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Dusty and Cam - 2.15.17 - Hour 2

Feb 15, 2017|

Are the Blazers in fire sale mode? The Chargers are screwing their fans and could the Raiders go to San Diego.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really knew each other. Accuse us it's easy to pop up maybe even born free GP. We're just era. And the man who looks up and permissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American can easily looking at. Why does anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty and examine the more million dollar and 1080 loves and. Other people can just throw out sites they wanna see yeah and there's this NCA. Wide range free proper Chris Tucker yeah. I skew vs iced tea Dana White persistent rove in there but I think we have one that's close to home there but he wants to see the threat of a I'm exits not. Is it corrupt or I hear others is meal O'Shea a let's cut out the owner of the promote that'll dunking it up that would be funny that would be funny through vehicles like. I don't know groove and be fair lies sliding. I don't know you have buzz on it because there's obviously if or we got no holds are certain the promotion let's go aren't. None but that's a decent segue and do. What Alex Kennedy of the hoops hype as reporting he just had a rundown of basically. Everything that he's been hearing during the rumor mill of the trade deadline where the blazes RD have been active. Sending Mason flow only to Denver for a first round pick and used it to her kitsch. But this is. Something that needs to do you go rule. How much credence does have I don't know outs Kennedy is a guy who is very well regard and he does cite a source in this. But he says in his trade run deadline rundown Portland wants to accumulate picks. In save money I'll read this just verbatim because the short little quip needless to say it's extremely unlikely that the Portland trailblazers will trade dean in the murder CJ McCollum. With that said the rest of the roster may be available for the right offer. One general manager said that the team is trying to accumulate draft picks and cut costs remember Portland is currently has the second highest payroll in the league only behind Cleveland. At 119 million dollars hikes in next year that number jumps to 137. Million. That's not a bad thing when years the defending champion cast but it's a tough pill to swallow when you ninth best team in the Western Conference standings the general manager I spoke to made it clear Portland would listen offers. For Allen Crabbe Evan Turner Al farouq Aminu and Ed Davis among others. If potential trades allowed them to stockpile draft picks in save money. In Austin. Reading and that. Are not surprised. I don't think anybody should be surprised at all fire sale time. Brooke oh. See we're looking at a dead different way okay why do you believe it's fire sells time no I'm saying the perception. Can't. By the media and by other general managers is that the blazers have come to the point where they realize. 00. With a lot of money invested here this is not working out so how do we start damage control. Because that's what this sounds like Timmy when there's smoke there's fire can we not agree no doubt. Mean if there are if somebody's getting shot in summons if those rumors are out there and usually there's a few people. That have leaks. As there are leaks everywhere. That means guys have been shocked. In guys have been said what what do you what are you worth. What rebuke willing to give me who's for sale and who was it for now. Right blazers everybody's for sale. No doubt about it I I sit there and I look at it as maybe it's up fire sell mode but as this says here you have. A 199 dollars tied up in the this year and 137 and in next year and you're the ninth best team in the Western Conference it would be dumb of if the blazers wouldn't. Listen offers and try to accumulate picks and try and save money here because you are ninth in the Western Conference and also from what Neil Shea said. Any you know this May Day he said at the beginning of the year this gives us flexibility and you've we've been trying to pound mr. around. That one thing that Neil she did get right when he gave all these guys these bigger contracts this year he staggered money he made contracts that were. Enticing for trades and armed but in he made but he did make a gamble that this year you have a very high paid roster in you needed to make some other right. It was it was Western Conference finals was. The buzz right would you believe this was a maker breaking year for not only me host Neil Sheehan his decisions but for the blazers group as the war. For these guys are on this roster this was a make or break I didn't get that feeling. At the start of the year but now the more we start to analyze it and see and feel it it does feel like this was a make or break. For a lot of these guys on the ground yet and we should've felt that way at the beginning