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Dusty and Cam - 12.20.16 - Hour 2

Dec 20, 2016|

Are Tom Coughlin and John Gruden headed back to the NFL? Should Ezekiel Elliot have been fined? Also, NBA CBA and NBA All-Star voting change.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning we'd just Kara. And ten Cleveland that. Yeah what's gonna go about it. Online GAAP dusty and jam in the morning and uncheck any you know sale and. Look well now we're too old Luke Anderson in for dusty Herrera. This is dusty came in the morning the greatest morning show ever conceived by man all the sports information you need to know. And our opinions about it last night after the game. Crawford is anti producing. Properties also is a different drops so Rockford is halfway to make Asian. You are easier hello. How is producing there and then someone saved over my it was is he the Spanish announcer call on the Greg Olsen does down oh is that the anybody who yep time to get drop out and get down well down after half way to vacation 13 of the way through Joseph. Perfect. Pro. Cam is out tomorrow for the holiday you're out until when. I am now in sill. My goodness I'm out until. The third some peace oh please I will be making my way down to Atlanta too hot lemon to enjoy the peaceful watch the Washington Huskies knock off. Bella the human mind he's I'll like that vanity Crimson Tide you're gonna have fun out there I've I've been to win a quite a few times it's an amazing city. Anybody who serve and I was there for the Super Bowl in the titans' loss to the grandma. Been there is a player also got to go there last year when I went to the masters and stopped their. Atlanta's awesome. I agreed city aspect 44 hours and Atlanta. And I really liked it I'd like to include them in the sample no I nobody's saying if I enjoyed that sample can imagine what more than Netflix now. Were mated to Atlanta but I got to do stand up comedy in Augusta Georgia girl not the same thing on the same place I do not even a little bit. It's a whole we we need to get in this coaching cares so we kind of touched. A little bit yesterday but now we've got some information from some sources people or other doing. They're jobs get some Dirk talking to people talking to agents. You said he yesterday the Los Angeles rams job as the best job out there everybody is second to them as soon as that job is filled other dominoes will begin to fall. It appears that the jaguars have already conceded that they won't be going after the top targets. Possibly. Reports are that they're talking to Tom Coughlin who. In fairness was there original coach and friend just came in as an expansion team Tom Coughlin was the captain of that ship. Took him to an AFC championship game intersect the year he really laid the ground work. For what I thought it was a pretty good you know runs out of the gates I didn't expect what we saw from the Carolina Panthers and jaguars they both went to a championship game pretty quickly. Did you know that back and had time to throw some history Archie in 1995 that. Without expansion years started to go. Both the expansion teams and they're going to end NFC and AFC championship games did you know that both at Carolina and the jag mores and why it was that happening. But I mess stole all the good player I like everyone else yeah I imagine of the advantaged than an expansion draft Brady I don't pretty much was an all two all star teams that got expanded in imminent it made it work now they haven't made it back sense I mean Carolina's. Certainly Carolina house here and been to two super doubles surely and then they've had penalties and they're pretty good experiences there so yes but the jags to have a reboot. With a 71 year old bum seven year old star is only seventy UB 71 of the time the season starts and if your fifth if. If he ends agreement well he'll be 71 regardless. But whether or not he's a coach or not ages and number right. One of the ball yet this is absolutely. When literally is a number two is literally a number you count up from zero until he gets 71. What we talked about yesterday though was if you're bringing in new coaching staff you're bringing in. It changed the entire organization top to bottom you're getting new you know executives around that coaching getting new ball boys are good and everything in between. One of the things about Tom Coughlin though is that even though he's at an advanced aging you don't expect him to be around for a long time. He seemed to have a relatively peaceful transition. Outs in New York where his offensive coordinator Ben Mack adieu moved in. And we're seeing the fruits of their success now whenever you have ten win season already with two games to play they're ready in a playoff spot. And lest the wheels come off completely here in the last two weeks. But it looks like they've been able to make a coaching change without airing the entire thing down now maybe that's part of what the giants have been able to do through their ownership and just kind of maintaining some stability. If Tom Coughlin can go in and do the same thing for Jacksonville where he almost grooms his predecessor. That might not be a bad move. So strange enough you thought that was a peaceful slide. Well the giants rep relatively where they had that was that was called a slide that was a former military man that was not going to make. A big stink publicly and what underlying factor. Big I was not happy Tom Coughlin was completely upset