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Dirt & Sprague, Wednesday 2-15-17 Hour 3

Feb 15, 2017|

The guys play get to know new Blazers C Jusuf Nurkic, Swag has another edition of Stat or Story, and will you watch Dickie V and Bill Walton together on the same call tonight.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah what's up everybody it's dirt when I thank you for tickets in time out to listen to be podcast of our show brought to you by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Movie. This is. Then spray because your got fired. You lose your job don't hire him. Just stay away from. It's like Sports Radio continues may and now with different surgeries with Andy after Johnson and Brendan spray is afraid. Just call him crazy again Christian name McRae dirt and spray John Kennedy appeared before. You know level twelve yeah yeah those. Defense did its final hour very constrained. Say to the fans. After Wednesday's city of what your company's own well. All the political double double pump. All. App like America. And don't forget you follow us on Twitter raptor and spring you know we do we fight back believe it or not tell the bottom of the hour Laboy is thirty wanna see shipped out of town and the next eight days for the NBA trade deadline I think everybody answers the same while not one other than Meyers Leonard and comings and fifteen minutes from now it is they Wednesdays so let's get our scatter story on excited to see would slide guard has concocted for us. On a in this beautiful Wednesday afternoon in the rose city. The Marines back with a grain is back and traffic is. Jack was a nightmare is more traffic stuff and sucked even for me I'm death 825. Dropped the dot Roth got back on the Rooney thirty didn't get in until about 930. I've yet slow commute and also I'd simply the final hour let's say may be the most annoying thing in the history television's going down tonight. And will you watch the news. I mean I'm my gap problem with the -- on admittedly because of the product area degenerate the train wreck factor -- -- there is I give you that MM maybe it'll allow calls mixed in bumping up either a middleman Ford or is it basically on nothing -- know there's the middleman there's that traffic -- oh yeah traffic cop is gonna get run over a poor bastard yeah there's got to be drinking game associated with that I'm sure there is I'll Google it during the break and see if there is let's say with that is say let's meet the newest member of the Portland trailblazers are awaiting get a chance to hear from old -- -- pitch yesterday and abusive what's up man -- -- media i.'s newest member of the Portland trailblazers -- by the Bosnian beast I've also seen the Bosnian bear tell you Bosnian -- better I got -- was like art and that's what I like the Bosnian bear better than the Bosnian -- so like peace once is Dominic on the Bosnian bear went to middle to -- college you great Twitter handle by the way he does have a great Twitter Bosnian beast when he seventy does. But he talked to the media yesterday so let's hear from the man he talked about playing would Damian Miller in CJ McCollum. I've never played. The forwards those from a guard's life. Nobody can go under and you know good data jarrah are called also supposed to on the so I think they also aren't just this year but in a third so. I can't wait there were damning and I'm excited to let you know with. It's remained they would go stunning. Very amazing exclude those kind of guys complimentary of his new teammates like it when shots at the nuggets backcourt you all know we are out there are so soured Diddy had the Denver Nuggets let's continue with our new foreign friendly serious talking about playing for Terry Stotts. Like I said I'm gonna do with our state coach thank you do best better for like all of both fewer amount. And Tomlin tried to feed storms possible so you see out there with what I should do in a room with post needs from me a mom try to show what I can. Trying to show he candidate is gonna do whatever the coach wants man of god bless this guy I'm already a fan of the Bosnian bear because I I I thought about this pre show because sluggers like case some of the stuff it's not easy to understand everything he's saying. And I thought about this is like have you ever thought when Americans are playing in other countries. Or word play any Olympics. We don't make any effort to speak in that language we disable we say and hopefully you have an interpreter and more all good American ma'am I give these guys credit as they come over here and may legit it's ride to speak English. And explain what they're thinking in our language that can't be easy a lot of pressure involved there now and you mentioned the shots at Denver he did take one more veiled shot to the Denver Nuggets his former team he said the nuggets held him back. Definitely you know members do a lot of more stuff you know they can hold me down. You know I was and would love him I'm here to show. With the coach and import car assuming that hole or cargo so I'm gonna be news in movies and it's worked and now be patient. And another tell them back he's excited to play for with Daimler and see Jim colonies had to do whatever Terry Stotts once and do what role do you wanna see use of our connection for