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Dusty and Cam - 2.14.17 - Hour 1

Feb 14, 2017|

Blazers season summed up in one game vs. Atlanta. Also, Jim Harbaugh hired a recruit's dad. Is this a bad thing?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning we're just here. And sends him to match. Yeah I was gonna do about it. Online. Just didn't jam in the morning and until and if you love sale and. They are happy Valentine's Day. Nice till Tuesday did you gave flyers in your card for you I don't. No no no but I'd I'd I'd I'd. Just like Valentine's Day system made up made about the northern forget I'm getting my mind. What I would say my gift later. I was thinking about this last night and was giving gift later getting gift canyon mean and need gift. So think about this last night well. Is Valentine's Day is is about you said arms when we get flowers or chock clemency and get my wife Cindy she needs. So I'm actually get a dot that's to me that's a better gift consider some arbitrary card. That just says I care about you may actually get something isn't. Anyway bringing an issue the singer now. You know she's known as a matter you quiet dusty here's my question got DJ you know you're Danielle that's good note and do it. But yeah my my thing is his last night if you anybody that has kids in thinks about what Valentine's Day is about is when your kid. Do you think about the times he walked around and put. Your little Valentine's cards and everybody's desk or you had the one girl or the one boy. And you like them lottery gave them the special heartsick Candice from meat was RC candies that said I mean I don't know. I can sweethearts is a way it was this we are three had a little quotes on them little hundreds and stuff like that he really went out your way to make sure you put the special one in the when the light. Now as I was going around last night watching the kids down times they're sign in them and trying to organize it just probable missed Alger and that's what I think of valentines that that's right I think it's I think assist about that I played great numbers game. I give mauled a special one. You know trying to get out there as much as you can couldn't be more of strategic. Yeah you viewed narrowed down the line. I've led the numbers game yeah I don't like to pretend I just attack not gonna pretend that I like cubes collect you know yeah so I did two other little. Hustlers out there. Go ahead you spread that out or if you wanna narrow it down in and really just answering yourself and do. One future write love your life go ahead and Dolan on one and you know Carly that later when they all circle up and go. Hey he says he likes me too that's right and male oracle up and go hey you like it's still BIK's. Fifth grade. Nothing's forever hear her options open and fifth grade and love it just trying to get a kiss on the playground. On trying to get. You know mistreated and hold and where your city. See guys with hold my hand while I'm on the swing so I got a cast a big net. Then you go further and just that'll handedly swing anymore oh day since they shed and try to do the reverse this too dangerous to flip out of the swings and want to do a flip that's a you really get check video land into the pea gravel. CL far you can land was your foot marks and one has the competition he could fly the furthest we had mark we had bark dust. You don't go and do it really general yeah pea gravel stiff reserved more eighties he had a nice little. Seven UN and Piero bark dust at least to me splitters movie gravel. Perfect that's right. Right down my own. Without further do. My remember was just like yesterday. Today in sports history and on this date. In the 1966. Yeah CBS bought the rights to NFL's. Championship games. For two seasons. So the NFL championship game. Two million dollars three year. Solid. I'm beginning to get a 32 spot. Her four million dollars or twice that now 32 spot is running a five million dollars in the super warm now and they got the whole game for two. A lot of hello cash and yeah I think the NFL's and a better place than it was in 1960. Probably. Would say if. Little bit. They're a little bit more money. Today. On the radio program we'll. We'll be talking about the blazers quite and it's. And there's a lot of things that just from. Last and it's whatever that was in his pox. I don't believe was a loss of yeah as a loss and felt more and lost. In downtown at that point in morning really and I felt like. She didn't. A new area again. Also. We'll be discussing. Jim Harbaugh as new list hijinks that I don't think have too many people fired up about what's going on and Ann Arbor. And the new position. Created. In Philadelphia for college football team. Also one more thing it sounds as this we will do sort sounds and today at 830 violent sports on. Steve this. Time do we go. Bob Toney five new three trashed in zag and hold that number one Villanova is to Kansas is third they got a scare last night they almost lost. Two West Virginia pesky little mountain west Virginia's good basketball team and a fourth. Is. Little ball they also got a scare against Syracuse they have on their cell work comfortably and then it's these pac twelve. You