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Dirt & Sprague, Wednesday 2-15-17 Hour 2

Feb 15, 2017|

The guys update the musical stadium issue for California NFL teams, and go through league news & notes, plus Kate Upton joins the short list of women to grace SI's swimsuit edition cover 3 times.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. I want these hills and I want the right now. Job I have no place to go he. This is dirt and spray it. Others among the lord of life is that we're used to call from. It is an open but this kid we're standing under Johnson and Brendan spray you think you're ready to run them all of them for. Snapping necks in cash and checks look ran it here's the thing is to Catalina wine mixed but. Please send home consent and dirt and spray gun and maybe it. Art czar slot damage you can stand out so soon. Hey welcome back in the second hour near dirt and spray on ten he need to do if you missed any of our one chicken out and maybe the is dot com was Schwab tires podcasts. We've got a lot to get to our number two. I about the chargers in the whole California fiasco going on with NFL teams. We got some NFL news and notes some really good bullets coming out from the NFL I also Lola Tom Brady's already do Yang know we talk about that at some won't tell you what that isn't ten minutes. Yeah literally yeah. Just take that and think about it also we have not discussed. They knew. SI swimsuit cover yet actively divac and my today here was released today it was a release of its yeah there was press release and had a photo of what it'll look like such I'm quite frankly miffed. You're miffed gathers little scuttlebutt behind the scenes as to why she ended up that the photographers actually had another thought in mind yes. But such is AI I'm glad you brought that because I wanna talk about that is that read about that and then also. Dirt rings up a really good point and I know there's a lot of and we're back in and not claim to beat him sometimes. There's a lot of men out there were somewhat perverted yeah that's it is what it is sang I'm sorry ladies I columns are okay all of us men. Dirk brings up a really good point that's a little controversial to say is a man but I am who agree a 100% of what you said why I saw the picture and she's topless to save it to save it will talk about that this swimsuit cover at 130. But let's start with. I got takes what county is the NFL doing with teams in California. Every single one of owns a dumpster fire this needs to step in it he gets do we know off the end horrible ride over all these organizations enough money to solve everybody's issue of the NFL wants to dole out the raiders are kinda homeless right now kinda. They maintain their going to Vegas still they have backers although nobody's been able to locate who they are the latest rumor is that now they might be luminous San Diego now San Diego is stepping counting the days you can't take them all day go medium like the chargers out about the reader to chargers are playing at a soccer stadium which basically sums of everything in that situation yet but does rich need to know they don't wanna be by the way. And the rams are playing in the coliseum and they chatty real struggle bus to get people to show up at the end of the season is how bad they were. And so right now you just look at the landscape and just any idea by the way the charters can be playing in LA at the stub hub senator. They're charging. 700 dollars. For the season for season tickets is the cheapest ticket you're gonna mile the one that's 700 per seat. Just for reference sake the rams last year. In a much bigger stadium offered 675585. Or even 360 that was the lowest price 360 per seat. You can get season tickets to the rams the cheapest for the chargers is gonna be 700 now. It is 30000 well almost 90000 that's the comparison you have to make but still. Chargers coming out from the gates swing it like hundred per seat I think it's easy to begin. I was just looked at some numbers in terms of what the average ticket price was per team last year and this actually coming up car would you guys care to guess who had the on average most expensive single game ticket last year in the NFL. See I I went uprising eyewitness 49ers because the 49ers are 49 when he's grabbing team there is top five or earnings in Washington is number four so the niners for a 117 the Redskins are a 190 Dallas. Dallas' top ten they were hundreds and dollars Jacksonville's bottom of it yeah how much did an average ticket price for jaguars game was 61 dollars. Percy got plenty of seats about what about Seattle Seattle are old and 88 dollars okay. The Chicago Bears. OK but rather eccentric about it the patriots are number do you split hairs the bears were a 131 the patriots for a 130. Giants were third and a 123 dollars per seat. But just I mean you mentioned the seven under our receives Dick writes about eight home games in the regular season to pre season games so basically. You get ten home games and you just didn't match your pain about seventy bucks per ticket for that. Last year to San Diego Chargers are average ticket price is 84 dollars. So I I know that seems like a lot and I think it's amazing when you compare it to the rams but. It's broad very apples oranges 'cause there's