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Craig Harris Interview 2-16-17

Feb 16, 2017|

Covering the Arizona Coyotes arena ordeal for the Arizona Republic, Craig Harris joins Dirt & Sprague with the latest on the potential for the team to be relocating in the next couple of years.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcasts excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Craig Harris is a reporter for the Arizona Republic in Portland Oregon native by the way is some welcome back to his home city acts he Harris easy rapids where you can find him. On Twitter he joined the Sunday guild mortgage mobile hotline Craig thanks for the time you wanna guess what the weather's like today in Portland. And I was Iranians. Hey yeah right and we got a monsoon going on out there are some rejected it looks like he gets 73 and sunny discovered to be a little jealous. 73 at setting it looked out my what they're downtown Phoenix yet. And fund and the guy hired jerk yeah thank you meet Arafat. I come I let's get able may be ready get an NHL team out of this so it couldn't be all bad but let's let's talk about this deal Greg we just kind of want the latest on what's happening so we know the Arizona State deal falls through and everybody's thinking all right the coyotes are now on the move again but then. All of a sudden what it is they Arizona State Senate votes for 225. Million in public funding. Could they possibly get more public money for another arena where we have with coyotes in their stadium. Well I think catapulted the tide is going back to 20022003. And it is clutter rollercoaster it what happened recently is very able state senate panel. Approved a bill that would give it is about to actually had no regard to public financing 8759. Would come from self taxes generated buying it like it entertainment district where they wanna build theory. 459 dollars for the local city. And it he would put it 135 Billick for the arena. It would have to go to the full senate which is controlled by Republicans. And if it passes there go over and Howell which is also controlled by Republicans which is complete format that you know what go up not organic. Com and I think it had a tough time I want to get to the other chambers so. That's kind of the actual work things are they they want out of a revamped. Which is in Glendale which is kind of like. I Hillsborough. View. Downtown Portland. So they want out of batteries don't go back to 2003 they wanna brandywine. War does Phoenix even want hockey do you guys want hockey down there is that something that's important to sports fans. You know I think at least it's here are are small but very loud and very enthusiastic. Com but they have very much struggled in his he's done this before sport counting a pro baseball pro basketball pro football. And the coyotes they'll have airs at the university. Spring training starts right now got coupled NASCAR races I Debbie MBA. It's been very very sexy market the coyotes have struggled to meet their tendency is third to the bottom the National Hockey League. On this the fourth straight year that they haven't made the playoffs so it is very tough for them here in this market but did you have a very. Rabbit candies for the fans who are kind of used as a very vocal and very strong but they're not that big. Now we're talking to Craig hairs reporter for the Arizona Republic follow him on tour at C Harris easy. Raping and getting back to the stadium me I discount from what I've read is that the least that they they sign that two year lease in the current building and that's up at the end of this season. So just how walkway down the scenario of this 225. Million in public funding does not go through they don't get that new stadium deal done. What's gonna happen I mean are they are they homeless next year if they don't move cities is there going to be a new lease for another year or two with the current building what what do you foresee happening if this new public funding does not work out. I can delete this for one more year they had that one more at least one more year Glendale then again it's up for grabs debate staying Glendale. Or were they kill I mean day as far as economics they got a really good helical and other adult ticket revenue all the concessions. Part keen 80% of the naming rights communities guide. And an amazing amount of money coming and the promises just not enough stated don't sell it not expensive lower bowl seats. And to make it work for them and they haven't been able to get sponsors. Tom part of the problem is you know what if this could affect trade market and even though Phoenix is the fifth or sixth largest city in the country. In the immediate outlet to here's forty to 50045. To 50000 dollars. And that's hard to go around how you for pro sports teams here. And we are really how the corporate base or a major corporation Syracuse go all the way around so. They really have struggled so far as where they go I don't know I mean did did they go to Portland I don't know Paul Arnold gonna give them. A whole lot of money to go play in the rose guard heard the motor fatter. Shouldn't they go to Seattle there's not there reached out there that is NHL ready you know be re on account Seattle. Is antiquated. This by the supersonic slept in Oklahoma City so. You know it's not like there are a whole lot of options out there for the coyotes. Or they would deal. You know the 1 thing I am curious about based on just tournaments are reading about this which is why we're excited to bring you on. The ownership group for the coyotes as you mentioned Paul Allen right and allowing them if it came too late to play in the mode is senator. Tom tell us in Portland is to give you a little. Tidbit here palm wood on our own it he wouldn't allowed to summoned to come in and use the most and he wanna own it and get money from it. What's the ownership group situation right now with coyotes. What's pretty solid right now they've got a they've got a pretty solid ownership group but it's expanded and flocks for a long time and