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Dusty and Cam - 1.5.17 - Hour 3

Jan 5, 2017|

NFL picks, Blazers' locker room leader, and Nick Wright joins the show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Competition is Jim. Every game sound so for the game plan. 1000 dusty and Tambo poured countless hours of research into their pro football predictions in this fiercely look look frighteningly small twelve. Anyway this is good change realty NFL challenge competition between the senators' staffs the junior stand genius and you presented by changer realty almost 1% listing sing and by bloodline the NFL jelly and drew Dustin camp. And proper dinner to. On tech maybe. That's another resident it's and. And. So that is the greatest sound. Another one who really need to. OC you don't know this about. About camp know this. This is his Rex Ryan but then it's yeah that's the idea they tell me just tell you right now we went out the hallway you guys he's been getting. Christian Wilkens. Clearly though are a musician they're hair never really get something let's go oh know does the here this morning Luke Anderson filling in three in dusty is. With his wife then maybe new baby we any updates like I don't know nothing he's gonna texts -- these other things going online donors and the senate and now you've watched the pair is their rates and save what's going on. I wanna be the god father. That's a child why anyway today's a pretty big day but I'll talk about it later that might be somebody have a big day today too. I don't know that person could be. Okay all right. Very interesting bits yeah we are our thoughts are with there a family expecting their second child any moment to pounce on it out. Yet how else where I stork I don't know we have the the rankings but my wife and I had twin girls in November I was doing very well in the NFL challenge up to that point. And includes the dropped. Pretty drastically since the kids came along so if you're looking to advance pass the ST here is the time to do it to them from being. Almost zero attention to believe that's wild card round coming out. I'm gonna start with you backing him and we'll start with the first game on Saturday that is the Connor cook. Led readers. Going QB Brock Oslo are led. Houston Texans planet decided receivable. Who you gam have one. I'm Tony what there is no way I would ever ever bet against a team. That is facing a team that happen with a quarterback. Who has absolutely zero. Experience going into this case when I mean zero. Fourteen of 21 does not count him out here its prime time but is old and coach said he won't be intimidated by the spot at. Good good so we got villages later admitted that after the Texans are a better football team they have a better defense. They at least have a semblance of quarterback play. The Texans are winning this game sorry it's just not happening. Now you are there you're not getting in less than it is something catastrophic would happen to Texans cannot win this football game after winning the football. I Derek Karr was an MVP candidate for a reason I mean he was the one that was clearly he was covering up all the flaws in this raiders team and he was doing it quite well it's really disappointing the raiders plain pleasant percent and fourteen seasons. And you go into the playoffs in a couple weeks ago expecting to be the two seed. There cars can lead your team you know have a chance to knock out the patriots and then you go to the backup quarterback the news third string quarterback and yet does not look good I think to be a fool not because Texans. I'll be honest I'm Bruton raiders I just I can't imagine that happening so I'll take the Texans as well on that one. The late game on Saturday the lions travel to century link field in Seattle take on the Seahawks. Lions really backed in the playoffs the Seahawks are playing great as of late waters. Paws crossed we get your pick. But I'm sorry you don't know our president there under the bus forgot it was proper to try all right senator now I don't care Kruup blog guess what we do I'm feeling foolish. And on and I know we're gonna say because yearly total you know I'm a raiders fan this is depressing this is so depressing now that being said. Grade. And why because that many TX ninety I had nothing to visas collar America head in our next Todd or an image but the primary breed out all right let's go. Number two game number two game lions acts Seahawks both teams kind of struggling a little bit that and now the regular season with any moment. This one I don't feel comfortable with the I really don't pay that the century link field used to be a place for everybody feared about going in play right there was. Real fear when he went in and it was loud it was the twelfth man they call the twelve now because Texas a and M bonnet but they owned him. This Seahawks team is so an official with the running the football because they're offensive line is bad in fact Christian Michael said this before. Is on the Green Bay Packers he leads the team in rushing him he's on the Packers folks. But they have Russell Wilson. They don't have Earl Thomas but they have came chancellor. I like the Seahawks but I think this is