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Dusty and Cam - 12.6.16 - Hour 3

Dec 6, 2016|

The underwhelming 2016 Heisman Trophy finalists and an update on the Ducks coaching search.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Dusty narrow the offensive line get your rest. And jammed Cleveland. I'm downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. Oh yeah. There are any. 8 o'clock hour doesn't hear can't live with you full. Sam Cleveland sorry CM Cleveland. I us again I have forgotten as he tends I gave Justine. People come meet Justine or Justin or all single. Just chip but wait a minute just beat Justine. In this your personnel turning just I think there's some Justin's that go by Justine I Ole never and never before I will say. Dusty and no go Dustin and I'll say dusty. Dustin did offend either be called dust and I hated. I assure you it's your birth certificate and our name as the rappers college it's my government name fits them with the name a momma gave me you mean they. Big. But but but but but well. And as I can do I mean big seeds you. Your little C yeah I know you're gonna do is your big day. Any way that bird flu program from New York so. Welcome into you. Justine insane in the morning. With their producer Alec. It's kind of you know we should have one days on people on what the hell's within the happening you're you're ever win the super friends have their flip. Dimension alt Alter egos yet either are Alter egos and Superman's guy would alternate world was it was it was a bizarre O. In any of worry L for Oreo you know we need to how we need to have the Justine. Sam in the morning via by the way if you don't know what that means if somehow some way you all Meyers Leonard was called miles. And he yelled that the PA announcer in Chicago. Here listen classic. Johnny Vista. They say we do tripped him up. Again listen really closely here. He'll miers thing corrected the guy. Miles this is is. So we go all missed ms. for an on numbers of NATO led wrong name Robert. We're calling him just the end. It's on your crowd she just say he's just the exam exam. I can't get myself a nickname so I'm gonna have to do is go with a endorsing him go Sam in this guesses I'd slap Simone they called me just Steve. Well I should just be in Sam in the morning are here to stay and I've also been called rusty he tam LC that that gives me to any duties vacation you can't there is an older guy it and nineteen year old guy. Who. He paid me a hundred dollars when I was twelve years old. And we were Turkey hunting up in her and any paid me a hundred dollars for the weekend if he could call me Russ. And he basically reenacted the national and cannons. Drinking beer with the kid. He didn't actually does he kept an easy job go opening huge global down the security unit are nice. He would keep loading that in Komi Russell whole weekend I was like okay. And care. Giving hundred bucks a great week. I got out about sort of the classic. Pop top ten airline gay arrests are very hot tub here yeah we'd pull you know but all the Cecile novice like all Eli is a big seal recorders. I'd known they had traditional Kansas when I was twelve his 1996. Fewer you know. Yeah you're right well anyways. There's a Heisman Trophy candidates that I. Don't agree with you don't agree with them or you just don't think now all good class because the Heisman finalists were announced last night on Monday night countdown. And they off as follows you've got to Lamar Jackson of lawful. Oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield. He is best wide receiver DD Westbrook. Michigan linebacker Gibril peppers and Clemson quarterback did Shawn. Watson to from the same team. Yeah. That's true too you know line from the same. Team we can't even get anybody. How forward are two Oklahoma. That's as far as the OK this is this less is Oklahoma unbelievable. Number we could get want there was that one pac twelve person aren't argued for Jake Browning or Adori Jackson or. Christian McCaffery but Nieminen tell me that there was a one pac twelve out of those three you could not get in the conversation. Good that's an interesting point right there is because he if you look at. And there wasn't a mid major like key member on the head like the token. On quarterback was sick act. Photo rob more yak held up. Kellen Moore. Was one of those guys at bill like a mid major guy Colt Brennan Hawaii yep right up. We've had those guys that have come through obscure guys that are rooted in their teen years like this where you know it's is. Kind of an open race. No I in that's what I find is is pretty interesting is that you didn't even get Jake brown it like in its not dig Browning. It's. It seems that the Heisman trust has is gotten so sensitive to all you just give viewer to the best player on the best team. Right that they went no not this year so nobody from Alabama nobody nobody from Ohio State are nobody from Washington. In it wide open rice at three of the four playoff teams don't have a player in here and I didn't you broke peppers plays both ways whatever but. He's prime primarily defender. Adori Jackson is better has more yards offense only in this season's I play defense yeah. Indy is a better player right yes and he's not even the best defense flair and his team nor is even close in as defense player in the country. Right. And we're supposed to Biden that guy. Is the best player college will argue this bias thing continually but it this is this is another example of everybody not even valuing