go Arizona vaulting up to fifth UCLA's sixth after being ignored in the docks are seven. If you went back to you look last week. It went organ five and then eight and nine where Arizona UCLA or. Nine intent being intent prayers on and UCLA. So the pac twelve is getting some love at the top the other teams are ranked. To sister. Again until things I'm on the side of rankings Mimi. Again this it means something though would you rather have like five. Teams ranked. For sixteen drink category user conference notoriety Schultz a month or three going 567 which is better. I wouldn't do Z three in the top ten or your. A better I would think so. Hey wake up I said wake up. Raiders linebacker Paul may. And Smith continues to be his own worst enemy and not made fun of them last week when he says that. He's back and nothing could stop them. Well according to the sabres go please he is cooperating with the new investigation. TMZ Reid reporting it is domestic related to him over Louisiana. Actually do your job surprisingly did they have a very good insight group surprised him and it's so hard you look up the yeah. Police blotter. Over the weekend and see where a day of the calls Wednesday yet they do nothing good connections with the bulls held beliefs I was open when good athletes like that need to get help and they just keep getting in their own way. It out of their own way a year or so pension and now he's he's just I mean he only if I mean you look at. This this past weekend he was like one not even a week after each reads the I'm back in nothing can stop me. Some like this happens. The bad stuff fall guys like that it really does he got to get out of that shadow brown thank creating on your own you did you do. Yeah that's who does. I'm not really though I mean. It is too bad he's a good athlete I mean guys there bad guys are good guys and bad guys I don't like seen anybody all their face when they have talent they need to get whoever surrounding no more the people. Get away. For me and ask animals visits the people you're around there won't. And it sucks when you gotta get away from them though you know through her there I. We're yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really pointing them out and do leg. 600 bucks goes ten or oh my god it's early wake up. Here in particular that that argument simply doesn't hold up and are likely to do. One of the best coaching jobs and an entity yearly so far whether or not it was a national championship because of what he's done to this point getting to a hundred. We are you. Can't say anything other than he is that it's best coaching women's college basketball in the history of women's college basketball. That's Rebecca Lobo former UConn star. Now ESPN analyst UConn women's basketball team beat number six South Carolina. 66 to 55 swing there 100. Straight game. In 1100. Games in a roll you know what I. I asked this question you guys and we got here this horse and how meaningful is this it. I can't put it into perspective it's still very impressive. I don't care if your plane with the ball you win a hundred games in a row at a division one look at whatever this is something those ladies in that team and some to be proud of won't move the needle like you who was a bigger. Team or something it just it. I can't believe I can believe that this is only the good women. In basketball player for Connecticut Sony beat these guys yes and this is the thing it unbelievable. Howland didn't say how impressive visit dale only they get the best players every year. Well that's impressive to you. I mean geno REM I guess he did what they do is why Kentucky and John Calipari do on steroids Alabama football on steroids because they get the best class. Every single year and it isn't even cool Lopes. In this year. They've played the toughest schedule in the country they've played and beat five of the top eight teams in the country now they are going from all huskies' final my final two. On the Washington girls against those Connecticut girls all huskies' final of their last a loss for UConn. Was in overtime at Stanford. In 2014. That was their only loss that year as well I think they've won eighty some games prior to that deep they are. It don't you shrug off Miley was there a 140 in one's wife donated to the final four last year suited organs they had does comfortable lady being just some say and don't shrug that off the bills Connecticut girls are treatable. There's no Larry can knock off another husky. Great everybody's gonna lose sometimes you can't win forever Dylan Bremer came up. Here on the mound someone's gonna knock you off who lost to Connecticut last year. Killers as her. Or law or bad girls the beavers in the huskies' loss can take care of I should be yeah whose Baylor organ state because he's in Huskies right in 'cause he's gas in these lost him in the final four and a and pay a really good they're good but I. I don't know man I believe. But hey. But day dynamite had dynamite taped by Alix crop but I taking him home and oh yeah hairy Cary. Allen now. And. We're restart they show. The blazers season summed up in three hours last night. There's no turning back folks. By five threes terrified that is Tex signed