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Dusty and Cam - 2.16.17 - Hour 1

Feb 16, 2017|

Blazers disappoint again vs. the Jazz and Myles Garrett says he doesn't want to be drafted by the Browns.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really hate each other. That's huge size seems to pop up maybe even more than previous games. We're just here. Hi fanning I don't quite proper. The fundamentalist southern infamous major documentary it's also a college all American gem William. Why does anybody in the world every than anything. Justin and Cameron the more million dollar and 1080 senator. Happy Thursday big fell they do need I would just take off commenting on the monitor that last duo. Good Velasco is people there and youth. Exists. People are idiots oh yes or putting myself the time I'm part of the people group. Yeah I'm part of Monterrey on human race. It's okay to be fallible. Or info and rooms answer would. People are idiots you worry it's. Not us. Right now mountain Amer you where's that apparel Crawford. Don't I'm totally an idiot hey John this is an official toll clippers' draft day hat. Now what does that mean you know we want to Chris Kaman more no no no no this is like they make a new one each year you know I thought it was the Microsoft clip art. Hat yet the clip clippers. Yet it's issued edits their logo shirt and then there will be guy. The palms up and Microsoft Word number and yeah idea he is the most annoying thing ever heat he was replaced by Adobe updates as the most annoying computer can deal. You know how many times you don't need outlast players they are the Java. You okay used to be up dim should. Main job of player but he and his job I just give me some coffee right yeah. As soon become hubs. But I just making stuff up this morning pretty drunk no yes I'm an Ayman morning drinker. Can you imagine if we work a little Bailey's in this today what's wrong that we can't drink and talk at the same time. Crawford then deal there's no doubt you've come to this show loaded from the night before retired to. Newton her false he can't he's not gonna come I've been very hung over or get fired for it right not I've been very hung over but. I think I'd. Blow under a point 08 do you look at as this came this already came in three minutes ago RJ. Good morning gentlemen Crawford you send much less hung over this morning that's funny. 'cause I had a double my tornado last night. Seeing him saying here. Like guys who might start talks o'clock just sleep it off our did it make this strong my tank a strong winds and at the teton and hope to raise cells wrong an extra shot in their four young some light roms and dark Romney or that they would. Q is the devils to use you know words that's. By devils teaching me nectar of the gods got a new a wealth you wanna call it your and that god. Need if I don't I mean devils used in the devil's lettuce seemed to give them dancing timer TO and I have a boy's been OK with tequila now in LA and I. Have you working relationship you know I work with me I don't work with him you know and I've had. My arch nemesis is of the business world with that 151. A little McCarty. Of course I don't think that's a little book parties that is another wrong with some rom now straight. Gasoline he sits on the course that's certain to be in the Caribbean and and yeah. It's like he's so good 151. Bad. Almeida bouts of anything's bad the thing we say my nemesis is ever clear. Don exactly everyone's rights moonshine you about it. I'm moonshine not just second bag we've had bad experiences oh yeah that's I've had my worst experience that's why it becomes your nemesis is that. When he touches your lips you just go. All I can just rule I can drink rung or I can not drink one to do and like I have one TD 1 I am just site and that's me in any cheap like Burnett's vodka with the different flavors of but it really odd guy is like America's battle against me he's going to but he laid out podcast if flick flavored not let you know we're also Noah. In sitting there bulls want to Cam Newton like you're only as what I said the pinnacle went to block like that whipped cream whipped. Keeney birthday cake like me engines in and tequila no Bueno. And not going to land in Iowa I loved to dance at those two friends and juice not my ripped swap. The but I lone genius like gin and tonic and oh yeah. Properties like he's saying yes everything you love at all that's when you don't have any you don't I don't describe I don't like on the throttle like Monica the put your drinking and if it's at the party imaging makes a selling but yeah yeah I'm not drinking tequila speeds anywhere now he asked steals amplifier if you're a bad mood do things are gonna give broken if you're a good mood going to a new party did beer. And again that you're debating what to do in the US and be degraded did you they can ever make mention Moran with that and no moonshine is the impeachment channel. Appleton yeah. In my remember it was just like yesterday. He only needs to stop is thinking go into the liquor store. And they selves and pulled moonshine goes to a liquor store anymore. Totally letting I just go to Safeway. Building costs go you live in Washington. Were you talking about organ hasn't liquor and in their I don't know oh my gosh they don't Cameron thanks. Hillary alone the nuclear program and I'm sorry everybody everybody in the city of organ does the liquor store well no you just drive over across the Washington. And by this because that's far more reasonable it is review of the Livni and how easily about a record and the people health votes are fair. Jensen Beach it is unless gonna lower this on Latin drifter was there ever cars bridging a rowboat over there GAAP. It it did I would if I had. I think I'm a little. Washington had something better overlord I didn't know that was has got a job and organ. Today in sports history we missed and Oden tax free. Today in sports history Jeff Gordon 1987 became the youngest driver to win they date when 500. Just past turn left or you risk our fan absolutely. And to absolutely. To governor race car while. It was kind of smaller. We taught me Cindy got to drive a racecar not get to drive on a track it wasn't a true race I mean it's like I got it got in the IndyCar fan Argo and lone little over a hundred. Over a hundred reader and I thought I know he's trek that is the racetrack you don't mess around. It wasn't a left turn oval it was one of those I don't know Formula One type thing now. Now the pastor yeah go fast yeah this. And Helen Philippine sea world. Those guys do it. In MI Hans device on Abu. Okay when they go down a little nervous thing. And she did. They guess who made his debut last night for the Portland trailblazers. Are man her kids. The Bosnian beast because he's vehicles that my favorite Twitter handle. Yeah. I saw somebody. Wearing something the other night that made me think. I need dad back in my life and I'm on a hunt them down. And I wanna see if I can find it. Sports apparel yeah. Today you desperately need from your childhood or your youth days younger days. Because I found something that I need. And I hope people can help me find it. All so we'll talk a lot to come by in Japan as the and rarely resides are out yes. And it's not a good day. A month. To Phoenix they've been we don't say that very often but. Not a good day to be Nixon. Well that mark. I'm doing William. There's a loving home loans don't get me wrong it's. Today. After that was the worst piece of audio we have ever played on this they tell you puts a bad audio on this station owners the worst reduce rebel ESP had a made a mellow audio and apparently he was next to an industrial refrigerator trailer star Milla orders standing behind the jet as it was on the runway I don't know solar was. NBA commissioner Adam silver has named Carmelo Anthony either replacement for injured big man Kevin Love for this weekend's all star game and on how weird is settled twist of fate. That feeds you guys that are. Reportedly rumored to be traded or name and one replaces the other in the all star game. Carl Anthony it's his tenth all star appearance. That's good. Is Enos. Critic of school would see average closed at 24 games when he green and writes. Can't say that he's not a good player may have a lot of baggage maybe a black hole sometimes when it comes shots. We still commission still can score and he averages more points than the knicks have winds to air 3334 hours ago. Hey wake up I said wake up. You know what is this this spring in Europe these conversations bringing this story you know thanks I'm good. Mixed Thursday but share. Did you send us you're your battles with a certain type of news today your worst experience that can be nestled pick me up on Thursday and RA titans coach Mike Malarkey said and in her yesterday cornerback Marcus Marianna is bonds scheduled to return from a broken leg suffered at the end of the season. But the team will use caution with the former Dutch. Beating Mario on this all of there offseason. Yeah activity yeah. Yes I feel loved it he in dead end. And they're cars same injury and the right there is snapped fields stimulus but it apparently cars is a little bit worse and what's our though there's somebody else that wants the biggest voice in the metal glowing note from somebody else. I've played for before too but. Whether JaMarcus Russell not thugs I mean there. Return in about well he wore number ten. What's it take Mario does play she played for the Tennessee Titans prior. Owe Utah so that they are talking about the readers and there are so yeah. So. Convince young. Then just. Oh yeah. Hey this is not ask their lives rock and rule today is really keeping them out and do leg. