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Sinner and Saint 2.11.16 Hour 2

Feb 11, 2017|


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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello thank you for doing less sub drivers requires. Hello. We appreciate you're going to less job this Chua I can easily tired of you who codes the same city tires. Now where we pick up from Ireland. You're listening to this sinner and saint podcast. I'd look Anderson I will there is that this is spots about less Schwab. Tires. There and it could enjoy doing great things since 1952. Now before we go any further I'd just like to say publicly. Is the single crowd a small portion of my. About America. And tech navy. Howard soup with chicken and optimistic part of our one. I have been the best radio. Ever. You check it out so it's fair assessment that it if you wanna go back and check it out for yourself less Schwab. Tires podcast good any brand dot com. But podcasts are sinners and saints and you'll find it's. And you don't need saving you can archiving and listen to it over and over. And over again. You're welcome our gifts to you. And you haven't downloaded it we were talking about the idea walking through your hype with boom box of social work here is Dell GAAP. Is go to that App Store that's endless communion. Well I'm just saying what you can do I'm Bret recommend it's beginning but all options but it's more conducive to your lifestyle to put map on your phone that a carrier around thirty pound boombox over her shoulder. If you don't have fourteen. Biceps and looks sweet generally that good checks of boom boxes. Everybody loves boombox and so they do it's. The yes also also children and the elderly. So everybody literally every demographic. Loves boom boxes animals to. Obviously there. Extraterrestrials. Sure he love boom box and he it's it may be the greatest invention. In the history of invention boomerang the title. And box also Bucs lose the two words in the title got a lot of books QBs. And be happy about that. Stopped in Camden Ohio when I drove across the country once the thing I took away from the football hall of fame. Was man I don't know any of these guys. We ask the question. Are you gonna notice that year I was missing from the hall of fame when you go to this. Or should answer I didn't recognize anybody. Joseph Montana and you know who he has. You know Joseph I don't know I I think he'd just go to those things to say that you went there and then take the cell fee and leave like. Never tell anybody doesn't anything these days Ryan I think maybe it's only for the true intense fit like I I I think the hall of fame thing matters more to people who I think are baseball fans like get a bunch of bears fans that will go down there just so they can see Ken Griffey junior speak re. Well it should be induction ceremonies and read yeah they have they have that's still good down to the actual hall like go look at his face and you know read the information baseball fans are more. Inner you know connected with the history of the game itself a big football on a certain sense this is kind of like you're in the now yes. Well I I would agree with that here Cooperstown is magical a sports fan. Have been Babe Ruth showcase creature at the door uniforms bats cleats and pictures just awesome part of history. And that's kind of my point which is if you go in there it's like do you notice that Pete Rose is an and we have that conversation again and again. But the guys who were marginal players that you know visit were on the ballot never quite meeting you're gonna miss them. And the history of baseball maybe to your point vs football. Is really steeped in you know this kind of magical moments in these guys that you know were able to lose you know Don Larson's perfect game in the World Series or. Reggie Jackson and his home runs we twists and soap and grounder Kurt Gibson chickens fist in 88 but all of these moments that I think of I've got this monetize it runs in my head. Well there's a physical space that really carries those on. And it added I don't know I mean but I assume they make at least some sort of mentioned to some of the dark days and you know you look at the the of the black Sox scandal wave back in the at the start of baseball and you know. All of the fact that the only way it's good player for awhile well and and you know that's part of the history and that's why one of the things that I would wanna see is Jackie Robinson. You know I would go in and I'd spend time out that because remember baseball was well ahead of the rest of the United States and talk about the 1950s and Jackie Robinson. Going through kind of the turmoil that he did it's well ahead of the you know some of the the march is that we saw on the sixties so it's it's a precursor to it. And it didn't seem 42 with other moves really good debt really entertaining. But anyways there's there's kind of overwhelming sense that when you go there's a lot to see if you're a fan of the sport. You'd be immersed in the history of it and the recent history is you know these guys there are making it right now that's not the reason to go I wouldn't think. If history and historical teams if you look at the knicks this week. You're forced to look at the knicks that you were looking at this nice I will say there the reason that we're talking about the knicks if you're not. Caught up on what's going on is former player Charles Oakley. Who seated mirrored James Dolan