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Dusty and Cam - 2.15.17 - Hour 1

Feb 15, 2017|

Post-Valentines Day recap, NCAA may change their targeting rule, and McGregor vs. Mayweather.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning when I say should we really swimsuits and you say. Yeah weather permitting new toasty here again. Certainly now. I almost going to battle to hold myself a good day tied for me it's. Just jam in the morning on 1080 should. On the table. Damned. Happy hump day everybody while the other and you do and a brother Dan Howell leads the third. GI oh man. I mean I was sitting here as dance a little bit. You know I had the wrong in my own I hit the wrong button well. I guess that's and we were gonna starter when MoneyGram Wednesday everybody knows everybody good. He's doing just good better than yesterday your hair's column today that must mean things are better I showered this morning. Accomplish I assure every morning I wake up call ID Tia I usually can't function if I don't shower you know but blazers going into overtime. On. Three through Lou Monday night in Yemen and yeah on Monday night and I had to do talk and baucus Orlando Williams is out with his hip surgery. Bring in the showed in get over 'til like. 1145. Flooding get home until like. Weight has been nine as a wake up safe to say that you and I are very official weather showers. Somebody else might pull it off occasionally they're Crawford smells like a single guy on balance the day after valid I bet his seat seven in Washington through though I. I won't say that I wash my sheets a lot of smoke a lot for you once a month now. The how are so awesome on Saturday so that's not a lot and that's good good for you could scan gives sleeping your what I smell bad today known bid skin cells that decision dog out and say yeah earth he does and does can shower before bed last night yet because Jim a lot of garlic in years I deal ideal on god made us or fraud for myself little garlic and onion that would be an -- get some soccer game. Air we go that's the one that makes sense I really improved. How did your single Valentine's go last night that I made a delicious meal you didn't put an anti. Anti aid to weed out turn into life not just book period anti cigarette picture of my AM meal for one delicious what right. I saw more. Anti Valentine's heat it was it was kind throughout all of all of my eyes that I wanna called the what do what do we what we call it social media sphere you wanna call it. And a few authors here did you have and then I also saw the fake love that everybody has great. Relationships. You you know talking about. That those are I don't know if that's faith club I mean there are there any day because you know the majority of their posts or eight there are paid and then mysteriously here comes the review. But but we're very angry there were a lot of really let people get relationships out there and just tee to come on couples that to give you kind of play by play of their relationship down that's the worst. We're doing good in enhancing and roads and you see them in. I've yet in the exceeded person on your on the idea. Now need to ask you how things are gone. And prayed he did pretty transparent I consider myself pretty transparent not gonna make an eating out but it. It was fun it was enjoyable watch the yeah. Judge you guys seen my tweet I want downstairs in my oh no similar inmates were. They had on the table. Some physical photographs of them and their significant others and they were taking pictures on their cell phone of the physical photograph to post. Audience to Graham. And I'm like I walked there or the couple the couple sitting across from each other. Both taking pictures of the same time deposed like this is it a homework assignment like you don't have to like. They're like about to go out to dinner for Valentine's Day before they went they had their photos while I'm guilty of doing that I do that Cuba just to see them both to it felt like a solid assign no idea what you mean with two people are trying to piece it together to actually were like OK it's 5 o'clock we have to get her photo in you step to scanned the photo uploaded to computer analysis then yeah we ought. I've done that Claudia I. Guilty if you announce Elaine Shannon ranked discount and I just say re. Posted do something else like that so that's that's down ABC there's a whole it's an account CO NC Graham has. Is just littered with pictures of people leg my girls the sexy poses on beaches and sexy poses everywhere you know I'm a big fitness follower that's like falcons yes yes because. I'd like all fitness fitness followers but there's in his entire against agreement Twitter account dedicated. She people taking pictures of the four boyfriends that have to take those pictures of their girlfriends bust earlier today I did boyfriends like hunched over like taking a seductive photo of his girlfriend using an A dome posted on OK now that's a programme I have a problem like that all that it felt like I get it out of problem following it have a problem doing this