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Dusty and Cam - 11.15.16 - Hour 2

Nov 15, 2016|

The value of conference championships to the college football playoff, Tuesday Timeout, and Russell Wilson is trying to bring the NBA and the NHL back to Seattle.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning with a dusty narrow and ten Cleveland and that. I doubt we'll go about it. Online. Just didn't see him in the morning until and if you love Salem. 703. And you do today AM dusty Eric K include Whitney thank you for letting us be part of your day good morning. Good morning. Crawford here which is good starts today more in the morning. Oh what is the significant morning a little bit as wanna give a quick shout out to. My lovely wife Mindy is her birthday that day when he nine years old so I'm very thankful for everything she does as a mom and a wife so we're ready to go with. It's not very often you know were were married he's not we know how much our moms. Q well are moms do you know how important they are. Usually you're gonna know again you got another one coming back ND year ago amazing year for she deals with me and I words Hillary aides or wants a date generally read and one's one's a little girl you know ones who have a high maintenance and Qassam. He won it but yes very lucky and have you 1 April 29 birthday yes done through my leaf. Always when an idea Leann do and not cool to celebrate. We we. Yes yes Chrysler what do you think how many years. Always I don't know I think like maybe they're gonna go out like a cold day in her salary evens out you set the bar above really high here right. She's the only turned 29 months yes concurrently for their steroids get me one of those wives. Found review found youth he has some 87 can wake you up in the mornings done and be a good job description. Hole while the that in your Tinder drove out or kill us quite brutal outlaw that it knocks. Are now lets us in college football. The class committee will release its rankings yet again the third installment emblem this woman a little different ha after the com we will see likely. A far different top four. But. What this second third and fourth teams all losing did was it created a jumble. Of kind of vagueness in. Conference championships and how they're all gonna work themselves out right. His especially in the Big Ten Indy in the ACC the SEC still crystal clear Alabama controls the state. If it wins in with the Auburn lost oh by the way. Did the Iron Bowl has far less meaning that it didn't and heading in this one. If you're heading indented did heading in the last week but the Big Ten the ACC. In the big twelve and also the pac told as well. Now you have. Kind of a jumble of teams where it's wide open now here it is a wide open as do you can win the conference who can win their respective divisions. And this is gonna come down to the big question that the class committee will have. Do you value. Conference championships when you I think everyone knows rice stand because I really do in this isn't this. Stop with the heat with the comparison of what's a good conference championship on what is isn't a good conference championship. Every conference championship across the board. Is significant from the ACC the SEC the Big Ten. In the pac twelve. Oh you did it slow because they don't have a true champion Idaho and that is the only thing that's significant is that the big twelve is on the outside looking in. His number one you don't have twelve teams number two is that you don't have a championship but you back load your schedule to make it look like a championship. I understand what they're trying to view I think that it's that they mean twelve teams and they need to get that right. I don't know if the deal to do it. I don't think I don't think guess is as fans were anybody that's that watches football wants to devalue championship. I mean college in the NFL a division championship you've got to hang a banner. From a packed twelve to a pac ten to your small Little League tears to your team tear pop Warner. Doesn't matter which when you have a division or you have a leaguer you have a conference. To devalue that and see that it's not important. I don't know if that's what everybody sane but I just think in the college football playoff is is hard it is to win especially when your conference. That should be valued it really really should be and if we don't value that then what's the point. And Campbell great to me is that man. Do you think that Penn State is the best team in the Big Ten. If they win their conference yes. Very essentially. Barren a driver's seat. For the Big Ten championship game Michigan's quarterback. On is done Jim Harbaugh is refusing to say for the year. But he's done for at least a few EC shoulder injury wrecked cad in so he'll likely be out against Ohio State. Girls if Ohio State beats Michigan. In the conference championship game. Penn State plays to the worst teams in the car actually they played the bottom two teams to finish their schedule in their division in Rackers in Michigan State. If they win those two games in Ohio State beats Michigan Penn State is there represented at the east division in the Big Ten. No problems that because guess what seeding basing goatee too because of all class so we're not going would be. Did the fourteens under the best teams in the country were all out of fourteen Zell won conference championship. Yes because Ohio State lost to Penn State. They lost. Cole what it is I mean that this is this is the thing is as you had your chance. And and that's the hard part about this this or set up is that if you're not gonna value college football if you're not gonna value. Conference championship. Then stopped having them until you figured out stop doing it doesn't make any sense to do it. Just play the best teams at the end of the season be like the big twelve. And stopped me and the doesn't make any sense then if we're talking about that. Because continually if you wanna say Ohio State we'll have a better a better overall record when he feet strength of schedule. Certainly they love straight the schedule and win losses certainly. Certainly but did you beat the team. That is in the coverage every. But if you beat Michigan I know if you beat Michigan Michigan's outright Penn State walks right in and Penn State will play who who are they gonna play Wisconsin probably. Rural area you're having big play Wisconsin you do well to our teams or Nebraska sure but it sure but Wisconsin owns the tiebreaker there. But yet day I mean they both had two losses in conference right now from in Nebraska plays Maryland and Iowa Wisconsin has. Pretty Minnesota be. Wisconsin didn't we get that last year I mean didn't you feel that Michigan. Was the better team last year. Did you feel like when you saw Iowa