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Primetime 2.15.17 Hour 1

Feb 16, 2017|

What do you do if you're an NFL team without a QB? The guys discuss throughout the hour.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listening to the prime time with Isaak NC podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire sinner. Doing the right thing since 1952. If you can find that time yeah. You can sign the titans didn't really do yeah tools. Right John revise against you for your home when they'll all their doors and I'll go. Think yeah. This is prime time to I do. You are source for the best and local regional and national sports. There are Isaak Robin Jason's agenda quit prime time on ten ADP. And hey what they do. 08. Vessel hump day out there isn't. Yeah kind of crappy did god Leah. They're hey let's go Lisbon sunny and when I say that the dogs out when some walks in the short sleeves and today it's. Got us Utley went on more than one lock it did to multiple walks in one day. Now just the last couple days gonna say I have a real hard time walking my dog twice in the day yeah that's not happening always gets one and he's right veteran. But. Sometimes I feel guilty about not giving him a second one like it in the mean yeah. After he eats. Well I've got two sides and it turn him loose in the backyard and you just got to let him go nuts and I called good. But I know what does not Powell walked in the bad weather than can exercise you'll take you want taking a umbrella out there are no that's right now because they just get. If there is a puddle if there is something muddy if there's something gross to roll and flop in my bulldogs will do it and I'm not dealing with that we NATO's clean them. Have you ever tried cleaning. A Bulldog I mean I take my dog and I want yeah niner shine but they're not going and he gets wet muddying aggressive yet clean eleven American Bulldog and cleaning her it's like wrestling with an alligator and now I'm not gonna IBM's it's an exciting time. Is it what are we excited about. Well an exciting time and well besides go well also means that goes that say well but I wanna make sure that I'm excited about the proper thing last night. Two things arrived in my house who. And it does this to me every year. They show up in a Mike on yeah it hey it's that time of year. We got two boxes. Of Girl Scout Cookies how. But. In the way they got him. Probably from school or something okay I think you just say like the mail like and on just delivered you girls got cookies is like free magazines. That I don't know why there should have been my door but never in doubles I never had a delicious sugary treat just randomly show opened my door. I think well how does happen none out. Two boxes out one of them. One of the tune my feel nice docket anonymous -- you can edit repent got them Ned got out during the day went out and pick him up some ten Minh city and we we're talking about Girl Scout Cookies because there's so delicious is he really even the ones you don't even like right like he bought two boxes one that I wouldn't of now wouldn't of purchase these two box you still months he's been an amateur amateur in the end when it comes to girls got the keeper scene but whatever the base get their own taste certainly. And we got we got to talking about where the money goes for girls deputies. And I think he goes to fund terrorism myself there's something going on there where is all that money gone because they got to raise the billion dollars. We'll Vasily were talking about is that they they he makes so much money on Girl Scout Cookies yeah. The girl scouts of America. But you never hear anything about the Girl Scouts doing anything other than selling Girl Scout Cookies yes what do they do. Is like is they just like go into liquor Scrooge make ducks sort of money bit. And there's one old lady that like backstroke but where does that go now I'm sure that because everyone buys them everyone buys I think you know does it mean to girl scout cookie now. We just about all the old the only time you don't find as if you're somehow on some stupid clans or your like you saw him right in the middle really don't know the jam in the as a laying on the Internet the chairman you know what after that respect he's this good. I'm so we got stuck in a day and we even online researched. And could not really. Figure out. What happens with girls get money can I leave it's being funneled somewhere and something evil is going on one day cobra commander will rise up and take over this country and I believe that will be funded by the girl scout the only thing we found out was. They do pay. They they have to pay to have them made obviously obviously that's like. That's a higher percentage than you would think. Let me don't Marc LaMont. Nearly in I mean they don't mark them up. For like retail. They mark them up for the girl scout cookie sales it's different who was filled it it has to be an amazing amount of money that's been made. And don't even know grossed out it's I have two daughters and my daughter's general Skype. There's never been in Girl Scouts nor does ever approached me about joint leader having my kids joined girl so now it's what our determination was in the removed on with their lives. Was that it's one of the biggest racquets in American history. That no one talks about so good that we've all agreed on at our house I'm like the NCAA take me really it's like yeah this is way bigger and mean thing about the money. It that I mean every year they sell these every single year. And you just don't hear anything about where the money goes or what the Girl Scouts or do winner if they're