in the year because they were coming off they are optimism whatever coming off in the first round win and they actually put up a fight. In the last against the Golden State Warriors right. And days they gave Golden State. A little bit of a run for their money I'm not gonna sit there and sit in that series was great by any stretch of the imagination but they put up a fight those games and there was an expectation set forth by the organization. That the fan base was feeding off love and that the players were talking about in work shying away from that they felt like they word group that was you don't. They could make or they're still one of the youngest rosters in the entire NBA. And now they were locked in sell it shouldn't have felt like it was a make or break here but with the start of this team had. With the inconsistency. That'd asset. Heck yeah big big big guy should be you know afraid that you may be moved because that is the nature of the beast that's. That's isn't that the mentality of a professional athlete no absolutely that you know what have people been saying not just fans but. You know. We talked about this several times it looks like something's missing from this team right maybe it's that drive because guys have gotten comfortable because they've got their contracts and debt that chip on the shoulder and that drives of weird the little guy anymore is done. What do front offices in this isn't an indictment on Portland this is kind of business in in professional sports blood in front offices dealing that situation to try and motivate guy. Let's the only way you can't do it be if you do not earn it or performed to the level of what you're paid in any business in anywhere across the board. You'll be scrutinized and you need to be motivated you leave or be fired. You'll be traded you'll be cut. In businesses either fired or you're asked to pay cut you move onto another job this is the reality you have to perform. To the level of what your being compensated this is basic business strategy yeah you've paid a ton of players. They are not performing to the level let's be honest with this amount of money invested in this team. They should be in the top five minimum in the Western Conference yes minimum. And that's where this team should be and they are not again the Golden State Warriors have staff curry Klay Thompson during among greening Kevin Durant. And the blazers have a higher payroll and the second highest payroll in India Brett and so win win that. Is. This situation a year end. These things shouldn't be surprised you'd know players in the locker room not at all it shouldn't be a surprise to the fan base. And eight is probably the business savvy thing to do for the Portland trailblazers right right. I was an added that coach O'Shea says that's our constitution. Just my little giant's total just tidbit there you have been on a Little John loves me those are times our coach Stotts said to these guys. We're all responsible right now for where Iraq. From coaches all the way through players from losing and having guys like apply only gone. We're all responsible so this is what you get this is what we all get when we don't perform to the level of not only expectations put to the competition level were being taken care. Absolutely right and if you don't do that you have to be motivated again fear what's the fearful part in the NBA anymore. Tell me what the theory is for an NBA player once you get a contract. What's appear to be looking bad to the media. I mean about reputation. You're gonna get every red cent what's the fear losing your job being labeled a cancer being labeled about locker room guy being labeled. Guided and how work ethically what is the motivation. Once you're locked in. In the NBA nowadays when you get that kind of money is true question no I don't think so narrowed there's a fear right being sent to the 76 got no idea but no I Orlando now. Maybe. Wrote the sixers and every single one of these guys from numbers across the border and Allen grabbed an eighteen point five million dollars. As you mean it Evan Turner's getting sixteen point three million dollars what's their year. And what's motivating. I do not got to be a self drive that's the only thing that I can figure out. From the inside is the internal drive to be better wasn't Ellis separates the great players images they're good players you know guys did. Our what matters of the wonders owners how to yeah I yeah LeBron get up every morning and and and right ramped up EC's up right in that is. Gosh I could George trainer out a book about it. A bad bout there are. It was all know that's his agent know what not not even as agent that was Michael. Does Michael Jordan's agent. So who's this trainer asked the book was in here for awhile but he calls those guys cleaners. Where no matter it's in mental make up the no matter what you do. No matter how much money give me even when did you will wake up in the morning in you'll try and you know his sex