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Dusty and Cam - 2.8.17 - Hour 3

Feb 8, 2017|

WTF Wednesday, Evan Turner's injury, and Phil Jackson's cryptic tweet.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam. The morning and those who really hate each other acute sinus it's easy to pop up maybe even more than previous games. It's just Kara. And the man who acceptance permissible teriyaki benefits us a college all American gem Cleveland. Why doesn't anybody in the world ever read anything. Dusty examine the more million dollar and 1080 votes them. RIA dusty here in Cleveland with you here on this Wednesday after. Learning the fifth why would I say after I don't know man. And drowned these changes. It changes under a silver. Alex properties here. Every Wednesday at this time we do our daily tee of Wednesday it which is sports stories. That we don't get to you and are off the beaten path. Much like our producer himself. I am a little off the beam path. So when I sit asking about my eyebrows this morning feed your own drum don't tip well yeah. I beat my own ground. Daily. All right let's get started let's I got on us and we talked about two problems. Earlier in. Particular drama. Alec. They gotten ten gallon hat. Okay let's get going at Wimbledon nobody can get on their it really officially dubbing oiled. Gallon no doubt now can't. Plus elderly we dug a little bit on Monday and I want to play some of these again plus another one before and touchdown calls from the super bowl of James lights game winning touchdown let's run through. Kabul these really quick here's the new one this one from. Pulls for. In Germany they won't show why. Wait a minute why were both guys are good that that peeved by play guy I don't know. I don't understand first of why that didn't sound more angry because of that everything in Germans the sounding very angry. Second they don't have a German word for motion. I know is that or Milo on file on its bid pylon and make it if I didn't there again they're coming up Gardner have a German word for touchdown either. No I know. Now that's all I'm sorry that's Austria I'm sorry that's in German that's Austria. Okay my dad might well sorry to somebody notice no I guess I just was double check know you were verified I was verifying. Wanna make sure but yeah that's Austrians can either way OK until they police say. Three receivers reviewing its textile why. That could not be more British. I love it how they say that people ploy it's as if each player had to be stored at a sandwich and a paragraph where we do it in could hit three words it's grade madness. And in the final on this is from fox to port days and as spaniel. And the clear winner so my question is earnings very blessed us and let's include every country in the world to there's some calls I couldn't get obviously. But AB had to watch the entire Super Bowl in a foreign language which one would you take and am including British in there as a foreign language because it's certainly different than Americans. You also throw in Australian. I think I'm gonna go Korean. All Korean calls aren't good screen calls are great you have the Korean call. Thinking gravel and really quick hero he evidence Super Bowl or justice now now I history and baseball call as well. I have a child we have to pick a district culture language you want I need ongoing Korean. Bone Korean. You bet if you're a call this call of nine daily walk off from the Mariners in Korean. And. Okay. I I. It's. Why realized Daly went back to Korea he didn't sign with the Mariners he he went back I didn't realize that he left I'm a little disappointed that. Rowly Foley little I alone de L homer he's my favorite mayor player anyway how bad is that if you're the Mariners became keep jails they did a by the way a fight to quickly farm wrong people know the text please give me. I think he got 44 million dollars back in Pretoria outline. Wow that explains it somewhere in that so yeah. It sucks you see here how excited people get when he gets home run yeah right we did this I'd go back to tell his name what's his name. Is nick doesn't have a funny nickname and who anyway greatest what language in my picking. Any language and language across the board anywhere I want it. You don't like don't say English like America Hawaiian version. OK I think more than I do a lot of fouls well our our from eight OAS I would like the Hawaiian version if I'd I doubt that's available. But they don't like island style his nickname was tig tiger it tiger that's right that's right. I'll get Hawaiian girl laid back yes. It's familiar word to be chill I would be Shia and I'd be she'll broadcast. Okay allied death and moving ought. Besides Bronx. Because obviously I think he's the number one favorite of who you'd wanna party whip. It after the