doing anything or if they even exist with the it's jam this thing sort of shadow government going on and now. We are. He UN what's gone yes you Mike wow I'm good. Did you care to guess seven the amount of revenue that inmate per year to make 77 dollars. We'll actually it's kind of we do you say that since 1999. They estimate. That the girls got to make about 700 million dollars yeah. So to death when I go to the girl scout headquarters. Which is where again. I didn't I see some gold there's why didn't like out off I five is your driving around if you know me. Like I. There's a boy scout joint right over here by us I think as your driver a buyer wanna say just not too far from us maybe they play mere barber something yeah I think there's I think there's a girl scout building or at least I. Ever seem to remember there being the girls got logo on the night that the may began its all I think it's up barber. M maximum Fred near the pro environment where do you know where the headquarters this. Both national accord yes. No this year though that 75% of the money goes to the local council whatever that means to what anybody. 25% goes to the bakeries. And the national HQ are so resilient through royalties for license scene that is unknown boom see what I'm saying Tony 5% accounted for that's it that's the rest is indeed local council and royalty rights to the HQ. My left let's be honest bakeries could mean anything that's it well that is the drug being happy to have them made yes and box into the saintly and much like ice 5%. And then from merits like what they're in New York City guys. About shocking yes and I'm willing to guess their jobs is in the New York City are not there. Down this kind of reminds you like the defeat for people. But they just travel the world like on private jets and get treated like teens. This is just this is too much old ladies living my life right now on the back cookies in sap like just we can't does stopping short breads. Welsh government down Arpaio I don't know whoever had the idea in the first place on who gets credited with that 1917. Was really the first girl scout cookie was sold the trooper scouts in Muskogee Oklahoma. Land of Merle Haggard. And O'Keefe from the Skokie the originated cookie based fund raiser at their local high school and an idea was born. Then in 1922 became may regional things based out of Chicago and it's just grown since then. That's amazing. Good lord I guess World War II is what drove it. Why say the girls gets made a change in their growing empire to assist the worse shortage in addition to selling their cookies. They also collect and distribute a number of things like war bonds flour eggs cans of animal fat men and that kind of is what led people to have. To really take notice of the Girl Scouts is that the World War II was the big growth got pushed incense then it's just. It's flourished. Love you Google image. Headquarters of the girl scouts of America and New York City yeah all you get is the sign them and that's it there's nothing inside. Clearly shadow guys anybody ever gone inside I don't know if there's anything inside is it a false front. Senator real build I mean there appears to be a woman in a pantsuit who may be important but I don't know that. Backe BofA that could be a cardboard cut out. Clearly something in his foot them at the girl scouts of America but you know what nobody ever wrap it asked the question because now the Girl Scout Cookies so delicious and no one wants the disrupt what's going on so what's it like who cares if it's people just shut up began drinking it's not like Bernie made out to people should probably be right next to Bernie Madoff himself with its not like that Bernie Madoff rip people off these people are giving us something delicious 48 cookies per box and what are we dollars and fifty cents a hate that's a great deal it is a and -- by the way. They are cheap however. You crack open thin mints tell me Kenny double box in five minutes or abdomen done set them on the short Britney no I don't think I can eat less than decent leave a short mints in one city public it's possible. The goalies between chips thing. Actually dig on some spoiled we should probably sports. I guess. I mean you don't you don't have to do. Well he talked about girl's got because Linux or are there any pressing sports needs. He Betty have pot to I have to take Valentine's talk we Ballantine who cares about that with I have a hot sports take. It is not enough time because I think everyone believes this the same cited so it's a lukewarm take this Mayweather. McGregor they triggered. Fiasco. Stupid. And who's gonna watch that he's gonna get murdered. That thing will do if if they he being McGregor yeah everybody's gonna wash yes I do one bowl I mean I agree it's stupid but everyone's gonna watch it why it would be the biggest fight in the history wife of combat he has no chance no he doesn't but people will tune in for why. In my question. Because. Almost the novelty of it it's like elegant elephants fighting jeez it's like an animal fight it's human cock fight people will tune into it to see whether or not. The head and both by the way I've huge personalities both there are experts at beating the other one in selling fights and everyone wants to see whether or not. You know the guy do with that you know the different disappointing coming in spite the other one Scott how the years he started the first place. In the credit guy be the wrestler in the wrestler guy beat did you did you got stupid stupid stupid he won't Eddie you know what it'll be a boring ass fight because no one will get our artists Mayweather will will keep his distance