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. She days after leaving for Richard without end these 76ers 'cause kickbacks. And they brought big men to built before. Back on the road trip ends in Boston last night. Where he had four points and four rebounds in seventeen minutes in game 116108. Loss to the Celtics. Okafor said it he thought there's good chance you'd be treated. It's usually what happens when you were current team leads you. Right before the trade deadline. Incident what a mess this way I don't know what's going on there believed. Like obviously they felt close enough to deal that means they didn't want to bring him along but now because you did didn't get the deal done. You're in a situation like that guy knows you don't want him disgruntled player it is a Lear. Because we're talking about this yesterday at the blazers that there's always that element of trade deadline. You know do I know words don't I now know but is wrong is you're not I don't know league big guy behind on a road trip. He knows he still part of your franchise and everything is just a rumor looks bad this is really bad. But it doesn't look like look for will be traded down so. We shall see seven days until the trade deadline expires. Seven days the blazers do it again a fourth quarter meltdown. On the arrival of the Bosnian beast five factories terrified that is the text I investing came on fan. Dusty and Tim in the morning on ten. But trailblazers ball last night in their finale for the all star break to the Utah Jazz. One dollars and. Q 88. Another just pour were shooting performance all the way around for the Portland trailblazers. Including the two stars of the team who combined to go eleven of 38. From the field CDO column eight of nineteen Damien learned three of nineteen. Just then and another ugly game and when UT stars are scorned. This team is in trouble and we've been harping on third option consistency. Well the last two games. You're two best players have combined to go 26. Of 83 from the field that that team. The blazers they looked a little defeated last night physically defeated beat. As your your machine Evan Turner risen chief and a new guy steps in. And the two stars just looked like they were ready to get to the all star break. To have a little rechargeable and they re maybe it's a reset button maybe maybe at that point but they also ran into having given to. Many give credit to the Utah Jazz because they are very good basketball team isn't very good players on that team. Just the just look at it just looked like a team they're really gonna wanna be there that's for myopic survived as I watched the game. Yeah in the it's a big one with who's gonna check out. Before the all star break and you look like the blazers were ended enough for early. That you didn't think that they were gonna just cash it in and roll over them because girder here. Well yeah yes and the second half fit in just went uh oh my goodness. Outscored in that a second half. Aid in nice even 71. TU 51 near. In the second half or 72 and a video. And a close game turn a new snaps too low for us that's on the whole bench comes off I mean if four minutes in the fourth quarter and the whole bench stood up and went. Well her time in CN thanks thanks for coming. In this is age you know one thing that I was in an about. Utah. They've done such a good job building through draft. You know. And really not given a ripple of what people say about their picks and just kind of having a plan hinges sticking to written. It's a slow burn their fan base gets upset with them in. They've had a lot of criticism down there but you know from Gordon Hayward were people like oh great another white get you talk. Also on there too there's two there dudes and all star ya dude is an all star. Dante Jackson goes down to an injury last year what was a good roster takes a big hit now he's coming off the bench reading your sin and you go on. How you know how to they do it you did George Hill and Joseph Johnson is kind of the ancillary guys. Eight in the vets that come in tell bolster your roster but they play huge roles for this team and you add that with the knicks of the guys they have. And Avis care adapt to what senator. Yes they do Rudy go there key. Is an unbelievable there is a play where he's presented a buck get in he would like go go gadget arms did have the job just like Europe in just. Drop the ball right in as that. How the heck does that happen here think they do. They have is such a great. Scouting department in a lot of its international because you look at guys they go bear. You'll sentence say Joseph Ingles he's like one of those guys feel like he's got the wide you're like he's not very old here is good yeah her own white cash. Our house and then Don Dixon of course susteren along with singles as well and they've done a good job a finding those guys overseas and helping them plugged in mid and just. Do it you come they they have a way. Of going about their business that I admire in Utah in that. Even expand their lane writes India's it is NB of watching you a franchise who's had they've taken a lot the last couple of years. But he he stick your process and you don't panic. It can work out Korea. On the other hand we want to Portland terribly is yet again struggle. And Damian Miller after the game. ETE was none too happy about how this game and really how things have been going lately I. Hmmm I mean. When it's a place. Phenom. I don't think weaker than this this position and I admire her here I think we were in. You know Weaver's at least planned on playing good basketball and right now I think it's a very up and down for not being consistent anything. Bomb but this. You know like a sit in a tough spot. You know news. You've got to argue that you options after leaving in the room from a word. Take his break and non. You know go rest up and do whatever we need to do it and come back in men out. Come back in man out right this texture here says that anything that