Super Bowl which patriots player or coach would you much most won a party with and let's not forget about this chant led by Bill Belichick asks the Super Bowl parade. And it's Sandy's. These players. They are part of this is not a robot league team on our coats they came to work every day. And there were no damn reason at all. Now in the days of mom. Today is mom and okay the ball. Now advance com. Now advance on the advance beyond the next mom. OK so. Now what that reminds me of is. That is like the person China's site got his entire staff. And a big meeting or like a company picnic yes and he's the boss and everybody is a London's tool you know I got to build all checked yeah I'll be honest with you and I've been that he is not bid. Not a great motivate you are very raw rog I not a great thing you don't say I think not a great that you spectacular trees that's a moderator. Not a good speaker when it comes to getting your height. Well does dad reminded you loves of this man clippers owner Steve Ballmer. Developers developers developers developers developers develop. Developers developers to it would depend. Asked do you have feel awkward though you're like no it didn't know what else they're lawyers it was video I could go and going and saw. Anyone during a parade where everybody had to take the Dana yeah day on every stinking again to celebrate so the question is. Which patriot you must what a party with besides the wrong can't take drunk. And I. Go ahead. Which one do I want to party with her whole offensive line. Okay line because it's no good L lineman always do you have off at a Bronx cool breeze gonna do zone thing they're gonna go to slicks rockets Grogan dressed in tight black closings that have drinks. Don't mind going to have karaoke down at the at the barbecue shop which is right next door. Which is good. Call me an excuse to outlaw only outlaw barbecue you told us this yet members yes my wife and I have multiple. Memories of that place after games so we're all go down outlaw we're gonna have our. Karaoke time and it's right next few I. I hope it's still there I get asked my guys they got there as offline map conceive it's still there it was awesome that formula that from doing. That's that's mom stayed in my lane by the way yesterday I said it was. Julie channel menu took Molly at the Kentucky Derby was Wes Welker Welker forgotten them. Yet Brady I don't know if that mean you're gonna hit putting out hot chicks and a menu hanging out cut sixty you to readying an album one hot chick. Well I mean there's a reason why Julie net roaming knocked at Adriana Lima are puts an end. And her name Fijian Alina I think self named supermodel. Let's because he hangs Alan Tom Brady like. I chicks flock with other hot chicks and our allies. Your Mary dusty but I'm gonna go well I mean your Mary blood came around down here on supermodels. You couldn't look like temptation island all over a pacifist dvi or don't show I'm done that I'm down to two people here and NC people. And it is. Rob Ninkovich. Form a wildcard Massachusetts defense of course Ozzie I think that's a good one coach Ayman Al-Jazeera I GoDaddy Matt Patricia writes Michael Floyd likes to party did indeed super Smart. And he's just seeing also is excellent he seems like he's yet he wearing Goodell the ground shirt. Big he seems like he's my kind did you know I remember watching like somebody did an interview with him. And it was the very first day training camp and he'd just gotten to where they need to change it back and he had like an empty desk. And all he had was a lot of tuna box of pencils on it these eggs all I need on the training camps here that as a you know let. Like to hang out back guy. Seem concede to see what's going on with him like to cut of his Joseph Gibbs you know. And go at that Matt Patricia. Finally answered Bob kind of is Jim yeah. I'm gonna go with that Martellus Bennett because his brother Michael Bennett said. That he bought a hundred bottles of champagne for their after party. Good good good champagne. I'm assuming solar entity goes second step down when I don't think their goal when they're not sure an anybody here you know what testers are all party. It's where is dog parent your own in that yeah we're zag is headsets that are above. Thousand Vegas to grow our table order to bottle that I think it was really expensive what's really expensive I don't know we are on the mark ups are US is thousand dollars for a bottle political order. Sure the ball at a ball a 15100 dollar bottle is Sheila rolling in I don't know I was glad to beater tabled after. Oh. Low on cash we have a lot of pot heads generalist yes I think I don't want our party with Gary prizes live in Portland I don't wanna just kids don't like it. People do that the other days but that's bad for the