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Dusty and Cam - 2.7.17 - Hour 3

Feb 7, 2017|

The Patriots and Scooby Doo, BYU Athletes are employees, and Sark to ATL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks Louis and into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning in the last. Variety. She told jurors paramour. Didn't tool. I can fix it would dusty sand man era find him come from. And former broad can Cleveland there's been little more time didn't yourself. The last time little village residents dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 current era. 55305. That is our test machine. We talked about Julian elements cats being called the Big Dig. As the sex says the more like an in route then they had. Dugout plan on worse and it's a dig in dig dug it up. And the Big Dig is right there did you realize that a deep in cut route is called a bigger out. Kimberly knows it is fifteen yard fifteen yard and cut. Little posts flatten and half ago he did I do get. Yes it is dig EIG yes some reports are right we're all starting earlier about Tom Brady's Jersey search and how they're going to put to. Did Texas Rangers on a not to baseball team. The Chuck Norris types. To go and find it and we are really attacks on this well the Brady saga ends in turns into an episode of ski to do with Brady Graf can Andelman helping out. When they take off the mask in the teeth is Goodell and he says out of got away with it it wasn't for those V meddling patriot. This got me excited because I love scooby you look classic skew view to beady eyes not the new scooby do. Utah with a BI's yeah it was good skewed views then went Harlem Globetrotters show up the middle are clean and you original school early yes those are the good let's. In his gut thinking. If we were creating it casts a Scooby Doo. And had to be patriots affiliated coup with the B. Wolf Fred is obviously Tom great course for just number eighty mask I yes he's he's already did and ask god has give us Fred and that Tom Brady has warning mascot before. Good question of the committee has. That's not even a question like that is well and that's fat ass guy design makes him level fine airmen and Google Tom Brady ask okay so. Are right Brady. Too we do you know who Daphne is Armenia and its is of course to sell him. We'll Jim beam that's an easy let's of those are those are two lay ups and so on our health. Yet Kentucky Derby dynasty years ago Tom Brady weren't asked out while bronco were a his grandmother's couch apparently without the one we're drawn to an element of Molly yes and I believe so this looks like the picture which in which that okay mauling. Mall wholly unlike the seeds a drug but I'm there's like a video of them talking about it yet Tom Brady in fact there is photographic evidence of him wearing an ask guys. OK okay so they'll mascot where he's NASCAR where Sony did Fred I seriously don't series here had theory is confirmed. Just sell. She read excellent acting. I don't think there's any question too skewed there who share ideas. Described. Of course it's wrong always hungry. Either data makes party animal never put through armor will meet head style well yeah there's only one person can be goma. Well but bitter here click here blunt may work for. Four shaggy. He's got pot for the we'd attack ever TO. In go with Abbott. Mean in terms of stony yes but I think rockaway on the look at admit I think drug with a little goatee loader or eighty yap Aaron pull that off. Delmon. To. Let them. We whom food what don't go jackets coach B let's do that that's who Vilma is fixed in a bad. It's it's fantastic the brilliance of the group I can see him dress she's always the one all the smartest person in the room. She's always the smartest she's won the figures it all out in the end. Yeah and there's none that I know our web content in the gender thing you're always Bill Belichick I'm all that off now is orange sweater Paulino led Helm always used to do TO. Mean. You know sound dumb aware sweater she bent or almost cut off the sleeves Sunnis and early surely. The elbow and sort follow at big element is skew scrappy do you almost browbeat I think he's scrappy scrappy. That's actually good one more than his skids. Seek and I was thinking that Martellus Bennett could be shaggy and then drop would be scooby there tandem he had there in tandem. But I don't know who scooby is daddy's do we scooby. Men have to have some not a Robert Kraft is a master's and know you guys. The guy's name literally is not related though are KBS lingo path that I thought that's good is it is bark right. Being he's got to be a dog right. In Tom Brady I think we get. In Gisele and be all too excited to dress up like Fred and I am surprised they haven't done that as a as a costume party and I would tend to think that that's happened you prize it would be wonderful Greg Google and find no good in purple there. Rules. Linda Carden Eric card and Ali is the human version of scooby do is we cannot yet a beam me is that Linda. Is. Lyndon. Bella checks girls for all he could be audacity to Jesus could be bombshell Blondie. The year ago I 553. Easier file that is decks on a BYU maybe changing the game in college football. And this story