a difference in 60000 seats between the two stadiums so. Considering the fact they're playing in a building up only holds 30000. And you would think that would. May there be a serious sense of urgency to get their tickets seventy dollars per game is is not that much when you look at the rest the animal. And I'm really curious to just from an LA standpoint because there was a lot of conversation last year of you know at the end of the season people pointing out the attendance numbers for rams games of saying. But 90000 is the biggest in the NFL. You could say Dallas was the Dallas has a ton a standing room only space but seat why is the rams had probably the biggest. And you couldn't fill that every week in a city with why. Million people nine million people there total one they probably would have told delayed these domain 9000 compared to the it's like there's a lot of sports fans and you couldn't fill it out so. I do think the benefit for CA BA or not San Diego the chargers need Kelly charges I should say. The benefit for them. Tiny stadium this is going to be the smallest in the NFL you should be able to sell out every game if you can't because I need and he got a lot to say about LA that's not even just a team thing that's. Why did LA deserve to franchises. What they don't pay the first place that there's not a wire why not there a bid city and LA does not deserve to NFL teams know city. Deserves it too NFL teams and in the chart there's just not gonna be a lot of support form I maintain that from day one like the rams was a fed. That you could see because the history in place that the rams played in Los Angeles for a long time there are a lot of fans and that they grew up in Los Angeles that knew the rams that remember the rams. Before they moved to Saint Louis there is zero. Absolutely zero tying with San Diego and the chargers are zero. And NASA's but I don't get again you're not gonna get fans to switch over their allegiance. There either probably if you're living in LA you're either a transplant a fan of the team where your from or if your front LA and you're an NFL fan my guess is you root for the raiders and rams. The rams have moved back to town today probably garnered a lot of F fan support back. I'm sure is a lot of people in the seat it's still root for the raiders. It just you're not gonna be able to pick up an entirely new fan base in that city. That is already full of front runners to begin way if I wish the NFL would step up though this that this is turning into a joke and what are the raiders doing. Where they going to be next year nobody known I think in a play in the coliseum again beginning you know when your lease logic it's funny when you just you look at every organization in California right now. They're all dumpster fires like the niners the niners are the most stable because of the stadium there's stable because in the stadium at the stadiums and our south of the city they've had four different head coaches in the last four years Jed York's one of the worst owners in all of sports. There are tennis numbers were. I struggled at the end of last season a lot of fans voice in their displeasure with banners flying over the arena for Jimmy George to sell the team the raiders know where they're gonna play gap the rams just fired Jeff Fisher there's there attendance was crappy at the end of the year the chargers are in a city that don't want some. And the raiders don't have a home. There's there's your California NFL's situation act in the NFL so desperate get back to LA. Just. Figured out man now if any other sports league did this by the way I dealt with it this this whole. Situation of three teams moving in a calendar year. When they get ridiculed for it. You absolutely they would let the NHL gets this they get bashed all the time for teams that go in cities and then leave cities and extracts cities trying to Atlanta doesn't work go to wanna pay ga you know when a K maybe that doesn't pan out. Baseball doesn't really have to do it too much but the MBA. Like we talked about the MBA in the Sonics neo Casey people still talk about that. The NBA took the Sonics that's one team the end of the is gonna have three teams move and a calendar bleeping here. That's unbelievable to me and made they're not stepping in no idea what the raiders ended at Portland. The raiders and have a home. Here we got a stadium until wallets and it's embarrassing to because. We would kill the NFL I know we've wee weed killer and I'd like did you imagine at 30000 seat capacity for an NFL team in Portland what did you say Providence park was Tony five. No outside power I think has thrown 2122. If you have opened up every pot cells in less than what the charges gonna play did you imagine how much season tickets would go for if you put an NFL team and that small little state I'd I would be in line with everybody else trying to buy him right you kidding me the wait list should be around the state hate the patriots show you why they continue to be the patriots. A really weird compares sin free quarterback potentially on the market. And what would you do would you want your team to take Adrian Peterson. Trade form 32 years old we'll talk about the next apple news and notes on 1080 defense and the way that they coming up in thirteen minutes