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Primetime 2.15.17 Hour 2

Feb 16, 2017|

Why do ppl want to watch the Mayweather/McGregor fight? Also, how much are the Blazers worth?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. Right not welcome prime time revising consumes what is going on her appear whenever momentum and unbiased. Just short of the tournament on compromise sports talk without booze sugar coat oh yeah I think. He links and everyone's life and war things thanks Isaac dropping Jason's a canister shot. And ninety do my job it's the best in sports coverage. This is prime time revising consumed on 1080. All right for a six that's the time. On your sought to launches its Wednesday. With meat suit and drop is over there who might. It's grown a beard out. It's really shouldn't they are two pretty sexy. You know feeling the I've Allegra once a while but I was Eckstein Jewish beard I'm has been lazy on Mike with the you know Mike's pretty lazy get the beard he never America sometimes if cattle prod Mike working on it but hey listen we press on. A spring training news. I have Floyd Mayweather Connor McGregor news. I have. Check in NBA celebrity all star game news mood now. Now your beacon main interests in we have the Forbes NBA valuations now you know the the NBA us Libby Yasser games Frederick yes. And you know that yeah location yet. Some of actually come on mom you your on the location yeah a year gulf. This will be the first year in quite some time that we will not to get to bask. In the greatest it is the celebrity all star Wynonna and I am upset about it on the very same day that punch and John are coming on the show you know you'll miss chips. Some of the current. Stupid golf. Torrey Pines there right. Saturday. Returns the Q Serena must be nice to be heard the crowd noticed I'm not going to Torrey Pines not gone can afford that. Oh cannot dean hunt chief Torrey Pines is to play much it's like well. My brother lives there and so for California residents or maybe it's in Eagle County residents. It's like forty dollars I can't afford on the north side forty dollars I don't know what you make now guess outside is. Is really expensive because that's that's the waterside right make it real well known north has. Holes on the water's just not. All of them but the south is that is the big PGA course right. When they you know they play both sides in the PG determined that the south is the Saturday and Sunday course so they'd Jack that up it's under its. The north I betcha I'd pay 75 bucks but of course. Too shabby and they re design it are you get a play the other side too and now I'm not now see that's it's just too it's not like Mike Lynch money look we don't have it. A PGA as our major comes so course and all of a sudden that same course is charging double the rates and no thank you. Mean month. Think it that the most I've played probably banded with pride the most I've ever played in C band that ever paid to play a table abandons expensive in peak season it is but a few good spirit like we went I think in October and it wasn't too bad any view utilized the replay. I knew play more than once and you can use that on any course right so if you play like been doing some and I think we paid. In fact already it's like a hundred navy 150 is that's like it is right now to 135 right now but there Reba did not play in and around forty about a seven year right now seventy yeah I mean this Angel down yet but in peak season I've always thought abandoned should do more for org onions. In that it's just like to see need to counting the Torrey Pines isn't. Well or you know selfless Bostonians whenever I guess we'll include you. But you know they should have it cheaper for. For locals guessing it's ready to go down there but they don't care what they care and I mean you know fill that thing no matter what over the world and only bad part time film that well lit the that's my point people come from all over the world what about the people that live here. Yeah hook them up a little thing I think I'd be more inclined to go down if it was a little more affordable is you I would too and I know the hotel and everything got access to places stay did you go your stayed on the course and knows it's if you go to Dan Indians peak season you are spending a boatload of yes thousands of dollars and they do have an Oregonian rate and sometimes they have deals were billions I'm member of that. I think it was whatever was the hundredth anniversary. They had a big deal we went down for that but. I think that they should do they should have better or don't in in south us Washingtonian rates. That's my big abandon. New used and Dan Dan in gulf takes back in line men have a hard time going to start over I like over like buck thirty and it's unknown man we're down in specially do you play you know spread them around like we were down in Mexico or 92 money's worth. Guess ACL though that the whole course but I think we were down in Mexico and we're looking at some of the places down there and me it is it's seen some of the foreign rates are and did you play when you're over in Europe and does the same thing when we're over the year for like NFL Europe it's just it's an arm and a leg to play in some of those places. Yes Saint Andrews was a was about it wasn't too bad we were there walked it in his 200 in I think if I would have played