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Dusty and Cam - 1.19.17 - Hour 3

Jan 19, 2017|

NFL picks and what is wrong with the Blazers and why everyone is to blame.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Competition is chambers. Every game count super game plan. 1000 dusty and Tambo poured countless hours of research into their pro football predictions in this fiercely look look bright believe small twelve. Anyway this is good change realty NFL challenge competition between the senators' staffs the junior stand genius and you presented by changer realty almost 1% listing fees and by Bud Light the NFL jelly and drew Dustin jam. And proper suitor to. On ten maybe. Ever the fan. Right now I feel like out whenever he tells the disease wall I'm like I'm like dad. ED MDJ when the when the beat drops and other kids go why. Describe the bills do. For you. I'm included this the chills come here spying and you can't even put together a sentence when the path is it just it does it it's like this. Eruption. Yet like an eruption it's like Mount Vesuvius. I do like this. It if he'd keep going on in those states it's going. I would slap in the face in your news it is our team realty NFL challenge a little overzealous to people's interest there and I get a team here at cnet.com. There are only eighteen games this weekend. In the national football. They are. The UC Indian and see them champion ships. A new owner on fox. Is the Green Bay pack hairs. That's the Atlanta Falcons PC game to his wife's last name and last name Packard dizzy and those wonderful. Backers say and why would use your wife's name is Packers. Is it packer Packers packer okay well either way but they're the Packers now yet describe your peers as a mobile. DN a that he is this the packer family do you have to name like here's your child Jerrold Benjamin Packers since he's. GB packer a Pollyanna on MTV. I wonder. Gary. Busey Packard a whole global. Seemed even after an eighty thought maybe undone and Geronimo brat packer name and I was really pleased that I have to have the same. Family names they'll start with the same letter. And some families only have the same first name. George Foreman yes Wayne Stevenson but my 990 mile an easy service and the nineties. Middle names started being. So his name is Kellen V click. He'll be quick release three legged world B free ranked I don't know does is give. All right anyways they're in Atlanta where be felt in Finland. I do not know many minutes that these last name falcons though that is a bad ass until. Think that's really cool and then Joey reality based less than you. They would you take your by assassinated her last name with husky defense couldn't give that you're really all thought the limit is keeping him plenty of Huskies do a little bit like the husky read it. The. Hello there there's a lot worse out there but your last me property and embrace the beaver Finley yeah I may area beaver. Right so the falcons welcome in the Packers at noon on fox he got this one. And Roger Goodell is going to be their. Her idea because he's afraid to go to sleep go to Foxboro the Iraq and the guy is afraid to go to Foxboro of course he is he's he's giving him. C murdered. Get thrown assaulted it may in verbally he verbally yet have they made a security staff there he would be verbally definitely. Physically possibly. If I would be very concerned if I was Roger Goodell and I was in Foxborough so why not go to Atlanta. And I guess. Just the Georgia Dome goodbye because a police adult. I like it. Like the falcons in this game fearless I do I like I had this Aaron Rodgers is good. I picked the cowboys last week and they almost got it done I don't wanna pick. Consistently gets Aaron Rodgers twice in this isn't a knock on that. I think the falcons are deeper across the board. I think the army want it and is excellent AR. I just think they have more talent I think this might be one of those things where I see Dan Quinn as Pete Carroll few years ago. With what he had started with the falcons. He's got this team what Pete Carroll was doing with Seattle I do see a little bit of that in there there's something exciting Matt Ryan. He's electric and it's in the Georgia Dome and Ed we do remember though the last time. Matt Ryan had to face Aaron Rodgers in the Georgia Dome. Doing a big significant playoff game get Aaron Rodgers torched them up. I'm gonna ago I had I think that a win is better but. This same same reason Iowa with Packers last week against Dallas on hand let's go OK right your money and give me aryan. In Geronimo. In did you say Jordy is gonna plus. No doubt said no yesterday it was close of Ozzie at. Adams did not play out in Geronimo are severely Verlander is Jordy Nelson yes and they say there's no way he can play with that done but. Then I heard one guess it but. It's Jordy Nelson so you never know I include brokerage it just takes a needle. I am torn off and not being one not being worried about the puncturing a long truth. Right gimme Green Day and I can't. Give me the falcons bottles way a given to him Green Bay is thin and if Green Bay is like a generic lawn needs to Graham model thin wasting away. The falcons are thick deep. I don't know where this I'm not as bad as saying I