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Dirt & Sprague, Thursday 2-16-17 Hour 1

Feb 16, 2017|

The guys are all fired up about Jusuf Nurkic and the Blazers losing, plus Romo appears done in Dallas and the best SB

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. This is durden spray guns to their very good defense team. But some news for surely we have some shots have been dropped but you know their three point shooting in the second half to determine. Feel so that was on our school Emerson screens so it was just good ball movement open shot so. Still flaws I think we desperately that will eventually but. Compete at least have to close to three pointers came in handy under Johnson and Brendan spread itself place you have two out. Sure take this break. You don't go rest up and do whatever we need to combat command up dirt in this. Redon 1080. Happy Thursday. It is 1202. In the rose saying it is time for third straight year on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan Raymond Sprague alongside Indy Dirk Johnson what's happened and there's a lot happening my man there's a lot happening. We got a lot of cram and they showed today because this is your Friday. It's Prager is being a little Nancy boy only work three days is we have this week this was kind of a bummer for me excited wanna work 3-D I really. I I discovered when I'm sick dirt. Unless you're taking a vacation. Being sick and missing work kinda side it's not really an actual day off knowledge you don't have to at least get up and get dressed and go to work but you've probably spent most the day my guess is sleeping and you probably miss all the good daytime television yeah guiding it to watch price rise and we can join any of that I got full benefit of being sick is at least you get two for the first time probably in a long long time watching daytime television maybe sleep through the day you ms. Soledad yes so unfortunately I didn't miss Monday and yeah I'm going to be on tomorrow I have to do my cousins wedding I'd somebody's got to work harder on your swipe card and I'll pick up the slack I know you guys have been scaring me this week and I appreciate that I'm still little six still a little and easily. So apologies for that but now this is going to be my fifth wedding this weekend yeah you're you're becoming quite the letting kind of sewer yet but. You don't get paid for it that's the thing is I I don't get paid for this. And I'm start to think like well is SOK or. Should I've finally put my foot down it's on somebody are on the I mean any time it's not like and so he has solid running these are random people right leg is not in a listeners like hey Sprague will you be the a fish what is the efficient what do they call Russian gas efficient of my wedding at somebody you never imagined like yes sure give me a couple hundred bucks and I'll do it. But if it's a family member or friend that's a tough fast world. Most of these have been with my family but I do have a wedding which by the way I think Jason quick going to be at the wedding that I'm officiating gloomy look that humble Brad I know it's kind of random better formal offers our mutual friend there again it's okay but. The one in May is with people that I know I called him my friends for sure but I don't see them very often. And I'm doing that one for free too now they just asking you do it because you work in radio. No I don't think that's why people ask me okay. Get a guy docks reliving sure why not having talks more on the weekends during I think it's more about my price tag a free 99 a 399 is a tough deal to beat now hi I have yet to get married in my and I young life but I've heard those things can be rather expensive but I feel like you. And you may thirty have an avenue if you ever did get hits you wouldn't ask me. Of course I'm wouldn't. Yes crap. No I wouldn't ask you to be and let's just get awkward or was it me now and I was so lac where necessary being a he was thinking you're saving me like 20300 dollars a year. No I wouldn't ask you to be the efficient in my wedding does that mean that's realistically what you charge to. Being a fish yeah I I would go I would go that route but I would find somebody else account not a knock on you know that do I know and I I. OK with that we will flower boy if you can get he has the inside a restaurant when he won jet that is that is more appear alleyway I think in officiated my wedding my -- -- -- -- -- I'll be out tomorrow how did you watch uses tell me you watched the use of you mean the greatest big man in the history the blazers move over bill a Bill Walton but I've got to keep on rule we gotta run it's -- bonus he had that Jack Campbell you can't hold you sit down. Let me ask you trivia question of the day how many shots as he missed as the Portland TrailBlazer the answer that would be easier. How you're being five for five always elect a plus 8000 last night on the plus minus scales if he doesn't he's darts. When they start the road trip that's exactly what I thought last night do I did my hands play more minutes than him. They got darn well and it's in summon all you've heard Scott say we. We need to did he eSATA a lot for the nuggets and I think he was we heard the rumors that he was a little cloudy and you heard there's all the shots he was taken against the nuggets. I can prove more in this that the other thing so. Terry seems to think he's he needs to get into a little bit