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Primetime 2.15.17 (Club Hour)

Feb 16, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They solicit the primetime with Isaac can sue I'm Isaak the cool want to. Mind that. This is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're not but if do the right things since 1952. Following show may contain adult fame is not suitable for our children. But I know up. Where the incident. Man does go well with the chicken. And why are you tell us excel. Well look how close pretty self explanatory. And the alive is because I thought we were leaving at six. And tomorrow and go to flatten Glen his time as we've been. Patrick. You would not sitting there. The call back and walk of the game is. Decent. Yeah. And sometimes someone. Hello you normally hear there's two PDT is just overwhelming. If you were coverage for months he doesn't you know we'll. The let them. The hell he's talking about and IE has offensive over there. This. Do you actually not noticed you know what has he done enough. People were takes did it by ear throat clearing in about the last thing we were talking about. A hundred arm knocked him out. Are you that. Yeah. What do you mean they. Maybe we should all just need. Why didn't read it's next not what they say it's about you being fired dean guess I know the line when about it. They put menacing when ice is playing along nom knot is there a question I'll answer a question if he'd like old to ask one. We're just asking if you've recovered from being but I heard last segment. Lewis and butter. That's a hell of a start to the club cheese. People Arnold I'm just just way. Moving them to. Well then and there you can what's restart this is restart play the intro again soon understand of course you US wheat. Her. Go. He lets talk about beaches. Yeah you know had had this conversation yesterday listen this is yes I did yes you do and I'm not kidding. Yeah I had to go home and then we talk about them. Yeah I think I mean yeah I departed so you brought it up by the I'd like to hear the story my daughter of women that you have to wait to well. And I did it. We're gonna. They know what I just meant you put on them you're really on your game tonight we're gonna put it in the Q but does not. Story can do this story. In get fired. In this job dies and we just can we just probably the greatest club and maybe. We can just hear soon as I can make you worse if you buy it. And so look at this you know is not that it takes little weird down there in May be a little more careful this show would be so much better without UT. Cleared I'll drop all the time. That you get fired. So listen. These two porno stars yet. Their names are Carmen. And Lauren. And apparently this is been done before this is the fifth. Time this has happened in sports but. Not them counting. But it's been done for the World Cup has been done for the NBA playoffs so did it for the election. He has used the Hillary Clinton thing now. Someone there for something in Italy to. The Election Day things that happened in newly. And what they do is they will say these these porn stars who get out there and I'm like okay. Anyone who follows me on Twitter. I will flute. If you don't. Said team wins it's a game yet well this was true of these two girls and their pick for the patriots to win the Super Bowl not heard these stories mania. A beauty that I can assume. Then it's like anything that we've promise on the program none of that will be delivered. Listen this is all just like kind of big talk him promises and then. In eight I'd describe Jason skinny fashion there is no follow through is this actually occurred. So you get like a coupon and you like show up at like the patriots won. And these women who are saying hey. Let's do this. Again I would ask the question gobble gobble gobble how does this go down well here's what here's that they said. Yahoo!'s instituted it there with him. Nights might picked up there on it's worse when you make the season immediately after written upon so they both said that once they put that out on Twitter they gained about 30000 followers. Each and she thought that he was he be one of them said that she does really be like ten grand single okay I well OK let's do this. Effect it had ten year sorry. Whoa. Whoa whoa that security. That's ridiculous Saddam mr. porn stars began 101000. Everyone has their limits Jason who. How many a once in a scene have they don't. I don't think will be the piece to have both said that they have you know they're used to some stuff so this is nothing to them. But I am but they are going to dissidents and they pick the pages in the pages of winning and they said they are going to go through at this. And you are talking about. About half a million. Mom. Hammers. Yeah how many people they're actually show we'd OK that's the that's the question now here's the definitive. They're going to so if you followed them on Twitter not now but before that the deal if you think it's important there be rushing to phone. Follow follow follow