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Dusty and Cam - 1.16.17 - Hour 3

Jan 16, 2017|

Who has the biggest gripe from the NFL Playoff weekend? Also, who is the best remaining QB left in the playoffs?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Dusty narrow the offensive line can rest. And Jim Cleveland. I'm downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 hello yeah. All right Janice Chelsea's. Gonna get a hefty fine for in the NFL. For his comments about officials Tom Reid doesn't like to get hit and he complained about it this is a lot. They have their case of the Mondays he can send us your kids the money is 553 of five what's bothering you today while a couple of Seahawks at some case of the Mondays as well you aren't. Yeah. I love and love and love of sports. You know do you love spiral of this controversy I loved the opinions. And the blinded. Phantom of the house works don't you Aaliyah it's great. It's just it's great incessant. Yet can I read this text really quickly you go ahead jam your nuts I am now I do like an announcement moments where lesser degree mark. Harrison would have drilled Smith TV wasn't held obvious penalty into that texture I say I wonder what game you're watching when an all pro left tackle. But any ms. Fisher. Still owned everybody on the left side the entire game affect the only time Harrison had a sniff Alex Smith when he chased him down outside of the pocket. In in your reality a great tackle this walls them off in the quarterback steps up if you think James there's a would've got to him. In that scenario if you watch that play over and over he wasn't within three yards of him. Three yards of that. And so while I say the call had to be made didn't have to be made to I agree with that I agree with the call. I think it was the right call yes did it have to be made Nell but it did a good for you the you can text that man and say that their ego. Candidate do I love I know I love phantom love passion yet again my favorite things about about football sports. Yeah yeah I understand I I have no problems at the bit off but the flag being thrown in called. In essence CTA should get sell well I don't know about you. How we guys talking of the spinal problem with Chelsea lashing out I was getting those huge admit I don't like after the game the emotions he's feeling I want that don't you want personalities of play. It's a little mood as cocaine coach speak in the patriot way although we had agreed gallium it was tough loss that's blame until I don't feel that way he is legal home your wife your wife's gonna get. Just did to slaughter with your real feelings well I'll throw this one out of two this text on systems that were read tax someone read this text. That Travis Kelsey she'd rather lean. Not be running his mouth about penalties. Because the giant called to knock them out of third in five to thirty and twenty when he shelved a guy for no apparent reason I was gas hot headed nature. Kind of cost this team as well all right I mean it's not like mr. Kelsey. I didn't cost his team did in pivotal situations cell. I don't know. Policy you guys watches reality show. No now. DA see him as I'm walking into the stadium I did see him. As he was talking to his his shoot super tight red pants with the red shirt and he was talking in new issue like it was found. Cell phone issue number one issue found was that thing you can I get it is part of like like a Sports Illustrated this. Giveaway elect Helmut found Yeltsin had but the shoe phone basketball she'd eat yet dozen big phone cord courted found all of those things always wanted to own. But Travis Kelsey Tom Brady not the only guys to be tuck and Michael Bennett. Man. He went on a you little rant after the Seahawks game. And when asked by a me reporter for what Q thirteen. He was asked about not getting enough pressure on Matt Ryan and then what day you had hoped and anticipated for. I'm betting interrupted the reporter before he can finish his questions that we got a lot of pressure. He threw the ball really fast Thurston busted stuff going on so obviously don't know football he threw the ball really fast he did is staying we rested is good as we could. Don't what you say we didn't do what we needed to do OK don't do that. Get out of my face now don't tell me I didn't do my job. Blanket he blank them OK exactly get the blank out of my face like I said get out of my face don't play with me don't play with me. I just want I just put my heart on my. Blah blah blah field. Don't blink kiddie play with me get a blank out of my face tribe begin see what happens I'm one of these. Blink out here don't try and need to tell me I didn't do you blind. On what the blanks I I love the audio is an out there so just says expletive. Done so. He obviously didn't feel very happy with the line of questioning. He was very upset that they lost. He think of Michael Bennett kind of going