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Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 2-16-17 Hour 2

Feb 16, 2017|

With the Pilots hosting Pacific tonight the guys wonder if you are a Porter or Stoudamire guy...and just where did the Blazers go wrong this season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tire is doing the right thing since 1952. So try welcome into our to hear on the radio programs certain Sprague on Portland sports leaders. The number one Sports Radio station in the city of Portland 1080 the fan if you missed our one check it out at 1080 the fan dot com less Schwab tires podcast. We're allowed to get to our number two. Crunch time in the NFL with franchise tagging and players being released a lot of big decisions to made their. Look I got something gets big going on in sports. There were all well aware of that we're not paying enough attention to and we'll give back in the blazers here in fifteen minutes herself. But I was was watchable boob tube yesterday. And I was doing some reading and I I hear you. CSN was it's like I was slide around. Sunspot I can't remember what it and my deep voice the pilots at and maybe he was on it and I kid you know I did not voice that particular commercial and maybe he was I just kept hearing you view basketball. And it's starting did meeting because they played tonight on the bluff against the Pacific tiger as they do and Damon Stoudamire friend of our show. He's. Head coach of Pacific both of them friends of the show yet both are friends of the show and so they go against each other's head coach is both trying to rebuild both programs. And then I started Canada have been fun in my own mind about just reliving history because I've I've been lucky enough to see both players play. And I was just thinking who was the better overall basketball player. Terry Porter or Damon Stoudemire so I thought to be fun to kind of rehash our memories of each player. And then just see where you come out in which player you thought was overall a better player. This is does not easy I wouldn't when you think the best overall player. I have to military reporter really for what he could do on the defense and on the floor. And at that that Timmy is a big aspect of it that let us thought Omar was probably the better score. Puerto probably did better says guy. Import the better defender so you'd be wrong on one of those which was I wrong a devious and Terry Porter played seventeen sees yes he did Damon plays fifteen. Porter played 27 minutes per game on average some of these averages suck because the guy's careers can dilute I mean he really had to look at their peak years to find that that then 67 now years that are in their prime so I'm just given you career a quick 27 minutes per game twelve points for game five point six assists for re more bounce reporter I'm 38% from three Stottlemyre fifteen seasons. 33 minutes thirteen points six assists. Three rebounds 35 from Cindy says numbers are slightly out of Dave got a little more since I did I will say it is like when you look at those peak years though like starting with quarter in the years I mean just basically in his second year of his career. When he started and played eighty games. Thirteen assists or submit thirteen points nine assists next year fourteen points tennis is next you're seventeen and nine next you're seventeen and nine. Seventeen and 818 in five Minnesota to go down like those numbers were really weighed down. By the last you know eight or so years of his career the last two in Portland. And in the Minnesota San Antonio years where he was averaging two or three assists per game go look at Damon though Damon is rookie year average and nine assists in twenty points in those there's not a stretch run at the he has a five year run that doesn't even compare to the top of a importers assist numbers now that that's probably trial yeah. So I'll give you that buddies there's no doubt dale was the better score. Yemeni fewer Brett if you could let's say you're you're building a team. And all things are equal when you take them in their prime. Or you take importer over Stoudemire I would. Really what the size helps to decide Albers is why I myself and I as you look at the numbers he put up from 8687. All the way to who was in 9394. That that Ronnie went on and about seven seasons. I dig that primal over what Damon Stoudamire can do I've always been a big Damon fan though I think. Answers his blazer fan them I Stoudemire and Elliott the stuff off the court the Porter didn't. But there was always that -- and because it was from port when he played in the TI AL I went to a PIL high school like yeah there there was several cool factor of you always rooted for sound and there's not many guys have come from the city made it to the MBA and then I mean even to have been taken the next step and then when he was sent from Toronto Portland that was so I'll never forget that day of like man the kids coming home and he's gonna get to play in front of his friends and Sam. Porter kind of went the other way too because the Stottlemyre he started out really well from three. And then cut at the end went down a little bit which is why finish at 35%. Porter started off pretty bad 3121. And name he got significantly better throughout his career his three point percentage yet. O'Meara still a big difference and how that three point shot was utilized from when Terry Porter started in vs Wednesday on an iron into the league and he now vs when stock are now it is night and day difference but yet there