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Dusty and Cam - 1.30.17 - Hour 2

Jan 30, 2017|

C.J. McCollum vs. Chandler Parsons Twitter beef, 49ers hire John Lynch, and the Pro Bowl was actually watchable.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. It's super weak on this. I tend to agree with the my thought process only this is Dustin camp in the morning moon dust era drove Jim Cleveland and loyal snack food on this tour Alex Crawford didn't. Drops you like Jersey night. Open now at happy valley crossroads and happy valley. Dusty and. 55305. Business tax tax signed him. There's light. There at that guy right bears who I had to take they ESPN is showing the patriots sendoff party. And Jermaine Wiggins is standing behind is one of the vote Petri greats. And that is between hatred it's like you know how they see you couldn't carry his jock you know you quite literally carried his jockey in the same spots that is carried his because. Once you got all of his under arisen Sox when he was cut. From the patriots he treated me like a leopard when I first got there. We act is being he knew you were there to take his job I would I guess that would have been left bitter. Yeah you in you did take his job if anybody's ever heard wigs talk it's hysterical it's it's it's. And Mike Tyson from Boston. Oh gosh. That's what it is he had a big catch in a big drop in net for Super Bowl ended for the patriots and remember that's. On okay. Five factories terrified that that is our tax on. We are giving going through our cases of the Mondays what's bothering you on this Monday and down we got a lot of really good ones come an end. At 55305. My case of the Mondays my fiance is yelled spider in her sleep and then socked me square in the face. Now I'm on the way to work with a black guy. Really sucks but it hey at least talents at least your fiance. Can pack a punch enough to give you black guy right. Mean she must been a really big spider she got to square. But he also. Is this you telling us that you learn in abusive relationship like what do I need to do here it's. Spiders how do I it'll cause reporting that kind of fear. They do writers they they really do I get scared of spiders. As well so they can gradually since the one. Lester what we have here. No case of the Monday smugglers from proposed to me yesterday congratulations. That is these are happy for you converge of worlds and I'm happy for you. You know good for him on the Lleyton you know and finding a wife that likes sports enough to listen to this show in the morning yeah your wife closes they show man she's a keeper has right. Number thirteen men market morning show right nationally if guys that drop them at all I do I don't wanna brag but yeah we knew US. You know number thirteen the Portland trailblazers they may have lost last night to legal say warriors that they beat the Memphis Grizzlies over the weekend. IA. Thought the Dow's equality win against a good opponent in the Memphis Grizzlies. In the way that the blazers were able to do a closing out facing adversity you know they come up make a push clothes and on the defense of end of the floor at the in their game. I thought the blazers who you sit there and you're gonna okay this is three wins in a row this new line of this kind of working. Is still very has been on on expectations for this team and not anything has to finding are changing but it happened after the game. I like in I think we can say seed in the column listens to this shell because on Friday. Member of the conversation now we have. See you probably doesn't listen to show. He's got better things to come but we had this conversation on Friday. Of bro hugs and how teammates. Aren't more disagreements. Then. Days then players are with their opponents like it seems like. Everybody's cooler with opponents and they are their own teammates now on the India below the love fest is I call it. Yes you do. If you look that. What happened in need to do it Neve moments following the blazers win over Memphis. The blaze got called out by guy in Chandler Parsons who wears a brief hands and and ice cream cone shirts but. I love with CJ McCollum did in defending not just his team but the yet a series of tweets going out after the game where the blazers. Threw up a gift of Chandler Parsons missing a three. It's is to be fair the NBA three point line is really really far away from the basket and Chandler Parsons. Responded to you good luck with the lottery this year. On and I fired back low blow I blazers sensitive Chandler Parsons goes good luck with the lottery. CJ McCollum does we hit the lottery by not signing him. Mikes are up. Bright teaching in the parson. In named Parsons responds a stopped it technically. I hit the lottery only which I don't know how he technically hit the lottery 95 million reasons vehicle did or did he technically hit it or did he kind of hit it. And picked on. I feel about that CJ McCauley on after him in going after his guys writing I knew her are you buddy I can't stand the love fest between today's athletes I need more. Battles I'd be