it that day is like a 115 bucks or something that's accidents. In this guys and you Torrey Pines is is AM county owned it's it's a public yet. Counting on course and and certainly prided with Mike Kaiser much but I understand you know up Kaiser's filthy rich do that guy's got. He he's been okay greeting card guy. As we get recycled green cards at so he made his money to remember that direct written piece because they. And he's a great deal by the way my Kaiser is a great guy and sometimes he's out there I'm just you know that's just a little idea like to throw out on the radio today here and say. Still a bit more for the locals know something you know for the effort maybe he does for local band only instead he does I don't know that county whatever it is but any new. Where were we Jason don't know what the hell we are talking about may have just blown through an entire segment just teasing cool things do you real. By golf did you how it's happening on ESPN are now now bill you all know Dick Dwight Howard doing this MBA game. All day and it is now they switch you know Randy liked girls and Adam show after doing sidelines for game on ESP unranked but actually that's his job via. In his new contract he's going to be an MBA sideline reporter who want to oil no really yeah she after losing your redemption after the no kidding. No kidding when he signed his new deal appears again. That was part of it was that you would occasionally do MBAs are so you don't have much for a guy you're gonna get the most out of make sure that you were at some NBA so they don't crossover on their like Loge for example dispose legal and ESPN yeah. Will he have to did it start making connections in the NFL like NFL news and I guess it would be NFL it would be. Well abolish abolish them I don't know. This after Scott and I think that was a show after only thing. But I just can't imagine having all of I'd tell him Bill Walton on the same line coach after do you that. Because their pain in the ass ton of money maybe he wants to. Maybe he's been interested in being a sideline reporter on the emily's want to leverage. Shift just got to leverage do you use the Lama the context I don't know he doesn't need ESP NB he just hasn't Jones for me he really likes all of basketball. I just find it when you said tear like what you see with that and he has been I looked up there's the beat cal on her at a long horn. What is happening until our is there a cal tonight all the college broadcasters are doing NBA games in the NBA guys are doing. College gets the Bill Walton will you get Justine that they Dick writes how do in the NBA just seems. You know he's an NBA coach. Different tell us again he coached the pistons. And I'm not going to clock had no idea the F Moneyline there's a segment. Coming up next let's get back to you I am Mayweather McGregor will you buy it. There will be so much interest in this fight and there shouldn't be. But it will break all kinds of paper view records text by 5305 for thirteen on the fan. To the. They're stationed. Depending. It's not like. You can just walk on C. Like I was out there and you just decided enough faith because it was too much money now known it was that was about a 150 bucks but you. Had to yet to book those like way in advance and there's so many stipulations I would have only been played on itself 'cause. You know their handicap restrictions after having any care restriction and a lot of for a single lottery. Well it is a lottery but if you wanna pay for the tee time then the rates don't mean to to reserve at the Ritz go way I wasn't willing to do that. Plus you have to hit off the little mats things. In the winner the day make you pick up your ball it's in the fairway and put down a Matt hit off the mat about that was kinda stupid I understand why they do it. Abbott then if you're single and he's wanna go out there early in the morning I can shift to keep it like. 4:5 in the morning pushing him analysts is no guarantee that you implied now with the lottery system they get so many tee times today and theirs. It's. I was down the bridge and I wanna walk the course which we did which was awesome yeah but I didn't get put on the back some other day. When we were when I was over there for the an affiliate Europe stuff and we were living in Scotland they gave us half the guys who wanted to go they give us a tour. And well when there were open spots then they would let us play random holes side I think we ended up playing like four holes. On Sanders where we just were were basically kind of same thing you did. And they're like all right there's space between the groups you got assume you guys can go ahead that's awesome they got to kind of teed up a little bit and I did it went off of the hotel. He'd you did. That thing has a right there at the outfit right bit anyway that's a really nice hotel yes it is certainly that unit and then they look at you tsk tsk shame shame for awhile back you went off sorry it was little intimidated. But there are handicapped restrictions to begin to be under. To be under like a fourteen or fifteen. I was even lower than that but it might be ten or so I think it's ten at least it was when we're out there 'cause I think no joke man I think though there is our our quarterback and a stunning development. Craig Nall who was favre's backup in Green Bay and the key was the only guy that