off on rumors and that name. Yeah again here in your playing with fire furious you know who your interviewing right Harry. You know it's Michael Bennett. And it's not Russell Wilson you know. Two completely different type of person when you ask him a question don't we armor with a band of Brothers did earlier in the year on and off on everyone so if you're the reporter that's gonna ask this question do you understand the repercussions beyond him when you're report I'm not a reporter. Calf I'm not gonna be the one goes in a six a microphone from a guy's face and poke the bear right after a huge emotional loss. And expect to be treated. Perfectly these guys are emotional in situations right into the reporters credit. The reporter bill lake C Q thirteen. From a everything that I seen. He hasn't been no one that like made this a big headline well it was everybody's looking at a going oh my gosh like and they went out knee crushed it every reporters understand there they're trying to do their job and the players know they're trying to do their job you know but it's an emotional situations is that week's three. K we're this is the playoffs to get eliminated to go home in your championship team wanting to make a run. In Europe feisty defensive defensive linemen are really one of the best and in the game in your questioning his ability and he's being defensive it's gonna happen. Yeah Ben I mean it was you were enabled the question is you weren't able to get as much pressure on him as you're in the and that's where he was cut off. Done. I mean Matt Ryan got sacked three times. Right. I guess a team that gets the ball off faster than anybody in the league yet in Marion was. Magnificent in getting the ball out in getting the ball out quickly. In dome Michael Bennett's gonna react the way that he does but I just sit there night you could see. That frustration that was boiling over. In the locker nabbed did boil over locker room was also on the field like the at the end of the game the shoving match and they're trying to Neal the ball down there in Seattle's goal one. In their guys are just site. This kind of led cheap shot move they were getting big Michael but a loss is cool more than once during the game obviously frustrated by what Atlanta was doing. And what they were doing was pulling them in checked. Indirect question needs to be asked by the reporter. In the reporter you should be expecting a guy who's very emotional to you know most horse. On the door I remember what happened to like you just said to her what happened in week six and Michael Bennet as anybody remember. Use cut he was illegal John and and they cut and in this game and he and he got cut again remember he had to go miss six weeks he had to have surgery on his knee so there's a history here. Think about what's gonna happen there's a history with an offensive line. There's guys that have cut him. Chopped his knee out that he felt was he legal I didn't think it was that big of an illegal blocking wasn't like he was high load now. It was just a low block a lot of defense of Lyman don't like that so there's going to be a lot of bitterness. Between the two there's gonna be some major Michael Bennett wanted to kick those guys backside. I love emotion and in happen. I don't like stoic boring comments right I want some interesting things to happen guys wanna see when guys are real. This is Michael Bennett it is what it is eaten we're gonna see real guys if we just had a bunch of storm troopers in the air what would be interstate. Honestly he didn't say anything that was is over the top we just said hey man don't ask me the dumb ass question. Yeah but it was a question I needed to be at Astor and it night. Getting pressure on him may be I think a real good reporter should it could've phrased it differently but in the end yeah that's a question could have announced. Well certainly would have no problems he questioned he did wasn't able to finish his question and just probably don't asset to Michael and maybe ask typical favorite who probably give a little calmer point. Yes he's but there's reason why they did ask Michael Bennet because he's spending gap in her to get well I don't know if is that response to get a real response to give something not can't write. Maybe not that cook at the same thing when Richard Sherman batted down the ball from Crabtree right you stick a microphone in front of a guy an emotional state here's what you get. And right. Yeah yeah what's wrong with a motion Mittal chairman and have a good day there though. He didn't blow up on people after the game now. Can only be viewed it was official. One got a didn't was not the game but still took the loss pretty harshly was Earl Thomas. Taking shots at Tom Brady in the route that the patriots take. T the play it through the playoffs into the playoffs is rewrite it. Testing came on offense and our. It's. This is dusty and jam in the morning