more disdain. Healthy disdain. I need more villains because this love then of everybody wanting to get along now here's my problem now. These guys all started to retract their row you know it's all good signs that we still like each other and no you don't. Stop being politically correct stopped on me what I don't wanna hear. I wanna really dislike each other right because you know what that is that's healthy it's healthy to not like somebody it's okay. You can still be respectful during the game before but don't we just love infested gives the god you know we are just plans of the deal up. It's not a big deal Crist a gallon average to a statement saying OK maybe we cross the line John. You this is wonderful. I love it may again I think issued that statement there's a state may yet there's ST whatever McGowan side edge of its opposite totally different and as a social media joke out demons a game. Let's maybe get some thicker skin here but the yes. Apologize for actually having an opinion here in right in it was a joke by it was a joke that the blazers so by the way blazer social media. Voted. The best in the entire India like him. Several years in writing they didn't than last year but they've won like it through the last you really just do you fantastic job of who we're in the world's everything they do is wonderful. Loved where in world. During the game and you are. In Jamaica where in the world he hasn't made the cut yet out on me was good especially happy you have on mountain eager to abuses in China he was on the great wall had a picture of his it is backtrack his blazer backtracked on an article China. Now mail in Mexico where in the world may be will be at some point on I thought the great wall trying to be good spot we have blazers here. But with the will with the fact the guys CJ McCollum going after Chandler Parsons we finally saw something that I don't we haven't seen very. Very much from the team we've been talking about chemistry in in this team just doesn't feel like it has. That feeling of us against the world that chip on the shoulder doesn't feel like they're kind of all together in a lot of people in appointed TU. It's because they have they've all gotten paid bright Mason plumber is a guy who hadn't gone on he's on his deep breath that can happen when you get locked them out on us it's real. We see chemical did that I love Mike Richmond of the Oregon Ian in Joseph Freeman. Also had this in there. Evan Turner's your reaction. To you what does he Mateen departure which is that in that the one at the nines croft. Yes that is the restaurant club and he does that departure for dinner after the game and he said that he actually liked. Freaked out just kind of like everything on the borrowings flying in and everybody was just kind of like yes this is well we need it was kind of that our I. This is my guide these are our guys. Is this something that can kind of teary eighteen like that kind of given a boost because it kind of feels like. This team's been missed and something like that right. I have always said that this team needs some sort of emotional lift just like when they play the clippers and he was in December you saw the energy he saw a little bit heads in a fight that's what a team needs. Cult whatever he EUU mean to you need a boost mentally. You always do you can't just walking in every day and just think about them or go about my job you get stuck in his doldrums. Call it whatever you need an energy shot but Chandler Parsons being a I don't cheaper latent. Skinny jeans wearing goober with good hair and had awful jump shot. That's what it takes fine do whatever you need to. Yeah I'm fine with. And Evan Turner is playing better stake in time to commit their CJ. Is Buick CJ is an unbelievable shooter when need be I mean some of the shots he did whatever you need to do to generate more energy on this team and fight. I saw that vs the warriors last night. One of those moments. Where. You have guys kind of come together in it. It can be as stupid as something on social media right you have to prime motivation someone. Mean what people say is what always motivates you right with someone discredits you were says you're not good at something in you. Can't Debbie motivating and undoubtedly what do you live in this world of all this out adoration were everywhere just gives you go you do that you're good good. Sometimes you sort of believe your own crap you write that you need sometimes an edgy need to be pushed by coaches pushed us all the time. At the highest levels when your role how do you find an edge you're 31% of 1%. What what are you what separates that group. At 2227. Team to be able to separate that get to that eight seed now finds a reason to be better. You have to be pushed you have to and that's our fans job that's our job to do that you can't put these guys be complacent complacency is worsening could ever happen in sports. It is it is I hope that Chandler Parsons the two pre wearing. Sweater off a nice soldiers on them menial. Hipster to render. I can include big fan of Jim the person not a fan of