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Dusty and Cam - 2.16.17 - Hour 2

Feb 16, 2017|

NFL Combine invitees from the Pac-12, what will the Blazers do during the All-Star Break, and your favorite vintage sports apparel.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Yeah this. Is dusty and jam in the morning with a dusty narrow and ten Cleveland and that. I doubt we'll go about it and doesn't plug is. Online. Dusty and jam in the morning until and if you love and. Our ride this past 7 o'clock dusty air came Cleveland we did you. The invites for the come by and were released in a packed twelve love going out. I believe it was. 44. In invites from pac twelve. Representatives. To this year's and a folk are the scouting come by next week and the interesting part about it is that if you look at the where the investor conference. It's true just the best teams. Is funny how that works yeah it's amazing. How is your team was good. All this then you. Get more invites them to the NFL com my name when you look at how the pac twelve should get out. I don't think you should be shocked you anybody in the world the first one is a little bit of shock. First the top two that's the one album is not a shock the other one is I call really numero uno is USC arm and USC. Will be sending eight guys to the come by and and they are tied with. One that it is surprised that until you look at the fact that. Date pump. More guys in the NFL then. Almost USC at Utah and Utah is sending eight guys. To the com nine. In I think you know be it's inching to see that. Very entire offensive lines. Except for in a garden is an underclassmen is going. To the NFL come four of their five starting offense alignment. I don't think I would have thought that win now is watching you tough football yeah that they had four draft will guys on their alliance. Yeah I didn't I didn't know the Utah had so much oh you know let me let me rephrase I knew Utah had a lot of older players. Because assist it in an ideal BS and a lot of these guys are. Some of home a lot of pollen lesions that'll that are very good athletes have been hugely means a great athlete so these guys are. I only called veterans and in college but they are there they're older players up but they have a lot of experience too and in between him figures it out these Kaiser. Very and tough. Or just good. He he he has no problem recruiting tough guys not the method the NFL's looking for in those positions or defense of lime and often divided big physical toughness so I get that. Skill position players you'll get a lot of that from Utah. You know Donovan no. By Nina and they'd have receivers sure receivers in safeties and come out you're not looking for you to offer now for depth and skill positions it's not that's not really boring which is fine. So when you looked at USC he had no problem seeing now in the go there's eight option there you go and then then falls up with Washington it's seven. UCLA five. You you chuckle and UCLA right. Woods because here it big in this is saying you look at. The top two teams in the pac twelve this past year. Were USC and Washington in I know Colorado won the pac twelve south. But the two best teams in the pac twelve this past year where USC and Washington and Colorado by the way and they'll be sending four guys to come by and including Seth aloof out restraining him Portland. And they're secondary. That's it I mean third quarter two quarters in a safety in several without a woman going to come by a so they're getting more then than they have in years past but. There is a correlation between how many new games UN in how many guys to go to the comma in that to mean having UCLA getting five guys to become mine this year being. So talented. But. They still like they can't put wins together I mean. They hit big guys that are NFL caliber players every single year coming out of there and they're still am just a middle of the road pactel teen. Well every guy here that's why chuckle you know I know we say that but he silly they're not gonna go after coach more visibility to it to recruit because he can't recruit. What he needs to do have stability quarterback John frozen wasn't stable got hurt that sees what about a lot different if Rosen stays healthy the entire year and went a lot different if they. Just complete a couple passes to close out Texas sane and I it's what ifs. But that's the reality of how close you have to being college. Football were wherever you seal is always gonna get topping records at California. That's right it's in the hot bed you're your your always gonna be up there. Yeah it's the teams as you go farther down when you look at I'll be in. Organ state game three was he getting to. Arizona getting one along with ordeal only hears on the statements are Arizona State they're only goes there kicker yes organ one. Carol brown. The tide and there was a giant goose egg. Arizona Wildcats the out not one player. And that is you sit there and you look at and that you can essentially take fees and sort out the actual standings and right with the exception of you bump. Utah below Colorado this past year. Because what they did on the field but I and that I mean it is it is fair to kind of look at and say. Hey this is the way this latest you might take a bigger broader picture. Taken bigger picture of it all. Alabama's gonna send ten guys LSU sending ten guys right in Michigan has moved me the most in school at fourteen guys. Good football teams and of sending good players. To the NFL com buy and which is on one