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Dirt & Sprague, Wednesday 2-15-17 Hour 1

Feb 15, 2017|

The guys all successfully navigated Valentine's Day, wonder what other deals Neil Olshey might pull off in the next week, and lament the worst Sports Dad around.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence has presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. First ball around make your comments are. What we were because hold me understand women who understands also wouldn't play you know and so I would call what role you walk brought. If you've got a day just give me that day I take that whatever at whatever time he has got one from the moment you are about. This is durden spray he approaches this thing you know the emphasis on defense emphasis on pitching to continue to improve offensively because we've done. Good that messages to be exactly the same a lot of it's the difference is I would like to believe. Confidence in the fact that did you know you can do that that matters to attend Easter Johnson and Brendan spray. When we have LaMarcus. All sorts of respect for so. Post ups obviously are not as the dollars they used to be but I think could still be very effective. But you know what's so bad that we both they have visitors so certain of your we'll. Dirt and spray gun 1080. Okay there's 1202. In the rose city it is time for dirt spray here on Portland sports leader 1080 the fan Raymond Sprague alongside in leader Johnson and let's do this thing. And I guarantee. Dare ray and see. Nobody in this city is having a better post Valentine's Day than my co host the eighty yards. Why's that. Because Jimmie Johnson still has a girlfriend not only am I didn't get dump last night's idol is related to agree Valentine's Day date but yeah he got laid and then he got a gift. He got a gift I got to fit the man. I have relayed that. I like crazy exactly I've never met a man in my life and maybe I am closed off to this world. Never met somebody got a gift guy wise in all gotten just before yeah I as I don't think that's that I know ray did you gift. Let like a gift like this that watched it's a pretty solid fit that's a pretty bad ass kids at about two hours and tell me out an active and I am. Think it's already bluntly to our is sick of it Allen just wake up and moving around a little bit this morning it's already like buzzing ME at my desk before the chalet K let's let's get up Melissa. Does this say not so subtle hints. From. Seeds only need a man thought love audio furthers. I'm sure there's subliminal messages tight end there's no doubt about that we do work out together from time to time of the couples that work out together I mean it's he's ready to get exactly sigh you know it but yeah I think there's a bit of a subliminal message there that was it was it like deep down I'm fat was elected hey this is cool concession pretty cool man I I've been wanting to actually get a watch now for a while I used to be a watch guy and I went away from being a launch guy wanted to turn an Indian a watch guy again and so this was a perfect you got to kill two birds with one stone 'cause it's a watchman and also attracts. On how active you are analogy and stuff it's got technology and stuff let's I don't probably only gonna use it says it. Mainly as a watchman then it'll also dummy infant's sleep in while tot mom moving to from get my steps similar kind of stuff did Shia against you on Valentine's Day now proceed announced it would you getter. Got to share that with the listeners I got a handful of things but that the main gift was a nice piece of jewelry a cat yeah. Nice to see monetary hearings I got her pretty nice temporary hearing ploy. You are I felt I felt pretty good about stabbed in the commitment direction I will I do have a hot movie review to if you get you guys care about fifty shades darker do you care to hear about how that movie went. It now not at all I mean I think we can fill in the blank its site. Yeah it it was via on the record great movie I Caylee for the third one. Off the record ally Newark she knows you hate it all I know she knew but tell you a pretty bad movie present just figured out it was not so not full of strong acting performances. Not approach it like a game film and say you know he's not a lot of CI not a lot of strong acting performances and I I will say though if you're in this kind of thing. More sacks in the second one and there isn't the first one that's the only reason I lost the first one I would say there's probably a two to one ratio on sex scenes in now fifty shades darker than there is fifty Shea from the yeah I think that's sort of fifty shades of gray and in fifty should yeah there's guys about two and one in terms of a number of sex scenes man all right see you had yourself a nice little night meanwhile my wife and I are both six you know we went to bed at like 930 way to just killed alludes to what dislike guards at a great Valentine's why are you got trashing last night hammered could even go watch a movie they had to stumble back at our home. We gave the number there we got to log home cocktails for tasty at its hey twigs a good spot might have a couple of nice drinks and adds up get a gift card to go along with the tune no complaints and swipe cards none whatsoever I hate so it doesn't happen very often. Would you care to guess what I got a text message from a certain family member. This morning. On my way into work. So I get a text from a certain individual and my family not gonna name names here they know who they are you you and you know who you are and I go oh. They don't tax me ever what's this about so little random I opened the tax and I am kind of interested