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Primetime 2.15.17 Hour 3

Feb 16, 2017|

Hot 5 at 5, interesting Tom Brady facts, and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They are listening to the prime time but I think it's duke absent by the way podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less while tires and are doing the right thing since 1952 you not cute. Find it fly but clubs want. I don't want. Wow this is prime time on Sports Radio 1080 the fan we expect. The best we're not afraid to break somewhere deep here primetime news you're source for the best in local regional and national sports. And clap. Mediocrity deserves applause Isaac Brock miserable I had to get up at 2 o'clock this morning Jason's a candidate Harmon you may not do this problem. Do prime time on 1080. It's. All right coming up here this hour we'll talk about Tom Brady sit down with Peter Keane. Monday Morning Quarterback. Pretty interesting to have Tom Brady looked back on the Super Bowl. And we will discuss that with you the listeners we viewed the viewer tonight at 515 that's only like ten minutes a big tube harder there and you Peter King got no butter can someone stole his headline did you see that now. Yeah I guess it was like Bleacher Report reads we did it they didn't like in the in the two we didn't say that it was Monday Morning Quarterback they took a quote. How did it in Peter King freaked out he really went on some big on Twitter Rampage say. Have some respect for the business have some respect you just wouldn't let it go. Peter King apparently pretty sensitive about his quotes. All right and then coming up in the club oh we have to each ready for the New York which debuted because we have a whole Clinton with a big expose a that goes down tonight. It not eight than. And you just talked via. Hey a day in the blazers division yeah. Yes as they are. Last game for the author yes and I think Utah's indicate their ask because he does Austin hero they need to win this in the blazers while no offer communion. Markets is now playing which that's going to be kind of weird for that in a new guy he's starting that we know of no he's coming off the bench. And so this is going to be tough on tonight but anyway where we're going. Oh out of five no the club. Let me tell you something now a year usually the one that brings up bald. Smut. Yeah Bermuda is slimming look like you're the for the former Mormon guy is the one who brings a ball asthma which is so interesting and makes sense doesn't it it's not the dirt ball that brings. The got to bring up slut I just three abridged in stories like the dolphins on it is this is not. But that's right we have got to talk about it it pertains to sports and we'll keep it clean but. Man have you seen what is going down with the two girls. Who predicted. Well they made a pledge. That they would do some things of the patriots won the Super Bowl yes I did see this story but a day it's going down they're making it's going down. So we'll talk about that in our next hour. Of broadcast after the disclaimer this. Right after I began uses near kitsch exposes the Bosnian b.s on what to expect tonight are let's get to the hot type of site. Odd jump out of billions we've already own pocket and there. It's time for the iPod hybrid club smoke pot yeah I'm 55. Isaac and soon you'll. Experience. The puck might reply to replies again soon on 1080 boats made. Number five. Well as I mentioned really first big as spring training injury and it hits none other than the St. Louis Cardinals. The team to finish just one game out of the wildcard last year in the NL did Tommy John strikes again they're top prospect. Alastair is will have Tommy John Sergey so he'll be out this year. This is righty pitcher just think if you if you're teaming you've got a young fireball there and make it it is everyone thinks he's gonna be the next great thing. Just wait for the Tommy John surgery it just seems like that's part of the process now I don't think you wait for it but I think he just crush your fingers and hope that. It doesn't that your guy makes it sure seems like it did Kevin blocked a gap yes but your guys come back from it and yeah. They didn't and it's just it's it's not the current or that it was that it just seems more and more like every young prospect as this. Number four the Tennessee Titans say that markets Mariano. Will not practice with them and tell. Training camp. Do you see that he is that really had been at the markets Mario toe rehab exports performance and are at Oregon. Gain in Eugene yep he's got his own. Better now I think his name in his name in ads this game and that's 33 Abby being immature that they are in Oregon live and it's free it's also ridiculous. Yeah Amazon they've built down there isn't saying you know we're gonna get element. Another saying that you know he had that. Broken leg broken video and there to send their gonna be really cautious and so he's not gonna go to any sort of workouts. And tell us training camp. Which is get tickets be Smart with your printers