was bothering thing about the Portland Portland arouses culture Jill was Israelis had talent and heart. And here now from dame like easy to come back to aggressive you need to man up. Does he sound a little defeated Alia. Yeah can you hear it in and up into little list. You need other things other factors are bothering him do you think there's things just the fact that losing bring out an ample fight everything that is that's bothering you. There are a lot of things and NN we're not gonna dive into every little in idiosyncrasies about what's wrong with this team. But I I hear I hear some frustration and I hear a little bit a defeatist attitude just a little bit I don't think he's given up but there's no way. I would oversee deems given upper anybody on the team but I can hear a little bit to defeat yeah frustration that it's part of the process is part of sport. It's and they do that to you they should be frustrated of course they should be should be frustrated at the way things are gone. And that's why the all star break it can go one of two races team either they're gonna cash in and mean we saw last night neo Jason quick CSN said. That Al farouq Aminu was being held out they knee sprain but it is like a playoff game in game there really mattered he would've played. And oversee a lot more of that in the second half of the season were playing through injuries no. I'm not playing through injuries all drilling a break and guys that. It may be does where Jaycee played games word comment and no I'm not saying the world know not that may mean. As off the bench but when we I think you see guys. That. Maybe things could give it ago. Me down equal amount because. When he played for right now. The eighth and final playoff spot. That night amid another loss last night push him back even more they now of the squarely in the tenth spot in the Western Conference two games back. Of the Denver Nuggets. But on with that said yes of her pitch he looked good in his debut I. I don't overreacted because I know five of five from the field is not we're gonna get Mecca. He's a 50% shooter career strength and he had five of 513 points I sent but he is that guy who does a little bit everything. He's like the master of none but he's good at everything you know one of those guys. A versatile players yeah. And it. And I know I like everything about what he did it was his cal the only as big man he set screens with this for arms he did he palms a ball like he's grab and a nerve ball. He can pass and only a little bit of couple turnovers but that's still getting used to the offense. Has a mid range jumper has an excellent stroke mean honestly think about that. He's a big man with some versatility. He banged it everybody had no problems. Get now Bernanke Korean space guys had to change shots when they came into the key there there was some things that I haven't seen from a senator. In Portland since I've been here. Long time man in there is big key would literally birdie eagle there were just trained plan itself from the middle to keep. He went in to the middle of the lane and just to hand shoved him out yeah it just said not what size and there's a gallery can do we know strength not index. With that said. Did anybody else feel horrible that diocese running up and other court in Terry Stotts said adaptors are stragglers they asked me he he's gonna it did take some time to get his legs under him here. To different offense I didn't think he'd be that bad guy hasn't played he played forty minutes in the month here. What does it different when you don't have that deems them. Article game simulation magnolia you can do his gas little bit ma temple goodness but. It was fun to see a big minutes traditional big man back in Portland and oh by the way if you're wondering Mason Tomlin last night he started for the Denver Nuggets. And he is back actually playing the positions post applied. You play power forward last night they did lose TD Minnesota Timberwolves one called the 99 the Mason plum lane. Was a power forward in. Look at that I mean eleven points putting guys in their right rules yeah right now that says a heck of a thing and you know for. For him but of all fit blazers Liz. And yes if the wreckage. I like it I like his little grit in like the fact he tried to fight the French and at the into the first half you know. Let's go union hey I guidance teenage Yemen back. This Frenchman just elbowed me yeah in Damien loaded first got to step in that I like a big need that nasty they need that edge I think he'd Evan Turner might have that. Perfect meld of crazy. To work together about how I wanna see those two on the floor because they're different type of crazy. But you need a little bit of that you know too because Evan Turner may be the investigator. And their kids can become the guy who becomes the closer in the situation if you wanna poked a fair unintended. Big dude. I hope people do yet tried to you know because. I he and he gets under is a Marc Gasol and l.'s other centers and that's west. He's gonna get under their skin like I can see it. But remember that game against LA where Damian though Laird said about DN a wrestler he poke the bear here and there is no scuffle and everybody was defusing the situation. I