close an oval line is eight to hide I'm sorry as the playoffs guys are gonna come to play. The league is a blow out of Seahawks win but I would not be surprising lines can sneak this one now. I don't have a lot of faith in the lines though either like I said they had an opportunity control their own destiny down the stretch. Early in the playoffs because nobody else was good enough to take their spot the Buccaneers failed the last couple weeks as well. The Redskins couldn't get it done against a giants team that was literally playing for nothing. And and that's why the lions are here it's not because they earned it and they made big gains that they didn't win throughout the season. Required just to grit and toughness that the and they trailed in every. Fourth quarter for the first six wins. So I don't trust the lions and all I will go Seahawks just experience wins out and they have enough guys and enough positions and you know I mean let's be honest they signed Devin Hester. That'll be the difference. It maybe and maybe. As much as I've been enjoying the upstart lions in life Stafford has been able to dealing cougar camp with Jim Bob cooter there we scooter Cano that's of the calls quarterback camp right we talked about that Junebug recruiter yeah. He's got cooter camp they make sure it's a long one that's as well he had enjoyed that. Really hard to pay against the Seahawks and they are experienced at home against the lions you me Seattle death 39 and rainy though does that make a difference to mess ever thrown a football around. I mean maybe I read it doesn't make it that is only my name on the dome TI doesn't change my. And you don't admit it you don't know how well his finger is I do think century link field is still a tough place to play for anybody I'd going to the early game on Sunday. That is the do opens at the Steelers Matt Moore quarterbacking. Dan hill has not been ruled out there they have confidence and now more than even go and and get the job done at least to the same ability just can't help but they are going to go against a pretty good team and I'm sorry folks this is a ten point line I think is B seventeen. Including Donna can see who's pretty dang good Matt worst quality I gave you a higher ranking. The dolphins are good but they're going to Pittsburgh Libyan bell brown Roethlisberger. That Pittsburgh defense I think Pittsburgh just right and there it. They're the team that I say goes all the way to please the patriots in the AFC championship game. I that Wendy's is steel or serve our stone cold it'll shock you Al what. Roethlisberger. Alan brown you want to call that could each get twenty in this bird this the first time you have that trio healthy in the playoffs yes and of the funny thing about it is and we're gonna talk about the Packers and how hot they are I think a lot of new target. The Steelers are a seven game win streak to giving him they've got eleven wins so wasn't as touching goes it was for the Packers. The hottest team in football is the Pittsburgh Steelers are in this evil. The dolphins it won't even be close. ATP agree with you on the show and don't really does very layman's hey listen just you need to come first when a girl appeared now to this week's B beards and yet they get Grier all the that would be great show the beards in the agree ears yeah agreeing beards something alleged hamsters get. Around over a couple of copy yeah I gotta go with the Steelers I wanna take. I Oregon State alumnus. Matt Moore cuts in Miami Dolphins are what you're winning out there is no because if Matt Moore was starting for the readers. If Matt Moore starting for the raiders I think at least one of he would flip over to the readers. Am I ever wanted to like just having a good writers is that anything that Saddam no I'm gonna go at the Steelers the dolphins have they play the Steelers well. But I it's the playoffs it's Pittsburgh. If Ben Roethlisberger. Got a Mac. Q many weapons for Gary quarterback supporting the lines the last two lines are deep intend. Now while it was a big play offline usage that's not what if he's that big in playoff time Clara and those who show yet. And and health I think was the founder and all of this. The New York Giants this raffle game sweep in Lambeau Field I remind you once again. In 2007. When the giants went all the way to default patriots they had to travel through Lambeau Field in 2011. When the giants went on to beat the patriots in Super Bowl they had to travel through Lambeau Field is this the start. Of another giants' run to knock off the vaunted. Bill Belichick and Brady comedy we all remember the game how cold it was watching Michael Strahan and those set watching try to talk Tom's got no leaks its big season. Right read a really good on everybody just. I think this could try to put gasoline all over their faces to keep that in I don't know some semblance of ski in the on their faces off. I mean there. I'm really torn on this game I really am I right eat when you're talking about elite quarterbacks you have Eli you have Aaron Rodgers here at home of the Packers. I really like the giants in this game my eye when I say torn in his only because I think the giants a little bit better defense