from this surge following random people logged on the Internet now hoping. That this this happens yeah and you people are random porn stars who if you follow then seventeen it's okay they're saying show up. To Las Vegas. What's the big casino opening just in case and. March 15 in Vegas they're gonna do this and yet to get an STD test. In the week leading up to the event but date they she's they both said they don't care how many people show up you do have to verify that you worry that your follower. Which is easy to view he take the test and they are going to. Kneel at the altar for every single. One of them okay question important question. Is it going to be completed. Or is it going to be error. A little quickie no they said that's a good question and on here she is quoted as saying. Our good. And it should. Yes he's been fired wants to make it again to your point Mike we had just. Things and we'll finish line will be crusty said the day one holy cow if you make everyone feel. Special to point this out first off. An important how long is this gonna take it and I'd she says it did matter. I don't think a bunch of people again like I totally do I think this is going to be 48 hours this is going to be under well. Can you had to follow before this right it's like I can follow now right and then get on the plane to make up. If so what are we saying here what's a flight to Vegas 200 no plans ordered her motive. These K so let's just say Judith quarterbacks get a hotel even if you stay the crappy stratosphere which by the we don't do its biggest. Opt for the win a word like the blog you were some piece of he could. So let's just they aren't on average flight hotel. Dinner whatever year ended this food. 6700. Bucks easy grape juice for if you are that snapped the they you need to pay 700 dollars for some Steelers porn chick. Sandy UT beat like ninetieth in lying. Just teach your Justin did Hillary acknowledged. Come on me included. Think that's the. I do I really you're underestimating how many truly sad porn star Twitter followers there are. He had no that's true too that's a good point explain how I'm when people who lit in some honey we needed this it's a money thing. The ones in Vegas I betcha there there. That people argue be fine from all over meets someone that. They're saying 500000 total followers. They'll get. I'll bet you a hundred people showed no way more than a million more than that I betcha they get. At most 350 people. There's that many weird said we'll only do they got an extra 800 books I had my you not they might get even more than 350. I out. That's a full line but seriously if that's really what you're doing. Think that's that's the only way you can do this. But this weight think there's people in downed that would do this for a lot less Oakmont last. Eight I debt that's just. Amazing to me and she claimed one of them claims that they're like athletes and they build their bodies to be able to take to be able to block feats such as this they're training. The F train their whole lives for this. It will happen while the day off exercises march 15 very strong drama and they are they're not their parents whose speed. Those little precedent here for all the story that I saw that was similar to this and Italy today was. It was for some sort of bill that was being passed to miss this model there are not a porn star as far as I know a model says if edit and wanted votes no on this bill. Paul do the same thing. And they only look what she's actually going through with that she's gone around the country. Giving guys some fun times now she's traveling she having so what if they came to your house. It's interesting use of words there. They're just they they fly around the country like you again I'd like the John Madden bus in the some sort of motorcade. And she said she wants to give a million of them. That's what I did tell him if it's. Or gums. The but taillight. This is. Happening it's march 15 in Vegas. I'm with you I don't know who on earth shows up for this but. They're gonna be there and I didn't and prepared in what way is this. If you're a dude and you just think one of 350 guys Donald Duck and it there. But he's just so where an ex pitcher like a lot of weird guys in black socks like white sneakers no pants and like ill fitting posters all stand. Why not do they have to have it happen in public you can make go to look behind the curtain now yet so they're really describe it. But there they're each track makes a better what do you look grievance and he thinks or says they have giant I think this is probably going to be filled. I'm guessing line on the event. The Miata and I just probably will be again this time he can't just film's many in Indiana and some guys being money he's signing now wavered. Let's be honest here it's it's a it's also then again guys are really releasing I think that's where this goes down into his guys are really Lumia. That's true but I mean we let the girls off the hook here me what the hell you do with your life but we'll hear that you're doing