technically qualified to play the core ability not that they let's go out there there's about eight of us that they let's kind of go on to group let's say let that town of Saint Andrews is a delightful town don't yards down the ever get a chance ago there it is it is worth it. And so okay here are some tax by 5305 we were talking about Mayweather and McGregor apparently they may fight maybe not I don't know what's the latest it. But what two days ago and they're gonna box yes this is not out and MMA it's a bock box match so this is kind of gone back and forth. But like two days ago there is a report that McGregor was in Vegas and that they were getting ready to sign a deal. And then Mayweather came out in and said this is this is BS you know not even close. And then McGregor toxin trash and now Mayweather toxic trash back but it sounds like they're not. Anywhere near as close to some people thought and all the long Dana White has said no did you see guys. Because they have McGregor under contract. And some people think that he made Sudan to get out of it if this deal was was big enough I mean if you're talking a hundred million bucks. I anyone it's in the know says that the chances of this happening are very very slim but there has been a lot of smoke lately Iran and over the last couple weeks but some money grabber both guys yes void if you are basically poison that he will not fight again for less than a hundred million dollars and there's not a guy out there. They could deliver a hundred million other then. Connor were Gregor even though he's not even a boxer not a boxer they're saying that this would generate some would be somewhere north of two million buys may be north of three email. And I think there's only bin. Two fights in the history of of combat did that have done those kind of numbers both by the way being Floyd Mayweather fights. Well IE and it sounds like we agree I don't. Know why anyone thinks this would be good because it's I think it's insulting to say that some guy from another discipline. Albeit fighting. Could come in and beat the best at his disciplined it's ridiculous it's silly but. It's a gimmick in NASA boxing does that's a Mayweather you know I mean I compete and get paid on it in McGregor and get I I see why they did do but. If you're caught McGregor in summons get our for you fifteen million dollar odd million ASCII I didn't really address cake you're just gonna get out pleaded it right he's not gonna get knocked out probably. Well look. The so the record for pay per views is four point six million point six million and that was the Pacquiao that's it that's it. You be surprised outlets it there's only six or seven fights. Did have done over a million and a half really you so a million paper view fights you've done some so our I get them this year. Boxing kick off of paper viewed in through other stuff. Where people can see it on cable. Right now if you wanna build ninth that is Betemit fills. Really small I mean I know it makes money for them that she does he get life fifty bucks a pop for that hasty now I think it's closer to 75 degree isn't really yeah. But still it's like I'm looking here at that did this is the history of paper view. Mayweather Pacquiao did four point six mil and nothing has come close to that I'm looking here. Any outs over him I'll I'll go over a million and a half. Going what am most watched MMA fight. I don't know nothing like this is there on paper the tier I yet there are bigger view de La Hoya Floyd Mayweather was 2.4 million. And so far that's the only ones I seen that have done over a million and a half buys Lennox Lewis Mike Tyson. That did two million plus. We got here Lou Oscar gala Hoyer Fernando Vargas did. One point five. So yeah I mean. Oh that seem lady your mind just know I Iraq I was surprised there weren't there were more. Mike Tyson Peter being mealy when he came back after the trees instead that did one point five C I didn't buy but do not unless like six or seven that it ever done more than a million have byes. I'm I'm. Great case study because I like boxing yeah and I will pay for big time fights. But I did not pay for Mayweather Pacquiao because I knew what was gonna happen everybody knew it was gonna happen I went over some house about it I would have watched I would have watched it. In the reason I says because Pacquiao was past his prime and they missed the window to have that fight be a really. Bad ass must watch yeah I they missed their window. So then they they've evade they drag their feet all these years in back and forth and they finally do it. The affluent mean no no freaking way that's gonna suck Mayweather is gonna win because Pacquiao has passed his prime and what happened. Mayweather beat him because Pacquiao is past his prime there and it was a boring ass fight whereas I would have watched that if Iran cables is like Cameron had cable it's Mayweather Pacquiao Obama pain in the money from. For. For that so I guess I don't get the paper review model for us the sport that is literally dying on the vine boxing well I don't get it. And now you've got to take notes are basically saying I am not gonna come fight because there's no one worth my time by the way biggest MMA by one point six mil. And that's who is that was that drowsy Brock Lesnar. And Franken is it mere. Now one of those brought the Arab Brock Lesnar fight I was just