in just help point number twelve rounds and it will be the dole was fighting ever in three million people will buy. Talking about girl scout racquets. This is a racket yes you'll pay sixty dollars to watch Floyd Mayweather run around to reading and not do anything so wait so we're to believe then that. If you make a hundred million dollars by him one other sport. Are we interested in seeing if the guy from another sport can come in and beat the guys that sport like there's no way in any there's no sport the best I can compare this to. It would be a female competing against the male and those are done they're dumb they're stupid but like if Serena Williams. Challenged. Roger Federer. And that you put that on paper you people would buy and and lots of it especially if it involved him punching each other and face against army and all male female thing but. You get my point that people want to see whether or not. This can happen people people wanna see whether or not the miracle can can go to now you aren't and Mayweather will destroy him and it'll be boring as hell. But and that's what everybody deletes yes I mean that that's obvious it's so moved in your target about one of the greatest boxers of all time. Who's never been knocked down he's only been hit a sample of times. In his whole career where he's actually been. You know shook up never been knocked down and you're expected to guide that's not boxer is never thought of professional fight at all. To come in there and just box with him. And somehow hang with ever defeat him. It's the most ludicrous thing of all time watching Mayweather fight isn't fun anyway you know if you're boxing and because nobody can touch him now at this horse so he just runs if this was some sort of hyper thing like where you he's not an exciting fighter also now you're gonna throw somebody in the ring that can't even fight now I just it makes him so the only way this can be irritating is if you somehow came up with. The hybrid like if you allowed them to kick but maybe not wrestle. You know something because if it in you but did the same as the opposite like if you flip it if you put Floyd met. Floyd Mayweather in against Carter McGregor and and an MMA fighting your seat fight. McGregor would destroy him it would be over in four seconds. But did one well again it's good any athlete in a discipline that has train their entire life yeah is the top of their sport yes and put him into another sport. On what planet are you expecting them to defeat the person who's at the top of that sported it wouldn't happen in any sport no not anyone to come closer now. It's like an insult to the person who is in that craft taking they who's the best after the LeBron James who created me to take LeBron. And then you say okay abroad we're gonna give you. I don't know what we'll give you six months. In Jordan playing baseball there will give you six months they aren't. Well this time Aziz let's do let's do it times out. Because I started that at 312 and that's on me I can't do that I I guess it was meant to be like a hot take teas but what we got yelled that are here robot now or no we actually didn't you know he said to me he said I was so proud of yesterday sublime. He said while Suk was doing sue can use star is something ride it like 612 million U stopped him in UT's debt and you got out on time. And I symbol thank you for finally noticing that that suit is the one to blame not me. So I got it. And he said. Now it's futile. Cats can't X Sun City index was was good very yes so stopped talking we have more segments IDS and NFL quarterback discussion coming up. And before herbs in BA valuations are out maybe some spring training notes PJ fleck is back. There is a lot to discuss you're in a row the boat Tom Brady. Really good article on Monday Morning Quarterback and a two partner it was good 315 folks stand. Prime time where Isaac can serve god sanity girlfriend and I guess our poll question today it is so once again today. Regarding quarterbacks. Canadian ten dot com which college quarterback which you risk drafting. John Kaiser Notre Dame Mitch Robiskie North Carolina. John Watson Clemson Davis led cal or none of these burrows. A lot on a vote in eighty to stand out comrade CNET because yesterday we asked you which quarterback would you go try to get. Because. Generally free agent quarterbacks. In them they're you know they're available they're just it's because they separate good quarterbacks don't. Don't ever hit free agency doesn't happen that this is an interest dean a year because you do have some guys who could be built. Who can play to position Tony Romo being one. And Jimmy garage below certainly being one some people have talked about a I don't think it's at all realistic but that may be you know Kirk cousins for the right price yeah you might give the prior way from Washington yeah. I Tyrod Taylor what the bills do with him will he be out there he's good as Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now see now you're getting into. Well I'll throw one other one out there Jay Cutler. Yeah is out there you go get Cutler so. You know we asked you which quarterback would you try to get now of course Romo won that graph below second. And then Tyrod Taylor was third and I'm fascinated by. How very few people would have any interest in Jake other even though he would probably be the easiest to get guests of all those guys. A Romo I don't think is ever gonna stay healthy I'd I just think you gonna be EE EEU alcohol for him you are going to be disappointed in is not because he can't play. It's because he won't get hurt. Then Jimmy drop below demand they're asking for