was still they didn't shoot that three. As predominantly as they did when when Damon came in so the demon was such you know this is the tough part because I think. Before the show I thought about this last night before the show today. I think in my mind I had picked demon but did just barely. The man when you really break numbers down. We nick kind of Wear the same thing importer gave you more assists he was more efficient from 3008 in the prime peak of his years eighteen points. Eight assists and nine assists. And 38 to 40% from three yeah. That's hard to argue with his of would appoint a blinding and and he's bigger six three's delay bridle a good defender and error about where you Terry's they too he's big guy yet he can keep you could he can switch off and take two guards if they turn to take him down on the post he can body him up in foursome down he did he just. You know malice obviously. Damon was fearless. In terms of he wasn't afraid to take on anybody but sometimes if you could isolate him and get switched in you were at 66652. Guard you can go down on the post and the really wasn't much Damon can do play. Analysts from examiner appointed its anti sad about Damon early in his career but how about those two around teams were. And then ask mentioned quite it was a chance to rise so he had to do you mean you look at the scoring totals early in his career -- -- weighed a lot ad revenues 191719. In his first three and a half years drama that's when he put up yet but certainly was also we DM good god I'd say eleven is saying that that he hit his numbers are predicated on the pieces around him that he knew they relied on him for scoring and he still was able to get 98 to say exactly four year run but then when you think of those -- blazer years the 9899992002002001. Is points per game average dropped about twelve or thirteen let us those teams are so serious so so many pieces around and I think that that's military to where they just he didn't have to rely on him to score twenty points per game Clyde was always the focal point in terms of scoring and you had a ton of talent around but I would almost. Honor that third and say if you just look at the numbers. It basically breaks out to go a little way with what you said you're not you're not wrong but. Go look at his numbers like he laser years 89 to 1990 to 9191. To 92. Those are Terry's best years career wise points per game he was huge for them any and 89 assists six assists like. Those were he was instrumental in scoring for that team was he had some big moments is they all had their own roles and Terry was kind of looked at as the defender slashed. Facilitator slash second to third option on any given night who would you takes why aren't you had. In the middle of their primes you had to take one I would take Terry is a pretty close for you know. It's. Yeah that's close but I think it at the same point it is pretty clear. And I do it I think Terry was just a bit more personal heat could. You know if Clyde armor or you know if I was hurt or somebody was down Terry could step up Terry no problem scoring 4530 points if you needed him to yeah. There was no issues with that and then at the defensive end I think he was a lot more versatile he should he wasn't afraid he was very physical. And could handle guys trying to post the mob burned pick and rolls and fight through stuff. Just a different aspect to it meant that some of its just personal preference how you like to play. For sure. Trailer won me off the court seven it weighs in for some folks knew and is the senator says when Damon went off the blazers lost. Better. I sit well I'm Sunnis are I don't have those now I don't have those numbers in front of me that I jagr is that rather like he scorched forty gay America land. Will but. Bet that's a -- stats can be skewed for a lot of guys like just keep looking if it paid its throwing me off it's considered I'm getting text messages are not removing my you raise your checking your fitness and -- 200 sexting on RS the IR Hanigan hit my ass stuff schooled but got I don't people realizes this is an obvious thing when you hear but I didn't really think about it at first entered into longest tenured point guards in organization history yeah I would play not fire on anti longtime but emblazoned uniforms and how many guys would you put ahead of them as blaze appoint arts. All I think lot of Hollins is in the discussion Hollywood was not a clear and as long but it is should be in the the shows is Dan but yeah in the discussion. I mean now nobody rod Strickland I love me some rod Strickland led. Now we did not along in a track record here now he didn't. I love Kenny Anderson keep Kenny and he I was a huge Kenny Anderson fan I know that was so money when they picked him up from the nets. I loved Kenny Anderson I love Greg Anthony who really is Stoudemire and Nancy Yang Anthony and Stoudemire split time. Yes of evil lord wanna put the dame in that category. Five years need to tell you how it all shakes out and then kind of re re re ranked that and see where dame got a stacks up verses TP hadn't. And Scott America's I still think there's some argument to be made that part of game. It reminds me of someone of Damon Stoudamire and on his career he had a lot of people made a comparison early on after his first couple years with Stoudemire did comparing it to Willard and of the numbers this kind of shaken out that we might as the assist numbers he assistant at the points per game have gone up for game throughout his career yet they didn't do that firm for