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Dusty & Cam, 12.21.16 Hour 2

Dec 21, 2016|

Blazers talk, visiting Trent Dilfer's PT comments on the Jags/Bortles, and some NFL Coaches in question.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dusty and stamina morning's. Eight feet. To me. Yeah. Brit god. Kerry and it does Dinara still. I was like yeah me that's important principal here and an NFL veteran can clearly meant. Hey wait for you an apology on 1080s showtime. Premiere and he. Absolutely Anderson Patrick Harris in for dusty camp this morning Patrick Harris from the hot corner that means at some point we have Chicago baseball hello. 815 were a socket some kind of interesting news as it pertains to hall of fame voting so stick to around about 8 o'clock am saying we happen mean at 8 o'clock we have WTF. Wednesday's a staple of the dusty camp show. And then that 745 bullet you know our thoughts on the Pro Bowl selections who's in who should have been in. But right now Ole. I'm reluctant about this. Promise you we do. The markets cousins can give us an outed talk about antics. Vs talking about global leading up to yesterday's game it was all about how much of blazers needed a win they came out. On fire the Deanna what twelve point lead the first quarter they were up double digits going in at halftime the elderly through the third quarter. And then early in the fourth quarter the first time the kings take a lead then go on to win. In a five point victory obviously all of the DeMarcus Cousins stuff Padilla and is kind of overshadow what happened in the game. The patch. These blazers desperately needed a winning conduit even with the lead what's going on for. Who knows why so after primetime last night I'm driving home. Listen to wheels on the radio. Is because I like him I think he does a great job called basketball on the radio he lives. I'm noticing and then I watched on television most of the first half. Mo heartless got off to a really hot start that was exciting. My wanna say he had to. Like nine in 49. Points four rebounds something like that late in the first five minutes it's ten minutes of the game. And CJ was hot scoring and then all of a sudden it kinda had disappeared. And I'm looking at some stats here in the this is what I've seen that's the most alarming thing. Over three. Over one Oprah 11392. For 71 for 50 for one that is the blazers shooting. Three pointers. That's a that's awful. That's awful you made four out of your when he 73 pointers and that's what I understand if you're if you're establishing this lead at this time. Wire you know maintaining possession. Running the clock out and looking for the easy basket wire we shooting threes I'm looking a Meyers Leonard stat line year nineteen minutes. Oh for three from the field all three point attempts one offensive rebound to. Maybe he chose a guy to pick or do because the guys not doing anything. Well he's the guy that went in fouled out and was that the body on DeMarcus Cousins who had 55 in the game and we've we've talked about the you know the statistics that the blazers. Have the worst defense in their franchise history allowing a 113 points. That's gone up after Lou allowing 126. Have now what are they allowing a 114 points. Per game they have and they're near the bottom in rebounding. And they're near the bottom there at the bottom of the league in defense I mean they dozer. Efforts stats but this should be very different conversation. If the blazers 10132126. Sure we know the defense having this disease are still there but this is a win the blazers had to get. I mean I'm not I'm not. Screaming the sky is falling it's way too early for that but this is a win. In your next you don't have easy games in your next five game unit excellent terms twice you've got Minnesota are you gotta I'm sorry Dallas time he hits second you'd Sacramento twice in Dallas the spurs twice and Toronto sandwiched them there exactly that's not far and now. That's a fun in this is again you had to grab. And they couldn't do any with a lead the entire game they're going out there and they're just they're playing really well it's 72 points at halftime how. How much view. When I look at it so. One of the things about the shot selection for these blazers. It doesn't necessarily allow you to get back in a good defensive position they're not always fast break points. We do when you space the for the way they do and they do these quick pop and poll all of ops. Where Dane or CJ will just go and shoot three pointer from 44 feet you belong rebound. And you can get out of position if you're going back in the defense and they ate there one issue quick and or or even drive don't necessarily have to do and a fast break scenario. But when you key rebound these shots are much more difficult to go to long rebounds is that you all out of position. And you do that late in the game as a way to maintain the lead yet two point. All the possession drive get a good shot that you have a chance to rebound if you get a second possession. Every third or fourth time down the bell on the floor that's going to be the way to maintain a lead isn't just they don't have. A good basketball IQ. Yeah I think I think that's something that got exposed less that we all know the defensive deficiencies we've seen it we've seen it all season