the owner of Madison square garden and New York Knicks think this was Thursday night right. Wednesday or resident tech Wednesday night ends Ben. What happened next is kind of up for speculation but. Apparently according to James Dalton he was. Defaming him and so he called in security and have him removed from the arena. And then there are a bit of a scuffle. Between Charles Oakley news is that. Big man and a large man who is known for being one of the most physical players in the history of the year many angry at ease. Pushing around the security push him back fighting his way out of there were improving his watch any aides whose bodies take a swing at somebody. And now he's been banned for life from Madison square guard right so this is why we're talking. This is what I will say first off before given the full conversation which is. Thank you knicks for making national news and not making us talk of a basketball team they said. Yes they queue for making news and having it not related to Carmelo Anthony or Phil Jackson or Chris stops rescind its sorry I'm with and he's fine. I know but he hasn't done anything substantial that we need talk about in yet. I'd rather not go I think you go to all the potential I think that. You know people were were worried about that pic okay got it when he does something we'll talk about the team we don't talk about let's not talk to. Thank you knicks for this now. The thing that I most recently read about discs have tried to stay up on this I knew that we would talk about this date but the weirdest thing. That I've read recently is that James Dolan made the comments. The Charles Oakley never should have made it to bat seat. He fired his head of security. Because they let Charles Oakland get that close to. What is wrong with that ski. Here here's where it gets confusing for me is because Charles Oakley if if you're a Bill Simmons book the book of basketball. He goes extensively into Charles Oakley and ninety's basketball right because it was. You know. With a brush to stare of basketball that we've ever seen it will it was and then were one of the teams that stepped on by Michael Jordan as way that he trucks is sensibly about the knicks and about Charles Oakley and how Charles Oakley is somebody who. Enjoys drinking and enjoys gambling quite a bit and then the knicks made a Stephen's also right after. The whole account the whole debacle happen I think it was later that night where they said we hope. Charles gets the help that he yes. To meet that indicated that he might have been drug can begin now I don't know that I know that's that's that's the speculate that the speculation and there are I have to take that end and they and just kind of go okay. Fine you know we can speculate all we want. When you take the fans cited it. It's Charles Oakley dude he's one of three knicks who if they come into the building. What do you do whatever the hell they want. Him Patrick Ewing and John Starks. They can run naked out on the floor and I would stop the game let them finish and on the applied auto generation. I didn't know you is that big and then. Continually right now. Yeah. He did know he's a tall with woods who. What I'm seeing in I think James Dolan is forgetting what makes the next the next race. It's they're free base. So even big good they had that one good here in 2012 that's it the only thing that puts asses in the seats. Is the fan base in its history that's it they all remember. Charles Oakley they all remember Patrick you mean they all want that team of the ninety's back right that's why they still keep coming to games you just kicked it dude out who the end. Love but is that the problem with the knicks right there is that there most recent Borussia team what we know their most recent great team their most recent. Icons. Existed a time where they don't win anything. I mean this is this is Madison Square Garden is the Mecca of basketball right this is where you go to see the greatest basketball the world. Used to be the home of the big east tournament when the big east was awesome. And it no longer is they've dismantled that the knicks are a train wreck. And you go in there and it's more about what the visiting team does and you know they're they're great scoring night the Kobe Bryant matter the or the epic you know LeBron james' performance in Madison Square Garden. Probable those great moments as they're against the knicks who just aren't competitive and it definitely say we're good at least she paid attention to that but did you. Yes and no I agree with that did you get a taste of greatness in the look. Re easy went during Winston Kennedy. If you have any taste of success than there it becomes eighteen worldwide phenomenon and there's a lot of other elements with Jeremy Lin. That made it spectacular but there's. There's just this kind of aura about the place in James Dolan. Despite its best efforts can't even ruin it it is they keep showing up but this tough time as the gone too far. All Molly has he done more or less kind of do our point thank goodness I have an extra something else well I think also. James Dolan is kind of happy about this and really he's happy about it more than one way of course the obvious way of hey I get to ridicule a guy who. You know has been critical of me in the past five years but also. It takes attention away from him and how much this is just a dumpster fire and you look at the other side of the next this week break Phil Jackson he goes on Twitter and