surpass sources better. Paying the giants picked I think the understudy gets the teacher here marketed as we can get him. Hedo in a game like this dike you're looking for an X-Factor. If only those DM giants wide receivers hadn't been party in my. There are no windows no I blood with the giants as well I think that in Green Bay the tear they've been on his awesome. I don't. They don't have or rushing game thanks Sam Montgomery yeah I gotta go with the giants I just think their team their their team experienced and they are. To balance their ballots to speak only backe is you. Went ahead and that's an I don't know how we normally do in order sorry that I just we don't really have an order to see nobody it's even I forgot the first time ever talks about world yeah I think we're OK I'm sorry this this show is absolutely terrible and I pulled just all the listeners undone giants is well. There is nothing there and root for more than the giants getting back up with a patriots. I think that's the best story I'll be the most fun and it'll be disappointing when that happens they'll be throttled by the patriots but. I think the giants go out with a news. With a pass responsibility to get to Rodgers they still don't know how well his calf has fueled. And you've got too many. Chipped up components of the secondary for the Packers so. As much the home field advantage as hot as the Packers fan I think it's a giants and that's the only road team that I have. And it's only routine that any of us have in this zone after playing along at home. We all picked the Texans except for property do we go and homer for the agree on everything except for my homer raiders except for the homer raiders pick we don't pick the Seahawks will pick the Steelers. And we all picked the giants so I guess that means later money on the Packers. And today enjoy this week and of NFL football. Who's bill leader in the blazers locker room that is nexus is dusty came in the morning right here on 1080 fans. This is just examine the morning on 1080. In about ten minutes Red Sox put nick right host for FAS one and fox Sports Radio will ask him what kind of the rest of the country looks at when they look at the blazers. Think of that but it won't get some audio from yesterday's dirt and Sprague actress Haynes I joined them they're kind of talking about you know how this team is constructed. And one of the the big topics that keeps coming up is does this team need to go on make a move and is it worth the risk to go after somebody with questionable. Character here as we get closer to the trait they're if they are steel. If they are still outside of the top eight. I'll update you really do have to consider. Guys even guys with questionable character. You know all this data go terribly soft porn actress same term. You're not having any indication this live order it'd just look at what Cuba trying to come true to work to do we shot. This year's problem in Qatar on the Coke plant itself will be an outreach to strap to come. Control. I'm not saying they're headed that way. You know I don't have any dollars and that. But our artistic get the thriller or stress that there in the last two made any move. I trade deadline is February 23 a lot can happen between now and then then if the blazers get some momentum obviously there's no need to really make a change but if they start to go sell these suggesting that. The moves are in the draft Stowe what then then why why would you jump ship on went you don't need if your team is bad and you're trying to be bad to get a draft pick. You know need to change anything either so almost to me sounds like. They're not making any changes as much as people clamoring for. I hate the way that sounded right there we sent trying to be bad. Why can tricky if not that you said it but that is the time ever to your I don't know what's the way here was formed two years ago yeah. Everybody was into it in the mirror the twenty and half was there over understand I think you got as the lowest there was I pay for that number one picnics you know you 44 wins during the playoffs. Shooting way above expectations again OK you O'Shea said the word this team is an emerging well what do you emerging this year. Don't tank you're not gonna take this team is not doing and I built that way now. So you're talking about getting to that trade deadline in who's gonna be available for trades if you're looking to get better to make a playoff push you're within striking distance. Of that eight seed you're gonna do whatever you can't find another person in their to do that I have no problems were doing that who's got it you Paul Allen is gonna say hey guys this. Tread water we'll get a better pick I don't believe he's a kind of owner. Well now and he's willing to spend money in you see what they did to keep this roster together that outperformed you know the expectations last year. And and you know let's be honest even the blazers did get picked they probably picked the wrong guy going to be in heard two years and never would play for the team so it's not really the organization that has a history of going into the draft and getting these. Jams that and revenue long careers we all know about missing out on