party cells plane also Robert Kraft our course where. As our cars or using any campaign for a thing you know paper thing but it's gonna get a little stale. It's going to be a long conversation they are kind of trying to get out a fancy him now and but I mean easier to have like Bon Jovi in the law brings their probably. Think about it through could get stale it's all right altered states are playing guys aren't players who will party addition. Thank you. I Crawford that is deadly ETF Wednesday the blazers are Evans and Debbie ATF knowledge right now Evan Turner out for an extended stretch. How important is his absence for this team dusting came on the fan. Just our stamina I don't know you know. It's a room. The minute nap. And inherent power is out for the Portland trailblazers. When they broke in the third or fractured third minute carpal in his right hand. Bad knee shooting him about where is that dusty you have mid bite jolted up for the folks at home that don't know where that is. Read between the lines their bed it's the bone meg is right down middle finger on your hand. Yeah it does so you middle fingered him right in the middle of your hand at the top commonly known as the boxers fracture yes. Crawford recently recovering from said boxers fracture amassed you wanna play hoops today. Usually was fully yeah recovered fully didn't take that how long it didn't take sixty weeks but then again not an NBA basketball player. No you're not very Smart. But I mean can't you were a high level athlete who had both saints both boxers fractures yes. What is this injury like how long should we expect him out well since it doesn't require surgery Jiri panzer he screws or an. Thing like I mean IA I continued to play within I just wrapped it up and put the club on. But it it each obviously can do this ball doesn't work yeah Pennsylvania are listening to beaver sure repressive right. I write my experience was I was good in about three weeks. And I was and I was located to let it out as they would say. Of the club. Can't F four weeks later I was lifting weights again though so I don't know I mean this is all depends on what the doctor saying this is up to their staff but I I would the 68 weeks thing is I don't know if that's an extreme and I'm on anybody's given the number that's. Seems long the good news is from Evan Turner following the game though was about he is. On comfort level and kind of what happened with the injury. Yeah Salma. Can you tell us residents or this is a trillion. It's similar. Can you help me with some things in what is junkies. Jane he's just kind of well I said Jane Hughes like trashy telling not legit he had sake he duct tape your and a fender on lake you know it ever was associated with Ike have heard the Zhang Qi injuries so. That's an we have for me we do we know how he got hurt my people are said trying to say he had an. Well. I say no. He said he he heard it on Pearson's Barnes back. Another broken hand it is somebody's rock hard bonds and I'll tell you what first Gerald Henderson taken out CP three now this. Damon CJ in my beyond a something with that lack of defense. Where this we don't break your hands right Chris Paul out right now and it's an hour voters' hands yep slapped down hands I really like that he said I really wish I would have done it dunking. Men doing cynical not sending junkie. Like. Playing defense I just. If you ever wanted to know. Why how highly regarded defense is in the NBA yeah. Evan Turner said I would rather hit or hurt did he something cool to play divas was JP did not playing deep that we would junkies that's interest in I have no idea were not added to your bloody record time. Runs into I have dinky air. No you just don't have it and you were like. Have you seen the commercials for Lenny amassing a con game movie now Brees looks like diddle you know you know data person yeah has jinxed yeah that would be JJ area. Yours is this yours is just. I'm sure maybe if we let him borrow ago yeah have you let it get a school it linger and Jesse Ventura who I am who I could totally. Grow a good bowl animal. If you're wondering what guys to announce a time that guys have missed if he misses six months in he did say he didn't have allotted to six months or six weeks at all. Eight. Seal six weeks. Thank you said there was a lot of displacement. And Jason quick of CS and looked at some guys that have had that third meta carpal fracture boxer fracture. Having guys that have missed like Russell Westbrook missed few months. With that Mikey beach he had did have surgery required these guys have missed like four games. And is his shooting hand though you have to look at us as dominant hand rank that's going to be I don't know what's what the numbers. If you ever seen the analytics of a player with their dominant and French