hand. Should those be the guys who are scouted the most and maybe don't need you don't need to see as much at the com I'm. I think so too and I think I've I've heard this said multiple times and I've always believed in this if you don't know. Already by now the type of player that you like. What will running around in tight Steve for you. It's the interview is exactly. The interviews is the most important part of the combo I don't let anybody Ford good you ran a 435 entering medical tests. Well that too but. Interviews you need to meet them personally need to get a feeling it and I I've I've shared this before it is a crazy experience with common. For interviews you are old and prodded. If you were run around I need your five minute go see this coach go where you have runners all around your head is swimming. In these all these coaches in these places all they have is usually a ten minutes with the so darn rough first impressions that's the most important facet of the com. Use fans all you wanna do see them run 41 C 43 when you were to USC I don't 42 inches USC got benched. Run the forty exactly exactly honest selling. I'd like to see the interviews but I know about parts not going to be all televised so now did you see doubt I think that's what hard knocks is for yeah you won a no. One thing that Roger Goodell be deathly afraid of and you'd be those and abuse and member has Miami Dolphins dolphins realize things that you were around yellow island ass Dez Bryant how moms hooker and you know like that in don't like you know bill last then every single like. Detailed their sordid past though good they go through they'd have. Back stories on all these guys and they try to find out as much as it possibly can't which brings a bit the other weird part about this. Is that. Do you trying to find out about these guys need to judge their character you see Deanna felt it is. Rescinded invites two guys with character issues and acts of violence. In violence against women. They said no you know I mean be a part of the come on now. Is that at because of the interviews are the important part from shindig NFL's. Bring those. I think they want to drag them out. Now they're gonna invite 330 guys are going to her feet six draft slot yeah so you have the quite an overflow of players that are going to be free agent and the guys it and get the invitation if they're still credible. They'll still get interviews also get free agent opportunities they still might get drafted. Just because what they're trying to do is the optics doesn't look good for the NFL you invite. And convicted guys or socially convicted is what it is nowadays it's a unity did you socially convicted. Now new book any inching one as well indeed snub from the pac twelve. A so four of their five offensive linemen were invited from Utah hunter did Mick was not that's confusing to me. Let the pac twelve in sacks correct I for two years yeah don't I don't understand that point at all. I don't understand that either I mean in they had to another defense of Lyman is going or you top but not hundred gimmick. I it's apparent serious it was a user agent has said we're not going. In they just didn't even bother when if he sent something out because that's very confusing to me. I don't know archer who I like these what is she too would have we have like milk diapers bench press. And we had make Peter Keane Mel caper energize and I'll do them all these old I'd like to see that don't get hurt in Donnie. We have like to see that though to 25 wood cross is not an aside I'm not gonna go as far as the a lot of make them talk I don't think one of those guys have a heart attack we try to run a forty. Berman maybe that went back. Your job England's second challenge is that jobs. I would like that. Not Tyler's hair does that count at the vertical. Like the need that's the thing is now you know or does not are designed them yourself are you reach of that truth here. And yet to seeing those guys jump and then knock other guys for not having a good vertical. Could be fantastic sign me up. I with a blaze in a tailspin the all star break much heed right now. We'll be time to come together or scatter for reset here with CJ McCollum had dissent by five Vizio fives text message line dusting Kim on the fan. Aaron. This isn't just a jam in the morning not insanity slam. That in boutiques. Why can't we don't know the Sunday yeah. C'mon. It's no one hip hop songs right now this is turn number one above song in the world right now it's like Nino through an email and apparently through Portland trailblazers fall. 111 nadir last night. To the Utah Jazz sending the blazers to the all star break ten games under 500 at 23 in 33 at this point last year. There's optimism over her surrounding this team because they were in the middle heater right we're like OK all star break coming up the wrong time. A Z Haddon. 