Jordan Andrew rants. And all of that so I won't get an of that but the idea that this team would make a move because they're playing worse. To me doesn't make as much sense as making a move because there on the cut us that this thing is. About making a move for somebody especially with questionable character no don't Marcus Cousin comes up again and again. And will use him as an example and he may not be the guy but if you go after somebody like that. It's because you think you can win now he's got one year left on his contract you got eagle were missing one piece. We have we have an opportunity to go out with this roster if we can improve it you know. This much then we can go out and we can compete with the warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the San Antonio Spurs. I just don't see a scenario where that happens and if the idea is that you just make the team that you built better. Just play together and that's that's what's really gonna do I know that it's really difficult for for fans to sit there and go well. What they're doing isn't working they need to do something different. You blow the whole thing up and what happens if you're an exact same spot next year because you made all these moves he just further behind. We are the audio was with Chris Haines ESPN writer and he he even. But the other pretty good article explaining few things about we ask a question going into the break about the leadership in the locker room there and why it's so important. To have leaders in the locker especially when your big time leader right now floor general. Damian Miller is heard any talk also about the summer about how the supposedly the blazers were just reaching when it comes to offering Chandler Parsons a match contract. Max contract and how he's fall on his face here in Memphis right now the talk about not getting your return. Evan Turner on the other hand has had good return I mean differ for what he's not been hurt in a brief time he was there but what he's contributing he's out their playing. Misses on everybody misses on fest this is healing. Web and they sent a lot of money on him either yet but I the but when you talk about mrs. now. If it is in the you're expecting him to have a little bit of help right there respecting him to be shot blocker to blocker barker. By shot blockers up blocker he was gonna be the guy that had a little bit more help in the middle they created defense. But his role with the Golden State Warriors. Supposedly had the kind of report with those guys are you can be outspoken he could be a locker room leader wasn't sitting well. With some of the blazers. Well sure when you've never played game and you've never gone out and went to battle with these guys got rained -- sherbet he Hillary's been on the championship team many had some nice practices and trains out of their ability to opt in there and everybody you know what apparently not siege in the cold shut him down pretty quick sure do and and just say hey listen you know if if you're questioning our effort why don't you get better and then come out and contribute. And that's what I mean you've been in professional locker rooms if you haven't guide it's never laced up the cleats. And comes out there in your locker room in your unity your offense or your the wide receiver group in tight ends. Whatever are performing up to snuff and you've got a guy that you know. Got traded in the off season was a nice free agent pick companies never lace it up with a view even if he came off a Super Bowl team would. You give him any credit let me be the scenario I can answer this question Alex own will be. And any time when you have certain things working well right we can say what the blazers did last year worked very well is it made. 44 wins and made the playoffs and got and it had a first round win. Things worked correct your naming your coach stock TV period of philosophy. You bring somebody in he's a new guy right. Is anybody like the new guy when they come into the office to start saying here's what I used to do I fill in for the show and you guys hate me yes. I see you suck don't do you any time do we like the guy that steps in and says well. I did it this way yes we did it this way at Golden State. You know maybe step did this or dream on did that you probably think that some of those words uttered out of professors is elis mouth. And how do you think that sits with guys who said our system what we did worked last year. You're just your scene a tough time up ya ya do you got a I there's no way in their right mind that I would accept that. In my locker room if I was Dane or CJ for any other leaders I would tell this guy. No nobody you're stepping out of bounds right now we have a good thing going right your yes or not it's not equating to wins all the time. But right now stop you don't need to be that Gary now you're on the court earn our respect before you sir tell us what to do you know what though I like it is a. Opportunity because you've got to comes in and and and maybe you've been offenses he believes what 25 years old 26 years old to he comes in babies doesn't have the experience to do that I think when you come in. And your brash in your coming off a championship