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Dusty and Cam - 1.10.17 - Hour 2

Jan 10, 2017|

How good is Deshaun Watson and what NFL team will he go to? Also, NFL coaching carousel and where is Derrick Rose.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Dusty narrow the offensive line get your rest. And Jim Cleveland home downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. Yeah. I now learned. And her team dusty hair came Khalili and here with you on this Tuesday morning. We're back. Again there I promise is gonna be for ever. Health as a good marriage well does say forever now ever say forever we never did our show vows we did a heat is ordained right lord in his you know I he's gay mayor America. Can we do a three way marriage that a thing. Rules do either though in a long week. Well Oregon right and he knows now he's found that's. Wrong. There three through a marriage is polygamy in nets now do you at all. Edited you tough and I you don't go to the outskirts in Oscar Jeremy outside I think it's legal there. So no teacher question proffered no. It's. You have said for a long time. Why. In the world. Did they give up the Heisman Trophy but it before the end of the year. And I think last night highlighted. Your biggest point on that. Is that. You don't know really the best players and toys on the biggest of stages and the Shawn Watson. Look like the best player college football last night. There's this conversation. In being one of the old strike MMI called us all because the Heisman committee has been around. Well. Don't have the exact amount Dietz in front me but they the quite some time. Can we say seventy some plus years gesture at least. In this committee of people or just kind of like the same guys that sit around in the old golf club because they do things a certain way and you know why they do it. And here's the first thing they're gonna stand up and say. Because that's just how we do things that's how it's always been we you know. College football is changed college football is different then there's only a couple games per year that actually mean anything and those are the final four. And if your gonna put guys on the biggest stage in the country. In the biggest games and your gonna give somebody in a war that's number one now. Not there or not had a chance to prove himself because when I think of the greatest players in college football. You have to see them perform in the biggest stage in the biggest games and last night to Shawn Watson proved. That he deserved to be back to back Heisman chipped trophy champions. His final line 36 of 56420. Yards three touchdowns no interceptions 21 carries 43 yards. And a touchdown last night he did have a fumble that was credited to him that was his senator's fall though. It was you do snapple's. In that way little laser is low to the left and I'll laser beam right Baghdad on. He played it in those are we talk about highs and moments right. We talk about those plays that define you as the Heisman Trophy winner from that final drive. Was his ties it was his ties in a moment right the helicopter going for first down and he gets up ended helicopter spun around. In doesn't miss a beat us back out stays in the game. That's his Heisman moment 420 yards against arguably one of the best defense is ever play college football statistically. Over the last couple years it is. One of the best defense is ever to play college football. To put up Warner twenty yards in what four yards a year ago TO close calls football playoff record or national championship game record. I think that what dish John Watson proved was that he was the best player on the biggest stage in his body of work. How do you rule out a national champion. Chip in that because he had his inconsistent moments that's not if she does not sit there and insane to Shawn Watson is a great else's mom because season. Big reason why they had their only blemish of the year. And he he had he is games a lot closer than they should've been because he wasn't sharp. But when they needed him guess where he was lead this team Indians. I don't have a problem. With what the Heisman does a sense that trying to create because the Heisman Timmy is the regular season players champion. You wanna call what it is or best player in the regular season create something new do something different created new award I don't care. Image you know every position in college one Oz of award named after them for every. Great player and Al and trophies for a long long time but then you know the tide and has his position MacKey yet there's there's all these different awards. I want everybody knows across the Kutcher and who's the best player in the country and Lamar Jackson is looking at that award and he's holding it up he's going. You I guess I won this. He knows that coup in he watched that game and he tells pulls a sort of that it this guy deserves. In their reality evidence that this isn't the first time it'll be the last time that something like this has happened no cursor McCaffrey was probably one of the best players but to Shawn Watson could argue plastered to my anger luck never on Heisman Trophy. It's a travesty Marshal all got voted I mean yes it goes back in history the Heisman is broken. Yes it is but you're pulling it was it was reinforced last night in that if they were to