the Portland TrailBlazer controlled the paint defensively and grab rebounds I don't care about any offensive skill set and whatsoever. Starting a lot of PS are now. I hope so that's held right Meyers Leonard due to hazardous stars that's my whole thing I I don't care if he doesn't know any of the any of the system yet just thrown out there at this point but I tend to believe you sit says that he was held back by the nuggets I don't buy that he was an incredibly big diva. I read a lot of Denver Post stories on him and Oliver was on the show when you hear what he said about him he lost his starting job he pout he basically is a big baby. Hopefully he moves on from that your goalie you're basically playing with house money with him anyway with his contract in getting one more year round event. Hopefully he's moved on from that attitude any can thrive here import went. But I know you sit knows who he has there's a little bit of mum. Meyers Leonard doesn't know his identity he's never been able to figure that out in the MBA is a horse for money he's never been able to figure out what this team MI three point shooter to lag. Go rebound too I stick in the paint do I go the perimeter. He struggles that almost every single game whether he's given five minutes or he's given twenty some minutes. I'll use of her kids understands when you get on the court. Says big screen gold eagle bowl gets the guns all I care about abstain paint. Defend the ram got a solid rationale I don't wanna hear anything or see anything else from him. As ever we need him as the bodies had been done to tell them down we need to get eight nobody got a hold me down Ono. That's the academy is being so I've got to keep old fool me. That's going to be is new themes on looking and his numbers this year are basically throughout his entire Kerr he's played about seventeen minutes per game. For the night it's on his first year second year now this tubing is thirty year. For Syria average seven points per game Al last year and this year about eight point three game. And rebounds right about six hers careers is about set an app point six rebounds. First career playing only seventy minutes I cannot do this thing that I wanna watch with him is just to see how a player of his. It's dial. Fits and Terry Stotts offense can we talk about the some money in swagger concluded because of the Fed and that the biggest part of the trade is known that was the first from peck. Nobody's gonna disagree with that. But just to see what a lumbering seven foot center that doesn't move that doesn't space the floor the complacent defense how it fits in a Terry Stotts well I. I think are designed dusting him they were talking about the last Hamad traditional senator and by the NBA standards I don't know what that means anymore not having anybody I don't know I was traded it was a traditional Robin Lopez was absolutely traditional center but I think the offensive system is changed since then because they used to dump the ball a lot and LA used to use him on the low block and an has changed in the last two. Roland get occasional look she wouldn't need he wasn't a great dolphins players not a great offensive player may get all the trouble hook shot every now and then get an occasional little in the post but he's also. Your predicated on your perimeter players so. The traditional senator rolls not important for Portland they need a guy that's like you sit in terms of size strength. And potential now lazy and tapped into that I doubt it I hope he does I hope I'm wrong but. Based on watching him in Denver. There's a real attitude problem dimming and I hope that's gone but. You need a guy that sets did screens which may some glumly was really good at setting screens. And holds down the paint defensively and that's something that role though was really good at when he was import lane. I hope you get some semblance of that back because that'll help your back court a lot. Yeah I think more more so maybe I meant just kind of how they would say it would Damon CGI guess and discuss 'cause it a lot of their offense is spacing and Tim in Myers and that's a big frustration for him to stand around the three point line. How much of that is coaching how much of that is him being it's a snowflake cannot wanted to grab rebounds as it is just a different set out on the we seem to gamers CJ and I think this is where role low type player wolf CNN. You need a guy that's not demanding of the ball and understands that his looks. Are going to be in a bare minimum every game the expectations should be as somebody don't need the ball after they dry run jail quarterbacks glamour putback layup that's how you're getting your points if you get any. This entire offense is built around ball movement flare screens Dane CJ in you you won a fun fact about to use of meritage. I'd love a fun fact abusive market is a fun fact about the Bosnian mayor and consider this if his nicknames the Bosnian there was dad's nickname would be the large father Hayes. His dad's name is Harry is HA RI easy Harry's Harry's whenever a guy. He is a police officer and Bosnia yup they you can out run I guarantee it in according to the broadcasters of the Denver Nuggets. Stands at seven feet tall 400 pounds have you Google image does dad watching a basketball game nobody gets a guy like an hour seats over from his gravitational pull that's that's the trick he's the guy you see on the airplane and you hope to Jesus that he bought full growing year not sharing his seat now he's currently doing him yeah I just to keep a fool me. That's like art like that's by holy smokes he has a large human being that you lose no opera's you're not you're not kidding need to walk and Rosie both leagues he's with one dual use humongous. Yet he is the large father. 