that this could have wide ranging. Affects on how college athletes. Not only are compensated. But. What happens a public and private institutions across the country the National Labor Relations Board has made a ruling. That athletes at BYU. Are now considered employees of the schools yes. This ruling is a change from what happened just a year ago. At northwestern. Where the NLRB went against a ruling for northwestern athletes he tried to unionize. On. Where they said now you guys are but now BYU athletes are saying yes we will go ahead and give you. The status of an employee of the university. I made. I'm wondering now because I asked this question you guys this exists gonna carry any weight is an old legs now moving in new season. Moving forward how much does this change at all be here remember there are a lot of private institutions. Ones off the top my head USC Stanford. In this conference though I mean you go and cal is another private university public and those private University of California Berkeley. It's public is you know they had him listed in the in the article in I remember correctly it's listed at one of the groups that could get away with this I have to look. Back now it is media mailer Boston College BYU do you could Miami northwestern Notre Dame rice USC SMU. Stanford. Syracuse. TCU. Tulane Tulsa. Vanderbilt. And Wake Forest there Margaret I'm sorry I apologize I looked at it wrong and those are the universities that are all private and our. Playing at the FBS level. Now you look at the ones that are power five. Mean we're considered power by BYU does fall into that although they are an independent. But you go Baylor Boston College duke Miami northwestern Notre Dame USC. Stanford Syracuse. Indian Wake Forest on TCU those are the ones that don't really have d.s because you have a separation of the power five. From all the other FBS programs what it would do though is he gives a boost to those rice two lane. To also isn't in SMU's. In part because if you are now treating them as employees. In new EU can move forward that way. What would happen is that you can then play by different set of rules than than other non power five universities. What's right and yet what's the first step of this gaining traction. With the first step all these guys in these these universities have to prepare for. Well and first of all you need to have you need to have direction right. Direction really that he's gonna unionize the dilemma you immunization right you need to do you need to have a quarter. 88 core guys together that. It begged you can trust in you can lean on that have. Eighteen similar vision of what's gonna happen that's give me the hardest part about this is what the vision is. If you do unionize and now the ruling from the NLRB why it happened Salt Lake City and Salt Lake in not in Evansville. Is because in in Illinois is a different set of state rules but what you look for is landmark cases. In this is a landmark case he did is I think it's a big deal they are saying. Northwestern was not football specific BYU. Is football specific they want their if they want their football players to have played by a separate set of rules in Biden is they're saying yeah. You know let soccer lacrosse. Those sports don't deserve this the NLRB is saying football absolutely. Now we're getting ready and it's coming soon I know it'll happen. In the next ten years we will start to see these universities have to have union rules will see walk outs we will CD starts at things. Happening because of the amount of revenue that is flowing through these universities and how these players that this young age. Urbina a quote unquote exploited. Yeah. By this. They can now would it with a union deed pay for play this may not affect as much as people are saying. Well what it will bloody will do is this goes far further than just pay and how these players are compensated. This now gives them a larger seat at the table when it comes to you practice time whiff how much time that they are. Required to commit to the aircraft in their sport and in what that means as far as. Are these kids you start getting overtime if that twenty hour rule right oh that's when he our rules very comical. You've twenty hours to your sport they are dedicated to early. That's it you're not supposed to go over every possible to do that in three days. The twenty hour rule. He will these at will these football players now start getting overtime. For their twenty hour rule will they be cut will compensation be starting for. I travel time. Meal because that's one thing in the NCAA says count about the but she get your per Diem. Forever deer gun but. Is that going to be something that is now compensated to DC now. It's weird to think about though and really quickly. He asked me think about as a college athlete what what season is right now it's tax season. Never filed a tax return think all the things it will start to evolve as you go and in in college I never uneven Knoll. Honestly had no idea that some of these things are gonna start to change. Claiming in comes. Are you have to take he had the choice between being in Peru a college football player or college athlete student athlete combo. I mean think about that you can just