better shape you'll be able to run with them up pretty evident he was out of shape and that's the only reason. That he's not gonna you know you they wanted to come up to 4530 minutes a game assumes. Possible so are we -- like statue levels it Walton sob this New York ditch are we there now like I say yeah that's probably the hierarchy I I'd go that range of greatest big men in blazer history I enjoyed watching news of play last night he did know exactly what I wanna be set good screens he was garrison in the paint a blocked a couple of shot right showed me some stuff in the I was like I always random fast break once I made up Sally Bedell died is back on the bars are. The little one ham pushed pass on the three in the corner with the assists. He had he had a long range mid range jump shot like I am so fired up I loved it but I also I made the mistake of going on social media and discovering. How Portland it was of last night's game well that's okay and so we do I use of meritage is now like every July my 43 guys lost by twenty Syria and this is where I will say this we fond of that trap in this city we have I'll admit that. I I feel often when his game and we're good I feel optimistic about the rest of the season for the first time a long time. Yeah I'm pretty stoked to be honest with you look IA. Love me some ping pong balls and it seems like we're heading in that direction and it's not aiming to it'd take like a concerted effort to tank. No they they're they wanted to win last night or just bad not good yet to lose a lot of games and Evan Turner's iMac for like like -- or three more weeks Xena is a little tweak him his knee were never dale he heard I mean dig in the vibe I am feeling great right now I'm not gonna like the odd I've won as many losses as they can compile over the rest of the season and you just look at the standings based on the tenth worst record in the NBA that they do they are two games behind Philly for the fifth worst record you mean the trust the process seized in that team's younger got to keep getting better. So you're saying there's a chance well we don't know if they'll keep getting better now because he'd. Indeed might be out for a long time with the old torn meniscus that I forgot about it B five I will point this out. I felt like after last night I saw a couple quotes from a boy Terry. I think even he kind of admitted without saying publicly the temporary allies is there an X based soc and they're not gonna win very many games does he basically said. You know but second half we just got to come out now spread as hard as we can't at the end of the year because again at what 26 games left is that how many games left swagger. And that sounds about six what are they there is 1831 or 333. There's nine and when he on the road. Off. Yet terror and that's not a surprise they decide that number and but it just for the lack like the first time I think all season it really kind of hit me like even Terry Stotts now is I think finally waiving the little flag doesn't blow tribe but we're not get him Jimmie are you onboard with this now swagger -- we are we all pro tank I mean if you get a top five pick grab him what Allison got a comedy I was physically it's gonna happen I don't know how they are you actively rooting for now I just. I can't do that that's just out of my sister LA I'm one of those guys were and I'll tune out I'll be like okay this season's done. If I tune into a game mom I'm looking to see specific guys I'm I'm looking to see you know last thought it was more OK what can circuits do how does he fit. What adjustments is Terry estimate to how we normally runs the offense and that's sort of the thing. That's where I was last night those swagger art of not not a guy who are your same but like my mindset last night was really enjoying yourself. Seeing what he did do that getting a nice chuckle out of Myers performance of the deal was a minus 29 at one point nine Myers finished as a minus thirty folks like ten points and we had one rebound and Tony three minutes and he was a minus thirty so I enjoyed that and then the other part. I really do get a kick out of because with this season and how bad it's ban. And dysfunctional. And mind boggling. I was pretty satisfied with last night's performance you lost by 21 it was perfect and you simply Dirk it's looked up yet Sammy Sammy said it hurts you know I'm was wagon hurts me watch them lose and I get down like it's not a natural feeling to root for your team to lose. And somebody else city nom offer better lottery about a lottery pick but all the top prospects are point guards. I'm not even say in that you have to draft somebody with a number 45 overall pick gets up I think that's quite a packet essays solid trading day whether it's the three draft picks together whether it's the number four pick mixed with a couple players like I mean Evan Turner and a top five pick now you're caps voices oh yeah exactly Kenya did things so it's not don't just look it will need the top eight or nine picks are all gonna be guards I understand that it's just simply the asset that you have to play with. Whether it's the twelfth pick or the fourth pick it's not in enclosed in terms of what you can accomplish with it. Yeah and that pavlik I am with people like it's not fun to watch your team sock. They got within two would have time somehow and I thought somebody might find a way to win this that would BP blazers and then to start