7400. Pounds had no wonder do you says he uses tiny. It is compared it was bad use of golf compared to me. And I like that so I'm companies in the starting lineup tonight after what we saw from the somebody asks him you can speak in your Bosnian ax and the rest of the ship and I've got to keep on the rule it. You'll always show in a box as it is there is dead if he has if he ever has it's points winning game you got a dual blazers segment and that meant general Italy thinkable lost Lloyds TJ debris will always jewels of Yahoo! is scoring after we saw on the whole load Meyers Leonard and nobody wants this opportunity more than the nobody's gonna work harder than me one for seven do this saint YMCA man get your ass on the bench put Yusuf right -- -- -- there is why is played seventeen minutes a game this year he had nothing to lose this point run or not there for thirty minutes and see what he can do in this guys I think we're all in together and maybe I'm wrong and there's like five people out there I think collectively as a city most of us are all in on the tanking. And we just sit Myers ass down try to trade him as soon as we can and see what we have how to use of America it's I think we all agree on that and if inert doesn't give us any saying well. I don't know what you must about two people a little English exactly who wouldn't let it. Keep that as a drop so I had an idea as rather have error everytime he has a good performance from plan that I levity dropped a nobody that the homey down they pull me down nobody gonna pull me now. Use of American cheese bacon in nearly a year acts that your remind me of rocky and bullwinkle. Looked Russia. That that's all they get about would you do it until I got men and and so likened it pay bottom of the hour or eight days away from the NBA trade deadline it's blazers are making everyone available in seventy Google image large father to. Jesus he's a giant. At big man go Google him and go might be be pretty proud of my boys if I created somebody got paid yeah right well you should if you're. So far around gorilla man have before crowns. Also want to bring up due to the Meyers Leonard sitting down saying. If you trends and don't you lemon line up. What is the use of his worse if I mean Denver would have played him if he does good right. Adding that like Gulliver was an all giddy on that move right. Okay I was debut by the way for Denver I was nineties a bottom of the hour eight days away from the trade deadline sounds like everybody's available who would you want Neil shaded trade yes we know Meyers Leonard to answer. Other than Meyers Leonard Hadley lady accepting disability Oakland ended trade. With the death but an Abbott say you know what time is. Time for your favorite segments favorite segments data story next on the fan Perot crunch numbers. It's 6127. Students and 50% of which. So that's 7000. Murray the news ladies and gentlemen can I please have your attention I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story is it a stab. It's based on all factory prowess is inadmissible in case you didn't know this is never story on monumental. Always dirty and sprayed it on Jimmy and I and you'll man. Status story time folks just because this and the mailman sarcasm he says gee I hope dirt explains a standard story works because otherwise it would be so confused dude I don't remember how it goes can you tell me dirt let me tell you how to say it works folks we do it every Wednesday tip fifteen so why -- here's what's right gonna do okay okay okay he's gonna throw out a number right numbers say number a couple of times caddy that number we'll have a corresponding stacked. That has to do with sports. And a corresponding crazy stories. And then it's our job being the host of this radio show yes to decide which of the two it is. Balls so it's only one of them with sad number of people there you go gotcha and I'm going hey guess what even play along and all 255. 305 what have you cooked up for us today swipe card. Well let's say let's begin or your first number is 3535. 