Chandler Parsons whatsoever and I got no problems and I'm so thankful they didn't sign him. I mean to I didn't I was like good. In that is if those types of things that is what has been missing from this team it doesn't feel. Like displays your team is it is tight as they were last year I need you know pick is the needs to do shoulder to shoulder and us vs today. Icing is that right remember that teacher CJ war when they got the play in the classroom. Us vs bank there. That. Is dawn. In for the first time this year a stupid to Twitter back and forth. May have the blazers knew you know standing shoulder to shoulder. And you will see where they go from here they did lose last night but is national fight they had. Against the Eagles say worse and 49ers barely found their general manager the bitter heads catcher in the reason why. It will work in San Francisco. Gusting came on him. This is super one gun dusty and jam in the morning not feel like Jersey tonight on generated wholesale mail I don't know that you've been every week since we remain. It is if we can just Monday super duper Monday. Partly it's super. Optimistic. I think every week every every every week every way we can pay off your. Here. No. No. Nobody other listening and believes that at all if you attack. The day okay. Or let's go that what is busy ask them not known to mankind to Jim Harbaugh but you don't need to be banging 24/7 innings. They knew will make it a super week every week right undo the Big Ten is where yet where you met where you're at Big Ten is where yet frosty western said that. Where appealed you helium. The great ferocity when he's rusty yeah aren't great football program rank coward our coaches southern organ you sell it rest in peace coach Howard too you never got to be prosecuted and had a lot of friends from high school lot of buddies played appeal you can replace. Project frosty western moderate goals during today's news you know that yeah I did his big thing. Have pops Kubrick. My buddy from high school told me to play for they see you guys which gives you your two days always sock it obstacles I went. Craig Craig Rucker my high school coach did that doesn't TO. It is did like randomly it'll be right in the little tiny least expected TO. He kind of snaps in the doldrums then you get back to a dull and not the bad obstacles that too. It where you break him in half and he could split with your buddy you're just up double fisted. It blew. Up up up up and of those as you know what I do it snapped in half embody give purple and red the give one of each that's right. That's right after that but Dana had net idiot friend he does not properly break it you I'm one balls down or you licks at a mile and insist you're good smooth going. Not so exactly day in the odd super week every week right that's on the Crawford is a man. Analysts. Whenever blessing you now what is it Crawford is a gap now what is it that just seems like something you'd say yeah I like motivational stuff the pat have a great time yeah not the choice is yours pretty hard it's not a bad thing I like it. We think of the 49ers speaking of bad things what do you think of the 49ers hiring John Lynch as their general manager. This is a bizarre story did anybody see John Lynch former. Denver Broncos and tip the bay Buccaneers safety. Going to now fox broadcaster. Well going to the San Cisco 49ers. No idea there was even on the radar now I know from what the reports of Ben is that John Lynch has been in conversations. In the past with the other situations are being part of scouting departments and he's well connected in the NFL we do know that the NFL is about. It's a buddy scenario it's all about who you know and it's all about good old boys in Illinois in in truthfully is in him when your former player I was gonna ask this question. And we do we'll talk more about later but think about this how many former players that have been great former players. It turned out to be unbelievable managers are GMs that will be a question and like a home dive deep into later because I can think of a lot of former players that have been in a front office position. The ones that are. Just let's call hall of fame style. Yeah I don't reset it at the John Elway. In LA mark. Yeah there's not a lot in the history this game that have been very good former players in the moved on to be successful general managers are same time Matt Millen. I've done it up according to. Saved him but you know. Not that they can't be done. The bill whole thing that is bananas about this that not only is John Lynch is a guy that you wouldn't expect because. Lack of ties to the organization tonight because Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis witch's brew murder of the last couple of weeks that is one recent deal. See that happening because he was a former Indianapolis COLT John Elway in Denver eight I mean he was Denver the Denver Broncos it made sense. Would also made sense about John Elway is the fact that the dye was first before the idea was the bull and failing is that who owns that. The Broncos bronco yes so