dusting jam on the fan. This is. Dusty can jam in the morning on 1080. Yeah obviously. This thing you know whether to. It's hard for. No man knows. We'll. You're practice tomorrow. You do when you saw out. Ed Davis. But the Portland trailblazers as they fall. One down and tell 104. In overtime. To do this pesky Atlanta Hawks following TU 23 and 32 on the season. And that was kind of BD low point for the blazers as you can hear Ed Davis said. It isn't just the loss it's a fact Mason calmly gets dealt. The day prior you who you lose a big piece of the locker room obviously it is starter in your lineup. And they came up in it looked like the blizzard may be given when those inspired efforts but as it was. On the Portland trailblazers faltered down the ended. Stunned if you heard that before. Both the same story look Graham on the same discussion weekend and week out we see game works closer. You know they make around to make a good good showing and we get to the fourth quarter and there's just the inability to believe in yourself that you can win in the end consistently they've done it. They've won games in the end they've been able to do it but. When they need to you when you need to close and when he need to stop raining down one shot consistently yeah it is it's the same story. There really is. On time music detained and is it defeating as a fan you think is a player you listen did davis' voice who listened to Myers let are not Meyers Leonard realism do. Both CJ in game that it's in their voices you can see it you can hear it. Yeah yeah I mean that. Did this team is in he says they're below their loss. On in this is nothing new for the Portland trailblazers last night in if you look at last night's game. It really was a microcosm of the season because Mino when people say you're leaning on Damon CJ too much they need help. They need knowledge they need just anybody to step up well last night gets seventeen Teresa are close where he was. Just amazing last night cleaning up the offensive glass you get fourteen from. Al farouq Aminu eleven from Ed Davis. And you get a balanced effort behind also. A combine what 47 points or Damian Miller and CJ McCollum likely you've got what people said you needed in you still found a way to lose you out rebound. The Atlanta Hawks on the offensive glass twenty to. Has seven. On the offensive glass. And he's still. Don't win that basketball game it was just like late game execution turning the ball overlaid a mean appear to tell me the Portland trailblazers hold their opponent. 28 of 28 shooting from three and you get 22 offensive rebounds. Yeah I'm gonna tell you that the Portland trailblazers won that game right. No I don't these stats tell me the truth anymore about the steam especially if you have five guys in double figures like blazes have lasted audibly the stats are I don't believe this is a team that that this is a stat issue. And everybody can have a different opinion I just I believe this is an emotional team I believe that they have. There will has been struck from them I believe some of the the locker and continuity has been moved down and I think when. You put any expectation on a team coming into the season if you have the spots who we're going to be better we have to be better you really sold. The bill of goods that were going to be better you paid a bunch of people lot of money. To be better and when those expectations have not been met this is a belief. May not I you can watch these team this team can play with anybody if they feel like it but they just don't believe in themselves to be able to finish he is so. Three years three years saying that what happens late games in the execution of these games the last four possessions and over time. Is. An expectations think no it's a confidence thing if you were if you have the ball in your hands. Anybody on that court right now you're telling me that see Jane Damon only ones we want with the ball their hands. In the finish your game to be able to win it correct and most NBA teams are gonna put it their stars in the end angered NBA team off. Well not everybody at most teams have to some teams have won gold state has four. I mean Cleveland has three there's three stars the can do it here there's two stars and what it's been lately is maybe one and a half. One guy here I don't know if I want him to have it that's kind of what this is right now and that is a belief and if they don't do it consistently beat you lose the belief that they can finish. How last night those final four possessions. Turn overs from Borland. And they were in ugly fashion is. The way that bag game kind of unravel it in his. Not just Damien malignancy chemical he had CJ with a step backward he loses the ball on the step back turn over Dane knoller. Slips. Terry Stotts felt that he was fouled by Denish Ruder. No I don't think again that call late inning game you get to turn over there the pat comets in in past June. And I guess. Sealed the game. Com where they ended up stealing prince ended up stealing it on the inbound pass I mean they did it ended in a variety of ways where you sit there and you go. My goodness this is. It is no matter who is gonna be on the floor it was kind of one of