he's wrong because it doesn't sound like Arizona cares at all that they have hockey team. Yep they let me read you the first a couple sentences in this article this came on the Monday Morning Quarterback from Peter king and it's about Tom Brady he flew out to him. The Montana Montana yes to track Tom Brady nab a conversation with him and does the beginning in his tracks via. 39 year old Tom Brady type eBay's got this pristine winner after him behind in 39 year old Tom Brady drink to twenty ounce bottles of vitamin zero water. When he opened each one he scored the contents of the small plastic container labeled TB twelve electric lights may be two or three ounces in each bottle. And over ninety minutes he drink 45 ounces or so or vitamin water plus the electro light. Solution. That's the start of this article on it basically goes on to say. Tom Brady angle on any worries are like the blade in my mid forties then I'll make a decision I'm still feel like I'm playing today no boats no those are things can always change. You don't need longterm goals to I know next year is going to be. I don't answer is not going to be my last year Tom Brady said I'm not going to give away in my power anytime soon. Boy you know eat a lot of this had to do with the Goodell thing in terms of the whole power thing too he didn't want people he's a big he's a big proponent of the book the four agreements have you read that book and I think it's by Don Ruiz is the guy that wrote that yeah it's a really good read and I eye level a lot of elements of that in terms how you play at your life but. Basically I love the in depth story that king did with with Brady here. In regards to get delve thing he basically said you know all these people just assume because Goodell suspended him you should hate him and stick it to nominees like I. I he doesn't allow people outside opinions. Dictate how he's gonna treat and other individuals so he's a very different cat in that regard. And I also found a lot when he was sane interesting of just the whole idea of taking care your body I think it summing it you can it's you can find a similarity between him and abroad. And it's something that's not talked about enough. Is how athletes take care of their bodies such a big part of wall and that's an underrated aspect that I think even current Nate Kerney athletes they hear about it. But they don't take it to the level that a Brady or LeBron does. In a jury of your about LeBron and with LeBron it's it's not just working on the skills it's not trying to develop a three point shot that's more consistent. He's actually done that but it's also he spends just as much time. Exercising stretching. Eating massage is X setter. Doing all of that as he does actually working on the craft and that's what I took away from this too with Tom Brady. The same thing his diet is crazy a lot of people have debunked his diet is actually being healthy. But he sticks to it anyway he doesn't do any car doesn't do sugars he doesn't do fruits which sugar no no no RI sugars at least he's never eaten a strawberry in his entire life which I'm calling shenanigans on that. And he's got a very strict ID B sticks to any exercise is right he doesn't put on muscle. Like that's the whole development and athletes breaking through past a certain point where. We talk about guys like LeBron put on all those miles how the hell does he still played that level with all of those years put on his body. Once how he takes care of himself and the same thing with Tom Brady is. He just did that he played more downs in that game they needed all season that was the last game of the year. How do you do that at 39 and he was better at the end of the game and he wasn't the start and he threw it sixty to believe being times I also love the other little thing that he had about defense coordinators. A basically like nothing conforming now I have literally seen in all I'd seen every defense you can threats kind of terrifying there's a little like the next level jet by eight per share ask something to that is if. Perhaps he'll begin delaying landed in traffic negative four quarters of figured out at some point yes it's what do you do do you stop the a's get a physical guru named Alex Guerrero always been went in for ten years refining workouts pushing his physical and mental self he said Brady sickle out of them playing football the other thing I love to do. Prepare to play football most Tyree quotable time think he loves preparing. And you know we talked about just the sacrifices he made Danny Seo won a month. Taking some things out your lifestyle like going out with your friends until 1 AM I don't do that anymore and Peter King asks do you miss it. He said not really because I know on getting on the other end I know I can enjoy other experiences of my friends they don't. Have to happen at 1 AM I can have my friends at a Super Bowl game as a 39 year old that's a pretty amazing feeling. It's pretty kickass but lake that's the difference between him and a lot of guys they're not willing to put that aside I also love the quote that if if it was up to him. He would choose to eat dinner with his family and then they'd all gonna add that they would eggs and early here that you go straight to bat with thirty such an inch over that's all he wants to do. A man I think it is biggest feat so far his career is knocking off father time. I mean how many unhappy think he's gonna last and no reason to doubt him he keeps playing and tell everybody wants to predict this year this year this year is that this is at least say it was the plane was meant forty mid forties Maine he's got six more years braces some football