bring a kid in the state. Is what super football word college. There's so many things and a now since the start point. You know who's gonna exploit this. Rich schools USC rich schools William there'll there'll privately wealthy yeah can take public funds to be doing now and then a little bit different here. Well this is the first domino to fall yeah. You know they need be public schools may be next I don't know where it is goma BYU. They finally got to go ahead vein. B and national debt from national the National Labor Relations Board has approved. BYU's football players. As employees of BYU. And this could have long term effects but you know whose job just got that much more important cross country. Clients are talking their coach is all eyes are on him and his program. Right history not on the dock inside not to says Super Bowl loser but the way they lost in discussion in the biggest loss of all. Gusting came on the face. This is. Dusty and Tim in the morning on 1080. I've 55305. Is Texan got a lot of really did take some new ways of that coming in. And again be taxed on there some scholarships. I don't know it's something that the NLRB has got to you Paul there's a lot of things you're gonna have to. They're desultory and a well you mentioned ninety your tax returns and last segment mean Dele you players on the should be used to draw like thirty and and they've had to do this before. So they've done it those electors that those who are older. They're older maybe in his view mile long on average what two years older right to your mission in income for. You're twenty yet but here's dale. You go. Tear mission you don't list anyway it's a few years you redshirt. Yeah in all of the sudden all your Torre won a ninety year old political yup old man's very liked by your senior year rape according domination and gray sure Denham Buhner red shirt and I'm going to be fifty. Me and ARP by the time I graduate. There. You have insurance know I don't know I don't I have Medicare and have a until security. Yeah and but here's a here's a question that I have for you I'd said the National Labor Relations Board approved BYU. Football as employees of the university of them. And you probably don't have do you worry about this as much at a school like deal or use you do you and other institutions but. The big question is still valid if this goes to you. All other private institutions. In the near future so what if another incident had happens like we had at Minnesota this past year. Where a girl was sexually assaulted off campus right in the girl's CD university directly if the incident happened off of campus. Agree or do I don't know that answer because that goes around some rogue football players. Right. Duties are a few employees of the university. Sexually assaulting a Steve. I have scenarios all altogether there's C. You know there's a lot of positives that come out of the NLRB making this ruling for student athletes in the unionization of them and then getting their fair shake at not just. What they deserve from a financial standpoint from eight if you believe that but. We talked about you don't have same practice time Dell have say on the things that truly do affect them right. Over the course there education but there's also downsides of this like. If there are some idiots that are brought on campus how they and how they handle their punishments for stupid stuff. To what's. What do you sink our I'm sorry what do you think is the right decision for the future I mean if you if you still on the side of should he become an employee or should you know. Where where you stand because I think it's it's either on huge black or white for a lot of people right it's either you're you wanna be there order. Or not the kind of feel like amateurism is is leading our society specially with without athletics as we move into the future of a hole where sports are. When we see young young players getting endorsement deals signing deals early. Don't you feel like that left a long time ago though I mean. Did it. He now I mean I think with the evolution of YouTube and all the things of that they've now made everybody is star of of mediocrity. You know you could just be you could just be a random person and you. Have a blog mixing you know you you got a big mouth and you know yours now your star so I don't. College sports are billion dollar industry very huge industries so minute when I would Miami head coach made 300000 dollars when I was in. College and now as a really high paid coach. That's not even in position coach on average now. Ramey so that is the finances have changed so I may be our meters there in the earlier in the show about how I think the owners have done nothing. Other than sit back and collect with the growth of the sport you can say the same thing about universities what have universities. Honestly done that. Other than upgrade facilities and spend money. What have they done it's the excitement of the game it's the players it's the it's the ability to watch the game and have investments into the game. Is what has changed right in or talk about like. Quite literally billions of dollars universities have pumped into that I mean I think that they've done quite a bit. Billions of dollars of