35 isn't the number of shots new blazers centers use of circuit has blocked so far this season. Whom. Are. Visit the number of nails paid Boston area Amanda hammered into a board with this goal and two minutes setting a new world record you expect it. It's. While we eat. Our money goes and don't worry Brian Austin area men to god I'm a ghost story that the bulls you learn. Yeah 35 that's no I can't even imagine what one feels like. Hammerhead. Including risks gracious man that great text. Can you crush of beer can with your forehead. You're tired and never tried I tried when you press the beer can against your forehead yes no horses with your hand I set the auto business here the other way art. Again a year he's already is and down on the mail going in tomorrow. As value of this yes I'll mild tweak out here a minute policy in many games he's played this year. He's played in 45 games there and yet this has his story there's no way he's got Leonard type blocks in forty fiery you know this is a study out a guide there's no way thirty psychological. Games for years of Dirk. Rim protector odds a lot of blocked a game that's more than Myers and his entire career with the it's that's ailing president then that Citic. I hammerhead John Ferraro. Pounded 38 nails into a board with this goal and under two minutes Emmett Johns who YE. Why why would you and why he's so he holds the one minute record at thirteen. But got 38 to go in two minutes. And pool all tweet this out just a few minutes but if you wondering how this is possible. Whatever you're a genetic freak he is his skull but thickness of his goals. This more than two times the average humans. Thickness sit sixteen millimeters compared to an average thickness of six and a half millimeters in the average human school so that's how we can get a lately yes human definition of hard headed who's got a cave man and living much and clearly he's a Neanderthal he had he really is but it's an honest picturing her kids pounding his head into a wall that's you know that's all I'm doing now with American people movies anything bad ass like that I'm just gonna picture you both. Are you sitting Turkish fuel and it. By the way Meyers Leonard 93 career blocks and five years he had 38 his rookie year more than her kids. And he went from 38 the next you're getting five. To fourteen. To eighteen just staying ADT's. All right the next number. 104. And 100 port is that the number of free throws Mason palm what he has missed so far in the 201617. Season you pleasant and free throw shooter or is that the number of satellites launched in a single mission recently by the space agency for the country of India believed to be a record. 104 in the long term pattern for so I know it's. Satellites less than if the efficacy is really the treaty is Ron they're doing is becoming pre yet. And neat there's a new alien movie coming out to guess in the trailer Federalist free kick ass you can play it's I mean alien it's yet they like fine line thin and light turns on on my own place in alien movie don't know. With Sigourney Weaver no it's I get me a movie about aliens that are after us gosh she's gonna throw it out there and look it up they look I think it's called life. Kick ass trailer aliens don't like is that's a crazy twists and I don't that was made never done that moment now excited to get it turns out that's a lot of satellites may there's no way he's missed a 104 free throws that's a lot of mystery and I'm running a story because that is total current movie how many times DS with their. There's not how many does even the free throw line. Not the easiest ten free throws a game. Now there's no way he's missed that many free throws this past the news story and is it's for sure is story. Yes it is a story well but made some plumbing has missed 97 free throws this year socket a lot closer you are only as I don't I shot like 225. Free throws or Nightline got me I'm guessing it's rose and its impact the lives when he sees our version of a hack a Shaq. But no me. Let me go back to my story here. Yes this was a last Wednesday. The India's space agency with. Launched. On a single launch a hundred and for the column nano satellites but they figured out how to create a low cost. Launch vehicle systems. In show a 101 of them were foreign satellites okay bear and the bulk of them were actually American women get DL number. 96. Were from the United States one each from Israel cossacks Don the Netherlands Switzerland in the United Arab Emirates. Cost Oksana. And there that. We need to play the the Kazakhstan national and just the priesthood sometime. At the well any guy. I didn't see them Libya do you look that is such an underrated comedy. What is it called again Bora Bora and what that a little more I forget the first time I saw that movie. Did William and that's bad guy we're wrestling. As the most disturbing funny scene so easily goes to the rodeo in sings that Kazakhstan national hero he had any almost gets killed yeah I remember that. Okay was the last. Are you last number is seven billion. 7000000007. Billion is six feet combined franchise valuations according to Forbes for all five teams in the NBA's Northwest Division who's in the northwest of port isn't the amount in dollars a Florida man has been accused of embezzling V. The F fraudulent wire transfers because he believed Jesus told them he wanted him to be rich. Loan like that overnight owls I saw this this is a story this is serious question and how it's worth more vital how many people can name the teams in the Northwest Division. I is that common knowledge and I don't mean I think that's a good points divisions are no longer relevant Niemi nobody cares about to be 55305. Can you name the 12345. Teams in the Northwest Division. I'm a ghost story no other story to guiding your way out or you saw the sort. Yeah I and I did you speak to why this franchise in the Northwest Division have a combined value of four point 645 billion so less then. One billion per team actually the Portland trailblazers are the highest valued franchise. Of those