Stoudemire to know there's not a Meyer ended up having more pieces around him as his career when all and dame also. Damon Stoudamire says and I Damien. Damon is hovered around for the first couple years he hover around nineteen to twenty yeah. Any still got you almost eight and nine assists per game did he did vs dame has never gotten that they never got you know the high seas Iran this is winning or six and a half for something in game yeah so I saw a commercial last night I thought that would kind of be fun to run hash it examines why got a call the game tonight it's fun I didn't have these guys coaching against each other we had Terry on the show yesterday we talked him every Tuesday and is asking him about. You know and you said it did before the game and Janney was again you'll notice or they talk about blazer days that we just talk about coaching and it's it's fun to have that. Connection that you know Terry was always such a big part of the organization and obviously he played against Damon. First short stint there one when Damon was first early in his career so it's gonna have those two guys coached against each animal and we. October next Tuesday we should bring up this topic. Hey we talked about who is better you or Stoudemire I'd be here ST here's two cents on that I feel like he'd be a good school button. Terrell leaked diplomatic gab but one thing I've seen over the course of this season is. He still has a competitive fire inside of them that did it smolders now gone yet you probably fight for himself only argument. Yeah so we'll talk about that was in May be next Tuesday but they play Pacific tonight at UP a good opportunity for them to get off the Shang trying to get a win. The trail blazers went into the all star break having lost three in a row they sitting there sitting ten games below 500 earned that ten seed right now on the west. And there are only two games ahead of Philadelphia whose trusting the process and loving the tank. How would you sum up the first half for the blazers we'll talk about how they held his team got to this point next on offense they welcome back in 117 on 1080 the fan. Your home for non political news. You know on a breakdown that press conference today now I am we watched about 45 minutes of that thing before the show I saw the video from Ryan are so low couple weeks ago. Now he's been on a crusade about that old but I appreciate I read it really struck I am. Accord with mean just because I agree with almost everything was saying any basically Wallace ran of I'm a Sports Radio host and adding you know like what I should be talking about anymore yeah I guides I got in this is talking about sports and I was like you know what. Armed is that right who can all have our differing opinions on politics and we like this can we don't like that person that is a lot of things we would love to talk about David I this I don't want to admit it that's the way I usually view Sports Radio is is it's an escape it's not the news here there are not talking about houses that are on fire we're not talking about politics were talking about the great unifier in society. Which is sport side speaking of draining the swamp the Portland trailblazers at ten games below 500 that the ten seed known days and it. They suck this year yet they sock and that and somebody Astor I've got a good question on the tech slam we have time to get to in the opening segment. What the hell happened in this team the offseason bonding trip once again where he stays in town everybody plays together. They travel together they love each other great chemistry great camaraderie building off in the second round appeared stand. Right here. Well. It's complex and aids is not just one thing. And and look we talked about these issues a lot throughout the course of the season when you have a first half of the blazes a tablet expectations they had. That that's IBC gonna be a constant topic of conversation for me it's a couple things. I think first and foremost they're going through the year they probably should have gone through last year. I think this was a team that that peaked early last season they caught a lot of breaks at the end of the year with Memphis getting banged up. With the clippers getting banged up and that's the reason they are in the sector round of the playoffs and I've really wondered all season long. About how we would view this thing if those breaks and not gone down last year and if Portland it got an as the seventh seed would have been a cute little story. They would have bounced in four games or five games by San Antonio or favor the AC whenever they wouldn't swept the first round. How how differently we would have viewed as 'cause I think it's futile lot of folks' minds of myself included that I looked at this team coming into the year. Based off what they did last year in the offseason moves they made. And said that the the expectation should be even higher so. I think when you consider what the roster was like last year what they were supposed to do last year and you remove yourself a little bit from the situation it's not that big of a surprise what they've gone through. And I think when when you you go further than that the big issue to me has Ben. Guys adopt they. I I do think that's a huge staying in professional sports they all the time you just never know how certain guys are gonna react to getting Max contracts and getting a lot of money and there was a chip on the shoulder for this entire roster last year that they were they were out to prove something it was a bunch of