and I start reading and I realize. This individual text me and only jet asked he. What time are you gonna talk about the German shepherd winning the Westminster dog show today on your radio program who'll. And I responded with. What makes you think we talked about dog shows on my Sports Radio show to be fair it is a slow time of the sports year. Removed from the Super Bowl to come mine's not here he had the blazers so. Odd to be fair. I was watching it before we left for dinner sullying my yeah I've heard some or all right well I'll dabble in some once mr. those Westminster are you know wolf far FS one and bought the right fox bought the rights to it so it moved skipped in shin debate about the winner though it was it was Chris Myers. Chris Meyers on a golf ball okay and did you ask Johnson Jenny Taft was there and Aaron Roland was backstage with all the handlers doing the stopped people groom and their dog some sort of all that sort of -- I did Gus Johnson get excited about the way a dog walked like what is Gus Johnson do you and you should have called it I don't know why he didn't and doing his job as Chris Myers. Who so. Yet this again the second but I hear this test or we're leaving so we left I left it on for the dog. On so yeah we keep void that is we let the TV on his cell. Dog parenting right brother off much of the dog to be alert TV have the dogs nobody. Craig. Our I have a dog owner you just take you to step up and everybody else our little doggie porn for the poppy lawyer at a dinner again some drinks like advance your dog was still alive when you got home correct. Yeah okay so they didn't play reruns of undisputed then do you guys not that I dabble in that show I enjoy watching it I don't seek it out but if your flip it around or near a home it was Ozzie Bayless known I don't know the the talk show know all even watched the big. Complex just thought it was there halfway through instead leaned over let's delay got sort of clean and its pride and it was like looking at the crowd and the owner was like trying to get it to those Blair so. After I got the tax and I sort of laughing and I did the response back and forth of why do you think I would talk about this you know Ryan of doing every Google link like Westminster dog show and reading about it. And a German shepherd one. Yes name rumor they named it after the Adele song rumor has it now how about that I looked up and I realize that look at over the history of the dodge show. I'll pull for the big dogs because it feels like it's mostly a little dog winner. You know it's the small dogs that win yeah big dogs need more love eating they have big. Fat chicks need love too Craig like that's one of my favorite movie like I think that applies to dogs to the big dogs need more loves it. They said that's like leaving me Victoria's Secret fashion show on for me when you leave the house takes some seriously swagger and I'm not kidding when I say this I cracks me up that you design Koresh element dog owner committee said I'm about to leave you guys on form my dog yeah Oliva saw the dog likes a still I can only want that little smoky you're not party. Network did were big in the document and when you check our ratings every month old and the dog meat market demographic and dog parks is one of the best in Portland anywhere top 23. It's amazing like we are on on a lot of dog parks how about this in terms of dogs that we would be submitted to this so I see these shows Sprague is a Wiener dog. I don't know how to feel about to have on dirt as a cocker spaniel I can I don't like Arkansas in dirt doesn't have that much energy and swagger is or should suit. So we're all little annoying dogs I guess the underdogs are terrible I'd I had Wiener dogs my mom had Wiener dogs most of our lives in a police. Always went about through in our minds my dogs here would probably more of a Basset Hound. Yeah that's about our right and now I bet that feels right for me I always thought I was kind of a. The Golden Retriever. I can be lazy and I can have moments of just a great energy just basically all along to somebody throws it just Jack just overbought and gone. I can do it all day and keep run an ad run and that's it because to me you know. Really know what that opening segment was but it was a lot of fun and here's the thing that I want to ask real quick as we do have a great show today I promise you. I've gotten to tax now from family members which one's more odd TU. Ask me if I'm gonna talk about a dog show as a legit segment. Or are another relative asking if I was gonna break down the moat across championships. Which coincidentally air on FS one the motor cross championship Seattle yeah. More than the dog show more than the dog show it's entertaining much more pop culture than motor cross championships. Must have to look at the TV ratings for this thing though you'd be surprised you went to USA network had a for a long time ago and this one just like I didn't know I thought it was always on USA ID knows I guess this one ball fox bought a this year. And interest in purchase. We got a great show today contrary to what you think of that first segment I promise we got a lot to get to football we got some basketball's a laser stuff. It got for an in Los 400000 viewers on fox sports one it's 'cause nobody watches fox would have lost a woman college basketball. We which game. Very bad. No are you looked and it's Mondays as they did the preliminary is or it could be at this came out yesterday that was jays aren't you cons hundredth victory Confucian pace writer. I'm a nerd I will were on tour actor and sprayed at Peter Johnson and add Brandon spray our poll question of today's random has nothing