five. I that's not a huge shocker when you look at the of the teams that are in there. So we shall we name them for people we're gonna give them tell a story first and I'll read the teams and so yes according to move. Who was this from here and others is from the Huffington Post. Yes they Florida man was accused of making seven billion dollars in fraudulent wire transfers. Self taught. Figured out how to do it there were seventy different transactions before investigators figured him out. And so when he was asked by investigators why he did this he stated quote. Jesus Christ created wealth for every one and quote beaten so we need to get. Claim that she's it's absolutely are you did Jesus just over here like dude what did I do. It would be. Paula nearly minister worried have you read when they would go on to say telling investigators. Let me get this is John-Michael Pascual of Lakeland fla I camped outside I even by how silly it says said the scheme would allow him to quote obtain the wealth that Jesus Christ created for him and that belonged to him and quote. Other hobbies don't post says Jesus was not available for comment on the story what a scapegoat to use slow yourself up you get honored virgins balls. Is that to deliver the loss loses excuse. He's still needed when a cop out damn it that's totally it was a cop out but okay two things here that could set a story cap was against understood doubling Sammy said mine movie knowledge is disappointing saint Lawrence underrated bit. OK maybe it's not underrated. But he also said it is the most quoted comedy movie of all time which I beg to differ whole heartedly disagree with academy yeah I guess would be the top kind of caddy shack I would say dumb and dumber dumb and dumber I would put old school. And Holly's animal house hot. He asked if you're really the only legal dates of quote of the movie's comedy movies that are most quote I go dumb and dumber one yeah I don't caddie shack two I have never quoted dumb and dumber. Bowl day they never will hear it and there you combine you got to make your rare that one right. While you're just like a dumb and dumber is. But you're the only odd one out of that yet but like you still know you've seen people quote the movie are you wouldn't know Ricky years ago I wouldn't know the quote that's villiers stands there's a share in six. Throw another shrimp on the Bobbie Bowden got guys do. I can I just wanted to bring I don't think it's not going to be able cutting five teams in the NBA's Northwest Division not that many people guided by the Portland to Denver yeah you saw Oklahoma City and Minnesota Minnesota being it is weird pilot as Sunnis and literally every lunch checking Google right now he had there's no way nobody can name that. Why exciting in my head when you said that. And the only one I missed and I don't know why are experts specifically to date yes that sounds lovely I'll have that. The only one I miss was Denver. I don't know why couldn't think of Dan yeah how long is the division men like this was a four years five years since they are I didn't. Can remember when they went there does that date back to when Seattle until Casey. Probably won't won't win did the last two guys who cares that you probably losing exhorted by division they start you in our conference is that the division so matter anymore it's all just a regular mixing in dumb and dumber cause the division and third lap the only reason you have visions is. Did give you a framework to schedule this season that sit on its hands and I can still wonder if they're on the briefcase still one of the best scenes in that entire movie for me that I cry when I as I've watched that laughing. Is when he throws assault in C baskets out it comes to the table and Jim Carrey is cowering in the corner Franchitti in only. And in the next seat after he talks beat goes man. Police say he minimalist way out of malice out of couldn't tackle at. Olympics did listeners like what you did anchorman people's an anchorman and step Brothers step Brothers for means of my family that. A I used to go and dumb and dumber big gulf south and I'm sorry we got little distracted their status is a good setter stories like Ireland on good lord now instantly vortex of people texting a movie quotes blazing saddles somebody said the bows ski somebody said the other mingle Belsky of solar airplane the good notable comedy the big gold scene in dumb and dumber completely improvised yeah. Jim Carrey hated the scene the director made him do it. Any put the two guys in there and Jim Carey had no reason we think why do we need to do this scene so he they shot it. Andy was was to walk right by Emery stopped he goes big gulps. Are all right zeal later. And they know what to do these dead bird in the blind kids yeah I Twitter data at the newseum dot com yet. I twittered out the video of hammerhead there yeah I watch this some very disappointed actually they hammerhead video he has like a padding between his head in the nail. And he's hitting it from maybe an inch above the nail. So I mean he says he had 38 and led I mean you and I can do this yeah you're. Those who skis yeah both of them. See you're laughing so I heard why would you do that move yet sender hate mail to slide our by the way Sharia or does not like dumb and dumber I