2927. After falling what was it twelve games and a 500 last year I want went before making their furious rally in making the playoffs. In this year is different stories they're still ten games under 500. In May have played a 56. Of their content 82 games. It's a tough place to be in right now. We heard from Damian Miller early earlier in the show when he said. The second asking me about Manning out he's got to man up. And he's gonna man up easy and rest up an easy come back and go first of all I don't know what that means. Like. What is in disease. Start Manning up now. After he also are. Yeah I don't than a ball I know what it means. In my in my interpretation he say dame I think dame is same what everybody out there is expecting him to say. We're gonna we're gonna do whatever weekend we're gonna do you do with. Everything we're gonna work harder we're gonna try arteries which every kid that means that you're not gonna quit. It's pretty much what it's saying he would resign into the quarter size ring keep doing overdone. Am just gonna push forward rank trying to keep going guys can quit not as wanna took their tail in and shut it down for the year. That's not what a leader does so that's what dame is a leader. Judy that in things our own laws specially for he and his back remain the last two games commanding. To go 26 of 83 from the field in the last two losses for the Portland trailblazers. In CJ McCollum talked about kind of this all star break lawyer it's situated. And where there rat. See happening in the. Who diminish us and defensively we were in it for awhile and then they went couple runs is some tough shots. I have ask is where he's he's been tested treason and that kind of got some momentum going. And then there's this thing to do this and so how were you approached this prick. Same way a person last year arrests. His success of Yunnan and distressed at my feet into my mind away from the game for a little bit. Take my mind away from the game for the but does CJ before he does any all star break like commercial down to deal server. Yeah I think so as in to New Orleans. I don't think he estimates could and I was like yeah I was one of the team puts you out for you. But he explains his team plane by himself I don't like this though I think they've put a mono like first class lighten okay. Are just set. He's got to do three point competition. Before going on and taking that arrest. But it sounds like he's gonna come back keep his feet up then not do much of anything. Is the big question in his time like this and appoint a seasonally ten games under 500. What do you do you do you guys scattered reset. Or do you stick around. You know you're not really supposed do you have anything organized team organized or is he going in and being together and trying to workers and things. What do you use and do what do you wanna see if your a blazer fans right now. Know what you wanna see. Would you care. I do you want these guys go get a recharged by new I go to Mexico who is it there was an victim gluten and the tune I don't see platoon. Nick but didn't remember when he went to Mexico. In. Two shots I think that was after he left I'm sorry after he left he'd gone to Mexico couple guys going a few trips. Get a recharge. On it and that's normal yeah yeah it is normal in when you're losing in your struggling having a hard time here and there's a lot of term all in your team you're bored yourself. You want the guys who just punish themselves and stay here in the rain and. Give me genome and cuddle up and Alec combed by a moment what he wanted to do I want the guy is to do individually whatever they need to do to reset like everybody hits the reset bun differently I don't wanna see a guy like. I don't wanna silicon New York Giants and Miami boat trip. You know like from the blazers I don't wanna see. I don't whatever helps them to each his own as long as they are getting their head right you heard of Portland going down lamb. I was the only valid now I'd jump came back in the air support a local jackets and nothing says Indian party like that is true. The other thing wrong with that. I had a good time on the spirit of Portland companies I'm Phil there's Jeter ray gave party and you know until one love world music reggae party cruise who would you see you don't care what they view. You'll hear scatter across the world I don't know what they do as long as their get their head right. Is that. Is that it's a bad thing like how to these guys gonna get their header that's about saying to each his own right okay. I really mean this is the things that if there's. There's fans that want them to be in the facility working together I say. This is the time where you can kind of get away from Ramallah south and sometimes getting away and separating yourself for awhile is. What you need to come back refreshed. And get together in make some semblance of this season mean what is the point of staying. He just pounding your head against the wall and in trying to you. Mike just practice throughout this next week what will the blazers changed to make themselves. Exponentially better that will make them go from ten games under 500 PO TU in their final what 26. Games. Becoming miss juggernaut that somehow wins 45 games. I don't know but now that were. In the break. What are you expecting. This team to do is you can read the personalities of these guys at this point you're gonna see you break your receipt will they be recharged. What are what are we wanna see from the steam when they come back. The what honestly think about what it what are you what are you gonna expect from this team when they come back more mediocrity more losing games in the fourth quarter. Or do you would it make you feel better some of these guys came back and won a few close games. I think with this team with the expectations everybody had going into the season and this is Carol last chance set to flip that switch right like at least maybe from a fan's perspective you've been. Kind of disappointed for Chinatown again all season in their keeps being that. Number one it we dug earlier in the show with a De'Angelo Russell and dame got into a Dade city code to bear Amaral we everybody's like oh maybe this is the moment