those games are big we're gonna win it day in. I don't think that blazer fans alike have that confidence and there's going to be that. Blazer closer Mona know I'm with you are a blazer fans I think it's a blazer hole blazer organization right now I think that. Was a coach stocks that said Kirk may farm wrong that said word in this first were in this right now because of everything we've done we've lost. We've lost what what was may some calmly and we have this is. This was taken from us for what we did week from coaches to players we we put ourselves in the situation. And now you're reaping mean. And benefits. If you're reaping what you saw all year because of the actions they'd be able to do throughout the entire not win close games audio but finished not to live up their expectations. This is what you've seen you seed defeated team. A little bit can't they get out of this a little they can they get out of this. I don't think so and that's it it's it's too hard question for me to answer. Yeah and in right now a year looking at your 2332. And with as bad as it is. Last night you had to Denver Nuggets beating me Golden State Warriors. But year two games out of the eight spot in the Western Conference. Like it we're talking about eighteen that looks lost in their eight games thirteen games out a and in dang near a playoff team right now in how we get the base will you sit tuner HB when he comes here. I don't know the new item you will we will see him on Wednesday night tomorrow night. When they go to Utah before taking the all star break how much we see him I I have. No idea. But this team is in desperate need of a spark can he be a spark. I don't know but man. You you mentioned the team that is a lost and looking for confidence. Sometimes it is kind of that fresh blood just kind of mixing it up jerk but I don't know if that is going to be enough because. Jason quick said their son on talk and ball last night it will he said. You're Damien Miller just doesn't look like himself right in I think that did it to narrow it down to just being Damian Miller. Very dear is that confidence that you're talking about which starts at your leader. But. You'd hope that on eighteen that isn't a budget just young guys anymore. You have veterans. That there would be a spark where you can take upping get that confidence back. Well. Yeah you would you would hope so and Damian is gonna be your spark no matter what you look at it he asked to be the one that does it. He has the big contract he has leadership role he has the shoe contract he has all those things and pressure. And that's on you could see that he could mean that's when it when you losing you have the kind of pressure weighs on you we've seen. And I'm not comparing him to Derrick Rose and other players that have had pressuring you could see how what is what I'm saying is is when you carry the load for a team. You can see it in losing happens. It does it sucks the emotion any energy out of Eden because it's week in and week out every once questioning what are you doing why can't you do this has. If everybody's always asking why you'll start looking in the mirror and you'll start going. Or why in the heck can I do this because it it takes your still human nobody's mentally strong enough at all times. To be able to handle the why question over and over and over before beats you up mentally you. In that is why you CD excuse in meltdowns laying down games is because I don't I don't think that there is a trust. For the supremacy Damon Coleman Damian Miller to everybody LC now. Because if you we saw isolation basketball start to happen and the offense that. That build that 70 run to start overtime the the flow of the offense where everybody kind of has peace and restart Alice is all over the floor. Right in you're getting guys involved here running everything it just seems like. We don't wanna blow it in there and that confidence kind of dissipate well. Tell you I was. How many give it give it a little bit of light I was impressed with the blazers actually showed up. When you last night you know why it is they lost no because they lost one other their friends and they lost one of their favorite teammates. And there was something in that locker room. That said you know why we have to move the drill our coaches are always said someone falls down and you break a lake you popping. We have to move the drove five yards further and move on and atoms and housing college. You did the NFL or you get to the pro level and NBA you really have to move the drill. They could've fell on their face last night and felt sorry for themselves and just said we lost our guy. Rocket embrace this new guy now they actually stood up and fought a very good. You call him a pesky Atlanta team that's. They're above 500 their all the team may have stars they have good athletic talent. An incredibly. New column pesky. Their pesky they're good team that's a good good that's a good basketball team it's a good coach. And Dwight Howard he's having quite the resurgence. With a 32 years old how much does it help to have and Paul Powell sat there playing alongside him where it is and everything's run through and James Harden. And you're just gonna sing Eric