think that anarchy is a guy who will be like to help with that new what do we now know now come on let's kill and let's escalate this thing a little bit more news and really do yeah and that you guys. In today's heat did not exist because. You know again like Evan Turner might have been the closest thing that the blazers had that from Wendy Andre Jordan was put Nat. Turner earlier gophers kept slap in his hand out like don't you play at Mia you know. He's not an imposing forced out near pages you need that guy I hope. Like the one thing that I can look forward to is hopefully he becomes that jerk. In because Unita jerk on your I don't know Xenia. Even be the jerky just means to be the enforcer give up and I don't say that's not a jerk to me. Give just because you don't like guys push you around that's actually the Smart guy. That's the smartest one in the room. When you're the one that actually doesn't let people take advantage you push you around you're the Smart one you'll have to react you have to be the fighter you don't have to be the guy that's the big. Don't take crap. That's the Smart one. Yeah there's a lot of people lettered on the idea that the yes they're good don't want to go down but there's ways to handle it. He can't get away with a things used to be able to of India act now we don't have to take that kind of crappy I did it have DR Andre Jordan point a finger at you snap that finger rocky point that my chip that's exactly what he's gonna bend backwards MB point do you. Nobody wanted to be Baghdad there's nothing wrong in in sports you can do it and here's the thing is that like what we're talking about is. Stepping out in reactionary situations right it's been DR Andre Jordan goes and he points seem preacher thing his finger in your chest Shia. Who's gonna step up and have your back in that situation you're not BST greater but the closer right there in the in that Tim mead data there is always a spot on a team for a guy like that. In that is not as up poor sportsmanship that's not sending a wrong message. That all is being a teammate who are in and I believe that that is being in good teammate. And so hopefully we get that in the second half of the season because this team desperately needs it. Desperately. Right the beast he just wants us to flat and you saw him come out feel comfortable look clues. I can't be said for the projected number one pick in the NFL draft. Is a lobbying for a particular team did business for draftees. 55305. That is Tex signed right now is crashing his sports in her backwards at all. Widespread text either. That's the message of what numbered. Two or. Niner five. Six. I can't hear you drilling off and like this in here I'm here and there we have all of my life I mean. The most cordless Dexter snow it's 553 o'clock messaging data rates may apply to just play my number of there he goes we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on ten may be the brain of that person actually say that Bo today. 553. Yes it was Chris Farley's effort didn't know them. Not know that tired he's just Farley RIP. Basically means 50s33. Leaving after yesterday's street today or yesterday. He'd be 53 today to yup yeah he would. We'll. The next year you know day in demand fix that I'm TCU on decent. But your sugar. Blame for the island among others well you add. Business. Blues sniff in less overall it's our ally does the FEA actor. To which integrates Belushi hit me in Chris Farley early in the front right any US. Oh miles Garrett he's projecting number one overall pick in draft he will be at the end of all come by next week. In Indianapolis. Where they will have Kim's favorite. Of valuation of talent in the NFL. What Kim Cleveland believes. Is the weekend where you really find out who's gonna who's who in the NFL and he's going to be eating guys there are really gonna make an impact will happen next week in their underwear. In Indy right. Yes it's. When was the time and we're gonna go but I have to ask this question do you remember the crossover point when it was. This sure 'cause I told the story multiple times when I got to the com line. I I showed up my name was spelled wrong on all my stuff it was seller list and he was CE. CL. EL well known UCL LE LA Indian Acela Lehman. He was completely just. Butchered in some music being latter is exactly what it says they have in youth and kids and that Helen and I had to cut the sleeves off my extremely heavy. NFL equipment and captured and the huge shoe works in the baggy sweats and then. All of a sudden. GG GG gear that's loose at all anywhere mere. That facility it's just all this is I mean three had Danny Shelton is 350. Pounds and is just. Chic and all over the plays there every brand and it doesn't poured into that sucker so there with a crossover point somewhere up and it went all underwear. Street underwear ads and may think the lord I didn't have to do it's and they started having the official out standards under armour now and if you believe before that it was indeed as it was it be this who sponsored the come by and obviously we're not going site and they enjoy hearing a tight and they when. And let's really show off the physics of these guys in for the linemen. In the best choice don't you think