tick Teradata. Okay. I let's get out of here before we get fired they man's eight date. These days do not the eight days away. From the NBA trade deadline is get the bare essentials a lesson or don't include UNC got robbed by a little late hit that she's trooper who say they trade out of the Meyers Leonard 55305. That's the next. We left our ass off all commercial break thanks sex unions and great movie quotes there so common and. All sorts of movies have a great time reading them. Let's get back back tonight we take on the jazz east of Turkey just playing his first game. Speaking of the blazers Alex Kennedy. A pro hoops hype hoops hype dot com. Who who type duck oops I dot com now he came on he talked about buyers and sellers of the trade deadline what he's hearing around the NBA number eight days out from the deadline. And get this he said the blazers a one among the most active teams you said not not a shocker but that they won't accumulate picks and save money. One general manager said the team is trying to accumulate draft picks and cut costs remember. Portland currently has the second highest payroll in the NBA behind only the cavs. Not a bad thing when you're the defending champ cavs but it's the top build a swallow when you're the ninth now tenth best team. And the Western Conference standings he continues the general manager I spoke to. Made it clear Portland would listen to offers for Allen Crabbe. Evan Turner Al farouq Aminu end Ed Davis among others have the potential trade allows them to stockpile draft picks. And save some money. I legitimately believe they're only three untouchables on this roster I think it's more reckless and I think that your backcourt. Outside and that. I'd be willing to wheel and deal every single person on this team now we remember we talked to Chris manic along time ago on the vertical. And he basically told us is much in worst kind of seen this play out. There's not a lot of demand for any of these counts when Mason calmly was. Someone in demand because an expiring any right really towns and offensive player claim while boom meet cash eating you gotten her teaching got another first round asset. Outside of that like there's a reason we haven't heard anything about Meyers Leonard and what you need for him nothing because there's no volume there. So it's it's gonna be really tough with what Neil O'Shea is going to be able to get. In turning some of these guys does somebody wanna take on the contracts of Evan Turner which everybody name BA basically laugh that when we offered it. Or Allen Crabbe who a lot of people look at and say okay he's a good shooter but. Is he still worth that contract absolutely not a lot of people's eyes that's been building that you'll she's dealing with. But this is it shocking at all that he is active that they are active in the trade market they have to be. I mean look at that do you just look at the league wide standings right now their half game of the knicks. They're one game above Dallas. They're game and half above the pelicans their fight their endurance striking distance of the top five pick their two above the sixers now two and a half above the timberwolves. And then you're in top five range. Orlando is three games behind them. There'd be fourth worst record the MBA right now three games running the fourth worst record and to me it's clear is day. I don't think they have any interest in winning I know they're not gonna come out and say that demon siege here probably in a ball out tonight and try to get another W. But I think the GM knows the best way to build this thing up is through assets and Wheeling and dealing around the draft. And they now have the ninth worst record in the NBA and as you mentioned is really and I said this now for a while sprint is really when I look only three teams that I that I deem as untouchable why would say Orlando's preempt for our land a true they just may Orlando's I basically admitting hey it's a three game swing but I'll give you that so yeah maybe four teams but I mean Minnesota right now going in the NBA draft Minnesota would have the fifth most ping pong balls. Portland is two and a half games ahead of the timberwolves in the standings to have like that's the difference of being. The tenth or eleventh pay or being or having a a striking shot at a top five pick in and held that thing goes your way may be a top two or three peg if you're able. To get the ping pong balls land in the right space so. They they play Utah and I was Jack goes I guess I look at the rest of the roster and you know I read an article like that I'm with him not surprised by any of the names that are mentioned. And to be honest what I would never promised if any of armor traded. Allen Crabbe gulf war I was done that opinion I thought it was gonna be a pivotal player for this roster this year. You needed to spacing you wanted to scoring coming off the bench and granted maybe he turns into something 23 years down the line. But are you willing to wait out along with him. If Evan Turner I think has been a done all season long yeah I played a stretch of ten good games. Over the last week or two before he got hurt that's not enough to convince me he's worth the contract a Meyers Leonard did you just take you think he can get Foreman at this point Ed. It Ed Davis