first round pick for him possibly more possibly more no thanks not for an unproven guy. Tyrod Taylor I'm not interest in him that's just me. Then you get down to guy like AJ McCarron I think is interesting if he can pull off the small trade get to get him you know he can be a guy the kid. They can maybe turn into a Kirk cousins type may. And then Jay Cutler. Who's pennies on the dollar now give me him or would you rather. Draft a guy and that's little question antennae to attend outcome which guy would you want to one a risk risk and on I would poke around Tyrod Taylor is well. Channel. I I don't think he's a bad quarterback I don't think he is either. You know he's he's the guy you're gonna he's a more athletic Alex Smith. So again this comes down to what team that you're you're putting around him but if you're what do build the team I'm trying to think of the defense and you're ago Cincinnati Bengals. If if you decide that Andy Dalton is it gonna work out for you anymore or whatever. I think Tyrod Taylor on a team like Cincinnati could work. You're going to you're you're gonna be limited or what you're gonna do you because you're not pushing the ball downfield you're gonna dink and dunk a little bit but he's still young happy beacon run around. I think on the right team I think you can win with Tyrod Taylor I really do as they see if you put him in any any system where they good. A good developer of quarterbacks and it's gonna sell ricks I just city's east it's kind of like Alex Smith Center Kansas City. I would like to see what tyra tutor could do with Andy Reid in a system like Kansas city's my dad doesn't ask a lot of their quarterback. And plays elite defense and run the ball well I think he would be a success there I think he is under rated. And in what he what he can do. Well I don't like him nearly as much as you do but I'm okay we we we differ the bills do have a dilemma. They can pay him. This is Tyrod Taylor I'm talking you know thirty million bucks or they get money mock. It's thirty million lot of cool if it. Did its atomic point now. And I think any good and so they have a dilemma in in the Redskins have a dilemma with Kirk cousins do they franchise him again and give him 21 million bucks or did they let him walk longing and. It's the second year that he is gonna get franchise of that number actually goes up I think it's more than that they get it. I I wanna say it's north of that I need to go back and and look it up but I know there's a bomb too because it would be the second year in a row which is why he's fine being franchises they go. I'll take this. Nine I know it's not the long term security that he wants but. It's two years in a row now that guy's gonna get paid twenty million dollars plus it's good to be Kirk cousins if you do you franchise him. It's just it's it's food for ultimate trump card in the NFL that you're gonna have to overpay form and even Tyrod Taylor and her cousin just accused. On LA didn't John did not always said no on mark and overpay for brought Gaza I don't know they used to do that and guess it was right John Elway you know what happened Denver. Well what you know about that meet our mind while you're gonna be the same with with this bad contract yeah. And in this that's his point his point is there all the same and I get a pay a. Yeah but I think there's a difference between Tyrod Taylor and Brock cost the UI and I think. I. Just think there's always be careful there's levels. It and they want is significantly better than the other but to your point. You're not going to you're not going to lean on on a guy like an Alex Smith or Tyrod Taylor but I do think you can live with them. And that's why I think Denver is interesting because Denver has the components adding to win within average quarterback but the John always point. He doesn't see much difference between whichever Simien and a Tyrod Taylor someone like that and and it is a much cheaper price tag and he's not willing to. Amounted to hamstring his team because of it which is why I think he did Tony Romo did everything would be major scene but I doubt John always willing to pay Tony Romo. Anything more than probably eleven or twelve million dollars for the one year. OK so then if you're the bills Steve page Tyrod Taylor 59 year for two years here or whatever it is you know points. I largely due from the bills I probably. Just like the Redskins sand and a Kirk cousins will this franchise and in the navy yeah and figured out after figured out after that. Is that because you know accident came long term well I just it I don't know what did Josh is there. A month ago we said there may not be one quarterback that carries a first round grade. In this year's draft maybe to Shawn Watson in other options are out there keeping you're gonna get for them now in the first bank teller's an option Tony Ramos an option. I Jimmy grapples again this that's on work tying up this and then in the need in the draft. And you know. Teams are gonna fall in love with wanted to these guys in the gonna go way too high but may be their right you know could Beecher misty could be Davis led her thought had an interesting one when when he he brought up a team like Denver they do they get team accused I think like a team like Denver is different than it and then buffalo or someone like that because. You know whoever we're talking about it you're not transforming buffalo and a contender Houston and Denver you can but. If you can make a move for someone like Tony Romo. Draft the guy. Mid round 33 fourth around try to develop them behind it and then get a veteran guy thinking comment. In case of an emergency that that's a pretty