they had a local person on it. Who was the field with truck keen he put into bankruptcy definitely gonna differ couple three years that doctors have different 0%. Changes so but right now they ownership group is pretty get I don't know they're looking to sell or not I mean. It's possible they could flip that. But as far as going lean. You know they want to keep it here is what they're saying it they want to run the show so. A group YouTube probably right it probably only would work important Paul Allen market came. Because that he can maximize the revenues. Out of the motor pattern and I doubt he'd wanna share it was somebody yell. Now in overtime and Craig Harris reporter for the Arizona Republican and you mentioned you've been on this case now since about 2002 in patent. And for those who follow hockey know that there's been a lot of ups and downs with this team. It just was stadium deals and ownership the NHL taken over reselling them. The threats of movie and it's been just a circus kind of now for 1415 years. What what does your gut tell you as somebody's been around covering that organization now for awhile what does it tell you about were this situations going to be at two or three years from now. You know I would say they're the most. As far as country can't mystery here they're probably the most. All vulnerable as far as as I mean have you looked at very there'll be locked and for one more. He's had wrapped this thing Glendale now that the Glendale. Would like to look them up until long term beyond and there are reasons that there are short term deal about complex there was essentially subsidizing them. The dictator of about fifteen million dollars a year. And they realize we can't do that so they they cut out the subsidy. And they went and got a different arena manager which is 13 of the price send and that's what hurt the coyotes and indeed they blocked the fifteen million dollars in revenue right there. So you know they have to find a place that they can manage Fiorina and that they can have. Things around it like part of the way it would work for them out here if they get no rain is they would have a hotel. Real estate. For them to run imagine they'll hold a bake cookies those revenues to subsidize the club the club has lost money every year that you're able. No matter who the owner is it's been a huge amount velocity philosopher rank sometimes up to fifteen to twenty million dollars a year. Tom it's really tough to make money the market their TV ratings are not very good there their radio ratings are not very ged. And so it's just tough for them to make money and to be there to be successful here in the desert. So you tell us there's a chance is basically I'm putting on. I thought and may he may be that it can't buy I don't know I mean I think there are some very strong can't hear. But at peak at the end of the day they have to be what is actress out they continually say. And they said that that the legislature. That this week they want to stay here they want to make it worked its. The National Hockey League I believe also want to make it work this is the fifth or sixth largest. Natural market in the country. No look at the choral conductor I was born I look forward they I grew up there went to order for the high school. This is a bigger market that the National Hockey League would rather Spain and they go to Portland or Seattle. And so there is also another legal reason why they wanted to stay at big major market to go to a smaller markets. So as your gut tell you that they're gonna ultimately get the funding for the stadium in downtown Phoenix get a new arena and stadium there or are you. Think in something else. Well I you know if you look at based on the comment on this story that error eighty factual this week you look at other social media post. I think it's a hard landing it could be a very difficult to get it through even if they get through the senate there is bipartisan support in the house to kill it. So if it doesn't go through. I don't know what you do and it on the flip side if you give such a great deal to the coyotes. What do you do it airs I Diamondbacks they wanted to stadium what do you do with the firms which is the first treatment ever bigger professionally. They want an overrated can't account scenic oak. You know you'd start shelling now money for one team which is effective at number fourteen you know. Professional sport and popularity lecture came out. What do you do to date ultimately do the basketball team and he could really get to a vicious cycle and I don't not speak there is an appetite. Here in Arizona peace subsidize. Stadiums or Arenas as we we've gone back six furlong time. DeDe be the building of. Spring training facilities and over. I mean there's just not the resource is that when you look at this speedway and are fighting for education is so low and we had to raise tuition for toxicology is that for higher Ed. I am not quite sure there is an appetite at the legislature. To give money for it every now why and there's such a and need for. Public funding for education Kyra it. You are a spoiled sports fan and I went after. I thought you please sign our petition that dirt my cohosts created to get Paul Allen's attention to take the coyotes out of. Well I'll do it I can't you know I have to I have to actually stay up late and I'd like sensible my beloved that place so I'll. You know before that whatever reckon it'll help you out by the. MBA your hometown needs the NHL man we need to Tehran is Craig come on stab Bob thank the citizens of Portland at one point in your life. I love I love it great stuff gray hairs reporter for the Arizona Republic follow him on Twitter at C Harris AZ Brad Craig. Thanks that we we've been following this closely and it was great to get some insight from somebody who's been following it from much longer time and us thanks for the time my in your home city we really appreciate it. Happy to be on daytime thanks so much crap and I appreciated. But Craig Harris great stuff.

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