probably at the end his run as a blazers so give what you can for him before he's done I just I see the names that are mentioned I would have no problem with any of them being tree oil. Stuff to somebody text so why the half did they give crap that contract in its tactic to go back I I would have done and I said Palin is offseason we just have to kind of look at it realistically we see it now when we see the productions not quite there were contract ray plate. You have to look how how was the offseason for most teams. Significantly. Overpaying for guys I don't play the league is now I even used the Evan Turner in Chandler Parsons scenario Chandler Parsons was somebody they sought after they met with with dame Terry Neal. And Paul Allen in LA they had dinner together. And Chandler are dangerous but he chose to go to Memphis as bad as Evan Turner is looked. Look how bad Chandler Parsons is in Memphis true he's banged up some folks at all you you dodged a bullet just getting Evan Turner not save pars when he million for not signing Chandler Parsons so it hasn't been great their team is under performed in Memphis is still winning despite not having Chandler Parsons consistently. But you have to go back to what the offseason was it was massive overspending by a lot of teams Portland included. Any yelling crapping his simple guys dated wanna lose him for nothing and I was the case he at least wanted to lock him up in either he was gonna developing give better hit the next level. Or I think it thinking was for Neil O'Shea he does just enough to still be an asset it's tradable on the market is seeing. We don't know yet guys really don't know what we mile Shea who he's calling in what he's willing to give up. And who he wants an exchange so until we see that play out I think it's really easy to second guess a lot of what they did. I naming some other sightings were blockbuster by any means they whipped on every big name they wanted. But it's easy now and since they sucked to question some of those settings there were reasons for it and I think they also still dodged comfortable. It's yeah I deciding in the next eight days for the deadline just give yourself more flexibility especially financially and you know you're not gonna sign anybody to a Max deal as a free agent and we do we've just seen that movie before. But they don't have any flexibility right now they're second highest payroll in the league and in the ninth worst record in the NBA. That that cannot happen and they need to free up some cap space. The release via litigate guys to trades whatever they can do this offseason and we'll see if they can set any of those contracts up and Alex Kennedy. A who side dot com says crap turner Aminu and Ed Davis the names he's hearing them. About there's a lot of Aries you could point to get a Meyers Leonard is a point of contention for people of did you need to given four years 41 million. Known you you didn't. By looking ill she put himself here get yourself out and boy and I I like dislike judging is a delight at the text Neil laws say almost executive of the year last year. To maybe soup line this year you know that's how quick you can go to put yourself in this corner puncher way out and half kilos and now we get to see you Wheeling dealing your way out and still hopefully. Be able to utilize your backcourt if not fear a way to make the team better if you end up at some point breaking it up yet speak. And these blazers say they're back in action and either taken on the jazz we get to see Yusuf and her pitch for the first time Malone talked little about that team also got to keep old fool me best optimal time also. Is this the most annoying thing that'll ever happen on television. And will you watch and your reputation in the building. Dear lord we news argument that I am glad that the show that next on him hey guys instead of coming up and prominence. I let my reputation in the building. Citing you know wait your reputation is now vs what it used to be. And I know you're gonna deny this to your grave. You're kind of turning in a like the building knew much. The big ol'. That's where you're gonna go on hey. Can I get a pair of those tickets. Look name and can I get those tickets I don't know there are a lot of flak college level as last time you paid for their tickets dating thing why pay when you get a free. Yeah well first daughter you're known to be asking now now now know that when Andy got on and I am not just say hi that is asset Australia ice that is such BS. First stop you cock in you lasts for seven tickets tournament today monster trucks at seven ticket US for seven tickets to like the biggest concerts really do that is a larger at all they guard broke this fellow talking about backstage passes for me his boys this is all yours is our entourage had is all right this is all your file you throw me under the bus in these instances when I asked for tickets you wow asking for tickets began. Well I asked a harmless question about a Blake Shelton concert next week consider we have many tickets in the building I didn't cannot ask for the tickets. As it are there any tickets available. Look part of Syria as a second I get a pair part of the reason that I do that is one it makes me look better when I rarely ask you ask all the time I don't ask. At