it's just like these deeds that. I'd been overly plumbers crack on the beach say taking a picture of his girlfriend in net in mid. Surf with waves crashing under that's a good grade for sap at the. Are you see the reflection of the dude in the in the Mears he's traded big picture of the girl is she's trying to pose right locker Leo he's over in the you don't like this. In the mere yeah see him as seven does it take yeah wonderful. He gets didn't mean Ott babe wouldn't be terrible shot might but. To hit hit at this kind of plan would that be the they're all natural and no. All bumps on his program are real right I love the before and after bucks that I see nowadays. Pretty easy these is they're placing big color and didn't we have talked about he had the before and after pictures of everybody everybody's into before and after Warren after both were. Cross fit after crossed yeah they gamble on land and here's my butt before. When I was lazy here's the but now that I walked can I do but flip side I got offered to I don't know walk. And my role comes with a before masters parent that's in the show on the road now. And I remember was just like yesterday. Writes today in sports this der ring. And how about this and this is a rule that is still a problems. Yeah. Well with the many of of the college football athletes in 1965. The NFL on this state pledged not to sign college seniors until they've completed all of their games including their bowl games right. Do you think he sixth 1965. Because what what happens is. You have guys that would sit there and they decorate. Sounds like we see is Leonard Burnett for example sitting here bowl game fishing cap receiving a bowl game right you see these guys there like fall. I don't do this don't play. In the NFL's like devastate this month home court and they've sedated in general now the rules and exceeded even more. Where guys get drafted Vista came known by many camps until you graduate school graduate you know. Or not graduate to screwed the semester is over it which doesn't make sense right. And the degree it's. Today. We will be checking out the rule change that cam Cleveland. Has been leading. Needs to be changed I don't think it's just mean I think everybody's going to be very excited about. Jim and are out there protesting the other arm. My my protest this I've wild island on the counter the where you go to do it starts and Indianapolis yeah ha. I'm not protesting. I can trust. Protesting you guys protest. During a punch in the face. You have to put a mask gone aren't there and throw a rock and a bank. I don't want or like a team stork whenever you store we may have to discuss this he gets it first blazers in the TV Jaber crunching Valentine. That's a tough month. I mean we're talking could be another forty years from blazers championship. But then again it's Crawford's. A report from the isn't here yet. Third heard from the NBA. They have blazers. Players feeling a little uncomfortable we'll discuss that. And need chargers can screw their fans. In their first year in thin air in Los Angeles. I'm doing go. But visitors during digits and catchers are boarding knowing now. I know I'm excited well royals reliever Brian Flynn did nieman reports he's gonna miss the first two months of the season. And he will miss the eighteen months according to manager Ned Yost because Flynn fell through the roof but his bar now. I saw this and he broke a couple reasons fractured a vertebra. In his vast. Trying to fix the roof on the motto is do what is known today he's taking care of farm and his own lands that's right. Or it's in the real fun. Are you know look like that you know what eat your year old working housing and although fear on the roof and herself a harness system. Sure yeah that's what guys don't do that your take care of long you don't see NBA or NFL players' phones through there is their barns in the offseason and he. Baseball's a different breed it's clearly I am thrilled baseball breeds. Israel did yeah. Yeah I am working on your barn I think there's so now working on your car right there's seven to the element. Baseball players and hockey players have to suffer in the minors and be like broke before they make it to the bigs and agents are wired differently now. Bus and lot of down time. I did get hit anybody so they're angry very good point and. Hey wake up I said wake up. These political hot round Conrad Conrad. Probably because he's been banned so many drugs well that's true figure a lot of don't you wanna call it enhancements when he had his big. He had his big. What you McCullough is and then intestinal issues yes and where he almost died. And so he hadn't yet to take a lot of like experimental does and then he came back and in a meet coming VA. UFC heavyweight champion and yeah but he's 39 years old you know. They might be time to do sugar down or disdain Adobe giving you daily got to have a few interviews there you got our big get the royal rumble occasionally you know. Great fighter that Brock Lesnar. NCAA champion and grassland here really wrestler. Tried out for the Minnesota Vikings