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Dusty and Cam - 1.13.17 - Hour 1

Jan 13, 2017|

Packers fans petition against Joe Buck and a discussion as to what motivates athletes.

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Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and Jim in the morning brought to you by series cafe and tied on ten maybe both trim. All right 55305. Is the tax I Desi Eric came Cleveland with you on this Friday the thirteenth. Let's go. On but you said I'm supposed to be scared of Friday the thirteenth most most of the time. A most of time I try to think that I'm supposed to be scare perjury. I just remember that when your kid growing up you think about Friday the thirteenth in your always think about this hockey mask or something that's supposed to be scared. And so I go on to skeleton ago. To take the emotional high road here. I'm gonna say it's not that big a deal. Can make a big stink about it. But but I will say this going into this Friday the thirteenth we've had multiple days off with kids at home so I might be a little. And Jeep with all the snow so it is what it is ranked. Undated that idea I concede that you you know who their real people that are upset about this all the snow and teachers. Because all of the all of these days go and they get tacked on to their summer vacation right. Now. Is that I thought there was Cecil return to tell me get a words melting snow days with a so we don't worry about it. I don't know you know I don't know only a couple of months but we have sports the warmest the warm our hearts. Over the week long not appear Packers fans because this is quite the story that the Green Bay packer fans are jumping on board with this started a petition. And over 24000. Packer fans. Have signed a petition. Saying. We are done with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman call on our games. It is a petition to get Joe Buck and Troy Aikman banned from announcing in common a common stating on the Green Bay Packers. And on behalf of the Green Bay Packers fans across the world we would like to take action embrace it then. From giving their constant. Negative input about their team we are sick of the bias announcing always coming from them. So I saw this and I looked at it with with I have to look at it in in a fan's perspective because I think everybody's really passion about their fans. Right right I just what everybody supposed to do were always supposed to support your team and to do no matter what when your watching TV in your scene that you also want that support. Last time I checked I was like the feeling that sometimes there's you want he lets quote unquote called the homer broadcast when you're looking at a national brand. It's okay to be critical. Everybody wants once doesn't think that that Troy Aikman just because he played for the cowboys is still doesn't have a little with a cowboy heart in him of course he does. Oh what do you want when your listening to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman what is it about that that so bad the you have to so that obviously a petition. And I were when you go and you look at this isn't this kind of let blazer fans. Don't didn't like about. Kelly chemical ever on the Mark Hurd at the beginning I think there are blazer fans are really start to come around those two but daylight to night tonight because they were paid they were bear guys. They were blazer blazer you laser through and through in this is unfamiliar because there's a different reaction there isn't that direct tie TU. You know Green Bay and ended two blazer fans is in it will take some. A long time team to make that connection with cloud grown hurt. The Packers kids don't have that connection with buck and eight man because Aikman is Dallas Cowboys right and goodness gracious there and meat packer fans. OK I think in Dallas cowboy ever. And then Joe Buck is you know mr. Saint Louis right. And I think there's a little bit of that race. I think there's a little bit of that too I just I'm. I'm just wondering if half the time because there were in my area I listen to John Mann and Pat Summerall and I had it. There that you never heard in my opinion. I can't remember times when I heard people get so outraged over broadcasters like they do now. I just don't know if there's that complete utter outrage of home terrorism. That there is now on I'm I'm wondering what is it that they you're so worried about that is it that because they say something people are gonna believe that it's who. Is it because Troy Aikman is scrutinizing the way. Aaron Rodgers is off off the field. Is because Joe Buck says something specifically what are you so worried about that it's gonna effect the TV coverage you know we you can deal. You could turn on the TV and mute you can honestly mute and then you can turn on your radio. Turn on your radio broadcaster I mean is it really that bad it out I mean we had we used to have people that would call and and like during mariners' games and stuff when new house is calling nicer run the board and you Crawford shot. And it would do. It would they would say we've put the radio and delay. Because they want because there's a lot there's a delay in TV and usually radio broadcasts are without delay. On our on the local level lowered their delayed obviously in the stadium. But they really want to delay the time up with the TV so they can listen in the house and watch the Mariners game on the TV like there's people that really do you do that because it and wanted to be ahead. Adding that there there's a lot of that RIA. IIAA I think your really onto something with. The fact that all NFL games or our national like he used to be that outrage they're talking about things original a majority of your games were local. Now they're all national truce that do you then. So you don't get that low local flair I know that a lot of you know Seahawks fans pre season games you'll get like Al Brock Huard or. Warren Moon on the pre season television broadcast which is all local or I see them India people love that and about about those