that he was let go for Americans sure I can because they were worried in the giants and understood have been MacKey was the next. Next guy that developed the offense. He was gonna go somewhere the giants made the decision by trying to hold on to youth. And get rid of age Tom Coughlin did not like their own fact Tom Coughlin is just like Jeff Fisher when it comes the NFL. He's a main man and he got a job at the NFL's a director of football operations. I was what bigs created a job for him yet because he's he's just a soul he's been so much for the league. He wants to coach again. If things happened Tom Coughlin sat in the Booth and I told disturb for a few weeks ago when the giants played Tom Coughlin sat in the Booth. With Jon Gruden and both of them said one said I'd love to coach again that's Tom Coughlin and the other one said Jon Gruden said. While coach I hope you don't coach against me in the same division jewel interesting comments about two guys that are not coaching it's still wanna coach. Well and that brings us to the other side of that coin which is report saying that Jon Gruden would be very interested in talking to Los Angeles rams if they're willing to. Give him control the team's personnel moves. So now the Los Angeles rams have a decision which John grins names come up forever head coaching vacancy since he left. At the end of the 2008 season Jon Gruden has been one of the hottest. Names in this coaching search. Other than Jim Harbaugh I would say one once the Los Angeles rams. Position became available I guess the other coach would be Pete Carroll but there's never really. And most people's mind an idea that you believing go back to Los Angeles where he coached the used to trojans. Tula a few national championships and a lot of success there. Pete Carroll immediately city has no desire John Harbaugh has steadfastly said he has no desire to leave Michigan Jon Gruden on the other hand. Has not said that and now there are reports he would talk but do you think it's a good fit for Jon Gruden to Los Angeles. Yeah I hope you don't read not a lot of people remember but if you do you remember what Jon Gruden was traded from. Oakland to Tampa Bay correct in what he was traded for it is astronomical your memory was traded for two. Four total picks 21 round first to second rounder and oh by the way not to mention this is in February 19 20028. Million dollars at the time. Not a bad train hit a bag of money to hold of those draft well not a bad trade began you have to investing coaches will guess what happened when you invested. In junger and he brought to Super Bowl championship. The other two guys that are reported error David shock and oh by the way. Sean Payton who. New Orleans Saints are entertaining trades for the outages extended a five years in five year contract extension John Maine and they're gonna trade him so you get him not only Israelis you know I think this is very critical that a junger and does go to the rams a key get. Personnel control and I think it's extremely critical you can have guys in the front office that you work well together. But what you don't want is dissension in the ranks and if there are problems with. Player personnel say nominee give you this guy you've got to coach him well he doesn't fit my system waddle carries the best. Free agent available you gotta use them as if there's that dissension that always it doesn't work yeah its unsuccessful. It's a junger needs to be I don't think needs to be the general manager but he needs to have a say in full authority on personnel for this to be successful. Well on the other thing the other piece is you've got the number one overall draft pick from last year Jared golf as your quarterbacks of presumably. Going into a coaching job we gonna find a coach that wants to go in and mentored your jobs. Jon Gruden has his little quarterback camp when he has his trailer they sit and they look at video degrades he's quarterback. He seemed to love Jared off he is one of the guys at very high praise for a B does draft coverage who's very happy with the pick the rams made. So we seems like a guy that would go in there and embraced cheered god help in development and put an end to the other side of that coin is. Who was his best quarterback when he was coaching hall so it's. It's. CEO. He gets better every chairman here that there will be many who his best quarterback who's probably Rich Galen who did put dvd and develop rich energy and and when you go to your mind but I mean if you're gonna tell me it was. Brad Johnson did that's how we won a Super Bowl that I Johnson is he really gets this credit for being in this quarterback who grew because he's been this great coach but what he did get did you get this. He coached. He coached to Green Bay with a pretty good group of coaches now. I mean that that coaching tree the Mike Holmgren holy smokes the guys that came off that that group it's it's unbelievable. And but yeah he said he's got a pretty good run of great coaches. But all these guys coach that West Coast system but they've adapted and changed didn't. Evolved it I think he's been out of the game he's he's the game is not passed him by at all whatsoever. But let's be honest junger and his an entertainer. He's a character. He's about selling TV right now on -- show works really well that gruden camp is excellent keys exactly. What if the rams don't get him. It is just to be you be if everything else is flat in my opinion it'll probably a good