there does seem ports are Carmen. But this crosses porn star and that is goes into a whole. Different category anyway. So I think we got through it it pays to follow. Little performers on Twitter evidently. Those who still think that's very I don't think it death now the. Taylor I follow only one on one more comment I follow one. Gracie account on Twitter one and it's not in that racing because she's never nude on there Syria Jean Underwood. All she does is post super hot. They sell insurance company you followed to the Sino NKU groups. Now we napping that's not in tease me peace with. He's McGee yeah members she's they can't stand OK three different who cuckoo for effective. Terry Laurent carry the one nighter you want to all your followers knew guys follow bunch is. Raunchy stuff but why would you follow that announced on taste of think you can do when you're looking at Twitter a public first of all. So anything pops up randomly like well yeah the good news. Think there's surgeon and ready got an iPhone like Qaeda in urgent underwear. And interestingly virgin under here and I I'm with you it's only counts not a bad follow. Birds and under word I was consistent surgeon underwater. It different difficult to duplicate. I hope that's your real hypocrite. I have Kim Jung news. Hello. We have to find out suits Aurilia and see you can see at D. J. Strawberry. And have a conversation last night it was awkward as all get out I'm really 0619 club's fifth. But I think it's it would be wonderful transition into mattress firm the big grand opening slash President's Day sale. Going on right now sleep train has become mattress firm. Imported no it's the same company it's the same owners seem great employs the same great guarantees about some of the guarantees dicing gotten better. It's just a brand new name their rolled out coast to coast now is when you buy in New York Chicago. Portland it's gonna be mattress or no matter what store you go into and right now at the grand opening President's Day sale you can save up to 500 dollars storewide Tempur-Pedic. Stearns and Foster be wrist black all of those the hybrid sets 500 off all of those and 300 in bonus cash. When you by Sunday can apply to worth anything else in the store. We got Hamels joked a rough dying ski. Is me yes so all of that true he's not lying. And mattress firm once you sleep happy and that's why they offer their sleep happy guarantee. So if you're not satisfied within a 120 ninths of your original purchase with your new mattress you can now return it. Where he can exchange it with a small processing fee rest assured you will sleep happy so sleep train is now mattress firm save money. Sleep happy. Yeah. Club okay maybe we advise against duke I love is god I love god god god god and 1080. And then kept right. Yeah. All right now we turn to Jason C can make a list. More. Yeah. You Mort and telling it to the judge news. Your run out of things statement that this but the guessing yesterday my my eldest daughter. Since new screen shots. My younger daughters. Like Inkster Grammy camp well you look at the end it's a stupid news story it's like a fade to find the some sort of comedy count that is involving. Nearly did the altar so to speak and involves. Zipper dinner yet zipper dinner. And my daughter is liking it and commenting out. And in my oldest is like are you know how old's your youngest eleven almost well and yet. And when it's just you. They you know he uses there's always that that fear that something's gonna fall through the cracks. Look I don't weekend down at best and there's no it about me that says they should be Georgia children. At 3 o'clock on a Tuesday and yet somehow I am. It's already on the little stressed out about that then I mean charge of these kids now three for seven it's my job's about to get into adulthood without being totally screwed up. Little bit of a nerve wracking sort of thing there's times you just hold on for my dear life and so my oldest daughter sends me this. And I'm Mike hill. Is not only is she following this science degree and she's commenting on it. And listen no I am not aware of this but they keep from pointed out I get to have a really awkward conversation when I get home. And so that my oldest daughter sends me hey another their kids turn over to another screen shot of a conversation that she's now having with the younger one. Asking her why are you following this wire you liking this you know what and when account to come from I was again it was like a stupid comedy count the big stupid thing was. It would not like an X rated show and it's just it's a comedy and it's big dumb little means. But it's about. This this particular one mikes in the care yeah and my daughter replies. That she thinks it's kind of weird that this she thinks that this this little funny mean it's actually real. She thinks that what they're talking about is a serious they. And I can't go into great details of exactly what it is but. Needless to say I'm like this is going to require an actual conversation. Which my