Kate Upton on the newest SI swimsuit cover. Her third one. Of her young life I there's only four gals and then on the cover Britain's Christie Brinkley being one of the she's got the record for most solos. He's also went at this it was a dollar as well. You're right there now sorry specifically. How hard do you think you captain's life has been. She's 22. When he all of clearly saw her old yet horror from an outside perspective and yet McCain comparing it to liken the normal life for me see I think she's like 22 or 23 she's three she's been on the covers she's 2424. OK she's gonna turn 25 engines so I'll I'll laugh by a couple years and she's already been on the cover three times three times. But she's a good brutal life such a struggle in your picture taken Anna Steffi and all those poses for a long time. Key cold up there it's windy yeah it's all water on ya hold those things go through make up the whole thing is not easy but we'll talk about that in twelve minutes. Let's get doubts go around the NFL little bit swagger and any NFL. Bring the people who eat exactly any NFL funky music that's why I like that funky music I'm in that funky stuff has to the funky stuff today. That was waiting for it sort of. I thought it was gonna drop. Oh there it is there it is all right spend that records do the merton Hanks thanks touchdown dance he had chicken dance and if the bottle and a little bit Sundance is one of the most underrated NFL dance has evolved you give is a grown up and I don't know how he did it now lies in my neck does not move like that I wanna start. The patriots with Joost separate stories here below days solve yeah and that's where I'm an ago. Because the report is that Julian and a men in DN EM Manila are already in Montana at Tom Brady's top secret cabin. And they're running routes in the he's got an indoor practice facility probably you know he has to it's the I'm minutes environmentally friendly visit this time a year is that they're not read this isn't rocky get ready for a big fight Russia all right there they got an indoor facility either ran around the patriots did not take days off folks. I mean seriously. He just goes super all are already working there already running routes and a where Zenyatta quarterbacks wide receiver tandem still an out across national volumes not throwing routes right now he's probably doing a fashion show worrying about what had you similar scene that Carson went yeah our right now this that separates the winners and losers this is exactly what it is. But let's stick with another patriot story is Jimmy g.s on the market we talked a Jimmy Jean yesterday. And just do you risk a first round pick is he worth that gambling played two games. Who joined Andelman seems to really like a certain. Aspect of Jimmy g.'s. Career this is two time Super Bowl champion by doing Julian Edelman. He said quote I'm not a pain GM so I don't know value thing. As far as a guy that I can play with every single day Jimmy drop below I mean the guys this died. He went out and played the regular season and he played very well. He's got that kind of gunslinger confidence that Brett Favre. Area to Rogers kind of confidence. He practices hard he prepares hard he's a good kid he's young. We do a good player and like because my kid king Julien elements in fifteen years grizzled vet he's gotten Super Bowl champion now is a good gift I could get how the confidence of Favre Rodgers. I loved I loved the praise. You set them up to limit the some pretty high standards now on our enemy compared to Brett Favre and Aaron Rogers good luck buddy nice getting off the hall of Famer won a Super Bowl and you're always liked him to send the confidence of them quit which is a good thing to have in a quarterback there's no doubt about it and and you wonder what a confidence. What is confidence reduce fees say gets traded to Cleveland and yes to play for the browns like how quickly does your confidence a row and I ice I still maintain just looking at this year's draft class and the guys that are available. If you're gonna take a first round chance on a quarterback I would rather trade my pick for Jimmy drop below. They go Richard is geared to Shawn Watson or anybody else that that might be in that conversation Du'Shon Kaiser I gagged gimme gimme the Rob Lowe. I needy in the wake of those guys. Yeah. Yeah I know that that does pretty good faith let's go continue around the NFL to Minnesota. Where the vikings are looking to try and get their team back in the playoffs in some outlets are reporting. Because of how much it's gonna cost that Adrian Peterson could be available. On the market to other teams would you want Adrian Peterson who missed thirteen games last season. And is turning 32 years old next month. This finishing got to watch the offseason. I. And I know running backs at that proverbial wall usually around the age of thirty and then there's pretty good. There's there's a lot of statistical history to back it up that once guys sit that certain age it is can't do it anymore. If anybody could go win a B Adrian Peterson and in terms of an every down back and relying on him as an offense no. And I think that's where the fit Minnesota's just not there anymore and they Sam Bradford is not enough as a quarterback Tim. Jerry your your