and we. We'd be talking about it all seasonal continue to talk about it until we see more effort coming from on the defense event however last night. What I saw him that was more egregious then. The defense was just he abilities to you. Control a lead on the offensive side you know if you play weak defense and you leave the game yet you're remain there's going to be an opportunity for the other team to give back in the game. But there's also strategy in the offensive side. I can essentially played defense for you you seem college basketball a time up William that's why there's more PP three points that's what Tony Bennett. Does at Virginia yes that's he's his defense is his. Entire shot clock offense yep and that's why they won games 5536. Now I'm not saying gold that hard core that extreme. When you you're not gonna hold the team to fifty point yeah I mean like look look at look at Waco like a soccer game or an NFL game when he got the ball in the midfield and you're up by eight. And there's two minutes left what do you do you'll run the football got in a soccer game what do you do you pass at three midfielders and an eagle back to your defense of life. Pre back to me puke resume buying time yeah I don't understand. Why we don't see we saw none of that last night. It and if they're not going to be able to play if they're not physically talented enough to play defense you've got to find other routes and maybe that could be wrapped we NC last night. Well at least my next question this is from the techs like from the 36 so we have an extreme talent deficit. And I would be surprised if a bunch of people if and I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of people left I would be sad to see. I'd be sad to see a bunch of Goebel what do you think of of the roster is this the roster that you do is stick with they haven't figured out the second unit and they don't know Evan Turner fits in there. You've got to meet you in and out of the line MP hasn't been back in the starting line up even when he does return. He's playing her he's gonna back contusion now so. Once they solidified that starting lineup and Aminu in there we know that they're better will that help them figure out what they're doing their second unit they needed just shake things up and make a trade. Well my guess it is less than a prime time and I think the reality is is that last year was such a surprise season. With games solidifying himself as a superstar CJ and his comeback player of the year we had nice most moved quite yet most of us are most improved player. Ahmet you saw a nice spurts from you know only play well at times and Allen Crabbe got his big money dealing. You liked the potential from bond land heartless and Davis and all those young cats. And I think the kids last year kind of played out of their boots a little bit. Yep and got to suck ups on some guys and surprise them and we saw a lot of effort a lot of hard work last year. And this year I think. It's just showing us that last year was more of a fluke. Then actual talent because it's the same team and this team looks. Worse I know we talked Evan Turner is a different is different piece of yet we're still trying to figure out how Evan Turner is gonna fit in the offense. But if anything Evan Turner should have been. Helpful. Did not voting group outside of that it's the same team. Well here's here's here's my perspective on it right now the blazers still sits. In the eighth spot they're thirteen and seventeen the nuggets Arabia and twelve and seventeen who just blew the doors off the blazers and the type edit LA kings now add at 1117 so because of that unbalanced schedule you have you know two more games in the king's you've got one more game. Played in the nuggets so if they win their next games then they'll be an even record but still you're right there at an eight spot this is a three teams that are below 500 sitting there the next is the next spot is the thunder at sixteen and twelve I read so. Last year the boys have been 44 games they end up with a five seed and they go and they get a win in the in the first round of the playoffs. The 44 wins two years ago would value out of the playoffs in the west. A lot of what we're seeing is just the gap between the top. And the middle is growing. You'll get the warriors and what they're able to do and you add Kevin Durant to that team that's a lot different and and adding Evan Turner to your team. Right so now you've just increase your gap you set a record for wins in the NBA they're 25 and four doesn't seem that impressive because they don't lose a game until Christmas last year. But the warriors are going to run away with the west and nobody's talking about the search spurs are right behind 'cause we never talk about expert. The warriors are gonna run away with it until we look at the standard and we go all the spray right there the whole time. We always forget about them and then either one who's gonna lose to the caps that's the likely story that's going to happen there are three teams competing for a championship the clippers will be a fun story for second. Because they're this you know. Al Liu offense that they run and Chris Paul's the greatest point guard never to win anything. Russell Westbrook gonna have led us season average of a triple double hundreds be Bloomberg