and figured out that just because I'm big and strong dude doesn't translate to football football hard. Today he got his butt kicked over the he's he tested positive for an estrogen blocker groups come. Does it in one moves around the brown I didn't. Yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really keeping them out is due legs. 600 Lazio spent 40 my god it's early wake up. After about a month and anticipation in the NFL has reportedly handed the Seahawks their punishment. For failing to disclose Richard Sherman's. I mean they all seem. Nfl.com so I think he is good source who works in the NFL or CFO Mike Roth slow reports the Seahawks have been handed AF. Warnings slap on the wrists. To what you guys do decade. Learning I couldn't agree more though with this this is overblown it's a joke. I honestly think he had to disclose or Richard Sherman. Had a knee issue I understand it only wants all the rules take away draft pick over that it's a gender women out there on the table. The second round play of the entire year right in this game yet that's your OK that's your minister about. Because I can't seriously injured man. Somebody was hurt in the NFL I'm so surprised yeah I think that that was their defense and I think all words and exert things have a great summary is the only one that's not her in their defense is shut up everybody's her opinion feels like a point in the morning. Don't do it again guys don't do this. Right where we start the worst. Role in sports is on its way out GM Cleveland's doing the happy dance dusting cam on the fan. This is just you examine them. And on ten. I've 55305. That is next on. How about this he's here. He most hated rule in college football and may be the most didn't ruin sports. Maybe getting changed very very soon according to CBS sports. The NCAA rules committee. Is looking. To change the targeting rule that. Sun so many guys get rejected from college football games really. JJ trajectory. And so many football games over the course of last season. Wears a fifteen yard penalty inning ejection a lot of guys had to miss the next game too because it would happen in the second half. My first question to the NC two a when you were trying to make a rule and I tonight and I'm all about shock value to when you try to make a rule. If you're gonna make a rule like this in you don't tested out. Because guess what culpable doesn't have a does have the pre season to try to test rules out use. It doesn't it's not like the NFL can throw fewer rules out seeing how this one goes an amicable for game buffer we get to the regular season let's seat. Post troubled us through this one in there and said this'll be good idea. Let's define what it is to target what it is to target at this point I have two questions in my life when it comes of opal what the hell is a catch in what is a target. Because it because the interpretation of a target in slow motion. Can be. I don't own people can be discussed ad nauseam about what is and what isn't. This rule needs to be needs to go to the wayside in its really simple one don't know injections brick just fifteen yard penalties. Kate if you get. There there's no there's no great way to deal with this guys notice stop hitting each other in the head they understand that then fifteen yard penalties are huge and significant enough to swing game an all time low. A launch points are changing all squads launch points are changing in in football and we've seen it at its specifically to level. And it was happening before this targeting rule was implemented where. The rule as it stands right now is fifteen yard penalty and ejection. It can go to review and if it does coterie veto. On all it is is if it's confirmed which means. Dave Dave watch in slow motion in the year ago were big player still gets to stay in the game but the penalty still stands for and every right. Here's what they will be proposing. And this is a change. If the replay confirms targeting the player with is still ejected in the fifteen yard penalty stance. If the replay overturns the targeting the player stays in the game in fifteen yard penalty goes away. Now here's where it it it there's a big change. If replay doesn't have enough evidence can you confirm targeting or are hurt overturn the penalty I either call on the field stands. The player stays in the game in the fifteen yard penalty remains have. So ejection. Apparently would still be on the table. If it is egregious as far as you launch up entered the head and it looks like intent is the big is the big thing there because. They still money targeting penalty even if the guy didn't mean to but if it's an egregious one they still want to rejecting. So let me make this point too because this is kind of what this this. This hit or this rule was put in play because it's the most viewed most feared hit an all sports and it's the most. How we call it's the sexy hit to its it's the crash course video that I watched growing up as a kid to get ready before every football you know yeah brother. What the issue is what the hypocrisy is that I have is when it comes to a running