offense completely they need some help from the run game and that really showed. Late in the season and got banged up beat and have a lot of protection they could run the ball like they could but Adrian Peterson. And it just didn't work out so if you're in a situation where you don't need him to run the ball 2530 times a game here not expecting that kind of workload. And you put him in the right fit. I would absolutely. Take a chance and Adrian Peterson I don't think I would. Because I worry about the proverbial wall I worry about the injuries coming off the racquet whatever I don't I know that we just talked about a lot about give them a place like New England were you given fifteen carries in week twelve to fifteen touches a week you know I wonder she's more Stephen Jackson at the end Stephen Jackson's career now your not all guys were able to do they indexing content out there never Corey Dylan Null. Where do I had a great but he was an impact player formally in his career. I don't know man it's my right I have to be very low yeah there's not out of there hello I just I look at him differently than a lot of the running backs like the fact that he was able to come back from the injury that he had and goals for 2000 plus yards. That's all that jealous of what China years I know it's been a number years and he just went through another surgery about a nine now but that that showed me physically. He's kind of a league of his own right now I get that position it's our NFL news or notes. Any NFL draft come lines coming out. The dilemma breakdown stuff when that it's going. Real quick before I give the locals who were invited. Did you see the Chet Kelly stereo. And don't reject Kelly QB Ole miss quarterback Chad Kelly nephew of Jim Kelly. He says he was invited. He got an invite to the NFL draft combine. And then the NFL rescinded the invite them. Yeah that hurts. Yeah as it is off the field issues slighted in today's event really listen you're stealing on the wait list and and they told me was ended in somebody else said they were going well he's saying that he was not invited to the scouting Tom by the people of found out that his invitation was rescinded it it was a dud some of the behind the scenes. Well I think he had a weird off season he had them via Khalifa porn thing where ambassador. And a I think he had a picture where there was a huge dog on a table you know playing poker nice hold on just know it's great for quarterbacks not a great idea look what did did for Laramie dons a last year yes so. Not a good look for Chad jelly I hate it's it did they do that though I'm you I don't applaud the NFL on a lot of things but they don't it's now off the field issues in Mumbai to come by bits and Zach Owen. Kelly's night there was somebody else do that that wasn't invited this year because off the field he did plead guilty to disorderly conduct two years ago. Yeah he sent a long track record is troubled. In a case in which she was initially accused of punching two people and threatening to shoot at the bar with an eight K 47. Paying well done quite a weapon of choice there Chet Kelly it's got to go all the way to PAK some would say in a bar and AK 47 would be labeled a weapon of mass destruction. I would say so close quarters but no check Kelly got an invite and then it was rescinded but some local guys look for why we even though I don't like is anybody actually get a draft chat Kelly. Probably not gonna show you an old list of things is going to be good NFL where he beat them once. He he did remember that you got them right bam one that was the end of the family dynasty. That was that's right and Anita Loos try again until they lost to Clemson. That is correct my man Ferrell brown has been invited from the organ docs the only organ got to be invited to come by ILP as an NFL career. Doubtful because of the injury he had some immaturity stuff early but I really. Kind of pull for him at the end of their career you go through an injury like that I've I've root for yeah plus is way you must got amputated so Leon I'm hoping he gets a chance big Guinea just. I love you guys agree that this just watch him last year didn't look like the same players before and I'm not dissident on and that to come back from some like that is so difficult. Just didn't quite have the same speed the same explosiveness so seeing him long term in the NFL. It's tough but I am opening gets a chance he can make it. I. And then on the other side sorry about that there almost sneezed. Organ state trust in Decoud. Obviously stud DB studies getting get a chance lot of good or it's a defensive backs last couple years yet on her lawyer Nelson Decoud now. Were shot Reynolds is the F a very every athlete and a avoid Dockery James Dockery a run for DBs and organ seeking Lewis of course for sure. And in Victor Bolden has been invited speedy wide receiver at times had a little bit case of the drops seized by. With speed like patting me and I was absolutely going to be calling the video seems somebody pay attention. And in Sean Arlo offensive lineman of the beavers left three dead have been invited to the NFL com mind. I'm always interest Siegel local kids and what they're able to do and how they're able to perform only one or deduct that does it the kind of season ages had wife