guys like Mo heartless who has given up on. Allen Crabbe was the second round tank Al farouq Aminu didn't have a lot of big time suitors may supply only was traded after what two years in Brooklyn. It was a lot of guys that had something to prove. They all proved it last year they got paid and and I think it's been pretty evident all season that they got rather comfortable and. You know I I can't even I hate agreeing with you on this but I can't disagree with anything you dissent at I think it's pretty evident to everybody that watches this team closely. Because we can give you numbers and we get dark about this and we could talk about that and strategically what they've done different. As I don't think they've done much. I love basketball as much as the next guy. I watched this team last year and it was one of the best seasons I've seen as it looks like a lot going on I don't know expectation and they pat they surpassed any expectation that could've had they got this thing around albeit some gifts and injuries who cares. Got to the second round it was fun it was a fun journey to be apart of vs this year. I mean it's basically the same team right basically without Gerald Henderson's this same team without Gerald Henderson in united and Evan Turner and so when I look at it I don't think it boils down x.s and knows I don't think it boils down to. Lula is not a great leader anymore I don't think it boils down and CJ's just a flat out ball hog I think it's a collective sum up for a lot of parts and some of those bigger parts are to me. Guys getting paid and that we've seen this merrier strange you've seen this Chone Figgins Richie Sexson. On Adrian Beltre absolutely guys think it paid after having big seasons and they fall off a belief being that clip it happens all the time in sports. I think there are obsolete guys in that locker room. That they still work hard and they still get this reputation of while I've seen so and so in the gym still working. Something's not the same though so what is it then there's a disconnect there and I think that's just word of mouth. I think the second thing is what I've pointed out for awhile now. You don't catch people off guard anymore. You are Damian Miller face of the deed does face of a franchise in commercials on instead grammar rap being rap albums. You come in to somebody else's arena or they go and you Lorena. You are target number one and now you got CJ paired with you and people who follow basketball. Know who CG is the only people in the NBA that don't know who CJ McCollum is. Are mediocre fans of other teams and other cities. Passed so you don't walk in doing opponent's arena. And catch them off guard of well blazers aren't good they treated them Loma markets dried deal somewhere they treated but it lost four of their five starters that was a storyline all last season that's not happening this year and so you know you can say that it's Terry's fall you can see that it's meals fault some of it is needles fall but it. I just nothing is ever the same this is why this is seemly vitamin Seahawks. In the playoffs rise in the CR screen you blown up by the falcons because nothing is ever the same we always think that these seasons are gonna transpire in the same way. They started this record last year. As a worse and there's a lot of different scenarios you can point to I don't think it's just one overall theme for wider this path. No I think in in terms an eye catching up with people or or catching folks off guard I should say I've always argued for motivation in sports that did did there's just some nights I think you're gonna have that we all had it at that as athletes who we were younger than. You play a certain team you play a certain school and you know I this could be an easy when we know who's coming to town and the blazers for one of those teams last year we'd we talked about the wind up projection of 26. The story line every time Iran national TV member how many times they put that graphic up. They lost Robin Lopez they lost nick but they'll nail lossless and Matthews they lost the Marcus Aldridge that's all anybody knew about the blazers. I never you and I went to a game last season early on in the year. And we were talking to a couple employees the trailblazers before the game is kind of walked around courtside. And what Obama was upset about the coverage basically saying like people would act people act like we don't even have a team anymore. That's how irrelevant they were on an NBA stamp when I was and I like friendly were like well and I don't get latest sock and then you're like what just kidding you're gonna win 44 games because nobody saw about your coming in and I think yesterday cop people off guard because people just. They didn't bring their a game when you play the Portland trailblazers 'cause he didn't think he had to pay out eight and learn it until it was too late they found a way in. I think they did they question a guy is getting paid enough playing hard is something we've seen all the sports and it really. It's it's what separates the great ones from the just good ones to me that the guys that look when you come from certain situations. Their primary goal. Is to get pay our primary goal as fans is to win that's what we want we want our team to win. But you put yourself in their shoes and you think about a career. They're all thinking about a paycheck they wanna take care of their family they wanna set themselves up and I think that's what separates the good ones from the great ones is the ones that. Yes you had that initial