and you think you can make an impact right away he can't do anything on the court so we speaks up I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. And guess what if if CJ in the rest of the team didn't like it. At least have a vocal leader to do so that ends up becoming a cancer in the locker room. It's easy to collaborate with a guy that hasn't been there but I like them the opportunity presented itself. For somebody to step up and show leadership and certainly in Dame's absence siege McCall's my guy that does that. They continue to add pieces they continue to grow as a team I think that there is potential for this team. Even if they got to their height of what they can be at the end of this year I don't think they're competing with the spurs in the warriors. In the west and I don't think the repeal of the cavaliers for a championship so you keep building this team as long as you can. That's my opinion. Let's get a mobile the Mormon national perspective we are gonna talk to nick writes from FS one and fox Sports Radio next this is dusty camp in the morning. First Crawford a sports. This is dusty and cameramen more million dollar intimidate its. Welcome back Luke Anderson in for dusty terra. Tip in with Kim Cleveland announced Crawford we are joined now by. Radio host for fox sports radio and FS one that we have nick right joining nets knicks thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Very thanks certainly don't. Yeah absolutely and and you'll be on Colin today at 1030 so few folks I continue listening you'll hear that right here on the fan. I'm nick I am a fill in host this morning the regular host is with his wife they're expecting a baby very soon. I'm also sitting in the chair that Colin Cowherd got his start in radio in. You've filled in for Colin what to that experience been like taking on one of those with the biggest filling spots in radio. Well first of all I would have this ready not transgender radio station where it's due to pressured occasionally fights new Carter. Yeah you would just use your city in an incredibly old chair. Com. There right now it's nice. So what college is. And you know I'm I'm on the record on this from well well well Opel war that's one ever hired. So ladies and I'm not even the pop into the past ever to this. And I I don't know that there's been a close second. And so Billy you know when he's all like to show and it. I've read it to be Eric said at an arms that are only here it's the greatest honor of my professional career. I mean so reduced I mean it sticky exactly what I think. Kind of assumed to be would choose a look at unbelievable. That's fantastic that's big of things that are not flip an unbelievable the start to the blazers season we've been sitting here trying to dissect. What is wrong in Portland and we kind of look at the expectations that we had. As blazers fans around the city from a national level when people look at this blazers team isn't as much of a shock as it is here to see the way they've started. Yeah I mean they can apparently shocked really isn't about how these started right like to twelve and and I think it was well belt realistic view blows. What happened after that what do they lose eleven of thirteen yeah really I decider. Yeah I think here's the thing what. I. He didn't detain the blazers have right now I think people would look maybe not be used disappointed. If they didn't have felt like really surprising old white guys that she started and we thought it would be a year. Prior you know what I mean like if you remember a few years ago. Well at Phoenix Suns were going to be dreadful. You're they hire airport reject. They that they and then activate in cup almost making the playoffs and it made the team well first course. Like in the estate merely detailed scope Burton now and then beat got a couple years of disaster because. Big war ever actually used good as we thought they were right. So like what should the expectations of the blazers have been. Like this wouldn't be in the first round Al team last year the clippers don't you would. Multiple devastating injuries. Maybe there was somewhat. Unfair expectations put on that really good backcourt. That now leading took some disappointment this year. OK nick I want to get into the NFL as a for an fret that a full player myself I shared a couple stories about what I've seen. In not only while plane rides. Off season training camps things there that need during my day after I retired in 06 we can have the cell phones around you get pictures with this giants issue. And seen this team on a boat forgot six when there's a day off. I've I've said this is out of my had a camera during my day would even be as fine as it is now because guys are more patient than what they're actually putting out there. My question is are we tired of seeing now from everybody's seen the sausage is made a right to I have to continually have everybody. Can be quote in not only quote just fans out there continuously say why can't these guys be more professional. Do I expect by quarterback to be professional to expect by linebackers to expect that to want these boys to be boys what are you expecting from players like this in the situation. He yeah