before he even was able to beat that guy in the president operations towards Denver. They made him run the Arena Football League. Team you can get is getting cut his teeth somewhere in this is it in the Mickey Loomis in New Orleans heeded. Arena football as well yeah he was a Seattle for years. In the end we did that New Orleans voodoo you know. In went down there I mean bill a lot of these guys read they'll sit there and you cut your teeth somehow working in a front office which John Lynch. This is a guy that went from a former player in the broadcast Booth there. And then on elm is analysts and went seemingly on a win. But you know all the rumors of Mike. I'd wanna be your GM a month let me throw my hammering on this in shady and thinks about is like you know what why the hell not. Well let's be honest there's ties with this because John Lynch played for Denver and there's connections between his father knew now Kyle also there is there's there's familiarity bred and the number one thing that we talk about two in the NFL we talk about it from. From it especially the NFL side is there has to be a marriage between a head coach and general manager that has to be guys at C I'd I were seen guys like Greeks and and Nagano they can't get along we we see what Seattle. Has developed is the picture turner are anomaly it's one guy in Serbia so don't worry about that that did that bucks the trend in today's world you have to have a relationship you know. Turn balky had no idea how to manage a major team when you had an eagle like a John Harbaugh or Jim Harbaugh. So you see this little get together and now like I can see it happening to imagine like. Ring that he Kyle would do it patsy what do you think about me opening. I can be your GM. In Kyle Shanahan thinking great I can have my friend here that he's I'd I'd I mean I can work Kimmel long and a scenario where I am really even GM. You know what I'm the head coach and I got my buddy here. Following through what I need done I think it's I think it's a Smart move but I think it's the ultimate good old boy movie you've ever seen in this league eight Altima. OK so Shanahan. In and Mike Shanahan and John Lynch how this preexisting relationship. How much does this kind of move do you think this was because there was. The coach GM aspect to Mike Shanahan is slower he had a lot of front office itself was this hey. I mean I know your dad knew and this is lynch talking to Kyle Shanahan in the pitch going I know your dad. Like about a month ago when these right guys hired someone Mike Shanahan was was going to bat for his kids saying you get me essentially as an advisors won't agree more why wouldn't you. Because this they did this is the scary part for. San Francisco is that not only will you have a first time head coach you have a first time general managers well with zero experience. At this point you feel more confident Kyle Shanahan they need you John Lynch. Right absolutely. Absolutely. Because he sat Manson or not not to say that that John Lynch can't do this remember. 49ers franchise is so dysfunction leave it this is your fourth coach in four years just listened listened four coaches in four years. You have an you have an owner let's say I guess I would say yes spoiled little brat that's trying to figure out what to do. He's trying to find people that have. Experience. Ultimate amount of of credibility. To take over for him so we can't look so that so he searching well you know what why not bring in a family that's had success and he's Shanahan family house in John Lynch is just the tide right in. With a history of successful franchises. Super Bowl winner in Tampa. And then another Super Bowl winner also in Denver. Nonstarter even when the super woman but he was part of agree Denver franchise. Even. In that to me you sit there you go Jed York once a winning culture right. How. He wants a guy that understands the area which John Lynch by the way does he would Stanford Corsica. And and kind of was in that. In that coaching tree I think you win plate for Bill Walsh had quite a thrill don't lie yeah he wins is did to Stanford was quarterback we first commend the sit you and you place. Go run hit something new to him in so you need to got to kind of understand the area understands fan base and I I. On the surface this is there and I go what are you doing this is just another horrible move. But you sit there in if you break it down to you he's gonna have claimed guys still lean on in one in Mike Shanahan that. Will help you along don't machine and hands dealings as a general manager in Washington would definitely words the most successful. But you have you can put your imprint on it in half somebody that won't be there to help you along the way in Mike Shanahan cell. And this who'll be. This'll be an interesting one to kind of TT didn't tabs on because the other franchises pain and think was it. Over seventy million dollars to former coaches right now all the foreclosures in four years Chip Kelly Jim Harbaugh Jim Tom Sula. And then their next coach Kyle Shanahan. So they'll be tied up. They