Syrians in the air sometimes in a nice yet another big he's in his fourteenth here came into the league at eighteen years old new 32. But here along time in who else is mainly a long time and went to college for years. Mike Dunleavy junior yes he's he's still able to shoot about battled Nan ya he had 37. He is probably going along and desires a billion years old he had three points SN has returned home you to jesuit. Right I forgot about that yeah he dunked on my brother Dick Tiddy you know be your poster a year 36 years old. 36. And a man. Still got it now billowed still got it can shoot he went one for four all of them three semen can shoot the UN is Selanne one for four with a rebound. That's a good question best guy over the age of of owes over the age of 36 in the MBA right now Jamal Crawford 36 yet Vince Carter he's right around there visit a charter is Vince Carter is doing very well this year forty. Who else is up there all Cleveland. Cleveland Cleveland LeBron James no not LeBron James. When James Jones Knoll. She does what happens are all lobbed all of the dude don't solar lights as you guys are Richard Jefferson Richard Jefferson thank you. Who came to this event I think it is Vince Carter though this year he had sins are over the age of 3637. It probably Vince Carter forty him. This is gonna open up a whole can norms stormy. Hey can I go another bright spot surely say it's not putting and that's. Legitimate because legitimate there's several times you can roll over when you lose a guy like that but I think that did says. They get some professionals in your locker room we have so little bit fight there's still some fight yet a Montgomery's heartless. If we're to talk positives and what was they'd just. Dumpster of the game in a hole great tip in now to great tip then how about the three and then the post step on assured. He had like three huge possessions and in the fourth quarter and then old by the way. He was a leading scorer after the first quarter he dropped eight points in all of those slicing play is that Mason plumber is getting on pick and rolls he's doing it backside. And of the offense. In the first quarter had 880 easy buckets. Mean you even. I think that's welcome to the MBA that we talk about more about how a guy shows up occasionally like he just said yeah occasionally for blazers would be nice if all 445 guys in one night showed up together. What are passable. Yeah they showed it got beat they did hit got snagged yet five guys in double figures while Damon CJ did combined to go fifteen to 45% and up for the and that was. Not in eight for twenty disagrees Gooden is a good. 20% so. I don't know that's at the hawks shot. Oh my god I'm certain blazers shot 30% 30% from our I was looking overall program known yet but. And one thing that was pretty. I'd popping. The free throw discrepancy. Ya they shot. 48. Free throws did the inland hawks the blazers shot 25. And the blazers shot 56%. From the free throw line you know. You know Ed struggle I mean you'd people wanna if you wanna look at your view shooting percentage from the field. Mean look at the free throw percentage and even though they got 48 in Dade the Atlanta Hawks got 48 attempts. The blazers shot 56%. From the free to air strike and that you know. I can win many games and need not gonna get many passes from. People wind you shoot 56%. From the free throw line you did get 22 offensive rebounds in six of them coming from restart Klesse says he's my bright spot along with the Davis. Like about David absolutely wolf is that you know as back. He's back he's back should be back by our best old man the NBA I think is Dirk. Thirteen and a half and six. Yeah he's 39 or 39 you know there. That's pretty close pretty good that's pretty good I go home and do a hat when do quick search here I mean you're it's a racer tomorrow probably 37. In a month he's averaging twelve and half that's pretty good. All right loan and get on the resurgent did their crack research steam on this and other guys into it. Harbaugh has quite literally rewritten the rule book with some of his innovations and Michigan. Is the latest returning to isn't new by any means but is it wrong. 55305. That is text sign right now as conference sports that are. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you drilling off and it isn't here I learned there we have all of them all like our team. Those cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Or you can go into. We're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually stayed at -- it's. Yeah I. Our research team is and would be best players over. C 35. In India. We've got. He said before the break Vince Carter at forty Crawford. He is averaging eight points three rebounds and Dow up almost two assists for game. I did for four year old dude now I can still dunk you know I'd Dwyane Wade might need a guy. Nineteen points. For a half rebounds four assists and that's 35 numbers that magic number I feel like you got to go 36 to 3730 fives too easy then I give you pal Gasol yeah. How Gasol told points eight rebounds. Nearly three assists per game he is that's good to be yeah 36 years old six. He's a magic number well what's dirt averaging thirteen