good plan for a team like Houston. Or a team like Denver but I think that's I think those are different situations then the others if you're. When those other teams. I think you kinda go with what you have and you still spend the draft pick you spend. You spend a third or fourth round pick and see if maybe you can find that the diamond in the rough the you can develop him behind a competent but not any league starter. Like a Tyrod Taylor and Alex Smith. Right vote in eighty defend outcome. Will be able tackle a more about that leading up to the undrafted free agency analysts can mean inching year now there are a couple of other. Fun little and NFL. Player movement. I think he's flown around ten duties. I'm gonna tell you what they are next loader thing he's in they'll get back to lead the Mayweather McGregor fry decrepit. Okay that if it happened since the about three million people will fall victim to it is that all. I thought we mourn that bill will be did that deuce every million that would do several million paper view buys the UU so over a million fights on paper view that she huge money. All right so that's what's coming up. Here is Mike with sports and there. And we're advising him to go. What a day. Drop and Zeke Mike is here pro. Hornaday what a day and eat them. Big show them. The big big big show. Huge can be huge and so if you need a quarterback. Knows that there is live to Venezuela I think. I think you mean the resume bad losing reversal well that and why it was a play down and stand. I was just trying to make a read it for me my I was making a random noise based on how big it was showed us through. Book it is a big show. If you need a quarterback it's finishing year. Because there are guys that eking trade for they can play a little bit. And their bunch of guys and they're busy and followed with an address so what are you. Tyrod Taylor thirty mill. May be wise for the bills just go ahead and pay that freight and get him back in the full. Washington. Franchise tag one more year Kirk cousins and I'd like tame long term I think those two Linda Epstein put maybe you can trade for Jew breeze maybe you can trade for Philip Rivers. There's an interesting year for quarterbacking if I was New Orleans I would shop. The ministry question if I was San Diego I. You've got to I mean I don't know. Oh I'd I'd trade Philip Rivers you know are just here are you really go anywhere with him but I just think Drew Brees in the saints it's the worst don't roster in the NFL. And it's the worst salary cap situation injure Brees makes too much money. I'd see which you can get form I don't know what kind of hole you would get middle Guilford told us on his final show. Come as a class we whenever yeah I think it was last week he said the saints are gearing up for one more run with kind of nice I'd good luck with that that roster is a mess. Seems like their owners can now to launch there you have Bentsen and I dead is know what he's doing. It's just a year in year out when you look at Ed dead cap money and wasted picks it's just it's not a well run organization so they've blown free agency pretty much every year let's step this up a notch instead of talking about Tyrod Taylor's talking lots of other big names that are out there can be very very interesting off season now one name that's floating out there and somebody floated the south today on the Internet. With the inner where have I heard something about that. Houston needs a quarterback yes and held a defense. JJ watts bit a question mark. Number one defense last year and the JJ lobs out yes and he's been a question mark would you trade JJ watt. For a quarterback. Could you trade JJ watt and get. Philip Rivers Drew Brees even more for him this is a scene and how would you do that. I don't think I would trade it for a major breeze that means you're getting two years of threes. Well arson how bad is the injury. Well his watt ever going to be the same that's the that's the Mano a question. Among Pacino go do physical with the old Philip Rivers is rivers is 35. Any breezes like 38. Or 39. If I was had one of those guys like 3332. I do in a heartbeat. That you're talking about 35 inning guy that's been. Pretty beat up and thought about thirty years old though about towns roms. Now Houston now JJ watt to Dallas for comes roms in you know some not and why you love and about. That's not a bad play it's a horrible for Bill Clinton for Kirk for the Houston Texans. Fine that's their lives rom is Ramos nine gives it's for a romo's gonna die Romo may die but so many did you like this and said did you I mean it played. Yeah this is a risky as anybody years so this is you're not trading a healthy. A a you're not trading the best defensive player in the NFL in his prime 100% healthy you're trading him. After the cat is out of Baghdad a guy is. Really banged up and can he stay healthy it's almost like the same as Tony Romo is way younger it is amazing what he's played with over the years mean you're you're talking about. One of degree even the ones of all time and the guy has played through just about everything. Okay grapple O will eventually will that will that fall apart now New England probably wouldn't do this knowing how they operate. But would you trade JJ watt for in a package for grapple. Yeah I'd be interested in that if I really thought that Jimmy drop below was. Jimmy gee what was some pain and and and you've read after lab bill Brian. And you know he's got some connections there to the teachers' organization but if I really tiger Rob Lowe. Could turn into something then ya I would deal JJ watt. If you look at JJ. And and we know the impact he makes but