you within inning we're gonna talk about on the show. But it's a lot of fun poll question of the day actor and Sprague without getting the skill set genetically. Which dad would you prefer Derek Jeter Jay easy. Or George Clooney you can vote actor and straight win a lot of people get really upset about this and we the debate back pre show about which dad can choose. So go vote actor and Sprague it's easy it's Derek Jeter. I easy I just slam dunk it's Derek Jeter it's daisy nine doubt in my mind you get more with cheesy they knew we Jeter you want that cycle from mom. I didn't say you get them on principal art of the deal now that you've parted attacking have to try and who the momma no it's just the dad choice single that life I'm Jimmy Jay-Z. A hard knock life but I'll take it ache coming up next. We now know for certain what the blazers wanna do what the roster and it makes a ton of sense would say what it is next yet turn spray on 1080 the fan. Update on the the old old question here. Which dad would you prefer he didn't get skills and I still say genetically. Jeter Jay easier Clooney. 62% of you say Derek Jeter. Ten Seiji easy and 28% say George Clooney. Text machine no. Favoring George Clooney on the George Clooney so far beyond. No I don't not yet having the tie ins with all the Major League Baseball you're dad would be. One of the most iconic baseball players of all time boasting about Clooney is you're gonna get drugged up all he's trying to save the world now. So you're gonna get drug toes and our advanced horror and laying out his comments about Clooney pre show in the the work environment was basically he might be the most absentee dad of the group. This is surprising to say because of yet he wants to save thing. There's the world and still get ready movies to make money and stuff so much you're going you know to the movie to the movie shoots but I think I think that's. You know go into the premieres in going to award shows amounts are things cool but I think when they're actually very he's. You know eighteen hours a day on set you know conflicting get a shot right. You just sit in the trailer hanging out and don't know about that. The CI think also geez he gives you the best of all those worlds. I think he's he's the sports agents so really you're tied and you're just around Palmer that's all you are not a rap hold your ground ball I didn't any musician you wanna get to know Denny takes you know movie premiere Derek Jeter's retired. What does that mean they do get to spend more father's untimely Derek Jeter did play catch with Demi takes a ball game he's he's worth a half a billion dollars seeking paid did take some time off and do everywhere you added they're different like honored 85 million has not that bad all right. Alex Kennedy of who pipes dot com wrote a big trade deadline piece about what each team that's going to be in the trade market. Is looking to do. And of course the Portland trailblazers were included in this in this is what he had to say who typed dot com. Portland wants to accumulate picks in save money needless to say it's extremely unlikely that trailblazers will trade game or CJ. With that said the rest of the roster may be available for the right offer. One general manager said that the team is trying new accumulate draft picks and cut costs. Remember Portland currently has the second highest payroll in the league. Behind the cavs at a 119 million. And next year that number jumps to 137. That's not a bad thing when you're the defending champ like the cavs but it's a tough pill swallow. When you're in the ninth best team in the Western Conference standings the GM I spoke to made it clear that Portland with the snow offers for crab turner Aminu. And Davis among others if the potential trades allowed them to stockpile draft picks. And save some money that's from Alex Kennedy of who pipes dot com. Says the boy who typed dot com skis me. Basically saying that the blazers are going to be looking to trade basically everybody on the roster if they can and do cut their salary. As much as possible. Not a surprise at all and I'm wouldn't be I would not a prominent X eight days and Aminu crowd or Evan Turner getting traded turner is gonna be tough these injured right now I was bad timing. Friend to break his hand but. When you just look at the contracts I mean is probably the cheapest one silly if you're just looking to simply say money crab and turner. Or more desirable but maybe just from a performance standpoint. Folks of one Al Farouk amino Morin and I got every two things in this veneer those names one it seems like Maurice heartless is the one that they really do want to hold on to because I didn't see his name mentioned in there. ER VC sign an extension this off season as well and I do like that aspect of it I think when you look at his numbers from last year to this year they're basically up across the board and we haven't talked about. In all the all the disappointment and his team lark was has taken another step as an NBA player he's not number three option. But his points are up his rebounds are up assists are up feel what percentage three point percentage. They're up across the board so I like the fact of more heartless is name isn't getting thrown in there. And then the other thing that's a poisonous is nobody wants Meyers Leonard that you literally couldn't trade him for a washing machine would be such a throw in new trays odds with the fact industry names are mentioned and elected that that's the business that the blazers are in right now it is trying to and to find a way to cut some costs they spent way too much money this last offseason has not worked out so you're trying to save money