fans patriots aren't going anywhere they get those fake sponsors ready whose bright losing money on this weekend spray in my next break into. Regular low Reagan the last break in the. Getting in towns man. What's what they call the towns for the people always get what does that baritone baritone. There's a baritone and then there's a base. So like what's been deeper one the database. So I'd probably be a baritone. And he gets anywhere since the bases like the guy with the super deep voice from like boyz to man who created. That's a big. Species come check MI group that hole ranger this tirade the Rangers. Days straight line. Brad do you buy changed data lord please sign this petition IMAP despray Stanley to make him stop gambling. And then that spring in line rat's about a Cleveland Browns where we can always maintain and Amylin drastic but never retained the number one player. True straight line about to buy drugs say whatever you want to know literally listens anyway. Regular hybrid device wags for neighbor is it that they turn off the turtle lumping video but they can still hear old. I don't feel it's not a recent. But no I get that oil goes up back to make. You mentioned here in swagger and use animal. He says anymore turtle or more is okay. I he's an animal over there. So that board may get them. Straight line rented by the moody fist fight Sprague with this weekend her beaten up outside after the show is raised its sales I have my dad Cashmere a sad act. Trail I've read to Betty Gloria sassy gay insider muscle gains not elsewhere ruins. And on man. Straight lab rats about Russell Westbrook all we have the stats yeah. Must again Spragan Lyon writes about Mars Lara the only guarantee is told disappointment when people come now minus Leonard mine is that they're yeah. This letter. Spray and Lyon and brought to you by Smith and Jones a your management Sprague sends us our best clients after they follow his advice not incorrect and Spragan line regiment it's an eighty Simpson calendar comes she drop. In a bikini top Irish reached do oh god yeah you're right size for peace do somebody did ask it this Thursday right yes your calendars are not wrong Brandon Sprague is just being a lazy bastard this week only working three days so we thought would spread the line today instead of tomorrow I was gonna leave you this segment bureau recruiter brute this year segment man I can't we can't spray the line without Sprague while hurting dirty nonaligned when am I gonna sing dirty in the lines why are gonna jump dead ends in waksal soccer now has slack in the line that has a decent sound to it during aligned just doesn't do it for anybody now turn the line is not a good thing now. Okay who is losing money on this weekend we've got to college basketball games full year half half hats tasty colleges royals they generated stuff hour day or go to we got we're gonna start and. Little old. Morales organ night they take on the collar rattle the new may still Lindsay got. The buffaloes have five nonsense and Ariza Dan eighteen losses. Are there well on their way to eighteen loss of how an attractive games they played. Thirteen thirteen game besides a wine net Damian Miller to amount sold the letter wrote a letter oh not a zero it's the letter rank today as like oh here we go and pac twelve play. No they take on Colorado tonight at gill coliseum at Colorado is turnaround coincidentally it was organ state that help them turn it around for them. And they sit at 1511 so they still have hopes for the NCAA tournament. This is a ten and a half point spread right now. And now I'm gonna go really crazy do it. I'm going orient state plus ten and a half tonight quarterfinal I am doing that now I can't give you any rhyme or reason in fact I would tell you not to bat this I don't it's not a re certain spots. I could see Buffalo's win in my ten. Eleven I'll take organs stimulus that's right that's that make or break point missed games ten are alive and I mean c'mon you wait till you makes makes that free throw and keeps it at ten. Let's go down south to Eugene today where your Mighty Ducks are burst of laughter you know watch this game turn the brightness level down on your TV please don't get to that you're in a closings OK well then I won't ruin anything out but the ducks are taking on the utes Larry Chris Doleac does not wash his hands after uses the yearn all that's a fact FP next to them about that hot take he's also a slap you on the but let's go get them guy over in the bathroom. Yeah Ethier it's Jose Manuel pro. Okay he likes to make eye contact okay elects to slap the butt gonna get a busy now follow the year Arnold protocol of gimme an I gimme a breed are your own well there bathrooms down in guild. Depths of gill coliseum do not have a space or you're only had its Euro is there it's like the trough once and let me just taping next to a 68 guy you feel real inadequate little unreal inadequate feed a fact about that little intimidating but speaking of Utah they're playing in Matt and I arena the ducks are role in right now playing good basketball. And I think it's going to be the same here the ducks are there by ten I think you'd ties pretty consistent they'll keep it close but organ will pull away. Give me ducks minus the tent. And then my last one is an over under projections this is my own bat and thrown it out you and it's no different than John wick to. What are GAAP and I'm going MBA all star weekend no well I get our act and I'm going our Boise Jim a columns in the three point contest this year. And Klay Thompson said he stands no chance and that Klay Thompson's gonna repeat. Last year CJ was god awful