without him last year it was still the number one defense. It was still an elite defense it was still a defense that into the playoffs exactly so if I could bring in a guy like Jimmy gee if I really thought that that the upside was there. Even now I'm not talking about just being a superstar but if I thought he was going to be an upper Echelon quarterback. Let's say in that Philip Rivers category approval guy probably top ten but never really top floor I would do that in a heartbeat. I would give a JJ watt 'cause I don't think you need him in Houston he's a nice addition for you but your defense is fine without him and how big one guy on the defense side of the ball. But there's a player in the league that really makes that kind of difference on on the defense aside I think it's more about a collection of talent. Let's say let grapple is only 25 yet. And that would be one of those trades that. You know you like you could potentially look back and I think 510 years down the road and go wow me why on earth. Was Houston doing or he could say my god he's in the social I mean that that's the eagle boomer does deal well there. The best one that I can come up with our match is well there's two of them one match job. Wind they they dealt him and match jobless bad job what does a pro bulls. Flamed out at the end never won anything big but Matt shop kind of worked out in that bad area. And the biggest one is they let Brett Favre walk 54. Aaron Rodgers and it was adamant they came out so yes they've made news today that I'm not sure which. It was today were gentleman said that he. He kind of compared. The Tom Brady. I Jimmie your outlook thing to the Favre and Aaron Rodgers instead to drop below is a study cities a gunslinger but the trauma that is is Tom Brady plans to play for. Another three or four plus years we'll Tom's braid says he's a 100% and he's not he's tong and Peter King you know get to this later but he says that he has zero pain. Yet city in the Super Bowl is two weeks ago at cities feels. Thank you guys trying to be able to play forever so if if that's the case then yes you deal Jimmy grapple and you get as much for me you can't. But this. So there's some party that goes women were over our skis on grappled because he because he plays for the patriots. He basically had two games to look where was this guy before all those game before those two games we can blame backed up because Tom Brady doesn't say how quote Tom Brady is not gonna get Wally Pitt. He doesn't even come out of the game. Yes it's disappointing to me that. You know you had Drew Bledsoe right and then they had this guy behind him that nobody knew about the now the greatest quarterback of all time. And then you've got this guy sitting behind him who nobody knew about their days jock in. For now and there's really no. I mean OK put it this way Drew Bledsoe goes down Tom Brady plays two games. Is everybody going crazy for Tom Brady probably not so why are they going crazy for Jimmy drop below. Yeah I think it's an interesting point. Because there's just I think it's is there's just not a lot of quarterbacks and people just assume because in new England and that you know that the Belichick's system and look at what they developed and they love him but. So he's such a risky play any and I see why somebody would may be go getting but. At the same time who. It's a bold move if he sacks the best move would be is if is net inland of New England pushed Tom Brady got the proper grammar Matt Flynn and you'll ever have thought that Matt Flynn put up like historic numbers didn't Ian and I do want her to gain what is your games and that was the big commodity ended up in Seattle and then lost his job before ever started to game to Russell Wilson. Lisa did pave I think it was only like fifteen million guaranteed the news I was surprised at how little money there actually was for Matt Flynn but yet he was the big. He was Jimmy your up well and he got beat up by Russell wouldn't she want the life of Matt Cullen. Yeah I take a life metal and so much money for doing so little I'd rather have the last someone you know like Tom Brady but what you don't need the accolades on the on not giving that. Yeah would you rather have Tom Brady's life for mat funds life. I'm saying you know right now trade July 10 for Matt Flynn yeah you better believe it sign me up the CN BD's in the NFL and now he's long Dyson on a beach party I don't somewhere but I idea how much money he made. Both the DOC RT affirm what I don't like it for years and like 45 Miller some that I think only like fifteen or seventeen that was guaranteed you was it huge guaranteed money. Which is why they were basically able to get rid of them. Shortly thereafter Andy Reid likened Wright was that again it. Wait he's agreed to using green Bay's that would have been. Would be McCarthy. And he may be dinners Huntsman is a time. Met fallen out yet he did twenty million. It's good to be an intern twenty million. Off like two games. Yeah never played now. Two games not any one of them it was he torched Detroit yet they keep usually six touchdowns you and I can Toyota towards Detroit and now we can. That's maybe you are much fall off and then there's Matt Cassel to people arena that's a good one. Cast don't. Cassel gets a bum rap so it was OK even a pro bowler to download Kansas City when avenue and he's it'll we'll see sees what they could get exposed couldn't push the ball down field there are limitations to him they won eleven games with him to name. The patriots. Yet they missed the playoffs than maybe they want 1010 or eleven and then they miss the playoffs that he got dealt. Propel sweetheart