they get how many this is the moments and we had this season right. This is gone the last one site is a failure like. That's why Sid go and hit the reset button however it is you need to do that like you get a bad day at work. You don't wanna stay at the office an extra three out you know you go home when you say now let's do better tomorrow I think this is now last early opportunity that pullback inning comeback in full steam and I. Temptations that this team isn't gonna do anything different second half while the unofficial second half in this final stretch. Meet wall what from what we've seen over 56 games. Should tell us that it will change. Is that a defeatist mentality. Nothing you have one. But it is that thought process cow like it why does it matter what I like what a fan thinks like I don't know I'm bit because that would let him that's our job is think about what the fans are thinking. What are what are you thinking how how would. How do you keep optimism. Because positive mentality the positive attitudes are what we all try to do the negativity and losing creeps in and it sucks the life try to be trespass sat in the locker rooms here I'm seeing. What it does to you may in the right but what has in the Indian point is that what has. Again what has this. Team done that is kind of given that hope that it'll change. Right that this whatever it is that's that's getting this team in the second halves of games in the fourth quarters of games. That that would change in the fourth quarter like eight in the fourth quarter of the season last stretch. I don't have an answer yeah in and that's why sit there and I go that's what that if you're asking you my expectation of this team is. Is to stay on the same track they've been going down because there really hasn't a mean. Use of generic gates comes and it has a great first game as the Portland TrailBlazer in that was awesome to see in that was a little bit of a Smart. In the second half they got outscored 71 to 51. Right I mean like that in that was a guy who gave this team a Spartan in gave it a little charge. You have Evan Turner who's gonna be offer another what four weeks at Alfred demeanor now is battling a sprained knee in who knows how long that that's gonna keep them out. You know Damian Miller with his ankle injury that is still bothering him a little bit though he's playing through it right. Easy numbers sound in the split say in the explosion doesn't look like it's it's there right. That tells me that. Although we get the spark from her kitsch what is this team going to be in the second half. My if my thought process is I don't I don't world's favorite gap more of the same Mora sent. And I don't think that's an unfair thing T say 56 games into the season you know. Because these are a lot you think we've seen enough of this team now where they're out that this is kind of just. The team that's gonna finish ten to fifteen games under 500 in gonna be a lottery pick right out in you know if they went 500 the rest of the way. Right and in that was no where they ended up. For the season I would say yes that would be probably a guy that would be good second have to seasoning you you still running at ten games under 500 for the year. I guess McConnell I fool me once shame on you fool me twice you know that whole thing with this team like we keep getting ready to get. You know excited. Then he let down something like this karma just kind of like man. And it's in the exit and that's with the tenth team in the west is where you expecting some then different you know. I don't know why I've tried to what it as I as I've gotten older I've tried to get out of the doldrums of being the eternal pessimist you know I tried to be. I've tried it sometimes change my attitude stress when it comes to sports because I do believe that. I've seen in and looked at teams it's not just Greek teams but I I've seen light ball sometimes happen I I try to. Give these guys the credit they deserve because they are athletes and they can sometimes flip a switch. And then there's other times when I go your right I mean who where where do I need to what mortal I need to see for the team to tell me that this is not going to be. A playoff type team yup if they did make the playoffs they would mean you make it out of the first round you were noggin by Golden State. So I look at that may go that is a dip in my mind it's a defeatist mentality I am trying to stay away from that thought process. 'cause I wanna see these guys have success. You I know they're with their career windows or short and I know that they worked their butts off every single day and they love being paid to play basketball so I know that they don't like the way this feels. And so I try to support that in a sense but I am realistic. 