the second half they went in the proper and then they got by down got down by as many as what twenty some odd points. And out of gate in secured they're done they're cooked. And I I did it too weird it's a sick enjoyment in this city win the team's not good. Just go get as many assets as you possibly can whether that's young talent trading. Draft picks for another player I don't care how what happens. We traded for Scottie Pippen at one point rat worked out right it's it's been done before folks we don't require people through free agency we have to trade or draft is there there was a fear there is a series your fact. Me of like they wouldn't be able to get out of their own way and they would have a chancellor is a million at a top five pick but they would end up winning just enough to likely abandon the eleven or twelve ranger sniffed that easy all the second half. And that's I think where I have the hope now that I really think without may supply only in the offense what would. Evan Turner being off for five to six weeks his team's got enough even if they come up play hard on most nights they're still little loose sides are mystic. Do we think Utah might be a sleeper doesn't upset the apple cart in the Western Conference now none on Nona to get to the Debbie CF yeah. And each. She's she's got abbreviation for the laden or was I thought they were like three seconds and RD oh no I don't know your goal that I just never heard somebody openly called the WC. No I don't think he knew wrestling I mean they can push him I don't think they can really do it. I know how boring are they by their lack and beat the warriors I told me I was boring but man they're effective. June rather. And that's the question would you rather have that group I mean think about it he start a lot of them up player for player persons vs what. The blazers have interest Eiffel Tower so. Yemen's got his ass kicked by inert kitchen heritage I don't trust the Bosnian Al east with an elbow you know thirty. French guy now it near not gonna hold down the Bosnian visa Bosnian beast was not to be played with yesterday he was loose and I loved what about minus Leonard is the new nickname well I'd is there anybody that this that still thinks an honest to god there's anything there and give got to be dealt with that right I I got to see at least sixty games Sprague. Don't make economy and say that's a shot enemy has been a mission that's OK I get it I said forty games and he's shown us apps enough Lois is religious sect one less. Forum is eight shots were inside the three point line so that's at least better than one out of seven from the other night yeah about like one step. Might as well to shoot the three. That point. We had a great show today were on to order actor and Sprague at Peter Johnson apparatus reg that's actually our FaceBook post of the day at death FaceBook dot com Max last 1080 the fan to missile like. The blazes at 23 and 33 going into the break two games better than the sixers in the overall standings at an Evan Turner's injury Aminu being banged up. It's just time for the blaze to go full tank mode in see how many team bomb balls they can collect. Let us know if that's what you want to see we got a lot of NFL they get to. And some NBA stuff we'll revisit the blazers at 115 as they go into the all star break somebody asking the really good question that I want to revisit. What happened to this team. It'll bonding thing in the off season what happened to the trailblazers. As they sit ten games below 500 we'll talk about that no 1 o'clock hour becoming up next. Is the most coveted quarterback in the NFL this are seizing going to just hit the open market we'll discuss that next yet turn sprayed on 1080 the fan. They can really get tax coming into the pantex an F 55305. But the blazers don't worry we'll keep them we'll revisit the Mets won fifteen games. I wanted to talk about an NFL stuff though because I am I I tend to really enjoy the NFL around this time because it takes out. You start hearing more about franchise tagging up guys getting released contract extensions. Trades looming because the draft is coming up. And one of the biggest offseason story lines the NFL is going to be what the Dow's cowboys do with backup quarterback Tony Romo. Well we might finally have an idea of how this problem. Works itself out according to ESPN's Ed werder. He says that Romo told him that he expects to be released not traded. And still believes he can play for two to three more years. For another team despite being 37. Years old so Tony Romo letting Ed werder know that evenings of egos to another team. It's gonna because he's released not traded. This changes everything I think in terms of the Tony Romo market I mean you you look at the cap it. Then he would have for Dallas last year somewhere in the range of 24 million dollars to compare that to Dak press guy who's about 540000. On this is kind of a no brainer for Dallas and did the big risk and know acquiring a Tony Romo on my mind. Would be what you would have to give up for him we know how injury cronies then the last two seasons even with the best offensive line in the NFL he still found a way. To get banged up so there could be a serious concern global their for me whether or not your contender. To give something up for Ramon have him get hurt in the third or fourth week of the season and haven't Albee for not. If he's a free agent it changes everything I mean you