looking that up to him. There is one was still wasn't paper view a man had like eight million viewers on like spike TV. Back when they were starting. But there's not that cable television vs paper MMA my paper you guys man I mean you're. Most of these are in the the low hundreds of thousands Utah about 23400000. Buys. On most of these there's a couple there Rhonda drowsy holly home did one point one. I don't you beater like thirty seconds yeah album McGregor was a big one and that wasn't just over one million buys the Macgregor DS by one point three mill. But I mean you're. You're basically it's a basically you say it is the biggest fight ever was a freak show and Brock Lesnar who was a Debbie WE guy. I biggest double tax. Levi's fight that fight will be awful. Many other well Mayweather will ensure that only boxing is allowed so McGregor does a kicker had but he forfeits who share the win means. With this emplacement there won't last around their for Mayweather will show up collect his money law him even more. A lot of people are saying this though that that part of the reason why they would buy it. Is because they hate Mayweather and they want desperately to see if somebody can knock a hole in him. And not that this is silly here. Your second guy to a gun fight with a knife. McCain your original requirements there's no way that's what people are saying on but it's your just gonna get so angry. In pissed off because Mayweather won't fight it disguised as I paid for Mayweather de La Hoya in all never ever spend another dime on boxing I'm under the and you meant trying to do. Again that was another one where it's like OK it's kind of cool that they're fighting but gill is not know. Whose past is practiced for a sane is Pacquiao and Mayweather has done a phenomenal job over the course of his life of picking guys that are past their driver that he can win. And then he has sold the villain thing and it works. He you don't like people by Floyd Mayweather fights it's the exact same reason it turned out economy Gregory think. People want to see Floyd Mayweather get his ass kicked in three plays a role he plays it up. Any gets people the clock 170 dollars for the chance of someone kicking his ass and it never happens. RJ says paper view no thanks I have periscope. Too good point yeah usual periscope on there when you can it's it's not hard to find it even does want to is yeah this is not. Not hard. I watched the Macgregor Aldo fight or did die. Why I was at the gym on my cellphone mean it's it's. You don't get the greatest you know but if you want hasty having a party you're not gonna do it so why not do this like this this is it's boxing only is no way McGregor has a chance no thanks. Why not. Fight and octagon. But give Mayweather. A year two or whatever to train present the same thing is same thing he's still getting his ass kicked no matter what yeah you get our records it get broken into retaken need the head and it would be over. But Mayweather wanted to because Mayweather won't lose yet none that's why he wants this is like the xenon. It is in this would be the easiest money you'll ever make and it will probably be his biggest payday that'll ever make. And he'll he'll just laugh all the way is that people are saying you know getting a lot of Texan like Iowa I got to watch it I I need. Yes people watch it exists I have to buy it. Okay. And that and you're still gonna get people that ruled that will have that will McGregor is where this guy McGregor is worth seven Mayweather is for it doesn't matter. Floyd Mayweather doesn't get hit and he's fighting against a non boxer. These you're taking it one of the best in the world of all time. Who does not get hit and you were expecting him to get beaten by god it is not a professional in that discipline. Does it will be laughable. All right text 55305. Forbes NBA valuations coming up as well more than blazers rank this year but this Paul Allen's team works. Not too shabby now it's pretty yeah by the way these evaluations are not what they've itself now. Oh now they would sell for more much much here's Michael sports and I. To inform him from. Crude from food. Where bison didn't sue god sanity though including from and I here's the real question and forget this may lead in McGregor. Foxy ranch from what I am. Play offs. From would you rather have yet from what clubs would you rather boxer Mayweather from. Or fight McGregor. That actually have to to try my best that Eric and I just get him once and then laid out they can't be in any now to limit your ass in there I was gonna do my Brock Lesnar defense which was to pee myself grew up in a ball and suck my thumb and I don't kitty. When Isaiah Brock Lesnar came up and slap me Betty is what I would do so it's verify its box Mayweather right because Dahlia box may way it would hurt less even though your brain would probably never recover I would think so. I think he does not you know. Yeah I think he would just he would he would hit me in and I would go down hard but. Could you sell the fact that you were down Willie if you weren't bad bad ginger rub its point I can't be an eighty and actually have to get knocked out I'd rather get knocked out boxing style then I would MMA. And let's Macgregor park would choke me up because that's what I would prefer you he would probably hit me a break my job because they'd they Wear the little. The