thirteen six in. One and has 39 he's 3830. Years almost 39 I think it's him. That's tough and human Dirk if you go win shares which is like the war winds blow up a putt above replacement. When cheers as the estimate of the number of wins. Contributed by a player Pao Gasol leads that group of old man. At three point six he's been hurdles at this year's U and he plays it well. We don't know because you pleasant San Antonio del as we don't know how much they're resting him we did this really hurt in it could be that. Pop desist. Short amount is Ned to tiger's efficient. In a years. Yes he is our right down moving on our textual relations today Jim Harbaugh has been made a name for himself at the University of Michigan. Firfer I say the skirting the rules maybe pushing the envelope pushing the envelope isn't as way to say it and people call an illegal. Whether it is the NCAA literally having to rewrite rules about how you can't go on spring break trips. He's done the sleepovers at Richard's house if you throw like that. May not be against the rules it's kind of weird. But he's dipping into an. Old bag of tricks that is nothing new to. College football. But. It begs the question. Is it right. He has hired. The head football coach at the king's academy. In California to join his coaching staff. In Ann Arbor the man's name is Michael Johnson. He is not the Olympic sprinter. But he is a father of Michael Johnson junior year. Who's a four star recruit in the top dual threat quarter but quarterback in the class of 2019. Is Jim Harbaugh hiring this coach. Because he wants to get his son to play Michigan. Well. Here's the other thing is that his father Michael Johnson senior. Was the head football coach of that police say the king's academy in Sunnyvale California. However he had previously been on the chargers staff in the San Francisco staff he has NFL experience this is just some high school debt off the street here. This is the coach is tad. Worked with the topple the talents in the country and now do I think that this is an issue. My first inclination when I see this. I had to go okay why's he doing this of course she's trying to get to recruit. This is part of recruiting you have to push him below B a to do whatever you can't because it is the athletes that you recruit and if you want the best players in the country are you gonna do it. Rehired at. I I look inside this tonight and I see it from every point of view what's fair what is unfair well you know what. I don't have any problems this. Do you have any problems I don't I don't have any issues with this. Because I understand it from the deep roots of where it starts now from youth sports all the way to the top. K. Everybody wants to combine and everybody wants their kid have the best opportunity and some dads some dads. Speaking about myself. Know some dads wanna be a part of the growth of their kids in and I and I get down and if you have experiencing and Jim Harbaugh gives you the opportunity. Why wouldn't take the job if you if and what this is this is one of those situations where his son's gonna end up attending Michigan means good deal to coach imminent. That'll be it yeah. Well he was did this guy and Michael Johnson. You say he was it a longtime coach and info accuse the offensive coordinator for the 49ers a year before our buck out there. He has a good resonate behind him a pretty good Reza me Sally keys just a joke of a bad on the sideline on here. We want you come in and break down film for a seat he has football coaching experience but this is a if this is something though that has happened in and college football. For years now which is hiring. Guys that are close to recruit those. You try and get lure them on campus right do we know many people that have done that just recently with the other big time programs. One Nick Saban does that often. Did clay Helton hire anybody on his staff yeah I'm no help with anybody locally in organ marlin too little. Too low people who to. The kid at central high school. He had his I think brother down. Hired on the USC support staff interest to nick Sabin has gone as far as to hire kids girlfriends to be his personal assistant. You may get them on the campus and this is nothing new is wrong I I think the most high profile. Was a guy that it actually worked out swimmingly for the school but Houston not. Hired Gus Niles on when Gus miles on his head coaches Springdale high school. Because they had what are they called I think it was the Springdale six. Where they have like six high level recruits. And they hired Gus miles on to be the offensive coordinator in Arkansas now miles on his turned out to be pretty dang good coach sure but it was and make no mistake about it for those six kids. Went to Arkansas and they went there because there head coach and there no I I. I am hoping I'm hoping that DNC to A does not step in because right now there's nothing that says indeed that any. Rules that stipulates you cannot hire family member. Or it I guess anybody that has a relative of a recruit. No because if you start doing if you see if you think the NC QAQ do you believe the NT two is gonna try to find a reason to crack down on this yes why. Why do I think that they're