marketing. In facilities bright student and well there like that money to tuitions where they get the money they're getting that from boosters and from northern relatives television Iraq contracts are getting it yet they're getting in. It's not the majority of boosters and some boosters give but it comes from TV revenues. Right but that is bowl games from their subsidiaries. From a news from the pac twelve network becomes from the Longhorn Network the Big Ten yes BN. The money comes out of us the ones that Hewitt these are dollars that are paying for the cable network yeah. So were paying for it in the universities are going to herbal has moved to spend it. If it's already university presidents and they're getting fat happy off of all I don't know my point is Alex separate from universities I'll. You know athletic departments are complete business entity separate. From the university zillion dollars man right so they are their own mini. NFL franchises in new innocents GAAP and they don't generate as much revenue but there as a collective they generate wind more than the NFL. They give little big of a lot to detail yeah. You a lot TU I still think there's a place for amateurism. I do I think there's a spot I'm not a fan of making collegiate athletes. Employees I think that if I want I've always so on the side is that I think you should have a college experience. You should be able to have live comfortably then you don't need to make millions as a college athlete but you should have you met I'm on the side of some that have Steve physically you need medical coverage that's my number one fight for college athletes that don't get medical. Long term long term medical via that I only one I I I won't deviate off of if you get hurt when your on campus and they'll pay for your surgery they'll pay fear rehab your recovery. But did many you leave gone. Yeah I mean we were not responsible for you anymore and there's guys that have long term injuries certainly you know things that pop up down the road. And that is a big one that is a big. That's a big one for this in athletes that in. And you get considered your poorer. Who are coming out and in a community or surgeries in the few yeah I named bug bikini when they're out on campus students you know that's that's when I'm in that is. Indeed as you're saying long term health wise that is also a big one I've spinal injuries what happens when I'm 128. And in can't function my gosh right nobody else's problem right and right 55305. That is our tax on. I can the Atlanta Falcons withstand the blow of Kyle Shanahan leaving. Because. He's a big part there's a lot of factors that could lead to a let down season in Atlanta he got faith that they can keep the ship on the right course. Here's Crawford a sports that are. This is Dustin jam in the morning on 1080 Nelson. How Shanahan announced as the head coaches there is the 49ers yesterday. You like the higher it's I think the higher OB I love the higher. Love it I think it begins. By you OC kind of all depends on the Stephanie that's around and Bryant. You know because. Who's going to be his coordinator. Do you think that you can effectively be a head coach in the NFL and call and and call your play is absolutely. Mike Holmgren. Bryant was very good out of while McCarthy. Gave it up no human bacteria that is they're acting. And left that play calling maybe Tom Clements is no longer with the team and they went back to the playoffs one game away from the Super Bowl. But we've called voice we can go with a lot of coaches that have fallen on their faces to call the plays or don't do it anymore. You know my ability let Brian Billick did it. Kelly did that Jon Gruden get chip Kelly's not in the same conversation those guys. While John grew point till you know I don't know if Kyle Shanahan. What he is is that coach Miller annoys you said he just said he asked me if there have been coaches have done it certainly there have been coaches that have done it. There are also coaches that have that a failed but I can say that about everything yeah. Yeah I mean so I mean that it's gonna it Derrick a lot of cuts is a dude anymore man if you look in the NFL the way the NFL is now in kind of the way that the game has. As kind of changed in the head coach having to do the meddling in managing. A little bit more. I mean there there's only a handful of guys too who pulled call plays anymore. In the NFL I mean it's kinda dying breed if costs chaining and wants to be that guy. You know be adjusting to see kind of how that how that works is if Cisco because last edited an orca learn all un. But he is. Undoubtedly. One of the best play callers in the league right we are clearly undoubtedly you look at what he even made Cleveland's offense that functional stuff. The I mean that NSA in some well he did have a quite limited talent in Atlanta. Ha and I think that's a big advantage now he's gonna start building from ground up and ground zero he gets a chance to really put his own stamp on it which could be could be great. I think it's great that he's young he's energetic everything about it is good he sends offense when he took older. And these Texans to never had a more explosive offense and when he was called plays that