he starts. Privileged demoralizing his star player Carmelo Anthony he he basically praised a Bleacher Report. Article that talked about how Carmelo Anthony is pretty much the central problem of the next like it they can get rid of him they could just move on. And things would actually be better Phil Jackson and China. The recent. Mountain was Olympic Ludwick who live in both of you could have been stupid but he basically. Comes out and retreats the article on this lake yeah I your close but in he made some reference to the CBA days or something but I mean. This is a team that's in complete disarray right now I mean it almost seems like Phil Jackson does his job and thank you want his job who know but like you you basically put yourself out there to get the job braille like this just goes to be your dream job. But you suck out there radio I'm nick president. Ethel Jackson played on a championship team yeah right and you go back to the seventies in the Willis Reed the whole thing and that was big. There's the height of their basketball achievement and many of the team of the ninety's that we're kind of talked about Charles Oakley. Maybe. It's hard to say that. That blame can really go beyond the owner right I mean we we find this again and again where the owner is dysfunctional the team tends to poll that passed. And James Dolan is you know one of those things in the Twitter line is I'd aghast with profanity about how much of an eighty ideas and I get that. But at some points. It's all entertainment right. Moore's look at adding go and hey listen this team sucks and we know it and were looking at it. And and you're trying to make the argument that James Bullock has done something good here by. Making a bigger story about. Something bizarre always does have a good present personal gain what did you get from no but look Toledo oh sure that nobody is paying attention to how crappy he really get. X line at all that's all it is that I know that that that people are more focused on the effective Phil Jackson. I think is coming on trying to lose his own job I don't I don't let it it'll go right back that story because before the season ends will have to watch them play another basketball game he like it said because it's such a focal point Madison Square Garden in the knicks are such a big part of basketball. When another team goes in there you go it's just a reminder console you. And it's as if the huge as some of better like I I get they don't get the idea that this is good for their team. For goal right now team it's dole and him per it's terrible it's worse for him than it is for the two it's taken the heat off him. You know asked. This has notes put it directly on him go on why is starting to feud with Charles Oakley. Oh yes James Dolan is the worst donor basketball before a big board the heat was on Phil Jackson and Carmelo Anthony now it's on dole don't. Oh yeah the reason these guys look so bad is considered the worst owner in sports. He really should kept Isiah Thomas served. Everybody should be kept him now if they would have just given him a chance and forgotten about the whole sexual assault thing. Did note now that I've never been that much there and a bad idea. If you were Tom Brady what would you do next. That is next sentence say anything. Blue Anderson will the Americans thanks for sharing your Saturday with the us. We did or build on our lives I wish I don't notice and show. You a little this week billion can you can give us street bill. For that they saw that news story to death roars came stampeding back aren't sure that they saw that news story today. That day the Canadian government reintroduced the buffalo back into being a national park wouldn't hold air lifted in the big containers they opened the door and the buffalo sixteen of them came stampeding out. And they're gonna reintroduce some of the fifth national park in the Colorado Rockies. Really emerges and by the look Barcelona's outward not only tells us Canadians today and I go to leaders of being a that was received stampede that we saw logs to fall. This you know filter only just whatever pops into his brain you start talking about. He runs in an acid flashback ahead. You know watching basketball but remember this story. He could do it Desi actively to the chic on how how I can work this into the game. Yeah I I think that was an acid flashback. But it just I have no doubt that it happened but I also think that he's batting in the differ when. He's he's watching the games he's much buffalo other point. Kind of hope now and if he does lucky him. And I idea. You watch movie being John Malkovich there magically be inside a wall instead Sunni cities who caught I can only handle maybe ten minutes of regular short film yet now you can you can live in his world he couldn't live in -- world is pretty much. What I would think about Lewis said speaking Olivia and others world zoo. We've we've we tried something this week. It went pretty well. I use Twitter kids. To be around well. So did I'm pretty can do these little. Thank. You could be you know that's. You deserve all that platform too much. We death so on Twitty to make these little poles and I thought it would be fun to go out and kind of get the pulse of the audience and see out of their feelings post Super Bowl I was wondered myself if I were Tom Brady and I just won my fifth super wants imagine myself as greatest Super Bowl. Hero of all time the greatest quarterback ever to play the position the most