it's right in there are very few people. It's a hard thing to find in a hard thing to identify and you don't know it until everything in the world is what they have right up. Because there's always something it there's a carrot dangling and that is the thing that's messed up about professional sports but you know what you look at in the business world CO. The same thing oh you always wanna have a carrot dangling in front of you you wanna have something to strive for when you get. When you get everything that you could have won it in you Max out it was what's gonna keep you going for. I saw reinvent quote from Tom Brady this morning just. Little bit ago I think it was a pro football talk Corey said effort isn't enough you have to make the right choices if you wanna be the best you know you can't. Oh yeah mule works hard right after rehearsal mule so jackass. TI and Tim drovers. Guy's name. And he wrote a book about it. In EGD calls those guys cleaners man in it is it's called relentless is the name of the book. From good to great to unstoppable and does guys that are unstoppable are the cleaners he says that there's only a handful of them in. In east how many times we talk about salaries and and we mentioned salaries old AT and a half million dollars I'll grab for example eighteen a half million dollars what's gonna motivate him. To be better army times you hear people say well I'd slavery eighteen million. You never hear anybody say I don't care how much you pay me. I don't care. I never hear guys say that it's not very often because it is about getting everything you can as fast as you can't. For you it's very rare that we hear somebody say. Procure to pay we were going after it went after this right now I don't care Amy what do you think I deserve but get out of my way. In bed those for those people just doesn't did that I don't know we breed data anymore but mallet with the revenue that's in sports okay. One at a wanna pause on this. Why do we criticize guys then we'll all Rita that's why oh why do we criticize guys that have that in them because there is a great example today's widely criticized. It's not Tom Brady. That does just this time and time again. But he's probably one of the most criticized people. In sports and why would we criticize these people Fatah after your fight testing came on offense. This is dusty and jam in the morning you know I'm 1080 I love Sam. OK so. We're talking about a report from hoops hype. Alex Kennedys he said he talked to one general manager you wanna go on the record shocker. As said Portland is basically everybody says Damon CJ are on the table which in the of again we don't know if and the little. Validity validity of this and jump with them we were talking hard. But it shouldn't be eight unexpected when you're the second highest payroll in your ninth in the last right you're not gonna be a Western Conference contender. The report is gonna does. But what. TNB is when you sit there and talk about everybody's kind of locked inning comfortable the only guy that was it was Mason calmly who's just traded right. Everybody else is comfortable in their deals and where they're at. Financially. And that is. What most sports teams do and daisy say in you put it very well in that in the business Ralitsa same thing he'll live up to. The expectations. In your pay you get moved you get demoted you get a pay cut or you get. Wired can't gripe yeah we you can't do any of those things in the NBA without paying them. In everything you promised so unreal to me so unreal the only thing you can't do this trade in trading for assets and whether it's cash or picks. That is what the blazers can do so there. What is it with the guys who were just motivated beyond belief even when they get the money. When they get the contract and get the comfort that keeps him going you brought up Tom Brady was restructured his deal. Nineteen billion times and will be paid one million dollars about a New England Patriots next year that is his salary is one billion dollar. About it he makes Palmer he makes less than 75% of the NBA rosters receive Portland Trail Blazers roster. So this is why say the NFL is the best most motive restructuring that's why it's always gonna be so driven my biases are built and you have to be motivated every day every contract is your year in the Indian India in the NFL no doubt about NBA completely different and here we are asking that question. And when you look at there's one guy. Who has been criticized. Over his career who's he's getting money now. But if you look at he took a pay cut. To go down to Miami to win championships because he didn't feel like he can do it where he was right. In Cleveland LeBron James. Took pay cuts. In Dwyane Wade and Chris bust the guy was criticized beyond belief for taking those pay cuts threaten. If you look at LeBron James right now in he may be one of the mountain more widely criticized like. Star athletes. Of our time in that like there's a lot of hate that