little tiny gloves Reese is the padded glove work I'd probably just get knocked out the concussion dungeon he'd be worse and he is McGregor just like Brooke your life. Snapped germ yeah but I tapped out so yeah mine though but I think that's the best scenario that whole thing is is if he just admits me. Because I just tapped out what does that when he means all he puts me at. ER might biggest fear is it I'm not a huge MMA guy but I do watch most of the big fights. The knee is the one that scares me more than anything else you see one of these guys that hits you with a flying knee and it's like. Just like hey disintegrate it's no good in any way they booked a 140 pounds it would kick my ass and ninths okay though next question would you rather. Box. McGregor yeah. Or 58 may well fight Mayweather. Oh yeah. The I think I could last a halfway decent amount of time. I'm so much bigger than if I could keep him from hitting me before I grabbed which would happen when you intention but if so. No I could grab him I agreed to three minutes and UT running around the ring I could just hold onto him for quite some time are the octagon. It's one of those stupid. I forget what it was called were enemy fighters fought bullies. And it was kind of set up but the fights were real and I watched one guy who was big. And he just grabbed the little the little MMA guy and he was like twice the size we just held him. For like three minutes that's all we did it anyways so much bigger that he was able to hold them and not get his ass kicked. For three minutes that would be my strategy against Mayweather weighed for him to come to me try to grab it may just lay on top of them and hold on tight but what if he boxed McGregor. Again he would knock me out in four seconds and break my jaw. These people understand like every idiot thinks that they could get into a ring and last three minutes I excuse me. Excuse me yeah. I'm an eightieth it. And I do not think that I can get in any rain and last for any length of time there's a lot of Joshi those that think they can win the enemy thing was first kind of taking off. My wrestling coach at BYU will mean not mine but are wrestling coach was mark Schultz is Olympic gold medalist brother Dave Schultz we got a got murdered by. The crazy bastard DuPont and Schulze fought in the first couple. USC fights. And some of those guys would come to be YUN trade with him. Like Dan said friend and the share rocks. To pick who else. I just a bunch of those those early MMA guys. And they would send us into the dressing room and we would kinda trade with them for like hand fighting drills and conditioning. And. Even like MM maybe like legged owes it to be Guinean habit it is such a different world. To get hit by one of those guys to get grabbed by one of those guys. They just before you know like your head is up here are Ers they've got her ankle and some sort of weird movie you're in some tribal actual cold and their Laffey that if you. It's just that none of us would last ten seconds with those guys. Okay the Forbes NBA valuations are out. Ladies and gentlemen yes you're Portland trailblazers the most value team in the Northwest Division. I can't tell you blazers are on this list underwhelming statement to make raise your hand if you knew who was in the Northwest Division. During spring did this. And I did not get all the tickets. O of a case of Portland Oklahoma city Utah. Two others. Minnesota. That's the when I didn't hit I had no idea Minnesota's in the division. And whose home and I wasn't sure that Oklahoma City was I did one of these like driving in my car I did when oak. You know Mike I believe so. Denver Denver Denver. No idea Massa in Denver no clue. Not yet knowing cares about revisions in Minnesota and Oklahoma City in the north Portland the Northwest Division I campus in the Sonics thing I gotta put Minnesota and I both Portland. Why did you I EU could have said to me. What division to the blazers plan and I not know that I would have said northwestern to. There's elegy said. It's north west and onto a resident. Minnesota. In Oklahoma City. North North America south Sacramento not in the North Carolina and respect when Detroit was in the Western Conference and hockey. Traits but the blazers are sixteenth. On the list of the thirty NBA teams threatened to meaty part of the Joker last year they were fifteenth you know who passed them. There's one team that's did past the midnight nation. The kings as a city and get a new arena Sacramento Kings past and I don't really even know why but they're fifteenth. The blazers are sixteen and they are valued that grand total. Of one. Billion dollars one million. And by the way is a little over one they would sell for more than that did what any time you see these values it always goes for way more when they actually sell the team but it. Billion bucks way to go for the trailblazers. Mean how much pollen paid for that thing not a lot. Did yes. 70000007. Million but he also build the rose well again the motor center with a two iron fifteen million and I. I've heard over the years that he has dumped. Over a billion dollars of that. Well that that was always did the thing that Steve Patterson said that has changed a little I mean that's true. A timeout paying players and never turning a profit in losing money every year and you know the arena and everything there that there