thought they knew in their yard on this I mean has an idea Amanda never heard it described a football team is thick like they're. I met reporters say the falcons have a lot more going green Bay's Dan into the miraculously all the time performance from Aaron Rodgers for them to beat the cowboys and I don't think they can replicated against the falcons. And that may also start by saying we're for real treat in the worlds of quarterback play this weekend. We really are we got to where the best plan it's the most combined Super Bowl appearances between the four quarterbacks on this we get there have stated you never. Yet her. And nick one of them one of the guys has dose levels. I mean I think Ben and Tom do a good job of propping that number school. While in. If you look at the quarterbacks have been playing since 2000 its Q Brady you're Roethlisberger or. This defense they can't if you look demo listed AFC. Championship game quarterback duels but it's impressive. It's impressive guys also are elected you guys. Pretty ridiculous I'm all right in the ANC let's go over there. Being in the aide asked. Hosts the its bags so we they'd get 340 kick on the CBS network. In Foxboro it's the C 47 partly cloudy perfect. And even though both of these teams are outdoor cold weather teams I think we know I'm gonna then yes we do homered on new marine layer did it and I'm staying with my pick. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Saying that since then I'll sell that since August Seattle. I've been on the Steelers strain ending to go to the Super Bowl. I don't think the Patriots defense is good number I think. I do you still think that for months I know you do. I do today don't wanna discredit them. But let's think about this the Texans showed a little bit of weakness I think the fact that. Patriots knew they were so much better than the Texas they didn't get up that game as much as they should have they'll be up for this game this is gonna be an epic game folks there. This going to be one for the memory books. I think both these games are going to be incredible I cannot wait. I need to hear about the Super Bowl this Jimmie this Sunday you know that don't mean and I'm going with the patriots I think is also going to be a great game. I know Tom Brady shuttled a vulnerability against the Texans they are some great defense I just don't see the patriots losing and home. I gotta go with they felt. Pocket Super Bowl falcons patriots it's dealt I will say this take the over. Over under is that well he's he won yet take out over the outfield and in Pittsburgh's defense is our best to be clear and 46 this is gonna be in the thirties this bad boys can be played him in the thirties. Preached team in need to be a tight game. I have bag game's going to be a fun when you watch I think they're both of these key Abby is slugfest and I think whatever Super Bowl match up we end up with were in for a real treat you. You really into the treats right now Matt I just say you're innuendoes and treat don't know I guess I'm looking at this weird thing on the would Wear you out Crawford they were all I think we're all somewhere today and thank there's I think there's ruined my grandmother is. Yeah undermined. Out lady luck this weekend with this how lucky we are for this game not just this is a disaster that I can watch these games probably on television. Gonna watch my friends if you don't want to miss home by yourself out not what I'm gonna watch it with friends you're streaming on your phone no no I might get millennial but I still have the cord connected on a watch my my my big screen TV with my buddies. Watches to an event. And a nurse what are you gonna do but my gonna doesn't have perfect answer when you mr. literal and he lit and over literal and over literal yeah. It's all about your good buddies that you're gonna sit around and watch this name going to be into the game right now wanna hide I don't wanna sit around I don't wanna have kids run around mom watch and I want there to be focus. Yeah I don't do that what I do is. I don't wanna watch this very many people. Because yeah people talking ruin it for me consider I got a dog in the fight here you know how reality MIA I got my team is playing I hate when people ruin my viewing experience might ask you questions yet. Of all times yeah I had a great experience last week and that his via de couple friends come over he's been nominees to seahawk fan and who outside game with him before and watch Kate she's Immelt double header there. But none is is this Israel to attend you know they're going to be ten. I don't wanna Angela get someone up next and only got to say well did you see that like I wanna instantly behind five program right. Let's or change your DN FL challenge some of the want to Celestine V full service great value good a team drills he now dot com. Today but before you do that go to ten ED detained dot com and sign up to play the change routine of a challenge in play along with us at home. How do you stop aid downward spiral after last night it's a loss in Charlotte will bring you the alarming quotes from the blazers locker room. By factor of five Aztec sun dusting him on the fan. This is just jam in the morning on 1080. Portland trailblazers loss