Washington Redskins turned a massive corner with him calling plays. The browns a good and then obviously hit a historic year and they would Cleveland Dawkins this year or Cleveland falcons Atlanta Falcons this year. He he's undoubtedly a great play caller and who will see Dave got so many assets and San Francisco to you what I would the sub they got so ago a first round pick. It's number two. The may have two seconds two thirds in 34 round picks for them they're set up set up for some trade in 95 round picks as well. And so they're loaded with obviously plays salary cap assisted to move around and do things Wilson John Lynch and how shenanigans have their hands full but. The falcons gonna be okay without. And Kyle Shanahan will you found something that's interesting you saw a rumor that could could hold some traction what did you find yes and be in little. Leading candidate right now. According to several outlets that I've seen is rumored for awhile Chip Kelly could be the leader in the clubhouse to take over those play caller. Duties I cannot believe how much one man has been linked to jobs in the last. Three yours. It's it's amazing to me I know he he is it a a coach that brings a lot to to the table. Intelligence. System style discipline everything that that he brings Walpole again. I'd not only do I fear it in a sense of what Atlanta will do I can't imagine seen Matt Ryan again on his fifth corps meter. And understanding how could that could that be beneficial. Shirt. I don't know. I'd just I personally don't like Lehman like the higher in the thought of the higher only because the system was so great which in and why wouldn't you find something within the same. I don't language. Now I'm not even the same language did you guys see this literally five minutes ago Jordan Schultz of putting imposed sports tweeted that saarc. And usually go to Huffington I don't know I don't either but it's been retreated by football's Cubans mother once it just it's a third harder for their linking saarc to the falcons job there. Many better sense to me that would be a more. Logical higher than Chip Kelly because it's under the same routine. Of of the wastes our cold place. Same routine happier would he mean by that house so in that says there are similar of of it's a similar system to similar verbiage. Of what he used a cut in there's a familiarity with Dan Quinn and Steve Turkey's in his both those guys were in Seattle about the same time as one another. I had to flee years ago and here. So yeah maybe they know each other yet there could be some familiarity maybe they like each other a little bit. I don't know being done but that and that would be inching exe both those tires are being state well both of those tires kind of seemed to me like. There's no way you're gonna bring Chip Kelly and be like cave run your stuff chip because let's fix something that's broken. Like both of those ring to me of Dan Quinn would have to sit there and be like. We have something in place you know we want you to run what we do is not happening to. While I mean we don't know but did that bull that brings of that you know. I mean I don't know what these conversations are like between them. What was great in San Francisco's the West Coast offense who came in and shuttered that placed Alltel and be on. Mike Martz he came in and just just guided the place he did it in Chicago you know what happened when the defense of left. With Lovie Smith. And defense changed in Tampa. Defense changed in Saint Louis I mean this is coordinators that are really good at what they do or had success don't come inning go. Mean let's do something else. He example what happened in Minnesota this year also what happened in Minnesota. With the vikings yeah. Which. Bill musgrave her. Oscar nor left the world turner Norv Turner left. Brent what happened dissension in the ranks right you have to former coordinators come in and say north turn you've been doing this for. Your way for so long we know this works better with Sam Bradford because I had him here and let's implement this. This is an ego thing your not coming in in changing what you do. This is at the there's enough examples that is in the past that says that when you hire somebody they're gonna commend coach you fired me to do the job what I know I'm gonna do what I know. Yeah you know what this indeed. Do you tweet they you mentioned has changed just recently Crawford. Need wearing Tuesday morning to you in the announcement is is coming that's our will be the offensive coordinator. While these Steve's are keys and will be the next Hawkins offensive coordinator who. Now according to this report according to go through to the report that's from where. That'd been hoping to impose a guy host yeah but football scoop is jumped on board with that look at that wow. You know write about the elevation nor did he Chip Kelly gone and I am I'm saved them nominee and stirred even more chuckling Alabama. I would name. If I think what it's funny millimeter every every elite job mr. Kelly going to be attached to. Well yeah. Wildly at the college level he OJR and that's why policies aren't as Alabama's offensive coordinator for one game yeah Anna told takes the czar. Not really though why do you