you look at some of the teams in the NF other desperate for quarterbacks. I look at Denver. Houston I mean you throw Kansas City in there with what they've done with Alex Smith even with Alex in a way Alex and I would still be into cinema Tony Romo could do Minnesota and a Bradford had a good year but there's a ceiling I think on what he can accomplish. The rams if they're willing to acknowledge Jerryd office and the answer. Almost any good if you're just bringing in a free agent Tony Romo where's the risk. You sign him to a to a three year Dili gets very gets hurt but that's a lot different than having to trade for say first round pick to go to Tony Romo and then having him get. Her soda just break it down a little further in terms of how the tap structure in the salary would work the cowboys would say five point one million against the cap that they release him straight up. Dropping his cap hit from what you said 24 point seven to nineteen point six if they designated him as a post June 1 release. They could split the cap hit over the 2017 in 2018 season. Incurring a twelve point seven million dollar charge in the first year. An eight point nine. In the second. But it lead the cowboys without a backup quarterback that people would really trust he here's what I would point to the dirt I see what you're saying and it's it's not that you're wrong it's just. What is the price tag for what you were saying sure it's not a draft pick it's not a a player that maybe you covet but you're willing to give up in terms of getting quarterback. How much is he going to want. If he's dirt cheap. And I do mean dirt cheap because I'm sorry his career has been great. But the last two seasons he's played five total game oh yeah I'd inspired train wreck ET ET at stay on the field and you know the whole audience of will he need to get offensive line any contrasted. As he had the best offensive line last year and still skate the pocket in Seattle and was chased down from behind and that's how we got hurt. So shirt he needs a good offensive line he had the best one in the NFL he has tendencies he plays a lot like Brett Favre in my opinion of he kind of freewheeling deals he's got good arms strength he throws the ball in the spots he probably shouldn't try. You can't change those instincts you can't take that out of people look at RG three's the same way wolf RG three just learns to slide in somebody teaches and not take it. Guys that can happen yeah RG three does he plays football that way you can't change are you fundamentally play. And I think that's still exits with a romo's so unless he's willing to go take. One like you'd you would really have to get me to pay him almost nothing. To come in and see if he could be the quarterback maybe give him a signing bonus but salary wise he's so much of a risk five games into season is tough. What an and I think that that's where I look I had to don't have the inside knowledge of Tony Romo on how much money he's gonna wanna make over the next three years but I just try and put myself or he's out in his career I don't see him going around demanding a lot of money I don't see him going around saying I'm just gonna play with for the highest bidder. I see a quarterback who knows the end is near that knows even if as he sang I could still play for three more years. That's absolutely the Max 'cause he's not gonna play past being forty years old in my mind he probably has one good season left. May be too if you're lucky you assigned him. And if you're in that situation I think he's gonna go he's going to want to go to the best spots and if you're able to get him add a contract price that's not outrageous and doesn't break the bank. What do you have to lose a guy I look at Houston for example and I know that the financial structure we have to work its way out because they paid Brock house while there are a lot of money. And he's still got another dear you're on that guaranteed deal. But if you Houston would you rather play Oz Wyler and Tom savage or take a chance on Tony Romo. If you're Denver. Would you rather take out a plea Trevor Ximian again or he would Paxton lynch can pound or use that defense say let's go out and see if we can do one more time with back great defense. And give Tony Romo a chance for two more years I'm with you that I wouldn't break the bank for a yes but I also don't think he's at the point in his career or he's gonna go out and demand an astronomical amount of money you'd be thinking that maybe he looks at it and says I could have a year too because he says two to three. But he looks hitting those I can have one more season hello my career I want when I want to when and so he takes a great guy nailed somewhere even then you say Tony trust yourself let's put some incentives in there you play fourteen out of sixteen game whatever it'll give you some more money you make the playoffs we'll give you some money when some playoff games. Passer in yards touchdowns make it a very incentive later in contract and and you know if he's gonna get that money he deserves it. Of the quarterbacks that are kind of available slash on the market right like Jay Cutler is reportedly available for trade obviously the bears wanna go a different direction. I've seen a thing on Tyrod Taylor because his cap hit is huge next year. A quarterbacks available where does he rank for you he's number one in my mind really even with all the injury risk. I did that I don't trust