and I think they want a little piece of that when they're watching the biggest game tonight the playoffs right. Yeah I'm just I try to figure this out and I Harris as I am when I'm watching you might think pierce in and I am. I asked myself this question what makes a good broadcaster will make somebody is it too I want impartial to Y one a little homer if I'm a fan I get it I want a little bit of that homer. I want them to support you right I don't want an always critique and say there's a problem this is a good. It but there there are certain favorites that I have I absolutely loved and Troy Aikman and Joe Buck I love. Gus Johnson and I I love jewel clap I think they're amazing I either really good I like Kurt Kurt street to. I but there's mean everybody no matter who you are what you are there's always gonna be that time someone says well. They went there and they don't have they can't be impartial media beaten but here in here's the thing is that with the Seahawks in me. Packers fans to Seahawks had the same petition for Joe Buck and Troy L which is ridiculous guns on it we talked about this last year but. Is this thing is that. When your team is riding high you don't want any sort of criticism at all about your team does things a song going so well for Green Bay right now they don't wanna be nit picked at all. I don't see anything that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman do you really I think that their straight down line and criticism. It happens rate and mean like not every plays into the greatest life. But I have yet you can't hit a watts I'm saying is that I just don't know if you can't handle the critiques of a just a few guys trying to give you great coverage. Because is not what it is when your broadcaster all you're trying to do was make it more interesting for you to listen. Right what rights what makes Joe Buck and treatments so good is it their credibility is how they deliver it is it is it what is it that makes him so bat right in some people's opinion. And that's my thing is that I never get to see them call like. You know migrated my favorite team's pace I don't need to see and call patriots games so all of the because they'll be NFC games all the games and I sit there now watch. I sit there I go paid they're really good because I I see them go straight down the road criticizing both teams but if your stuff stand. In a go at your team I can understand where fans may get their feathers ruffled but I don't at a petition personal it's not gonna do anything. No it's almost embarrassing to your fan base and is fluid almost a little bit of a chuckle but but without being said now gray or Green Bay. Is a franchise owned by the people so they do you feel like oh we're owned by the people we can control the voice you know what can control. Everything because you you've given them the platform that is a great point. Which owned by the people this is no these are the owners. They've now been does its motor that is that's a different way of thinking about a vote. Ownership is complaining about Joba high kick and Troy Aikman calling their games. That's that's a heck of a thing if they're gonna pitchforks and torches. Wrecked in if they really were unfair. Blowing it if if they really were unfair. Don't you think players would have an issue with them. In in the climate that we live in right now burn it where players will go after reporters in the league wild card that'll Davos when he's going after young national radio us everything gets back to them that owed. You know it below Joe Buck in Detroit and they said this about you. Wouldn't the layers haven't I mean you know she we I think the players do I think if you're on Twitter anything to you can watch these guys respond so quickly you can see them. They there every problem whether it. I don't know I just think as a player you just mute everything and just how quickly could things get back TU. That were like said on TV like year playing in a game. Like your your friends and family and like call you and say oh they said this in this in this about you right I can honestly tell you in my entire time I don't think I care. Ever had anybody. Honestly I. I can't be a timer he was said they were bad mouth senior team it was off for you were personally leading give me any coverage is never thought of it that way. Now I know I just don't know what it is I mean everybody wants to feel special right human packer fans and they're cheese on their head wanna make sure you have an impartial broadcast will be guess what. It's impossible alumnus Tex hit packer fans you've seen cheese at the lying I was obviously for a hot. I. 55305. Is a tech sign if they packer fans are petition not gonna happen Joe Buck Troy Aikman will be calling. Your. NFC divisional round game. This weekend in in Dallas no less and India think that that's probably the big reason why is that he's a three time Dallas or all of favoring. Current his team. Yeah. I'm over it I I mean really what this will do though in Aikman did this when the next and he had a Seattle game. Is that. He kind of propped up Seattle Dave Morin went hard at the other team more cell. In I've always thought that Aikman is criticized Dallas more so than any Trent says because he knows he can because. He's been there in he's done it right yeah I mean. As usual stroke Tony Romo and make no bones about it he'll be descended Dak press gotten Ezekiel Ali it. But if you would take like look at the sharp criticisms criticisms that he'll make. Of of the cowboys it will be the it'll be harder than anything egos that angry and they with his what illness and Alice. Right 553. 