work. By the way they they've got to find a way to keep him better protected in the BCA amounted. They you know what they're pretty good offered to why they do they're up and coming he just gets hit too much she needs to be pleased to learn to get rid of the ball and I think it is crunch and. They were in the mix before he went down definitely revenue this year and then that other document that was then at the start of the year he really struggled and then kind of turned on thirteen posted to learn that. Save the body OK this is weird but Jeffrey Loria is speed. Soon to be former owner of the Miami Marlins is pretty much everyone in sports dates soon to be one point six billion dollars richer he's the guy who lied about. Teens profitability says he could sell you know his stadium deal to Miami musician musician nicer that one of the worst guys. But and he's selling the Marlins for one point six billion to commissioner of the son. Of the old rich guy. Indicated design isn't on deterrence I'm as could be. It is coming on now that Jeffrey Loria has been appointed ambassador. To France. The thing that was part of the deal. Thanks yeah this exhibit. Like it could see that's your position and not over a crappy country of France. Feel a lot worse by the maybe union's master. There's probably some good don't you think the French heinous enough like percent in Afghanistan and that piece of crap. Maybe you'll ruin them. It doesn't impact. Who's the man the vote was drinking. Rules. AF for those watching the idea of the NHL to Portland's come a little bit of news out of Arizona on because surveys much in the Phoenix coyote situation. I'm Dave had his own kind. Outside years on the Kennedy changed. They're saying now that they can get 225 million in public financing for new arena that would be in downtown Phoenix or the east valley no they don't wanna play where they currently play now they just don't think it'll work. So what happened here is by a six to one vote in the transportation and technology committee. They did approve. A deal. That would allow creation. Of community engagement districts of up to thirty acres within them up to half of the state chairs sales tax generated from retail sales. And hotel stays. Would be dedicated to paying the bond debts or news sports or entertainment facilities that would go help others the coyotes get an arena in downtown. Phoenix. And the thing about this is it would still have to head to the senate rules committee and and then a floor vote so it's got a ways to go but that would dumb really help because he stayed in Phoenix. Yeah and in some people think along that's all this was the Seattle Portland it was just leverage to get in new building. Put up there because the one they have is up by the football stadium it's on middle of nowhere and no one goes there it's terrific. And they had plans to build one on campus at Arizona State it fell through about a couple weeks ago. And in that study that once that fell through then the league about more than Seattle right now they're ranked dissolve in a kind of you're right about them. And number one Alex can any of this site is reporting that the blazers are very active at the trade deadline on the in NBA trade deadline is. I noon our time February 23 does next Thursday's that when he time here. But among the offers they're listening you would be for Allen Crabbe Alfred comedian Evan Turner and Ed Davis. Know Alfred I mean each night. In Utah but it's clear they're looking to dump contracts. And many wish they just signed but when the wind to save and save money and accumulates draft picks yet and I would think that. Crab in Davis. Possibly the the easiest to go though crafts contract may be hard for a lot of people to swallow. I think they would like to get rid of the island crap contract. Com you know the bully someone willing to take on the remaining years of that but Ed Davis is a guy I don't think realistically. Probably can help a contender and doesn't come but the huge price tag I I think teams of Milliken and Alfred community because his contract is manageable gap it wasn't of remember his came before the that the big ones and it guys it's not a it's not ridiculous the other and. Murky it should ucits Eric your ass Yusuf Nur kitsch will debut AKB Bosnian beast. Off the bench. I measure not cited five coming up next on some interesting stuff coming out of Tom Brady sit down with Peter King from Monday Morning Quarterback. And we'll get to that when we return on the fan. Tickets to god. We have another Metallica is taking giveaway today stuff that will be coming out soon. So Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King. Hello this is that's its unique campaign. Tom Brady is out in Montana right now yeah I guess that's like a little. Post season hideaway. He goes out there. And he invited Peter King County his. Pen yeah I guess he called Lemond won the new kind of this interview with them and Brady was like Jack come on mount could be Peter King. What makes no angels. But whatever it is you do in. Montana