the second is and she can't she can't. Stepped in my function work here anymore you member holding any. I'm United's AME time Jesus stopped any any south is going any. But laws and down to entertain it's a pay any such and such is coming many tickets look can you blame me for taking advantage of this. We were we were with a lot of well connected people and does say in. But it remote should I have no problem I'll take that any news Johnson that's fine I'll take their eyes and they get the tickets I'll take their reputation your dirt future I'll take that and today. Does give me the damn tickets to Blake show my wanna go next week. They are you guys gonna watch this tonight it's going down on ES TN. Potentially the most annoying thing in history television Bill Walton lot of folks like dislike. Dick bites out lot of folks like dislike people laid does you dislike the TV did TV and really didn't. Extremely annoying he is bigger than the sport that he covers. Yeah that doesn't change the fact that he's not annoying. Naira I think he also brings now look at Dickey then they'll actually provides some analysis and game he does a ramble off talking about how high was sent to tap the top of Mount Kilimanjaro they're teaming up tonight for the pacers and cavs gave money ESPN DS is me right Bill Walton indyk I tell will be on the call together for an isu is. Koreans doing this crossover thing so they got this last year did well they just it's kind of this dead week. But of between in all they gotta fill got to make something happen so so yes. They're college announcers are going to be some NBA games the NBA announcers are gonna do. Some college game's important day of passed test to try and keep this broadcast on the rail he's the poor bastard I'm doing now. He's not going to be able to you know a word in edgewise you know that right. Not after they say welcome men. Teamed with bill wall alongside their all and to keep good up I'm gonna watch because it's LeBron. If it was at LeBron if this was the knicks. Magic. I would watch this. Now Lex but LeBron James or did you watch it's the bronze man you gotta appreciate great athletes when you get them yeah I'm an idea I confess. I don't know pacers and towns is again and I mean LeBron James will be on national TV plenty of times this you got off the pacers are quite the draw I don't I entertain a nice name for players on the pacers beat did you feel chastise counts transfer Leven hurling. I'll look. A great student. It's all gone conclusions stand entered the period. The other one has gone down tonight to get this apparently Adam chef there's gonna make his debut as a sideline reporter in the next thunder game. Yeah he's a big NBA guy out of a lot of people know that does and a MBA players cinema during NFL season for tidbits for fantasy football. And so he got into a fantasy basketball. And part of his new contract is he wants he is keen to allow him to be a sideline reporter for NBA games. So now he wants to be the load just NFL in India and MBI decided he had Dickie V Bill Walton man proof which popcorn radio I guess also get those ready. I'm sure there's got to be a drinking game out there for Wendy TV says this is awesome baby or Lendl all just goes off on a tangent on mountains are volcanoes or trees or something. But he's gonna have taught about the landscape in Cleveland usually it's about the conference champions and a beautiful California or Washington or organ. He's got to come up some Cleveland and in Ohio's things to bring up abroad can I at least know this will probably walk away tonight either. With some audio for tomorrow show. Because elected it'll happen pedal lap and pay other blazers back action and I did or taken on a jazz Yusuf Nur pitch and lineup for the first time. Jazz or nine point 39 point favorites. To. Actually by the jazz in the clipper and a clippers lost their play in Atlanta. And they still don't have Chris Paul back in Utah goes into the fourth spot they're looking at home courted me image in the first round playoffs. Let's go under god. Let's go let's go I wanna see a good performance America agenda wanna see a solid loss is in Bosnian bear up against the stifled our it was going to be a fun match at the I don't at least 35 minutes missing my guy and then. Stifle towers weighed in on that tonight man been assuming you do by the way this is going to be the first time for a lot of people that they watch Utah this year. It's not so boring team to watch. I've given him like any opportunities this season on league pass I can't do it if you watched eight Utah Jazz clubs here. Would you take four seed in the playoffs is another boring basketball overwhelm lasers around or I'd trade it in a second. But I'm just telling you from an entertainment standpoint you guys will pass out at least. Once I've blazes and action tonight though no trust folks if you missed any of the seller scrub tires podcast ready to defend our promissory can try to treat it out after the strain on Flickr get its follow we will follow you back coming up tomorrow more awesome is a breakdown this game CI use of Turkish looks anymore rumors on the blazers trade scenarios. This stuff palatable type due tomorrow at noon number ones next to listen to 1082 fans.

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