050 that is the Tex signed Joba is great Redmond talks at duke players of this next one is in progress and against. In the way the broadcast that Tex coming in I think Ballmer money. Good luck packer fans. Some fans have criticized the blazers for becoming complacent after getting paid. To explain their slow start contract years in team sports always been a talking point. What motivates athletes now is superstar in an individual sport is being honest. But it's open a can of worms here's coffers work. Widespread texting. That's a message of what number did you. Two or. Niner five. Six. I can't hear you drilling off and I can unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. The most cordless text just know it's 553 o'clock messaging data rates may apply just play my number. There he goes we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on ten maybe the brain of that person actually say that also asked. 55305. That is Tex signs yeah this is a commerce say this is kind of the Angel conversation that is coming. Even more today had seen right now what motivates. Athletes. We had a lot of blazer fans. Criticize this team in their slow start based on. What's most motivating them now that everybody's paid we've heard for years contract years in sports what's motivating them. Well now we have an individual sport guy who's coming on sand. Luck. I don't wanna be the greatest the one thing that motivates individual athletes is a record Triton. It's beating yourself in and breaking records beating everybody else. Will beating everybody S and then once you do that it is beating yourself that after that point. This is. Coming from Rory macarena didn't sit Donald in a wide ranging interview done with a European news outlet. And he said that. He's OK with not being Tiger Woods in taking the mantle in becoming the greatest golfer ever to lift. He said I wouldn't want to live like tiger. He doesn't wanna chase Jack's records and that he's OK with that because he lives a great life fret. Now as a this. How many times do you think we here. Everybody always immediately wants to anoint someone the next right it doesn't matter what sport you are. It's the next Tiger Woods it's the next Michael Jordan. It's the next Joseph Montana it's who's the greatest seated as fans we do we wanna see greatness and then. When you do see it you're like wow. Well how did he do that what motivates them every day well you know what in the end though there's a lot of athletes out there that are unbelievable great athletes. Just not as motivated right now so what motivates you in today at the thing about Rory is what I wanted to. Really make it stand out as it Rory McIlroy came out he made fifty million just over fifty million dollars Lester he won two tournaments. Anyone the FedEx Cup two tournaments now back in in in a long time ago when golf was golf. Couple turner to would be I don't couple hundred grand. Maybe maybe maybe maybe a million dollars real little over that wasn't Jack the first million dollar golfer rat and it take is he didn't get that tell like he read the eighties right so the motivation was man I gotta be able to pay for my trip the next. I gotta be able to make it there are gonna get my family here ought to be able to do that. When the money has gotten so big and this isn't just golf this is sports across the landscape this is guaranteed contracts in the NBA. This is signing bonuses in the NFL this is guaranteed money in Major League Baseball. What is your motivation once you have that locked in money what's gonna make you keep getting up every morning is it the fact is gonna do your job. Or is it I wanna be the greatest. Because in this article really lays it out to stop trying to make mean. Tiger. One thing that he said is he was asked about you know taking over that mantle's best golfer in the world and becoming the next Tiger Woods said quote. I can never live like that if someone was to say you can't fourteen majors in seventy wins but have to deal with all that. Or nine majors and forty wins and stays somewhat the same as you are I'd take the second option all day long. That kind of goes against. It you know to your point is that goes against everything that. Great athletes that we know of our horror Nate and how they're wired right. Becoming the greatest at your craft is the reason why. EE UR professional lastly current. It is why you do you do it to be the best one that you could possibly be which then leads us to you people like did the question that popped up in my mind is. Well then how good could Rory McIlroy beat if he did commit himself frank how are seen holding himself back. I Don no I don't think so I think you would talk it when I see that do anything about what he the way he started or anybody that starts at a young age they have a gift giving gift. How use that gift is up to you. Some people wanna use it 24 sevenths. He mentions how Tiger Woods will text him at four and 3 in the morning what are you doing where your and his fiancee that is Rory street onto it we you shot your phone off. Tiger's text teaming them in the gym he should be out working out. Roy is they know now wanna sleep tiger do you wanna come to dinner with a snowman I can't go out in public that's what he means by I don't think I can handle that. What do you OK and if that is so he just doesn't want death fame of what is motivating then Roy McIlroy because he says he doesn't wanna went all those tournaments. Because the same would come with them what what what is it you think that is fueling him because that's something that isn't. Addressed here like what drives in and. Were a couple strange things to if you also read more in that article it was more about. He was worried in the one of the big controversies for him this year is why did he turned down the Olympics well he turned on the Olympics because he said it was Zeke was not Zeke. That he turned on the Olympics for. He turned it down because he did he is also from NORTHERN IRELAND. But he also has citizenship with Great Britain. So he didn't know which country he wanted to win and Ireland three he had three options right on NORTHERN IRELAND Ireland or were Great Britain so he was so torn about what what country he's got a represented on the podium you felt like. No matter what it's a lose lose so again. Which. They're so weak that I think there's lot of confusion going through him as a young man with all this money and all this notoriety. He's still trying to figured out he's twenty I think east when he seven years old. OK at 27 I had no idea