so. Peter King got all kinds immaterial it. It's a really good is a two part piece with the first one was just about the gaming kind of takes in during the second one today it was more about. Just his future his future his life kind of this kind of everything about Tom Brady so we'll start with the first part and I'm guessing that's a really good time to sit down with a guy. Is right after he's won like two weeks after he's won a Super Bowl yeah. He's probably the most relaxed he'll ever be sounds like it I mean if you redo the peace not what a great time to get quotes sound like Tom eighty is live in the life. So the first thing that jumped out I mean as Brady said that in I think this is quite interesting is something that. I don't know I guess you think of any Gaudin that's true. But never really thought about it but he said in every Super Bowl is played in in that this is what because. King asked him. How confident were you when you were down 28 to three. And he is like well. You know I knew two things anyone. That we still had a bunch of stuff. On our. Play chart or whatever on that we really liked. And two because we were live and abolishes we made some mistakes no questions but I you know we had at least lots of stuff on there wasn't like Michael god when we did. In his second thing was he said I've been in six of these and in every single Super Bowl. It seems like at the end of the game the defense cannot stop the office and have a hard time. Hard times Saturday no matter what the red no matter what looked like and I think that's a really interesting observation you know that was not true of the Denver Carolina Super Bowl what you think about Samir favorite Super Bowls. And it does seem like it's a relief it's like a feeling out process early and then. You know once they settle in and really giggled to clean the patriots and bulls explosions it is just been end of game fireworks and that's how close they are to being Michael and seven super scalp or B and seven and 07 and no exact way but out recently ruled they have won or lost has been a one square game why do you think that is why do you think that the that the in late in Super Bowls. It seems that the defense just cannot stop the offense well it. It's not just in Super Bowls I think it's in football games in general I think fatigue plays a big part of it it's a long emotional grind. And defense is harder to play the offense and I think guys get tired I just think at the end of games especially. It becomes doubting your really sling in the rock around a lot you're throwing it like doing the what they threw what sixty plus times. Defense is get tired plus I think tendencies start to creep up a big given. Given time offensive minds can come up with things that. The adjustments they give defense is. Typical piece. So lets you just have been dominating swarming squad that physically be offense can't block. If you give Smart good offense is enough time they will figure stuff out they will figure out what's working and I just not that I've ever in old. Binnie sort of of of real NFL player but just even in my life even in college. Bitten by the time you get to the third fourth quarter you have an idea of what's working and what's not worry is the first quarter a lot of times that when I as a setter or come off the field. In making college end and after each series myopic to my coach would come over and say what's working. What do you see out there you know what are they doing the inside running it and it's a feeling out process but after a couple quarters you know what you wanna do so I don't think it's a disagreeable thing. I think it's just it's it's a football thing in general it's easier to play in the fourth quarter than it is the first. Alexi numbers on the but I'll buy it. What mcdaniels said was. Early in this game they're really surprised how much Atlanta played man to man yeah I'm really kinda bathroom off. Because they were expecting that and that meant that they just didn't have the short intermediate step that they like to throw Thompson the patriots did. Is didn't have that Atlanta was really. Really good defensively early in New England shot themselves in the foot time and time again with. Third and runs dropped passes and missed their own balls but it's a long game yeah. And two things have been Brady describes two things that were the key is one is they want her yet because they had to. And in a hurry I thought it was interesting how he talked about Josh McDaniels on the headset. And so the headset shuts off your communication to that. Offensive coordinator fifteen seconds with fifteen seconds go on the play clock shots off he can no longer he can no longer talk to you. But before that he can and he said he just. Raves about mcdaniels and says you know mcdaniels does not panic. He does not yell things he does not. Freak out he isn't pushy. He simply says what he sees in so he said when. When they went hurry up in those 2812 at this point or whatever was. They they're really don't hurry up on offense and he said man. It is just such