you know intimidate you around the. Old Earl Thomas. Says. Weeded out after the game. Against Libya for the patriots game against you'll Houston Texans yeah. Never mind you this is fresh off his team is saying yeah. It's. Corporal Thomas tweets. Tom Brady is the easiest route but isn't as in our division Selig he does Astec salty. A lot of people blown away let Earl reed meantime added. Seeing as the NFC west. The division in which the Seahawks play end. And was blunt though V worst divisions. In all of the NFL's seeing as the Seahawks were 105 and one. Cardinals finished second at 781. And then you had before wind rams in the two wins San Cisco 49ers. People trying to make sense of what Earl Thomas meant by that cannot make sense of what Earl Thomas meant by that. Well I Indian Wells I have a different kind of a perspective maybe I was thinking about what. Brady and the patriots face the entire years he's putting together the entire year because. It's not the patriots fall at the schedule set this way they don't set your schedule so. They got the hand of an easy schedule this call what it is here's their quarterbacks and they faced in order Carson Palmer Ryan tanning oil. Brock off Weiler Tyrod Taylor. Charlie Whitehurst. Andy Dalton Landry Jones Tyrod Taylor again Russell Wilson Reagan. Paula cap predict. Ryan Fitzpatrick a scheme him Joseph Flacco is good. Trevor Ximian Ryan Fitzpatrick Ryan ten ill. Those are the offenses that the patriots have faced this year on Matt Moore Leno at the end sir and more that was management now more so if Earl Thomas is saying that they haven't faced a lot of tough games I can agree with him there he's still got to win fourteen games. And he did it in they got to play Houston team with a really other wrapping cornerback and I think Earl Thomas has a little bit of a point when it comes to. The talent that the features a face this year does it make sense for all the say in our own gives a crap it's hurl it say what you want. Yet but it wasn't it doesn't exactly like the Seahawks were facing murderers row of quarterbacks either with. Keys Keenan jeered off calling camper nick. Would they faced they played the AFC east. So they had to G pets in the bills and they did play all patriots against Tom Brady and beat him a debt. Well yeah yeah so yeah he can have a little bit of a statement there is that that game was we give helped but in the end it's who standing. With the trophy is really what it would matter Garay. And I just sit there now let's get you. Beat third place team in the AFC east. Is the Buffalo Bills at seven and nine. Would have been second in the NFC less this year. I mean they played. Indeed dolphins or ten win team. This season the Buffalo Bills and seven and nine or near 500 in five and eleven was the worst team in it in the jets better malt the rams and. In the niners look this isn't this isn't going to be an attack on who's got an easier road in who's got a better scenario you're all pros here. But in the end it just comes down to how do you finish games are you able to win games when you need her. Pictures and every the first four weeks of the season and they found a way to win win a few games man I don't care who ER. If you go fourteen NT in the NFL. It doesn't matter who your plan doesn't matter at all. That's. That's impressive and you know it to say that this year is an easy road oh absolutely I mean I made this point intends until we don't know how good new England's defense is because they haven't played a really good offense. Really all season long because when they played Pittsburgh before Landry Jones as a quarterback right this Seahawks offense and lost them. They couldn't run the football save their lives at that point near. Oh we can and we do know this. The AFC east. Has been the patriots and everybody else ups the bills have been a dumpster fire of coaches and quarterbacks the jets have been an absolutely atrocious and who knows what they have in the end. Call with the dolphins are they can't win on the cold it in the east they have no business being in the stationed in the south. And trade up and that's the only way so how is how the patriots had an easy road because you know what the patriots have done. They've made the bills the jets in the dolphins' all feel like we can't beat and that's exactly what the NFC west is doing right now is what the AFC east did is. You become reactionary you have to beat the top dog you've played when you do that you build your roster to win your division right right but at least the 49ers in the cardinals have made some playoff runs. In a sense that have actually been you know look the 49ers made it to Super Bowl probably could've won had three NFC championship games the cardinals made some runs with Carson Palmer. They've been called the team at times. You can't see anything about that really the jets' other than the but grew with the but fumble and say