I mean I see they care complaining about the giant wide receivers. Going to vote warm weather plate and sit on a boat went on their day off from work. I like say this with I just know to respect you whack it out and I would never wanna hang out with. Like his shot up like that may not you particularly. But it yet you know these are listed spoke. You don't work this hard to become a professional athlete to be young and rich. Single tend not go to Miami and back and work this hard so you go to Miami. And then right here that they don't shortchanging. The game plan. These national theater am white paper per nine ralphs. Once we calmed down there and they're not they're not taking a break or crack in the nuclear codes. There won't off some steam a couple for what for a playoff game and really I mean it's sports or played all. It is. This like you mentioned first wolf it has been happening forever second of all these guys are how loud. You spend time away from work on your take off from work. The upper hand idea. That something and like to act. Like why. Like our people right now I get it right or your workday starts but they're going to be people. While they are all on the clock. Work. Today are written to me don't count now work for wouldn't be your radio station. What we're doing while someone else is spreading to be on the clock they are firing off angry tax let's. You did you. Do you pay more attention to their job. Nonsense and it all comes from a place of jealousy. It's because everyone on that boat is better looking than in that department complaining. About what better everywhere and I quotas that are working men. Ever on their quotas were tune them. I brought that voted better looking probably did that when they covers what whip ever on that boat is younger and having more on. And so they're just lashing out it's utter stupidity. Just hold you can. So nick what if it was no let's play the what if game what if it was eat a quarterback. Into the playoff with it is Camden what if it is that situation regal all my goodness now hold on. That's my leader that's the guy that touches the ball every single second of this game does that change your stock. Yet so booking of the interesting because of course it would change spots working on but I you know I don't even know we get to do what it. Like this happened with Tony Romo Tony rove 08 years ago quickly Kabul before a playoff game. Now I think at a body but he didn't Wear it wherever one. Dating Jessica Simpson he got on crack or if you argue. And your quarterback needs to be totally locked in the I don't suppose I can listen to it but. I also think like dirt they all your day off. And if the colts want to quarterback to be in the facilities but so would starting. Did your talent you don't have a day off and they are like one last thing I just been. A lot of people think that. The way they try apple is the way these guys travel like Rihanna went from New York to Miami. They drove to the airport and ethical issues Jirga or that they technical leadership was and then they get it. Man this wasn't true Al work right be playing yet. Mike touched down their bit like. It's been like 812 hour it is excursion in. So I don't know like I guess it. If you live in the world Eric Ely wouldn't we're triggered song is in the picture you were holding the blunt in the bottom part. And maybe get like ours and well when you glad I don't care. When you play in a sleepy town like New York City need to get out every once a while and go somewhere where are. They are there and you're you know they're doing the same thing it's just not on camera and there's no picture of a B you do the exact same thing. In any city that you want to let's get into the games this weekend we're talking with nick writes radio host for fox Sports Radio who beyond calling Keller today at 1030. Nick I'm looking at these playoffs and I've kind of circled the Steelers and the patriots in the AFC I think they're the two that are playing for a chance to be in the Super Bowl. The NFC's seems a lot more wide open so if I can start their. Do you think the cowboys are the favorites and if not who do you think Jack comes out of the NFC. Oh I mean yet so I definitely think published in the favored it doesn't mean like Arab bloc but yeah I think they are strong paper. I mean and interestingly. They there are great running team very very very good happened in. They have an outstanding offensive line may have a better defense and we thought it would. In their home field I think dealt with issues. The best team in football by at least it sure looked decent market. Who. Patriots there though are you know what I don't think they'll fight I don't think the paper to our commonality and I think you can't preachy or. I think it and that. That the page until really go out but the patriots also the best quarterback they've beaten all your Joseph Flacco. They have they have petty raw and oaks seven consecutive. Bottom bottom your quarterback that it kind of help them. I don't pardon me almighty big looked maybe a little more practice may actually York. I think Barack aren't helped you agree is a really significant staying. I you know I want it. In Egypt in played in top well