gonna trying crack down on it because it is tries it wrong there because yes why is it wrong in your eyes I don't say it's wrong and I'm saying I see an easy way for the NC QA to say it's wrong walk because do you think of all of the rules about communication. Recruiting violations. Why is considered illegal contact with the record in what isn't. The pre existing relationships. That is a big thing in recruiting. Where you can coach is can still talk to a kid if there's what they call a preexisting relationship with that with that student athlete. Well this then voids all of those those conversations because this is a pre existing relationship but the reason why you're doing it. Is because you want to get a single recruit in the game when we say acing it is literally like one kid a lot of times you wanna get that one kid. In cell and this is going against kind of the rules that you set up for communication. I would do comparison. At 55305. I wanna hear your comparison is it right or wrong. I think him on offense. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. Hi Jim Harbaugh has tired beat top dual threat quarterback in the country's dads. To be coaching Michigan. So this day is that did that mean Michael Johnson was offensive coordinator in the NFL. Was a high school football coach. But. A lot of people are calling foul on this. And we're asking you right or wrong you've got. On the outside here because you ask me why do I think the NCAA will step in and I say because well in this Dexter is it brings a great point. On. Because. The NF earned the NCAA. Has made a history. Of like correcting all the things that don't matter that if fuss is about the little stupid things annoying the big problems like. That's why I like that's a great reason money into double oil price fix because like they were doing something they can choose what's important what is it right right and what's media driven and what's important right. But you have a rebuttal to that in May be the influence that is being wielded here. Well what I have to do is the compared to what we're trying to translate what is college sports anymore. Because most recently we found that dated called torture gonna unionize correct they're trying to create this this. Suppose it professional but were not professional college you're not college. So in the real in the real world and in how we work in real life when you turn eighteen. You have the ability to go get recruited by any job across the country. If you are an excellent person if you are revered and you work for Nike that means that under armour is gonna come after you that means indeed this is gonna come after you. And you were called recruited and these are certain situations where top talents and every company crossed the world. Goes to other top businesses because they are either paid more. Offered a better position but it's all about your network it's all about who you know and how you elevate yourself up to the latter. How the chain and how that command and how you grow yourself as. Now only professional. For some reason in college were still asking this fair question. Where we got to make sure that because I have a network because my dad's the coach because he's friends with coach Harbaugh because they're better program. Because there are better morally talents they have a more. A broader they have Jordan brand we need to say wait a minute. This guy sun's pretty good were gonna stop him. Because now they're supposedly nepotism. In the real world and we wanna stop that because his dad as the coach. The issue I have is is that these hypocrisy is we are dealing with in college sports is getting more and more ridiculous. Wallets because. Didn't demean the one thing they'd. They're still is is amateurism. And that is a I that is what the NCAA hides behind but that is the reason why. They have these legislation's. Well I think there's this this mediocre cut off point and now on if it's safe it's an age of its. Hey I'm 182 vote I can die for my country but mysteriously I have to be regulated on where I go on what I do. What we're trying to say is is that if college is gonna start to turn to the NBA any NFL. But him being the NFL. You have no choice of where your going for your business growth and zero. You Zurich control your future you mean to tell me that in the real world that is five sit and I'm drafted by crappy company ominous sit there for five years. Great that's great Thomas who Brian talent executive phenomena go spend five years in the garbage place at someone's gonna tell me that I have to be drafted there. That's what we do in professional sports rule we're trying to do is now return to push that back into amateurism who said that no I'm just saying. I'm what I'm trying to say is is that that's where we're headed the careful side of trying to making it fair and Linda dictating where and where you can't go as a recruit. Just because your dad gets the job if people have a problem without. That's an NCAA tries to regulate that anything the other side I don't know who were on that side the other side of that argument is. Well essentially Michigan's going to be paying his dad to you were 300000 dollars or whatever room and the reason why they're paying me his dad to your 300000 dollars. Is because they wanna Gator Kirk now. The same reason why that that is like paying. Like you're paying to get influence over recruit. Which is did you whole heartedly Greg biggest rule violation at the NCAA attic and ended and Michigan's also gonna spend upwards of what was it 56 million dollars to go. You Italy that's trying to get players and influence them to come there and be recruited Trent Jim Harbaugh is tearing down the weight room that is brand new that was. That was I think it was nine to ten million dollars that they built in 2008 it's not good enough. He's taking booster money and now spending another 32 million to build. 