eleven year old daughter about what exactly did see is I don't think she really knows I think she's just randomly following something. It isn't aware of what this terminology actually OK well that's innocent enough. Right yeah I would think so Sawyer responded with we need I texted her and I said we need every conversation we get home by your institute and I'm. And my daughter meeting goes all just delete. And I'm like you need a casino and I'm like yeah so we I had due to the whole day I'm sitting here trying to formulate in my head. How you can discuss blow ease with your eleven year old when you get home because this is what's going down. And it's all I was thinking about the drive home yesterday it'd just. They can tell you a lot of things about being a dad bullish dirty dozen incidents and am not really hit it. So it's innocent. Right and if you said that she didn't get what was he comes ice she didn't have you get little understanding of a candle and I got to explain that last night which was did you or are you explain the full understanding of the yeah Buchanan talent there you've you've. You know what the hell and monolithic so I think it's scary you know we're not it certainly we're just Claire. Oh yeah he's just I think that I cannot judge its good that you actually did do that because I think a lot of people would have just said. They would have figured out that she didn't know in their forwards skated around to look anytime you see that yeah word weird Palin can't. And in not explain it now but you actually explain it to you so now she is like a bitch she had a good day at school. But he's young kids do a these days talk they talk in she's probably I can against an incumbent if he can't gather round the mind blown. It's just it's. When your father using and then choice of words that nationally these conversations. But you look to have with the boy it. They don't want boys two girls beat you figure you're gonna have to other's currencies with the boy. What you don't plan as having these conversations with the girl. Well grant that's mom's John yeah we'll because of the things that happen yeah and then well various items for picnic. The various and sundry is if you global wealth that. I don't see just a bit short rest in Peoria or been through it's been top spin lob did didn't my into the way they worked I think here oldest daughter is mature enough to have that combo with your younger now not asking my older daughter to have because she won't do regime merely as I don't involve me and obviously this is on you. If there's like YouTube video you can just go to watch you play attempted to put that on my daughter she wants I'll bite it down into my into the court you don't think there's like some really good. I mean if it's really really like safe and maybe listen I mean it's going to be difficult to make Betsy for work I'm sure it's out there. Months technology age that's what is. And watch this informative sponge Bob square pants video involve ebitda squirrelly looks like six. Talk about any number six dead but it's Sandy's components and sandy this room. Like you do the Christie camp but I tell you what there's no parenting handbook for that sort of thing you just. You kind of wing it you try not to make a huge deal about it it. Yeah I you have to have did this some of those conversations there a little and company they're hard yeah that was my way that entire world. Yeah is got to doom yet like ripping off abandoned. I came home with some chicken and it's like it let's have some chicken and sit down and never really opera conversation James go upstairs it's gonna give me mystics who says he would step would be zone defense certainly McMahon death. Got to play the reality able to play play zone and now on that note. I'm going managers in another George Smith at the when the box and one it's just me out there but Jason not August tell you that this is why I drink. And now he can help now. These here. When in doubt it. Malia streak and pass out won't know to pass out just drink it helps. You have less G Libya for difficult conversations last night I probably can be used to stiff drink instead I had a chicken wings and an attempt at it that way. Don't know. Fun fun little lead recording conversations are had. Yeah round win dues flowing down with a promise honesty is this as you know because she's getting really turned twelve I'm sure there's another conversation that's coming it's gonna be even more awkward. Spoke not lonely where you can make so make no mistakes only get in we're not out of the woods here you know step into the yes. In its needle for us. I feel like it's again start drinking she's the her the globetrotters and from the New Jersey generals at this aids. Just being steamrolled with lay ups and beat it in trick shots coming my way navy does a good Ted talk on. Like Google and Ted dog beaches and see what happens. Very nice on this in Smart commentary out there. All right up next is. Fun and it's. Kim Jung news. Coming a week and this very dear to we've been