and maybe some back to back AFC championship games very true. But in general if you wanna talk about long jeopardy of a division. The NFC west has had a little bit better team and ballots. And other than other than the rams but the rams have beat the Seahawks head to head. So just but and mean that doesn't. I mean. The bills have beat the patriots in the jet to beat the patriots to you on the dolphins a mean. Mean like that's it. I don't know I think they're very comparable I don't think one is better than the other well I clearly there I personally think the NFC west is a better division over time. Then the east is bad and in the AFC east that's just the dominance of the patriots though yeah that's not an excuse for about those teams are to the patriots are that much better. In if you go back to you look at it though a note to you a lot of people said you know. Took if you're gonna take this year in what Earl Thomas is saying and take this year for what it is. On the NFC what the west. Is worse so that that argument doesn't make sense. But he did he wanna say if you wanna go historically and you wanna go back to in this opening start and you wanna take a bunch years and kind of extrapolated out. On Brady is also had a very tough front because he's had to go through Peyton Manning Ben Roethlisberger and it's not like he's gone through these easy runs. Of opposition with San Diego and they are really good with Marty Schottenheimer LaDainian Tomlinson Philip Rivers I mean they've gone through. Some dark let's of the best of the best quarterbacks as well. But history does say when the pictures have a number one seed. They go to the dance to govern many teams can beat him in Foxboro and that was what Baltimore did it in 2000. What was that was a 2012. When they lost when they ended up winning at all Yemeni beat you debate or read the 49ers. Yes so that's it's a rarity. When Foxboro it you have to go through that that city that little town that yeah it's going to be very difficult for the Steelers I think Steelers can do. Yeah isn't the same thing goes can be said for the Seahawks century. Exactly to have a party go on the road and win in the playoff and it they're very very hard. It is anywhere in this playoffs. Is it it you could take this playoffs and look they give it this way. Like at this point win in this section as I think he means the AFC and NFC playoffs. RAU wanna take that road look at the quarterbacks that are remain. These four quarterbacks so we have less standing right now. To sit there and say B it's an easy road. Heat to make it to a super will to win a Super Bowl Tom Brady and the patriots will have to be Ben Roethlisberger. In many either Matt Ryan or Aaron Rodgers in any quarterback essay that if you look at the Super Bowls and you look at being in a Super Bowl. And winning conference championship games. You have to be elite teams man and dude take this this question. It in May be easy to sit there and say who's the best quarter actually this really tough. Quarterback can't conduct policy issue right now better quarterbacks in the AFC for talking about quarterback play the NFC has has much better quarterback played in the AFC match. Soon. Are you talking as a whole if we're talking conferences conference vs conference there's. Waive their quarterback play in the NFC and there is in the AFC and you have Tom Brady and you have Ben Roethlisberger in the new cabin have a semblance of Joseph Flacco showing up occasionally. You know overall history history of a league quarterbacks yes. You had guy show up occasionally now and then and on ten are right now no layoffs though the NFC has them has better better quarterbacks. But right now across across the board or are you more but Roger they just just go through a mall that press got B of Eli Manning going Kate Kirk cousins is better. It is better than what. Then benefit okay so till I give my two. K Aaron Rodgers. Drew Brees Matt Ryan Russell Wilson and in Carson Palmer yeah overtime there. There're a lot more top heavy when it comes a better quarterback play in the NFC. More super rules are in the AFC though with flack go big man in. Brady. Mean you do your car is the up and comer there. And let overseeing your time it. T your point if you wanna go back and I think if you look at top heavy top heavy both of these ball BAC NSE are pretty equal. But if you go middle and guys that can like the middle tier of the Tennessee would be up. Her upper. Not the top but upper crust of the NS AFC. Like the right if you take Ryan tanning oil Matt Stafford taking Matt Stafford ranked absolutely. Hinted to that point yet I I think I think theory your beat Drew Brees and seven and nine for goodness sake season a division that. Well he's on a team that just can't get out their own way via Cam Newton. Injured reason that I mean that in that conference as well so yeah I'm with you on that but if you look at the four