in compile assets and that's Neil OJ's job over the next eight days yet. To meet look it's not I don't think Alex Kennedy's pointing out anything that we didn't already learn or we've kind of felt the last week or so. If this had writing all all over it with the moves that they've been making there not been making with the trade. Acquiring more assets. The way that they have not been able to execute in late games and blowing big leads we've seen this built up to the point where you just know import lane. It's it's one of two ways its trade. Or its draft. And Paula is such a huge fan of the draft they're always gonna find a way to try to get involved. They've got 31 round picks so it's not like he's telling us something we didn't know about it right what I like is I like the aggressiveness and it's easy to go well who cares he completely screwed up the offseason and put the team in this place no doubt I wouldn't disagree with that point. But I also like that they recognize it. And they're not gonna be content you can look around this league and find a lot of teams that are content with being where they are. And I just don't feel as much as I may disagree with old Shea on this or natter the lady treats mediate said Iraq. I love that part about him he's not content because he understands he's always dealing on a hot seat with pollen as Boston. And I am to be really interest in deceit. What moves if any they make by the deadline and if that involves crabs so be it. If that Limbaugh handles probably that all great no problem don't if you need to throw in Meyers Leonard the whole city's gonna throw a party and yet. Both for me it think it's a little bit what what you said I don't wanna see our Klesko. If you're projected future. Starting lineup right some people would throw CJ out because you'd say oh trade CJ for another big name. OK even if hypothetically that happened I'd still love park was that the three I think carcasses a good three to have to he's a good good yet he's an additional half player he knows what his role is in defensively he's one of their better players he six say any still really young. You pair that with dame you do you still do have CJ. I think there are ways to improve the roster and even if that doesn't mean anything this year which it basically doesn't because you're not gonna get to Western Conference finals or even a play out. Out of the first round. I still would like them to continue to build with the idea of let's get the best roster we can as soon as possible. And even looked into next sees why I think right now there there's a crossroads for Neil or should go down and it it seems like the one he's gonna go down is continuing to build around Damon CJ in reread everything else but that to me is the decision that they have to make now is an organization is. If if you really targeted the two tie everything in Damon CJ eight. Clearly the rest of the roster around them has not worked and I think that's the retooling that needs to take place this small forward situation as a mean good you're you're starting center was may supply only. You already sent him off the power forward is Bennett a rotating Dora different guys all season long. So if it really is going to be a package around Damon CJ. That's where they need to rework and it seems like doubts that's the route they're going I do think the other option would be. To acknowledge maybe you don't think gamer CJ is gonna work long term their undersized and don't play defense together and and trading CJ for May be a big guy. And seeing of some of these other role players fit with that new system because. We all know the blazers right now the situation there and they have to. You quote unquote stars if you will on Damon CJ and a bunch of back up slash role players that's the way I view basically the rest of the roster mark this may be would be starting on ample teams but. The rest the guys are starting role players though are still role players is not a huge difference makers sell. I you either have to rework everything around Damon CJ or look in the mirror and acknowledged Damon TJ is not gonna work make a deal for that go get a big man like bull gear Andre Drummond for CJ. And see if maybe some of the other pieces then confessed. I also enjoy reading about crab and Evan Turner being available I mean that's I mean how quick did that. To that turnaround from. Big contracts to boy was out of the state didn't take long man at an I have Bob we about remarks on Monday when you're out yet he said those contracts are still tough is a move in for the rays seemed like looking at the offseason and look at it and next year the reason contracts to move or easier I should say. But right now those are still pretty cash heavy deals heating going to be able to move any thing. Where he's either going to be stock has by all reports in this is a groundbreaking stuff. There is active as any team right now which they should be. I think they're gonna try easily move. For a team that's a contender though wants some help from a said Davis yet. I think that's a guy that that you could see movement on my agenda little guy off the bench and I just didn't intend plays defense grabs rebounds off the bench emptying now you know if you had an injury you know Cleveland looking okay how do we place the rebounding confirmed. Kevin Love and need I just I need a body down below the can do that. You know in the in Iran and then if he can help us in the playoffs grade extra six files. Who knows. Yeah I did it just depends on what people are gonna be able to give up forum and and if the asking price is gonna be too low and how desperate they were the art get rid of that money leg or are you gonna