goes dug its speed towards him LeBron James always consistently. He's not even in the top ten in the NBA. In payroll right now. Like he's gonna make ends let's not act like LeBron James is going to be broke. And he's got a billion dollar shoe deal with Nike and 99 million dollars over his contract with. That Cleveland Cavaliers but if you look at it nicotine's deal is worth more Damian Miller DeMar DeRozan Andre Drummond right. Kevin Love god and his own team. Will be making more. It didn't like this is no I think Jimmie has a massive problem on a team yet we sit there are massive in the in the the criticisms of LeBron James and order seemingly that oh he just needs all these other guys to win championships. Well he's motivated told wind isn't that the point of the game is to do win at all costs and in doing so he's not even highest paid player in league though he should year in year out of the he should be the MVP year in and year out. It's it's so fair and it we made the argument yesterday -- cited about the difference to weigh how Roger Goodell handles the NFL compared to wit Adam silver handles the NBA. The NBA's players leak is a players league it's about players it is about how much the players can get and I and I am all about get as much as you can. But you concede and an end. If you don't think in the real world data comes down to being comfortable financially comfortable was not motivate you or on motivate you know it does. It does we scenic beauty everybody out there has the rich friend and everybody out there has the middle class brand and the pork for and ask the differences majority times. You can seal lifestyles. So I asked this. We're talking about sports and we're adding money into sports you want a competitive nature of desire to fight to win at all times can you are paid. On success success as winning. Blazers are not winning so how do we correlate that to what's wrong with this team. They're comfortable. Now well they're comfortable they're not figured it out. That is why they're losing. In you don't have drive you have to have internal drive not not seen every everybody on this roster is is comfortable. I'm seeing the majority of what's happened gay guys are not fighting like it's their livelihood I will also throw this. Caveat out there and you know we use. We use caution at the beginning of the year. That last year was a bit of an anomaly in in the Western Conference 44 wins was able to get did Portland trailblazers the ditzy. 44 wins. If you look at where 44 wood winds would have been the previous year it would have bin. Tenth in the west. Right like last year was a weird year it in the Western Conference saying maybe the blazers team as a smokescreen a little bit last year well no I false hope I will not say also that also was there but I'll not say it was a smokescreen because those guys played their butts off. And that was a 26 and a half when expectation non team in day. They outperformed that leaps and bounds but. It was it a little bit of the best case scenario played out where it was kind of an anomaly year were 44 wins got you end. And got just five seeding got you the most favorable matchup of the top against topple recedes in the clippers. And then on top of that. You know you gad in a situation where there was that motivation as well I think that it was second confluence of events and last year was a perfect storm. For the Portland trailblazers now that the perfect storm doesn't happen two years in a row. There is a in overwhelming panic in the fanned it. They ask you some dusty Karl gusher would you like a job where you repaid on potential and guarantee that potential no matter what you were currently in your job. Oh hell yeah. Did you are right you would be getting paid is is not a piece it sure is. But doesn't it is an intra scene that we sit here we argue this with the NBA and we see how teams are we asked these players to stay motivated. Internally and naturally you can't beat. Because even those Jordan raskin jordans and the bronze were asking maybe I don't know think it is or is it. I mean who who other were those elite guys are just wanna fight and compete. At all times where are they in the NBA and there's. I think there's a lot I don't think there's a lot of like although Lena all the top talent I would say is up the national monasteries or whether they're right there in that point arousal and those of us out there would love the job that. Or said no you performed really well this year you're six years we'll pay you for six years locked in guaranteed. Gimme that same motivation ball. How we how you gonna find that motivation. What's motivating it's got to come from internal yeah passed you it doesn't have to you have to wake up every day wanting to be better than the date was before. Analysts say this about it they're the report though I do agree with you 100%. I will say that this report from Alex Canadian who side about kind of everybody super Damon CJ being on the table. On