of a deal wasn't a lot that was a second. Either the second or maybe a third to fourth that that they gave a form of people thought that maybe that was the week Scott Pioli. You know good guy deal with New England. And you know Matt Cassel was there for a number of years but just never. I would never lived I'd like I loved the final game of trying to find a quarterback I love it I didn't do it is self fascinating test. And when you have what makes everything else easier me you don't have one. You got to find a way to scan and then and then you've got like the saints who have won nothing else yep or this charges are wasting Philip Rivers. The ended his career Philip Rivers might be the best quarterback that. Just. Eight and in modern I don't say the last twenty years. They. Will go down you see how the hell did he not win one. Anyone can remember we did garrido was the one comes to my but we don't recognize Reno's greatest I think Philip Rivers will largely be forgotten the history. It's a shame because Philip Rivers was really freaking good and played on some really good teams and how those San Diego teams never even made two Super Bowl. It was new England and I don't remember the DV but made it that there was a picked. And we had to do was fall down in that game is over any fumbles does that reverse yet that was the Philip Rivers the CI remember rivers go with Norv Turner going to AFC title game yeah. But that you're talking about the Schottenheimer. Year do you think there was a ball right in the big guy picked it I was shot in any fumbled it. Otherwise either that was you're going to the title game you're going to the Super Bowl. It goes San Diego teams with LTE and and Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers and mean you hadn't been that there was one year I think you got to nine pro bowlers your defense was good was Shawne Merriman and all these guys and in quit. And mom they never want they never got to the Super Bowl and they will be forgotten the history. You know let. Yeah I had forgotten that Philip Rivers is a quarterback of that team yeah. And that was you're right that was the patriots game where they shot that was the end of march on Imus career at where basically he just said I'm just gonna turn over play calling because. I'm a choke artists in the playoffs and then they choked again. And if item they were fourteen into that here yes those church or teams were ridiculous year any year that was never got over the that was Philip Rivers and in Norv Turner took over but that was Philip Rivers first year. Out with San Diego was there yet there's Jim Brees you know correct differ however many years before that. So that was rivers first year and then I Norv Turner got them to. The conference finals. The very next year. I just think people forget how good and also patriots again. Nearly just it was it was almost like the New York Knicks they kept running indeed the Chicago Bulls. Think when you're happy Earth Day jazz or some where the jazz same sort of things yet you go back and look that added that they only had one more big year in the house and rivers started off he went fourteen to 211 and five you went thirteen in three. And you know those were wasted years at thirteen and three team got upset in the first round by the jet's. Flight today. Appeal and I guess there's a lot of seven and nine okay BS hate I have a couple of others does turn out to JGY think there leader Tom Utley down bell to. There's another guy sitting out there that's kind of been Justine. Along the lines of trading for a JJ watt that may be team can go get to plug the gap a multi that is next on the tenth. Primetime revising consumed on sanity goes yeah. Bayou timeouts. Kind of funny cornerback when you don't have one now IKEA the browns in the niners. Just try to draft on yeah you develop because you know that you're having to build some. And anyways in fact I think a lot of the times when people reach for quarterbacks is because GMs and coaches know it's their ass I mean ideally. Mike in San Francisco with glitches Shanahan those guys stats and patients they got six year deals. And it seems they San Cisco is gonna be patient with them but for a lot of teams. You know that this idea of drafted a quarterback in taking two or three years a developing them and and and kind of you know building through that process you don't have that time you're gonna get fired. And I think that that sort of panic leads to a lot of bad decisions. With NFL teams in NFL front offices. Similar type about you know maybe he's intriguing JJ lot pines sky but you know the quarterback they're they've got a good defense already I think we over value. Position players in the NFL so much. That I don't know if there's a clear in the NFL that I wouldn't listen to. And be willing to deal for a nice haul of draft picks now this this next one doesn't. Involved quarterback expedite I think is interesting because as you know these rumors go around. But we are timeout lady on bell Steelers and do you pay him a boatload of money mean he's awesome. But. You know. Knowing what you know about running backs in their shelf life then it's not that may be on bell has his play that. You know I entire seasons the guy has been injured the guy has been suspended. He's played in thirteen games 166 and twelve he's going for now as you freeagent. This year I think he's a free agent this year meego and take a look but I believe that is the case. This one's been rumored and it's not doesn't necessarily have did Pittsburgh. One is gonna go on with aging Peterson Minnesota no one knows you as an unrestricted free agent. Lady on Aniston since who's