take bottom barrel deals just simply to clear salary. Because if that's the mode that Neil oh she's in right now and it doesn't really matter what the rich. Earnest for a turn our crowd how everything would bother me because it's evident thank I don't need any more evidence outside of what I saw last year. You're not signing. One of those free agents that you want everybody to know coveted dated and yet now they went that's why they witness signed an Evan Turner because that was basically playing. Evan Turner wasn't somebody really wanted but they scrambled because they lost Chandler Parsons. They had to fill the three void. They thought oh he can be really good is that we can stagger Damon CJ's minutes he can play the one we can run them off. And it hasn't really worked out the level they thought it would now Evan Turner has been playing better but now he's hurt so. I just think stopped caring about the salary caps so much and care more about. The talent you get back in building the team immediately because salary cap space to me dirt. Is he relevant with this franchise. You obviously don't wanna go into the luxury tax. But you need to start thinking about the roster more than the numbers you're dealing with. Because you're not getting even if you have the most caps face you're not signing those names tell you do get us some flexibility but no signs flexible guy he's okay indifference but yet don't just shed contracts and try to be. What bottom two or three in the league in salary cap sees dad did nothing for you last year why's he gonna change this year so. For me. Dump which you wanna dom is long is it makes the roster better now. And I even care that means this team's gonna be good this year starting about next you but start doing right now in Wheeling and dealing that way. There was also summing up that came out about the Portland trailblazers. How much would you spend a by the blazers from Paul Allen at a much money and I got to play went. Let's say yup power and money oh honest to god how much would you offer pollen from Portland trailblazers we'll talk about that neck TV a number of how much the blazes are worse. In dirt and spray and I coming up in fifteen minutes I. That's just the sports parent you would never won they always make me cringe stage parents in any arena you have this one really made me cringe today. Just because I'm forty seen enough from home and it's yet another example of great you're one of those people. We're dumb by the Portland trailblazers and Alex Kennedy of hoops hype dot com was talking about their how active they are in the trade market and that's not really surprising doesn't Portland not at all the writings on the wall meaning is not gonna play not against Utah. Other gonna arrest him with a knee injury going in all star break at a ping pong ball. I'm OK without I'll they do lose to the jazz the jazz is had a struggle against the clippers I love to watch the jazz just destroy the blazers I'm at that point I know some fans are. It's tough to go through that let but I'm there. But we're just I'm on the active nature of Portland knew what they're going to be able to do would Neil O'Shea at the Helm. And it's it's clear to me dirt. It kind of feels like. And in this is like with no inside knowledge or resources or anything like that. Just the feel having watched this organization. Be run over the course in my lifetime with pollen. He kind of feels like meals she understands his job might be on the line. Yet that these next eight days are pivotal week for you need to be you need to make a splash she need to show some seeing. And continued to show your boss like K don't lose faith in me yet. Yeah I'd give it it if he makes it through the end of the off season or the end of the regular season I should say his jobs on the line this offseason in terms of what he's able to do with those 31 round picks but I think these next eight days. Our pivotal form and in you know he's got marching orders on what Paul wants him to accomplish and I think that's where. The the using part of watching what he does have some of these big contracts comes in is that it is Paul came down and said let's clear this clear this money out. We were spending way to do they have the second highest payroll in the NBA and there in this city. They they have them a bigger payroll in the Golden State Warriors tenth. I think are you kidding me right now I think they they are spending way too much money free terrible basketball team. And so maybe Paul Allen has come down it's a get read it and I don't want Evan Turner anymore that deal didn't work out I don't care what we get return form. Alan crowds not worth that amount of money train them off we don't need him anymore Al farouq Aminu signed a pretty player friendly deal but he's the only guy was at least contributing. A decently on the floor right now a lot of ominous now banged up and I was not playing tonight so. And watching these next seven days is is going to be fascinating and as as a blazer fan the thing that I want most. Is just simply flexibility that's all that I've won now I I get the sentiment that you can't go out and sign big name free agents in the off season. Therefore you you necessarily don't need a lot of salary cap room. But what that area and maybe I would like salary cap room as if you're able to trade for a guy that has a big contract right now you can't bring in other contract and they just had a trade Mason probably. Because they couldn't afford to keep them in the offseason so can you give yourself some financial flexibility where. Maybe you could package those 31 round picks to go get an all star caliber player that's already signed a Max deal 'cause