coach no matter what. But they don't get him. Back at the brink truck please please just back it up you what every once. There are more stories about the NFL that we have to get to the NBA has put a ban on trampoline hover boards and guns the blazers have a game tonight. And rookies paying for dinner in the NFL a lot more coming up on dusty camp in the morning intended effect. I. This isn't just examine the morning on 1080 yard sale and. Make your voice over guy this is Dustin camp in the morning good not just yet. Filling in for dusty era pro. Thank you for the opportunity to be here sitting along with him clearly we're talking. NFL. Two days away from most of the games having been. Played her start to see some of the reactions from some of the things that happened. And funny enough it always moves away from what actually happened in the game and goes to kind of some of the things happen around again. One of the ones that continues to be a story is Ezekiel Elliott hopping into the oversized Salvation Army kettle after scoring his touchdown initially the reports of there was going to be a fine. He used to prop as part of the celebration that's an automatic fifteen yard penalty the NFL decided not to find him. To his credit Ezekiel Elliot came out and said any find that the NFL what was to put out he would match that donation. To the NFL with no fine he's agreed to donate 2521000. Dollars to the Salvation Army. And now we're in the mode laureate in player reaction to a O'Dell Beckham junior thinks he'd have been fine for the army kettle celebration. But for the Salvation Army kettles celebration. So. We talked about a little blue with cam other kind of a double standard in the league do you think go to Beckham junior has earned. The position that he's in where he gets a little bit harsher criticism and hard drive them well. Yeah I think so I think you if you wanna tell me that there are complete and utter biases based on personality and these guys are you know. I mean come on think about it and he just everybody you work with a pound your office or your job or your school. There's going to be biased to one guy that might be a trouble maker there might be a little biased to somebody that that let it slide because he's a quote on quote let me quote us. Good guy and he Heath let's let's. Go to Beckham is a guy that likes to be in the limelight correct now he says this that's funny is quote on Twitter says that's funny. There's a fine for that. No I'm chart that's funny there is no fine for that I could only imagine if I was the one to do it you just being an honest is that fair for him to tweet that. I mean yeah that's fine from between able to. I think. Other people think that this is a. All like a publicity stunt like. I guess I saw that Jerry Jones daughters on the board of the Salvation Army. Now on this morning on the Salvation Army website there's an automatic donate 21 dollars button you putting your tin foil hat I'm putting my did I. I think this whole thing was planned although I guess you can't guarantee Zeke was gonna scored touchdown. But. The fact that he jumped in their cattle out looking as always and it is full of toys he twists his ankle and will. I normally you'll what do you mean what if I just didn't. What I see that yellow what are your likes and hot lava in their oh cool I would give hot mama I don't know what did you kind of let me open lanes spikes I understand hot lob a couple of remember how I love the game winner kiddie yet for the pillows down he jumped from god speak out about lava the Salvation Army was still wait those red kettles are full blah blah. Don't it'll let me ask you question what if it was all planned out. What's wrong with that obviously there's a reason the Salvation Army kettle was their their advertising at the game they're going out there trying to earn money for charity. Regardless of whether his plan that are not. In this league it's a great publicity for the Salvation Army I don't think there's anybody that believes that this is. Some new organization that's just going out there trying to Nagin make a name for themselves. Funny enough yesterday act on an episode signed felled. And it was the one word George makes up his own gap is owned bell industries known or not that's not it goes oh he's doing his Christmas gifts he's an M cards. That you know for he. He Hume human people from whatever it's called William and you find the human fun that was ends or goes out he hands out his Christmas card where he's donated on your behalf. To the human fund he's made up the charity you know the Salvation Army is not the human fund this great organization that has a lot what was the number user trying to 5058000. People 50000050. Million people this Christmas. Any and remember also is that in the state of the rule book it word it reads word line for line you were not allowed in a celebration. At all. TUZ prop. Now. As far as I'm concerned a giant red pot is a prop let's call what it is it's prop. So it was used in a celebration now which you spontaneously solidly with Joseph warm pulling out the cell phone yeah. Giambi because I'm Charlene it's always a Verizon Wireless guy going can hear me now yeah of course our sprints are easy trip through over. Traitor traitor anyway. The money. All I know is there migration but we crop right should be trying to court according its flags were there are generally find yes it should like put our rules meant to be broken our government to meet Ollie