attractive man in the history of the world that a beautiful. Supermodel wife what would and I do if I were Tom Brady so blasted out to you again before options. Retired before your wife gets too old to enjoy her being a soup from that did you insert the word old. For just ugly. Well the only so many characters and I only have three left none of those are all the that's how it ended up that way higher up for stood. Counselor services and I am Tom Brady ladies and a leave your money read that now. Is buddies with trump why not be Supreme Court justice nominee you'd get you'd run through the Republican. Nomination cycle right I just have to see him on the stand just looking up into the distance and but now they gave its best work. Conference number brick he wrote the wrote the decision. And a computer you now what arrogance wouldn't. Just scary to be hair in the pits and the decisions operating rap and a and an RNC chair myself in the obviously authority and never really date and ruin rank up yourself man and it's. It just to send as and decisive again as is he doesn't commit to Andy back in any Prescott's and a thirty put him on the justice panel. But yeah. Or. The overwhelming winner with 51% of the votes more angry football more angry football as much as people's. Seem to have trouble latching on to Tom bradys of personality do you wanna see him go away as bad. Your Simeon a fan. A bit of football as a failure football I did notice some Brady fan but I wanna see. You wanna see how long he can go at this point really it's not so much about seeing brie play anymore it's really about like how long can he make this happen right is playing at that type of level at forty years old really. It doesn't happen for most quarterbacks Julie 39 right wagon before we did Taylor yeah yeah. But you know the only people there really make it that winner like punters and kickers and so when you have to play the most demanding position in football and you still look like you were in York. Made two descending prime. EU asked could he go five more years. Yeah I mean he's doing this at 45 is really that we do see some players candy each had their way into their forties but there just a shelled the former style right Brett Favre is a good example here handing uneasy and he was even close to get to forty thank you could see it happening Johnny Unitas was guided this pretty famous for that Super Bowl three he was actually moral back up in map they trot him out to try to kind of salvage something but is sure how old is momentarily that's the chiefs. I don't know that he was. Old. That young now say mid thirty's that will be played into his forties and a couple good years to the playoffs but there debts it's. Difficult to see somebody that I mean you can argue just played his best Super Bowl you know you could. Look at the first half and go without these worst affable but that come back with something that you know like. Of the likes of which we've never seen. And for him to do that it just seems like he's not missing a beat and the way that he plays he doesn't rely on you know a rocket arm or you know boo. The ability to escape. Just the way that he plays its latest it feels like as long as his mind is sharp is going to be able to continue as long as he cheats he's he's gonna be fun. I agree with that. So we also did another poll on your opinion on this one now put football season is over what you do on Sundays through the options they gave. I get that skin tag removed. Gotta get that thing removed which by the way the cut. Quite a lot of traction that really concern me about fan listeners 10% of the votes exist but should only get maybe one. I guess they should read this in in order of of the votes. Coming in in third place with 23% of the vote. Lot of people gonna focus and time on erotic woodworking and excited to see those results up please post your any projects. On on Twitter to share them with Natalie had considered Satan please has any good as they pat mentioned me I'd love to see those and don't exactly know where we're. Put it out there and make sure that I find it. Figured out we're learning together fairly wearing the other I think it's important 26% of the vote. Start. Point and it's and just minor BS's and thoughts. Yeah yeah yeah. One man's musing on. The sacred dance. Man it bye bye through five what would your strip club blog be called. Trying to trying to keep the show going and think of it it's not working it's (%expletive) and tidings. Upon hearings and a lonely man that would be mine. How I got this rash have a face that night of cigarettes are out about I think that he had number one. Of the answers 41% train for beer marathon have you seen that there. Our beer marathon I haven't noticed there's two different types of beer marathons. Boston has won where it is 26 bars in a pub crawl in twelve hours that's when I like so you're actually going from bar to bar it's not like you're running a marathon you know there's people Haney beer as you go now this is a marathon of beer so instead of a running marathon it's 26 pars twelve hours Boston does that. I think better than anybody but I think they've expanded to other ones I think this is something we need to bring to Portland. And we'll talk about that later went out increased mortality during. Well but it's just it's simply. Enjoying a beverage over long periods people do you think you're gonna die from that. Again they're ready do we get people are dying and so will we use bosses