are both signing what these guys the six year deal six years you have twelve years combined between the two of guaranteed money between these two guys so you have a franchise that probably isn't going to be one that's gonna lawn news pulled the rip cord said they're gonna have that time. To fail right you would think. You would think that they're gonna have some time to failed the fact that there. That would push them upwards and over like a hundred million dollars if they fire both these guys prematurely there. But John Lynch is the new general manager of the San Francisco 49ers godspeed forty niner fans DF did against put a blind faith in the guys liberal held that job before Brett. I think he's gonna have help from Ole. Pretty successful father he generally good coach. He's kind of like the third wheeled and that's an air is that relationship now between the coach in the general manager just those two guys getting along dip. Does that do enough critical to you too I mean just. DT yeah a couple wins you could say because niners need occasion you know what forty niner fans you should be extremely happy you're giving this scenario extremely. Yeah aren't. Or he is at the Seahawks in new covenant on this guy's a little Fiat in saint. CCC and Francis Crick you know they're not Antonio they're not this this is the one of the greatest things are gonna have for for San Disco. Back to Kyle Shanahan and evidently wants to come in and John Lynch now is is this is a good thing and current. Kirk cousins American hero boy it's so Zeke deal yet. Here's cover sports center. This is super hornet on dusty and jam in the morning brought to you by the Jersey life on generated wholesale and. Drag 55305. That is our tax time. Did you watch the Pro Bowl yesterday I was bouncing back and forth between the troll hole. And I agree blazers. Media Deb Pro Bowl finished after the blazer games in started an hour before. He said that the it was really tough because at the end it was getting actually interest the both teams are rumored quite interest to DNA or let. Better than what we've seen before now hold on I'm not finish Ruble this willow and her Pro Bowl now. It was a lot better. Yet it was a it was a ton better Crawford did you watch a pull you know you were firm in Europe I will not watch Pro Bowl stands on Friday night don't you give it a try I. And I was more entertained and I went to into action that was kind of hot garbage but anyway. I just don't I never really gotten up for the Pro Bowl like I've never really get like probable time buckle up. Yes but I will say this nor should you. But this week this year it seemed like it was. It was a better game to watch because a turn the TV on. And it's not a bunch is people dressed as empty seats in. Yeah in the stadium got news I'm not being an all in Honolulu right good on that SARS REY Yi Yi Yi of good enough weather and in beautiful beaches you know neutral we have to have that treatment improved. It was. A good environment. In the windy environment is like that inherently the players will care more. Because it seemed like to win guys went down no Hawaii for the probable it was decide today. Great weather vacation time which motivation there I'm done. But when there's people in the stands they your sit there. In your putting a show on four. There's a little bit extra going on in the pro. Lies are on the line couple guys were taken it. Fairly seriously Von Miller at the close of that game it was coming off the you know all our Gary with strong Brooklyn. When you sent here is it by Ali you have the right tackle yet he may yet pro bowler he was that haven't a blog Von Miller solo which is a nightmare and its own right. You have big day in when it comes down to it in the it's a tight game like that guys on one yeah dean you're not gonna turn off the promoters these guys now. In I think we kind of saw that last night the Pro Bowl it was still a very sloppy game and it wasn't very fun let it gave us some it here's the other thing. You can take it serious in this is the fine line that there are trying to dance on. He can take games seriously enough but still have fun. Is Kirk cousins American hero. Absolutely you strip. Us to think about this thing to think about this. Kirk cousins is up for probably the biggest deal in the off season he's gonna get the most money to any player in the NFL a free agency next year be it. The franchise tag which is summer around 26 million dollars. Is his number. I'd play for that for one year or he could get a huge deal. He is running down risking his body and his career. Because we've seen guys lose their career Teddy Bridgewater for no reason non contact this guide them Pro Bowl. For thirty grand who he's running down and chasing down a team to leave and strip. And AM when a minute coming out of nowhere you have. Yeah he did he strips images. In the entertaining to watch we've seen guys who did Sean Taylor Sean Taylor and somebody that the putter she had already hit that honor hit yet he noted that under our anti. Sean Taylor the putter probably both. But vat and those