Jay Cutler and all. And we know Lee is at this point in his career David. It used wanna just Tyrod Taylor. Now I'd take Tony Romo on heartbeat over Tyrod Taylor I would I would rather gamble on tie are almost staying healthy then Tyrod Taylor as tough Tyrod Taylor to me as a ceiling. Jake other Timmy has a ceiling gap if Tony are almost a ceiling would be his injury led them on that's absolutely true but I know if he stays healthy and he's able to play. He is a chance to take you much further than those other guys. I would think though with Romo SeaWorld through his age Jiten his own personal doctors and request of the cowboys you. I think you'll be able to get a lot more comfortable. With his room relative level of health. Venue would trying to project a Tyrod Taylor Jay Carney learn what you're doing the sand all right are they capable do they have the mentality. Did the there's one question for Tony Romo that's an act that day asset and there's a lot more hard data quantifiable information that you can get on that before you sign a new contract and other guys wondering if they can fit in and if you can. Tap into their psyche and right find the right motivational tools to bring them along well. Manning did what changes everything in terms of making him priority number one for me is that you don't have to training thing again. But that's where drop below there there's a lot of colors got to be cheap though all eyes are gonna customized and O'Costa some -- draft pick Taylor undercut by the way Tyrod Taylor cub at Tyrod Taylor is who we I mean bills and one lowers passing offenses in the NFL last two is very limited Internet cell I think it is it Alex Smith indeed good defense say you win ten games united doing in the playoffs. Rob Lowe would be very intriguing for me but you it's what you have to give up to get him like what are the patriots can demand for that deal. What I rather give up a first round pick for Jimmy rob Lowe's play three games or what I've rather signed Tony Romo to hopefully an incentive Lleyton contract and gimme Rommel any day of the week yet. And werder of ESPN reporting that Romo told him he expects to be released not traded and he wants to play two to three more years. No matter where he ends up going that that's the difficult thing in the grand scheme of it. Is wears his clean bill of health is that gonna emerge are we getting here he's a 100% he's overrated. I don't know that that's the difficult thing though is the risk inherent when you take a guy that's. What 3737. Years are going to be 38. And your basically hoping that he's he leads you to the promised slam but bullet in my thing is a what are you have to lose out if your Houston what you have to lose. You Houston's a good example laying odds Weiler Tom savage. You're not gonna win with those kids you can end up not getting anything out of them true but I'd rather live taking a risk. I feel like you have to cut one of whom I haven't seen an exact story but it's like I've really given it I'm saddened I rob Brock costs Weiler so terrified I mean. If you're Denver what you have to lose. Do you think Ximian Paxson lynch is good when his Super Bowl not next year how you could keep Paxton leisure are just say hey we wanna buy you another loser you know to reside rounder to Morita try to their side Timonen Trevor Ximian. But lynch she could say hey we're gonna bring Romo and he's been around we think he's going to be good mentor for you to choose another year of experience goes it's a really entry and for me man Houston and Denver good all around teams are just missing that one piece Yahoo! really good staff Tony Romo a couple of texts coming and understand tech site on Romo but Ramos says he thinks is gonna be released not traded. As so we'll see Dallas it's I think Dallas and underrated part of the whole thing while they wanna get rid of them. How that got the cap hit point four million dollar cap hit now. That's true so you save in some money but it it is a risk as we saw what happened in two years ago without a backup quarterback as he and his entire fire let's go from one big name to another could debate trade involving one of the bigger names in the NFL some numbers suggest it might not be a bad idea what to say who it is next. Heads up I forgot to give you guys out there we will get an update on the coyotes. Hockey thing. Without Craig Harris who writes for AZ central dot com he's at Portland Oregon native. After these guys from our our neck of the woods. They'll join us at 2 o'clock to give us an update on the coyotes are they leaving earning a stake. Yet apparently they're trying everything they can mount a come under the new deal for a stadium down there has so we'll talk with Craig Harris he'll update us and we may finally be able to put this one to bed yet again another rocky story you think he'll sign the petition. We can ask him if you'd be interest Indiana Obama Cendant is going on Twitter c'mon yet we could ask him get to like 214 signatures and they let that'll be my first question okay hey can you just sign this case you don't want them in Phoenix and this admitted nobody down there cares about hockey is something I forgot may. Ocean about the Tony Romo thinks we're tomorrow Romo being on the open market being available. Does capping is so why. I also read a thing about. Two or three weeks ago where Jerry Jones basically allowed you believe Jerry Jones has Houston's a natural destination