it is not an indictment. On and that feeling may be bi annual shake. It is just a Smart thing to do and it it is not an indictment and that is not exactly what no Shays thinking we're not saying that but I do agree with you is that there is you do have to have that motivation this may not be it in is as it pertains to this is specific report. But the tenth in the west the second has contracts this in the report that GM is telling Alex Kennedy who side that everybody except for Damon CJ is essentially on the table should not. Be surprised if in here here's my last question here if you knew you were guaranteed your money. Is anybody on this roster scared. And our future. I don't know comets and maybe but the only one well but here's the deal content. Well you know it based on ego really didn't know how many guys are 95 I mean in in the majors I don't know that's a dime a dozen I don't know but I mean that's given another shot nearly eight via you know and here I edit by the young Tony if your Meyers Leonard if you're. Anybody symbol Barkley an F forty million and Evan Turner. And you're getting your money this Texas is that am I scared no little. Scared about. Again go to Philly. I mean I'd better I'd like to think that these guys being being professional athletes being doesn't. Made a career out of playing basketball. Are scared of being. The sucking of being a role like I I I like legacy should I like to then Meyers Leonard Padilla goes as Jim everything gets shot so because he wants to be better can he wants to be effective right now you humor like injured BC got these changes scenery. I'm not I'm not telling anybody that they don't already know that you can't just sit there say just because they're sports. Icons in their press office of think and feel like everybody else exactly what I've been given a gift he out and athletic gift. But I still has changed internal motivation. I had this is a good text and on the point of what we're talking about what do people say when that there's a lottery. I'm quitting my job and ending in the win the big month Britain moving away then you'll be broken five years a move back and too big for job speak for yourself not me when I'm in the now when you're told me that the other day. On here never seeming in. Minute and see a few of the people we've all become and in every morning once I went I do think QB has a massive problem. And I think all these months all this money in these guaranteed contracts in the stupid amounts of revenue are are just devaluing this league across the board him for motivation. You know our people. And a beard braving the elements and braving the traffic this morning we're here with the F largest on traffic. No way to build your fan base and you city. Only how to spin a Stanley could envision it in the raiders could avenue home in one of the most unlikely of places right now. Is Alex Crawford and he has a sports center update Korea. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 and. You'd think fifteen San Diego Chargers new hubs to LA to be in the LA chargers they would on TU. I don't know ingratiate themselves they're new fan base make make good with the find people of San Diego who don't really like them. Because it's actually quite proven that not a lot of chargers fans are in LA. And that a lot of people are upset even the ones that or an ally. Are upset that they are moving from San Diego because people liked going down the San Diego to go watches games. On. So we understand by the chargers did it is because as a money knew they could be worth far more being in LA and San Diego. While Forbes is saying that the chargers have already seen their valuation of their franchise go up 500 million dollars course there's. A half billion dollars they do not offices know permanently set up in LA yet and the RD worth two point one billion dollars the pretty much a flag. That's what they're the post and flag in in in the elect right they got. Well about a billion dollars. Well move is like putting and USA flag on the moon right that's right we know we don't we ought to now our moon that expects. And they're saying that once they actually are relocating its. Into LA that valuation will go another. 500 million dollars at least at least another finally. And even the stadium. And they'll be worth two point six billion dollars. Wrap your head around that one so they are the spin a Stanley dean and now expand house. Are sitting there they're having this nice influx of cash and you know you get an extra billion dollars is nice to have frank Reich. Maybe yeah but well after they had to pay 500 million dollars to move anyway. They're gonna find a way to make that money back medevac great because they are saying that not only are they raising season ticket prices. On their soccer stadium. Yes. Seats behind the bench will be 325. Million dollars. Per game what was in a 375. Dot dancing million yen said a 1000300. Is that any role model Heidi that now 375. Dollars per game per season against permit field behind the chargers vents 325. Fourteen gets behind the opposing bench the least expensive seats per game will be seventy dollars a game. And that is a 25 dollar increase from what the French as charged in San Diego and so you're looking at you grieve the height of their rate hike it is going to be a small stadium they're calling it intimate. The most intimate venue in the NFL I don't know there's another awkward thing moist I don't wanna hear about the intimate viewing. 