an advantage to have another set of eyes. Even on the two point play BM and dole won the little out. He said to me Daniels in his mind or else you touched down yet though was that the tells the person you point play nose touched on the touchdown play he said. He's sitting in his ear he saw that the corner didn't adjust and he says they don't forget about Danny is at times just those little. Kind of reminders or look at the safety watch your protection identify the Mike called us out and help him because advantage. Daniels is seen stuff that may be Thomas and that Ahmed M and they'll play. He said it may Daniel said any said says this was the touchdown that made it 2818. And then they hit the two to go twenty point. He said McDaniel said don't forget about and I know and Brady looked out examined all and he went low. He said something he didn't see prior but he said that Collins. But I just didn't adjust. Jared is Jared Collins the corner for Atlanta didn't adjust to where Amendola wasn't so he pushed him out a little bit. And columnist Joseph Collins stayed right there and he's like did easy easy it's not the corner comes over. I've got a problem liking go I can go out to that guy on the edge but the corner didn't come overseas like. Easy money discos or Syria the great quarterbacks so much of it is just pre snap you know where you're going with the football before it's ever snapped yeah base and that any wouldn't have gone there. Were it not for mcdaniels. So that I thought was really. Kind of a cool. Look into it did the game inside began its there's so. We do little things in fact the said that the other one that I thought was interesting you said they had 32 point plays yet they went into the game and they were three for three. That they James why touchdown to win the game that was their third two point play you know which was run from about the two yard line. He said they you know they go into those games with 32 point plays they felt good about it. And the other funny one was the direct snap to James and Dwight on the two point conversion they said that was the last play of practice. Their last practice for the Super Bowl that was the play and the center snapped it over his head and they were like oh boy. And they still have accomplished the college and James Wright got him but they went three for three on two went plays the two they gotten in the final little cost pitch to James right that scored the winning touchdown or use prizes dealing have three play 32 point plays now you don't go to goal line yet you don't go well not legal advisor at 32 point place so that's. Well but what's it loads up the two yeah I mean you you go into it knowing that if when you game plan you go into it with two to 32 point plays that you saved you don't run the rest of the game. That are part of your offense but it is designed specifically for when you get into that moment so what happens if they needed another two point play you just is he's one of the others are just what you go off script just go off script. You know I guess you can go back to when he wanted them in what went to games you need for two point what it is. Now it's they almost as it's very rare but no you have when you go into a game plan you have. Yes situational football you go into the game planning you've got red zone stuff you've got third short you've got goal line. So you can pick from there but they went in with three specific plays and it was a suggesting that they went three for three on those I didn't know that the James White touchdown run was. It was another two will play but in the N. He said the second thing that there really caused them to come back to win that game was his Brady's chemistry with his receivers out because he had to go. He had to make anticipation grows they had to switch it up. They're going hurry up and that helped having me Daniels look at things but. They knew they wanted to pick on Jalen Collins. And I think these things are fascinating to indicate they reason they picked on Jalen Collins is because he's their longest. Corner yeah any said that. Look. Did the longer guys. Are typically slightly just slightly slower starting and stopping. So they said well Iran did Chinese guys let's pick on Collins. And so he started to make some anticipation does it to the rookie was the rookie Q two balls eighteen. No one can know Mitchell now yes it's mean him. Coming up big and you know just some of the other receivers does a risky throws but he said. He knew where those guys were gonna be he had ias did Fey is a lot of faith in those guys they trust him he just them. And that was the difference in them winning he said was just. Haven't trust those guys. The other one than a thousand student aid they pointed out was Tom Brady in the fourth quarter in overtime in the last two Super Bowls. Against the Seahawks. He went fourteen of sixteen. Just 87%. Two touchdowns no picks and against the falcons 22 of 2878%. With one touchdown no 92 recorded back green a 140 you know 115. Is it that article they point out that every city didn't play great game. He said he didn't think a quarter and a half a football meant that he played great he has said it at the end those two Super Bowls he played probably need to know why. But it is weird did the big about the Brady was very ordinary youth that three quarters of both of his last two Super Bowls but was basically perfect. When it when it counted in the it against Dan Quinn's defense has by the Reagan's that the falcons audiences out he's clutch. Now if they kissed first three for the first record against the Seahawks. 