army guys you just. Knew me and it was the left hand I would say okay this is a little bit easier yacht on but. You know he's seen guys they go from 44 games to you a couple months with if you were depending on the surgery they need. But he'd they said. It doesn't look like he needs surgery that's best case scenario if this is six with a six week injury even with the all star break belies the blazers with eleven games remaining. In the season you know that he would return for. And eight is like people say you know home ul would he be able for a playoff push and the question should be. Is Evan Turner's out how long are the blazers even in a conversation for a playoff push were making the playoffs in a pivotal stretch. Because say what you want about how we started this season. He's been one of the Mori of reliable players into a part of this this offense in the way this team functions in the last couple of weeks. I mean big big it's a roller coaster still they're not great still but Evan Turner. Has been reliable and opened up a lot of different avenues for Damian Miller didn't CJ McCollum to get open. And anytime you have a guy that's is. Good is he is out there here's a reason why he was treaty was paid that it took some time for him to develop of this group but injuries are gonna kill you mean it's been Ed Davis has been African being new it's been Evan Turner this year this team is had to deal with somebody on that roster. There's been a contributor that hasn't been able to be out there. Think about the consistency for this blazers team and won't we said this earlier the one thing that is consistent is there inconsistency. Right. You think of that the Al farouq Aminu injury there goes starter for. What canals was he has a month. They didn't have him. You'd have to change or be starting lineups. To get to get a spark to trying get Aminu back into a little bit of a rhythm. Without you know. Minus last couple of games. But it gave them a jolt in now you throw another wrench into this line out. You're taking eighteen that is it is an ultra talented in your throwing these wrinkles that it. That's why you have a 2330 team. So consistency is health twos this team had a struggle after he didn't have the health issues correct. Really I was a bit of every night you had Myers honored by the shoulder but that they mean became. Did core contributors didn't have issues I mean Dame's been out with dame today missed six games and because of his ankle missed an ankle yes off. It's the sixth. Thank goodness. But yes eve had a lot of guys out and it's been a weird it's been a weird year for the blazers it has not been a good one. By any stretch of the imagination. And this is just kind of going to add to it if if Evan Turner's out for six weeks which. That may be very aggressive if he doesn't need surgery and then is this team had even in a conversation for playoff spot in I know that there's even some fans now they're gone. I don't think that that be the worst team thing in the world to this team. To miss the playoffs. And you know what they're gonna play hard Maryland some games but you know it didn't they're not gonna quit. And that's one thing that you should expect from the blazers team has sot last night meant that salas and no quit and how good the CJ McCollum. Loved every second watch and I got to finish like that you kidding me man he's good he was. Dynamite down the stretch. And one of the best parts about it is that. They were still trying to get the ball game wasn't like they just fed CJ and tragic incident. Dallas take them away in cedar McCall made him pay down the stretch. Against a team that was. Pretty much identical Portland. In every way possible from coaching to roster construction. Says for there's no Dirk Nowitzki is running around Portland. Barack. Until Jackson he goes down the road of Witter Reynolds to throw Carmelo Anthony under the bus. Or did he let you decide he's preference Fortson. Normal. Cool. And we normal level. This is dusty and I am in the morning on ten navy boats around. Definitely. I choices you know somebody know don't run though none whatever we don't. Brother on your older brother Ali now. You mentioned this is there any idea who Ali I am physically emergent business is he forty. Oh and this is choices in the nuclear area you're listening to talk Jeanne it is yet choices changes anything Henry has changed on them. Collection including how did you get stuck to rethink of DC the story about. Do you minority golf on. I did what he's young Marines talk about that while this isn't in did this is an odd live for those views that didn't hear Crawford's update and haven't seen. Jimmy Doherty the wide receivers coach at the university Morgan. Is taking the same position UCL a interesting live now why he and you have a theory to