sitting on this hot little numbers. Here's Mike. I. Club Canadian which I think insert. Just made it. It's all sinners on 1080. None. OK so did you ever when Kim Jung ill build a man. Was getting ready to pass off did crazy torch to Kim Jung and the young man Kim Jung Hyun Kim yeah. Well there's another brother Kim Jong Nam. Who did not get the torch. He was estranged. Who really young. Kids because it is there likes of coming on in the wings for power. I know how that works when your evil dictator. They can knowing they give you don't get thank denied used to be tabulated evil dictator but not quite as bad the other one her. You know today eggs cellular I don't know many of them works. Well I was trying to read up about why use the strange but I think it's really weird story when the stunning development that Stanley isn't says it's. Are stable and. Although apparently really good golf. He's like sixty and older ones they only played once gazes they wants to do that a guy like sixteen holes once this is Leanne. It never play again we'll Kim Jong Nam. Who's not to be the natural heir to the dynasty. Okay here it is in 2001. He was caught and airport in Tokyo trying to enter Japan this wiping kid. On fake passports from Dominican Republic. And because of that. Ills and Kim Jung ill. Was not gonna pass the torch to him just because of that home. So I guess admitted they said later that he never really was in the running anyway. But Kim Jung Yoon was chosen. Now Kim Jong Nam. But he always loved that show us. It's not funny it's name. I'm looking at photos of them and just yeah I kid I have a hard time wrapping my head around that he might be heat. One of the ten most evil people on the planet. It's like you think you look at it like photos of Hitler or you located at like pull ponds or lakes Saddam did look evil stolen had a good evil look about it. It real sort of dictator the mustache. I'm gonna murdered millions of people like that. I understand but. You did Kim Jong-Il and his like Mo here no non a non. Or even wind you can even those guys you like relief Davis look like Reggie nerds like bat you're gonna kill they. Millions of people are like in slave but it's just doesn't see him right to me. Well he's been murdered. Kim Jong Nam. Thank you don't you. Know he was at he was in Malaysia he was at an airport in Malaysia. And some woman. And I seem to give reports on this but the police chief says that a woman came up from behind him and covered his face. With a cloth laced with a liquid. And he's happy the rich yet the original report was that he was needle jumped. Samie they two women at John Damon in shot him with. Awful file liquids. Click and completely offered this I didn't believe that this stuff actually occurred. That was just like a bad James Bond sort of movie like we have a poison tipped shoes chloroform. Yeah like chloroform related guy stabs you would like in a year like this. They someone goes rally did dirty needle in just randomly stabbed to look at the urban legend that's a good freezer waiting your apple. Is actually. It has so that this out it was South Korea that reported that the two women pricked him with needles firm that is not the case but he was chloroform. Well and that's what the police chief says and they said that. Did admit he resists this guide that was in the airport. Struggle leaned in kind of flailing around trying to get people to help and nobody would help them but then they called the airport staff they threw in an ambulance and he died on the way the hospital. Do we know why and they caught the woman named in his shoes detainees did she know where was where was she just trying to kill some random we Republican news. Losers like if I guess she needn't lose. Is is he an evil guy I mean did he do a bunch of crap like you know back in north really need is like to party okay but being associated with. This in Johnny on main power and probably. They now looking at photos of them and they're like little kids that's the other weird part that absolutely really evil guys is when you see photos of them as children. Just the just give this little. Adds there's like little kids would bad haircuts and then they grew up to to be monsters. Good no idea I did not read did. That he had been murdered in an airport. Panic. Now North Korea's thrown up their spin him in their San well he was involved in some funny business. They can they say in that they may get them to do with either they're saying net. It did again this is there you know how they were offering but they're saying that he was rumored to have worked. In computing industries that notorious for cyber attacks. To their blaming him saying he was is now. You know you can't responsible for they probably paid this lady a dime to go revenue helped any at the airport but the rag. The game of clue. Weird Korean lady with a ragged the Malaysian airport where they held as it's kind of freaky now. I. I've never heard anything like that ran in the cabinet you would stick in a rag over your mouth and you're dead. Brutal. It