at that history series it's it's more than a billion now he spent. Probably billion half on the French yeah. But he is. Again he bought it for seventy million and he's if it isn't worth one billion dollars or dowdy and he owns the arena I doubt he ever cells and he killed this. You know. When it does move on from it they're turning a profit. They're making about it says they're making about 41 million in operating income and that's the for sure a year where they've they've made money juicy Papa. And were in the red for Mueller that we're talking to our DeSagana Larry Miller about that bleed much and they'll never say you know they just don't I was always asking Larry like. The result think the onetime last and I use like he avoided it but they're make they're turning out a profit what they're making a hundred and sit and revenues at a 170 million bucks. Well amid the TV deal they just you know the MBA is gonna sign everyone's going to be making cash. This word that like the whole playoff thing comes in our starter but he might he used to run an MBA arena back east Lisa from playoff games. He said it's a balance it depending on on you know Margaret size of merchandise and everybody says it's at least two million game. That you make in profit off one single playoff idea to big deal so that when you're the blazes in you make around this the second round is it goes up each round you're. But the big deal make some cash yes they they revenue per fanned the blazers make about 47 bucks off you. Her ten. Really everywhere they so ev everything in the comes through the gates. 47 dollars per fan and they make about 45 main enough of gate along. These numbers from two dozen 152016. So I wonder if that's similar to hockey is we are tied up and another 41 dates. You know in the Mota senator if you were to have it you know hockey team of those numbers there are fairly similar. And that. But they are up 8% from last year in terms of their valuation. Jason one year change. So that the knicks in the lakers with the two most viable ranchers yeah in the knicks are number one which is they're both over three billion it's amazing to me that did. Again at an organization that so poorly run in everyone hates James Dolan and you know they'll make fun of them act guy. If they ever sold the knicks if that's valued over three billion what do you think that actually sells for on the open market I've. Mean it's good to be James looked at. Look I think it's the most valuable North American franchise I think there's still a soccer team they in the Yankees better. That's the most by Obama may be Manchester. Or Madrid or summer Madrid at I think that still the highest. Franchise in the world. You know the worse. The least valued franchises in the NBA. 700 you've been listening to my updates you would know that's the 159 enormously you have to it's. Now mean lucky now to New Orleans. The Phillies really the pelican snow out of that spry as you guess it wouldn't. Bed nets like the exact. Mean you in the world and kind of makes a lot of sense let's just I don't know I thought may be a team like Anna which shows up to those games. Can get a crappy arena we Dallas cowboys' most valuable in the world now they've and over four million and a four billion real would you know what would they sell. For probably six. A bit more. Real Madrid. FC Barcelona three out the re out. Madrid real is Real Madrid. Real Madrid Rome Madrid like Real Madrid and Rio colonial. Mike FC Barcelona the Yankees in Manchester United. Within the patriots the knicks the skid as the giants the lakers rounding out the top ten spring training note next on the fan. Time where I chicken soup gods and he'd been of. All right we have our first. Very major spring training injury. And it hits the St. Louis Cardinals. Because there rookie and their young. Instead pitcher Al Unser is is out for the year Tommy John. And we have our first. Lackey. Spring training injury. The sneezing near the Glenallen Hill need a dream he's been attacked by spiders. He did and he fell through glass table at I don't know that spring training. Brian Flynn who is a pretty good pitcher for the royals young lefty and has fallen through his barn roof. That's also good and he is dead now I don't think that's case he'll be out eight weeks. After fracturing. Vertebrae. In his back three minor vertebrae fractures and he suffered a broken rib X. And he's out elites sweet you think about it were if people make fun of these non sports injuries and how many times you get hurting your day to day life. We're unique well just in general you'd be we'd be royal we'd be editorial week I heard all the time I think you're talking about yourself sick. Now what it'll do. But about just aren't on a day to day basis how many times your life you've been heard that would keep you from. Plain plain sports. And cleanest tennis elbow have these guys are no different. Mean just regular guys live in life is indeed fell through a barn roof it happens I've never formed their roof so that you have chainsaw Joan need I have chain sawed my own knee in a fight was a Major League Baseball pitcher yes I think that would probably prevent me from making a couple starts. Who's the guy last year for the Indians that and you're in the next day Jim stitches on I think if it's but I wasn't I couldn't and it even men going to take you to bend. No surprise