this which I tend to think that. We won't ever get is it an answer by the university but we might know why this potentially happened well I did it I don't. And you're not physically I have this theory on it this has happened before other coach I just brought this up that he was the guy who is in the car or David breeds. And I don't know if that means anything like I don't know like nothing obvious he's come out about it. But he was it like he is started the university organ obviously not off on the right foot. But he was the assistant coach that was riding the David's reasoning that is do you like of weeks ago. There's also. Aspects of it as there's been so much turnover at a for Jim Morris staff say UCLA and including a guy that he coached with at Michigan last year where he is an assistant is now. At UCLA is also may just be. He and hang out his bros but I give maybe a little bit of bull kind of melding together. Now we remember Lou we did the same thing just recently. Was fired once then jump to another job. If you so this is not something that doesn't happen in the coaching ranks. What it's quite interesting when a whole new staff has put together in this one happened so quickly. Yes it is. Kind of odd that that that's happening I'll tell you if your coach staggered at this time he's he's looking to discuss. To not see this happening just not how I wanted to start. Now here's one here's one Correa to you. Willie Taggart this is according to football skew dot com. Willie Taggart has it in connection with a guy named Damian Craig. Who we talked about this earlier there were two coaches. Dour demoted. Abruptly at LSU that upset coaches and high school colleges in New Orleans that worth thinking about. And boycotting. And or drawn in the LSU program. In coach is enormous. Football skew dot com is reporting that with this new from G minority. That. Damian Craig is being vetted by the university. T fill that position he is a wide receivers coach at. LSU. On this past year the past two seasons prior to that he was the odd co offensive coordinator and receivers coach at Auburn. And prior to that from 20102012. He was that Florida State as the quarterbacks coach. So another guy you view is. History. In the south in the state of Florida in SEC country. And his playing career he played at Auburn. In May and played before the Carolina Panthers and Redskins in Ottawa renegades. So. How quickly turns. Yeah hold a shuffling of coaches. Right. So. There's that out of date for what it's worth I don't know what that means but. I it's a good at any time you called coaches out of out of SEC country that's where you're gonna lives were presented to you know a lot of his connections are from Florida and south and that's that's kind of what you bring in people your familiar with her you've had relationships with. Before remain. Hey I would be dumb of us to think that his network is is West Coast coming right yeah there are right. Phil Jackson in Carmelo Anthony this indeed getting along really well. When they I saw the street I call Phil Jackson on Saturday of you I don't. Should I saw this tweet as it is Phil Jackson wrong. Is said. Bleachers Deane almost strings Deval. But I learned you don't change this spot on a leopard with Michael Graham NIC BA days. In days is spelled DE ZE. This is the zen master himself you know we've no surprise that his tweet has some sort of how would you call in the boy hasn't meanie thicker brittle is riddled on the doesn't make sense does that man and tell me what it means that well. I did I had thought nothing evident in as night and whatever and then I went back and she group England had cancer good. For the win. Great website about a Abram ideas and that uses it they broke it down they translated for us. When it starts bleachers dean it means bleacher report's Kevin dean. Who wrote an article criticizing Carmelo Anthony for not for filling his role in the Phil Jackson superstar. Was an article written yesterday good and then it almost strings the bell in other words Phil Jackson is saying yeah. He's pretty right I'm not happy with Carmelo Anthony. In in what this means. And then it goes too but here's one thing you got wrong when he says but I learned you don't change a spot on a leopard. Phil is going when if its not agency isn't fulfilling the star role. He what he's saying about him is look I knew it wasn't gonna change. Essentially leading TU. I don't I never wanted to really make this move maybe. You know implying now that he was forced him into it didn't have an option and then here's where it gets weird with Michael Grant NIC BA days. Michael Graham was the rob NT Patrick Ewing's Batman and that in Georgetown. And Phil Jackson had a Michael Graham in the Continental Basketball Association worries ahead go to the Albany could