right now you cannot do that from a money standpoint. The other aspect to that I think works in meals she's favor. Upon our and I think would give him an opportunity act is the draft because of what he's proven with his ability senate spot talent. And and and find those guys they can contribute right away. Meyers Leonard obviously has not worked out battling it ever will work out here in Portland and they got Damien CJ to the draft and they also got Allen Crabbe Allen ground drafts so you know given credit for that one in. Maybe he gets an opportunity he Forbes does their valuations of us sports franchises and they released NBA once today. And the blazers are the sixteenth most valuable franchise in the NBA. At one point 05 billion dollars. I just I said I should be surprised they were behind Phoenix. War that's the president but not much I mean I know yet you're splitting hairs Phoenix and it was like fourteenth on the list fingers sixteenth. I was surprised Miller did the other one it may be laughed literally just sold Saddam probably is a big part of their valuation. Of the clippers were so high. Well the clippers are in LA I know it's I say hey at least you're buying a media market where that they're buying immediate marquee Abbie also buying the team they'll always be second fiddle. It's where I asked of this one includes the arena in terms of you know owning the franchise and being worth what they're worth. I'm not seeing anything in this article that saying that includes the Arenas why so I could be an underrated part two and think about this so they show you just on. Like revenue from the blazers it's a 178. Million dollars per year. Which now you pay him over a billion dollars that's not the greatest but. You also got to take into account the other venues that you get the concerts everything else comes in outside of the blazer and ya especially now they've had a great shake a concert recently I'm not gonna lie if I had. If I had a bank account like pile on I think I went off from three. The idea of what he had that's what it would take to get in to sell even if you offer I don't really think he would sell three because money and you don't need the money yet threes are you what's that it's not about it's not about the revenue for M and I think Forbes list of them making about a 178 million in revenue. Over the last calendar year. It's it's clearly not about the money for upon you get off from probably five billion and he still turn it down and it is amazing dirt there are eighteen teams. That are worth a billion or more. Why is it's a trend that EC I think both in Major League Baseball and the NBA that we we spent so much time talking about how the NFL's the king and kings when it comes to sports and his troupe from from ratings and revenue stem points. The other leagues aren't in that same conversation. But we also I think lose sight of let. NBA franchises and MLB franchises have done over the last ten years I mean look at the if if if you went back and look at the evaluations of a lot of these teams. In 20062007. You'd be blown away and what the values gone up over the last decade he'd take the same thing. For a lot of Major League Baseball team we know it changed it I think for the MBA. I think the clippers changed the game form in terms of how we value these franchises. Nobody said the clippers or two billion dollars. Steve Ballmer comes walking in nadir it's always worth what somebody's gonna pay for in that that's the thing with these valuations to that I I don't always buy like IC were Forbes getting their numbers and you know they're just that this is basically a ballpark estimate but. You're right man like who's to say that somebody doesn't come in for the knicks at Florida half billion dollars Dolan get the hell out I wanna own the team I wound Damon in new off from deal that he can't refute all sudden dole runs out and the knicks sold for four and a half billion which is one point two higher than their valuation. Yeah I'd be curious to go back and look at with the blazers were evaluated at ten years ago and deceit how much it's gone up over the last decade. Because adding that's a trend that that's going on in all of sports right now that it just that the amount of money to stay on an especially TV contract survey part of that. But ratings and revenue or are going up for all the major sports brands so here we go I just found this one this is an old Forbes website give me 12. The Indy only league that may be I would say of the core four that we have in this country Libya the NHL 2007 this was on Forbes dot com this is January 25 and 07. Portman was number thirty. Attorney were valued at 230. Million dollars ten years ago so they've gone up 801 day in midst of the GO blaze just post jail blazers I was right about the brand and Roy resurgence was we asked brightly Gloria sullen and ten years they've gone up 800 million dollars. That's our invaluable as estimated value he bought them by the way upon bought them in 88 for seventy million. Imagine buying something like that in the value goes up to over a billion dollars nearly whether there's a lot of folks at that that reminds me of like some homeowners in Portland that if you got in at the right time in the right neighborhood you bought your house like my parents are this way and sell led. They've bought their house tonight the 1980s and I sell it wasn't quite right as well it was kind of trashy neighborhood 3040 years ago get a decent how related decent price and now you look at the house like what houses are going for and so neighborhoods it's like Mandy them amount of money you can make on some identity just by the right message UP have a decent sized lot