pretzel that but guess what he's all for five in the last five seconds when he's shooting either tie the game or take a lead he's no good at the end that's like Kevin Durant left his he's the one should be shooting can't get the ball. And then of course the rockets are going to be James Harden just run and all over the place put maps that may in MVP race that won't win you anything did you hear Trevor Ariza said he can't make all the shots. Yeah electronic is that way shoots sixty of my game that so and so this is where we sit with the blazers regardless of what they do they're going to be in a better position in the would have been years ago. Because there's not as much parity yes they need improvement there playing their best basketball the end. And they can play a team that has injuries and play Washington went I don't think it's all that different from last year except for Everest get up play paid a lot more money. And the expectations are so much higher because of what they did last. Is this takes on the fan takes on a 55 through five I don't wanna read real quickly before we get out of here. It's from the 503 it says the lineup is garbage and Neil is getting a pass I'm not necessarily giving Neil O'Shea a past. I think if anything Neil along with. A lot of bus people in people in basketball and us is local media and fans. I think dogs got duped a little bit yeah well do we all just got. I think. People played out of their minds. And in the contract thing is not is not a joke either when he paid the MBA is the most egregious at this when I get my dollars I don't care cause all I want is my Dallas. I listened back to a conversation you had with Trent Dilfer last night when you on prime time something stood out I wanna get that. Next more dusty camp in the morning right here on 1080 the fan. I used vehicles aren't apologist I don't think there's any chance we're four or six and she's so why. He sold that these players it didn't player or are just quarterback I don't know Cecily go that you could recap that. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 say. That was Trent Dilfer last night on prime time. Right here antennae the fan hosted by of course Patrick Harris and Mike Lynch as always savage AAF right there at. Patrick Mike could set up the question asked about the job. In Jacksonville whether or not it was a good job. A lot of people think that it may be among the worst in the NFL there attendants that are there fan enthusiasm Greg Brady isn't always their book but the funny thing was. He took it to Blake portable well look I think the thought process behind Mike asking that question because I was kind of I think we've talked about it on Monday you know how good is the jags job because we've talked the last couple years about. They could be a breakout team. They've drafted well they've gotten some good free agent you look at that the drafts just on the defense of so that all gas like they should be you know among the best defense it look like they're really turnaround of morals look like he was going to be kind of decent and Kearns and who's who's the other kid Robinson. You know those receivers look they don't they might be all right and they kind of look like maybe they were turn in the corner a little bit so that's why we're curious on whether or not it was a good job and and mr. Dilfer. Who's usually a very ill. I wanna say supportive kind of guy yes when I saw he's not he's an apologist for quarter gags I mean he he even admitted it I like you know him and gruden are both the kind of guys that. Somebody might be playing terrible yeah but they're gonna find something about them that they like yeah are you going to remember improvement and said yeah bill for. Admittedly he is is not the greatest quarterback in NFL history he's very honest about you know how good he was he won a Super Bowl. With the Baltimore Ravens and he knows it was because of the defense umbrella is on arising as to. Every Tuesday during the NFL season has been for a few years now so if you don't have a chance. To listen to on a regular basis he is very much Baghdad goes here's how they fix. But to call Blake morals not only one of the worst quarterbacks. Were playing as bad as any quarterback playing as bad as any player in the NFL. And does that only tell because brought us weather's technically not playing anymore. If I mean I might take morals overall spoiler. As you just cheaper that's fresher and can seventeen czar here got 72 million dollar contract. Yet the Texans are still sitting atop their division suck is suck well but here's the thing about this division Q how much worse does it make of the growth gust Brad Bradley was able. To accumulate the worst record. For any coach with at least forty games. Amber how many wins 1414. And four seasons fourteen and forty. How much brutal and remember this is exactly what I'm saying. The Texans have benefited the Texans are they haven't had a quarterback since David Carr and he wasn't any good. No they you had its season with Matt shop right yeah and I met I believe Matt Schaub got hurt they want their playoff game with TJ Yates so this go back and checked the tape but I believe they have playoff wins with TJ Yates so this is maybe the best team in the division over the last four years or it's the Indianapolis Colts who win