became North Korean man. Sketchy stuff over this was in Malaysia and I know. North Korean dies. By the way isn't victory ever said anything that's remotely true. Think every one of their press releases you think lake it's somewhere in one of they're they. We know what they said we think they could come I'd say we have the cure treat and no one would believe it. One time they're actually telling the truth you and they happen game they're playing. Yeah we're like just once they've thrown out that's like. Totally a 100% true but once every three years delight watched this in their release something totally ridiculous but it's a 100% true and no one believes. Yo Kim Jung Yoon and his uncle killed. Yeah I'd favorites and then had him killed yet because he tightness. Plotting you take a military guy and he studies plotting a team I think they hadn't shot and then they took him out back using military duty and they turnaround shot him. Let's see that the couple states now thinking about trying to bring back firing squad speaking of shootings what states. That's still legal in Utah Utah hasn't I didn't want other hazardous an option to the there's a couple of electric chair is that everyone is going with a needle. But I guess we don't have the drugs because she can't give lethal injection drugs anymore. Until we got all these people sitting on death row in states want it to kill them but no one can get their hands on the drugs. I think it was Mississippi. Debt so they've they're trying to get a bill that would give pushed through because they've got some people they wanna kill they can't get their kids don't Adalius. And so they just decided to sing your notes to this pushes go ahead and and get the dunes. And see what happens. Well okay. They kind of makes sense that yeah I mean logically it's like OK and we can't we can't get drugs to kill you this way so we'll shoots it. I should think that that's more humane than. Then the lethal injection. Think so you tell we had this when I in the did you talk and they carried out when for the first time in in a number of years and so there was a big. The hubbub about the story and they they strap beard to kind of this year and they put like all these sandbags up and there's like five or six guards. And they put a mark over the heart on the chance to put the blame for Obama guy. And only one or two of the guys have live rounds the other ones you've blanks the you don't know who actually killed the guy. It's like police snipers that volunteer for they get paid and they just everywhere you know kind of a 321 pulled the trigger sort of thing and it's over. I'd invite had to go I'd rather that in the lethal injection in the hard part with that is. You don't like hits like the anticipation and it would be. You know he's you're standing there with OK you're waiting you know who would have been better than watching like the drug slowly like drip down in will be done she just. I'll sleep give it some of those don't go so smooth and seamless. Like you I know I know that there's one or two states is Deb electric chair a couple that have the firing squad. But almost everyone goes lethal injection but for whatever reason. Don't you get their hands on it anymore. What he's supposed to do when you are kill people we don't have the drugs you're right if did doesn't it goes smoothly you know lethal injection doesn't go smoothly. Then it is not as humane as pound time's up. Which would work every time I expect the firing squad is instantaneous and it's. No good evening how often does he go awry with lethal injection that's the question. I just don't find the firing squad to be like it's like you do in a steamroller on the night. Not since you say I am guessing the anticipation no matter what you do you hanging electrocution whatever. You mean the moment before you waiting to happen I'm guessing is hell but I would think of all the ways I kind of think firing squad would be the the quickest. It's to me it's better than the electric chair it's better than being hung me it's literally. 321. Crack your done well this idea of day you would. Try to hide the mean you're. On one hand you're saying. Well yes we are literally taking this person's life yeah client. We need to do it in no way in and it doesn't. We're just the semantics the crew and use your cumulative. Quarter to beat her or her. Again that they don't say that you go like as the Colombian necktie and you'd like like the gasoline bring around just hack but to remake the team. The kid would that be considered crewman he jokes again I would think that would be very quick I wouldn't I would not like now. Because. You can hear it coming. Million. Whereas the firing squad. You're like well you cracked I thought again you're talking about a half a second either way. Still though that I can't I know you are also dead at the end of its seventy. People at times if you're not remembering how stressed you Parker and her dead. I think that this idea good point mine truly unusual I think there's a lot of ways the died