23 of 342 touchdowns two picks against the falcons 21 of 341 touchdown one tech so are we saying that that's just a testament to their ability to adjust and his smarts on and on the longer you play against him the more he's going to figure out what he needs to him yes and he even said it is much in the in the piece today he said I have I think he's played in 261 games he said you will not surprise me. He said I have seen everything and the longer that guy goes the longer that guys exposed the fences. During the course of the game he will figure it out in the fourth quarter and overtime bears down the last two super bulls. And by the way down ten goaded the fourth quarter against Seattle. Ands. Let down sixteen or more going into the fourth quarter. I don't know exactly what it was and is Tony twelve when he ate what I did there might between 89. Going into the the fourth quarter against the falcons and he's led. Both comebacks. And which what's more impressive the big comeback against the falcons or a ten point comeback against a defense like Seattle's in a way it's an amazing accomplishment. You. Probably Atlanta. Is any game. Just they were so down and out at halftime NN Seattle beat them I mean is just because they may have played not by the Midland Butler immediately. Okay coming up next near near kitsch. Debuts. We have really hot takes on it and then. You talk about guerrillas. Hunt gorilla news we do have grown here's the thing I wanna point out sports gorilla and an Israeli peace we come back there was one thing that came out that I thought was visions that I had not heard before I know that's next is Mike. Primetime where guys against duke and Tennessee those days and. All right folks let's get serious. Yeah we ask you. Yes. And hold the curses them. It's getting a sandwich in the club I can guarantee that denying him look so. Maybe about twenty minutes. Two things are quick from the brief piece. That I carry Justine the first one that I I'd. I had never heard this before. You he talks about his regiment like the you know the would you call it their routine not being you know sugar no beer and alcohol sleeping ten hours today barring this yet but that the one of those that scene is he yes Peter King to feel his is more like it's Foreman is bison. And Peter King said it was soft. Any end Tom Brady said that he doesn't try to. Basically have like hard muscles he said that's one of the reasons why he thinks he's been able to stay. Injury free is that. He tries to develop long soft muscles. He says how strong do you have to be to throw the ball is that I don't try to de hockey downfield I don't have the strongest arm I don't need to have the strongest arm. Said I need to be able to stay flexible I need to be able to bounce up when I get hit and I've never heard that philosophy before. And I thought that was interesting that part of that is that they have made the determination that you can have. You can basically be in too good of shape you can be too muscular. To play. Cornerback where everything I've always heard is you in all utes. You train your ass off did you wanna be built liked him deeply when you don't like and that's brick house in just be like this solid piece of granite and he said that is Connick. Contrary to what his body grew over the last ten years. As has said -- so he wants to be like dumb B yes stay healthy is as you do that to his left arm to think he does with everything. Guys everywhere writing this down. They are their wives honey I want long soft Somalis yeah I don't need to go to the gym and wants to be big enough that the talk about definitely aligns with my work out it's a change and everything. And the other that I thought was. It was it's like it's a revelation. But I think it's the biggest part of Tom Brady being successful. Is he says that he want heat there's nothing else in his life that he takes enjoy it out of minus the Stanley. Then than football. And to want to do doubted his aides to put in the work. I cannot begin to tell you how rare that is. Full Sox. It is not fine it is a ball buster and now I'm not just talking about you know did the pre season stuff and and all the training they just the game itself it is brutal it hurts it's physical it's mentally and physically exhausting. So it 39 years old to still say there's nothing else in my life. Then I wanna do other than play football that's sort of commitment. That's sort of dedication that sort of love for the game. That's why that guy successful and you can't fake that and