trends this is right for a took the bulls job growth yet. To her was it one more job for you doubles so I don't know is Phil Collins was there yeah yeah. Phil Doug Collins Phil Collins not the singer Phil Collins might have done a married couple games here. But what happened was that Michael Graham was like the star of his team was always a number TU type player though. And he like his attitude so Phil Jackson just got rid of him because guess what going back to the Prius line. But I learned you don't change this spot on a leopard right so when you don't like change we can't change the person you get rid of summarize it. And then he spelled days just weird. Because hippie. So that was broken down this tree was broken down piece by piece. When Phil Jackson says bleachers Deane almost rings the bell but I learned you don't change a spot on the leopard with Michael Graham. In my CD 80 sewed it can we just say it's pretty clear that Phil Jackson as a 124 million dollar problem. He's trying to get rid of it somehow some way by irritating him enough to say get out here. Because no one else knows Lehman. The 124 million dollars melons and every red cent of that money. Yeah does he wanna be miserable and collect money at the same time. Probably in here that's a lot of money. It. You know. I I guess that just tell me in the misery. Yet will it will be miserable here's my thing now. Why in the world. Would Phil Jackson tweet that. Because he's probably at his last leg Jesus I can't do anything anymore but publicly shame somebody does that's really all it takes now social media. And a public shaming and social media to get under your britches the about it how many athletes now getting more riled up over what other people say. Then. It's just me you just care so much. But he is so but heard in this at all times but this tweet was so cryptic. That you it literally needed to be translated line by line like. If it like LeBron James is made his headlines for sub tweeting his teammates last year. But is like pretty easy to figure out who you talk about Kevin Love not pull on his way like this Unita an interpreter for and I don't know. If may be Carmelo Anthony or really anybody else except for big sky Eddie Joseph. Is Smart enough to figure outlined by lying exactly what it means and. No matter how much money you're paid would you stay somewhere rear not wanted to. At some point does your human nature kick in where just I don't know within them I think about it put yourself and Corel Anthony's shoes. You do you are him. Your personality you and he got to think about this in mean how much would you do for money well there's a lot of people out there that. Would jump or leave her being told to leave because of the year it if you could Odyssey one out walk up to Phil Jackson say what options do we have Phil. K you don't want me here nobody wants me here anymore. Let's figure something. Now what he wants they wanted to BC. My mom way you're saying is he's trying to get. Carmelo Anthony to relent on his no trod trade clause exactly. In just see what he'll do to get out there wanted him. Yet I would never in a million years wanna be somewhere I'm not want it but here's the thing about Carmelo Anthony is a he knows that he can't just start start showing up right. And if you waive your no trade clause. Then all of a sudden you can be sent almost anywhere like does he wanna be sent TO I think the new no trade clause will be wave based upon the team that he's where he goes to a new Bolivia he's not being. Traded to Orlando but. Here's the other thing is your Carmelo Anthony. I mean. Lazy India if he cuts she still be your money says he's still gonna go through the motions but if you leaving like a year now wanna there there. Why don't go to a place Renee could change her or change could be here are your resurgence he could go to a contender now. You know he'd go to summer where he can help well but he can't help anybody with a contract that he has because nobody's given up. Enough to match that. Contract deal so premature saying the knicks are screwed. Carmelo Anthony gets his money Phil Jackson gets to continue to sub tweet. We get to watch the debauchery what the knicks called basketball yet signed me up if they're not going to be good kids they're not gonna be dead. This is next best thing. I'm not a fan of the next. Give me more cryptic tweets then maybe just haven't out fill in Melo was did this. Celebrity boxing maybe they can be. And. We influence that happening I don't know who aren't so deploy tell. You know this all right now it's going to be stuck in my head and not mine. We accepted and the fan. And we also. Great audio from Julian gentlemen navy SE camp. This just doesn't intend in the morning. On 1080 good. Bruce hornsby his kids. Ran. Ran track anything he's