given at the end of the year that would not be a terrible thing to do now. I think in some years though we we might look at NB like we're rewarding and reactionary. Old work rewarding a guy that. And always on the best team best player to nobody says you have to give it to the guys that are on the final four yeah you can just let the whole body of work finish before you make the decision we usually baseball gets it right NBA gets it right out because we didn't know. We didn't in the race that was as tight in jumbled as it was this year. EU having this play out the way that it dead. Is that they knew it now you see that drive last night. That's why people think that he knew he came into the season as the number one prospect miss our image too risky you just lost your ear on milk diapers big board. I think last night dissent there and went deep shot Watson shows up in big games at pivotal moments does that concern you though if you look at bagpipers NFL career. Inconsistencies he's had in college. All that is the growth pattern your SE a different style offense means you can't change the fact that the guy when it was the biggest stage the most pressure means even said that he remembers all those things to. When your put on that stage and you make a play like that that's the it factor yeah. Well yeah drives he can't coach that. And making a play in putting together a series of drives and a half the way that they did he closed both of those have some. For perfect. And if you look at the quarterback in that it factor they're talking about closing halves closing games. You having those drives that's that's what you want in make no mistake about it. Whether it was Mike Williams are lag get or renfro. Org Allman is he had a litany of guys that may be huge. Catches in huge place. Those guys have just as much of an it factor as to Shawn Watson did. And you think about it think about this man you look at. Jordan leg at 65260. Pounder. NOJ Howard who people thought should've gone pro after us and we sent to the best tight ends in the game and that you you look at the development. In the transformation that position in the NFL what it's turned into. And having those two guys. Among others come down the pipeline is seen this year the tide in positions gonna be highlighted even Marcus a ball those guys were fantastic last night. They were excellent and some of some of the thoughts that you have to wait and you have to see my. My argument always will be is that you need to give the chance for a season. Now for college football so different there's so much gap between the end of year. And the final stretch. Which is what it for weeks there can be up to for a week on the end. Mean how that's so much time to sit lament and who the greatest players are but we're doing a disservice to not see the best players on the big stage yes we are you steered. Shot Watson may and he showed it last night in that 3531 national championship. Oh win and by the way one thing that I look at you is if you talk in great quarterbacks. We've we've touched on this earlier he had four receivers within ninety yards. Four of in and talk about balance. Locking on to receivers don't you know it would have been easy for him just approached Mike Williams all night long. But Williams had eight catches 94 yards late in Jordan leg and is tied and had seven for 95. A team had five for 94 in the hunt renfro obviously is to test cells are huge but he had ten catches 92 yards. That's balanced and that is balance against one of the best defense is in the country. You know what Clinton did something that. You don't it teams try to do and it's one thing that and Nick Saban dearest. Dearest teams to do Alan you know your your thoughts on this at eight it is is it more of what to Shawn Watson did some credit TU. His offensive line in that. Nick Saban likes strong a lot of cover two right where you try to get to middle open you stretched vertically get the safeties out Dwyane Wade connect guide to clear in the middle and hit the middle of the of the safeties. But when Nick Saban does say will get to your quarterback before that guy can get free in the middle. Is that more credit to do Shawn Watson because he was great debt. It's a standing in the pocket. Creating time when there wasn't and then finding that middle of the field or is that his offensive line may have been. I guess I don't once they overlooked but not as highly heralded as they should be. I think that in the end though it. I do agree with you a little bit because I you conceding you know what Alabama's gonna do. On defense they're that good their front seven they feel like you don't have to have eighty guys in the boxing glee cover to a man over the top right practicing get tons of passed threshers action. What Alabama did is asserting giving up on that deep pass rush and they started spying. Shawn Watson and they pin their ears were being backed as much so the offensive line for Clinton did a very good job. But if you watch that there was more paranoia about keeping keeping him in the pocket instead of creating pressure. Up front I notice Abbott and the ball started getting out he started having three and four seconds do is his ability to move outside the pocket. Versatility. Certainly but in the beginning of the front in the game he was he was very uncertain whether I