is it. Because the ad is a cousin is the NFL on the money. Because Saban. I don't you have a strong guy and tell me if you get a chance to take an NFL coordinator job you take it. Yeah you take him. And that is that Kyle and that's where saarc fit so I think he fits really good with the NFL. Scheme in the system and the guy used to he fits better with professionals and he does with college guys yeah. Why wouldn't you what do you think that did chip would work it out why the ship needs to be his own guy I think he needs to be head coach. I think it there's not it's going to be. He's only one on his mound of money yet there's only one place that he can go and actually fuel. Second fiddle is where he would fit in that's New England other than not. It's it's just hard for me to picture Chip Kelly in a secondary role anywhere especially with the beastie on all culpable Nick Saban. You know you wanna talk about pissing match my goodness. Apparently their burrows. Right. And ever worked with your best friend. Gnome but there. I do wouldn't want to I'm working with friends on a big project and it can be interstate yes dance and enter enter slams the business. Relationship his preferred I would love that I just had to see those guys that would be the angriest coaching staff of all time. If you can he get. You wouldn't be a smile to be seen. Here or anywhere. I could see that happen and an Iowa Hague a good luck TO. Cease turkeys in pay out of chapter history tweet it to me on globe renewal he's crediting George Schultz looks like it's shaft bomb. You know let. The day you know would be amazing to me a news is that Chip Kelly hits recruiting right. On the SEC and LME's paid as anyway and so as professional game he's just won't mean human nothing really to change with them. I'm Marty sir on this rumor and now saarc out and it's a good place for saarc is read only in Iran and. The. Bars close early there pleasantly bin. So yeah we're about and pay. Do we ever talk about we talk about on Friday about how they ATL bar stayed open an hour later on Sunday into T thirty controlling sure they did just as much business. In DC there's a lot of heat drinking going on that night and probably if you're worth the next day she Monday. Yeah you real so Monday the road to develop on the show did you sip today and the fan. This is testing camp winners. This isn't us to examine its. Navy boats. It's. A happy song. Then you cheese days. Are right do we think that there will be more patriots players that. Where the Roger Goodell clown shirts from there are still sports or although hands. That get hypothermia at the patriots trade today right. His cue the drunk shirtless guy. In Boston and by the way it's very cold it's a blizzard her right now in Boston very cold they're Super Bowl 51 parade. Where you can and guess that the visas. All alone on the list is drink of choice right now Boston. Sam Adams it's got a view it's down a day like today during Bahrain and a fireball. I don't know fits a fireball city are not always the fireball city don't you think think everybody's formal city I don't know I don't know would Boston's hard day is you know like. Where did they go study whiskey business Jamison like Irish whiskey yeah maybe. Whiskey I could see you Agassi whiskey in the flask in the may be you along coffee bar ceilings and Colleen rule that's what it is. Both needed depressant stimulant combination he throws couldn't finish. But there may lot of mid drank there cheer and drink on you deserve it. Or amend your fifth title. You Daryn you know there's cute little kids for an era all right that's a sign I know what you Sino British fifteen this kid held that the sense at fifteen years old. Ten parades and I had the logos. Of the patriots in the Bruins. Red Sox. Celtics. How terrible as that Boston is the greatest sports town in the modern day history to have Ranariddh the great it is right now can't always deny it. Name another charity element has that kind of clocked. You don't kid and I just love the killer ever playing the game brother I'm never been to a parade. I mean what would really be like if it was a clippers parade. Could not be like this Boston during. That's a good question what would have clippers parade be like I don't need nobody would get their because the traffic would they take it downtown. Or would Dade like have it in night. Long Beach like so whether they liked what they dig a little more crowded right weary and you motivate you more people here. We know for a look like with a parade Portland be awesome yeah great now I'm amazing paying. You know it you know ale dot com is reporting which is their version of Morgan live. Nick Sabin confirms Chip Kelly has visited with the Alabama coaches love all at the. Inside in inside confirmation already started a Oreo. Wounding Liu the guy that he was so mad that pop up he was so mad at him but I dare you change the game up tempo he said spread offenses are ten million oh god will be the downfall of football biggest if he can't beat them join whomever Beth a. As Steve he may be just turn your radio Steve turkeys and now. End a lot of ballots are reporting the Huffington Post sports the first to report. That. And Steve's Turkey Asian will be