made upon who who's fair and what is it and who's the owners Jerry Jones in the NFL right there's no Ron lake Delhi right that's hypocrisy ease of this league actually exact error you're supposed to sell me ability goods everything's supposed to be fair if somebody uses the word fair in the NFL again in the game on the flip out. You don't think they're designed to be fair trade not just play out it's just. Baffling to meet anybody tries to make this game about being fair but it's funny that the salaries are even fair the games aren't fair now. This the stadiums are fair. Yeah the bull inflation is not fair. Well then how it strike is now you're not a cloud apps are not fair. Everything's not fair or the chin straps not fair you've gone up the defense well some guys have patted chin straps gather available by all equipment parts what it's not fair. No because. Aaron Rodgers has the little cup he could go Republican I don't want to get quiet and they split his chin open he starts complaining because immunity chip. Had a chin strap on doing that's the Dow is doing is that he is just what I did not always there are in school it's not it's fair you choose you that you know it's not fair because you should have one uniform. One she knew she can't Wear different she's can't Wear different socks for gosh sakes I got point five gram to my socks were two inches. Too low why would you were shorter sucks that's on you consider the funny thing about this O'Dell Beckham argument against Ezekiel Elliott. Ezekiel that's only a rookie I realized but he is not had a squeaky clean image to start there's been a domestic violence. Investigation around him he had the incident in when he went to play in Seattle they. Were looking around for the nearest pot shop that was reported pretty widely says that he just wanted to see what it was like yes he's never been in one anyone and check it out and realize that what I'm saying is he's not squeaky clean. And I realized that you know you you have. Different situations and because this is a charitable organization I think the NFL realize that when Ezekiel Lilly came out so that he was gonna donate whatever the fine was. They realized they had an opportunity to also step up and just go hey. We can also be part of something obviously you have to poll asks the NFL for permission. To have that cattle on the side like to begin went. So I think it's good for the NFL good on them to make an adjustment to what over the rule was where O'Dell Beckham junior is just going out and trying to make this about him which is what he does with everything. And then NFL bent the rules to help their image in the public so not a bad idea let me share something with you I've had. Discussions with the powers that be that work here at the station that are above my head. And may have mentioned that you cannot just let anybody come on in sheer there at their charity because. Then it would be a fact that it's not fair to all the charities out there right because a company request you think we get is a station. For everybody to have their their their charities are there or whatever they're where they're trying to promote an all time at all times right because if he does open the floodgates. Then this person wants to come in and this person in this person exe you know it's a it's a giant commercial show which rarity got a lot of commercials. Yeah right we know I don't wanna have so I don't means I think we have an appropriate amount of commercials. And I think you're lucky to have as much content as you do you're welcome you're trying to get a job doing exactly what you're on the sales seemed like a second stop that stop the suck up game all right hold on let me finish my point. So with that being said yes our lifeblood is commercials. And people that need to get their message out there. Right that's part of medium that's part of our medium that we uses this font. But if you start letting everybody in the this is pandora's box for Salvation Army. Because mixing you know every other opportunities gonna be out there but this is the NFL stadium and they're putting their their foot figure out of their stamp that big Triton right in the grounds it. Now this is a great benefit Salvation Army which it is it is I'm on the side of it is. But to not be fair and find them that is the Dallas Cowboys for something you would you for any other team is not correct when I'm not surprised. But again the difference is the NFL had to prove that cattle being there the only reason it's there is because they went through the channels Salvation Army okay has partnered in some capacity whether it's with the NFL or the Dallas Cowboys and and proper Marie mentioned the connection to Jerry Jones daughter who does public great relations for the cowboys and donate to right on the money to Salvation Army. There's already a connection there that I'm sure was approved by the NFL it's not like there was big goodwill donation a donation for Salvation Army and a third charity you you know. Jeff yeah you didn't Java logo on it Luke if that doesn't have a salvation logo and if it's a giant Houghton leper cons and their selling lucky charms and he jumps on the pot of gold. Are we have in the same conversation. Probably not no no I don't think we don't feel dumps popcorn in his face where signs with a sharp peak or Joe Horn uses a cell phone. Or anybody or the guys from the saints are doing leap frog which we did we did LeapFrog yeah. What's the difference if