and you finished with fourteen Salma set the over under for CJ McCollum in the three point contest. Seventeen cents or better. Did what he'd last year OK it's the your take in but I don't think is that good enough to now I don't know let's get enough to advance all I know he's not gonna win he's not built for three point contest. Mark that might awake as you probably win now these can buy rat is. Is the reverse jinx back yet. What he means. This break reverse jinx don't what do you mean mean the listeners this show Nolan despray reverse jinx is I don't know what you're talking about please make my picks based on me winning money due listeners remember how long we allowed you to get rid of that is that it went away for a certain amount of time and then we were gonna bring him back but I could calendar year but I don't I think Italian no go check the tape ejected table was how I would I or you're five isn't spring reverse jinx back yet I said the calendar year. Somebody else's said to wash their hands after you peek. At pantex line. I don't know a lot of people. Isn't like one in six doesn't wash their hands is that what the stats are so it's like five or six guys wash their hands rivals say a hot take combat to Medicaid currently somebody went around the building and placed a hand sanitizing things in the bathrooms instead of Fannie and that that's a time saver I appreciate that. Why is that hot take I just I enjoy that more than why having a wash my hands. I don't know I I just what it is and it like one in five guys doesn't wash their hands that sounds about right or is one in five does wash their hands I would say probably one in five would admit to now. Crashing their hands but more than that don't actually wash their hands yeah and a I don't know I just it was something I notice about Chris Kelly actors of weird interaction that I had when he taken the over under on seventeen though our take the under. He's not gonna have a good performance you know wired. He eighteen. Yeah I think yeah eighteens not a bad score by the way now I have special visit some money malls who's gonna. I'm gonna follow a track record is blazers season. Disappointment or at the tracker could say that CJ has an individual performance that's great. The team still see its use of their kitchen dunk contest no and I'd be held a lot better fee was a market watch them. As you wash your hands yeah I watched me if there's not hand sanitize our prefer to have hand sanitize your knowledge is easier that I thought that was like him. Everybody did that thing yeah. You don't always touch it when you go though. I mean you still got to pull out yet it doesn't what does it just like walk out and do its business. Great I've rented by the dollar store now featuring Mason only jerseys now. Give them a discount prices. And somebody also said dad you're crazy Sprague in May be just eighteen last time. Yeah this one's well I did kill other business at the mighty guilt there is going to be the raucous. 3300. People at that game tonight. Thrill I've read about Charles Oakley the event do it alone and it's banned these damn pick someone on all trying to find stats on hand washing after going number one. Okay we'll do that next on hand washing how often you wash your hands after you use the pressure number one style also are the Oregon Ducks get a glow in the dark tonight in hot that's pretty cool. Next on him. Hey guys it's got up top of the hour. But the Mac and a lot of hot takes getting out washing your hands and use the restroom a lot of people are commenting is Steve wash their hands after going number one love folks saying theoretically should you wash your hands before use the restroom. It is your tights in year I Wear your body the floor and then you go down there should you wash your hands on both sides of visiting somebody's basically asking. Why do you need to wash your hands why is that part dirty year than everything else and I would respond with it's not that it's dirty year. It's a common courtesy in case I get a drop now. I get a drop like a splash back which I've gotten a splash back. You wash your hands the S and ASE telling you wash them when they're alone that's a valid question honing those numbers absolutely decrease ladies lag time Vince a disgusting if you guys are gruesome not wash your hands after going to the bathroom to sand. Don't start ladies your hands are after an aide touched year you know why. Sorry ladies wag I guarantee there's been at least two times in your life that mr. swagger does not washes and all out and AG something neat I'd be willing to go higher than two times in his life by the way I looked in the mean I'm a savings of perpetual non hand watcher but we've all had time jam we've Russia in the bathroom by the way get this according to CBS news. A 3700 people they observed. Yeah they observed 3700 people do their business is set a camera on the bathroom this is getting creepy 95%. Of them were cutting corners 37% of people did you sell 10% to skipped and washing entirely. I have done that a number of times I will not lie any at. Average hand washing time was six seconds which is far below the CDC's recommended recommend dated are recommended three. Rationing could I get that word out six seconds washing hands for six sec how what's the recommended time it's lazy morning you're thirty in money you're 3040 now that's not forty yet that's all so there's as the forty while how many people actually wash their hands for forty seconds. While no. I mean c'mon under the saint. When way so well for you why are we Enron task and zero rear saying you gotta wash down your wrist any sane is Nana and not