30000 wanna hear about 30000 people will be able to fuse into that stadium. But at 325. Dollars per game or 375 if you wanna sit behind the chargers bench 325. Behind the opposing bench. That's a lot of cash anacostia grand just even get to the game it is a you wanna do their amazing our team driving food. A friend. If you tickets that's if your wondering yes that is far and away. Above the league average for a ticket prices. So in. This past Jim grant same coliseum. There most expensive season ticket. Was 225 dollars. Percy. So not a great venue though for sports this is a 150 dollars more of her seat. Okay for their best against would you rather have smaller venues more expensive or bigger venues less expensive. Through the NFL you're trying to make up the gaps right you're trying to make it up. You make it exclusive viewing or do you make it. Inclusive for making bigger venues 8000000. Seat stadiums mid range tickets or smaller. Twenty or 35 to 40000. Venues like baseball stadiums with the higher price take. I think what we'll see is smaller stadiums become more the norm. Because the viewing Acer Asus isn't very good anymore Mary you have to make you have to make the event about going to a game something special right now. I don't know fights it Nigeria's world a hundred dollars and operate nose bleeds when Michael special now in sit in the Topper of the LA coliseum to watch that rams products known. And it all done so this is another issue of by the way we're not done there and Ohno gets better because when they move into their new. They're saying that the chargers. Will be charging for fifty dollars for parking to nine dollars and fifty cents for beer. In six dollars and fifty cents just to get a soda. In the building which is around. It is about. Ten dollars more per part. Per car for parking then any other NFL stadium at 950 is about a dollar 25 more than Beers and other stadiums in. As soda at 650 is about a buck and a quarter more. Than any other stadium in the league's a look at. The chargers once she did much to root for their team everybody that I don't know who to blame Aaron I don't either blames state of California and probably the underlying tax issues that the California just his. Plates you're you're taxed having your gourd when you live there or saw I would like to see the costs. For the chargers before searched her denies this. It really looked down and it mean how much are they being charged their leases how much of it because we do you know that stand croc he owns the property. So he's gonna charge them more. Indeed we know that California's gonna get their tax they're gonna get their hand into it. In the end it's if it is the elites in the house that are known to be able to enjoy NFL games and people are saying that the genome notice and are charged 1025 for bear. And this and nobody can find cheaper Beers and there I believe I have two and before you know I found on nine calendars in there that's a cheap beer. Hey oh she premieres intentionally five though I mean that they're we're talking a lot being least expensive beer you'll get his 950. Paid two dollars fifty cents at the masters Revere the media world that's now. And it's the and also a tradition unlike the other. But this is. This is a season ticket holders is to see your team is she going discusses C docs charge more I think 900 dollars for TC through the season opener last year through Ticketmaster. Well that's imagine what the secondary market prices regular ons on these tickets. When you go out. In you try to Biden threw a ticket master or you don't try and find him on stub hub is 375 is the cheapest that evil but you'll find those tickets. They will be marked up through the roof because BA other people need to make their money to. I discuss certain wondering when people are gonna stop paying that cost. I only way I mean if supply demand is higher and you keep pain it than what summing tells me to 2017 season for the Italy chargers manned. Can imagine there's only a thousand people people NFL getting people don't care. You need don't care people on LA especially don't they do they really they don't care and they don't care man as he's really good. The rams have been there a year or so he's there got something. Oh win okay but when the lakers are hot and yes he's really good. People care right there front running we go out notably at fort rivals Google has its trendy yeah oh yeah its front it's front running city old the most yeah. So the