tough on last night's a confusing 110785. To the Charlotte hornets the year but could that plagued this team need previous two games who has some very slow starts ridiculously slow starts last night the blazers. Outscored the hornet's 26 NT 23. In the first quarter and then it got outscored 3120 in the second in twenty to thirteen in the fourth quarters weeks. It was a aid tough. Very tough. Game to watch thirteen points in the fourth quarter. After wiggling away leading getting it to seven right before the end of third I just fourth quarter. They have a huge question mark faced his fourth quarter really is he the most important time closing closing games when you need to be offensively and defensively. You know. There's something. There's something wrong we talked about this yesterday ranked is that we knew there talking about what this Tina's. And they are that team that was last year but it's just not right. You know it there's just not that scene. It's about them and there isn't that. In its energies that it is. It is energy in this is brought up last night as we're talking is here you're watching the game and you're going where is that riding the wave of momentum from where is that that. And they were asked about this after the game and I thought that Damian Miller. And Mason calmly gave two very. Thoughtful answers in honest answers. To doing just adding kind of good people call chemistry none and owned aid is its energy what's going wrong with them. I don't think area and he's good man I honestly I think that is a spurt so I think on. Hold rallies sometimes but it does not sustained and that has changed. Where does one find that type of energy. I can tell you. He's got to want it was gonna want it. About that from Mason poem no he sees it to hide Antonia makes a plumber is only one out their plane with an edge. Plane with the desire. Plain a plain game where you can just see the man wants to compete at all times going for rebounds blocks finishing passing. Take a ball up the court. There there is there he sees it and he's deserted now because he's been a league enough and he's a bonafide starter in this league and equality senator. That is a tough thing to hear one of your players say. Is. You and what do what is missing easy. What is missing he says that the very end you just gotta want it. You've just got to want Jason quick of CSN asks him what what is they in beauty changed that. In he says you just gotta want it and we did think about that comment. Mean think about that he's saying we're not writing those guys when things feel good we are not. Propping each other up we're not capitalizing on those it's not that tenacity is not a fire in he says that the very intimate. The answer is you just gotta want it. All I ask you this question in and Heath you tell me if this is what. When you're an athlete you get to this level and I amen to beat this drum till it dead in the face it is the only thing I can think of that's changed. This team needs a fine internal motivation you you need to be motivated as a professional athletes someway somehow. Once you get to the top level you need to be motivated by what. Financial gain is your number one motivation to start to get to the highest level you have to beat. You have to have something to get you to that level talent is number one. Number two is you have to have intrinsic motivation and then you have to have a a goal will everybody's goal in this country is to make more money. And to be rewarded for your success every one of these guys got rewarded. When that happens. And we've seen it I've seen it it happens you do this. You take a breath didn't. You take a breath. Everybody. On this team got rewarded and if you don't think that there's enough enough reason to believe. That bunch of these guys on this team have taken a relax your pill. From a I got locked in a market were all right there's that breath of comfort. Understanding it and seen the energy because makes imply only says. You've just got to want it. Both every day what motivates you lose your wallet. There's a difference between having the guys on your team that isn't. About the wall it's about the want. Of being better than everybody else you know don't biggest problem with what you just said when it is. Players won't admit that. That that's what spot that of course that is in the front office will never admitted either because they're the ones they gave them the money courses they don't have enough at it there's not enough guys within the balls to tell you that I would I don't play for money I play for the love of the game you yes you play for the world war. Financially. And be able to be with your friends and compete and compete at the highest level but it starts with the financial security of it now here's my question. Wit with what with that being said about displays team isn't something inherently wrong with this roster because. It wasn't like the blazes is the only team that spent money. Everybody else in the NBA it was thrown money around like you is. Monopoly money be spent money on youth funny cash she spent money on youth that is so that's the difference there absolutely where is your veteran leadership. Where is where is your guys that have been to the finals. Wears guys