it's kind of like girls in yoga pants. It out my wife had this conversation all types and it's just a few out there to yoga pants away. There's a few guys to come by India I'm sure your wife is the only one in your family with that and thought. No I think they're probably a lot of ideas out there and everybody in the world has that out of you know some people would change shouldn't Wear. Some types of clothing well noted I think some types of claiming it will work on specific cure we're going with yoga pant world yes because there are few episodes just like what I said their few guys come buying. The Disco. I wonder if they're very uncomfortable in this apparel absolutely how are some of the office of Lima like. I'm Aaron this I don't play all in this well my Buick. A look at the marshmallow man and yes. I couldn't I was yeah I was thinking I feel bad for some of these guys with the young award and it anyway moving. Miles Garrett is projected number one overall pick. And he is the defense and line and out of Texas and then. And he'd made headlines during the season when he's treated doubt that he hopes the cowboys trade up. To the number one overall pick. And because he does not wanna be Cleveland Browns he must be Dallas Cowboys he has made that known him not only is it that he wants to be a cowboy. But he explicitly does not want to be a Cleveland brown. We think this practice of we've seen with Eli Manning you know we've seen it with Bo Jackson. Did it with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they drafted him. He's a no not going there Elway did it mean what do I think this practice and guys well. And I think too we have to we have to look at this because miles Garrett is is started to backtrack a little bit on what he feels now he's come out and said that this video was part of a a joke and everybody needs to take a break America I was doing this was the and it in all good fun. And I really am just thankful law all do any thing I'll be drafted anywhere known all you want to be the number one pick you wanna be the first pick overall. I look at this as myself growing up I was seahawk fan and still went. Enjoyed that because it was my first team. What I love doing drafted by the sea hawk if a Seahawks if I was from that area this is his team he grew up the Dallas Cowboys that's his number one team. Problems with the wanna be drafted by your favorite team of all time. Mean how many how many times had ever happened any player in football know yet L history I don't know I can't think of Germany guys that grew up. That were part of this is my team and then suddenly got to be on the team I I'd imagine having a few times I was there's been a lot of guys have been drafted first overall. I'm jargon first pick overall. I'm sure there have been some guys who drafted like that have been as their favorite teams were talking nobody's ever been the number one picking gone I get to go to my favorite team. I don't know about the NFL but I mean LeBron did it. Sure Cannes young. Sure I'm not sure about any other guys so I mean that's the one that just kind of pops out and sticks out in my mind that. So do we think that he's trying to control is own destiny during the players and I said this before I think a city couple days ago the NFL or or professional sports might be the only. Job in in real life freely we get to pick create ago. You don't you'll get an option you can kind of fight for a little bit you can imply I don't wanna play for you. You can tell your agent in you can be Eli Manning and say they were not playing in San Diego for The Sopranos family. You can forget it but in the end you have no control and tell your true free agent of what you want to do what's if you wanna go to start your work. Yeah that's I don't really have promised guys I don't either say I don't wanna don't play their because. You know let it's the closest thing to having a say that you have and it's a very it's a it is such a small percentage of guys that can say that. It is right it is miniscule it is in mean. You may not even be able to say top five picks like top three picks in any given drafts have the ability to say that in not just speak. It just soon drowned in the draft and just buried down at them to the bottom of maybe the first runner injure and kill you socket a for as a first round pick you know. You don't even more amazing to use that everyone looks at how dare he say that so I IA. I think that when your when your young football player you have to make sure your very policy PC but in a sense but you make sure you don't burn any bridges free get started. You have to make sure that every franchise needs to know. The U wanna be part of their franchise right because you never know when a new coach is gonna move around it's a very very small network in the NFL. You don't wanna burn bridges before you even stepped on the field. She got to be priest mark. But like you said in any other business if you're the best in the country in the best in the world right now. A young talent. If someone tells you know you gotta go to. We're drafting you you you you you got to go to. I don't know he ought to go to to Maine and you are working in the in a lobster company that's just nobody cares about right