motivation and I want that Max contract I want that eighty million dollars. The great ones are the ones they can get that. And then find that next chip on the shoulder to say okay balance and that's not enough fine I got paid yes I can take care of my family but I want to go Lott won a title or I wanna go out to be the best at this or that. And some guys just don't have that their idea what and I thinks. People forget about the business aspects sometimes like we know it's a business right but I heard Kevin a random Bill Simmons podcast. That's a few days ago. And it's a really good listener because he just talks about his experience and what he went through. And how you basically sums it up of you people think I just play kid's game in. You know hey I need tickets tonight nominee him up for this -- him up for that like people forget this is a job but we we we say it right at all would give anything to play that sport and play that game what what an what an ideal career mean when you get to that level there really so much more involved in just showing up to an arena saying why I'm really good at the sport no matter most people yeah let's go play there's so many new wants to parts of it in business can in Iraq within. In so many negative ways that I think it's absolutely affected this team the other part two in terms of just thinking about why they're there. I also think it's a little NFL ash where you know honey NFL we watched Carson what's. Carson once the first five weeks can do no wrong they were three and wind everybody loved him he's the cream of the crop right he's veep pick from that draft. Now and I felt kind of caught up to him a little bit the defense is adjusted my favorite how difficult I think there's an element of that for the blazers. Where if you played them last year. How did you know you were gonna get from CJ nobody saw CG scoring twenty games he was most improved for a reason. CU had to when he from CJ UN Tony from dame. And you had all these guys like you said fighting to get paid stepping up in hitting. Mole heartless she was a bench rob for the magic you traded a wash your form nothing hour and Crabbe didn't wanna nobody wanted to draft him attic towel. Was this guy with big ears in three pointers over here. Now this year I think there is an ex accuse shin standpoint. Were teens know what they're doing and how to attack this team verses. The MTA's a little slower in regards to vs the NFL and when you adjust. I think it takes teams awhile but they played against a mall last year. Had no expectation got their butts kicked in a lot of moments are sharp this year those same teams come back. Well now it. We know we're we're talent that we learned our lesson last year when I was dubious identities CJ McCollum lightly tonight Nolan and I think you know that the message I would have to the fellow blazer fans out there would be two fold one. Don't get too negative bomb what you deem to be to cornerstones of this organization but he if you're of the opinion and David CJ Campbell and that's fine. I still have doubts about whether it's gonna work long term but I I don't want a pile on them too much about one bad year Disney fans sounded. Fans there it's very easy to be reactionary all the same people they're down on him now or high alum class when that's a bothers me it's like you can't take four years of loving Damian Miller and having him be the toast the talent and all of a sudden everybody says he's crappy doesn't play hard and he's the reason we socked in. Now he's taking subliminal shots on Twitter. Did that that's concerning to me I don't like that trend. This is a a much bigger problem than just simply Damian Miller CJ McCollum not playing defense that would be. My first bit of advice is don't just a play out the rest of the year and NC where you're rat don't just kill those guys for the remainder of the season. And also it's this I let it go back to the argument I made last year of sucking is not that bad in the long run as long as you play your cards right. If the blazers are really bad in the second half like I hope they will be and they end up getting a top five pick. That could end up being the difference of good being one of those purgatory teams it's always not good enough for not bad enough. But you finally go through one of those years where you truly are about enough and you can either get somebody in the draft or trade that asset to go get a third difference making player on this roster. That all of a sudden just like that you're back in irrelevancy next season's riding that ultimately could end up being a positive for this team. Well and we wanna read if you Texas antech senate 55305. Of what the hell happened in the blaze is going to the all star break ten games below 500 to ten seen only two games better than Philly. Were read a few of those tax I also wanna touch on the culture and the aspect of losing collecting ping pong balls we'll touch on that also coming up next. One of the bigger stories in all of sports is that Russell Westbrook is still averaging a triple double. He's got 27 of them going in the all star break. Why is this not more talked about for people is seen MVP yes or no we'll talk about that next. Able to back him on 35 over Thursdays are going well. Coming in ten minutes and take a look around the National Football League a movement gone much chatter in the NFL today. Again the team that spent a ton of money is now a dumping a tough money funny how that always seems to work at right Kenneth. So goalie says the team that we offseason never actually