1000000 AM the reality is that we've seen we've been calling it consistently inconsistent. And their Schindler like data as we sit there in the season goes on. We further and further and thank you don't and you haven't seen anything to kind of make this change that dot added there's a it'll be any different and that's not some knock on them sometimes but last year was the perfect storm in they did. And should they were unbelievable that's up to discredit. What these guys are capable of doing it said this year the west has gotten better. In all those injuries that you avoided last year are catching up to you. And the other teams aren't haven't those injuries do you tough for example you talk look at that team last night you know I mean that team is good. So. Day indeed they were banged up and they were injured beat up last season. It is just differ year and that's the way India works man. Five factories verifiable get some of your feedback. On the other side of the break in its third back Thursday and that's something that I desperately need from my childhood. The sports apparel that. Men feel like a box. Here's Crawford a sports that are. Well I don't understand why it is this is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. Honda. Aggressive responses on the tech side 553050. Yeah he's the blazers and let the expectations are. In the back after the season got much better reach lawyer Robert. Okay great movie days correct. I think we should do Justine Kim recommends every weekend after watching the piece I can I haven't seen cannon ball run that's my number one recommend and I think you just seen another movie that you want immediacy. And faculty first start of the show and seen all the right moves him and I really like to now one it is downs of bringing it. I haven't seen there Allan bring you into the era of classic. Movies yeah I love classic movies as Tennessee and licensed drive yet oh yeah I saw that one back before I had my license to drive summer school and oh yeah. And it. 55305. Or Tagamet blazers. And expectations. And gimme a break guys these guys think millions of dollars into pull their head and every hour. And figure out how to become professional athletes my god what does making millions of dollars to do three used in teach you how to be professional athlete what it. Explain that thought process to me just because someone gave you a check now you're mysteriously different entities year of quite literally that's the definition being a professional yeah so when your professional. When someone hands you a check for us to act professional write is anybody is supposed to help you in teaching you that. May be leaders in the locker room maybe your coaches profession maybe the staff around you help you and teach you how to become professionals. We can't just expect somebody to be handed to check in no ought to be pro right. So do you think that lack of veterans on this team is it is yes absolutely I do this is the one of the youngest teams. In all of the NBA Astros at all this stride at thirty no he's not thirties and only eight who in 27 to eight. This team is young they don't have any veterans there is not a single blazer over the age of thirty. Who is it is it Evan Turner is CD is even veteran of the team know right Evan Turner is 28 years old OK and he's the oldest right. Yeah is kids the young and until then Ed Davis fest this is the only. 20/20 7:27. Am. Like my age. Yeah and I'm not looking to users. Tell me how things are can match in Crawford being the senior leader. Well ward made. Her own career could apply Spinner this turnaround. Yeah. These gonna spend for me right he's yeah. I mean I guess I get team being a senior I can you see me hit yet being it they have no buts you. Back tier guys what about the paycheck or whatever like just 'cause he's sharp pain these guys millions of dollars doesn't mean. Like Derek they're still humans rightly they still have less MI Jack I think if you poke them they will believe yeah like these still have like human ten in seizing what happened. Like that I think that's left of the all star break it's like do you. I don't want. I don't want this blazers seemed Allstate import and it worked out like sometimes when things are going badly would you run a losing mentality camp you need to. Break away and come back that's why we all take vacations that's why we go home from work liked. You as your own with a bad show we don't go in the production room three and do another three hour show and try to. Would let what everybody thinks sell everything say you're the Bill Belichick way right no days off you know that's the way to do it well there's also in multiple ways to skin a cat. Write it one way works for you doesn't always work for somebody else do you that is dated a solo mindset. He can't think that I think my life's okay with knowing zero ways to skin a cat and I've heard that there melt poison our donors take their word for a figure of speech. And a cat hater. I hate cats. Is there any type of workers that has their vacation in what they do on their vacation is more over analyze and as pro sports player there on vacation. For then they can do whatever the hell they want yes I totally agree that. This text by five TO five they need to relaxing Garrity tank I don't think this team will tank eyes said it earlier Alfred demeanor last night. Sprained left me Jason quick of CS and said hey this is a class game we probably play I think we're gonna see a lot of that in the back half of the season or not. Not a conscious when they were holding guys up for no reason for long stretches but the guy isn't. A 100% healthy. We may see them pull the reins back in see that a little bit more and that isn't like full on tank load that's being cautious known. No need to jeopardize. Next year further injury. If you're not in it for anything in right now thirteen games out in. Their ten games under 500 only two games it's crazy. Right text. Expectations zero they're doing the same thing from day one they're doing right now. I hate to say but something has changed how much longer this stocks have the blueprints not working. His system does not allow for defense defense equals more wins Ralph and Gresham. I think Terry Stotts is a great coach I'm gonna go ahead and thrown out on out there he has done a phenomenal