have been to the playoff rounds where where's that guy that knows on its wolf yes this is really came in. And he was on a championship team but he didn't he didn't compete but when he spoke up everyone told him to shut up. Well yes that's because he's a plane he's hurt. I don't miss it I understand that. But where is your leadership whereas your guys that have been now in that here's a here's the leader of the team Damian Miller talking after again. I think our our energy as soon to be. Much greater more consistently. When things go well we. Typical you know for for every team of them with things real world you know that comes it and you make the shots. Didn't stop and editing needed energy from them because you feel good about what you learn. On the ground think we've given ourselves. And our situation is to feel good about what we don't often enough. But home riding the wave capturing momentum. In like. Winning will and can turn that around right season because if you what you're talking about. Is is true and I I tend to believe if you. If you believe you is that you don't have the veteran leadership enough of the veterans that have been there that have turned it around that have done this before. And that the net changes it is winning right in winning gate on a consistent basis like that's why people looked at the lakers in in Cleveland back to back and say is that the turning point. Is that what is going to be but that is the energy that they're talking about where it is that. You do as you're talking about the excel when you get paid there's almost like this in this exhale of all right we've turned that corner. And then weeks we find ourselves back in these are all know exhaling v.s. Those are different things because after last night I thought they played with great effort to start to game. Because they win that first quarter big bucks that trend of what had been plaguing them which is. You starting ice cold shooting well big big hole in what six offensive rebounds eight offense rebounds in the first quarter alone. And they create extra opportunities at the rim when the outside shot wasn't falling well then in this did did they didn't ride that wave of hate were fighting we're doing this. In the second quarter shots to aid didn't fall. In what happened basically discounted enhancement as I. Here we go again I'm in the big didn't capture that energy in. But for our win a team like the blazers face other teams that are comparable or above them talent wise. Do you have somebody on that roster right now the you can go and you look at this looks to debuted a 150 million dollar man we have to look TU. You have to be able to take over the game and say get on my back and the pressure is now there and that's understandable. But that in a nineteen game embraces that and I think he knows and order or not seen anything. That he doesn't feel that's the weight of the pressure of being a captain. A starter a potential all star. In a bonafide superstar if you're gonna carry that weight you have to be able to pull your team and elevate them. At times when there's no energy you have to be able to make a shot you have to be able to get a stop you have to be able to bring those guys. Energy level and I don't look accurate yeah I'm not looking for Alfred community do it no looking for CJ. To see Jane is has has he has a at Arnold called a docile demeanor he doesn't have that grit and case excellent players great shooter he does have an edge where's your enforcer where's your where's your spark plug on that team is it is it buyers Lennart. In Meyers Leonard and also invite everybody out there. Know now who is it you know eight and 55305. And I'll say no and Arizona because he EU is of he did not take open looks last night. There's open looks at our passing out confidence in that is a huge problem with this team is that Latin those two guys say you look to you and you wanna turn TO. All Charlie did was take those to weigh in dare everybody else to beat them last night can do it would you heavily talent. Nobody should be a lot away a lot of double teams a lot of double teams on little heard in the column last night. A lot of missed open looks I. Who is it where's the stop and how do you stop this downward spiral and finally. One of nude in kind of thought about this team first time we've actually heard it has changed. He does sinking image Crawford sports that are. This is dusty and Jim in the morning on 1080 loves. The golden. Yeah. I. All right 55. You Rhode Island was Baghdad. Portland trailblazers. In the sexes and I leader of the team meaning the biggest paycheck licks out. On the Willard 32 team all NBA and you seem Portland. Now those guys were all around Portland right yes. Or amber on the NBA period. Damian is the leader did. He is he here is at least so. But I think locally right now big guy that has is the biggest semblance of answers is Mason plumb lane and he's articulating in very well. And he said something last sad that is kind of a change from what we've heard out of the blazers locker room and on so this changed. May be changing in the public perception. My sorted authority figures. The magic can you explain the culture has content. Well you know we think we'll just have to stop obviously