spot that people put Romo went. Some people don't buy that because people don't think Jerry Jones wants Tony in Texas slow season freeagent. But that's a bit of a big reason why your former all pro quarterback you know was still good when healthy. To go to Houston and suddenly be may be the biggest story line in the state I don't think Jerry Jones loves to yet talked about you guys I still don't even if from a goes to Houston to me that's not the biggest is the cowboys cowboys the cowboys but -- press guide a matter of making fun of 42000 there's no doubt under but you also know the media landscape of if romo's stays healthy and Houston's riding that huge story a thousand people talk about everywhere and that's why it was no surprise animated Dade and according to roam on the folks around and he thinks he's going to be cut he's not gonna be traded because if you trade and you have some control over where he's gonna go well in speaking of the Houston Texans. Could JJ a lot be traded overrule that. Was this thing that I read on CBS sports yesterday and it kind of got me thinking. EE CJJ watt traded what they JJ why that's he's won three the last five defense of player of the year awards. Obviously missed most of lagging missed most of last season if not all of the three games last year he missed thirteen games with the back surgery in the back injury that he's been dealing with. But there are numbers that actually back up that it may be pretty Smart for used and think about doing this so let me give you this from 2015. Total yards the Texans gave up 310 last year basically without him. 301. Passing yards to ten last year to a won the rushing yards allowed 99 point eight last year 99 point seven. Two years ago points allowed 313. This past year 328. Same thing takeaways. Takeaways are down a little bit and sacks were down my five. But they still have the number one overall defense in the NFL without him so maybe is it time for Houston look at their star in JJ watt and same is it time to move on. I canceled it would absolutely I said this earlier in the offseason just looking at Houston in the defense they had this year. That eaten they've proven this year that they can play great defense about it I mean statistically the best defense across the board in the National Football League the only thing. Basically that they didn't lead the NFL and in terms of the stat was points per game and that they allow bailouts when he point five and there are a couple of teams in the league. And allow lessons when he points per game so. If you know you have that good of defense enact good of a tradable asset JJ watt. Absolutely you have to listen the offers absolutely Houston is not lacking on the defense side of the football that approved. In their playoff game against Tom Brady they gave the patriots a lot of fits in the first half they picked him off what twice going a little walker in the Foxboro. The defense Saddam in the game they just don't have offense can score points so. When you start to look it may be what you can get in return for JJ watt and the disease knowingly snazzy example one of the rumors I've seen thrown out there is Rob Gronkowski. Tickle me intrigued and Jimmy are uploading new quarterback McGraw blown a draft pick for JJ watt you have to think about that kind of stuff because Houston has to realize. Which is great is their defense has been last what 45 years have been on this front would JJ why we're sick five or six right I mean they've had a consistently one of the best defense is in the NFL. They can't get over the hump because they don't have a quarterback they don't have an offense so. Watt has five years left on the six year 100 million dollar contract extension that he received before the 2014 season. That made him the NFL's highest paid non quarterback upon signing. He is scheduled to make a fully guaranteed ten and a half million next year. And is guarantees on guaranteed 2018192021. Salaries are 111000013. 1000015 and a half. And seventeen and a half million hill for sure never see any of those. So he's basically financial bargain at 67 and a half over the meaning five years only 34 and a half is in the next three. Let's see is fourteen and a half 2017 salary cap number a total of four and a half million of cap space would be gained. By treating watt so he's contract makes it tough bide. It's also not as bad as it may look on paper there are ways to work around around it. And it would help Houston obviously financially to be able to move on and I thought about this after I read this piece on CBS. Seriously think about is for second outside of quarterbacks. All quarterbacks. Who's untreatable in the NFL. No I mean no I mean at this point if JJ watt as tradable and nobody the only thing I thought was may be a good left tackle. And I even knows Deron tradable yeah did probably at your probably Leggett you're talking a top three or four left tackles in the NFL yeah I'd say those guys are probably not movable like even a Julio Jones if you give me a good asking price for Julio Jones yeah I'd trade Julio Jones because there's there's only so much impact one guy can have an the National Football League. An endless it's a Tom Brady mirage here is their prime example of right that's why they're they're constantly changing pieces on both sides of the ball there's been one constant. And as Tom Brady and I used I hadn't been this didn't mean to turn into a whole hour of