that are less cruel and unusual than what than lethal injection this short pinky or electric. Damaging used to play. As we come Wesley Allan Dodd when I was a kid here in Vancouver yeah we hung him. They Hans anomaly yeah all right let's get John here we'll see if he's any better person and he was yesterday can't get much worse Lotta people disappointed in the big Fella. And yesterday big time he's next. Yeah. I. That morning's. Si ride is Susan Haley Indian group did Johnson damaged god sanity though fan and you. Well sir you certainly stirred up a hornet's nest last night with you count your builder. America well know a lot of people were upset John we reduce the boss yeah Abbas was pissed about it. I don't know maybe I'll get fired I don't really work here but maybe I'll get fired. This sanity seems an apologetic you that a lot of people down. I think my I have the buzz is coming was just like the nicest guy in the world in men act. I can't buy my comment it's in my parking spot allied double there and I'll market victory for you. Just to recap because probably people missed it there may be people missed it. John be the worst is past. Well I think people there fit the ideas. The entire greater market that the minute segment in the Portland market I think people are looking. The F response to enhancements but done. Cromartie. We were talking about common courtesies and John has very controversial stance. That if someone is holding a door for him in correct stance. It very incorrect if someone is pulling a door for him he will not hurry up to go walk through that door no we're prepared mark how far where I sign on within its nineteenth it he said if somebody's waiting on his parking spot. In the end of liquor on the waiting he won't host Jon not hustle to get out of the spots thinking get it zero in drill I want to linger I won't reader interpret or not. Don't you just. It's just awful it's in the usually orange. You're just I just not you. I got a tea I'm rethinking everything in my life after this. Well they're big you don't wanna hear our partner that'll be great either conspired for cruel and unusual punishment. Yes somebody just Texan and they're like hey look if you put him down you really chances are they'd. Did something terrible would be put down. I've not had updated you fear you reap what you did it was cooler and our usual. Then I'm giving you cruel and usual on the way up I think pick the probability that go off the great thinker not a whole weight down. Don't listen do in front of the crowd sell balloons and party favors their. Melbourne if I mean there. They're awful stuff they get the candidate Barack if that's what you can you put in the death penalty you're 100% prepared. I can guarantee. But I'll never speak there. And there are you choose. To kill them money in you do get a crew murdered here to a where it quite elderly care about how your final moments are gone out on. I'm taking get to the top of the building the company not to think about it all accounts. Never say never Jihad and there's no river along if that doesn't contain a band. Could a couple of with that they're not a yes. This second just. Never say never. Well that's less controversy than your takes last night yes I have less of a drama that ending years absurd parking stands. But I don't think it's the third most of I think you guys have created or. Like I'm here in the car taken announced in there while you're waiting not what I I've at least a bit. Because you have to either waiting for my spot why should I have to break out of my normal backe now routine hit it in your third make. But John I really can't tell them doing it for thirty years and I'm here to tell you that you are taking your normal time. Is a thousand times longer than anyone else like it John does what. Think common courtesy. He speeded up speed that yes in every this is university nearly the only person in the world doesn't. It's not only that -- listen one more thing about this. I was thinking about you about this today because again my whole world's been turned upside down by these comments. Reporter it is not as if you. It's not as if you're justice oblivious senior slow mover and you just not paying attention and you can't see the person behind you. You're thinking of you are thinking about it and you may be conscious decision to not be courteous. You don't think I'm being in the Arctic that this is not there early. And while it's the same thing. Did not I'm not lingering I won't linger your victory here not literally burning. The crowd so disgusted. But not don't do this again he's wrong but he should be better clients have been drawn here. Though controversial or controversial decision in their lives to save 203 people in that river agreement with Stephen Brothers. He's just this year Greenhill and you don't Pletcher. User knows the youth of America. I hope people like John hot corner is next for back to Marty seven on him. Right shin so. How do sound. So I don't see how.

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