with Andrew Luck. And no one else in and this team in this division. Tennessee Titans this year yes recchi but that's what I'm saying though is if you look over though the years that Gus Bradley was the coach. All the and a little more Asian and football all the chances in the world I mean a few key additions and some coach and opened some more experience in the league in that division is wide open you hit six games every year against the titans who are much improved this year but let's be honest they have the number one overall pick. Back to back years for good reason we're outnumbered that second and the first. Pick it back to back seasons for good reason there are bad football team. They had they had at sorry they had it. Washington husky your fan out there that showed up and didn't like football yeah that was your draft pick thanks Jake Locker yeah I love to be your quarterback actually money oh by the way now that have been paid. At least he was honest match if you gonna come out the year before and gone number one out. So you have the Tennessee Titans of an awful blue did deficiencies on offense for the Houston Texans. Have been obvious the opportunity to beat the colts who have nobody but Andrew Luck. And it may be TY Hilton. And they couldn't do anything that could breakthrough in the worst division club over the last four years. That's the reason just rest goes far but now what you do if you've got a guy like Trent Dilfer who can't find a reason that you want this job. Shot Condo owners looking to move the team to London. Does anybody want a coach in Jacksonville arson banner. Jose Mourinho. You listing soccer coach at believe Manchester City maybe now. Can't get to it's not that far of a drive from their regular day job who you're in Klinsmann is available so we will be soon. No he is available only zero anyway out whatever say yeah. Could adult gave me started on that promise I don't want. You don't want anything to do it that I think that techsters will agree with that yeah you don't get started on soccer Gloria won't do it won't do it yeah except for during the breaks off to sit through it that'll be fine. So you've got all of these these coaching vacancy the of this coaching vacancy you have a team that desperately needs improv you've seemed to have a young nucleus. What's the move for Jacksonville Tom Coughlin has been brought up cam and I talked about this yesterday. Because their reports in Jacksonville's considering bringing him back he was their coach when they came out of an expansion team. He's 71. Years old Julius AFC championship we did work for now as there's a husky. And he has to NFL championship ring he won two super doubles with the giants against. The patriots ego. Alvarez made it's not bad air support walking into inaction conflicts of the 71 scare you. No no no I think I think the jags would be. I think they would be incredibly fortunate to land Tom Coughlin. Okay simply because. There's no one else you know it's it's like I remember win to an organ for started their coaching search. You know use you know they. You heard rumors like may be less miles and you're all these organs fans that live our along less miles let's miles would be terrible liar it's like well. You're not getting better than that happened yet but whether you like the higher or not you're not getting better than that now so. I think if you're Jacksonville yes you pray that Tom Coughlin. Wants to coach I just don't see Tom Coughlin you know different owner than a Tom Coughlin was there should bomb. Sure may be I think is kind of disciplinary hard edge kind of style may be what those kids need I think that's Bradley might have been. A little too Pete Carroll Lee yeah without actually. Having the control Pete has in Seattle mom with some more established veterans and the young guys that come up that believe in the so I think there could be some use for. A little more authoritarian. But. If you don't get Tom Coughlin who really get. Josh McDaniels in eight leave and doing doing that's a bad job that no way like Patricia Ed New England may leave him for that job current house Shanahan has not taken that job currently there are two. Openings in the NFL you've got to Los Angeles Ramsey of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Rumors are pretty strong coming out of multiple of that job will be open. I wanna run through the rest of the NFL and see where there will be looking for a new head coach Jeff Fisher to Jacksonville. Next on dusty camp re here antennae the fanned the first Joseph Fisher. Sports. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 love him this is ridiculous. You heard the man this is destiny came in the morning hi I'm not dusty you are not cam although sometimes I pretend to be. Yes I play came on TV at at a home. He pretends. In his imaginary. Please sessions and came Cleveland mark boulders thrown me to finance that could see that it dumbest thing I've ever heard yeah maybe. Yeah. Great there's a possibility of it so without the show we had mentioned that at least the audio from Jon Gruden says he has. No interest in doing anything but what he is doing he loves his job Monday four ball he's focused on the lions and the cowboys playing this weekend our guests Monday. I'm very happy in the Booth doesn't really look like coaching jobs so he's been linked to the Los Angeles rams. I think we agreed not to trust anything anybody says about any coaching search based on. The entire history of coaching searches. We just mentioned the Jacksonville Jaguars job that is opened. There's a handful of teams that are ready eliminated I counts and have no shot of the playoffs and some on the precipice of being eliminated among those being the Buffalo Bills still technically eligible seventy set at seven and seven. Rex Ryan seems to be on the hottest of seats in buffalo likely to be losing his job the Bengals are ready outs. And curious what you think of Marvin lewis' future Mike McCoy with San Diego Todd bulls for the jets. Let's just start with the AFC Patrick how many of these guys do ticker coming back for jobs. We know gust brown is rated fired. Well 'cause is gone. Yup you hue Jackson who's a first year coach with you Jack zero wins hue Jackson isn't going anywhere up I think. And this could tie into the next one I think Q Jackson has earned. His right to stay in Cleveland not just because it's his first year there and the team is lack of talent but also. The office of the Cincinnati Bengals has disappeared. And have slowly disappeared any dog look like he really started at a had it figured out now and that is gone the way I think now there's no way to keep. Marvelous Marvin Lewis yeah so I think Marvin Lewis goes Tom O'Donnell could go if they don't make the playoffs Bradley's gone who else. Hard bulls I think Todd Bowles is a good coach I think he should stay in New York but there's whispers that he's lost locker so if you lost the locker room here in big trouble. Yeah so there's that as well down the line well might put more equity I wanna ask you about chuck gone so. He obviously had. You know the issues with cancer and everything in you seen a Bruce area ends up essentially get the audition for the cardinals' job since he's left they've kind of been a little bit up and down but a lot of that has to do with the help of Andrew Luck. Ally lot of people say that the issue that's going on with the colts is frank Riggs in the the GM. Do you just blow the whole thing up if you're Jim Irsay and just aired out everything and start build around that quarterback before he's you know. 45 years old you know in a 45 year old body and the age of 227. Well I think. I think that's why girls gonna go. Yeah I mean I I've been thinking about this you know if Ghana goes what do you do I mean that might be Josh McDaniels next day. That would be they got to bring it and it's been does that become the most coveted job just because you've got. Andrew Luck may be may be arm I think. I think Cincinnati has more their work with especially on the defense side of the ball now. I mean you've not only give aid you have. Andy don't Dalton who is established. An established quarterback I'm not gonna put him in any tears he's not. He's not Tom Brady but he's up late you have a good regular season quarterback have a good regular season quarterback you have a top five receiver and AJ green you've got a defense full of a bunch of studs up. That team is very very talented and across the board to him and they've they've there early balanced offensive attack there there there's no real glaring weakness weakness in that team when they see which is say I mean the chance to make Andrew Luck. Work. Is your take it to not just. A long career in coaching but Super Bowls CNN I mean yeah. And that's really the difference because what we've seen from the Cincinnati Bengals is we've seen them get to the playoffs time and time again they're a good team. They're not a great team and I don't know that you have that ability do ascend to greet us with the current roster. The way it's constructed because you don't have a superstar at the quarterback position we seem team teams' win without you have to have notched a good defense. You have to have a great defense and that and kind of a perfect storm yes absolutely right and end if any place we've seen the model work where you take your great quarterback can build around and it's Indianapolis. Mean let's shift over to the NFC the teams on the outside looking in right now you've got a forty niners chip Kelly's first season. Actually kind of like the way the bears are playing right now with John Fox these are people ever every players always play hard for John Fox so this is everywhere he's been he feels safe to me and Chicago's and certainly with the cot the quarterback. Situation I think Matt Barkley playing well trying to earn himself a starting position I think maybe he has one more year. Chip assay considered Cisco for anybody's heads on the block is balking yeah I mean that that's clearly a GM thing but you sure he's got no to work with its like hue Jackson. Are you really unifier hue Jackson we're going on sixteen yeah as he walked into a team that has nobody. A recorder Rex has started this year six yeah yeah you know so I think adding chips in the same situation there's nobody there outside a Carlos side. Yeah with four wins we've already seen. Jeff Fisher say goodbye. You've got a first year coach I would Doug Peterson in in Philadelphia so that there's anything to look at their. Bruce Iranians kind of captain the ship with a lot of old men on its Carson Palmer can't how much left but you've