to three weeks before was actually closed otherwise. You miss four starts did Eleanor has swamp there would've ripped open whose Indians guy that. He Lisa's hand open last year what do you need do that on. It was in the World Series bleep all over the place are Trevor Bauer offers drone yeah in brick to stand up on a stupid droll. I'm dumb stuff happen girls are dangerous murmured Joel Zumaya hurt his fingers and arm playing Guitar Hero. Yeah and he never really played much since the right didian arthritis or some I don't absolutely tendinitis thing happening there and niacin weird things happen. That's an. You blew your bag bend over to pick up a golf tee. Yeah I did you record you would not been able to continue that PGA around. But I did dump you would have pulled the Tiger Woods you wouldn't have played into PGA because that was not an impressive performance going forward. Nobody would've LT graded and bowed out when you actually finish after blowing out your bracket yet. Cobb a must have been painful and I really terrible golf it is not just tweeted you know but it was really at first of Michael boy this is bad and you know he. Scanner but you know adrenaline is the rest of the way a thousand ways to do than help the number I was still think president Deborah brain greasy again. Fell down some steps yeah ought to tell that story again. You were there US front row seat to that did he not remember that story he was haven't they. He was having a party greasy was an animal as me and effect he's very very individual. Now I mean like a party here the at a good time so he was that is how series have any the shin dig if you will you would be too if you're Bob greasy kid he was a 100% so Burke and he accidentally tripped over his dog AJ the front steps of his very large house Eddie to the bit so you go over to his house for a party. Yeah and I remember this the thing that each of covers dot but what really happened. He was waste any just fell on a stares at the when having them I'd cut himself up really bad like I don't think he had a being broken but. I'm trying to remember if he may have cracked something. May be like and I were below are some that you messed up it was pretty it was the big fancy homes that have like a wind the likes. Like oh I know there is going up the front door then got to recognize a drop sort of fair recently I mean it was two or three flights and it wasn't an end if you've ever had one of those moments where maybe your balance isn't what it should be because you trip over a dog it's would you gently fall down those steps I mean you are you took a header and he started Rolen was there a dog in the picture. Was there dog out there that could've. Or is that just totally made up well assuming he had to have a dog and he had a dog that knows the dog out there who. That if you don't remember dean I don't remember if there was I mean it was one of those like where you wasted. Now is RC one of those like a cool. It's like slow motion wells is wasted. I think a lot of people was Olelo did you see there now I went there he was I didn't heed that was so it was. Was gone he wasn't part of you know we had friends who were in Nashville for the titans Broncos game then they said Elway. Goes out and is a rural rips it yes they sign they were at a at a bar where he was used lit up a lot of those guys. Obviously they played with Elway could do was I got there. And maybe 23 years after you know there is the Broncos heyday in humans who cool now we walks away I was there for the one year with with greasy. But a lot of those guys had played with Elway and the stories were legendary. End the best one was that they had their training camp in Greeley which is the University of Northern Colorado. And so it's kind of on the middle of nowhere. Slow build small college campus. And Elway would walked into. Like the the quarterback meeting. And just be like me herds and he would take everyone and they would go to the bars. And so they started instituting Nate they would take away people's cars they make you checking your keys. We knew he should be training camp that way they didn't have do you Liza would ever. But you had little golf cart your drive around no way took the quarterback and according to accept and they got in golf carts. And they drove the golf carts like the mile bounded dean of the campus bars. And that's kind of with a did that would give like police escorts back. Because you know they were all. You know shouldn't have been driving the golf carts be out there were the source of that you were legendary and people loved him. And none of the coaches to do anything about it John Elway what do you do you discipline now he's hero yes he is. There was not one person who had a locker room that had a bad thing to say about don't know when the all time great sports there's Jolene in Greece was. He was super well liked by a lot of guys yeah considered yet he was really. He's kind of sensitive just a different guy always nice to me I never mean. I DP did know me from Adam but he was never a jerk to me but a lot of guys. He didn't like the locker room ribbing and it it just. Guys made fun of him iPod five to five is coming up next lady here at the Jeffrey Loria a news in a do you have an update on the NHL to Portland. And then we'll talk about Tom Brady. On the fan.

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