job of developing talent. Com whether people want to you appreciate that or not. Are you look at what he is done in the growth of guys' games it is. It's been pretty impressive I know that every once a look at. Meyers Leonard a meal like that guy hasn't grown much wealth from when he came as a rookie he sure has its is not where people want to be over the expectations than separate debate. Beauty guys like Damian Miller and CJ McCollum. For example. Allen Crabbe in where his game is right now from where it was in day one and he is done a very good job of helping people grow Mason only for goodness sakes right. Indeed Terry Stotts is a good basketball coach but. To Ralph's point. Defense is a massive issue on this team in a reared its ugly head last night because you didn't have UT best defenders available in Evan Turner and offer community as well now. But even with those guys it's not quite there. 55305. That is the tax on a lot of really good stuff. Coming in here what was the money you wanted to get TO. You had money you used said he wanted to get to the right. Oh I don't know if I wanted to get to I just look at this reaction tennis. As a crazy reaction blazers needed trade. Dame. You whatsoever defensively. And has peaked offensively. What do slapped in the face of your immediate. Welcome welcome to the world. Of while I get overreact welcome to the world losing rear like we got thinks up who gets illustrate our all star break or lose under the right guys we all know losing those. What does it do. Researcher character who you are New York the underlying factor really deep down inside. Who you are from fans to players to owners to business owners every win you lose you get to see the true colors. The true colors and it's always easy to jump off the ship. Period insert point fingers. I will be proud of this team no matter what if they stuck if they don't turn into that locker more finger start coming out. Right I will be and I think that will be it will be assigned a coach Stotts and the rest of them are are still fighting together. Right exactly and the fans are going to be fans are expected to be anything different. If you look at the Western Conference that we talked about this we look at the player voting. For the all star game because player voting for the first time was a factor in the all star game. For those people let's say that Damien Millard is overrated and has peaked or you wanna say that about CJ McCollum as well. Those guys finish fourth and fifth in player voting. For the NBA all star game and the Western Conference now the fan votes. Is where you guys let them down stands. Because they were buried near the bottom fourth and fifth in the player voting. They have respect as to who is the best backcourt one of the best back courts in the entire NBA so to say that dame is overrated. Nine I think that people need to do have a little bit of reality because those two guys are really good that defensively. They do you need to use is DC we do need to see an improvement on that end of the floor. Our right to let's get to a half. No. B sports apparel from your past that you need now dusty camel with a. This is. Until Canadian though. I saw something new and in an island. My goodness. It brought it back and my youth basketball days. I need to find and I don't know they make me it's. Remember that air pennies. The F pretty Hardaway issues. From like nineteen. I saw a tall order that commercial food clearly yeah right you know but I saw a pair of the air pennies. In they were the black will affect a little light cut out that came up in the blues yeah. And I said yeah I need those I need goes back my life. I loved. The air petty issues in I remember and I got them I felt like I was just a Lawler. Philly he jumped higher up I just saw a moment that I did not. I did not feel like I do you tire you did I did jump higher and I will hear nothing on the contrary I jumped hired Meyer penny. The number one sales pitch to get Nike pumps. They're the ones issues on the side. That was before the re it was after the Reebok also ninety turn to come out with a I know now you'd bonus did them on the side. Indeed he couldn't I think there's a patent with the basketball and when Reebok you're the one rich kid and our school. It at the Reebok pumps me go to him play basketball deep ground when people what are you doing though the original once you reason there're like. 200 dollars when he first came out now and then Nike and that but anyway I turn to someone on the fact that. Minute jump and extra inches. It's right. Every he's an extra five inches all right stay on topic. Mobile. And so yes she used to double image empire that. Yeah you know I'm a fan of it to let. But I guess I liked off brand Minty sneakers stuff LA gear like Al I -- umbrella here I had have a pair of British nights and a and a pair Reebok pumps that he's young exit seed I remember it's kangaroos yet rouge right you never had ray's son. I remember my grandma. Now it was my mom. But remember the conversation happening in my Graham was around for some reason. In I remember my mom took my British sense because like it that's when it came out like it was blood killers right. LBJ yet yeah. And like I remember I couldn't give a British knights then in their members is like looking in at my mom I am like. Life. I do my British nodded somewhat unfair yeah so let it. That I fell in love with them. But there's issues that you could bring back or her anything in the apparel what would that be field. Well for me it was. Probably 