there's very few people that actually like and love the game. Had that level yeah but is that because he's so good at it. There might be an element to it I mean if he's. If he's just can't guy Jay Cutler yet to see love it is New Zealand at the same line but that's the glory is Jay Cutler. Way better if Cutler has led Brady had think it's more Jay Cutler is a lot better if he has what Tom Brady has ice I hated football. I did not enjoy playing at all. But you did because you were good out mirrors there's aspects you liked about it but it wasn't some people others now and Tom's loves it and Tom loves and I think board that anything else that's the reason why Tom Brady. Is is successful is he is is that guy wants to do nothing else. That guy has hundreds of million dollars a supermodel wife kids every good one and all he wants to do is play full well doesn't. Doesn't help to that the guy never really gets hit although he did get hit pretty hard Super Bowl yeah. I mean he doesn't have to take the punishment like you'd like your offensive linemen like that would sigh it's it's my duty in Tom Brady it's easier it's way more finally easier gathered every one more interest everyone gets their ass kicked in and lifting weights and his commitment to it. At that still that's a 365. Day A year job he never takes off. He's been doing it for seventeen years more you count college or high school and he's still not tired of it. Anything for twenty plus years like bat and tell me if you're not boarded Tyre with it and that guy yeah. But I also think too there's an element of being a quarterback that is injured I said interesting and I think that's the right. I'm addict didn't because. Feet because it's it it's always evolving always changing figuring out defense is and in the weather during EU is an interesting mind game that other players like players on defense aside they have that but now you're basically just. I hired gun might get out there and you're a flood a schism. Mean you can tackle faster than the other guys a year out their tackle as that's right there's not that much thinking goes and that I would think that as a quarterback that thinking part of the game. Would keep you TP sharks is dry and and can't we keep an interest. An element that someone says I'm here and this is a good point James Harrison is the same way James Harrison is probably more impressive then Tom Brady's because to your point. James Harrison gets hit every single play in the physical told on that guy's body way worse than anything Tom Brady does Sawyer James Harrison's days be of the play at that level at that position. Same sort of thing just freaks that they still wanna you would still wanna work hard when there really is no reason for them to keep doing it Harrison is a freak. It's already a freak. Yeah physically yes he's a freak physically it's just a different. It's harder to see because he look at James Harrison you like good god like look at that guy or as you look at Brady injured at all just. Doesn't little bit impressive now we can be like that nick yeah. They mean staff carry but that he works what he works heard in Sheila or as hard as James Harrison doesn't like no that's kind what I'm saying is like James here's some some of those guys just never get hurt because their bodies. Just are built. Better than your body yes. Brady seems like a guy who never gets hurt. And he's had injuries that only the one series one just because it is it is his reached regiment yes it's more peace treaties more as that then. It is he's a freak and he's also learned to get rid of the football takes acts. If you would get to route to me just falls down. And we can all sit there and make fun of them and people column you know all Willis and all that but Tom Brady doesn't miss games because of injuries. And that is part of though we we do the same they're running backs her series that run out of balance our candy ass well. Which would you rather have your running back run out of bounds and stay healthy for sixteen games or put your head down and get hurt every fourth game. Aren't always run out of time for dean or kitsch expose it. Therefore. We'll skip it. We can do it's. Some other some other time in a study development we have warship commander is another segment last night at some else. This circuit staying let's watch him tonight animal come back tomorrow and break down his game. I for five hours before four hours or three hours and I mean it's gonna be like we're gonna have big time or teach breakdown. But next segment. Let's talk about guerrillas there is a guy sue lean ESPN. And I want it I think he has a case. Where does this come in with a guerrillas you have not heard the story. I have a clear if you don't time now it's interesting and I'll tell you that about it looking back it's 544 folks. We're quite sickened sue god sanity though very. OK let's give voice so low around the world to gets the winner will get their tickets to see Metallica August 9 at its. Century link in Seattle that crazy rock indoor. First dollar 503250. Cheney I'm