decent size live. I just got a thing for Maria litter because they I get these things every couple months from real owners that wanna come in and sell your house or offer you something from somebody. And the real owners said that if I sold my house right now it's just like one of those cards it's adieu to sell your house. For like eighty grand more than you paid forward just a year ago. Unbelievable. ED green and equity flip the man flippant so that tangle buy another house where my you live. And a half of that's the proud million dollars at the problem and there's a reality show you have to move in at his place solve fairly good value when Warren I'm really reality show their beat conversations that have that was my five year old that I be waiting till she was seventeen to be happening. That's in fortunate part of that reality show. Hey what's worse. Then these sports parent. You stage dad. Is I don't think we're gonna find a worse one in the what were gonna give you next year turn Sprague back with more on 1080 different. Texas says buddies grandpa about a lot in the pearl to run a mechanic shop. It's worth millions now we'll. Those are those like four stories too when you hear those people too early gains. I think I got rid of them a piece of property that if I did you. Any still owns what I'm saying like when you hear a horse or like that really be own something like that ending he sold ten years before blew up the rough. That would be the worst when that. You just missed that by my grandparents he's my Dallas morning California Mike Palo Alto which is right around. Like tech area you know Silicon Valley. And Asia have eight like acres and acres and acres of damage and all sorts of land and they sold it and they moved up to hood river. When he was in my high school. An ace hold off fatherland on there dammit anyway held onto it you know did they just didn't decide to move they'd wanted to live down there for another forty years I probably wouldn't be here but they'd be really rich. You know lead to that I think of what I think his stuff like this not personal experiences but the one is the FaceBook movie the social network the buddy that. He'd just I don't know heaps remember he wouldn't he took some hernia like really duties was due in. He basically acts himself out of a million guys ousted lost out on a lifetime money and the second one is the person and I believe it's a lady dec. Created the the Nike swoosh. For what was it like fifteen dollars. And she just gave all the rights to it and you're right now it like holy boxer fifty bucks they're Reginald John that I heard do the Bryan yeah as she didn't. Take any control of the logo are now look at the logo committee takes it in my uncle sold ninety Stoxx six months of for the Jordan's dropped. The first Jordan is very first jordin I don't know what the stock did you how much to change in the six months but denied that it Nike to a whole another level to an athletic apparel the only one that I can think about is my uncle who you know. No longer here. I had an uncle that one time had brought up pay buying stock and we were talking and he goes you know one that you should look into is Netflix. In this is when Netflix went into the crap related to Kraft for awhile they did you up late it was so cheap and I remember he was a geisha by a decent portion of some stock. And I was like man I'm too or I cannot get a pass I Barack money carrying amount he was suggesting nominated doing it and now it's up what is net Netflix stock recently it's through the roof it's still a bit I think for a while it was down and around like 6070 box it was super Yangon now would you body when he went low you're really Cashman right now. So he had just stories of people that buy things for super locusts upon about the blazers for. Seventy million in 1988 now they're worth over a billion dollar quite the investment. Do you know any stage dads are stage parents in your life he received them I'd seen on yeah I've seen them. I don't know a lot of them personally about it everybody has those kind of parents drawn up though right I mean there's those kids that are on your team. Then have the parent it's always there that thinks that the coach that thinks they're smarter than the actual coach since yelling at us now clearly the best players ever everybody knows though it might not to this kind of an extreme but everybody knows those parents so long so ball. It is just an absolute stud free UCLA organ fan knows that based on what they just saw. He's got a great year he's gonna go to the NBA he's going to be one of the top three picks in the NBA draft. Good size runs the point a very unorthodox ways shooting the ball very Kevin Martin like. But a stud yeah. And he's part of the ball family with the data is Lavar ball and they've got Melo and they've got the other kid that nobody remembers his name and they've got lungs or UCLA. His dad is the prototypical we talked about his four he's the prototypical. Sports slash stage dad of he lives all is dreams through his kids 'cause he couldn't hack it is a guy as a player. And now he makes his kids be athletes and he drives Germany's always making him work out. News kids for the most part seemed to really like the sport so it's. You know it's not quite crazy loud it's not like a whiplash level of teaching could slash yeah no that's not quite that bad but Lamar ball has been one to say comments about his kids. And he was on TMZ recently for god knows what reasons any talked about how good his kid lawns a ball is. I NS Dugard and got a computer my irons well but you can't compare public water is far. I want to editors if they're fighters and can result it is. OK so