it's do you see the hypocrisy is what did though that's why I'm trying to get across the NFL's a bunch of hypocrites which is why we know that yeah hiding the premise. If I'm the only thing I'd be surprised by as if someone was surprised by this is that. I'd like you beat everybody would editor outraged by Andre ad fashion would agree because yes it is fifty million people it is salvation army's is amazing. And we talked about this yesterday and and you brought up the point now again if they Wear the wrong shoes. There may keys they're gonna find them right so what the NFL do win a bunch of players came out more different shoes. Cleats for a cause. The NFL has created. A way to make more money for charity and you can go out Wear whatever designer cleats you want for one week out of the year or will then sell those cleats to charity whatever charity the player chooses so what they do is they take opportunities to make themselves looks good this is another one of those. That's why we were pink for one game in October receive the camouflage for the veterans this is very much in fitting within with with what the NFL does and now look now Woodstock about what the NBA does. Next there is a new collective bargaining agreement and there's a lot of funny toys NBA players won't be allowed to use. We'll talk about it next right here on dusty camp in the morning. That is the fan the first Crawford with sports. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 Sam. Yes it is that we can't in the morning and polluting camera. Crawford. Plastic for vacation boys how we deal more still in it Marie were focused on it am I know your food and drugs and all the time you two are you still with us question not a 100% I don't question I'm Brit by proper don't know I am I've focused Roberts never focus this is who knows. Okay Dina I think maybe I have ADD I don't think you'll dvd. I don't. Do you have. DE. GS. Don't give you have given us our era yes some people don't let. Atkinson and I'm not saying all the time just maybe today I give and asked today that's the thing. You myself and after my performance. They go I just cannot really jump I'm I don't want to do you know I know yeah baby let's rock in a row. All doubles for the already applied on. The NBA is in the process of going through a collective bargaining agreement negotiation. And they are talking about the changes you've later. Policies. It among that. There's all these great fun things you can do as a young person in this world and the NBA feels some of those should not be allowed. Can you add this in NFL contracts I imagine certain things you weren't able to do launchers snow ski and skydiving and all of that. On the list of banned activities. One of the ones is very popular with NBA players. The hover board which is the dumbest named invention ever received the go and actually over. But looks like you're hovering right alone doesn't mean we've seen a hover board let's back to the future boarding flat on our board these kids. Exe really have overboard nowadays yeah Lexus made one it's seem him good Bream amazing. Yet doesn't quite have the agility that the original video screen. Of depiction of them had. But Tim trampoline are banned guns and fortunately in pain that goes without being said right now apparently it doesn't go the it's on the list you have to write it down it's part of our yeah. Are vermin at all you have to write everything down. I ever mention it probably more than you paid X the Second Amendment right you can have freedom of speech. Or the right to bear on S yeah well but they you have to mention everything sure there's a warning. He get warning stickers on everything so I yesterday I have and newborn twins are about a month old right now. The got these little pillows they're the kind of U shaped pillows mechanics at the center prop up on. I was reading all the rules and like regulations for app right pillow don't put in the crib don't rely on bed open an account don't put it near aflame don't put it on the here. Don't see your child too far in the middle don't set it too far up on top don't put it on belly don't put him anywhere near it. The only cat in the pillow don't do this to do that there's 35 things you're not allowed to do we're trying to fairly Norah lawsuit lawsuit culture so he discovered protects Opel types or web absolutely and it's kind of tagged them all all the warnings are are being under the mattress politicized is your house so you'll and it's it's it's and it's a dangerous world that we live in. When you're looking at these protections. Like you said they have to be written down to they'll make sense to you. Spiral I signed my contract there were things that were written in specifically about what you were supposed to do now guy still did that number one was motorcycles. North now and now. If anybody remembers Kellen Winslow junior examine what happened to him was sure Ben Roethlisberger also sure Betty Winslow had a little bit worse of the decision young tried to Indo I guess that's what it's called is front wheels no wheels manned or whatever it is yeah. And ended up blowing his ACL out. He was an amazing. Amazing athlete in an unbelievable athlete he railed his career for the rest of his and a second generation player yet never never was the same cents. Now if you're gonna tell me go I can't write a report that's fine if you gonna tell me that I can't have a motorcycle all right. You say I I also can't go snow skiing. Yeah or I