back leading his way through lane and an open run vs a linebacker downhill. Is in my opinion extremely. More damaging to you as a football player than some of these hits that are out in the open and because those are so rare they are extremely rare to catch a guy and a point in the perfect spot the perfect time. The hits that come from linebackers when it went a running back Dick's dips his head and running through. And gets a full speed gets to say it's a ten or twelve yard run at a linebacker. We don't see that hit as a big deal because I don't know what it's not in space it's not out in the open guy C common. It's very it's it's huge that is a targeting what Iran backed road. Running back drops his head yes and lowers his head in with his shoulders at that level that's no different. That a guy see it come and and running right into its like two rams butting into each other so hypocrisy is Timmy are is that how do we differentiate well. We all know that football's about shock value and they're gonna try to eliminate the shock value in the fear right. Rent this was a shock value fight and trying to take that away based upon the fear of a hit about what it looks like. The optics of it on TV and it it doesn't really matter to me. Yeah he needs to go away. Yeah in did ruining college football a wider and they are like this text I still think there for a contractor or five I still think they're flagged for more than one targeting they should be ejected. Why are they what what why are you. Well because it you can go thinking the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty if you do it that way. Then your first one is right it's a fifteen yard penalty. And that's just hate maybe stirred up the second one then you go away if RA. Buddy you were warned you didn't change now or stern I think you're targeting people in you would then be against targeting people. With what you're saying. I think needs to be a change in the rule in the way that is dead weight it's interpreted. Where they need to stop just looking at the way the defender hits the offensive player and they need to take into consideration what your talking about when they do these replays. We'll see how you feel with that person as a football fan affects you were linebacker free safety if you say what he's doing it on purpose. Let me just say I've always said this the difference between a high school game in the speed is this. That's a high school game and called game is. An NFL game is. That's the speed gap difference between being able to make egg make a judgment had that kind of an intensity undoubtedly so you cannot tell me that there are are. Our boys out there just me 1819. Year old kids that had the ability to judge where their bodies are at that kind of speed. They're not they're not trained even at the NFL level. It's extremely hard to say I'm running full speed I run a four for this guy runs a 43 I'm going to adjust my body just in time. While he's dipping his body to make sure I don't. Engage his helmet or your whole. You have no idea how hard that you just know concept that's why you rarely see. You rarely see that in it to your point what you're saying is that it's so quick. You rarely see the same guy do it twice in the game unless he has kind of that that. Against targeting type or I don't want to dirty and don't I think though does that if it happens very rarely if you haven't and sportsman like. Conduct penalty in a personal foul penalty at that point those are two that lets his call that's a thirty yards of penalties. Don't you think your coach or anybody's gonna call you oversee stop it. Right wing that we put it on the staffs and the people real control do we need a stripes and the guys to be able to understand. For them to be able to be under control during the as a coach you are infuriated that your immediate player is making those decisions right. Your theory needed because thirty yards thirty. At least. Yeah bird for two of them they're yeah. Aim it's not going to be 45 write it in I think that that I don't think that's an unreasonable thing I think what is completely unreasonable is one in your done. Wanted to meet oh yeah the perfect example of that was that member that Minnesota Oregon State game to start season more than BYU game to. My first and second game of the year goodness on exit target three guys take it out in less than five minute was yes so did they do organs he had one and then show so I had to write and like. Three consecutive possessions like. Minnesota barely had anybody play in the secondary in the second half we know why that happened too because of the beginning of the year was targeting turnout are out of the ref reason we got enforce this and set the tone nit while you can ruin a team's team's whole season by trying to set the tone on them yeah. In no doubt about it I mean you think of it if you have day. If you have a guy like. You came chancellor ranked. I disagree not receive hawks dig in defense is noticeably different we came chancellors and on the older guy he's an enforcer. And he is a guy who's a hard hitter. If you