reference we'll get the will get the fan to send this out there won't go you can be my chaperone you make sure I don't die if it works would bring about the port. Perfect. But they also do these beer running events where guys are chugging Beers and running. And they do the beer mile which is pretty famous I don't know what to transform that both are great. Tree to another poll you here's. It is again text sign answer for the name of a stripper club blog five factories or five sinner in the taint. Oh yeah attached hot poll. That's a good one thoughts and songs that's I like that on long. Have they don't where they don't want to bottoms here and and beautiful Portland Oregon have the option to. You can be a classy woman. Option to do people take that option. I think there I think some people appreciate the mystery what's underneath there you don't want to show the full thing. It's also good how I found true happiness. Yeah you mentioned your family in their own. And and whatever yeah. Am sure gonna next fall. Right here we go this was from Wednesday. After last night's game winning shots of the CJ McCollum on nine Tuesday night's should the trailblazers trade CJ McCollum while his stock is. Committed 3% they'd be stupid not to. Of course 14% makes sense to Maine Newton 15% of the vote goes to absolutely. And 68 present votes. And we would say this is a consensus. Urinating near Demi give them. I him more and more. Kind of it's seeing the benefits of it now we we got a huge setback right this last week by the ducks are that they're gonna sign him to a five year deal the markets 'cause it's that was like the general consensus of like wolf we could to. That's who we go after but no you look at the 76ers user second option right. This is a Maryland's Noel thing yeah because same bone may be CJ for neural and straight up wouldn't be that bad. He doesn't. Really add a whole lot of offense you'd giving blood he had the one thing you need no no I understand that we're saying is you're losing a lot of offense when you let's huge ego that's the difficult part of making that trend that's the thing are you really because how I think of it all blew out here after second guess how I think of the blazers offense right now is. Damien Willard and CJ McCollum deferring each night it's okay he's great in terms yet you score thirty are right now all scored thirty great. If you got rid of one of them and then let. The other just kind of anchor the offense like if you let Damian Miller just completely acre the offense distribute and then let girls all know I'll. You don't regulate down. Down in the paint I think he might have a more effective team. If you could somehow package deal we got that defensive stopper and just like a pure shooter right that's amiga to sit out there and you can count number like 43%. From the three point range right doesn't need to be able to do anything else what I do is you go out you try to find kind of one. One thing that they do really well and let them figure out the other pieces but yet I I don't beating go straight up for a guy that really provides. No offense. We've got two more polls to get to sold do that next but first the news. Things. All right so it came out this. That if you were you start hurt they strip you. Club flawed and what would you name it says it would may have the winner here on the sex line 55305. One man's quest to put young naked ladies who grew law school. That's incredible. I would like to medical school. Glad. Just it's it's a liberation thing law school doesn't have any hard consonants that medical school bush or do you think would be hard do you think like. Do you think this stripper has it better and chance of getting through law school or med school or medical medical school because it's a little bit more about anatomy. It's good way to put it in half but then like you could just be essar and that are like through environmental law. Should produce 500 through a communications degree. And those are real ferry valuable the violence and I mean look at me. Can teaching MBA who I am teaching a con class I could teacher comp class hung over honestly I want. I can I can teach a one hour lecture on what the difference between subjective and objective is which by the way that was a class and aren't seeing university. In terms of communication glass diplomats why you're severely communicating. But that's subjective stuff totally. A way that he's there and your objective opinions. I have a gesture opinions here but it is subjected to other night you get a. Just ask him. How this works share your strip club blog titles at 55 through five will continue to. Get to those we do a couple more polls that were shared on Twitter this we can we do what you the result. Because we care we will try to bring these to you each morning. And Saturday morning. But each morning during the weeks ago oil long as the week goes along you follow me as though Luke Anderson as CN. Or acts 1080 the fan dot com we'll be available there will be Americans will also with the so what is your Twitter world are considered. Will the Arkansas 33 so we get two more left and got to yet. Charles Oakley as we mentioned was toss out of the Madison square garden arena on Wednesday nights of Thursday morning we came upon this. As Charles Barkley 34 shouldn't feel bad I've been 86 from worst places in Madison Square Garden this is true I've been thrown out of all these places. Which should I be most embarrassed about it. In last