shouldn't have guns you have guns or knives guns that's do you your opinion but I think if you're an NFL. Or collegiate or now you were talking with the NBA yes but tiger mania athletes sure if I'm at my body. The case is my business. I have to take care my body. You were required with somebody pays you to take your body you're in in our business. Right now the worry and it's probably our voice right if we can ensure our voice which I know a lot of people do sell like our voices heard liberal or Lou I'm so too. Who's this some of the tenors right after the you do file karate Bob or rod and they get. It's no I got to ensure my voice like paparazzi maybe abroad Jean shirt his fingers he might have insurance thing words jackets feature gap and he did something but all of us if you're an NBA athlete in Europe. Team is gonna sign this and you're gonna have the kind of money wouldn't would you put in some provisions in there to protect you as part of the ownership group yeah you know problems we are gonna problems would tell me don't write and hover board. There's only idiots who we seemed break their neck on a hover board. I don't know why can't Michael Dyson had killed himself on the day government thank god I have yet to arrive on them because they have at 250. 250 pound weight limit so. The extra large number bowler now available for so giant people that wanna fall that would come on though this kind of money I don't care what you're signing. What you're telling me all sign on the dotted line I won't do it for small amount of time. That gets done I'm gonna be an area well and and I think this probably is just one of those things are putting him in the CBA just makes it boiler plate with all these contracts and truth probably already written into a lot of them but what guys are getting heard this is important. They wouldn't state this if this wasn't a problem exactly the ads it's the elegance edits the sticker. On your core your hair dryer don't use this in the shower it's only on their because somebody did and didn't go well. So you have all the is all these protections for you don't know don't want Gilbert Arenas shown up. With his entire arsenal into a locker room so there's no guns that one seems pretty common sense but he had just realizing that you know of the there's always going to be another invention and if you don't specifically put it on there's gonna another generation of the of the hover board of the recalled something different. As soon as that comes out there's going to be a gap between the time. You know this new rule whatever dangerous device that you can go out and play on is in existence and it makes it into the CB day and they're gonna go and find whatever it is because. Which kind of same thing with the NFL conversation in their young. Twenty somethings with a lot of money they're gonna go up they gonna buy toys jet skiing ends on their fireworks are on their wireless as a GPP reference for. The trampoline one was quite interesting because it anybody that has kids that are that are around my Ager needing you know let's say you didn't. Final four years old to thirteen you all been a part of these joked places where you go to right Jeanne you please he's traveling to places and these guys they're adults and they're going bonkers on the dads I've no idea why they're doing. My my my mom has a trampoline for the grandkids so I'll go there a bounce around with the kids and Australians you know why. 'cause like off the trampoline I felt like it couldn't jump more than two inches if he can eat it does it's a weird feeling I hated it yeah I've I've cousin that I used to spent a lot of them or their house and had a trampoline and we used to rule the portable basketball hoop up to its would be a ten foot who did get what Everest or peep from the trample definitely get your oh absolutely and and we'd. I don't know how we didn't when he found the video so his mom took some video now or in her mid thirties. As you watched the videos into not only was she surprised me to her she just. And he gets to die every we would play full contact one on one basketball on a ten foot hoop. With a four fury before but admitted to The Who clustered jumping you know god knows Al I yeah I don't know how you don't kill yourself but. Again it's it's one of those things that I always talk about when you bring up you know the protection of players in the NFL. And how you know we need to do everything we can to protect these players. If you're 2045. Year old male. And you don't play in the NFL you're gonna find another way to hurt yourself. Whether it's head injuries or whatever it is for me it was snow skiing and snowboarding I had a season pass from the time I got out of high school for Timberland or meadows. And I went up there BL three times a week and I'd go and I'd try everything I could hurt myself. And very often was successful doing it and knocked myself out more than once. And you realize that it's just testosterone it's this invincibility that you have and if you don't tell these guys not to do it. They're room their motivation to go out and press whether it's their friends are girls are just test the limits of what they can do physically they're gonna find a way that hurt them. So here's a list here's just a list a summary of some of the things that are gonna be banned it and within ECB agreement. Up skydiving hang gliding snow skiing rocker mountain climbing. Paper repelling. An. Bungee jumping any fighting cutting you know