sees you for the media don't wanna talk about Russia like. As a group we have below last year ago. No it shows the first thing games of the season we talk about Belmont last year but it's a new team some new group and where. We're playing how we did last year so. It's a new season new challenges we have to make the most of this group in this team in the situation room. We think that let me go I agree with it done in it logo I think it's strange scene he's saying. You can't we can't look at last year's team room and we're not last year's team remember early in this year. How many times we hear out of the locker room and he says you know the media laws make big deal of it will serve herded out of Al lock from quite often hey we turn it around last year we're just waiting for that you know old things to click this year could. And they're almost seem like there was this reliance that it happened last year. He happen this year isn't he just comes out he says no. We can't do that we cannot. Do that anymore and any longer and I think we're starting to see everybody I think that navy's. Equating some of the low says some of the other players are having. In that Darrel looking for answers because last year just clicked uses bear and they just expected the same thing to happen this year. Your work caught up to 'cause our job listed unsettling scrutinize the teams and in the differences between hearing here around me what ifs that bans the buts about every team. It is every single year when you start a new season you can't look back and this team. We've said before you've said that I said it. The Christine was in December stop compare we were waiting for January wait for a new month that they are in any easier stretch in their schedule undoubtedly the blazers should be better right now this is a critical month and said January ever going to be a month. That you go who is this real team is it a mediocre team. Are they a tanking team and Lehman tanking tanking is a joke you know those guys are tanking in the locker. But Mason is right the lack of belief there's a lack of confidence. There's a lack of what they know what they're doing. And that that's just come out what teams go through the ebbs and flows the emotions of a locker room. And he can take over the could be there could be some turmoil between players are can be some differences of opinions there could be guys are now speaking up because they feel like they. Deserve the platform more M. K there's a lot of things that could go on. So where do you go from here. Where do you go from here what do you do do you make a move can you part ways with one of those two guys. In your back court. Is Damian Miller and sees him a comment. Or what they've done they've done one thing that only one other duo has done in the NBA this year. There the second duo backcourt duo or any due out to score a thousand points. In the NBA this year they're really radical staff courier the only other one. Not that he Damon TJ early back backcourt. Not defensively the deficiencies. That are that are here with the blazers is clear they do not have. A dominant number three player. Yes. Yea they do not have somebody that when they are double teams and they leave Al farouq Aminu of residue from excellent defender. OK Kim hee you're not gonna rely on Alfred community be able to make shots for you DNA out Evan Turner's not gonna do it in Allen Crabbe can come off the bench she's very good. Could he be that I'd I don't know I don't know if he's physically built to be able to handle the rigors of being a bona fide starter game inning game out. That is what's missing in this piece an inside game a dominant. Guy the you can lean on it. You know everybody says. You know you need he knew it every bat men need to Robinson. Well. The way that the NBA where x.s you know Batman Robin still have died a bunch of data and have the bat mobile search right. You need that third weapon well you need. Or you have to be an absolute bull dog. And the only one in the league right now is Russell Westbrook. He is a Bulldog and he will get his at any time now he he does a growing trees. But does that happen now because like that this'll show up but let's not act like that under this juggernaut they're not new they're not by any stretch of the imagination. In that that's where -- what they did it but they have. They had their guy who can manufacture that energy you call mobile blog. Tenacity he's got an edge and yet he's got it right constant edge that is that energy that we were talking about what this team you can manufacture. It it is the biggest thing that's missing in energy and effort are different you can try real hard and not have energy who scares you on the blazers. EU what I'm honestly think about it when your Macs and up vs the clippers member will want to numb and bring the clippers in because I think Crawford understand this. I saw the clippers and the blazers get excited one time I saw the bleachers boulder back. And puff out their chests and they played a great game and in the name went up because bully stuff with the clippers are they have an edge to them and I know I I don't. There but who scares you on the clip on the blazers roster and. Right now it's not right now it's not Damian Miller