chargers the journey and a little bit oh that nearly good it'll easily go to people pain becomes cool to loyalty is it fair you're up for either not relevant we don't care you. Oh it's funny. What has the spin us and cross keys down to you show us that they're gonna field a team that is gonna get those people out there. News it's a remains to be seen thinking -- I got a new coach they dumped Jeff Fisher what I got an army problems with I understood why not talking about right now you're gonna right now is a good example like. Those two franchises what like. They ran off the best GM in in coach in San Diego that they have. And since a croc he's took over in Saint Louis Ali that is losing move the team right. I mean but they've what are what doubled in value yes but I like is the fatal only come in LA if you're good. Who has faith that these two franchises are the pins that get it. On the subject and now we wanna win your putting my if you ask me and my answer which franchise and affordable rams are gonna force more in this market. I feel the same way yet rams are gonna do good work. LA NCAA or different right they're you know they're stand groggy so he wants to win if he's hyper competitive. I don't know what the span else family is hyper about. Mean idiots and I don't know making nine hear it but in and that is I mean that's a big that's the issue at hand right there my buddies at that. My body semi good bumper stickers side LA the other day it was the failed chargers logo. With a little squiggly LA Pena peeing on is it's been us is face an oh wow well yeah. Like to Calvin and hobbes any kind of dollar knobs temporal as the LA very angry peeing on Yasser OK they made those already. More power to Cameron. Well. When he goes sees a way to go LA chargers. You are sure make it friends and LA you say the rams there's also this aspect that the rams may have gotten there early year earlier. But there's like this feeling with the people in LA and that the rams are more of their team in San Diego as you know because they were in their way before. And CD is just jumping onboard sane and make a stretch there is one place though. That could land the raiders now been team without a home. And it is one of the more unlikely places and in the NFL dusting cam on the fence. Richard. This isn't just an attempt and it's. And. What is this. What is this this is new this this is this is the this is happening this is like it's atrocious commodities is happy music guy built. On the throttle hipster crowd very here it is this is a little hamster a little but also notices this doesn't make you smile like home. No Crawford known and it's. Of your generation umpire nerds I hear audio surfing the drums here. The good song good T this is the main role of the producers sent the team car segments and you have you realize you show we're doing here. Our show get on get on patent. OK we got some AC DC and extend. We got to Nepal while I'm just waiting music is new life in their car than you guys have this right now. 55 they're finally are you a bullet did know there's something from your generation still sleeping there is all gang out what I think there's some things. From over the weekend that piqued my interest and attention. In that we talked to you we talked to Latin wood two weeks ago. About. What was the conversation that we're having a low if you're TU. Have your own teams see. You follow all the old celebrity C now yes oh yeah yeah I I sick Clint Eastwood and you're like why in the heck are you are you saying Clint Eastwood. Because it is because the NRA and I say no. This past Sunday did you see who is on the a set of CBS during the it. During the AT&T add. Torrey Pines. Ball scramble each he's always there it was Clint he's doing the year he does at every year thank you. That undoubtedly you would be following him to pebble be Irish for that tournament in T and seeing him like Hackett around the golf course. In having a Happy Gilmore moment with him you know where Bob Barker there. I also say it's wheels that you follow Charlton Heston around and then no no we did you know we just says that in none of you guys knew he passed away in 2000 and he did he got true I knew he wasn't living anymore he died Just Diesel in the cities the curse president of the Ares her daughter are still I had. I knew he wasn't the president NRA Laura sultan has didn't yes and it. Again nominees that are anymore. Okay there his name is seeing no this BC does not uplifting there's always said this is uplifting music is brutal PSE loyal Hillary you know your demo cry Neil here and I knew it below also I'm on the way it's to work see both of the pig calling and calling all aspects of that conversation now I like the music crop it made me smile it's crappy out I needed a list from the ups saw. Yes and I'm never gonna get in with the hipster crowd sorry. For a lot of beards work and sorry I only throw in we will other than the camp gonna cross over to that now it's not gonna