done and over again is another kid a guard. Analyses basketball team athletic family the horns these guys are looking at me with a puzzled face you don't believe me. I don't I could resource read me this song famous now. He forties covered this and did his own version of this. I can not familiar with deep forty version need to take a look I'm familiar with the two boxers talk all you do costume idea now changes the I do not know I mean I could see why you would seem this is probably sampled several times that piano is great idea I'll put it on my phone hooked to my excuse not only inappropriate if you wanted to prove something of that terminator. Mean. There is. Or change chip that we're talking about it. Can't win some. 1986. You know why I had this because I remember being in the locker room. When are reduced or turn it on he had music choices like everybody had a day when your senior captain or leader you'd put on things you liked or urine upperclassmen. In this song came on and I went. Of the because I'm a you're pretty big pianist though not a big you know pianist from your mean size wise not in talent. I can just play few things no I mean I'm gonna have a lot of peace and health. You'd like sausage fingers over there no way I can stringing you octaves. Fine I'll be your fingers are thick which is where we go on Wednesday I don't know what you didn't believe me are you forty I believe I had never I thought you were confused I was I. I was stereotyping you as you did know the difference Jeannie 42 talk and I stand correct you ridiculous that is might era I know my song I ever read you bock album now more popular version is. The two part version Unamsil reads I'm very still to list I like before you I know that some substantive here it is good thank you find it. Trying to. And I. So the Big Dig that's that they called the Julian only catch. Dame Boston right now because Boston needs to have it's called Big Dig and get yup where it did not all allowed to make it a tunnel underneath. How that. They he was my depth for the Super Bowl in showtime. Is dialogue shell about it in they have a preview of the Big Dig. John netstat degraded dancing and ghost so little for animals took him to leave not a born. But bloggers and many cats it didn't make it does. It do good and the DA. Or more detail and chronic. Brain cancer and it but. But the don't know. These days I sort of got me up and feel they need Hughes sitting there talking with Robert Alfred B corner. Who was the one that tipped the ball and they kicked it up. And he'd be guys go in no way knowing he's like yes I can't see I saw it. I love that I love when they might does guys out there in I'm wondering how much of that ideas left on the cutting room floor. But. I think they should have the downloadable version where you couldn't have the HBO version and then he should have the you wanna call the clean version that's a really good call for medical we can CR HBO version and any other version. I showtime please but don't handle it not the full feature of Julian element might step in super rule 51 which. With the way did that game was. You gotta imagine the people showtime were just salivating. Pat. What they would be getting idealize from Julian and then those comic team doesn't always happen as the first for relievers have a degree gig he was having terrible it oh my gosh in they were just getting pounded in those conversations that they have them from him on the bench to you. As the momentum is turning in. The tides of the game are changing to have that heroic catch and have a guy who made it might doubt my goodness. I only thought. Severely felt. So there's that we did hear more about what players are really thinking and doing insane during any game sign me up gains rate. Do you think DirecTV would get Deepak told network. If they did that. We get our guys like college players Mike up at all times would you watch a game if it was the all players version yeah he was no commentary. Wolf just certain players Mike got during the game and hear their conversation you and outlaws that what I'd also many guerra. I wanna hear their communication of like you know the coach and helmet thing. There's an article. It's called the Phil Knight has to be the Boston Globe had you know I'm tight end and they are anyways I. About what Josh McDaniels tells Tom Brady bill in the headset before he goes over every tendency every coverage everything. In those those final fifteen seconds or you do gotten fifteen seconds 3012 all the left task cover two man beater boom and a larger ones I don't know what they probably have their own language forests are right east by 79. Up next is there to cause countered that you need to reader and straight December prime tendon hot corner there's lynch this is investing game on the fan.