get this whole all right go. The second half he knew exactly what he was doing he was told by everybody in the staff. Just go man don't worry about it go in Alabama they blinked. Alabama got beat by doing certain that response is those three what they never get beat down right. Tempo depth. Depth. Killed them last night because cleanser in 1989 place and that deep pass Chris has a little bit to do with yes did it and you have to account for this Shawn Watson run on the football yeah. But I mean you get gassed and that's that old a lot of plays to your defense vehemently on a plays out there how good should appearance. And did a man made they got they got 21 put on in the fourth quarter last night. And so are you saying it's. Throughout the sit this out that question up missing it's a little bit of bull but a lot of to Shawn Watson I think it's a lot of disarm Watson yeah. BI guy I would tend to agree that he was he was the difference there you put any other quarterback behind their that's not to Shawn Watson those plays are being made or because they'd they don't have to get dig frowning Digi Browning exactly they do exactly can't do what's. And is Dade do. They do what they've spent all of the you know you look at the quarterbacks they've struggled looked in the SEC it's Mississippi State Ole miss its wing is when at that Tennessee is a running quarterback to inking gets the edge. Ranked dual threats to win college dual threat quarterback when you have a statue NFL style quarterback they will get to him featured lunch because they're their front seven is better than your offensive line always in those quarterbacks may be pretty dang did that they'll make you look pretty bad. Are right 55305. That is our tax and let's let this national championship game breathe for a little bit he was one for the ages we will circle back to it because at the top the hour is Nick Saban a blame. For Alabama losing. This pertains to you saarc and Lane Kiffin how much boast Scarborough. Leaving that game impacted in the final stretch their for the Alabama Crimson Tide so we have still more to chew on in the national championship game but. Let's such an NFL green day's gonna head to Dallas this week with quite a few question marks. Why they still have a shot to knock off the number one seed in the NFC is next this is dusting cam on the fan. I'm okay. I'm. Okay. This is does. Jam in the morning on 1080. It's a lot of really get tense coming in at 55305. And this one it is a really good line. You can text does 55 read your putts you know. We're talking about this is the best national championship game. Since but those six. USC. And Texas right in the Rose Bowl. And drying the parallels between. Did Shawn Watson in Vince Young. Is something in this tech says I thought their pride he had his Vince Young. Award last aideed Gil lost the Heisman. You can give dish on lots in the Vince Young award which is national championship against the unbeatable team. You make that play in that moment and that is not a compares and that is something that we sit there we go oh yeah that's a great. Shawn Watson was thinking about that leading up to the game and before the final drive of the game. Other than I was gonna them amounts bit zoom in knowledge it's not mammoth. Got to be very I would have been legendary soap have been sold 100 square that I love the Watson and I would put it off. Think about that. In the final stage the biggest game of his career of his life. He's thinking about being memorable because that is etched in your brain about green on that stage there's a lot of kids out that airplane right now are doing their things. Throughout the country and they're gonna be on the stages again and they're gonna see the dish on Watson. What he did and they're gonna go how wanna do that and then some already get that opportunity coming up. That feeling to be in that scenario when you watch that and you can just put yourself in their sick movie did it. I can do this arm to go owned this moment. Play that when I thought of Vince Young watched the game can I think everybody did at a certain time right like that was like going to your mind like I'm putting all of a lot from my team right now is when he dove for the end only came up a yard short but you know went flying and I was like okay. This do is put it all out there if he's not. Darryl I don't incident dump her Greta do not sit out this game like he isn't you know he's got it all maligned right now let's go. When you were eleven. Years sports I was probably what Steve argent at the time but he is right around there Michael Jordan. Right yeah. And knew we remember those. Those plays those moments those catches right they'll over the shoulder catch for a large in the right one for a lot of his fans via you know Jordan went to step back or the Hilo three. Did Shawn Watson was eleven years old when Vince Young put that drive together. Like for hand that is that moment there's going to be eleven year old that are watching this game last night. And they're gonna have that Du'Shon Watson moment right. Couple cool things happening and we saw earlier earlier and I mentioned few the brake work done that is eleven in 2006. Not only did he see his future. Of being Vince Young but he also was given a house but it worked on and habitat for humanity that's been his family was