that the pac twelve when it comes to their talent. And zero Christian McCaffery. I'm sorry was the best player in the country last year his units which he did in the Rose Bowl again. This will ward should be. Put into play after the bull series is over. It should be because the greatest players are gonna show up in big games some of these guys are getting to be effect there's times and game were Gibril preparers. You get it may be one called him for game always do great play. You'll get plays from Christian McCaffery. Where guys that are on special teams that are kick returner all these guys are gonna make plays throughout the entire game and you're gonna see in these big time matchups. How they're gonna perform all wanna noted during Jackson's gonna do against Penn State a wanna see that. And I think that's a travesty that were doctors believe that here we are again my as well just go back to the ultimately gave the at the national championship for the season even ended you know the regular season national champion do we gave you real preparers too much credit for what he does offensively. Read what does he do offensively he is a 170 yards from scrimmage and all isn't lost nothing. That's nothing. He gets like this two way player late not a two way player. He is 27 carries a 167 yards three touchdowns two receptions for three yards. Total 170 yards and three tests bats and he's listed as defensive back going and yet everyone tries to do this two way player thing. In miles Jack. Was far. More weight to a player UCLA here. This and that and that seems loaded that seems loaded to meet also DD Westbrook. Or baker mayfield. Look you on the same team all of those guys are really goes out well both are. Very good in the Big 12 Conference were all you do is play no defense in throw the football all over the place pick one man. Yeah pick one I I would say hey both of those guys are really good baker mayfield I give a lot of credit to hear well baker may feel there is no DD Westbrook OK that's fair. That's fair. It is baker mayfield but if you sit there and you go. You look at Dave turn into different team since the US for came back I think that's of some people think but I don't care regardless two players in that one team. Debt in this is in by the way this comes down to. At the straw polls and I believe the voting for. The Heisman Trophy in the big guys who get invited because they don't bring guys in that are Gannett and don't have a chance to is finished in the top 45 right right he thinks so that means that. There are people voting for Jake Browning or Adori Jackson. Or you know any guy. West of Oklahoma. For the Heisman Trophy and that to me shows that people just aren't watching. People just are watching McConnell. Don't care they don't care less you your reporting the Catholic figure putting Lamar Jackson who has two straight losses to end his season. And he's been a front runner from the get go because he's putting up video game numbers you know our TV producer Kerschner entry this number around us. That's been bandied about. He become the first player to in the Heisman since Paul horning in 1956. That lost their final two games that's not a Heisman Trophy winner to me it is three lost dogs and people are gonna hold the three losses of a guy like Adori Jackson. Against him now. But the Mark Jackson three losses. It's door Jack idiotic not cornerback wee we wanna see guys changed the game I'm just comparing. You mean to tell me that there isn't a pac twelve player that didn't affect how their how good their season one and reality is it's not just that they weren't invited. Ali in the you know it you know what Adam Shafer just. Tweets in at dusty underscore Tara. How about Humphrey the running back for San Diego State off completely right about that mid major guy high up. Yes we haven't seen NASA's Marshall Faulk rewriting the record books should want it. I'm a fortunate one that I was a tree that was a joke and so we're sitting here in grow again Heisman Trophy. Crew that I don't know if it's just not good. Is it not a good group. Four. Is today West Coast bias and both. All have salute both. You there there is no argument that you could say that there is not a Pauly football player in the pac twelve the does not. Longer either they're there for I mean at least a minimum for you could throw out there. Yeah that deserved to be discounted in this conversation more than DD Westbrook. K and sorry just as good as Jibril preparers. And it's adding it's not Aden recent trend now if you look back 2013 20122008. All of those years did not have a representative from the pac twelve or last at all. You know the vials he real nobody and I stood chances you see it you notice it that guys are sleep with a pac twelve after dark is not working. For the national perspective give the fact that injury luck or to be year Hurd did not win it in there years. Does. We should be spread trying to know. I an update to the organ X coaching search to the ducks have a plan how confident are Dutch fans right now to replace mark comforts 55305. Is Tex sun. We'll give you the latest testing came on the same. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080 I love saying I'm. I find your five busy Tex signed. By the 3201080. One name that didn't dimension some during the tech sank quite a bit John Ross deserving attention. In the Heisman Trophy had a feel about that. And do why do I think lauded just pure electric talent he's better than the US for a we just pure play making ability. Who. The Watson both are I would be among car don't gaming the conversation of speed in the ability to make plays. Knowledge from catching the ball behind the line of scrimmage. Going over the top the deep ball everything me heat. He is he is as good as anybody. And this isn't just coming for me this is talking to scouts not only on that in that area that scouting event about his ability to question this. How was his MC or ACL and meniscus were going to be able to respond this year. And clearly he's had a great your social scalps even even what grade him higher but the US for. Yeah that might be sell DUS Africa's pretty days those of in his own right though I mean dude dude is a big time player. As well I think they're acting they're about equal man and but ones in the highs in one study mean mentioned sure that's the point Kyle rice right. When I see a lot of receivers though and this is great about this is the valuation of a great college player can always be broke down between somebody. Being a really good in college and how they translate to the NFL I mean a different scouts different people grade. Players throughout the country differently but overall you can't coach speed and play making ability of both those guys can do it as good as anybody's on. You know you just you just don't know how one's gonna translate their right now own Tyrone electric football players John Ross is right there. Yes the F suggests yes this he has a right latest on the organ ducks' coaching search on. And this. Is starting to be calm down to that time where you go all right. Are adding an inmate gave high where when's it gonna happen you've got be dead period in recruiting starting. Less a week from today we from yesterday their coach is just some time off. Which is what you don't want your coach to have when they're hiring a new coach. In recruiting is of the essence you have time off if you're gonna come in step into this job you in the months to get on it in you need to give in it on it in a Currie. And this is that this is go time for organ now. All of the reports indicate that the university organ and their Parker executive search firm. Rob Mullins and probably couple power ministers. Me. What do you wanna they smush nor anybody in no wonder Redding insurance policies. Are all in New York City which is the hub of college bar. Because the Hadley national. As the national football Foundation's. Dinner where all the who's to come come about in New York City the army so everybody's going to be there. But may be few people came in early to do an interview because at dinners tonight. Made near apparently holding meetings yesterday and they will be doing so today with ceding power five head coaches according to the Oregon right. Ceding power five had. Now it's time you can reach out to those guys that are under contract. That would be entry interested in you can and you can bet that representatives for anybody that is. Interested in the organ job has reached out and scheduled this prior to them finishing the season. Right. And if you look at. Michael audio on the Paul fine mom showed and he said. He shortlist for the opening is not rule of temple. Jim now ankle and he's already turned the job down. Willie Taggart if you already interviewed in Texas. And then Dan Mullen the in this city say head coach Dan Mullen is the name that keeps on popping up. They don't and I don't know it keeps you keep on hearing Dan Mullen sent why. Lol. While he's on the city state is getting paid what four point two million dollars at Mississippi State Oklahoma OK he's in the SEC. Could you be tired of battling up against the big boys will suck at some point you sit there you have day take inventory. Look around and say. Will we ever get there do I have the support to get there do you I have the backing who will I will I turn that corner. And Mississippi State. Ime ago it never has. Will it ever and you like ignoring you say they got support them they've got facilities. And they've got boosters. And there is a less of an uphill climb and then we have a listen to say. That's stuff I mean I just talk about recruiting know any I think that the ability to recruit Mississippi. Is heck of a lot easier and recruit an organ and buddy you're right you're apples apples. It looks good it looks good on paper does he wanna jump to completely different kind of football. In the pac twelve and jump and do that actually can answer that question I just find it's a shame because most people don't. Leave our foreign sorry don't leave SEC jobs for a actual job but he is a guy that is playing in a different style in the SEC. His style is more pactel centric he's an Urban Meyer gotten him he was urban Meyer's. Quarterbacks coach well Bowling Green. He was accord ex coach at Utah. I'm an Urban Meyer came in there yet Alex Smith and Brett Elliott local guy. In he runs a a EE I think if you were to ask him in what we saw from him when he is the offensive coordinator at Florida. Is a while I don't then but Powell around power running football team. And and Mississippi State you're competing with so many more people that he does set that image. You are your talk about offense offense offense I'm sorry man if I'm Morgan. I'm trying to have some sort of defensive minded somebody that cares about defense in you mention offense which I do agree with you. You're not worried you know look there's a great coordinators around second that can manipulate the offense or organ can do. Give me if your organ you better be reaching out to guys and have an attitude on defense and if you're talking about bringing toughness from the SEC. 