that are remaining. Who's who is the best. And then who would be the worst. If you're looking at the four quarterbacks Riyadh and Brady. Rodgers. Ryan goes four pro think about it for a second you Texas 55305. You rank number one before it does give us your best who would be the worst in this group we got some great quarterback player right now first discuss to a sports and. This is just jam in the morning and on 1080. All right do you have court quarterbacks remaining in the playoffs in the NFC it is Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan. And in the AFC. Tom Brady. Ben Roethlisberger. Those four quarterbacks rank them who's the best he's the worst. No legal first via Orosco our number 13. Thomas. Brady Thomas Edwards. Rating and he knows me and I know you did Tom Tom I don't know tell mad as people Colin number one knew Bruno nobody tells numero uno. Game. Again number two mr. Rochus. Number two definitely mr. Number three Big Ben is Ben Roethlisberger and number four man Ryan wow why Matt Ryan at the bottom Matt Ryan come at a huge here's the deal Matt Ryan has had. An unfortunate. Well he's had a bad sheik he's had multiple offensive coordinators multiple head coaches. And he's just found an answer and now he's gonna lose his office record it probably. Kyle Shanahan again. So he's in he's in one of those situations. He's had opportunities to take his team to the biggest biggest dancing hasn't been able to capitalize. And it's no fault your own when you're an elite quarterback in that conversation it starts with Super Bowl championships and then carts with a MVPs. And it starts with ability to make plays in big games Matt Ryan hasn't done that yet you. And in that side that's why a case of your taking right now. Right now heading into this week heading out of this past weekend's football and heading into the championship game would you list change it all it would Ryan maybe be bumped up or is this. It or you take in this four is this right now. This in your city right now absolutely right there while the okay. And has might. I'll be watching him in against Dallas. That interception that he threw I went. Not really his fault I'd I'd get it he let left indeed but Delonte Adams I think Tony gave up on the ball. I go with the fact he dallas' first recession since November. Guys and playing out of his shorts he guys keep getting hurt around him in all they do is keep on winning. For goodness sakes get a receiver playing running back forums. In he is key signing the open guy he's drawn up plays in the hot romance at Rogers is to me is playing. Out of his shorts and I go Brady TO. Because these Thomas Edward bring even though. And may helix shaky at times against. Against Houston but Houston's defense that they do you think Zach Goode. On their offices is putrid that I've Matt Ryan three because of the way that. I need you we just talked about how frustrating Michael Bennett got them over the course that game. Un I think did that as a lot to do with Matt Ryan and how good his weapons are around him. Weapons are free additionally the let's try to does the health and then Big Ben net for just because. I I think that that is Ben Roethlisberger is career he may be that the fourth best quarterback in the NFL because a sit there and I said. If you take all the quarterbacks together. You're not leaving Ben Roethlisberger out of the top five but nothing that you'll ever do your sin they're gone that's the best quarterback in the league right now but he's a fourth best in the classroom right now peace prize that. The third or fourth best quarterback in the NFL. This whole season because that's been Roethlisberger right she said. Does he would say. He's a dude. I eyes yeah that's right I like to listen the reason why hold on at a certain higher level than a lot of other people do and maybe when I say Brady edges. Earlier this here's Brady's wide receivers Chris told get. White dude Julian element in Danny Amendola did white dude he's missing the best player arguably one of the best players in the league again grown rocket. And he's got. Martellus Bennett. OK so now let's go to Rogers even Rogers has better talent around him warrior better talent around him. Athletically on the receiver side both the two tight ends. For Green Bay are excellent wide receivers on which you better tight ends and he's got excellent wide receivers. Let's go to Ben Ben has best wide receiver in the game arguably in the best running back in the game. Another advantage and let's go to Matt Ryan you just said his guys around him. Tom Brady is doing this with us. Middle tier talent and he does that you're inning you're out because most Super Bowls of the group and he does a year reading you're out and does not put him at number one is one of those things where you go. Remove. Remove the talent often Atlanta. Remove give Matt Ryan. Tom Brady's talent. To not close give Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady style not uncle. We don't know zealot we don't know that I think no I think we're pretty close to you with Aaron Rodgers and what he has right now. With no Jordy Nelson. And you've got a guy named Geronimo. I need you wanna say yeah if you wanna go to Jeff genus. In Jordy Nelson dirty Nelson BIR Randall Cobb bill but Randle caught alight. Okay Randall rim that's up well. We get is he had a map last game. It I mean Camara honestly though well they're running catches Julian Edelman had in his last game I mean I wish him leaking leaking go back and forth the bat that they. I need you look at. What I think bull the dream day in doing what they are able to done is they have a knack inability. To identify talent. That sits what they do to perfect of course and they makes their guys looks so much better than they actually are what you need a machine you need a pitch man to make it go last so -- well done yeah now and that's what makes this conversation so hard so many say about Rogers to you is their lack of a running game I really found a running back can Ty Montgomery but the fact of the matter is Ty Montgomery wears number 88 if we do you know I have if you heard during that during the during the game they explains how to gummery was a running back his entire career went to Stanford they asked him to play wide receiver. But he's always felt he's been a running back he's gotten better he's actually fits a running backs body so is he a true running back now I would say maybe as so is let child for that stole worst running game for sure. You well yeah I don't think you've never looked at Green Bay and said what a great running game not a long time may never looked at new England and said that either unless they're winning Super Bowls. They're Super Bowl winning years. They've had good running Nortel and Garret blunt too powerful Rainier blind I mean doesn't put up numbers by any stretch he gets touchdowns because again and given the ball the TRO line. But are you telling me that new England's built on a running game they're built on a lot of different things is built on Tom Brady that's what it's built on. Number he's what makes the world go around down. 55305. Lou this guy's goes he is he gave us both most accomplished Brady Ben Rogers shrine and that is probably. Right around where you got them right Big Ben and that's a good he's got three Super Bowl was good to sorry yeah. Gone Revis playing best right now Rodgers Ryan Brady Dan. You could argue the Rodgers is playing better. He can be easily argue that while Matt Ryan about Brady's and I was like yeah but the end. So I I am I the same top four as you gusty Roger's number one right now just 'cause the way. The way he brought the team back there or did the pass and then you know just everything about it right now he's playing with a certain air like certain moxie picked. Now this Brady looked and I know that Texas. There'll what the best or one of the best in the NFL. But he looked get a little bit of vulnerability about it which you don't usually see seven or you take who who's your lesson wired wireless is Rogers Brady Ryan band. A kind if you have one drive. To win at all easy answer yourself this question ask yourself. You know one driving of those four quarterbacks. Is standing in front of you. In your livelihood is on the line to win a football game and get you to be on top of the mountain. Who were you picking right now Eli Manning. Top tens thank you. Both because if you know I think it of these you wanna go with the hot quarterback in Aaron Rodgers fine before last and you want you wouldn't go with everybody else been fine. But I am given it to Tom Brady and that's the only man that's holding that football last night game switched I'd before last night's Packers cowboys game Allison Tom Brady. After last night I guess Paula go with the hot hand I'd say air Rodgers right now where Rogers at the Helm areas. Like he can't. He can't today in a year Ben Roethlisberger who has found everybody knew what I like he finally now anti global. Yeah I dig the easiest thing about this question they poses Matt Ryan's fourth. But the simple easily listen I know that but he hasn't got to that Echelon yesterday as a group we're on our experience right yes we have been and yet he is an enemy that big role. Or been in the situation to do that that's what I go with a guy this guy. For. Big rings on. AM while and then hopefully this one's the one for the middle finger for Roger Goodell wrote for my case I can't believe that I'm fighting for Aaron Rodgers to be ahead of Tom Brady your well your just like every other person when they see a hot hand. And something's trendy they'll go with what's train it's like the trendy song Aaron Rodgers is the hot new trendy song we haven't seen him in six years. All Boyd yeah about Eminem just came with a new hit an automatic and has crystal glasses