given a house in just outside of Atlanta Georgia. And talk about a kid that's come from in worked his butt off and his family and everything I look I absolutely love when I hear stories. About how what these kids have done and someone like that in in to achieve down on the biggest stage. And then to win it like kids and that overcame a lot of adversity in that and we look at. One other thing that we can touch on from this Vince Young dish on while in comparison here. Member of that 2006 game. USC I believe it was the Miami Dolphins or knows the raiders it was. Could the USC trojans beat DO traders. Right. This year yeah could Alabama. Beat Cleveland the Cleveland Browns and they'll. This is done right clams and now Neil yeah. They would get beat by thirty. Our man in elk. ST I'm troll I've eye rolling here you troll anyway the real it's a think of that no it's a thing people really think about it's like people really genuinely consider era in need you believe that. Look at last night. And then take the best players from all of those teams. That's a Cleveland Browns take the best players from a 120 others say let's have both teams and they clones of their TD the and then. Everything about it like OK Jordan player. Jordan player is a starter for the Cleveland Browns he was a consensus all American. And organ state. I defense sucks. And they have a consensus all American and playing corner. Who has hit the weight room got bigger stronger smarter and is better for the public know got a pretty good pasricha for New England though he's a bad Jamie Collie now Andre exactly as your pass rush I mean look blocking that guy EE it would it would be a it's not having yes that's fun conversation it is its interest seemed to have. To have. He's just Ludacris in when we see these dominant teams though. That's what people want to draw that comparison to because. You wanna do is highlight how dominant these college teams are addicted they're good. At what they do you write in bid but even the greatest of teams have weak links in college football there. And it is Cleveland Browns have theirs but does have the best players from the college teams now. It's not a bunch of small college slap these around and around there you know you're playing for the browns. Did you you know what. Did you know that even if you put together the practice squad guys on the NFL and put together a team they would still kick the crap out of Alabama and yet thinks so. Yes. On. This John Watson he did it he Vince Young bit now as these people say we just hope he doesn't go to Cleveland. That can be death death warrant your franchise. They're gonna draft him ranked I don't know I don't know if they're Smart enough to think they do you clear not drafting you know months and I see them being the kind of winter I have him amid true misty tax. Like I don't know they letter drafted offensive lineman. Something. Don't take it skiing they skip another cornerback they say we got we got RG three Vietnam were not on the anybody says we've got RG three anymore and I. But I just don't know of the browser will make the right to own sick or I they dissolve after last night it's like. Yeah I'm not a NFL star whenever I look at a guy like Watson in what the performance he put on playing big in big moments. Back to back years I'd rather have a guy like that than a prototypical mixture misty. From North Carolina I was like oh this is guy you got to remember too when you're in Cleveland what works what works in that division what works in that weather misery works what works with. Ernie Goss. Top five while the CD saw lots and Chip Kelly away. Do what. I just not that be good pairing and SF but I'll yet as a sense. There have him anymore. So it seems this guy needs quarterback. Yes they do. You think Jacksonville pulls a record on Blake portals. You know what that finishing question because they hired a coach yesterday. And the coaching carousel is in full motion because the rams. May be zeroing in on their target who's the hot name there and top five turn over this guy who's gonna get the shot lots and in here get stuck with Mitch for misty. That's the site permits for this key in it was meant to be he is Crawford a sports that are. This is the dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 I love San. All right they're resurgent John Watson or an extra risky. Cleveland we'll have the number one pick thing and you Jackson it. But do they do the badly. RG three of the hype as the games they just there on the. Gore or no defensive coordinator when they hire Craig Williams oh that's right yet they fired their guy here and a third about a new identity change your bring any you have brownies and while bath bombs. I love the heighten honestly I really do like the higher. Is is crazy is great Williams is is I know my case you've just his if you watched how the well. Clearly it fits him well it does fit him but he didn't look great in LA just because he's got to see it on HBO hard knocks a much of the kind of a perfect in in. But and told dreary. Cleveland. And downtrodden Cleveland. You know. Mean you be very harsh on Cleveland no one discussion I thought it was Figaro Portland for sending people are. As our perception of Cleveland change is that when an NBA title and visiting World Series two championship town and to get there from all right. It out in browns will have the number one overall pick in. Probably take a brown for that selection. A second is San Francisco third is dubbed heiress. Jacksonville is fourth remember. We celebrate the number five pick. Is the rams. Now. It's not. Because that the rams won in jeered gossip about how the other countries do it in they gave the number five pick to be titans which. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness the titans could be really good next year if they go out they get I don't know a wide receiver. A tight end and if you present in the second round probably getting you know if you take in the first a corner. On a draft defense my friend that if you're the titans are set up pretty well your excellent running backs. Quarterback situations good born that he comes back and Marcus is late you'll find which Simpson will know they do they need help on the outside. So you don't mean they don't but corner their front seven is good they're offensive line was it wizard no yeah I didn't in pretty good to them. I mean if you Avaya stud offensive line I think you take that rank were you good defense yeah I think eagle Warner order quarter our offensive line. Well. Good thing for them is that they've got 21 round picks this year I think so. They can address quite a few things. Eight in this year's draft yet they'll pick. Fifth in eighteenth. That's not bad did you take receiver Nate and get a really good on also trade value too can be a lot of teams that wanna trade up and get with you and they'll give you more assets now. A couple teams though have made the move in in the head coaching vacancies. We have seen that the Jacksonville Jaguars are going mid dug her own hot. They get the fourth overall selection. He pulled the record on dubbed Blake the portal service he made by the way. Doug you nannies former Syracuse coach who opted out of his contract with those he's a good coach and buffalo is like no no no I want out of here 2000 they're gonna move to Canada yeah. And he is like no Don Gallagher went Cedar Key isn't was the offensive coordinator at Ted Jacksonville as well armed with excuse me Syracuse and buffalo. And then Jacksonville. He's not a bad coach. I don't know he'll be the more intercede hire was Tom Coughlin Russian it was Tom Coughlin vice president also football operations I think that's a nice little fit is he comes in. These are older guys. Did you guys are stuck in there weighs a little bit. Yeah mode Coughlin when this surprising he he will be VP so he'll have a lot of seine where they go in draft wise yeah. Kind of fight and VP of football ops give your general manager hill. Either helper. Let these helper who. Tom Coughlin yes the sweet but he can the good title he can still overrule some some important people. Right but it will he reports to the general manager. He'll do that out. A legal and input he's one of those guys read you like to have some of that kind of experience and leadership around in your front office. And wants to be back in football any super angry. Which is always good yeah military. It's tough he's tough he is stuff in so they get done run as a head coach in Tom Coughlin. As there VP of football ops just kind of put everything in order and then the rams. Dude do not have their first round pick because they traded away to get jeered off. Now they've got some adjusting name's Kenneth snuff and around there. And Mike Vrabel jock interviewing for that job. Does that seem like to fit in Los Angeles you know my cat when he opportunities he actually opportunity go to San Francisco last year. Mr. Kelly wanted him to come up and run is the sudden he turned that down because they have a good thing going with coach O'Brien I don't. I don't know want to play when Mike I think he's in he's atop do you mean he is and he'll go left or muted death he is cannot to death yeah he'll give it Tia. He does not sin means I know I'm speaking out this and I could be way off base bugs don't feel like he really wants to be head coach right now. I don't know if he's ease into that into that mentality in time he's he's a linebackers coach guy he's always been a coordinator yet he's only been coach gene. In the NFL Ford. Did this was his third season if he's got to start win win Ohio State in each year in and look fickle fickle took over when Jim Tressel got the beat ski just he and backed his alma mater Ohio State and was lined back discuss a across fickle was aligned tax cuts in defense of coordinator. When fickle became the head interim head coach there. And they brought in dribble and he stuck around for a couple years after that under Urban Meyer but then bolted to deal with bill O'Brien did Houston Texans braves is agreed dude man news. It did not die for you. Really he's intense yeah. He was a good linebacker he is perfect for that system and then they put a minute the fullback in the tide and I guy did PP older than ever known coach Belichick would put him in a tight end on the goal line and we need to when you needed any they were thrown no of course you'd stealing your touchdown were you doing Steve east taken through Duffy table exactly as debts he had come back bonus for Vizio and on the go play linebackers that you could put lime barely. Anybody to secure arms element to tackle. That's we tried to save multi user logs were