Houston Texans talk but. Just just go down they dream scenario of Tony Romo always cut. They he signs with Houston. Then they trade JJ watt for Rob Gronkowski. And you know have the Houston Texans defense that would JJ while only playing three games was the best in the National Football League Aveion cloudy look good at the data and cloudy turn into an absolute monster this year which was one of the most un talked about story lines in the entire NFL all season the former number one pick got a lot of flak for. The Dubai and India the work ethic he was a stud. You of that defense pair but the role mole and in a gronkowski if you begin him for JJ watt. New England's got to be little scared right all like I think if Romo I mean not that almost guys say LB I know when my way hypothetical land but if you had a healthy Romo. And if you add gronkowski you can have gronkowski. A healthy Romo. I think for Sherwood Houston would be the second odds favorite right if not right there with Pittsburgh have to be I'd take him ahead of Pittsburgh at that point would you really I would. Defense and run him good man maybe on those head injury concerns himself. I love this time. It's it's the rumor mill in Clinton going to be where you know we NFL reporter earlier this hour just tracking or some of these guys and I'm going it's gonna change the landscape of the playoff chase they give Romo goes to use that changes things if Houston's stands pat. We know who they are. Nobody's gonna pick the Texans have been Super Bowl with the with the quarterback situation may have. It grew up logos somewhere did you watch it straight and they need these are moves it'll change the landscape of the NFL next year yes or JJ watt there's a report out their JJ watt could you potentially be on the move Houston Texans could look to trade him. For some guy able assets he's by the way when those other players. For all the injury talk we talk about Romo. Watch dealing with pack stuff bags after back surgery and I'm kind of iffy on so as prompt to investigate you trade a guy with a bad back for a guy with a bad back and that's the depart coming up next. The New England Patriots helping guy when the best bet on Super Bowl Sunday. And your not gonna believe what it is and it's gotten better since the game ended we'll tell you how next on the fan. Welcome back give me the listener tweak the fan. In that tweet up. Let me let me pull up dirt distillery listener to me that Tweety death pac 1080 the fan. He said NFL talked me Amy too and elsewhere I need MLS and college hoops is Tammy you're all right coming up next. We're gonna talk about the MLS standings comes into the season is Portland's it's only one point three games I don't know I. So they wrapped up the exhibition season did ask artists do one victory over the white caps show us a Providence park last night and a swagger in him when they had an exhibition season in the year's start my dark. Told her. The click of the regular season ended and had a month and a half of playoffs. And so one size and her rotting in March 3. You can get two tickets and single us in a game tonight. And it's only gonna talk about that now it's down and. Best I got a more important things aren't that one listener actually before I had somebody call and they are curious about your petition to bring the ties that way what oh look at that. Let everybody know where it is in yeah you might get some people do actually sign off if you wanna know where that I will if you want to petition in your non Twitter to let us know this to distance not gonna. Smearing I text by 5305 I will send you the link to said petition if you're on Twitter also islets weeded out actor is frank goes sign and they Bieber who plans to Portland are right. Let's get to this this juicy story wanna pass slowing the listeners. So last night eight tennis star and in what some kind of claim hottest chick alive she is a swimsuit model. Well she's in the she's she's not Taylor elevator to Celine as in and as well they have apple leads the last several years so it's great old tennis player and better. Yes she's not matter she smoke or not her name is Jeannie come shard. Is a top ten tennis player yeah she took a guy by the name of John. Gore key on a date. And you're saying why do I need to know about that. Get this story John had a bet with her on Twitter gearing the Super Bowl that the pats would come back. And in Wayne in if they did she had to go on a date with them she agreed to the bat because she's a foul pins fan yup well. She lived up to her and she paid for his flight paid for his hotel. And they win on a date. Now did the kicker on this not only did this guy get a date when he smoking. Hot incredibly talented tennis player. He's gonna get a second date they went so well on the first. That genie Bouchard is gonna give this John guided she didn't know oh yeah that randomly Tweeter yes sir I sect. Give day and I got to get our guys that we have no problem admitting this on the show not a bad looking cat. No he's not at all he's not like a guy crawled out of somebody's basement are not as mama is that based mini Nan pizza bagel averaged look in Portland guy. He won a date or you bet. That she randomly replied to you and he's gonna get a second day because the first one went so well first off two things number one. How awesome is she'd actually do this. Like that's not easy leg and a dude tweets you and says let's go out on a date was she