thought about it Carrington Freeman decide to go back so we honor he would have been invited her until there was seven or eight Huskies that are that got invited to the yard finally have a jobs seven Washington Huskies have went. Is is organ was of one man's arena thinking a mini. That should have been invited didn't get and possibly should got a guided anti socks and Aaron Lennon died indium. You move in on already do something. These scientists of the baby return giant ears I love you will see an accident so not all of AOL's in terms of a senior that went to the NFL they did not allow venture leadership on that team beyond the offensive line was young quarterback play was young. Skill players were all young and coming back unless they transferred. The secondary was basically all freshmen their best defensive player was a freshman. A town on the team is all young lives here yet so look for those guys at the NFL. Com by KK dumping on her third SI swimsuit cover. And dirt points out some things. Really interstate that somewhat controversial with. Sad cover. It'll martial talk or bail back game 133 other holidays and all while ago. Coming up ten minutes started on Marcus Mariano we haven't talked a little Mario little while. They only have an off season coming up for him injury riddled guys said coach came on made some comments about what his off season it looked like. Yeah we got talking DTV give the bull Bill Walton stuff yet potentially the most annoying thing in the history televisions gonna go down and died and dirt has a new reputation in the building. Whoa and I don't think he realizes it and I realized it today 10 yes. Is a new reputation of being leader Johnson and are building OK I'm a little scared of what that's going to be much to pick continues to buzz at me telling me to move I don't often knows I work in radio or not I can't move around really got short commercial lighting tell you to move it does you a movie as a they only get 260 steps to reach your goal the next hour what is your goal. This second our legal I set I think I sedated 101000 steps which assists per hour it'll per day. Which is just not gonna happen but they Mosul shoot for the stars and be disappointed rent. How many miles I translates into I have no clue about where crunch this afternoon no they. Did you guys CD cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue yeah. Yeah is any guy out there are not seen it yet. There's probably people that work and have an opportunity to check it out to retreat to sell other show page yeah Al go find the picture OK I do I a couple of things about that is number one. I do wanna ask this question I'm curious because for all of different. Cuts of cloth if you will the three of us different generations. When you think the most iconic. Swimsuit cover gal of all time comes to mind for you. Probably Kristy your Kathy Ireland. Now when you say iconic do you mean like our fate just written it yet the one that you what I say swimsuit issue not just his chaos has done it recently but what's the that's probably tie but I've always enjoyed being handed Davis and Tyra Banks covers okay Tyra Banks is tough from right now I was gonna say Tyra Banks to do. That Tyra Banks elect Pam Anderson got to thank. Yeah I mean that's tough to beat I he had on the need need a certain generation delight appreciate why I saw I was curious first right guard was gonna go at that. Christie Brinkley's a pretty good one would seek Kathy Ireland the Ireland yet Kathy Ireland was there's only 404 gals who have been on the cover three different times Kate Upton joined that list can Christie Brinkley was one of the other ones and she's also won it this year with their two daughters. Well there's talk the photographers were just. They were pushing to have Kristi on because that minimum saw those pictures and she's what 63. It's unbelievable yeah that's not 63 there's no way she's like yeah look at it's like that does not makes it apparently. The only way up and agreed to do it was with a guarantee she'd be on the cover a rule what a DDoS. There you read back stories on this and personal the Brinkley thing is absolutely has some legs to it and I don't just mean the six legs from the three girls. I mean they kept Bob and Mike Brinkley and her daughters were gonna be on the cover. But Kate Upton is a major major diva she is he tonnage demands and I remember Ashley she's the east full figured one there was of controversy did that a couple years ago we ID plume coming in Harrison told Heidi Klum was a pretty good because China what he Ellis the most iconic one for you 55305. What was that's years name that we interviewed. All he can I didn't realize Johnny Utah he should do Elle MacPherson on a boat and he told us the story told us a story it was one of the most of my name nominal interviews that we've ever done guy I can't remember off the top Miami was a cool dude man was Johnny something wasn't it it was he was Johnny Utah that he had long hair Ames's Geary won gold medal is a whole thing. Yankee years he's been hot model than we interviewed him now have. A skier in the inappropriate Sprague asked the question was the hottest or most famous gal you've ever been I say what's the best tale you've ever gotten he said I'd probably go back to the time