'cause across the board you could argue that some of those teams the elite teams in the SEC are tougher than the pac twelve teams. Just in to bring that conversation him because it's true. Stop the office that conversation you better bring defense here because that's the attitude adjustment you need and I understand that. From the point of view that you've you've just been enamored with the offense here Kitty Kelley was offense that's would you be innovated college football office. You wanna win in this conference now you better be able to stop people so we go with. I don't have any answer I do not great she on now. Mean is that your answer no that's not my answer I don't have I don't have the answer not on the the good part about this is doing our job is we consider around and and prognosticate and pick in say we have no idea who's reached out we have no idea of the the attitude. That these these the powers that be an organ or going after the defense of coordinator under. Dan Mullen right now. Is Peter German Pope. Look at that I did not know that I knew that he was in the SEC I forgot that he was down there yeah former linebacker for organ. He out of them and inflated Tennessee Titans and Peter we were we were both a player reps so he was with the titans are as with the Saint Louis. Yeah. He went from you know organ you do USC. Now add to miss in the state where they were not good defensively you're. But that that is a guy who may be chirping in the year Dan Mullen TC wants to Daniel on talk about gauging interest he measured on hey. This is yes or no written on the that is name that keeps uncertain resurfacing time and time again. And then you know. Look there's people that have thrown out literally. Every single name and then they go off cross him off the less you know EC nationally you see it locally and apparently PJ flak. And is not in an interview. Or has not. Who knows the validity other area we don't know if and but. We shall see where this thing goes I would do venture to guess when you hear a cell been floated this a week ago okay James Franklin. A week ago and Kurt loaded how much longer will kids how much longer are we guessing this goes cute it is is done by the end of the week. Yes it has to be he should be done by if it's not done by tomorrow. I think you really start questioning if organ had a direction when they fired mark health French group or they got a lot of false leads. But I still think you'd have a direction. I don't think you would have a direction you'd have a plan is this an underwhelming hire an organ coming. Who knows. I will say the longer that it drags out it does not look very good that it will be. Is satisfying higher. But. I know there's a lot of the people but here's a problem. Is that these fire mark health for at camp. The ones I had the pitchforks out are also the ones that are panicky right now we're in because they're sitting there going where's our guys wait a minute. And they should have been done instantaneously. Right right you like you. Shouldn't and you don't fire and hire within 24 hours right you need if you were well prepared for this scenario right you can read into multiple full reasons. How long did take them very U dub to replace. Saarc while the conversation as soon as he was fired in the or Boise took the US is Susie took the USC job he he told. And in athletic director now at Texas a and M extra. He told him look like woods and yet you would. Would now I don't get it later apparently are either way immediately when it was when it was leaked. And that's when coach Petersen reached out and we were talking within hours you reached out they were on they were on the plagued. Woodward Woodward yeah and they were on a flight booking engine going to run a flight to Boise. Mean that's how fast it happened. So but that's a rare scenario when a coach reaches out to you when you have that kind of things happen I don't I don't know if you're hired a search committee. Do you do you have that kind of luxury that people are reaching out and. And this text keeps on coming in and moral answer it next why does organ feel like they need to big name Chip Kelly he was no big name. That Texas come in a lot to really answer that coming up next plus your feedback 55305. Is Tex signed 50325 vote 1080 is the phone number. NASCAR to a sports that are. This is dusty and gem in the morning on ten the. I guess because a lot like from duck fans it's 55305. And as sex and why is organ infatuated the big name Jim Kelly wasn't big naming you worked out. Just time to kill it was internal. You knew he had right now as you know and and you had something special. In that. You'll get it you know you're not lucky enough in today's coaching trees to just internally higher. For thirty years and I like organ has done I I forty years I think 11 thing that is really important to note to you is that. I think that's why they did in mid major guy is. Before going to New York in interviewing the sitting head coaches. Because you interview Willie Taggart he blows your doors off he followed with him. You feel comfortable right. And if you do that with Pete that he PGA FLAC which reports are key dating get a rule. Are getting get a rule in the interview. I don't know we don't know that goes so. If that that is rumors here's the other thing. If you're doing interviews you tell me. Q have you ever been in an interview situation ever talked with certain people. Don't