wins. Once again it looks like it's gonna be true in the NFL I mean just know look at. He could look at like Atlanta and New England now. How often they win the offseason a lot of that is homegrown talent very rarely very rarely top the hour also don't forget to we will be talking to Craig Harris is a reporter from the Arizona Republican he's an update us on the latest. Adam Glendale their stadium situation with the coyotes and if we got a chance. Potentially to bring them to parliament talked to Craig Harris coming up the top of the hour we're talking about the blazers would get back into our Russell Westbrook your second just read somebody's found so just. Talk about what went wrong this year and and why the blazers are in the situation that they're in ten games below 500. Officially announce that were that we're at the all star break reenter at the MGM said they went fifty games don't blame years I yourself. Than us and everyone got pay it it's as simple as that nobody plays hard anymore. A lot of couple folks blaming the curse of Mike and Mike. I was on a lot of harm type views are. Kenneth. I do think there's validity in. We don't view this season as a successor like satisfied ten games below 500 right by. The idea that your general manager added the pressure of we will being nine indeed it is a matter he did until. That just makes it so much worse yet T Alexander said FS this injured came in not there they're missing veteran leader's death physically but not IQ lies less fight and play your heart with money not being on the same page. The player to player on the team I grew and everything except the Cayman thing I've never understood people live thing came in was this big commodity for them I I when those lock rooms a lock guys he he was in an area. He was deny Easter he was. Watch and in talking with coach is he wasn't like in their docket the players and I'm not saying he didn't add anything whatsoever I'm to say I think that's a little overrated and he said in almost nine seasons Terry Stotts when started this 33% of his games vs playoff teams a style does not work and Ole defense Nolan sighed scoring. And letting bad three point shooters Jack up threes. Let me I'd rumor toward to that. Saying it is teams don't play defense I look at the first two or three years he was in Portland are not the first two or three years but the two or three years. That they had the starting line up a little or west and the tomb Aldridge enroll low that was a damn good defensive basketball team not the best in the NBA but they were always in the top ten. And Nolan sighed scoring LaMarcus Aldridge was a great inside score for the blazers. And it is it's all predicated on the pieces that you had so. Decision it is offense doesn't allow defense or does an allowance and scoring Manning is missing the career wise you could make the argument or does he care about defense Roberts and I don't she cares about defense I don't think these guys genius defensive coach always kind I'll ever know learned I don't know he's nowhere near that but it's all about the peace is you have that's if you have good defensive players you're going to be a good defensive team. There's only so much you can do with guys who can't play defense well yeah I mean do you look on this roster insanity defense of guys that are being coach there's only so much you to do was inside scoring when you don't have guys that can score on the inside. Rita dumped the ball on a Myers in the post that's the tough part calmly didn't have a back to the basket game. Yeah where was he thinks in the middle of the LA Iran exactly years say no offense can't score on the inside is LA was always on the low block scoring on that goes back to the Stoudemire ordered argument like numbers can be skewed verses. What their career actually was because of whatever factors so with Terry I'm not saying that he's ever been a good defense coach does he hasn't statistically. But you're not wrong in the years that they had west the end nick they had LA and roll low. Statistically they learn bad defense of Yemen will remove more here we'll move on there's a difference did being an NBP in just putting up numbers on a stat sheet the a lot of folks Chiming in about Miller and some the comments. He said he was going to be AM ED this year he did on he said he was gonna be in the conversation you know when that when it but yeah whenever that was the next step he wanted to take. How would you realistic MVP candidates are there in the NBA. I mean this year he got Westbrook Harden I would bronze Seau LeBron Kauai Leonard five or six guys rent five or six guys that's it for me those guys so right there. To say he's not an Emmy so he's not one of the top five or six players in the league. That's what we're criticizing Miller for but it's when she's seen this is a difference there be united in not wrong but here's the thing though there is people don't think about all those things they think about what you tell them. When eighty say. I wanna be an MVP type candidate this year wanna play that level you're GM's tell you me nine games better he said the goal as the Western Conference finals like. We get hung up on those things because we're hearing it straight from the horse's mouth so you don't live up to an expectation that you set yourself. We then turned slash blame you yeah yes that's how it is remarks. As they were trying to Carlton brings into the points into these swaps this year with last year everyone would say were right on course. And sort of guidance if you if you swapped it