where me and Elle MacPherson were on a boat here three days in the Mohammed as we did a couple of double takes and we've got even follow up with what was that like any just started laughing as I came begin to tell that come may have heard got it on but together that they I know it's about the cover today though and picked. But granite not complaining when there's a global covers by the way normal yes there's three covers. She's. Not really weren't a swimsuit top and any album. Well one of them she is one I'm she's wearing is not a problem again I'm not complaining a catalyst sound like a complaint noon and we loved it's I'd love the photo we're huge fans is thought it was a little ironic that it's the swimsuit issue one of moments like this like lacy thing that goes in between them. One of them is basically a shirt that she covers them up with. And the other when she's not even wearing a top she's just using her hand. Yeah and into the swim see her arm yet and I did that is coming off its surprise Milligan. The sun sued well let me go find the history of these covers and I'm curious how often this has happened if ever. How many times again on the wearing a top they're just using their armor hand a gallon actually the cover of the swimsuit issue is not wearing an actual top to bottom swimsuit also do you realistically like credit somebody and say hate I like your work. For these pictures that we would sit for you is that like only to photographer she gave credit for these love love your work you you do great work. The way you stand there you very photogenic is amazing. Data I don't know high he would claim fault being just having pictures taken okay your reaction this is not a first or OK so I've got no one's always stick out my nine to the paint once a member of monies to do those memoranda that cover Bakken today Haley Claussen a camp. Swimsuit on this was last year she was the swimsuit cover model last year she did alert top either literally just uses our hands to cover up the feeding apparatus for babies. And the new word for. So the early this year get this is thirty to a minute. There's your five former cover models. Okay six mothers one that is expecting. And five world famous athletes. There's also 71 timers in this Tata in terms of the athletes I saw the what's the little serene you've got woes new Yankee was Yankee and a little gymnast concerning Simone by mail arsenal miles isn't it M and there's one more by the way Marisa Miller in 2008. Just weren't necklace. That was really long and I don't know how a lot of pieces that covered up now. Hurt chocolate chip a Elisa brings up a good point your acting like people actually look at the swimsuit issue for the swimsuit. Now and again I don't you're looking at for the good and I don't want to sound like I'm complaining to sleep you know I thought that was a funny and 100% correct observation. One of them by the way who is this what this one's Brooklyn Decker. In 2010 go look at her cover she literally has a picture were her arms covering and on her shoulder is the top. But it's like clearly been on tied on purpose. Just to show you know I have a top. But I don't need to Wear them and he said me referring to. The F tops as clinical of them is the most PC thing of all time that's very PC arrow and I go yeah PC bro man segment very PC burro act. They have you wanna check it out Somalia reacted to be Justin Verlander there's no doubt about it I also wanna see this. Nobody's wrong in any of their choices for best cover. Have we really had a bad swimsuit cover. No you know there's never been out looking at the list of all there have been about one also say captains the best does it matter if your diva if you're that I don't care somebody said is she the best. No I information is now time I go a little more old school not quite as old school sly guy but I think we all go to our Amy Brinkley had some good Edwards I think we all go to our heyday of the swimsuit issue right. Will you you're thinking of a different Tyra Banks than me I'm thinking of tyra in the red top. She's all by herself she solo don't blow your thing into the Tami Anderson. As she did mom with Pam Anderson. Yet he said I'll know I just I just threw them both out there as though those are the heyday of my swimsuit viewing or not Terry Anderson I forget the name of the never seen you just you research like this before. That's just factually incorrect. We only get research when it matters why guard we only do your research and a matter people still buy eighty S I swimsuit addition. Or do you just go online and look. Is this any different than a Playboy magazine like what's the rest for like what's by the way that did you see sided totally off the wall now did you see Playboy is bringing back nudes. They got a minor and magazine and an iMac using they went they were saying they were doing away with a miracle would take and I'm guessing tasteful not losing peaceful mean what is generally a simulation basically Maxim Magazine yeah sounded like and then they announced a brand new guessing nobody bought them you know and so okay serious question for you do you gentlemen bring in the new ads let's say we did eat swimsuit edition of 1080 the fan what would you pose beat. I'd go George to stands on the couch that's easy I just