in like that is being guy last year would've been terrified to go up against young man. I would have been terror he could drop forty on you at times but right now it's this is something doesn't look right now and in you know you can see it. Fighting through that tape where Kim blog where he gets that Bayside pick from Zeller dipped in each unified around it can't get over the top king get the real sway closing out on on the defense that. Do you shots that. Does the momentum changing shots just not falling I mean there's examples of Reagan's age something's just not right you can see it you can see what does last time he tapped his wrists and it was slower timetable brigade. They are down by seven last night in the third quarter. That energy that boost would've been Daimler coming out take it over early in the we have to get a defense that stopped anybody can score right this team's about scored we gotta have stops him. It's ours is gonna say competence man like if it was. Just last game it was if the last. It for a while and I know people like to take on Meyers Leonard there's a time adding he was guarded by Ramon Sessions or someone in the post any dish it out to Aminu to shoot a three. And then what was it last Friday the magic member that crunch time possession when he put up the floater and sitting going up strong yamana and I. After rim and slam it down his throat I'm not just singling out Myers letter but it's it's every one right now it's exactly what you said. But you know one vinegar coming and I mean you're 71 dude Gideon what you shoot a floater for. I look Myers I do but man you gotta take it to the next level I've seen mig one dunk this year we thought everything you've got to go and undoubtedly got no confidence to a guy like Jamal Crawford right cuckoo who gets criticized for being at shocker opening up too many shots small law. I do like that the never lacks confidence you mean the blazes right out to me don't have a god it's coming in with that swagger that's like it here and and me the ball wasn't I expect a little bit more at a Evan Turner from that and that's kind of the guy he's been another. But you know he's a returner but hockey do you. There is a short hook. There's a shark club like. Because like every reason the rue what's the rotation right you don't know you don't know where you stink is writes guys does the stress and they don't see minutes furlong directly remember but last year. Memo when they were riding that wave had that energy had bad pit bull. It was be ready. Stay ready ever Marreese heartless when a month without plan that also came out his name but he's very happened but it took an injury but. He got those minutes he stayed ready he was ready because in he had confidence because he knew those minutes more gonna leave. Right mean there's a lot of things that go into it in its gay guys trying to find their skin and you know offered Terry Stotts people Glenn Terry sets are short you met with who and that's good that's a hardest part about was stocks is trying to do is. Who do you go to right now when nobody has he shows consistency he's trying to find he's giving guys opportunities to get out there. In this is say this is a thing where are the hardest part for fans are now you don't know where to point the finger yeah it's confusing you don't know where. In that book that was it frustrating collect wealth the symptoms of a losing team right now words not just one thing confident at all belief fault also easier to each other and it and then. I don't know are all getting paid ungodly amounts of money so there at least they got that. Cash somebody Geisel not said he get guaranteed and I'm not upset about it and does he mean are included would anybody want a guaranteed contract you being right you would. I mean attacks like 5505 pointed out because everyone's texting in a different problem. Yes yes and every once you know everyone does and you guys and co surging. We've gotten coaching we've got no Shea we've gotten Myers needs to go see ginnies pray Damien little her Lil their needs to go in LD shooting kept the tomb. And roll out her name is Gerald Henderson. Who is thought Gerald Henderson would be a recurring name that came out blood they only reason why that is is because. It is it's whole confluence of events and that's the only thing that's different is Evan Turner is in in Gerald Henderson on Damascus say Chris Kaman. Her own let's Seattle there's no leadership from a veteran out there Chris Kaman the grizzled veteran. They they miss the big ginger bring gaming audio at this point what are you talking about we I'm talking mullah sending IDA gave fees the dealer. Comment they also missing in the coaches have is ended years ended viewer question was always India G Triana being beaten. And assisting coaches gone I mean there's a lot of security kind of look at the NBA. Trying to figure out how to defend Golden State. Is a huge day because there's a semblance of that would Portland's offense a three heavy offense. That's what people are focusing on now I think it's so did I think some teams are so distraught that they can't beat. Beat the cows or. Well let's call what is Golden State Warriors they just look at you as well became beat him this year will