when I was doing other than just showing up to work in and playing football I think there's a lot of that of that you start to develop who you where you get to see and look back on. Your life and goal while where I'm out right now it is that it is it just it's like a blender. And it's just spin in around the. That is something that I think it weak and there's very few people that can handle. The pressure that is trying to be put on and I think that in this case in the scenario when you've when you laid out like that. He's handling it the right away because one thing that he said he settled during the game and he did that's one of the reasons why people are so said he didn't go to the Olympics is because. Growing the game could have been a great opportunity to do so at the Olympics is Rory is there and he said stupid he said he's half right. He does I I hate the term growing the game. And going a bid overboard when he said that that's another reason why he didn't wanna go to the Olympics because the game doesn't need to grow anymore. Would you would you wanna grow what what is going to give you more people playing normal people spending money on equipment and balls and all that stuff does that really growing the game. Do we need to develop great golfers across the country. There what it carries so I agree with that can we. King you have true great. This. Late in the in the terms of like an all timer. Being wired the way that Rory McIlroy is is this kind of the way that in our our modern athlete is wired where your financially set. Your financially dare or does this kind of how it's always been. We've just had guys always step up and in Europe in and grab it in grab that. Eight in all sports you know LeBron Jan Michael Jordan left it wasn't Kobe Bryant and then LeBron James. There's always been a guy to sit there and take it in grab it. But. Our our week is it disliked the whole millennial conversation I. Just think it's everyone wants some mean they haven't seen before they want somebody be the next write the next Mike Tyson. Made the next great fighter. The next great team who's gonna break the record who's gonna break the Miami's. Streak of being undefeated. Who's going to be the elite quarterback what motivates Tom Brady house at 39 year old get up every morning. K how does he get ready for game why what motivates somebody like that is that money is at finance. How does he do it and people just wanna know the inside when they see ungodly talent. Like a Brady or like a Rory McIlroy and can't figure out John Daly how can you not. Be the one that focuses on it eats sleeps and breathes it daily. How contained a lot record a record and not focus on being an all start all time talking not do that. All of those situations have got so many layers to them. In that in the motivation for each one of them. Name you know like dame you mentioned Amy Willard. He is kind of they build those lightning rod for some fans because they do you feel all you should do is focus that is like another interest in life that. I think can bring some balance and written makes him not a robot. Whereas Michael Jordan and tiger was robots is robots. And they didn't have anything but that that is so that was their meaning in life if that is what they work. Which is amazing that Nike was able to make in the marketing machines that they were yes being the robots that they work. What does motivate guys think this is a great text ad and that we'll get to on the other side of the break on and Rory McIlroy in May be. What motivates a lot of these young athletes now dusting cam on the fan. He. This is a football Friday addition of dusty and Jim in the morning brought to you by scary yeah. On Canadian girlfriend. Rory McIlroy and one in the twenty tournaments made fifty million dollars last year. It's says he doesn't one of his records doesn't wanna beat the dominant golfer. Insulin is life and it's tax cut and it this sums it up I think Rory likes to win but loves to just play. And we were talking about what motivates these guys win you tiger all the money in the world is Ayers like they. They can become generational leave rich. By playing a sport now. Whereas. Back in the day you had to like BA cab driver you are in the offseason right. You that you had to have another job you know and Joseph DiMaggio Mickey men were riding the train T Yankee Stadium with fans. You know like that was professional sports that's not the case anymore. In this is. It this is kind of the dead DEA agent needle question is what motivates guys when you get all that money. And you Rhonda dike. You run out of John Daly. All the time in the world and never won an orca. Well that was one thing to give a red dawn Bailey's book with one books and I've driven and you could hear a lot about stories or he sit and have a beer and Tiger Woods walking into the bar. And he's going through these is tiger c'mon man want to sit down have a beer that she set afire and happier talent be the greatest ever. Listens in the start of Tiger Woods' career. That's a tiger said John Daly. If you think about that meeting just the there's so many tent and we have somebody talented athletes out there. There's highly paid talented athletes. In all of professional sports were were asking for the ones that separate that's really the what. The point you'll. 00% Ers and we're thinking about. You mean that's insisting you sick as we're talking about Rory McIlroy who doesn't wanna be. Like doesn't want to be dean man doesn't wanna DDD standard bearer for golf. How many guys could be there. Maybe not be the greatest in the world in nine B that Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy or Tom Brady whatever. But they just can get out of their own way and would be in not in professional sports. Right but it didn't just couldn't get out of their own way to make it. Even tech college or TD and a follower what is it all up. Money now Sumi Jimmie that's there's no other motivate her. Or him there's nothing more motivating than financial security your financial success you measure yourself by this by the thickness