three boxers I alongside re re re create the stands opposed. Easy you are gonna turn nobody on swipe guard academy ABC might just air rose are you kidding. Way what's. Now if I don't know I got one. Look. It really I thought I'm going to I think I'm an old guy now until they died with the wave hitting me from the back. I think that's what I'm Durham lain down side we've all. Yeah it. Mean a swimsuit calendar. Whatever it wants to see like I think we can raise serious funds if we did a swimsuit calendar I don't think you have you ever do one they did and who nobody would buy that I disagree and nobody would buy that I don't want to Ukraine has all the signing the people who work and his radio station nobody saw a shirtless picture of YouTube last year in a freezer together that was creepy we were topless together that was creepy I'm never erase that memory. Yeah I did pretty quick. By the skip back governor Jose Marcus Marianna going in the year three what does this head coach wanna see tremendous eye sees a French that is next on tentative fans. The pressure is on. Just was different from. In the past that's just executed crunch time in history to impeach. When you win this credits from all the news that's the lowest on the wall it's. Current stutter move a look at the hottest topics in sports Brian do you mind crunch. Is 995 per month. So why would you ever pay more for a gym membership I grudge directed by French fitness always than any about a month so why would you ever pay more for a gym membership hubby out there this afternoon with my trainer mark. The glory south games. Again we Gloria has. It's my last demo I Sasha Lamar today. Yeah as gamma cheery good night I am sitting on going to be with him after the workout and I student yeah. There's been a has been a good tournament he's done done a lot of good from my in my neck of the woods he has he's going to be in the new location in a low so the F he wanna get ripped like me go check out the new Lowell location eye's been a great help to me so I can't take him enough. For train in May have put up the main flow over the last year and a half take coming up top of the hour to tell the Bosnian Bosnian beast. The Bosnian bare wood every one Colin ucits narc which makes his blazer debuted and I would expect out of him. Talk a little markets coming up the top of the hour but. And one of the stories that we've not talked about yet this offseason in the NFL we probably will continue to as the summer goes on. And we get closer to training camp is Marcus Marianna ice suffered a pretty devastating injury. At the end of the regular season it was a tough blow for the titans who were actually in playoff contention late in the year. And I says second year and 23 year old quarterback was playing well but then went down and a devastating injury and that we bring this up because their head coach Mike Malarkey. Was on WG SXS and in Nashville today. And ascended they're being very cautious with the star quarterback but he is expecting him. To be back ready close to the regular seasons and are open though get a little training camp then but he will not be participating in any OT AR season. Program well and that's the that's the right direction they have to go when you have a franchise quarterback so that's not really much of a surprise. I'm really interest to see what he's going to be able to do in your three year too with both I think him and Winston because people will tie them together. Both teams very inching seasons coming close in their own respective. Wild card chase and even for the titans the division because of how bad that division was this year. I want ensuing years three brings in a year three that's always one of those years for a lot of quarterbacks like Mario Dora Winston. Were people's a year three you know who they are in year two I thought in a really good year. He did he struggled still little bit with turning the ball over on the fumbles and not being able hole on the ball had a couple opportunities in some games that. The other iconic cost his team but for the most part that's gonna happen you're gonna have your ups and have your downs of the young quarterback. Your threes going to be huge tasks like what's Mario to going to be year three feeling comfortable all the teams know on there's not can meet any surprises I think from either side. And you also wonder what's this injury going to mean to his offseason work out our Sherman and his ability to continue to develop on the field because I have no doubt he's gonna watch film off the field. He's gonna study the playbook and he's gonna be ready go in that regard. But on the field stuff timing with receivers how much time Kenny get in in training camp if any before they start their season because you're losing huge one for a lot of fans in teams. Yet years three really is this the year that I look at a quarterback and I think we learn who they are they're the tough par with Mario and as what you're mentioning that when you go through an entire off season. We're all you're doing is rehabbing how much can you realistically expect now. A Malarkey did mention on that interview that Dave they're seeing video of him he's running I think in a pool is is the stage the recovery that he's out right now so. They love worries that the