got the cardinals looking at it. He's got to be safe with what he's done since he's been irate I would imagine so mom. After all that success he kind of gave them year pass yeah I mean there aren't there rumors that he might even retired yet there was mentions of their earlier in the season and he shot those down pretty quickly I mean if Arizona or open up I think Debbie pretty good job what I don't understand is why does everybody think LA is a great job instead hasn't LA the new stadium new market new quarterback. That sounds terrible I don't owe it to that extent sounds like a lot of pressure with a very bad offense struck out you know. Good defense oh there should be you know Hollywood it. Well I just mean enemy I'd rather be freezing in Lambeau consumables of their Rogers and lives in LA it's pretty cold there are. The first Super Bowls and listen to your example that Gillette in Foxborough every year and you're gonna take them banners every single one of only take the Dallas heat over all those. Did you get a hedge coaching job in the NFL you don't have to live in the city in the offseason but Jonas. -- February you're gone. From wherever you live and there are rumors about the saints job in this is interest in Sean Payton is under contract for a think another 45 seasons. But there's rumors that he is on the trade block yeah I just I anybody wanna backfill that Obama. I've heard that the rams might trade for that dom and I think that would be a great hire for the ramps I think got to be excellent and it could be weird did. Not think of Sean Payton in. New Orleans right I mean is. Of all the coaches that really represented their teams let's say like Mike Tomlin Pittsburgh Belichick obviously. I mean they've gone through a lot together they've William FU nation bill Shatner playing from Dustin. That's the thing is you mentioned bella check in common there also tied to their quarterbacks really strong annual give Brees and Payton they seem to be you know as cohesive as any. You know quarterback coach combination live in the NFL so. To go and see. I don't know. But it'll be interesting to see if he can go because remember Drew Brees. Was kind of a finished product when he showed up is a good quarterback in San Diego it was a shoulder injury that had him leave another opportunity Philip Rivers. They didn't think he would throw again but he was already an established an awful quarterback. He wasn't Jerry goth who had to sit out for nine games because we work shirt if you have the body of the mine for NFL flow. Ball is couldn't read playbook yet well now you and us about that Sean Payton ten years. Is that is very first season was after Aaron brooks' death was no longer the now quarterback for them Drew Brees in his very first season in 2005 they went ten and six after they went three and thirteen will wasn't that a big reason why saving was pissed in Miami to sitting did Drew Brees yet very much so got Culpepper instead which I think I mean. Now a well placed into they had Culpepper but he hurt his knee and you ended up with Joey Harrington slow media it it is tough and all evening Culpepper the the traveling Culpepper yes the traveling Culpepper birdie with where the bad guys around you and a worsening going out forgot about that I don't they made their right choices Culpepper you know I don't think you can predict those things. Yeah it's stuff I mean I watch I'm I'm charged that hey I'm totally game I know I need them very well where I'm not kidding I am I am not rude I root for the San Diego Chargers and I remember watching. Drew Brees dive into a pile to get a fumble. And his arm. His shoulder twisted around in ways it's not supposed to have like my teenage ninja mutant turtle well that way one more guy doesn't like to those new limited up yeah is that way. Not my shoulder. And you just don't know you know it can restriction repaired Daunte Culpepper they told him his knee was fine. Disney restriction repair is gonna be good ego. Yeah told breeze that he may never be able pro football again don't. And they're wrong on both accounts it's just hard to tell you and you and you certainly and can't predict the future and you know it's one of those things to where you look at and you say what happens to Sean Payton without Drew Brees. And vice Versa you never know what the result of bill Belichick's tenure would be without Tom Brady. He goes on and on you gets out about it Drew Bledsoe the starter shirt he did Drew Bledsoe. A cougar. Yeah our chizik who maybe number one overall draft but even look at Pete Carroll what do you do and in Seattle before Russell Wilson showed up he certainly wasn't on his way to the Super Bowl with Tarvaris Jackson so. The way that things work outs in the kid still had a bad ass back Charlie Whitehurst. And slow cares so earlier whitehurst. Was not only Jesus was not Megan's April bulls. But I have a whole list of guys that are gonna decide not to play in Orlando and the Pro Bowl. In the end of January we'll share that list with you next on dusty camp in the morning right here on 1080 the fan. This is just a jam in the morning on ten AB and do not adjust your dial I realize it's not the voice of dusty here. Stuck with loose gators and an actor cares. You know I'm pretty sure I can tell. The four times I've been up this early in