dismiss you got to go to the worst franchise. You're the best in the world you'll need to be part of the best you have to go to the crappy one. Now there's anything wrong with with lobster because that's they're a little lobster. I did you really good policy you know what I'm saying you get to do that the real world on. Now the hole so why would you why would you big little young man on the says I wanna be part of the best in his eyes. The Dallas Cowboys. The biggest brand in the world when it comes to football. Yeah yeah but I mean if you wanna be part of the best pride on be part of the cowboys young be part of first round exits your are you go ahead and throw shade toward your patriots I get it. Not they are the going to show the best team in the weren't throwing shade towards the cowboys because. They can't get out of their own lag well. Now that's another recession hit fifty you know but need to your point their brand it is the big brain in this Texas kid. The thing is though. This may be Cleveland a better spot than Dallas four miles Garrett and that's another conversation night. Dude the how many times in these guys missed the boat on where they should be in in where they should be playing in they get in the way of I may be don't wanna go play for this coach or play this owner went. They could fit because. If there is an example of a guy who said I don't wanna play for that team and it would would've actually been a pretty good fit hadn't eaten. 55305. Dusting came on with it. This is just content in the morning on 1080. I can't find it easier but that is nasty lie a news. Writes regulators. Miles here it said he didn't wanna be ready on street cowboy. In the never went thinking you know it's but he's got a song. That's a country song. Mile one Mary don't you want and cowboy yeah rock song now known as the out tabloids man elitist. I don't like Toby Keith don't want these tablet yeah is in this every country song a womanly tabloid. That's just unfair towards kept a country music and ends. Like that's right it's like this does give him to trying get synagogue or dining out Armenia on this hill country music's crossed over ended it there there'd there'd be genres displayed mainstream current country music side it's I'm. Murder easy dream current country is the same as hip hop silly things like some Hank maybe give me Hank Williams junior gimme some yet. New gritty dirt band. Alabama. Good stuff I them Travis trim it. That's where I'm going I don't I don't know what this stuff is. Now the Georgia Florida line I've no idea what it's not bad I just don't know what tennis it's like pos you know he's on there with that we'll be doing a it's all the same it is it's elements anyway. We digress a wannabe cowboy. We get here and there we have right. Moving on the scope and yes miles Garrett doesn't wanna be cowboy he does Melanie Toby Keith is an Oklahoma and big bugaboo. What he's big man to weaker. Yes he is I saw him on the sidelines of the Oklahoma Oregon game. And he is league you don't think how how you don't really understand how big he really is. It with the hell are we talking about okay. Anyway he's he wants to be accountable and does not wanna be abrupt right we've seen this play out before though. Whiff franchises. In especially. The Eli Manning situation. When he said he didn't wanna go and play the San Diego chair that was the last real true situation of word I'm going there right. While do we remember what happened the next few years. In both of those I mean not BC Eli Manning has won a Super Bowl two of them and it is and come to be a good. Move for him but do remember how good the chargers where we knew we Drew Brees Ager breeze and then a breeze the last. And they ended up rifling off. Fourteen in two seasons every team guy eleven in five. And I mean big Danica thirteen and three season I mean they were loaded. In meanwhile Eli got us to start right away. But it was I gay is slow burn. To get. She wind is Super Bowl right in Davie he eventually did it but I sit there and I wonder can Eli Manning has. Gotten over the hump and at fourteen NT season in beat the patriots in the game do you have a problem with a guy wanting to go to something better when you were one of the best in the world not now. Given problem miles gear actually stating I'd like to be part of this this place but do you think their fans out there that saved. You should just be thankful. You're getting paid and here's the same narrative I hear over and over again your lucky year professional athlete. Your you should just be thankful for every ego. She is that not the question is that not the exact statement we hear from every every professional athlete I just wanna play wanna be thankful. I I am getting paid to be an athlete every day I'm so thankful go wherever anybody I just wanna play how many times do we hear that. We hear that but the underlying reality. You're still human being you're I don't wanna be part of this hot garbage that you see you don't wanna be part of the New York Knicks because you understand it's crap. You don't wanna go to a bad franchise that you're Linda magic you don't wanna scare the face of everybody in Jacksonville and say wow what's going on here. Why why oh why am I here