in the around fine I don't know opted to his point. Mean. I don't know organs defense tried to stick arms out make a lot of taxes passed unit in Oregon perform very well group. Do you like that go I did that tiger. Really say what do you like the idea of hiring somebody that comes from a very defensive mindset for the rams. Because who else is the rams going after because it they they lost junger that's not happened and I've I'm surprised that he didn't wanna take the job he loves getting paid six million dollars. And talking about the bond and eager and yes he does that's about that is that's a great job in now. Does this signify. It's the rams can't get Grunin nobody can. Yeah I couldn't agree more I'm happy of the golden boy you have the cart balk at its LA HE ninety its glitz is clamp if you can't get him nobody's getting. Yeah he's done I mean that was these John Madden. Yeah does the job that everybody said up that would be Gergen and by agreeing can still be football guy watches game film and is condemned cave. And do everything he wants to do except for he doesn't have any pressure. And he has the perfect life gets paid boatloads of money so that is. Inducted into Duma for LA because he and I don't think you go defensive. In LA. I'll tell you what the interesting thing is as you mentioned it. I think Kyle Shanahan goes to. The rumors were the chair is gonna go to potentially. The Broncos that's not the guy that's leading the Brooke I think that's a lazy. Rumor cheap way to do it because my Cheney and his dad as the coach there and in LA and you go odd connection I don't know. Ronald. I think. He gut I I do think that Kyle Shanahan might be the head coach of the Broncos are that we're Graham's. And get that back is not a good hire for of the Los Angeles rams the oncoming like first year you'd in LA first time head coach. In Los Angeles. I don't think is a recipe for success because they don't have any they don't have enough C established veterans back in take pressure off of him. They don't let me general manager. And an ownership group that has shown improved that they can. Give guys. Then. Don't wiggle room to fail. They did give Jeff Fisher a lottery and fail or arrogant. But. Also at the same time they kind of left him out to dry all right good ownership groups if you give that guy wiggle room to fail you support him along the way right. And that's this is sound and an ownership group they just yet they give you will groom but they just can only be out and like yeah. It's him right and so they go left and Jeff Fisher out there hang in a a lot of the time you need veterans. Great management great ownership. And I think in the microscope of LA and being the rams in Los Angeles I'd I don't like that. Firfer Senegalese think essentially the two rams are starting over completely agree they armed. You would consider I would consider the rams being an expansion franchise that's were there to meet their starting over and no honestly you're right out there think about the logistics and everything they've had to deal with the moved new stadium they're there remove none out of either in portables. There at San where they insanity narron and when one of the small colleges as their ability we cal Lutheran. They're not ready till 2019. This team is at the fledgling beginning it is an expansion team that's starting over. So view do you wanna take on and put your own stamp on something. I don't know I think it's actually harder to take over a franchise. That has established expectations like maybe a powerful lower maybe yes. And already has a culture there that you're going to be costly fighting the what ifs in this. At least in LA you were a legitimately taking over a blank slate. It is a clean CLA. Hasn't had any sort of identity with football for. Twenty years but don't you wanna veteran. Coach to you'd take that blank slate over though I don't know why I think I'm more of a fan as I get older I I think I like the injection of the youth and how football is changing crew for me I think Kyle Shanahan has been around enough football. For me what is not only with his dad's experience being able to be in the limelight and now he stepped up and let a team on offense now. When has a lot of great talent around him that helps you. You might be ready she. In hand is 37 years old. And has been an offensive coordinator in the NFL for her. While since 2008. It covers Texans those seed and went to Washington with his dad Cleveland for one year past years has been with the Atlanta Falcons. So at 28 he was in an offensive coordinator in the NFL. He's been around it as you said for a really long time. Being mean he got right into the NFL with his dad right and right from the jump. So that. Man I don't know LA's got. A whole host of issues that they have going on there. That's why it's good though if you wanna challenge. That's why an old I think every coach wants a challenge I think a lot of older coaches get stuck in their ways to and they don't wanna deal with all the stuff like somebody would love to take the rams job in 2019 of the facilities are all set couple droughts or any like all this walk into. This is a challenge. Is this like you but you do have some good pieces there. Now if Todd Gurley a very good defensive line there's some good things that you half past not like you're just