last year in the game worker cal he had two touchdowns and a hundred plus yards. And potentially hurt Hubert is a buffet should not tiger kill and hope your defense in the true seed so like. I don't think that's a wild creepy prediction. Thought I think both. I think the two best teams in Opel or the cowboys the patriots but I don't think those are going to be your Super Bowl backers are negotiable matter should be. The double and the troops. In early in the show nick we talked about ranking quarterbacks in the playoffs and neither was the deck press gutsy he's our I gave him number five in my rankings in the NFC side. In the issue was is that I said he's under the same scrutiny that Russell Wilson went through earlier in his career every once said an excuse is it always got a great Russell Wilson got a great defense he's got. Marshawn Lynch behind him he's got Pete Carroll is get all these things and everyone saying the same thing. Vs Jack he's got a great offensive lines got a great running back he's got a good coach. All these things are gonna factory in two and you're seeing he gets all the way to the Super Bowl then Coach Billick check ins of sane. Hey I don't expect guys to in the expectations or the experience to be the one. The differentiate you in the playoffs it's. I need you make plays is he good enough is this and looking back field for the cowboys really really saw hoping good enough to take all the way through and beat experience. Yeah I think they are all IE I think that we have a bit of a confirmation bias going on. It is much yet or expectation bias our necks would be that way according. Fighting it to act in this week. Were beating another ten rookies. I think decal which would be the consensus favorite to win the Super Bowl and I think Jack would be you can encrypt league MB. Well give these guys were both like. Pick your approach that have been to a couple play all brawn and visual cue old Walt. You look at taxis and and you say OK let me Becker in BP five and quarter record in cup aren't. Which reserves stop arming our expert kept. Thought I haven't observed their separation so it seemed the best in the league and basically it sort of be in the present. That you DM BP date they should you know there there are. Picked to go to the soup or it would be a something like what happened with cam last year. It is because there rookies that we think. That we're looking at her reason to not give act in BP we're looking Korea and not picnic out was when the Super Bowl. I get it at avoiding it happened I think they're the best team in the rookie saw out there. Well nick I wanna thank you for taking the time outs to talk to us this morning this has been great. Yes thank you yeah appreciate it all right I'm nick right you can hear him later today talking with Colin at 1030 can also see him on FS one. Let's Doolittle. Conversation about some of the comments he made will be the next is dusty came in the morning right here on 1080 the fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning. I'm standing below. Not entirely true. No dusty here this morning he's doing things that are more important in life and I know what you're thinking more important Sports Radio again. Children coming into the world apparently trumps. Coming into war going on how dare he gives us an in just one of those things we know where his priorities are doing. We just stuck with that nick writes host for fox Sports Radio office one. Pick the chiefs to go to the Super Bowl viewed as the 816 blowing up the techs like they're guess where that area code is what we're. I would have a solid guests have blown up by the chiefs is very excited about the pick 816 Erica just gets anywhere in the surgeries to Missouri at Kansas City metro mode there is ask agitated -- yeah I'll support you up in Houston he worked in Kansas City ya so. Cities that makes homer radio you know you need to now Gallo makes the rays are still acts as like I said though there are some good sneaky about the chiefs those shifts. And here. Well sneaky about him I wanted to tear your thoughts on we asked nick about blazers and kind of what he is thoughts were just kind of looking at it from the outside and we get were pretty close the team and in a watch most games certainly talk about the blazers a lot of nice eyed Bible admit that I you know I root blazers. As do I think most people on the station Kramer did well at. I I try to look at it from protect Madonna CD outside of this if you let your outside the city you don't have an outside perspective it's too much it's our only professional sports team. He was kind of pointing out he pointed to boot the Jeff Porter sec lead. Phoenix Suns that outperformed expectations and it kind of threw off their rebuilding plans. He's kind of thinks that's what's going home with the blazers so in the long run do you think he could be actually bad for the blazers did you did so well last year. No it's never bad at it think about what you just said that's the way you framed it right and I'm I'm just repose at his well to you. I I that's not my belief I just think that that's what I heard nick say what's in Gary. Interpreting that I yeah I heard a different OK tell me how you