all of Tony sixteen. And we want time it was fly it was to fly to you or in the last full year jail OK so little it's a little bit when he fifteen the mostly twin sixteen. Cast a flu. To Denver Colorado. I flew to Cleveland Ohio. And that was for the World Series and I came home both of those I was up before 6 AM. And doing testing came with you so you went to. Game two of the World Series and one. We would both get so yes as I just I just mean I do not give up dessert known ally understands as awful but that's a good trip and think about the reason that you waking up is to go watch you to the team of your youth. You your your favorite baseball team played in the World Series that's a good reason to wake up earlier I really well yes shirts fly played out there and it's a great reason to wake up early and do this show but man kudos suggesting campaign inept every single day must they have children right. It's your child thing all hail. I gotta give props to one Alex Crawford being about the same ages in them let cool one out there that lifestyles yeah that he does indeed if you follow months now chat I mean and and bad guys. Got energy. All throughout the days I give him props for. We cannot come in here and do in this show as well and it's kind of fun honestly give them 4 AM alarm been on the roads before Roy Nelson. Get to do some work before. 9 AM. Unibody who just text me I don't know how your brain functions for radio this early in the morning and he's a mailman. He's an ability as yet and he gets up early like this every single day. I just I don't get in my body's not built for it my probably. Consume too much adult beverages in the evening and I'm used to working at a restaurant. Where I don't get out until 11:2 o'clock and at the subpoena those will do that to yeah mine. I was like the agree believe the Frank Sinatra quote. So the feel bad for people that don't drink because when they wake up in the morning that's a bass are gonna feel all day you got a brother that's that well I live by. You know although. I mean I didn't wake up hung hung over by any means today. But I'm definitely going to feel better later on today lay eggs we certainly had the conversation this morning I think combined were about six hours of sleep. For me I've yet twins. That are a month old yet do not sleep through the night both girls you rent out yet both girls are your girls your girls in my yeah in my nightlife the jags may make it tough. But hey it's a fun opportunity it's good to thanks for listening in we'd love to hear your thoughts that's. 55305. That's actually at Churchill quote. Thanks Brian in Beaverton a legend with. He says that's the I think he's referring to your Frank Sinatra quell that's actually Winston Churchill I don't know right before you know that the final straw general lord to view them confident that that's not the case just drink you'll feel better tomorrow yeah exact within the well that's the other what I think and then this might be Churchill I'm not sure ludicrous this went to do it. Alcohol is the ability to borrow happiness from tomorrow. All going through that I don't know what if you will send men don't have nobody to happen is still warm Fuzzy. A ghetto and I drink a beer right now. Now let's I mean that's a fact I would. I'm good and I've got some beer. That we can grab after the show I've case beer in my truck this month when I guess I wouldn't but you're gonna be a proper alcoholic. That's the way to do it speaking of drinking there's some Detroit. Lions that are cracking a beer today because the nine and five Detroit Lions. Competing for a division championship. No pro bowlers boom boom take that Matt Stafford. Take that Golden Tate take that. Somebody else of pleas from the line and the loading nada they go coming lines players today named Theo Riddick and got Marvin Jones. And Kwon bold move the line in the season I can name their roll back field. Exactly sinner. Blaine Washington and Theo Riddick in half and joint bell is still on the Ross snapped batic where's your probe Warner merger pro bowler one talk about Proehl snobs have a one Matthew Stafford well that's the one that's the first when I brought up and you look at it and and we've taken over those US quarterbacks know that question is much I loved the Seahawks. Russell Wilson's not have an approval here is a carry over. From the end of laughs last season but. He hasn't been as dynamic as the as he was in years past it relatively strong I thought the three were. There at that Rodgers press Scott and I Roger or Matt Bryant NATO extended entry yet they was then three I'm guessing Matthew Stafford is probably the one on the outside I mean magic severance gonna Coke as you know Khatami all three of those boys because like the cowboys are gonna go to the Subaru also backed pressed on you know he only plans low hot take paired Jo fish now I think that's maybe dazzled them and me coming to Canada and I haven't and it's very aid that is very much your possibility AS. I want to end the falcons could also go to you know serious about the scroll thing we should see quarterback controversies play each other in the pro. Act first Tony Romo. Don't be excellent we'll just give Jerry Jones ownership rate of both teams and heat he'll do stirred up himself since he clearly likes to do that I have