so did Elvis Tom Brady he's justice. He's good yeah that's like air iiroc is Ben there are doubts he has but not like Brady in in that every single rider I'm just saying that after this weekend a few myself that I just got called the patriots Omer. Fifth. The first saint Aaron Rodgers is better than Brady just proves people sometimes don't listen Kirk Miller Rudy has selected him they don't here with daily that whatever they want the I had. I forgot house black and by the way hail marys are not part of the game big game winning drive for game winning drive. Drawn it up making up plays Liz did this tall lady oil there pull a little vulnerable like a little bit. That's part of the game like you know what his defense coming out she did but here's the thing my yard and him what do you like medicine and other athletes that are in the NFL I am saying it's factoring in in my just here in and that is why I like. Tom Brady. What he says how he Houston is bill. It can be Tom Brady and I think that. Kansas City with Powe and he sent on the edge it Pau in the middle in Houston coming off the edge was very it would have been very similar bill with bigger more physical corners. Tonight debt that is in the rest speed beat New England is exactly what Houston has innate day we're damned good defense a very good the first half. In Tom Brady. You just wouldn't use the rocker Alice whether to them ever. Ever I would take off from there right now in Brady was still able to open at 34 points on defense they played really good yeah. That's shows you how liked your point that's why this conversation is so it's very difficult conversations and a razor is that separating. Now lotteries are you an. Idea I think it's razor from you know about raisers in a shaved head it's true. Great segment. Flat case fact 5305. Your feedback rank them one through four EF four last year in the playoffs Brady. Ryan Roger's Big Ben. Dusting camping at such times. This is just he and jam in the morning and Don and eighty Sam. All right 55 series of clever talking best quarterbacks. In a classroom right now break month for us you and Dustin I look at the combination of past playing playing the best right now Matt Ryan has last because. His past play has been very inconsistent. Until this year he is Cam Newton last year decent play in an MVP numbers this year I go Rogers Brady Ben Ryan. Did the report. Right there well. We can't we can I get a jump on Matt Ryan and say eased me in can sit Matt Ryan is of excellent. Quarterback we're talking about for the best. We are so lucky right now on the NFL that we don't have garbage quarterback play. Going into this weekend we have a leak quarterback play arm I'm so excited for this weekend who were split mirrors in this scenario. Are yeah really is I did his razor thin is Crawford said because you do shave your head I'll tell you what man. Like the high. After that hackers Damon in the chief's game. I had asked. I feel like after you. But it goes to show you need to veteran quarterbacks to win the games can't have rookies in not to say that backed into everything he could he did. But in the end it came down to the elite play of a veteran superstar. And that's really that's that's the reason like you see wanna see razor thin that's the separation between razor thin and good quarterbacks in elites. That's unsure what. Gisele Matt Ryan Gosling will he take that next step and become become morally that's what I'm excited about. Well ion in that's been night that you don't hold time that CIX games and going on here like earlier Gaza that rhyming and he's in do it again. Just like people were criticizing. Indy Reid's last night of choking away in big games in crucial moments like. When the target has been on his back he is not answered and responded very well and Matt Ryan notice we need to have been there before yeah those of you that don't. That don't understand that you have to bend there. You have some to go back on you need to have that pressure that feeling. Of I've done this before I have confidence in myself I can't tell you man like think of how rare in that's a rare thing. About like Brady and big bend rank them is that they came on in the safety didn't need that experience they were just don't. Doll how fun in they didn't have to go through those suffering. Moments I gave Matt Ryan or like even end Aaron Rodgers what what are the two most common things you can see between the Steelers and patriots name right now. It's so simple and easy for me to see a bill what are you guys think it at cornerback play. Consistency constantly taught me what what what the two things that are very similar. You had stability from a franchise and oh yeah front and head coach. From all the way from the top all the way through the Steelers and the patriots are the perfectly built franchises in we're we're mentioning this earlier in it bears repeating. C dot fans are freaking out because they're not winning super bulls this year I will continue content like would be the one thing that has happened with Seattle is they join. New England yes Pittsburgh in Green Bay in Seattle and as since. 