eighties making great progress they're just being very cautious which as you mentioned also. Understandable for a guy but you know on our look at Derek Karr for example who now is going to do is there a similar injury but. Derek Carr who led did surprise rookie year some folks didn't see it come and play well. Year to date at that next step they were kind of sniffing around being an upset team and end. Be a wild card team for a little bit and then in year three it was all right expectations are here go out and play like a pro court or all pro quarterback. And lead your team in a playoff position and that's exactly would dare card did and I think you're three for Mario is gonna be huge as long as deacon. Continue some semblance of a consistent off off season workout program because. You look at his numbers from year one the year two they were up across the board took a huge jump PI he played in three more games he went from ten picks in his rookie season down in nine takes in his second season. That was an about a hundred more attempts and three more ball games we cut down on his energy interceptions. He mentioned the fumbles those have always been a problem for Mario he fumbled the ball eight times as a rookie lost it. Two times last season I fumbled so we went from eighteen turnovers to eleven turnovers to six touchdowns and nine picks is a damn good season. He is didn't get a chance to play and that last week so I think did the expectations should be through the roof for both Marcus Mario and and Janus Winston going in you'll. And I think anytime you get quarterbacks won in two and doesn't matter the order to me I think you're three in the same regard you just said Derek Karr. I think the expectation from fans and of the team itself should be lead us to the playoffs. W look at the division absolutely Santiago won a playoff game by any mean there's just definite this year it's just absolutely you took that step you showed how close she were in year two. OK show us the growth again going in the years three. And lead the franchise that's why you're taken eighty any excuses outside of that 90 Tennessee hasn't been the most outstanding. Franchise in terms of how they've run the last few years before Mario and a but you were taken number two overall so that pressures already there I'm jury already puts the pressure on himself anyway. The expectation for Mario in the titans this year is going to be competing for that division. The colts are crappy they're not getting any better the one man team and Houston stills without a quarterback. And Jacksonville we don't need talk about Jackson we know what they are so to me it's not like you are out of that realm of possibility of not just making the playoff spot. But winning a division winning the division and hosting a divisional round game so that's the expectation for him even though he's coming off what was a broken ankle. Even though he's coming off of that injury you're still going into that season with okay years three Mario and take us try to get us the promised land again this is close as you can't. Yes that sounds like Mariano will be ready for training camp they're holding about all sorts of OTA's and off off season stuff which it's it's just Smart Malarkey was on. A radio station a national day the titans head coach said that in and watched his mobility will be another thing as you mentioned. Or he rushed for 349 yards and your two that was up from 252 is a rookie. Average about six yards per carry so a lot of the rushing numbers reps for him as well he needs to cut the turnovers in the pocket at the strip sacks in the fumbles that. Kill them in the Minnesota game a believe it was a week one when he and Sean Hill playing before they had just played I Sam Bradford after they got him. They were in that ball game but you remember they had too costly turnovers the defense score was a fifteen points fourteen points. And they ended up winning that get my rats being our enemy and a fumble return for a touch senate to get through a pick six and and they also had a game was in San Diego late in the year that he throw he mixes it again after the interception yet they came back light that one that your team that's gonna happen so big offseason from Marianna. Malarkey that coach the titans comes out says no off season program Fram in terms of being an OTAs but they're being very cautious ever things on track. For him the 23 year old quarterback going into his third year to be ready. For training camp crash ever achieve a crunch fitness always that 95 a month so why would you ever pay more. For gym member ship find out more about we're spring and I work out Akron stock commodore a lot to get to the father show the blazers are back in action tonight good chance to take on. The jazz get a couple ping pong balls of order to learn about with a Bosnian beast is that renewed that coming up here from the blazes new player. I'm reports are that the blazers are listening to offer some basically every player on the roster than Damon CJ. So what guys would you want them to potentially give up over the next eight days and it's a Wednesday so we got to get our scatter story on at 250 look at final hour don't go anywhere durden Sprague on 1080 the fan.

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