introduced. As the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons. Which led TV while obviously Chip Kelly is going to be the offense a grenade or right of obviously obviously obviously. And ale dot com not even. Not even thinking about it they just put up the article bone bone. I don't what it won't surprise us we'll look we'll surprise you now it's fine. Now it wouldn't surprise me especially because Chip Kelly is like that football junkie guy were he needs it yet and he's not gonna work in TV. No he he does he can't take a year off because I don't need data college better than pro no doubt Geiger. No doubt about agree he's recruiting so I don't know if he wants to be a monkey wants to be head coach disease control freak. I don't know. I have no idea it's. Probably not going to be chips are it was off the radar very long was he what and the only smokes. One game up until just think about you got. Fired for third ask her what. Or. The seeing your school. Got a job with fox he's a no no no it's been a few weeks in Tuscaloosa. And coordinated NASA championship game he kind. Ed this is job but the point. Are you told me to quote fair as dealer saarc moves pretty fast if you look around once July oh you can miss some Hemmer hey you lose. Consequently you're volumes archer are correct in Texas. And blood in the water you have to Heath. Yeah but you know what it'll be great is if ease the Roland rumblings are true. About to tell you which we don't have any inside knowledge of us were just looking at reports right now sure. The melt down in the ensuing break up of Chip Kelly in the detention of potential Chip Kelly Nick Saban marriage. That would be good. Because that's not gonna happen in front of our eyes because you know what Lane Kiffin sat there and techniques they've been yelling at him in his face on the sidelines amber rating in. I'd would. Cringe to think what will happen between chip and Nick Saban. Because I don't think it's gonna go down like new Lane Kiffin just took I was gonna say do you really think Tito is gonna let Nick Saban. Go now bat S crazy on him on the sideline like that now you're gonna have to like 58 deeds suspension each other. In all the while. Swallowed in Alabama looks for ray add offensive coordinator Chip Kelly won't say where about this and he'll probably comes word. Go back to New Hampshire and yet the. By the way into Delhi does end up and Alabama. I'd say what was the last Johnny was rumored at the jaguars. Held the falcons uh oh yeah oh sorry if my dad. I'd say I'd rather be I think in Tuscaloosa then Jacksonville. We did. And we've ended Jacksonville note all I did a time on the job not holding a job no no yes I did I'd rather be in Jacksonville on the beach but again. Should join the strike me as a Sunday there on the beach. No and but well. No I don't know who anyway if you could see what he's anyway he's he's a better gig jaguars offensive coordinator or Alabama's. I'm not Jim Kelly I can I do I know for me I'd always rather be in the NFL. I want to I I it's it's I guess regardless of team no recruiting is is yes. He's a lifesaver he he threw him. Hates it hates it Graham and I SEC people feel about this do they care. And I think they're feeling just fine pictures thinks that they got him to Arnold and care. They don't care they are the best recruiting class in the nation they don't care Friday on deadlock it Borough literally. But we were Portland protestor parade is textures that good creator. No not I don't know did you protest they brings a parade began happening I think based on the protest until Portland people like to march. So. Early work is getting the ratings are marching city like to be actively marching yup. It would be the first trade that moves along like these. The players stay stationary. Yeah you never gonna learn bottles I tell them pass them yes that's how it happens. Reverse parade. Yeah. I think that that be fair fight when they give you Reggie -- like the players in pioneer square and courageous goes. Pass then. That would be the way to do it. And then you pick up year whatever cause sign that you won as you go by and march continues. I think that we're on the subject here where it. That is six is get on chip is more of a hot to get into beach yet you know contents can be anywhere. Wherever you wanna take their idea of a women don't like hot tub I just surveyed after they thought. I'd like I continue to do this survey and it is 8020 fake news eighty prison women it's eight hot this is an alternative facts from came clean alternative it's not I did I did I should know that there's any party. I did that I asked all the women there at the Super Bowl party I was out at every single one of them won the one that said they like the hot to not loved like everyone else. Really like it. Start your own service dvd failure trying to get him into some weird eyes wide shut tight thing in her trying to get to feel like you're down their liking and and and Osama. But but it now I don't like is. I'd have next is that for. What the calling countered from that he didn't you need is there is certain straight. These seven Brad Jones Isaac in sync blazers tonight 530 on CSN. 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