of your wallet. When it comes a professional sports the majority of now there are others that they're out there that don't. Does that mean that you when you sit there and you look at once you get the money what do you do now then I mean that's or talking about here. This. In last himself does this sound a little weird this pride not mean as much as he used him because that's what used to be right it. Sure did but how many times we have to hear I need to be guys recorder. Harm every single for NASA contract. Cape pay me what I'm worth while Amy Amy what's fair. What what do Y deserve. What should we get. Readers everything everything is about the financial contract and then it's now about that there's. We we can do this rabbit hole can just continue to go and I just think there's so many. There's a bubble coming with professional sports and I think too that the consumption of it is made it so much that about. Being the individual is more important then that would it is to be a true teammate there's this there's so many layers to this too. And so we go off on multiple tangent but I do think that it's gotten soul lucrative now as an athlete. The greatest ones that can motivate themselves past the thickness of your wall will always be such a small small percent. And but can we ever emblem will we ever go back can we ever go back will will never go by so. Is these is he answered stop and stop paying him so much you know why did everybody to that that complains us is these guys make too much well. You're paying them you are assuming that yeah I open by watching their greatness and then there. The LA SR consuming right grant feel like get fixed. Ya don't say it's interesting and that's why I think gay it was. When we had that conversation about you know the blazers and if if it was may be that since it all gotten paid. It in was there a little bit taken their foot off the gas this year in slowing them down and complacency because they do have money. And when we had that conversation and we both said. We don't see because you can tell it bothers every single guy now locker room despite the fact that they have that money them. It still is it bothers them to not be at the at the highest of levels right to know bull. But has Seoul's attempt to play to their expectations of where they believe that they should be. And that is rare in making it menu to nineteen sports making up a roster of guys have that mental make up. Because you tried that with a bunch of guys that could care less. About how other team didn't just care about them. We absolutely. I just. I wonder I wonder what goes through guys' heads in today's Danny's with. With watching their teammates make certain amount of watching this or listening to Michael Bennett hold out up in Seattle because he says he's worth more. Based on what other other players in defense of Lyman are crossing were their making. What is the conversations like with each other what is it when you're sitting across from somebody going. T what you mean all that what. One might argue that Weimar. What is what what does it feel like to be an athlete and that's America's it's so rare to to be sitting in a locker room and going. You kind of had that a different edge to you'd when Europe playing well it of what we're that he gives you that you're there you you've been through those. But you're edges a little different because you came in you'd you were had a true self tried prove yourself you blood led the team in in receptions Jiaka. And then you came up that contractor you got injured in the and you were always just grinding just trying to prove it back again that was back here was always dangling for you. What. What were those conversations like that with other guys. I'll be honest prior to when I was in the league he was he was about the motivation for me in internally is I didn't have a deep rooted desire and passion to love. Playing football I loved the game I didn't love the practice in the process some guys love the process. Mean they just speaks sleep and breathe the process. But when he came times when no one set I could do it. That created my chip you had to kill you you'll never play again all right what he's done well you can't be a starter all really. That was what got my edge I needed somebody to say you can't did it. Did big (%expletive) you off when you saw those guys though that we absolutely money and then and then I knew that I was better then yeah absolutely. You certainly and I think that's the edge every great athlete has to have is that you honestly need to believe you're the best in the room. If you don't have that at all times you won't be successful the highest levels other levels fine. But I don't care what room I'm sitting in unity is 41. My mindset still is I'm the best in the room do I think it's reality most of time will obviously not but if you don't have the mindset. Then you're not gonna get to that that attainable level we're not talking about every day but were just talking to that level. You know what that's the instinct part about when you read this very McIlroy article about where he's just says you know I don't wanna be Tiger Woods I don't wanna grow the game I don't want any of this. He never. He never says that he's not the best. He just says I don't want the fame in I don't wanna be the person has to grow and sell. That's a lot of pressure graduates yeah I think about what what tiger wears on a daily basis. Think about it when ratings are so bad for four years he comes out one crappy tournament in the middle of November it's the highest readings of the year is big is the US open. And that's what one guy wears and sure Rory that what he part of that don't put that on me man. I would like to see though Rory McIlroy address of the new Mac Santa outfit. Yes that was you that was wonderful we were both on break all I saw islanders and Tiger Woods bleach goatee. In a saint that notion shirtless. Super creepy he tells an accident that these kids load Bo Jackson taken struck a strong stance on football people listen to one of the greatest athletes ever dusting Camelot and.