looking for the first caller 50325. Those Kenny. They're playing with avenge seven fold and go go he era. Tickets go on cell this Friday at Ticketmaster dot com it's quit being a pompous ass in there into the phone. Lynch broker Majoli smirk says that Iowa have been either gorge here yeah. Dozier. Panel I'm talked hey you know I can there anytime your touring with legendary band yet feel like. You're pretty get in are all. I mean I don't think you get on the there's a reason why they're there and that bad bad picks euphoria read write in a lot of times they bring it because they're up and comers and listening improve whereas Metallica doesn't yeah well if you played in front of plus. If you're damn right that when he played for the 50000 plus people again win but you know it's 50000 people that are com. I know Millen around didn't Beers may be check you out. It's it's true there is some I've I've seen some bad nobody next but I've also seen some where you're like they steal the show is still so low and you're like yeah. Then maybe he'll you get a little interest it I would want to tour with a enact that is over the hill. And I would love to toward Willie Nelson does. I mean look he's not Baghdad beginning stage of a little bit Atlanta or. But some feel it acts like I saw Jack Johnson open and he was way better than any he was like the first of four acts. Was way better than anyone else that night this is like back in. 98 or something he opened for Ben Harper G love and special sauce and The Beastie Boys. And he was he blew the show way I was like who the hell is that guy. But it was phenomenal. It serves sometimes you go and you end up with that what are your favorites because you guys are Dave MacKey is open for Blues Traveler. I'll play and then that has kind of changed a little bit over the years let's get to the good opening acts. When you go to metal concerts especially a lot of them in his home country bands on it all three in a relatively big. You have like some of the smaller ones public's expands to a five openers and use learn new dance they just go on merited introduce themselves and really Hayward this big if you ever heard those go buyer album. And then there's other times where people are like get the hell are the state page used some hot breath may boom in. Just and yes it's it's bad we had such Billy sees a Billy Joseph in Seattle and cabin. Young. Garage to drop Dick it was people were turned to music do you played a little too long and people at Safeco were not happy. I got that Theres like OK I'm just gonna play a couple of. I would never do someone like Billie is coming out at night it was the people turn on him. Well I mean I get it that you may be just shopping let him finish they'd move the economy he did Whitaker over the equator Bryan Adams song and I kind of went everywhere back. See that's when in doubt could go Bryant L a summer of 69 or improper every time a camera but people were not. Are happy with issued hate quick note this is out of the world of tennis and I thought this was interest team. I'd Jason and Michael and listeners and viewers. There's got to name Doug Adler. And he is a tennis commentator he was a former all American USC. And he's been on ESP instance like 2007. Because they fired him. And they fired him because of this comment January 18 ice most of the about a tennis guy getting fired they didn't read the story he said he describes a play he's he's doing. As they think it's a Venus Williams match occurred and he describes. Some action in the in the match. And boy as a tactic of charging the net by saying that Venus quote put the guerrilla affect on in. End quote. Now are we positive he said guerrilla heat no Oklahoma so he. Did say guerrilla. But he's saying gorilla like guerrilla warfare yeah. He's not saying gorilla like she is a guerrilla yet. Which would be in insanely racist. But he was interpreted that way and in a little home market get honest. The guerrilla facts in tennis is a thing like that is a that is a term really that they use. It not often but it it has been Yi is not like he made that up that is something that is a is associated with tennis flee guerrilla tactics are removed that's a real thing a guerrilla effect yet and it is it is a real thing and they fired him. And he came back and said did they fire did they give him the reason they say we're firing you because well here's what here's what happened so he. It was a a Twitter and social media firestorm. And that's why they fired in its spread and people didn't bother Ted kind of differentiate the immediately just hammered him on an idea oh he called. Venus Williams a gorilla he should be fired well ESPN went to him and they said look you need to go on then you need to apologize. Up for Dennis the next time you're on. But they agreed with him that he said. Gorilla of fact they they agreed that it was it was a mistake we understand what you're trying to say but you're still on how water because nobody buys it. So get on there and apologize. And he said no. And so they fired why wouldn't