place. The local bull a Rama. Which actually I put that they're because they've been thrown out of three different bowling alleys won twice but that's whole different story so. Apparently nobody thinks Jewish members may have been tossed. From mobile. That's pathetic why is that. Or his first thought I don't know how the hell you got. Thrown out of the bowling Alley first was headfirst slides on the plane OK second was stacking bowling balls vertically on top of each other by the fumble. And refusing to stop when they told me tune again and then. Once was my brother really just strikes he's drinking in the bathroom real 120 see that's that's that got there and they're doing now and then the last one was. There's a pin is stuck in the gutter and in. And I was trying to explain to his next discusses in their land said the only way to get an out you know if you roll the ball late down the gutters are gonna pop over the right. Listen we have do is get the ball to go in on top of the tens of enters the gutter at the same time like right on top of it. Then it will pop up and get out of the gutter Horry called attended the that be stupid and they didn't quite understand what I'm saying so I showed them I've. Who delight is like fine hit the pin right on opposite end of the gutter the ball went up and hit the partition above the lanes which is cheap metal turns out. That fell down came crashing down and basically an empty Boeing aliens just not allowed to good and the pin and went into the self walled building pro Coleman drywall. I have that Sicily I have to think that bowling alleys just attracts the trashy us of the white trash I've always felt that way as well yeah issue and in there and then I look at the people around me the people who spend a lot of time around they're like this classy bowling alleys but you'll still find. White trashy people around bowling and even those classy bowling alleys I don't know why I don't know what is about bowling. That gets people so. Drunk riled up and wanting to fight because every can do everything Sig can do it right there you go in there and there's there is actually skill involved notes doubled to 98. Amazing I can't do that but I think everybody thinks that they can do when they get in there they get all fired up to I can do is over. There's just people being idiots are bold in Vegas. Adorable they moved the Gold Coast has like where they have like the professional you know bowling tournaments a publicist ago. I was way trashes. The place up. 7%. Giving you get a boy now I not that bad. I was also thrown out of the Mall of America that only a 14% people want to worry about that. 36%. Of the people thought it was most embarrassing to be thrown out of this year he's cafe implies. Yeah I it is that's really pathetic. What do you think. That because you had to have done something to be waiter or waitress to get you thrown out I don't know how else you've got thrown out of Sherry Somalis you brought out you brought alcohol and note that the way we can. When we're teenagers don't have anywhere to go after midnight right it's gonna shares you drink coffee you wouldn't buy anything and you sit and you get rowdy and then we used to play game where we tried and see a brief sugar packets we will Landon like. Different fixtures around the room so we just kind of whip them. Across the room and try to make them and light fixture in the them like that that's mostly. We have free topic that never charges thing again have a tea drinkers so. And the most embarrassing place to be. Thrown out of of Booth four places and enlisted not all the boys have been thrown out of the boom boom room now comes full circle now. Well of club blogs and the boom boomer women now that is I think he had that's probably the most embarrassing pushes the I would think that's the least embarrassing place I think that really separates you from. Acceptable strip club Goer to somebody who needs to reassess its strip clubs are your thing if you're getting kicked at a strip club. That see this was the obvious one is what I just drunken misbehavior I think he got two hands. Yes pusher but well that's an issue well yes I understand that I know why you keep up thing is the whole things a little bit Fuzzy. And you know it but it's just got to get drunk I made. I misbehaved and I was asked to that seems like a place where plenty of people go win. With the intention of misbehaving and and alcohol encourages them act on their impure thoughts. And they were asked to leave I don't think that is uncommon I don't know I'm sure because of clubs are trapped right. It's a complete trap we had to spend all this money. On alcohol and then you sit there while women dancer for you half naked are completely naked sometimes yes and you can't do anything. Why would you subject yourself to that and is bad idea and and I behaved poorly I was asked to leave them but I imagine that happens more often. Think of all those places thank you all those places which of those four plays is as they bouncers specifically there. To throw you out when you get out of line but ever heard about this areas that you he would send reasonable about what happened there and I got out alive now and that bouncer came out to be he gently tapped me on the shoulder he said mr. Anderson we just need you to leave there's been some complaints. We're in reality what it was was come over here deem that the dude dude picked up in three out on the curb I'm guessing no I I poked him in the