there is. Smaller engines and he got a shot just. How do you compare yeah compared to Jeff Carter and Obama among. These nations to appear on court leader appeared to. We wasn't really that you can. Another landscape are. Don't know how important color to edit horribly and play my opinion or. The UB is he does that occur. Now. To step currently in year. The opportunity awesome it's a long time ago. In order deserted doesn't want to apologize to right well we went to resume this later in this supplemental and it. Okay why. I was younger mojo. You know there's it is. To allow workers wherever his career whatever they don't look back a minute I don't horrible. So Lavar ball Alonso balls that his kids get a better did things you'll factoring in to where ball gets drafted huge I think he's totally gonna be the guy behind the scenes. AEA EU dad that is Wheeling and dealing by high end and I hear won't play they hired me in Raleigh news is my kid doesn't need to do that. Absolutely has and highways were the I tend to find the video could have talked about this for an haven't tweeted out actor and Sprague. There's a Christmas video where he might cameras to come in and Christmas with the balls. And he wakes is kids up. They go open presents. And the present seemed uses kids RT shirts from their family clothing line that they've created that's not very popular yeah that's their press all of you know large. Balls shirt okay great. Thanks and did you make I dis man wanted to have to put your kids through that late at this point to be saying something that the media that he's kitty better than Jason Kidd is he knows Seth Curry confidence is one thing to that is out of love for failure it is I just I I will never understand parents like that that just don't let there can leg is kid is obviously extremely successful and not in he has a lot to do with that many clearly is one of those parents have raised his sons to play basketball. And that's part of the reason they're also good but. Jason gives the best point guards of all time. He stepped curry is one of the best players the NBA right now and you just your setting him up for failure by coming numbing comments like that it just a unanimous MVP in the NBA NBA champion. We're about that you're the reason being black because you want championships didn't beat Kimi do you watch stuff creep and ask you all pretty remarkable that's not the only reason why people I also don't think he plays anything like staff curry now I don't either he can't shoot anywhere near staff cores on just as he made a deep three and three may makes deep threes every now and and that's whoever can comparing him because he pulls up from ten feet behind the three point line and somebody says when he's being compared to Jason Kidd a bad thing one of the best point guards in the history NBA some would say top three of all time now -- and when and any altar and listen triple doubles is and he like second or third on that list behind only like Oscar Robinson and and Magic Johnson yeah. He is a stage five stage dad in sports you watch those shows Ike eroded those marathon sometimes like dance moms iridium roped into a show like that. No I think I thank him and watch those as a parent I can watch him because these drives me insane like Friday night tyke is another one that I know those are all parents which makes it even creep here that some coaches. It's the only good kids. They're likes six graders that aren't even his own children. Hamlets from people I. I can't handle that by the way one more before we go this is non lawns a ball related this is a business opportunity or dollars missed thing. This guy says my dad grew up with the original owner of Costco. And was offered partner for 101000. My dad said no no one will ever paid to shop. Thanks a lot dad we have done now one man. I mean if you're just you we have done a business deal like that would you tell people that you did I wouldn't say a word I appreciate people that you thought how successful you were Moscow now. I guess I'm sure there was a clearer you've tried several businesses and and you were successful with a few Obama you can go back and talk about what you missed on what today and yet but yeah dad you're sitting there shall up and out fifty hours a week learn and and trials and our piano thing have you heard of Gary V Gary Vaynerchuk now I've not he's easier on spur new or slash motivational guy he's going to be importance in talking with that Tony Robbins. He tells a great story because he invests a lot of companies he is a buddy and chairman Cisco. That created a company and is place it hate 25 grand in on the company I'm telling you this thing's gonna blow up. He said now I don't think that's gonna really do well I'm okay. But a month later he thought he'd heard about the company's name is buddy called the Mac Heyman. I'm releasing everything were coming out it's starting we already got good response on the call the company Cooper. 25 grand you're in is a solid partner. I'm a pass he passed. He just found out a few months back when he told the story he found out is 25000 dollar investment would be worth over 480 million dollars right now. Says one of the biggest regrets his life now tells the story tells you people ideally don't just overlooked everything out and don't pass on opportunities like that pay the San Diego Chargers are now the LA chargers. And they're charging more for season tickets in LA what the hell is the NFL doing with all of these franchises in where they end up where they gonna end up playing we'll talk about that next some NFL's stuff coming our two. Turned Sprague on 1080 the fan.

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