you just going to explain yourself and not get fired. Seems I mean I know he's suing them now and I think he has made great case. Interstate will king just hire someone because you don't. Mind him you don't like their performance I go I spent. Time. Did you say the guerrilla authentic. That would give fire now but I got fired for tweet you get fired for drunken tweets are weird Al dropped to prop up fired for saying disks that are disengaged and by the way they weren't drunk anyway I was here at work he was the Monday when they're playing the wizards. On whatever date that was MLK day so. What are so weird thing in that. It doesn't you weren't really protected from it yeah it's an extension of view and so if you say something on their or if you cause a start a firestorm on there. It kind of and it is its own entity would do agree that it's horse we've that he got fired over that I still don't understand why you would just swell your try to go on and say. Hey I said something in. I'm sorry if it was interpreted the wrong way and this is what I meant no harm in men don't we all just move on as opposed to like. Take is some sort of weird stance may I cannot apologize inning games I. Well I don't OK so let me clarify he said I knew I'd been treated badly in unfairly. And he said when I saw what was going on with my reputation on line I knew I had to fight for my name. And his complaint. Filed in LA superior court alleges ESPN took the easy way out. And bowed to the Twitter universe of haters in its decision to fire him after a fifteen year broadcasting career when asked for comments. He is in descent we've not been served and we declined further comment equipment. It is weird though that once something hits the pissed. Cool really. Listen to this who heard it but once and right but once it ends up in print what exactly where to get it gets passed around it's like a row. It is it turns into an S or even it's probably a small number of people that are freaking out about it social media it's it's the weirdest thing because not everyone's on its precede Twitter. But it it just there's something about the word. Being able. To be replicated to be path around nuts are men and and and that's it's a bigger thing then it's weird it's a new era kinda new playing ground in his in his very touchy. And he said OK so let me clarify on the apology. He did put out an apology. And in it. ESPN deemed it unfit and they re wrote it. In his apology he simply said. That he inadvertently chose the wrong word to describe Williams play ESPN said well that's not gonna cut it. So then when he read the statement on air he said that he was told by his executive producer to continue calling the match with the director of the broadcast refused allowed to join abroad get. They pulled him right there now. It's it's little like Brit must burger thing member of the Joseph mix and like address that on air because of social media. But he stopped the middle of a broadcast to yell at Internet trolls here habitat of the Joseph makes and he needs to have thicker skin and he can't let that -- but it just goes asserted that Britain spurs on those who mediated some it was a zero as they gave mainly on toward you're getting killed the most burgers like yeah up. I'm under duress right now as she gathers as saying look they don't wanna fight the other side they don't want to back me up there whom she's. Its interest in him. But they don't want there likely. Whatever they feel that way and you should apologize for it and if you don't we're gonna fire you. So I hope he wins this lawsuit because he was not trying to now not calling her a gorilla under would be sued for. Yellow mama that. How much do you think. He expects to get out of it. Does he have a great case you're right it's about that understand lawsuits like people suing him like yeah synagogue was clearly wrong bit like that given fifteen million dollars a night were you that wrong. Well he's saying his reputation is damaged forever like. And he may be ranked hey you know you can damaged my reputation for a couple million bucks it. The dig crap out of all you want a Billy's reputation will be less damaged if you just wanna apologize once been suing him make him as the story all over the place even if you win the lawsuit all the sudden his name's going to be tied to this forever. Who knows a random tennis coming here let you know what I totally hear what the guys sand once you start getting murdered on social media it's like bull wall if it's unfair. You eat daylight you gonna come on say no wait a minute as is mine and you also expect your employer employer to vacuum because he said they agree with them why they just didn't wanna fight the battles they said here much issued this apology and everything will be dead yeah that now that that does set when your employer won't IKEA. I. Yeah doesn't know anything about it Andre I think you are great tickets like okay now this next story will probably get us fired trust me it's the club on the fan.

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