just mean. Camby of can't beat him one. Skimpy don't bother figuring out ways to defend them and made big big kids still can't figure goggle in cedar Cleveland but they've done in a while enough job to do. To defend the lesser. You know talented teams just what great coaches agree teens don't think there was dissent San Antonia. Don't think it. What what way. Giving up. He can't beat them well I look back and I'm not seen a blazers have given up I never said that now I'm just saying. It's a step further also a great coaching great teams don't think we have to become more like damn they after they say we have to become our blank. Maybe it maybe it's becoming a three pushing deep do we do it's he birdied three point shooting league gets me out lately or have always done and the spurs are great three point shooting team. But the spurs have always. Spurred. Yeah but in figuring out how to slow down Golden State teams have adapted. TD TD perimeter sets. And goal insidious force that issue and so but the blazers do is it as unique anymore. It is it is unique disease to be open and on the show deception the day on the Fink he detects cumin and 055305. How many college athletes do you think. Gamble. A survey. Has the answers surveys so I guess that is acts on the fan and. And this and my editors and this is just jam in the morning on 1080 loves yeah. Each year driving your card now and you know about your heads a little bit but. Video. If I'm wrong with the fifteen haven't that I could beat them at the fact that it. Okay. CNN. This news this week. Right up there in. One of the most of. Into deeds done during the style to with this movie I'd never seen this movie are you kidding me I'm so sorry. You please don't beat whoever this year but no you know what you make sure you get home things on Netflix would you find it I'll find it. Find it. I have a video rental store membership. You're gonna appreciate this movie. And RO CL watching a movie filled thaksin's in this movie but Faxon you know. He's in his name name's Chet. While now he is he's older brother he needs to do each in the movie. Yeah it's time duty. All right how many. How many college of male athletes across all sports and all divisions. Say do you think have admitted. The big gamble on sports college male athletes. Always visions. How many the percentage ia comedies go throughout a number all divisions all sports and admitted to gamble 85%. On sports. Media. To all complete fantasy football or sports or some. I know now Demme OK I lulled throw this out there for you yeah. 75%. Of them do not believe daily fantasy sites or fancy sports are gambling well that changes that changes it changes and get it takes an idiot to today's big chunk out of it yeah yeah. 30%. And a year closer there is 24%. So almost a quarter. Some of male athletes in the NCAA all divisions all sports have gambled on sports. According to the survey which. Is pretty alarming seeing as every season starts this seminar on things and one of them that they Italian they make sure like there's a few things that these don't gamble they are compliance person will do and it's. Its focus. Do you not gamble on sports you fill out a bracket is that gambling because sports are job. Okay now Neuheisel. Yes. And now do you know which sport is the most problematic sport. In the incidents this is easy. Basketball no this is you know you say you're getting you're gonna wait a minute you're gonna punch yourself for not getting this right. Why did you base all this award is gambled on the going to be based Ole oh no the I'm not gonna keep join us forces tell me golf is golf it's golf all of golf gosh Ding it your all so Reich is. Every day your out five bucks five dollar Nassau by 55. Yep. Golf is the most problematic of course because there's still there's nothing fun if you don't put some on the line right. I don't care if it's for some Jolly Ranchers for God's sake and a we're playing we're playing two dollar Nassau in a gate she quick notes before we got the first one. I found out had to be elevation of war memorial stadium in Laramie Wyoming which you talked about earlier. 7200. In twenty feet in the University of Wyoming plays Oregon new Hilton is there yet can do this. That is one point 36 miles above sea level. We have there. Featuring for that have been that in perspective. University of South Florida Willie will Wear Willie Taggart was coaching last year and they played at Raymond James Stadium which is below see that the Pope. But it's hot there in Atlanta Georgia played altitude or he'd tee it up and John Kerry Tampa yes Al tutor he. How did you good. Of the day and then my second note is or again earlier this week announced the hiring of Steve agrees. From South Florida. He. Is. He brother of Leila. Reads which is formerly Leila Kiffin lane Clinton's exit wireless that is his sister. And I believe Keanu Reeves is his uncle. So there you go all intertwined. Now you know. In knowledge house. I put extra six and 9 AM. Football Friday dishing is set for coffers JB typically get up next is hurt college are nine and an industry you're in straight through seven as pronto does consume on the parents. I don't hear the middle school what a slap in the face of your media I do like notre.