about wash and I see get the wrist what is this surgery where in my head doctor here I can't touch an evening after I'd wash my hands. Put my gloves on for me. I don't that was. Interest in how we Ghana but I appreciate that kind a remember how we did but I eight. Enjoyed the research note and also city ending to pick talent doorknob on the way out of the banner than I do Baghdad every single time I take two favorites aus I drive my hands and I always grab the door knob because. You know there's the guy and he goes number two and doesn't wash his hands. A hot here in dock many never know which are getting yet never now. I pay the ducks are playing tonight and they're wearing blown and our uniforms wait no no no nevermind yes I was playing really bright out there and ravel and that. Yes a dare Revell mr. hot take on Twitter came out set monetary today said Taylor the ducks are planning glow in the dark uniforms. In and everybody at the Oregon in confirm new no no they're just they're very bright. They are not blown adopted the same people they told their rebel they glow in the dark tellem Phil Knight would spend ten million per year on a football coach. I bet they did. The bit as the same people rush remember Taggart getting ten mil pay dared I went to organ once Georgia where I think on Phil Knight chairman a tweet that it was a big deal when he announced that I got I got all sorts of jacked up on mountain do that ten million dollar tock I invite for a second get out of here throughout the there calling me services from or against their calling them electric green electric green I call stealing from Baylor and putting a duck on homes when I called it like neon. Yet these are ugly c'mon they're ugly. I love the organ basketball jerseys they've been mad this year Beazer while. Yeah about all year cup there's thin yellow ones that they Wear it what I've that's all trend in college that's a whole other issue that at bats like the direction they uniforms are going now it reminded me remember when the NBA did that give or take 1520 years ago we're all a sudden they lengthened the shoulders and they got big it was like broad shoulder jerseys. The meaner did that those were they sold those jerseys all those rational in the did I just have knock off NBA Jersey back in the day I saw where likened the Toronto or somebody were journalist tumbled since hat on yet so not every team and I sold them that nod I think every team at that reminds me that look when they widened them for a couple teams I now call it uses humor some of them North Carolina the same way I don't like it when they go super skinny it's like like him. But spaghetti strap you and I have talked about this the duct basketball team I think has the best jerseys of all the sports there. Why can't they go back to the Ridnour diesels were classic good jurors Ridnour jerseys are solid and I'll say this is bad as the team the up north is. At least orient states had good jerseys this year that's almost juries are giving effort I'm good at number but man they look good out. Let's update anybody watching and many diamonds you identified talent Bill Walton last night I made that mistake for six minutes that's how long you can last six minutes no I lasted like two minutes the wife laughter that was like K how much of a coincidence was that. And then I walked away a washed dishes and it was on for four Mormon it's like I did you dive in. No I was so watching hokey before area win two league night. And so no I I did not give much just. I was bad. Well cash fortunately gets Fran for chilly tonight doing the ducks game for ESPN OK that's better why dockets was on the the later game with being Indian tourists Russo. But that by tell Walton think Walton didn't stop talking. And the only time we stop talking was when they cut his Mike off because he had a slave driver reference to any legit cut off his microphone ESP ended a cut him off and then they cut them back on and you could hear cash going into commercial you should just stop talking now. It's he legit had he dropped a slave driver comment. Favorite Dickie V in Milwaukee the other one could go wrong Vicky he wasn't bad from what I heard. The bill long kept talking he didn't stop talking. Yeah somebody said that no dirty just you just don't have broad shoulders they fit normally. I don't what that lasts like twenty minutes was that it was a lot of fun folks hey that's the way I wanna go out for my forty's and then yeah you bastards breaks out tomorrow. You got a good show tomorrow though I was gonna be a great show we got Casey called on the show maybe for a half hour who's gonna like bill hostage takeover and see how long did you keep him. I'm Mike Johnston had coached Oklahoma rocks is gonna join a show also Jean in my Zell. You know it starts tomorrow. I do you. Neighbors are all that Oregon State's spring football practice starts tomorrow hallelujah on their way to six wins let's do this the out of the four day weekend don't screw up the wedding on Saturday I'll try not to you but you never know with me. Ask you never know that is true LC Tuesday by because we don't have a show Monday that's right yes. We're off money to its president stick it in this city to show extra dollars podcast ready to defend us commas where you can try to we'll put it out after the trade on Twitter as well give us a follow we will. Volume back as I said tomorrow Gina my cell Mike Johnson Casey hold on we'll all join me it'll be a dirty swagger edition on Friday while a lot of fun we'll talk to you tomorrow at noon. Number ones next to listening to antennae to defend.

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