we'd be I think that's a great point this is what people thought was gonna come last year top five pick may be lottery you're gonna be bad to get over 26 wins that's your over under in Vegas and then last year would have been obviously this year we're going the playoffs I think that's. A good points needing people are paying close enough attention in the NBA. To what Russell Westbrook doing no because he's doing something we haven't seen since the leaping sixties let me let me tell you exactly what that is 57 games in Russell whisper now has played he is averaging 31 points ten rebounds ten assists a game as you're mentioning that has not happened. And needed only long time in the NBA those are his average numbers 57 games and so and it looks likely that he has a chance to close out the year. Averaging a triple double length of the one thing that always bothers me about Westbrook is of people say he's flashy. These exciting doesn't make those around him better you hear that argument is a one man team. I didn't ES SS embody great number about this today where they looked at the games in which she's had a triple double on the games he hasn't. When he has a triple double their team as to when he won in 60 you you mean when he gives a double digit assists and attack and really out there aspect of the game when he has a triple double the Oklahoma City Thunder are 21 in six. When he doesn't or eleven in nineteen yet and by the way they're not a very good team they suck. Without him yeah without him and who you identifying Stephen Adams Draco build teams Stephen out and see where acted chip. He's got 27 triple doubles going in the all star break. That's only one behind Oscar Robinson led 28 at the same point in his career when he averaged triple double. To me I know it's been talked about I know people know about it. I don't think it's hard to put into words but like the do the degree of difficulty to do what he is done. Night in in night out. I can't wrap my brain around it's it's that amazing to me and somehow he's now starting in the all star game. Yet well he'll come off the bench I mean CC if he plays with Kevin Durant and what that's going to be like they get a pass to each other does I'll look at each other I hope we just talked to my house leaders and my father and I hope he doesn't pass the ball but to me like James Harden haven't had DM Goodyear he's got to Doug triple doubles with fifty points like we've never seen stuff like that. He should be the MVP though Westbrook is the MVP. And I also think you get to eight wearable. Terrible rap and a lot of this is predicated on what I hear on the show before ours in. How you know did you make a matter where they got in the standings it's like well how many players buy themselves a big with a team of straight garbage. Are going to have any success and carried a team LeBron that's it for me. Kevin Durant if he was leading this team by himself I think you'd be the same thing if not they'd be worse so. I watch Russell Westbrook and I get that he's frustrating he's a little out of control at times or he's not the greatest three point shooter I get all that played. You're nitpick you with Mimi and any guide it goes on is bad performance night in and night out signature sign me up. Every day that we need a plays his ass off every single night an example we ask from pro athletes so we ask you given effort every single night and he does that we criticize him for some reason I don't I don't necessarily get it but yet 31 years he wears appeared close did you see easily beat and paying for the thunder game love her for the warrior again loved it that was credits on that yes a 3110 intent from West Africa the all star break he's got a chance. To average a triple double over the entire NBA season man without the remarkable pay franchise tax cuts and players not wanting to go somewhere lots going on in the NFL and they will Philly and next to crunch time on 1080 the fan. Don't get me out. Quick shout to my trainer mark my last session with him yesterday to go. It was good anywhere and we did dead list that's is things we did some dead listening yesterday. I phenomenon that's Beers and in last night's lesson to send offs he's going to be over the annual low again. So you have to keep on form I'm in for rude awakening next week my man I had been off for a week and a half I'll get your ass back in the gym I know Hamas and get ready here they'll run on the treadmill yeah 10 I can't think mark enough for what he's on freedom last year and a half gonna miss him he's been an awesome trainer he's not. And no nobody is really even generous man as I got a new trainers owners rent a new museum is a new reality for me man I gotta -- don't even really heartbroken about this stuff nannies he's got me in good shape let's play some Sara McLaughlin Isaac I think Wendy's chairman block and music are on the slopes he handles the sad piano or something and not get out work out alone once might just go see him but I think set to crunch mark. For all they've done now I really appreciated the skin a cement FL stuff lots going on in the NFL today we'll start with this wondering if anybody has a problem with that. Miles Garrett. Supposed to be and I'm one overall pick in the draft right to defense and then at a Texas CNN. The deal with the number one overall pick in the draft. Is the Cleveland Browns and he's try and it looks like to pull a John Elway are Eli Manning he came out. Basically said today you know let yet don't really want to play for Cleveland and I guess my response