that really should. If if only Griffey can't hit a good Kmart has seen her wrestling like you wrestle with my kids died mean. Arts are driving or riding on a motorcycle or mope at Sonoma that's riding on a motorized vehicle of any kind. In a race or racing contests are killing the driver go Kart. Operating the aircraft and any kinds of Jimmy Graham's out he's got a pilot he he flies to practice you know it is his NFL by the way but this is NBA. Participating in any game or exhibition of basketball. Football. Baseball. Hockey lacrosse or other team sports are companies and these guys can claim a celebrity no softball. New well so what are you gonna do is an NBA Blair. Well but what did you say about through drive around in a bubble. Open the gas what did you say about this we've had this conversation before you have those sit very similar clauses in your contracts. You realize that any of these activities can void your contract you do them with the extreme caution. You make the decision you go how badly do I wanna go and you know. MMA fight in the offseason so let me let me put this very deal Damian Miller can go out. He could be part of a kids Cahill yet. Dribble around. Go bird dog come down blows me out and they could void every bit of his hundred to two million dollar that's all I'm reading it now I don't know if that's true well below what I'm saying is that's that's how you have to think now. As an MBA yeah there are great lawyers on both sides of all of these NBA all contracts. Lawyer is and a lot greedy lawyer. Well what is his is you wanna protect yourself from what happened to Jason Williams when he came in this. For with the bulls. And ended his career on motorcycles he's trying to protect yourself down the line and whether or not these are all enforced. Depends on how much you like the player O'Dell Beckham junior that's how it works young man there there's another new rule in the NBA it's about the all star game and how there voting. Should the media be in charge of your NBA all star team next on dusty game in the morning. This is tentative and. This is just in Tampa in the morning I'm an eighty plus and. They all are welcome back or doesn't came in the morning Anderson for dusty area. Thank you so much for joining in with the program if you've got comments please share them on the text line 55305. We'd love to hear your voice. In our conversation now we just talked about some changes to the collective bargaining agreement the NBA. That's the only chains and making them making a fairly significant change to all star voting. Since the 197475. Season fans have voted for the starters in the all star game two front go to backcourt players three front court players. In recent years it seems there is a little bit louder voices complaining about the popularity of players vs the priority of putting the best players in there are some of the NBA is making a change. Fan voting will still accumulates. Account up for 50%. Of the vote for the starters in the NBA and then 25% will go tweet player vote. And another 25% will go to the media so the players will all get to vote they can vote for themselves they can vote for teammates. We will not share their votes and you'll put panel 75 or so media members together. And they were 25% of the vote also there are votes will not be disclosed. And the fans can still do it the same way they've always done it and they'll get 50% of that for reserves that still goes to the coaches and both on the east and west and they'll choose. Who knows a reserves are. Got to the big change its hopefully getting the best players in there it's maybe a little bit reaction to Kobe Bryant last year off from Milan. Cam what do you think of this change and should the media have a say in the all star voting. I think there's a place for it I think if you're asking some of the NBA players they don't want any part of the there are part of the media vote our league's a lose lose situation there's no great ideal. For this voting procedure fans may get 50% of the vote Kate fans are gonna be biased current MEI I read for gosh sakes the entire. The entire Kansas City Royals team could have been the starting roster because Kansas City freaked out and same with the cubs the cubs at least the entire starting infield hit in the all star game. Now we've seen Kobe Bryant but I remember a time in 1993 the magic Johnson and retired. And he got voted in came back was the MVP yeah I'm good ol' boy didn't back in my day. But this is what I mean old players were seen old players in the NBA because we like to see them other NBA players and Kobe Brian's old now Maine out for the season he's meals easily Altidore and he's voting and edit what is the proper way to deal with this. I think players should vote I think players should be the predominant amount because I they always have a good person. Perception of who deserves to be and I know in the NFL Pro Bowl vote mean it's changed because I remember sitting in rooms and voting for guys and we had lists and everybody. Argued up and up and down who they thought was fair and then in and they said this guy deserves it because he's playing well now because he's been there for the last eight seasons but this is different. Now you're gonna have. The argument of these crotchety old. Crusty. Media members that if you asked them to bounce the ball would hit him in the nose. Have no credibility when it talks about the ability to play the sport yet they write about it. View that