chest and he then argue that I don't ask. Honestly I'm not sure but is there live that's swinging hand that may have. It's something that was an appropriate. Let that the poking him in the chest and the the talking the trash to him may have gotten you inject your better than him or NBA and I just hammered minute and then we're right pack in the back through the card punch against that is would bloodied his nose. It was a bad night all around poor form poor form on my part but if I gave you that list of places and ask you which one you know what they likely to have been. The room from. You'd pay extra club every time yes morbid present government strip clubs or shared it's yeah. A that I go swimming at the last pull return to that next. Yeah yes that'll be next in saint and he didn't. Also mentioned that you download attending the fan asked one of the benefits of that after slushy share with you the music that we play from today's show as it's being played and we put together this romantic playlist four you can use. Under Valentine's Day. This year so if you want makes. Tell the app check it out you can also go back to listen podcasting. That's it's any the fan dot com so many ways to interact with the center in the same we've been going through polls we have. Posted this week on Twitter funerals Texas at 55305. Some nice thoughts on what you would name your strip club blog I liked one that I saw a year where was it. I can't find it I think it was from the 503 peeling off the layers of Portland. Woo those good. See though that's actually very creative way to go about it the other ones are funny and legitimate that one's a very. Very creative find ways yet I would like to think that person. Has a creative streak in them. Yeah I forgot about this one let me check the number there that's my brother texting in at 55305. Getting third at a bingo is worse than all of those have forgotten have been trying to bingo you got thrown out of the bingo match I did. It's that goes wrong with you why aren't getting thrown out of places I lived in Vegas my brother came to visit so we decided to play bingo one of the benefits of being Jewish you can get in at a very low cost point beacon win nice money if you do it plus you get free drinks. As you're in this matter of course we go to the palace station to apply afford all worked hard. You get. Two free drinks to start to get two free drinks in the middle of the app I recession whatever is right so bloom. Four bucks for drinks and you little bit of entertainment lawyer in next so my brother and I decide that we're going. To do shots if we win we do the shots we get loud people don't like it was that hey let's play another round bingo we just won some money we do the thing. And the people complain we apparent. Just simple while gray cloud and drunk all right that's colds it's that last poll. Oh the last apple this it's about tonight and this works with crystal balls we wanna know what all happened. Share your thoughts on the tax line what will happen tonight when Katie goes back to Oklahoma City for the first time. Let's look at rebels. Are you wondering what the journals. Last minute goal to pack. We ask consumers Aniston's they're not a may become clear when the center in the same look at their I've. Crystal balls. I'm 1080 it's okay. All right so will live throughout. Or options here for what will happen with the. Oh in Oklahoma City tonight when Kevin Durant returns. 51% of people think this is going to be an Oklahoma City Thunder fans who. The one Seattle SuperSonics fan cheers. The other options to get a lot of traction in the warriors dressed Katie only at 6%. Palace in the palace to 22%. And actually a surprising results 21% of the people think that. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Will kiss that was actually you were suggesting do you think it'll really happen. I hope it'll let that it won't happen that you get booed relentlessly the entire night and the reason being is because he did not get traded he did not retire wait two years then go play for different teams seemed willing. Leave left and the Oklahoma City fan base has now. Rallied around Russell Russell Westbrook and they're taking his side of this. Gargantuan argument that started in the middle of last year I have to think they're just gonna do him the entire game every time negotiable. And it's as much that he left but as to where you left to right I mean that the way I sign that fighting that beat them that shouldn't. Yeah well it and it if he had he gone to lake say the wizards which was a popular theory that he would go back to the DC area expect growth and Maryland. They a lot of people coming up behind that theory could just went to any other team. Besides the warriors which are this team that has you know all the fans have put their arms around but I don't know that the NBA necessarily likes the way. The Fort Pierce place so much so yeah I think you'll just be booze and news and lawyers are seven point favorite yet. I'll think the warriors to win again and they fortunately I got blown out I am I hopeful we'll sit Oklahoma City can Muster something though as. There's not as good nobody is going to be very difficult for anybody because we're used to game. As they go down the stretch. The one thing that I was kind of hoping is that there be you know too many shooters not enough basketballs and indeed for the warriors and its doesn't appear to be that way. And train mongering just decide now dream