198687. For my birthday. I distinctly remember my original. She it would recall it bright Sheen fabric starter. Seahawk jacket with these stripes on our school in on the in the lapel. Yeah anyways Judy was I wore that thing every sing I war and I were the S out of that thing he'd Betty you literally they have an as is their logo yes it was off known to see her rockets at the Honda but I mean I know that's. But I loved that jacket. I loved it in did you indicate from freewheeling. Doesn't indicate from truly realistic got started echoed in the Seahawks are only gets I was ill let you announcement. I jackets are so all I love those Jack I've never had a starter jacket. I've always wanted to one acting normally get one is is hard to know which one you know but if my dad is the singer and now I know that he still has. To have them seriously. Yeah in there in a closet or does he Wear that what what teams. I think you won the Dodgers. It's cool you know that's classy there is a rams. Food nice. Diet their from. They're from the eighties. And I think he still has them and I want them. Now it someone's exists at Expos starter jacket that would be dope yeah if you were to bring one back. Do you go. Current teams or do you go. Like defund all I'm just saw excellent from doing anything because the the fox it's the ones that are no longer hours. True and that's what I would get it at the bed net. Expos or the Oilers Oilers Oilers Serna is a year old Charlotte hornets both know. Beano before them read new Charlotte hornets yeah I was and yet those are real nugget I like a little not a good color. You know one side I'm on right now here in Filo. They've got some cool shoes on the feel less and Grant Hill yeah member gray hair was a feel like guys to feel a guy. What happened if you they still make below a taste they do yeah they still do it still in tennis I think yeah also I think it's kind of trend because they're website seems kind of trendy. Good bring it back I really am looking at some really sent feelers. What does that mean make their trendy like did you like Jimmy let's make it needs somebody did in Portland would put it on it looks like really what it means kind of hip. Also why I know this like really hit. Fashion deal in LA and Xerox deal as some like OK I must be cool. The applicant this every that there's a lot of people have really colon stayed Red Sox starter jacket from 86 now. This one has this guy has a trail blazers one who that would be sweet there they're Bart police yes the Marlins are issues were. Awesome I'd ever had a pair. A Dean Barkley verses god still remember that ad yet a pain you know I'm not a role model I would still take Barkley over God's Elena five. The round mound of rebound in verses guns that. Got. Done. Tony from Salem has three pairs of Philo so I don't know if it's cooler not while NASA cooling more the new. It is to have Clyde Drexler is an AC sky Heusen is the low I listened in via V does he worry V is hoping to get nothing do you get them anymore. And had a pair of Venus I remember them now. I loved ideas and in level. I did not well that's because your from Seattle leg. EBay because Clyde Drexler war reveals that's different sure of it looked like nurse's shoes they were bet that's not to take anything away from you nurses out there but. Sometimes nurse issues are well or just curry to exactly. Executive belongings possible they were dad's shoes at like. All the steps curry to use. A lower. And and via Jordan there and Drexler idiots aren't. It's not a good luck in his welfare who Vancouver grizzlies would you go that for the starter jacket now ATR hate I hate TO. You do Alexio country Gregory's every time and get the grizzlies someone just texted in a issue that I also have. The Donna supremes with the wheel that spins when you walk you push W wells I have I have there's a way Arum tomorrow yeah really yeah. They got those are my birthday two years ago from a friend done. You know is the one they need to get a few again satin jacket though now. UNLV. At a UNLV had night school you know I was although the call attacks you in that time I had the TCU horned frogs had it really does he see you pat I TCU. You. Definitely we all try to pick out that was cool wrecked in turn to make sure we had been on school we did like to a divested on school we didn't like. Non school that makes no sense the Lander went in like. Anaheim and so were Huskies were yet this tool that we don't like so he's just pick out a school board and Alina. So organ. No idea outside of the than what the brand new school like all totally random school exactly but every at UNLV because it was the running rebels Emeril good a basketball that. Was hot topic. Yeah I know my parents who think in that they didn't seem to mind and I wore the you know though the old white hats that. Said the mascot overeat and I got the South Carolina law logo is a said Cox on it I think. Remember all those at Nike no bet ya thank my parents seem to not give a rip that I wore that now as I can middle school just chicken. Yeah ranked except her. Just had a written on my forehead fifth. Good early. 553 your five key senate tomorrow iPhone on in my dad I don't know how my dad's not a good texture. But he has sent me text message about a starter jacket update. Bags I'm gonna have to you get tutor industry so it's no from the to begin their day to start sport and some stuff when you band the best team in the country from recruiting a high school as a coach are you helping here athletes at all. Dusty came on the fence.