a monkey Fey and SSD is a monkey fan. So. Out of this so we've got seven players. From the readers. On their so we've got them kind of spot and all the way through it we've seen this last year with Damien motor kind of ended up being an alternate for the Austin again. Is there any reason to kind of look through each roster and find a probe war on their use going through and looking at stats and here's your best. Players you mean like MLB style and one player from every team had every team has he represented yeah that executives. I don't I don't think so. And I think a lot of that just stems from how meaningless and how much people just don't care about this game. And I think in the NFL. NFL is so entertainment driven that it they rely on their superstar I mean it's what they do. Better than baseball it's what they do better than. Soccer better than hockey. I'm I mean NBA does a pretty good job but those guys are meant helmets on their heads so that helps the NFL is all about marketing their stars and they don't want. To have to put some garbage. Player from the jags. On the Proehl boy instead of Julio Jones does Leo's the third best statistical receiver but the only guy worth a dam on the jags is a wide receiver. It mildly that would take away from it. Do you know but none of these guys are playing in an anyways and and we've already seen the list of changes have been making their adding dodge ball and reading Tug of endless waiting period so it's all about the all pro team I think that's the the that's the accolade if you if your first team all pro in the NFL that is. Better than a pro because you don't have to show up every day thing yeah I mean if I were if I were negotiating contracts in the NFL that would be my stipulation. Well actually maybe not having my stipulation would be the Pro Bowl. Because you know if you don't have a good season you know Blake portals could be starred in the Pro Bowl with how many quarterbacks could drop oh yeah I mean you. We did the advantage of playing in the Pro Bowl is absolutely nil and they moved it out of Hawaii the only reason that beauty even considered going. In years past was that it was three trip to Hawaii I go out hang embed this hawaiians that now it's in Orlando or go to Disney World. It was during world of Harry plot. So that doesn't seem as appealing to me and I don't feel like that's the big incentive for NFL players may be I'm reading this Ron. Though the kid this some guys have kids not I mean. Antonio Cromartie could use trip to Orlando there's a lot of stuff to Dilfer is eleven to eleven kid I mean he's got to bring his twelve mama's but that's gonna be difficult I thought it was nine but twelve mathematically doesn't make as much sense 912 assault it is a lot of kids have been on a baby Mamas that is drama that you don't need any other stoked snubs that you see on this list that ups that you. Oh I saw somebody that again you know bad out of shape about Sean Lee not making the list and I know you love Bechtel was what the defense is atrocious. -- just get like 2.2 tackles in the game and you know non approval cowboys fan Joseph Fisher how do you feel Russian only now being in there when he's healthy he's one of the best linebackers in the game when he's healthy when he's healthy and guess what he's healthy Seattle there's still two games to go hasn't missed a snap all season Obama Joseph who are the other linebackers in the NFC going over shortly all the weekly would be if eating get his concussions better it better linebacker than Sean legal honestly my biggest snub Marquette McCain how is he not punting for the AFC. That's true I like Baghdad and death there is autumn like part. I think that is what we're talking about here I don't think there's anything you can do to give me to tune into the Pro Bowl. It leads so well and Heather king dancing fully yet. I think that's that's I heard effort on WTO would be a little the punting competition had to see if they can panic bland in Micah garbage bucket or some like that the one leaving people out there I think we do you take that showed that the tried to make the Jews vs roads and you saw the Pro Bowl take on. Just a bunch or whoever a bit basically eleven. I mean you in Patrick here does that fool you don't want any enemy or or you make it seven on seven Wes Welker speed and what you do is each each corner you have a different theme where you have to play out of position for one you have all your linemen play seven on seven passing league. No quarterbacks and seal your superstar started often finish at the at some ruled to give put it in there. But eliminate the contact make a flag football make it to user friendly running air raid office just linemen. That's I want that yeah X that might be understood yeah let's go like a one on one net defense of line and verse offensive line in you know just quarterback Greg got a 707 given our guys out there you go Jaron read going to be good to Donna can sewers and the big guy catches the pot we don't run sprints at the end of practice exhibit and Vince Wilfork would run to figure out that's what they are underfed probably touched. It's pretty Smart I don't know whether this this this sets up so well for the WTF Wednesday it's not even funny. We will do that next one return on dusty camp right here on tonight defense.