you know right away. I mean first impressions are cute everyone will tell you that when you ever interview in the first. First impression the first few minutes. They know if they like Q or not. Knowing you know write are absolutely you have to do your due diligence and that's why you have a search firm and who knows what they're paying assert my firm that you both guys make that finding your wife you know when you found the girl you know. You know right away by the way and that rule temple's head coach just tired as Baylor said because according Amber's Feldman Rondo ports so yeah. What the lead and take that job. Why would you better job than temple. A better job and tell they have one. Committed recruit for this this returning either way your start Miller. You know it is it is what it is right but it did to be its it it's a better job than temple Nat rule I'm sorry you seem like a very good guy. But I hope your program gets bombed the stone ages now. Abiding civil. A gamblers inside oh I was just trying to make a point of if organ is in the situation where they're being very energy they're being very careful. I don't know. The bear they're doing their due diligence. The putting feelers out there's not a lot of great coaches out there right now. A league coaches that are on the docket right now I think you can pull that to you. At any given time in college football there's not a lot of great coach he beat coaches are ever ever anywhere not just Al there on the market this year. In the genome last coaching shift when the we're talking for the last five years the coaching revenue shift has gotten. Extremely I mean it's it's dramatic jumps into keep on taking it there many anywhere now. To just get facilities anywhere now yeah did the math they I don't know it's about money anymore because the number one thing for college football to be great data. You have to be able to recruit. Recruiting is your life blood. And if there's any uncertainty. Had organ that you have to recruit thousands of miles away. It will be a deterrent because apples for apples four million dollars in the SEC. In in in Mississippi. Sure goes a lot further than four million dollars on the West Coast. Al so where would you rather recruit where you have a better opportunity. Stability you wanna go to a place small town yet a middle of nowhere in a state that's not known for football but still football recruiting here there's no way to hotbed where can you win more. You because it is comes down to winning in recruiting and without recruiting there's no -- you can win more and Oregon though I think it's been proven right to you know it is not meant Henri winning year says Mississippi State football had the last ten years right and then you look at organ look at the success of the programs on the national stage dusty it was all internal and that's the that's the thing that Joseph we. Harrington argued is a forty years of internal consistency the U took for ever. To build 3040 years. Of the history of a program developing and building and all the sudden he is eight. Those guys and that history is about to change in spot to deviate off the path. So can you recruit and bring players here absolutely of the biggest brand behind you ninety and but are you gonna find a coach that wants to be able to do that let's get out of his comfort. And then again in that's I'm saying though it's not out of the question first likened Dan Mullen for instance to lead in Mississippi State and go to war again because it's a it's a not as tough of an uphill climb when you have. Alabama LSU Florida Georgia. Balkan and you backyard plus in the city so you kind of wedged in there were Tennessee's coming down they're grabbing your guys you are in eight you are. The vultures are all circle line you have to how you're not getting the top talent we are going to be the dead horse here at the recruiting thing. But I do believe that you can't have somebody like a less miles or 62 years old and wants to run around. And fly around this country and recruit you need youth energy that has a passion for recruiting you needed Jim Harbaugh that will sleep over. And hang out and do whatever he can from flying to California to doing satellite camps in Florida. If you're gonna get there that's the type of person needing you do not want somebody's been set in his ways old dogs are set in their ways. It's easier to recruit the SEC you don't have to reach you can you forgot sixty get the car drive around and get everybody. You can't do it and organ you've got to get out and he got a market in got to get out fast and that's where you're gonna have to fund. Yeah I don't know that guy's gonna be though she's in her life. I don't know. Well there we be better find out in the next I had 24 hours of organize and make a higher they're in trouble. I believe that I I do believe that if organ does not make a hired 24 hours there in trouble recruiting because he though they make that higher they may debt. Announcement he's got to come. BT gene. Biggest people were called and he's not hit the road in recruiting until Friday he's got then Friday Saturday Sunday to recruit because Monday by. Dead period did the dead here it is Monday he made this tire in the next week for our to figure out where your dollar. I in an idea I do believe that deal you can not afford to get that far behind the eight ball because not only does he have to go out and get in the homes of guys. That are on organs Ritter sneezing donation at the commits. Are staying committed to