garbage. Gosh can unite you know and being. Kyle Shanahan on walking into that in having nothing really established because you're sitting there in your first gig is. Kind of thunder dome. Little bit what wanna see the what's worst job name nickname the clean slate through Cleveland is a worse job it's the worst job. It ever I would rather rather take honestly though. I think I might take Cleveland over over San Francisco. This ever Cisco your fighting tons of expectations. While all these history and all these things he's great franchise. Depends on what kind of coach you wanna beat you're also in in in bowl situations. You're fighting an ownership in that management at us talking about where night. Cleveland shortly sure gonna fire your coach year after year to year. End they don't give you any sort of what Laura. Indian severance Cisco. But it. At the same time go into the eurocard in black balled by all the coaches across the country in in many clean when Mikey at least he's kind of standoffish they'll just fire you for a reason but at least she'll have to deal condemn today if you just coming in you were able to win then he'll pride come around you be like god you year's gala the stability. In San Cisco they fired Jim Harbaugh. You don't want the best coach said they had. You know since they got rid of Bill Walsh and Steve Mariucci Riley what you're saying is crappy ownership and crappy top end leadership yeah. I was really gives crappy franchise that's. Why the rams are disaster and I don't wanna first time head coach Cohen there are a okay. Interest. It's a scene Diego is amazing that they had the success that they've had a their ownership using the rams have crappy ownership Ideo OK do. Idea. A the only thing they would the croc he's done besides get them to LA because they bought a big parcel of land in Hollywood park before they move I think the jury's still out with me withstand Aoki. Really yeah. What we need to what we you need to see from then take kind of fix. During hurried to solidify him I just don't think you hear from him. I think you don't know in a sense that he's worried about running his business and he will be hands off look how much time he gave Jeff Fisher. You will he be willing to do that. You know this is kind of like we saw. In my opinion it might be similar little what he had with mr. Allen and Paul Allen what he did with the blazers early in his crew would meddling in other what did you do. With the Seahawks can learn from his meddling he ended up any overtook the guys that know what they're doing. Now I think good owners can do that. I don't know the jury's allow me if if stand cranky is the mettler. Something you Batman character and it via the memory is. And I had I think they he's just a bottom line guy and he's a money to. Takes time in a football guy you know he's just wants money. So now understand as many many many men in many but if you win football games like these owners that are just money guys. Guess what you make a lot more money when you win football games just let those football people take over and go. I've 55305. That is the tax on Derrick Rose browse put on his team last night testing came on the fan. And it's. Yeah. This news dusty and jam in the morning and onto the navy and the surrounding the your mom closes fast sincere have you been. And Tucker for me is everything OK did. Everything is okay he's okay he's from the map. Emotions I spoke fast again must. That's yeah. That is reporters who is and Joakim Noah who loves and being near connector rockers. Derek Perez is okay. He's heard. He just disappeared. He disappeared. He showed up at the knicks' shootaround yesterday morning. And winter shootaround was a little bit disgruntled. After being benched. I think in the fourth quarter the last two games. In Milwaukee. And Indiana. And win it came time for her in the game to start. He wasn't there. And so the knicks are still concerned. That they actually sent. Staff members to his apartment in New York City. To do like a welfare check under president deceived he was alive they could make contact with them. They had heard anything from him. And now at that point he misses the game nobody knows where Derrick roses they have no inserts. Until after the game as you heard there Joakim Noah say he talked to Derrick Rose Geoff Horne has sect said you we will let you know more when we have more. But he is okay and will give you more information as it comes to light. Here's wary Kenny gets a little Dicey ESPN is reporting there's a Stanley issue when in which he laughed. And it is kind of an emergency issue. He still didn't tell anybody but the knicks organization until the game was over. Like he did reach out to anybody in the organization as undoubtedly you're hearing in bat all of these. Duke where are you regular people are trying to reach out any net time that it took him to get from New York to Chicago he'd not once did he say. Not gonna be your family emergency. Whatever personal hope clear things OK Ian Stanley. Second. Beat. Vertical Yahoo! Sports is saying. Enough to you are or what ever happening with the same way if it is an emergency act that. It's not enough to you have the knicks worried about his future with the organization and they may just say no you're done. You know there's always a situation where there's smoke