are well no I just heard it as is that every year is this body of work right you can't go there and say it's bad for in 2000 that. Do we almost a week the blazers almost went finish to the final homer and then you drop the weekend ride and we every now and because it just it happens a fitting answer almost went. And then all of a sudden the team is guided them in jail what I mean that's this is what happens in sports. They're the Panthers this year to reporters bull last Wright did the Al they would do whatever when other crappy can't make the play that won the Broncos and route two they wanna open so I just I guess this narrative that you have to suck for a reason for certain amount of time you have to find ways to get these picks. I do believe though in the NBA. More than any other sport that you have to build through the draft. I do believe that the MBA is is significantly important to be able to build through the draft. It just because they're going fifteen roster spots and you need one or two guys to really beat. Your cornerstone you have to really good players you're just looking for that third person to stand out to really stand out. If you got to find him in the draft and they traded away all their picks I mean everything is gone so your assets are now you have on your roster. Can you trade for that and find some. And who's out there. Yep you look at a team like Minnesota it's got you know great draft picks and in the meantime we'll take into Oregon's number one they got him from the cavs and you have Carl Anthony counting of all this talent they're still they're building dunk on everybody well that's the thing is. I suppliers for Golden State to get there very you view sixties made my point four meter there is any developments. Though window in the NBA and employers don't come out of the draft ready built for an NBA and even even the greatest player that we probably ever seen LeBron James. Came out and you know. Made the team a lot better but took him awhile to get it cheaper to be certainly can do and Cleveland the first time around he almost willed his team to a championship from what was it 2007. But yet to go to Miami and team up with those of the teams and when he came back to Cleveland they had 231 round picks they ask it to album. They kept carrier being and they brought back Kevin Love daddy and Wiggins and Anthony Bennett who were also number one overall pick. The NBA just takes development and takes on a lock to. And you get all the teams that just missed out an opportunity and and take the clippers last year. With injuries in of that team felt like they had a chance to go and make a run in the playoffs. And I think they were itching to play against the warriors but they lose all the guys they loosen the blazers the blazers had opportunities Steagall the warriors because of injuries and obviously they need they didn't come. I nearly as close as ever brutal like that they really fought in that series and you had a chipped up staff curry and those opportunities you know. Present themselves. Like you said each year every year is its own. And an hey if you stick with this blazers team there's no reason become the next ago we'll same teams and the patient. It should be your better a year more developed and you know you figure out your flaws in and you can build them up just as easily. No no way sorry we owe him and he took a couple segment thank you feel out. An angry. A cranky. A year back tomorrow that you and Jack Crawford tomorrow I think we still have dusty scheduled out as we have on want claimed a little Rama you've been back Toto Robby filled by the way I'd like to wish somebody having birthdays today. There's somebody behind him Ike. He's gotta you know have gone. You're above this the quarter century mark Gelman you're giving to the old us dude I'm old man yeah how old I forgot your president bring it tomorrow. I'm tired that's a sort of thinks they are your birthday men bay banks what do you do share a birthday with the new. Yeah so I'm really pressuring dusty. To name his child well middle name Alex or Crawford I think Crawford Crawford Elaine you're trying to go god dad onion or dog father hey I don't realize that resonance I would. And I just love that no matter what happens in the rest of our lives. I will always have the same birthday is dusty supersonic. He's Karachi your your old now and I know man role I feel all your payment due today what do you do I don't know I don't know I didn't all I know plans like go get warm yeah out there something used in his drivers they by the buyer he's got a host opening tomorrow he's going to be a re no good luck we'll ask Nomar humbled now I don't you feel like party tonight. It's gonna show up for work on time newbie earlier tomorrow when he was the battery I was gonna like because our heater broke yeah we don't database where they HTC does trump gentlemen and those of pleasure I appreciate you let me join under for this. Little radio program that you guys do every morning and we'll be back tomorrow without me that's a thank you everyone for listening. Have a great Thursday enjoy the weekend of NFL football to suspend dusty camera here on 1080 the thing. Babcock or child seriously.