2010 the only franchises to have this stability and the winning in the success on those four franchises like that is something. That can't be said is a rare can't be said enough how important it is to have the consistency. And this same points of view from the front office in the suits all the way down to the players that is the number one thing you have to happen in the one thing that all for those franchises view their seasons as. Is marathons not sprints everybody's so reactionary. They'll be dug cut guys they'll try to trade guys build blow things up and fire coaches. And go through coaches left and right. They said reactionary yeah reactionary organizations or he won Alabama's that are right one way in this way and things work if you were a jump ship he started franchise over every single time you fire a coach. It's a whole new team whole inference should be said. Dallas. Has rat has done it a good job of and righting the ship get. With stability. In what has been a law little franchise. Also. Oakland. They brought stability. And I was firing coaches and GMs and left and right are you got a guy today in people you trust to run your organization. Back to your point and it's as a raiders and also bumbling their car. Got hurt because he's not sleep eating that play have experiencing with the titans and mark is Mario if they be able to make it's like to even of the raiders and titans were eliminated in the first round getting those guys in the team in the playoffs to have that experience and if you Joseph Flacco can be considered one of the best ever. He's got Ruth Joseph Flacco and the ravens think about that. Consistency has same head coach general manager quarterback you have a belief the other process that you believe in you go firing in eagle Catan and get getting stuff. Forty niner fans your decade away free and being in conversation in one of the decade one thing them Baltimore does is they have that stability because they blow it up has some lean years and there's a faith that will get him back we'll get it back godly nation so I have patience yeah theaters and patients and on that 49ers front they're talking about Josh McDaniels patriots offensive coordinator reports indicate he had been offered the job he has opted to stay with the New England Patriots. And leading. Many people who believe now and reports coming out. That Kyle Shanahan. Is likely demand which is falcons' offensive coordinator and for us son of former Broncos Redskins coach much and wish him luck. One live reasons I think Daniel's turned it down apparently is because he said I want a franchise that. Has stability. And third innings. Ian that he can trust is the united CME had they been hired and now nobody all I know ladies I can't wait till Sunday. In a strategy today I need to replenishment and I don't mean levels to build back up back it up higher selected via system let me know what you don't need to be easier it's coming up right now. Now all and a dame plays a game this is even like matinee this isn't very hey let's write a morning brunch give small liberal I know you have a little and they have credible late 1010. Probably this play and MLK Dana this is this is like dongle in tradition. The blazers are you are in DC they have in the last couple years. In DC playing the wizards. On MLK day so 10 AM if you watch not as on CSN coming up next is your city live and then yet travel is pregame media to 10 AM. Yet in so lob blazers action it's not making it said delta mean rush is that Sullivan and tips 11 AM yap what is it 10 AM I settle he said eleven I was trying to put more time from almost as my life like they added it's actually not a bad day of Basque look at your warriors cavs tonight also tease me and clueless and millions that in an hour. You've got. Re city life. And then at ten and then blazers pregame at 1030. Every guy let's do this. Give me that don't put me and you have to pick maybe you should go for an craft. Clarence kind of slippery slippery I want to go running and Els and rumors drive safe people we love you out there thank you for listening to us. But we got tomorrow yeah hot takes our order on her. Cam well. Tell us why you should love. Skip Bayless tomorrow yes an hour on we're gonna talk just about skip yeah. No way or not right now. Oh and six planets could vote. And how about we did we Tyco blazers in mid terms. We'll give them a mid term grade or give the halftime Andrea. Since the half frequencies and the stocks and blazers tomorrow plus more on AFC NFC conference championship weaken in the NFL. This is investing in every day at next the hurt caused our nine and you need to breeders' breakthrough to seven. And until they do things. The soon.