there's fire right because he. Correct me if I'm wrong I think or sick of the same problems with guys in Phoenix current UD did have a big following out get a big fall down Fina with the Morris twins yes and there are some issues there. Now he's now he's here he is again with Derrick Rose. The MVP correct. One of the best players. It I don't know let's just say he's not be and is he a top ten guard in the league anymore that's up for me to judge he really is but. Big trade rights in your first year being part of a team eager to get your way not even at the halfway point you're already seen the signs of I have a question is this a Phil Jackson. Is this a hornets sec issue. Is this a Derrick Rose issue is this just because. For coming from experience of a time when I was band store when you were holed outs when you were to lead athlete you get to that point menu. Jerk pissed off Al. Not only your pissed off if you like what the world is the reason why you're doing this who were you showing up sometimes you burn a bridge. Sometimes you're frustrated I remember getting the point were cut media. That's when we when you're young in your stupid do you think you're better than you are. You you we like cut you got only one imparted because you're making the emotional reaction to what athletes do you know I'm not defending Derrick Rose I'm trying to figure out. If this is one of those things that consistently happens. Over an hour with a coach and a player. What. Who who you point fingers at who's the baby did he jump ship is easy throwing a tantrum is just more dissect trying to assert himself what is the issue. I think this is like. A trio of guys they can all have fingers point Adam with one. Porn sex show on the issues before Derrick Rose as Shoney's she's the Ford Phil Jackson has not been the greatest no overseer of things in New York City. Costly is mellow helping out here lingo it says I'll. Everything everything you walk. Chris dobbs is they're like yea he's like America see your score of 73. I'd just like why was other a lot the Indian on the team in another guy. Yet another guy that. And in that right there. The do you think that is digging we all see this is something like this coming he in here's the thing is he said. When you're young in your career. And you made those mistakes. Would you have ever done something like this when you earned eight year vet who know. And eight year vet what I don't know I would have never left my team and what a job I would've probably express my feelings that I would have probably been the butt hurt in the meeting going and been mad but I still what are practiced this so what took it out of those guys on the practice field. I so we gave effort. I would've just been pissed off and here's the thing about when you look at this night. I sit there and ESPN report is like kind of protecting their grosans saying you know family emergency in this let. Then verticals. Report injuring more now ski dressed him. In the fact that he is saying that. Vickie it's the reaction to the benching over the last two games and now this happens. It's it's a whole bunch of things where they're saying yet is their main there may be some family issues that are going on in Chicago. But you gotta let us know in our our relationship is rocky already in this may just be the final. The final line where we're not. It's not even a similar to time I mean think about you're not hearing your what do you six months into the relationship. Well yeah and then there's there's two reports as one coming out earlier this week and last week that roses. Fed up with horn a sack privately talking crap about them I know what the other one is that he misses being away from his family in Chicago. I guess isn't something extra toll well. Anyways about the other I think the good the bad days nearly every build a bad day before you get out of a bad day terror go home and they know you have some Greek hall you'd fig call you can leave. You. Yeah one of the things I think you know I think now we couldn't do that back in the day we just have paid yours I think now with the kids went to kids deal. Is you or Bernie Huber for her and then get on Tinder and start so I can read from ever. As the kids do because kids can't talk to each other earning aren't as he accepted digital other did you really do it all you can do it on your phone in your study the dislike bright and a mean dog is whose main case may be that other guy may be during dinner. You go to FaceBook can change your relationship to you it's complicated at the beginning and then single at the end call me crazy here but I think there is an extreme. Gap between being in egocentric old. And and still being trying to be relevant you have two guys that are trying to be relevant to afford a second Phil Jackson. Extremely a look at what we've done we know overdoing sure you do. Derrick Rose hold on to that MB beat my knees can still hold together Norwood Derrick Rose said beginning of the year about that trifecta the got together. The death because the dream team Cupertino super teams he thought the knicks were a super you know when we put together the super team. It's so it was just delusional you have two guys that are just in Heathrow mellowing there is just. Adorable. Is Nick Saban to blame for Al Glenn band losing. Dusting came on the fan.