on dream last night has a triple double. With four points. Ten steals to Utley twelve rebounds and then elevenths I think he's got to the point were he's. Willingly not scoring point easily willingly got the best where he'd like is purposely not scoring just to fill their stats. One of the reasons that they Kevin Durant reportedly went there is. Recruiting done by dream on dream and any tap needed to kind of step back and let somebody else told us scoring role which is pretty amazing. What's really the trail blazers for the rest of the week actually a pretty big schedule their fishy at the T game homestand on Monday against Atlanta but then they go along not. Three game road trip that you tell Orlando and Toronto up. Well Toronto we can now talk about next week so the three games you've played this week Wednesday and Thursday at the jazz at the magic. Oh and my negatives in the all star break. Yeah again well no and we cut it before we went into it so yeah hopefully two more against the real strawberry Creighton. Because not playing until the 23 against the magic is not really there. Bill BOB Sox Phillies to the jazz figure one in one this week that's what my balls on the. I honestly think this Evan Turner injuries the huge deal I think it is because he was finally starting to catch on and it wasn't like the team was really making a turn for the better. It is just that you could finally see the offense was. Starting to even now. You know it the defense is always going to be a problem but really they had an off it's a problem as well which was the whole. I'm gonna defer to you you're gonna defer to me and then Evan Turner we'll score sometimes right yeah he finally kind of found his place in the offense and then he gets injured and now you have to reassess the whole thing and it does not going to be easy to go against and then by the way. Who's our senator. Mason moment and now who is that when a senator on regular. Beat the Sox lose to the jets and I and destroy Howard and I'm going to take. Are you say in the hot suggest that the hawks you suggest. Some hawks I was thinking object. So yes Dwight Howard yes is it the biggest myths that we have. Now we've been worse. I mean I thought Mason formally was miles plumber. No it. No I didn't mean I like a radio talk show hosts but with the added would that have been a piece that would put displeased team over the top thank god no no not the least. Because it's a piece that is going to be does there's an article on SB nation is making that argument the doubts that's the reason this blazers team was enabled to a Dwight Howard was a piece of their missing as don't ask. Just don't get it it's you need them figure out a way to make these pieces work you have created going against two centers that are gonna kind of run overnight and I don't like yours are gonna cancer to a team that guy's awful. I think the only reason he is slightly behaving himself in Atlanta is that he's home and these are our family and a support system that's actually listening to him right. I think he's just went eased irrelevant now he's not playing a team that's gonna do anything the hawks have fallen off the kind of trying to sell off pieces in the policy more moves that trade deadline for the hawks. Last year were near the top in the east and now other companies. Million middling teams and lose in the NBA the hawks were kind of beeped us have the Eads Questar. They work and they kind of senator Ron Paul Millsap and they were solid team for the most part Jeff Teague was Vicks or. Kyle Korver was quite early alone and do what five all stars last year right I mean you put everybody and then here's our starting lineup for the hawks just Roman councilman. Found in the kind of phone car. Sad real old hawks. Oh thanks everybody appreciate listen and listen in the saints. What are your plans for the rest Lou we can't really go for a hike on Sunday he boom box out there are on the short shorts I really remembered you have a broker and they're gonna try Doug mountain. But give a benefit them pretty spectacular about the flowers bloom yet though that's the thing so when you get top dog mountain turns InBoxer. Obviously and but it's it's sleek. It's like a meadow you'd find from sound of music yourself what are there still snow their though could get up there well thank you is that no there was well the whole gorge was placed in all week so. Good luck have fun thanks parent and new clean up my garage and the smell and indeed find since terrible decision terrible but there's a mysterious smell in my garage over my weekend. Hopefully bring the better we can and I do think it goes into the center in saint ever dream weekend. This is 1080 avail. Mature falcons. Thousands of the points with their carriers their falcon yours yes. Or that they saw that news story today roars came stampeding back I'm sure that they saw that new story today. That day the Canadian government reintroduced the buffalo back into being a national park. Where they airlifted in these big containers they opened the door and the buffalo sixteen of them came stampeding out. And they're gonna reintroduced admit to being a national park in the Colorado Rockies. We wiped out sixty million buffalo now they're gonna come back and got stampede. Today out of those containers of being up. That was received stimpy that we saw want to fall in just five days bunch of dudes drinking beer and you think happened.

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