every day and suddenly that gives them credibility they're gonna be the ones. That are going to be what voting players in so I can understand both sides players like. Why is this immediate. That is some five point three moron they can even play the game what. That's the that's the question and that's the honest opinion of players compared to media members are I are yeah. Island and I. Yeah. It sounds like you're suggesting that Brian when Norris does not have mad handles. No what I'm not putting what I'm trying to tell you is this is from a player's perspective OK okay but what's what's different through the media event and of and the fan vote if it's just the most popular player if if you're telling me that the players' opinion of the media is that low what is the players' opinion of the up. Opposing fan. You go into oracle as as a visiting team what do you think of the the raucous environment there what what is the rest of the NBA we love Portland fans here. Because we are Portland Tanzania the what is the rest of the NBA think of of the fans who these people are as individuals. Quality Jimmy does a good job marketing their starters I think it was a travesty to not have demon Millard as a as a she's not an all star ridiculous game in all Indy Mueller is a bonafide all star at all times but he wasn't voted NY. As were in Portland where a small market. Mean nobody knows about it half the time so then then when you give it to the media their at least we're looking at all these players that the idea is that the media at least sees themselves. As the experts and the NBA and they're going to do their best. To not so you know ruin this opportunity by going out and and picking the wrong players not gonna go out of spite as much as the players would like to think. And vote against the guy because he does is not a good interview because he stands up there is is tough in a press conference you know that. The reason that that you hate it when a guy doesn't answer questions because that's the guy you wanna talk to. Nobody ever complains that pack on attends a bad interview. But if you go out your Kevin Correia you don't give them answers they wanna hear that's when people get in an uproar the media is not going to be dumb enough to go. Want to punish him by not putting the all star because there may have 25% of the vote. The word and I even have to know that the media is also based on their opinion to do it. Knowledge base on their opinion but if they have a a grudge against somebody or somebody didn't give them the right interview Mae and I've been in the locker room and I've had somebody walked right up to mean goes. You know what the next time you don't talk to me I'm gonna write something that makes it so I'm is gonna say whatever I think you're gonna say. I've had an actual reporter. Say that to well use or actual reporter that sounds like you know this is available by a reporter he's yes he's on the I walk right in and said you're not giving me enough so I'm just gonna write it anyway make something up. Yeah so do MI supposed to hold those guys with any sort I mean I understand your need to do their job beat writers are great. We have also beat writers around there are always good ones and bad ones. But if I'm an NFL or find an NBA player in the situation in my gonna trust those guys are going to be. Non biased or they gonna be somewhat subjective older I can be subjective. They're gonna go do they think is good but if you give the same value to the media and to the players those are gonna balance each other out I am with you but at least the fans. At least the fans when you're talking about there they're they're fanatics and their passion about what they want they're not thrown into this biased side. I have to write something that I really don't believe my editor wants me to put this down they actually your passion. They care about let's take your exam. We'll Damian Miller. If you think you last year they had the votes 50% of the vote comes from a combination of media and players. The other half comes from the need the fans. So the fans failed to them to vote came in loaded now again he wasn't a starter so there's also the element of the coaches taking aim as a reserve. But you look at that we're where he somehow eliminated from that if you have a top player. That is overlooked by the fans beak he's from either a small market Regis doesn't get enough attention. Maybe you're not paying attention to a team and you have a young player that you know this is having. An exceptional year I think that the correction of the combination of players and media is going to find those guys because I don't think that they want to get the the ridicule of the are always go and how did you not vote this guy you think this media choice helps small market teams like I Portland like. Yeah Minneapolis. Practical enough. I think I think the number one. I'd identifier of media personnel and personality types is somebody that knows more than everybody else. And that means finding these jams in the NBA and finding these best players that nobody knows about you always see the top ten list of things that you don't know. That makes them sound Smart they're not gonna miss almost. Our act. And that brings us through the NBA as a whole but we've got a very specific question for you. Is this a must win for the trailblazers when they take on the kings tonight we will look for your answers when we return on dusty Kim in the morning right here on tentative.