scud type plays you don't see very much because no. He is and a Korea and contract year and Aziz was trying to like point oh are you doing odd but he's got it. Think I saw the guy if he was carrying the ball loose and I was gonna go get the ball back did you see the news and Teddy Bridgewater you mention I did see that news interbrew drugs to its noggin. Yes he's likely going to be yet another year I think bunkers over you think so easily you can't miss nobody missed known. I it's terrible news I feel proud of its deeds it's just that. It's a horrible feeling to know the EU are gonna miss two and one season much less two straight seasons. It's very difficult. For a very very different for those that forget remember Teddy Bridgewater vikings quarterback who was this. Was a stupid field goal away. From beating the Seahawks in the playoffs that frost bitten game a couple of years ago. And it was in pre is huge training camp and non contact just dropping back in his knee just like shredded. In nail must stand like seed is laying here like some real bad issues at the time. And I forgot about Teddy Bridgewater I don't totally just is like I had these. Out of sight out of mind Tim Bradford quarterback in the vikings album that trade actually looks pretty good pitcher at this point it does. But there reports over the weekend are that in he's had some significant he guts yeah that's prime why we haven't heard anything from Teddy Bridgewater and he'll likely have to miss next season as well. I don't know if he'll ever he'll never be this and there's injuries sometimes you can think about. He is man I you know what I hope camera truthfully deep down inside I hope he comes back and does something amazing. But from the reports are what he did do was Meehan we know what he oversaw because it was on a church on film and it's been erased from the archives. At that he is just terrible yet. So Teddy Bridgewater is like you know miss this year other note from the probable though. Have you got a chance to watch Ezekiel Ali yet no I mean this. On there is a I don't wanna call the streaker Kazaa and I've. In my. Nine A Boehner no bones I sit there and I say you have to be naked to be considered a streaker corset that's part of the streaking yeah monitor. Independent people are naked anymore and they did they do not very very very chicken yet. We will willow street news that if you don't want to see gymnasium just using you know RC. But there's a fully clothed individual running on the field. And screaming up sidelines when it first happened like he's gonna give them. And Zeke you owe it gently tackled into the ground gently yup there was a better tackle some of the Pro Bowl tackles yes and added I won't take you to the it was harder than they hit that Jimmy Graham complained about. Well if but dropped that touchdown to win the inning. But then he he they did let the kid out. In many candidates arms away gets away. And starts running in is he yelling it is racing him towards the end zone but he's gone stride for strategists and passes the kid. And then apparently Zeke tries to like screen our security to help you get away. And skating is they have none of that they they get the kid and then as Gillick tried to help arrest the kid on the field. Before police like get out of here morons he gallery at the UN approval. He he won the whole week. He's the guy who won the award for taking the skills challenge too seriously. And then he'd where's the cropped up during the game and doesn't tackles thin. You guys the fan of the crop top and I guess we have I don't know algae can do cropped tops girls and physique Elliott can do propped up. Not muffin top girls each such heat rephrase that one you don't I don't I wanna see that. The moment and I'll like that cropped up I I've got a couple cropped tops but. For working out. But I don't have the ads are aware many yes because they normally shared is too restrictive in Europe in Missouri all work out activities hunt crime I am dead Sudan's are you honest is being beat Italy this be really serious strain I. I have. To drop offs wanna cut myself. One is bike brand. It's a practice football Jersey I was forced into the cropped up in their early ninety's it was cool uniforms. I was extremely bitter as a young athlete and tutors to Washington that I had have a Jersey that showed. Mine unless abs that they didn't have any but because heated game exposed you belly button. Vera I don't have ability to drilling in general easily varied bitter that it's speaking of that how safe without being. And football that would be very and so that would be. Stupid potentially would snatch that is where their parents I have of I have it in sight in my heart of hearts have been in disdain to cropped tops. For tougher for men I know are mine anymore because the abdominal sort covered right now by a thin layer. Or declare your winter coat yes. By the way you haven't seen the picture that's going on the need ten AB defamed FaceBook page. Have you and it's and looked a just way yeah I know I know a year it's. If for those of you that