its hardest when I first went into one's going to want that's. And walked in there when this is this is the NFL. This is this is the NFL. Gather Pena money but I. It's New Orleans this is yes it was an army hit it was. Garbage bag do you guy have gaga really poster zags on their head we were called the saints when I got there. That's what people called in and so I went OK I went from its successful college franchise. University. Successful means that we didn't have losing records then QE3 and thirteen and six in ten team. And so the reality was is that oh. I'm supposed to just put my head down and do my job anyway Purdue I don't wanna be apart of something better. That's why look at today's age which kids are even more entitlement was during my era. This is gonna become more than norm. I think that guys insane not on ago absolutely I do believe that in just kind of hurt their draft stock. In order to do so who cares because most of them understand you're not make it all your money your first contract here like. Fine let me dropped to twentieth pick find that takes me to go to Pittsburgh if I get to go to. I don't know New England if I get the slide all the way back in go to Seattle fire and I won't hurt my draft stock because I do knowing your four. That's when I make my money I'm not too about that. I don't see that's the strategy that a lot of these players and agents are gonna start looking for because they know every one of their slots. Where everyone there draft spots is slotted. Right. Great on the number one overall pick that's a that's an honor there's only a couple those guys rate per year that can be actually said I think you're going to be their one pick everyone else. There are guys though that kind of knew there interviews with some teams at the combine well certainly and that's always fund kind of hear those reports about. How biologists. Is that is perceived to be. Top tier. And and certainly start coming out. In it cites his draft stock did for a few days. And then there's other links like no actually he we thought he was great in these turns out he just didn't wanna go to Africa a couple teams and so he just bombed his interviews and. Would you ever think if you got to the point rear one of the best in the in the country. And you sat in with a team and you look them dead the icy would you would you be thankful to be part of our franchise would you look at another owner and head coach and look him dead the I'd say. You know what I got a lot of reservations about what you guys are doing I wouldn't be more impressed with that and so the line in my face and saying I'm just thankful coach on ready to play. Because I know that's not the truth from talking to players and being in a locker you're not just thankful play. You wanna be a part of a franchise and coaches that wanna be there and making you a better player. Discuss your paid doesn't mean that that that is the only motivation so how does a bad franchise ever turn it around and you know. Get defined guys. That fit your mindset. In fit who you are as coaches and as a franchise but yet a crappy franchise leaders you're never gonna get out of that doldrums. It's just you're never going to you can't teach somebody be good leader the there are they art. Mullah absolutely you know and that a leak levels of those kind of owners in that kind of money you're driven some guys are driven by money others are driven by how to widely successful. Which is amazing that you find it owners that Stiller very dysfunctional. While raiders got money doesn't mean you're Smart well known raiders in our good leaders. And days and seem to meddling in the way of everything. Yet despite that Reggie McKenzie has righted the ship. With Jack Del Rio who was perceived not to be strong leader when using Jackson on that was that was good is down yeah his downfall in in Jacksonville is that he wasn't a strongly like Tom Coughlin was. And they know containing him. In those two guys how those perceptions have changed. What has changed about Jack Del Rio not much dude is the same coach right in Singh's leadership style. It's that. Reggie McKenzie I guess in big. Is overcoming the dysfunction and surrounding jacked a real with enough talent in the right spots with the right kind of people. That to me is it is a read it too loosely. Just crazy. Success story that Oakland is putting. Gotta yeah it's good to do when you get deceived somebody actually. Step out of the way. Because ego all right talk audio yeah. Mean that's that's exactly what you have an Oakland you haven't ownership ego. Well it what you put the bright people and placing you get somebody from Green Bay like Reggie McKenzie was experience and then you bring in its. It is very tenured coach that understands how to win had a successful career himself as linebacker. Had coaching experience been to a Super Bowl won a Super Bowl with Denver and then all mixes and sometimes you have to step back and and I zero of of a bull cut sometimes you gotta be in changer styled. I had a good bowl cuts are foreign. Would become our next week official invites were rolled out not just team miles Garrett but a lot of guys and there's impact told snobs. But it shows something a little. Testing came on the fan.