in those guys do exist because guess what they've been playing college before they get the NFL right Cynthia one of those guys type of players in college and he gets ejected. In the first half. You'll be as changes press the game came over you know and I am not the NFL does an excellent job whether they are American at throw guys out. Let's be honest it will what deserves to be kicked out of the game yet a can't have what what is honestly think about a web deserves we kicked out of power but haven't we did us. If you get to target things and game. Then they get reviewed. After. Like you don't get kicked out that game you reviewed after and the conference can go ahead and say are right. This guy maybe have a has history of this it and bureaus around the world and little perfect rule tribe type thing they would Dayton there was little egregious I don't then you go from there and I don't think I don't think so I think there's only one thing in my mind that deserves when you can got to games. Is it is is blatant blatant fighting or or abuse or verbal abuse of the things that the game is a physical game. It's meant to hit your man to beat you know you read to create fear. Now in another player if you want them to be scared to come across the middle if you're not scared. The what are we playing the sport for. Fun. Yes it's fun for fun. But not everybody place for fun. I don't think you're pretty pleased to be scared yes they do they'd like the fear. I know you're not scared playing football that year and then there's something wrong. We some wrongly. I never I never heard that. Before me if you're not playing football to be scared your team and here's the number is good is a huge motive leader when it comes a focal. Fear. Some guys calorie and at other guys love it because you need to know that if I'm gonna run a sixteen yard in cut. Many get the crap knocked out of me I'm scared I normally take a hit but how my gonna get back up and do that again you have to play. With with confidence in fear motivates and drives he. Yeah where are you better have that eventually relaxed and loves us fair and I'm just out there having fun that's when you get hurt that's when you're does get a player. Oh no I never say it by yeah and absolutely but when I was the debt that is. I was kind of kind of like getting hit a low base you know guys do some guys don't I saw players they hated getting hit they found ways to get down at all times now in like. You're a context or are we doing. Gonna alligator arms and oh yeah that's mean skirt you know yeah it be scared off. I like it. I like and that that's the destroy Milliken and it and that it did make it that's. Totally right when you explain LA city what he could be right could be wrong you know you're right interpretation you're right it was like. You're right in it is he there has been element of mean on the survival aspect of butterflies does that fear that's being scared scared to make was that those things you have to have in you have to learn to control it. And let it manifest into what it's like to play in a football game I guess that's different from me in like tied in reaction had to hit people every single play Indian receiver wreckage is kind of ranked true they're very few times where. I was an odd. And Dominique Ohio on this guy ninety linebacker illness on new. Whenever I tried factory a five good riddance targeting rule I hope it changes but in March we may see it. Not change at all and they keep it the way it is I'm feeling enough coaches have complained about this willow to where we're gonna see it. Overturned and in a hurry because it was in your eyes he said it right when his start came around worst penalty in sports. I don't disagree. I would be hard pressed to find it aid rule worst in sports in the safety people who are making sure may be take this fun out of food may be worse roller sports would be. The NBA's you take one step on the floor during a scuffle in your rejected for that game in the next one could agree more that that and that one is like they go to the videotape and they say well he just step out on the why. That's dumb TO and the DeVon James Allen are what we ever see the fight we want. Floyd Mayweather con McGregor is a pipe dream we missed some great ones as well. 553 your five years Crawford a sports center. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number call two or. Niners yeah. Five. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of my life Eileen. Those cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. They'll you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that it's. Targeting. Tax. That fired you up you know am not a plane and move on we're gonna have some fun talking about. A McGregor in Mayweather here and a second I wanted to read this and I said this fan says this Texan says as fans we usually tell differences. Where difference between a miss hit and hit intended to take a guy out of the game. No he here's here's my issue is that I think you need to understand as fans need to understand is that from the inside. Of what you're told is a football player from the innate ability your object. To play football at that level collegiate Lian professionally is to take him out of the game murderer him. Either that is the U wanna hit that that person so hard defensively or hit him offensively so hard so the next time he comes up TU. He could collapse and doing that again now. Carefully as ray Lewis and I've seen guys that even John Lynch in the in the back in the secondary. Hit guys so hard. It changed how they ran their routes he changed with the way they thought about where to go and what to do during an offensive play. We've got to the point where the where were trying to actually make things safe I understand of the objects still. Of a football player there of the best in the world is to hit you so hard you don't wanna come back. That is part of the deal now you can do that legally changing the areas again the Green Zone is now the size of strikes on. Yeah he can't hit. Below the knees that are above the shoulders and that's why's that fear. The best players in the world greatest football players in the world came chancellors the Bobby Wagner's like that strike fear in you so much as they hit you so hard. The breath comes out of you. And you get back up you go I don't not wanna do that again that's how you win. In football so when I say you don't know the difference between what it's like to hit. In the difference between trying to do intimidate. The affable a massive intimidation sport. That will never change and don't take out a way. K that we anymore seven on seven craft that the other is saying no head and go play in your seven on seven camps that you wanna do and high school that's going to do that. That's not real football save real football for the men who. There and a organ. These are what more fighting stunt take united sent up. They head shots are legal in boxing. Did you know that I did know that. Yesterday we talked about the reports from but at the Irish sun is that you have this yesterday. That Floyd Mayweather and Connery greater were finalizing details in the fight. Between those two you would be boxing. Was about to go down. And when we said that report first you said is the ever some credible and we were quite sure. But it was news that was gaining traction in a lot of later in the day yesterday. Dana White came out and he's like yeah right now that we're not even. Close watch TV watch it in this is not even named realm of possibility. And after Dana White said that the reports came out that the white was offering about 25 million to each fighter in which you talked and double that. For each fighter if they can get their own piece of it like a normal fight promotional deal and that's from the UFC fighters have with Dana White in the USC. Is fact that they take such a big chunk. The fighters and they're gone lol hey free market I can go and I can get me way more money somewhere else ranked. And then Floyd Mayweather came out. Last night posts on the since Graham I am retired I'm still retired I'm not coming out of retirement anytime soon I'll let you know when I am so this fight. Then seemed like it was miles apart never gonna happen. Until then Nevada state. Led the Nevada state commission. Athletics commission came on some well actually we have been notified that they are no big negotiations. But they're just really far apart and there is this fight ever gonna have. You're asking the guy but do I wish it to happen absolutely. I think it is financially from everything that we're reading and across. Across all of these news outlets it's hundred million dollars minimum I think that's kind of what the benchmark that's what Carter Gregor says he wants you know the most he's ever made is three million. In a fight unbelievable and he's been offered 25 million get yet that's not enough I don't have the inside to tell you but I would love to see this fight. I don't care how announced that happened I would I would paper view to watch this now I haven't done that in twenty years. I had done that since a Tyson Holyfield fight and I think pay for a fight to watch Mayweather Pacquiao where I literally fell asleep during the fight. Debt it was it was and how much did Cummins did that get that would then that. It was over 200 million dollars and a lot of money I don't remember how much exactly does that does that kind of that's the kind of money this fight will bring. Oh absolutely because people would watch in it would crossover between US young and the box shock and that's that they would not even though USC guys it's at their meal like. And it's a guy Connor McGregor is an in his craft like that's not what he does. It but they would still want to see it because you have a guy who is in his prime and kind of a greater going up against guy who's going out of his prime but has been the most dominant boxer. We never seen 49 and no man in is this Texas says that 553 or private be weird the Nevada state outlet and athletic commission. TU. Allow a guy who's zero and zero to face somebody that's 49 and now they literally look at records that comes from PXMR Matt but. If you're