832000. Square foot weight room facility to try to get recruit so force sane about spending money to get recruits it's no different to me. It's no different although I think is that's going directly into the kids' family. It's part of what recurring illness. Part of recruiting I think that's a little different in building the weight room. Not really because what you're trying to do link thank a couple hundred grand. It presented these family your pain a man for his service ready to tell me that guys not gonna show for work every day at 6 in the morning and he's not gonna stay stay till 12 o'clock it. Nine blood in that in that is the and heard a salary the issue at hand is that you have guys like. Aaron Nick Saban who's giving a recruits every true it's girlfriend. A job. As his secretary or personal assistant right leg in those things are happening where you seem then you're going. I'm okay like this guy is the ally and I don't disagree one bit with. Jim Harbaugh going on hiring a former NFL coach to be a position coach not resemble none of former offensive coordinator you out. No matter how bout them niners were in a year but its two men a fighting an offensive coordinator NFL job in my resident area. But I think that's the legitimate data in night this is not Jimmy conclude that this is not the issue here the issue is a lot of guys entered or doing this. You're sitting there and you're seeing this influence wielded where is it deserved. And that is where the NCAA probably steps in it in close the loop pole and I don't I don't see a problem with it because you know let. The here's the thing with. College football you'll ever so many number. Of coaching positions to. So are you can always take a coaching position on a guy or support staff. Position on a guy you can't just hire 500 coaches in college football and but he knew candy that they do have a limit gun on how many guys can coach and how many guys can have not actually wasn't letting you hire people with different. Quote unquote titles like Steve turkeys in and but offensive assistant but can't work with the players but he's an offensive assistant player of course. Then you have to be elevated and I knew and then a week later he's calling pleasant message image in game that he is totally hands I just can't I'm still. Is the more the more revenue that's thrown into college football we get to see the money in in the side of the haves and the have nots would be it is what it is it's. The house and have nots are separating themselves even further apart they always have but at least it's out in the open and transparent now. We don't need to regulate everything you know that is something that is. To be discussed there is that ball all right so everybody gets all hot and bothered in Michigan does that. Why doesn't. Central Michigan do it. You know. Mikey is whom I mean when that make more sense for them. T gotten hired this kid's dandy idea ate buddy we're gonna hire you we're gonna pay you handsomely to be our offensive coordinator. But they don't view it because it's not if you're the best in the country you go B with the top talent in the country. That goes with the biggest brand if you're an excellent executive. And I don't know Nokia is asking or apple where you don't Nokia and bring him back snake. And the brick phone. You've you never want apple you never had to charge that brick found if I'm now sorry once you've that's where you're going like if I can go back to a time where I don't have to charge my phone for two days deal and I'm doing it. I'm doing it. Snake was really flying one wasn't. Nude. I miss the new matrix slide phones when Imus with the matrix outlines the sidekick. Don't you Bremer the little slide you guys remember the matrix what the heck is wrong with you Crawford you know we may tricks you're gonna get that's your guy. Our agent Ari does is lead actual is like a floating the okay okay okay these guys are you John Reeves if yes I know what's wrong with the doctors Ehrlich the razors and thanking him and on and on and on the RAZR was a flip phone this was a slide -- gets ours are the little sound every time like getting me up Scotty with a somewhat they said yeah you know little comfort sorry I am sorry he's always an oldest I was out sorry I need to pull the record we get a lot of really good feedback on who DT your feedback on this right Iran Harbaugh. Is hiring kids dads to be coaches. That essentially paying member periods families for their kid to go there testing came on the fan.