Oregon first and foremost. You know bring it figured well he figure out that direction too and and get the assistance and all figured out you know is man. And there's a lot to be done in a very short period organ. And so bit it's tick tick tick in a way if your starting gate concern duck fan you should start being concerned after today so. The year ago 553 or five is Tex signed senate stacks lesson on how you feel he started panic. This is Justine camp. On 1080 the fan. This is. Did you examine them. But I feel five potter ten minute this isn't news named Nolan that's incompetent at this point. If you fire Hilferty you should have a short list lined up and ready to hire. Within a couple days recruiting is suffering. After I I agree with that but. You wearing big names here is tough it's tough. Do we think she. Your in the northwest who think the regional. The regional activities really matter to football coaches. What you mean by that do we think Debbie has pretty pretty mountains. Snow. And drive to the coast. I have great food trucks. Do we really do you honestly think that. Bill allure of coming to a West Coast work pac twelve team is about the fact is. Things are nicer here. We have more things to do I hear that question you member how many times I argued. The SEC cares more of the Big Ten cares more and everyone sits on this tax line in the east calling and they say what were just more balanced. We have more things to do were not at so heavy into one side. Yet when it comes down to selecting a coach. Or selecting you like to win or not do you wanna coach that's balanced. I had a coach I saw coaching universe who Washington Tyrone Willingham who got eighty rounds of golf in per year. As a head coach. I played for coach Mike Ditka who was more worried at 3 o'clock that he can get on the tee box that he was about finishing the practice. So July 1 and all in coach you're gonna ask organ yourself this question. Do you want to be able to market the fact that it's about what we have to offer or do you want somebody that's all in. I would want all in who's saying that they don't want a coach that's all I know my point is is that I'm seeing the fan perspective is that we have a lot to offer here. Out in the northwest. What we don't have folks is the number one reason why coaches are looking at at programs on the West Coast. You do not have a recruiting bed to sitting their for you yes but an orient thick no no no you can't know there's no laugh. And there's no ifs there was no ands or buts about it there are no. You have no horses in the stable within a thousand to 15100 mile radius. It's okay but with that said you have been marketing arm as Nike. Case which is not enough and his huge brands not enough yet facilities you have uniforms which I know that everybody has the facilities are ready as uniformed. But yet the marketing arm of ninety not enough hockey to be brought to beat it's not enough to be in the conversation it's not to have. It's like Washington. It's enough to have one in every five years of pop. One in every four years in an old hello pot but it's not enough to be in the conversation you're inning here that needs to be a change in the way people think because peep fans have been spoiled because of pac twelve sucked. In the pactel sucked in organ benefited from guys there's only one place in this conference. That can be in the conversation every single year from the first game to the last game in a TUS sought Ayers in Washington State. That's USC. Everyone else is battling for that one every four years one every five pop. If you're at it or do you think you're gonna be the conversation every single year you were just in the national championship two years ago. It might take you 567 years to get back. And and so you have to be able to think about that. And get off your delirious bed of that were just as good as the SEC in the Big Ten were not here because we're not all in like those teams and coaches and recruits are. You. This sixers in the finger putting too much stock into a single week of returning if we could get a flack or frost Tyre with the consulates of waiting after their bulls find get the right guy and not the first guy. They feel about that. I don't know who the right guy is right now I don't know who the first guy is either. Okay yeah I know them it's the week of retreating. All the week recruiting is crucial sorrow is crucial if it's your you don't you don't understand how important. To get into those kids houses right now and sit in front of them tell mama to be here. Very important it's every it's not just very it's everything. Because every singles. Cool that nosy your interest in organs. Is beating Chilean right now down saying they don't have a coach they don't have a direction they don't know where you go and you know I can hear from them for another month. And you know but they're right. And that goes a long way and as long long way. All right 55305 hopefully find out either Oregon coaches next so we have won the thing to play for you before we go. Last night. There was made the earlier. Overrun ESPN Portland 910. I heard it in my car ride home from talking ball Jason Zweig guard will have the next step dating he sends you out with big gala dinner. For the Portland pilots. But here we don't ten seconds. In Babbitt gave sailor pilots trailing by one they get it out seven issue. Circling circling dab away. Lighten up right at the fifth and I want to put towards the three roadmap. But let rip and hope. They need to Avian and I am.