happen hey. You know why it went zero ZUS and say and do embrace your own. Embrace it. Do what you do all right Judas Priest and AC DC don't show which wouldn't be bad Halloween but not a problem and only Jesse of his hipster how would guess he's just dress me up as will Birkins. I'm fox. Well yet can we with fake glasses with no known what do we know what it. What would you put somebody in my site you Heidi it's somebody might ideally hipster yet tight beanie I have teens ate your life I don't. If flannel button. All the way up. And seven glasses with no friends and determines lumber sexual. Now shut the hell are your virtually all that's literally I had no it's not just like a big guy you with a flannel and a beard jeans and Gary Knell. All fight against flannel and appeared in jeans tight jeans yeah that all fine I'll take some skinny jeans all snap some takes around southeast you know OK you say I have you ever seen again I size I don't have there's not a hipster out there that that's my site he needs are watching some of those NBA walk up videos in some of the NFL and I'm Travis Kelsey just ask traps Chelsea's easy easy out here until he does have his own show catching cal he is today. He is a daisy died in mr. now. You have a Travis Kelsey vibe today and I'm in. Shame on your extras till she got shut your mouth show all right. The raiders are still looking for a home believe burned the bridge with the. Allison family in Las Vegas. They have not been able to find a home in Oakland in reaching agreement that Alameda County or the city of Oakland to build the stadium there. Leaving them kind of sit there going hey guys we're gonna play NFL bail us out please. Well there may be help for those. Oakland Raiders. In its in the least likely of places. The home of there. Rival. Chargers. Is the Gong Show San Diego is the Gong Show right now see in Diego. Me build a stadium for the raiders. It's not gonna come from public funds now. As Kevin AC and DC Diego union Tribune is reporting. In man named Doug Manchester which sounds like a rich guys than it does has approach CN FL up privately funding a new stadium. It on the land that currently. Holds all come stadium. They wanna build me. Stadium privately fun at 70000 seats and make sure they have their their stadium there in San Diego. My question. Why now. And why in the world would you do it after the team leave so I mean if she. The idea is to build the stadium does this say more about the hatred for the span Els family excel. Or is this just. Why would you do this I don't know I think fit I don't know. I really don't understand what's going on I think there's a lot of people with a crap ton of money in California and they need to figure out how to spend it and suddenly when you our. Well when your team is removed you forget what you lost yet in business opportunity that's that's prime real estate. But I mean it eat it it hasn't even really left yet. And you haven't been able steal the impacts of that like that banned same we have we can build the stadium now. Is that just sitting there and in being liked looked. You could've felt this pressure and fill this void before they actually laughed and I do think it is it's a hatred for the Spanish family. Oh why they're readers what would that even work. I can't imagine the NFL even allowing something like that even be realistic. Act Amy can you imagine taken a team away from a city in and are putting another team. That's in the same state up north. That can't figured out in Vegas and now moving them to see I just it is a joke in India is that's they rival. Those those teams do not like each other so you know you're trying to sit there and say this visual operators after. It's heeding the raiders since the sixties then. When the chargers came down LA. Now don't be no problem to start becoming raider fans like sports spin it doesn't work like that does it what would that work. To where it would just be like in one year a couple years he can flip the script and just be like yeah we're good with that let's do this now. I I don't see that happening. He had to say I'm very confused about how a real estate developer with suddenly. Just called the NFL and say I got. And now after your team left now. I don't. Now I'm here we get to dismiss the great raiders to Mexico getting on in Mexico City readers and went up. And this Linda says because the raiders are a brand in the chargers are not but still. In San Diego the chargers are a brand in the area and that's where the loyalty lies. You know you don't BC Diego's not a raiders town it's. The chargers to the deal aids then it's an incredible. Thing to think about one year later move minute move and a team right now down there but it's on the table now way to go San Diego. Privately funded stadiums the way to go sometimes you just have to say WTF. Crawford Dresden on your face and blow your mind to what Ron Burgundy Mo WTF Wednesday. Is Ron Burgundy a few Oakland the does he came off the fish.