sitting there and you're going it'd been this would be more vague. Delta would not be on the line coach this exhibition it would be next additional what it is bubble for the fighters are registered right there are so they have to go through this. In. If they can get it done in Nevada bill goes somewhere out there where else they gotta go build Atlantic City. Yeah you can go okay we need to fight that thing in Madison Square Garden yeah if I didn't do it they'd be used to give back and they fight it outside the middle of the summer right. Yankee Stadium. We've seen fights at a Yankee Stadium before they bought and sold trees don't understand why are you have put it in the big house in Michigan where he can put a 1101000 people prior 120000 people what is the actual field. And just pack that thing in put as many cameras as he could and it. And make it television DOL. They could go and fight that thing out of desert island. It just have cameras there and they would make more money than exert their have a private airport where Greek fighter jets into your day right your dang right they would. But this is the fight that people want to sign of the century. In the fact that this went in you say congress only made three million dollars and he has won 2.5 million. I think that this is probably more Floyd Mayweather say in scribe Dana White 25000009 but I want all I don't I don't get out of bed for Tony. A million dollar we all know that Mayweather likes his cast. And a grim though I don't care how they do it or what they do it this is let's start talking about it with some make it happened the night is this the most anticipated fight. That you know we would want to see. 55305. Testing came on the fence. On 1080. I would fight. Could mean more anticipated in greater. I mean we don't celebrity and I average and another in in general fights fights you wanna see. Or would have loved to have seen. Would love inducing. Would have loved to have seen Tyson and thank you for non celebrity fights and means every phys well boxing fight model enticing that's elements but. And at that hitting me I hope. In crimes. I think Hollywood a gun and I do too but because he but that's just me aideed and nobody landed it's like all the way he's had a run. Mohammed Ali in Mike Tyson if you have gotten one knows what happens and how will pricing could hit it it's a yeah or in their primes and Foreman Tyson. That would have been more of a role be out here is that when it would have been funded by I just watched images from. Roll food isn't stand up the longest of it would have been like a rocky movies and where everybody just kids hit nobody ever misses a punch to go to some they never missed a punch in rocky. Never missed. It every every punch was full contact. Just throw them out there is trying rocky bird strikes percentage is very good in. Mr. Brock vs two. My I wanted to see rocky vs Rambo that's what I want the ones you wanna see that fight unfortunately same guy so I couldn't come to fruition I don't think that would happen. I don't think now it happens they were just saying we will will we wish. Lose. That but with a guy from dumped her momma from the train and draft here. Now are just getting Dolan vs Oakley well like Alec Baldwin vs adopted the Donald who. I'll tell you what do. If we're going for going to classic. Old guy fights or basketball fights. And Rick Moore and Charles Oakley. Now would actually pretty good you can see some people you could see some hay makers being thrown right there. And marriage 55305. A lot of good Tex coming in right now. The and to get people America honesty soldier boy vs Chris Brown give people what they want isn't that actually happening Crawford do we have an update. Yes yes as they did Seattle resident soldier boy expert that's happening last MI Jack. I saw that Tyson I thought I was training Chris Brown. Let's. Ties is turning one album that's real and it's already I think it's Chris brown and when to do with cute. Hit in mind should brighten the fates like wet what is chasing and tell you Chris Brown. I really conditioning stuff amnesia. Right get a jump ropes. Do we think that didn't Connor Gregor would have a chance. I bet your broker I'm not a boxing aficionado and nor Miami USC I'm not gonna make any prediction but everybody that I know that is. Really in the box in this said this wouldn't even be eighty fight it would be even dispute joke now every every that's that's. What I've heard so I don't I'm not gonna break it down marketing deviant say what I think the F. Then this comes from Anthony McGregor will lose in a boxing match and we'll be close it's like having a rugby team play the patriots and football. And then name McGregor wood slat man there around and undoubtedly sell it. Both guys are there are high for their or third gear there. Leak level for their sports writer for sports yet it's completely different and value could even go a little step further it's little it's even different than plain Caribbean and you know the teachers and NFL you know. But but actually that is pretty apt because. You can run you