aren't you gonna make a fake dog bit. Make it actually funny don't just put some stupid belly button ring thing on their no no no no this is an it no it's. It is going to be it's if it's one of the official pictures for the 1080 defeat in FaceBook page. The banner about the top where has all of our shows on it now is changing all and our bonds who who. Who called an executive order she gets. Based photo shoot done. It's alarming. It's alarming is that you guys its users are I would go I is Crawford is it does bring us through by. If you're an executive order he's actually gonna put that did all you don't know the picture yet I didn't win is a Camaro I think it's dropped in this week I'll sell it and until across all last week snoop dog yes it does he that to follow the fan on FaceBook dear you'll be inferred a treat. Cook. Indy you are wearing one of your craft captures in that photo right dabble I don't know we took a double that for once I don't know which one they're gonna use but model athlete and an endorsement to be the cross top. Stop. Now. No. It back on track trouble more watchable than ever absolutely. Way better than in the past. I so that one for management is Google announced an agreement to catch the ball within the Tennessee Titans on their face why. Greg Wilson dropped the ball Jimmy Graham dropped two touchdowns where they drop muzzle I don't because they're not concentrating. Is that they use the it is here at a side on the murder. A Dell Beckham at a day he had bunch gets as he did. All right when he pulled the sheet on the star in the India and one NBA team might be doing that before the trade deadline this is dusting came on the fit. This is super hornet gun Dustin jam in the morning Matthew thank Jersey tonight on 1080 wholesale and. This proffered taken her blessing listener questions about next Alina like it. What is this blow out there Portland man. The request Monday. At the yeah sure I don't know I don't know I like I wobbled on was this an actual listener Leicester was this one of your friend I was checking on the tech sign measured again roommates again known Al but it. I'm enemies Buford and they're good perfect. There's the connects OK. Okay were it. I got the request I saw I don't hey you know that is a good ID their music is good bump back up that I think network yeah. Google bullets in the good old boys radio where he's radio and music connection narrow you get ahead money out. He Dave Wright. So you mentioned Rex Ryan. Giggs got and we mentioned this earlier in the show he is gonna get to. Hired by ESPN he's in decent ESP and stuff that's like a match Spain haven't actor. You know that the last five head coaches for the eve and New York Jets. Have all worked for ESPN. Bill Parcells Al groh Herm Edwards air clean GD rexrodt. The good news for Todd Bowles is once you get fired you'll get hired at ESPN and I've ranked. That's quite a run again it is it's a good round I don't count Bill Belichick has easily because for a day. If you but if you cut it even a head coach for the jets for at least one game you'll get hired at ESP. Already tries going to be fantastic yeah. He's going to be key is the younger version of my Dick. If it. He's up for less successful right. I don't know he's got a Super Bowl. The ravens. Bananas headcount everything you know what I'm sorry I love coach stick to death of the reason why the bears won that's admirable because a bloody Ryan I'll Rex is stand big in fact both guys got carried off the field. Not a lot of people know that that are true. True bears aficionados Obama picked it was a figurehead I watched. Okay this guys were on his staff were I don't even know it's a good guys good ones. Than others were rolled my goodness. It's how prevalent is that in the NFL really talked about Goodell really wins leads John Lynch I know that CCC that a lot. Like B you know John Lynch got his job as a GM is. Basically because he was a really good safety in the only gripe in these that he would to see it through to so they're like hey you're Smart go ahead you can run our team for it but. I don't think New Orleans is the only place he solace. Over. You saw this in a lot of different play in the Saint Louis he probably side with martz and tossed out here in Saint Louis. LA Nina are. This is going to be presented how many guys you really ramps how many guys do you think or coaching in the league that you sit there and you're like man. Mean he I don't know if he if he's the best of the best like we should happier Y I I do believe. At the best coaches the guys that really get that have the passion for coaching and wanna work. There's there are seven themselves to the grindstone error is in college because you. You're coaching young men your your forming your meat you're doing everything with them not only huge checking another school. You have to do with their parents. You're really coaching your life and life coach now you're a father figure at that level you were doing so much and your drag you to your forming knees into into young man. The NFL level you were a glorified. Body. Yeah