that would be can you blame them. Well now there's a part of the whole you haven't played it down in the NFL should you really be the one dictating where you play. I have no problem was and saying that our problem players voicing their opinions on some matters like this it's no different than Eli when he said he only wanted to play in new York and he wouldn't planes seen Diego Elway did this to the colts. I'm it's no different but I can see why people are. Bugged by it I mean miles here by all account is go and you be media freaking stud in the NFL. You still haven't played in the NFL yet you're already deciding that someone's not good enough for you so much your career depends on the team that you get drafted mind. You're not wrong I. I'd there would be Japanese and infamy to black man. What I mean it did they have a bad history. I saw one report I don't know if you exactly said the quote I highly doubt it. But basically a though the report I read was people around him were saying it he's begging the cowboys to trade up to go get him. He had the pegging the cowboys to go to the number one overall pick they get married Alice make it happen it's not gonna happen you're going to be Cleveland brown and William ai is for sure going to be Cleveland brown policy that five years from now maybe he'll be vindicated when they've won like six games over his entire career are less relevant my boy hue Jackson's gonna turn that thing around we all know that us and final runners on that he's a pretty. That it takes is one of the few situations you can actually choose your employer. Disturbed that's that's not true at all you know get to choose what organization to blame for. A lot of people don't choose the jobs that they do you gotta pay bills though and I had suitors all over the place else today that. I elsewhere in the NFL he Miami Dolphins now member how much money they spent the last two years they've been the winners of the off season for back to back seasons kind of oh yeah. A lot of people today as they did and that was a mistake Branden Albert start at left tackle the CI Mario Williams defense of -- CI one year in OK Daryl Mitchell another defensive starters see you later up they've apparently freed up nineteen point seven million dollars in salary cap space today also don't forget they. They took on the Byron Maxwell deal if I'm not mistaken they did yes so Miami's been interesting I think guarantees is going to be able to start winning there I don't know if that means divisions maybe it does down the road. But that's clearly a team that went really cash happy and when guiding dominance do in spent all this money. And today they basically recognize what we need it cuts cashier nineteen millions pretty big savings. And lie had a lot of savings elsewhere in the U tag or note tag watch in the NFL. It sounds like Antonio brown and the Steelers are working towards a long term contract extension GM of the Steelers Kevin Colbert came out. It's enabled work out of for a while us and it's a priority in the off season for Pittsburgh they say they want Antonio Brown despite the FaceBook life stuff. To finish his career and a Steelers uniform and on the other end of that spectrum you got Kirk cousins in Washington who. It appears for the second straight year will be playing three franchise tag still not guaranteed yet. That'll happen but it looks like Kirk cousins once again heading for the franchise tag in washing which is very unique and we had a quarter active franchise tag the starting quarterback it's tough two years in a row back to back here is gonna go prove yourself again well in the numbers bear out he couldn't make up to 25 million dollars for the franchise tag because of the hold the way that thing. Breaks out in terms of value where you rank in how they determined that the value of that tag but. Very unique situation. He's gonna cash in for a year but. If he does woody debt if he does what he did last year dirt why does he have to do it again what no well first of all at the end of you know how the NFL works and got to prove your worth elected that he's got to go have another career year well but if what if he puts of the same numbers if not slightly below them probably to finally trade Amy still not a franchise guy out now. There's a lot of teams that can do worsening Kirk cousins yes the mean at least warrants a two to three year deal damn I would hope somebody looks like he's heading for the attack and looks like Antonio Brown heading for a long moderate Andy Dalton calling capita Contra. Actually eagle performance he signed that thing man Alley came on cities on a play an early on a franchise tag so. Kirk cousins looks like he's gonna be on a one year deal once again in Washington a crunch time writing by crunch fitness always now 95 a month so why would you ever pay more. For gym membership pedophile and a more bomber spray and I work out at crunch dot com and keep I am for the new location coming in a lawyer and Lola. Next month lustig it's really any final hour they show us price gonna be outsmart us we got to spray the line. Coming up at 230 get those take sponsors raided the ducks and beavers are back in action and no organ is not playing in grow glow in the dark uniforms. Tom Brady says he's not going anywhere anytime soon. But we'll start with an update on the Arizona coyotes situation was latest edit Glendale Craig Harris of the Arizona Republic. We'll hop on the line to Phyllis and don't go in order to spray on ten ED the saint.

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