probably gets a million of those doesn't she yeah so it easier Twitter agreed this she's got a lot of Twitter followers but. Like the fact that somebody like this would agree to actually go on a day with a random Twitter follower there's a lot of things that can go wrong there there's a lot of weird people on Twitter she is over a million Twitter follow me exact justice amount I have heard you know managers can't run his security in that area hair behind the scenes centuries OK so first sub good on her for taking him up on this and actually taking not to date in not just any date by the way. She like as you mentioned she flew on the New York put him up at a hotel they sat courtside at Brooklyn nets game yeah sounds like they went out after hours not a good time. And then also kudos to him for performing so well that he got a second date that he not only did not get nervous he lived up to our cal hi with the nerves being in a situation like that I you'd be sweating you'd be right Chris Farley of places here. Humor there in time you he's got it made two reunion is sincere is she younger guys cellular and yeah used to hide like this guy performs so well yeah her quote she talked DMZ afterwards she says he's normal. He's a normal man it's complete luck I'm so lucky. Why how how about that do you ever look at stories like that and look in the mirror and go why I never had to cut harness to try this without any check when I was on the market. This is hope for the American Landry if oil is there always my soccer player what was her name. Alex Morgan outside and I should try them out well I mean a lot of guys tried that without more than just Mary show and it sent us some random tweets you know yet the luck of not only nabbing her. Which by the way swank swagger got on us was like you guys know she's a tennis player right in my yeah I know. She doesn't portray herself quite as the big tennis player vs. How hot she's on her Twitter account is a funny takes him to sit down sunset how did you lend money meet John Wells signed your mommy didn't believe Tom Brady was the goats and the rest is history guy that's a great way to put it yet how much do you old Tom Brady for this. They get this ends up working out UN a date mr. for a long time I would send I think you letter to Tom Brady with TV twelve foundation has a link leave her you're great performance you make a two hole total donation to his TV twelve condi how I wanna get this guy on the shelf he ends up marrying Jeannie. I have so many questions man like a first date you're so right. How nervous are you on that first date think of some do you find incredibly attractive single available via and you win a date with error. I can I consider myself somewhat personable I think I would be terrible in that situation when our listeners said this is like Kevin James in hitch. Actually it's a rather like Kevin James and had a very similar in price bill mustard on his Jack DA ashy doubt it was cute cute cute head because she couldn't day and they see the pizza no you don't need any food they got further studies that we just stay right here you just stay right your comfort zone. You asked so why this this. This lucky Schumacher made a bet when they smoke cannot tennis player on Twitter during the Super Bowl that the pats would come back and win the and her as a falcons fan responded and said you know what if you act happens on. DB indeed at the system great. I don't release. I need to have a second David what do you do it free if they won was sitting courtside at a Mets game and on now afterwards let's dig too well and I hoping at least paid for dinners and she paid for nets tickets hotel. And flight. Not saying that he has to be rich but at least step up to a 300 dollar generate heat like bankrupt himself going to New York for this you would would near. It for sure you catch out the savings are in the believable go to New York for the weak read on. Believable story hey we got allowed to get to and our number two. Well talked out all revisit the Portland trail ways we an interesting question of what exactly happened to this team a listener wanting to know. What happened this team they were supposed to be bonding over the summer. High expectation they're ten games below 500 somebody else asking about ping pong balls lottery system how that works. So we'll jump back into the Portland trailblazers. There's an incredible sports performance going on. And I feel like we've all been following it but we haven't really appreciated enough and I wanna take some time to do that. Crunch time we'll get back in the NFL with some franchise tags in some players are being released some surprising ones. That are hitting the open market. Craig here is said to time about Tom Brady at 215. And we will sprayed line since I'm not going to be here tomorrow we'll do that at 230. But I wanna start hour two. With this I saw a commercial. For the UP pilots basketball. They're playing Pacific tonight Damon Stoudamire and Terry Porter are going head to head as coaches. And I started going down this rabbit hole spots. Who was the better basketball. Player who don't care about team success who was the better basketball player in their prime Damon Stoudamire. Or Terry Porter let's kick off our two with a little sports debate will do that next turn sprayed back with more on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan.

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