you you're just there to make sure that these guys get what the coordinator and head coach want you to do. You rid there's a trickle down effect at some point coordinators run the show the head coach. Is the deep facto manager he's making sure everybody's doing their deal. He's kind of discredited and occasionally you get as head coach that needs to be all hands on in you know Mike McCarthy needs to be an office according to call the place. And then this year Tom Clemens who was her long time coroner quarterbacks coach he's leaving after so many years. That's turnover that's lose and a buddy but that happens yeah. That's coaches or college best coaches are always in college a leak coaches in the NFL you know there is saying. When you beat coaches are yeah I did the ones that are the ones that are the super. Hyper intellectual all the ones and just wanna coach football the ones that don't wanna do with anything has to do with other on the outside of published so much crap you have to deal with in college. NFL all you can do is is full laughable laughable. You don't need the you don't have all that extra political crowd a lot of value in college but a lot of the guys that you're talking about the good old boy system. They're not they're not necessarily even like that they're dared. Kind of just there older guy and he mean I had multiple coaches. As as tight ends coaches whose as we do now the tight ends are the lowest of below its right next to all be controlled. That's the titans coach on NFL staff get out of town relic yeah and it's an afford it it's just one of those situations is the lowest job you can take as a position coach. So when it when it ranks of position coaches it's tight ends. And then normally after that it somewhere is assistant offensive line coach and then you can go into. Special teams coach and then you can rank all the way up to do you line secondary linebackers. Had a line coach and then quarterbacks coach is your number two there's definitely an excuse me a ranking. I had a whole lot of refueled this. Clueless dudes whose parents coaches had a couple good ones. There is and there's a big difference in what I've noticed in college coaches in the NFL coaching. And what I see is that. How if you go and you look up like history of any because in the NFL. A lot of them will start as position coaches in college brightened in the know jump up like there is a very rare you find a bill dollar check to. Who even I actually did work at the Naval Academy but. You really deed in your first job is an NFL when his is all's extremely. It's very rare. But what happens is. In college football it's almost as if you have me. EE you're treating it like college itself where you are helping your assistants along mediated BP who's used to help your assistance along. And create extra opportunities and better opportunities for them because that attracts. The best and the brightest assistant to come along rankings but you look at the program like Alabama Nick Saban doesn't mind to turn over his staffer mark Bellman to turn over their staff. Because that is inherently good because that attracts good coaches to come and fill their spots as well. As those guys go up and get better jobs of the goalies start getting the assistant jobs in the NFL. In the NFL it almost seems as if I want guys who in its like a business where. You may wanna work up to courted but I'm still looking over my shoulder you. Right thank you want those worker bees that are our word bear fall in line behind you and they're not. Inherently ethnicity as motivated as a young college coach where. Those cut in college assistance I don't negate those NFL jobs. They have found their niche in what they wanna do you usually in that is. Ian position coach or PA coordinator in Ghana and not necessarily want to you've done for that not all I know. All coaches not on guys want that responsibility is a lot of pressure to when you're at that level Teresi the NFL level to be a coordinator. Collegiate league too it's always that pressure. You've got to want it there's a lot of guys that wanna just be the sheep right to only if you shepherds out there. The good coaches can get stuck into their original look who do you wanna call plays and then there's like. It's third and twelve I don't know what. Some guys can handle the stress others just want that pressure you know others love it and some just wanna just silo often go to on the grass under the sheet. And that's okay. For some coaches. But you need that that's huge aid for it that's how teams are formed that's how groups are formed the great coaches will always tell you I have men underneath me. And women too in today's NH that are. Better better than me more intellectual. Work harder Andrea that's always a great leader always has just if not better people working with them. Yes sir. Aren't. 553 or five that is the tax side and we'll get TV. It's. Latest on the Chicago Bulls a little bit later coming up next the blazers run fall short last night the Evan Turner deal start to show its value. This is dusting came on the fan.