gonna make a decision right yeah yeah yeah yeah so you wanna do. Now beaten DD pay him I mean. He's ever said to be you can't franchise and so yeah they'll probably franchise and I think yeah I would assume so because they don't think that the the price. The price tag on a French as a running back is anywhere near. What isn't some of the other positions in franchise means he just get a one year deal. At a percentage of the top. You know top three or five or whatever those guys that's how it is now the rumor is a Jim Peterson a greenback. Because they Jim Peterson. You know does it make sense for Minnesota. Two. To keep him there after researchers dealer he's can be gone I'd get rid of him. And I wouldn't I wouldn't pay any running back Adrian Peterson. Including. And what that means that he's gone NB Isabel Minnesota's not gonna pay image in his eye well. That's my contract so do you think Adrian Peterson will restructure in Minnesota now I don't if he does not restructured and he's gonna go somewhere else. By the way that attack NB ad is interest in the tag be about eleven billion for running back. And I think I would do that hurt. For belt if I was Pittsburg idea that our eleven million bucks sign me up for that get a question is yet another year another question with him as a what is a long term what is. He is agent want on your parents who want. You know I'd. In your highest paid running mega leak well was it your Peterson but it it won't be after this considered no one's gonna pay him that kind of money. But Peter Peterson has been Macon. They act fifteen plus million for quite some time yet Jamaal Charles is number two at nine million. On average in Adrian Peterson averages that 1414 so bill's gonna want fourteen ranked near fifteen that would be my guess no way. I would say I would not Payer running back fourteen million dollars he is he's so good but no he I would I would give him a a fairly long term deal and guarantee him some more and that eleven to twelve million dollar range what the franchise tag is. NBA you're gonna take a little bit less but we'll give you three to four years guarantee because he's only 24. And then at the end of that you know you're 27 year 28 years old and you're probably move on for so if they if they move on from him what about a Jim Peterson. Yet again if he's willing to take less money. Well it can't be mean I don't think even as in give him fourteen million. But you know who knows. Teams are stupid and also does Adrian Peterson just have a Giant Eagle he thinks that's what he should that's what he should be paid. Well I'd be really interesting to watch agent Peterson walked across the aisle. To Green Day and pull the earth the I'll go far if you're at it now after a bit but that would be really intriguing for agreement. Yep it is you'd have to deal them. I mean I guess and Minnesota's could just cut him and then you know you move on foreign Erik's eye again I don't know what the price tag. As far as trading triggered Peterson goes Minnesota just Meehan of having to just cut. In a curator Peterson that's probably better if you anyways than you can see where you wanna go. It appears he bases refused restructure his deal and force them to cut him right it and then and then and then free due to go where he wants to go and then science separate deal yeah. And then just in. Many well vikings by going to playing Rebecca if I'm Green Bay I would take a look at that depending on the price tag on that Green Bay is just been so. It's just don't sign free agents it's just it's that's that's not their their MO would you be willing to do it trader in Peterson but. Adrian Peterson is gonna be on the wrong side of thirty here puts on peppers and yet peppers is kind of the one guy. I mean I'm trying to bid even peppers wasn't a huge deal and he was towards industry has been very productive agree bay if you look in the started freezing Green Bay and my New England. Baltimore for the most part these are teams and Pittsburgh is another one that kind of sit out free agency. In it's it's the same stupid teams it's the dolphins it's the browns. You know it's it seems like this could just throw these gobs of money at the Michael lawless is of the world and the end up being terrible. Oh Green Bay made time Montgomery. They could issue running back. I have nothing he was a receiver and they made him a viable threatened got them all the way and it's really gotten to the playoffs this bird conference finals so. They don't need to Adrian Peterson. And they need a running back I know today Adrian Peterson and neater and he held there offense for show. I just at stake in the draft show. He can just you can find guys in the third fourth fifth round they can be productive really and you look at the top two highest paid running Max fourteen million in nine may need him to say healthy. Peterson and Charles so running that's just. They do let don't let. At any don't live up to the contracts that lay beyond bell had 24 years although Peterson did that's not in the special running back that he is I would franchise and I would not let him right now coming Howard I would either I read a franchise and or work out some kind of deal. Where you're paid him because he's so we are coming up next hour we have the Forbes NBA evaluations 2017 the blazers have dropped a spot. Who passed them. And Mayweather McGregor. And we'll three million people be duped. The answer to that is yes. When that break the record four point six. As we are all you don't know about it Obama. And those Mayweather Pacquiao and a large civil time 359. This is the fan.

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