can hit all of there's not a did lead to a rugby team go in different. You don't seven online as good fundamentals. The boxer are completely different could they be the fundamentals of the USC fire I don't know now but I I would think if Floyd Mayweather 49 a note is pretty good news craft that's I think they should go hybrid. They should get kick boxing. Yeah I think that. Like it's a long it's a discipline that neither of them are experts out blood sport on a Sweden on pole and you each in May that's when I wanna see yet in vain man most curved on the curved platform about van dam vs Chuck Norris you've. Your week. In their prime CIA had this discussion earlier it was Stevenson calling Chuck Norris and everybody tells me Stevenson goal would just he would. Bin him into a pretzel. Really yeah. While that's that's those are why why is that I don't because he's I don't know the difference between the two. I don't either I don't. I just sometimes with who do we can get these these fights we could stop the discussions it's fun at all. I'd like chizik I'm gonna see is celebrities fight. I'm not like a boxing or USC got really the Lizzie slug thought aligned to be two guys that in the movies actually like fight like a Stephenson gall. And it Chuck Norris or Jeanne Claude van dam. Poll or a Schwarzenegger and his prime against the rock oh yeah. All the rock as a really good wrestler. Yep that I mean Arnold is a bodybuilder and enact our. And increased fees terminator. Evidence is gonna happen I know you can't be determined Garrard went to net job to take a hit. Mean is that thing JC I love yes Jon Claude van dam yeah. He can actually like he's like Don and kick boxing in choreography all that stuff like him. So they say my neighbors sleep well all seriously well thank. The greatest. But the greatest actual fighter and actor. Crossover right I can't tell you the greatest one of the funny scenes ever watched and all of movies is when cream Abdul yes experts yes. That's could be one of the greatest scenes ever okay could we. Could you have like a situation where you say that Senegal would beat up anybody right. Takes a doll out of that Chuck Norris in van dam against vigorously to monologue. Would Bruce Lee when that you've seen the clips of Bruce Lee of what he was able to do but I don't get tough loss like now I know that we're talking to on one. Mean T the elite fighters against one just conversely from taking all he did he fight everybody at the in the what movie was he football all. Forgot Perry movie in every movie is every wrestling was awesome yeah Jackie Chan. Number you know JG and you know only he's not he's a real use religion to animal run elect. Tech gym using Campbell was he really hits you sure and remember Jackie Cheney I Shanghai nights with him known since don't have the fishing out his camera he drove the little black car that was from the news is pro from Japan or China I guess they just never put that together and then I ordered a Jack Sheehan he's in there. Why are being guy's car have to be the technical techno like I don't know if they don't have water totally stereotype I'm it's not fair on cannonball run you're better and that he wasn't an animal around how why don't you guys believe me to believe me and the other today. About who was it. I don't know I just I namely me on the island and made a good idea and I kind of stereotype you as guy who doesn't follow pop culture all I'm telling me and then you pull these things are alike bloody forty Suggs actually dope. All right Jacqui general laws and can't Moran one of one of the use of their pitches nicknames is the Bosnian bear right yes and you displays are right love it. New York which is dad or an actual bear. Seven slit 400 pounds and apparently beat up fourteen people and one fight. That's markets is dead he's a Bosnian cop would he beat out an actual bear. Yes I think so fourteen to be a Google fourteen people. Portuguese Shaq and Barkley let's up the banter back and forth and getting gone that would be excellent although we've already seen out on the court in Barkley took him down. Did you tell losing you've got mail. Texture Jason that it didn't. Don't remind me now randomized you there was this is the guys to Jackie G in Indy cannonball run in the red lines. You know. Now if it. That's 55305. That is Texas and met Tex like a grizzly thought Chuck Norris and maybe seen as pre sick I do remember that or a camera to a movie isn't an ID you know. That's a problem with FaceBook these days. Had he seen there's like all these movie clips from so long ago where. We watch them. And you don't know what movie it's from it do you know just be like an old school movie clip. In that what does that even from I don't even I don't even remember that but it lives forever. In FaceBook look. We need more citation. Mara wire people citing these things anymore don't need more lawsuits in the office. By factories your five fights he won a seat a report from the NBA and might not be sitting on the blazers locker room it also might be just with the blazers need testing Kimmel the fan.