and Michigan State me how to Michigan State get into the final on earth on a fluke yeah. Yet they heard they were twelve into you a high state was twelve and one block on a drop punt any daily drop punt is Q better than Michigan. They went with the excuse me at the time. Of the conference championship though here's a difference. Is that he sat there and you we looked at Michigan State last year. Was a one loss team. She knew Michigan right now and where are now they need miscue on the blocked punt on the block the NL one loss to Nebraska at being beaten Ohio State. Being beaten Michigan right and they beat. Iowa and undefeated team. So they learn more deserving because they only bear one blemish they only have one blemish heading it. This Penn State team if we're playing the scenario out as it is but they want it Colorado community we had a similar they would have got this Penn State team and have two losses. And Ohio State would just have one loss. And look at that Ed did I state that we're seeing right now does not look like that team that struggled. Was battling jury injuries it in net for three weeks stretch there where they had some tight games right they do it doesn't look like the same team right now. Knowing that you're right they it is fair to say too because if you look at teams nobody I'll tell you what right now there's nobody in the country other than Alabama. Would it feels comfortable if they wanted to play USC right now. Nobody on nobody nobody nobody would want to play USC. And a beat Alabama with Fisher line it up again we do Marty do it but that the a youth but if you told me USC deserves to get in there in the conference championship and deserves to get in the college football playoff I would tell you know because you have to win your conference. Is I will say they you can afford to have three losses to one is explainable. When they didn't so it's like Ohio State were to win their schedule out. And Penn State still goes finds their way into Dave and the Big Ten China championship game from him. I could sit there nights ago I can see how they're gone with Ohio State here I I can see how they would do that. What what we're saying here is that we value and a complete overall season more than we do and how you get better throughout a season. Bret I've seen plenty of football teams that that the loser leave. Or how to how to pick up. But they progressively get better US sees a perfect example the at gotten better. Everybody has gotten better that is there when you lose late near it's an unfortunate situation because you might run into a juggernaut. You might run into a situation but. There's nothing wrong with winning a conference championship and getting in to the college football player because it should be your overall body of work. All the way through to the end you have to value champ you you really do in my opinion. It's others might disagree but that's what makes it so great about this conversation. In this is that thing in that AA said in nineties. It's not going to be impact impact of team will be at home. I think that if this scenario where to play out with a Big Ten they get two teams and can do anything about it. Mayor bridges and how many times did you statement you said Paul actual championship undefeated therein. Yeah I undefeated they're absolutely one loss they're out of the uncertainties there bingo we set it all year and in that to me is that's how the scenario there. In that this is why tactical team may be left out. Is with the way to big tennis playing out and we talked to any tell yesterday Washington's the only team left they can do it in I said yeah yeah bright. Mary will the wheels and a I this is I started we we knew we had Danny kanell on yesterday asset. Is it just meet order. In nine Nissen some about this Penn State team he has no heed. But are not a great team they're good. They're good movement but they're not a top ten team traditionally Carlo last year vary is a bunch of mediocre to bad teams in college who are now in UUSC starting the way that they did Washington State starting the way that they did. Is it you it was disastrous for the actual chances. But if that happens in Penn State gets in and you put in in there the champion in him when they're not I feel comfortable. Either way and you could say I would bet I would bet Wisconsin will be Penn State but that's here nor there but if we start putting teams that art. Winning their conference above everybody that does yeah. And to washing his safe than sorry Nolan the essar erred Tex then. Kids have no chance of you got no chance folks it's just not happening 82 loss team with UT losses being to NF CS opponent and and non power five if you had if he hadn't the eastern. You you would have a chance. It. In that sucks is I think to tell us this is good absolutely very good and it might point to that if Washington State one pac twelve conference championship. They in my scenario the way I feel if you win the conference you should get it but unfortunately it's not gonna happen this is not working. Parent in the city deep dive into C play through over the weekend why can't people defense Stanford's eight linemen sat. In the pledge that pushed the cowboys and Zeke over the top testing cam on the fence. When it was all on the line. Winning drive. Good game on the line. Bit. Back live. This is good Tuesday timeouts a deep dive on the big play another clutch drive ripped from the headlines this week. Does Dinara and NFL veteran Jim Cleveland won 1080. I'll see. My double those some of the ball dive where you on this Tuesday time now we'll take a look again day Saturday and Sunday play where Willis starts. Is in the college ranks. Guy may remain on the call for the pac twelve network for origin. In Stanford increasing McCaffery. Started the scoring up with a bang for the cardinal. We aren't so. Vehicle lot of wins again. That's light blue. Mark back into the backfield that great wolf today her visit the troops stressed that. At coverage from this. This power play in the can't freak. So will flock to the point of attack. Our rights. The so we'd briefly tests on this yesterday. For the life of me I do not understand. Wide teams defend Stanford the way they do when they go with eight. Offensive lineman Mon mean essentially it's eight offensive line because they bring their big tight ends sometimes they're just glorified tackles but they go eight across the front. And they go. I formation with the quarterback so eight of your eleven guys are on the line of scrimmage as line men. And many teams like Morgan did in this case. They put eight or more instruments as well yeah I don't get why they defend this the way they do you can you explain it to me well. I can tell you daddy you say the question is why it is teams defend Stanford white a bad defensive scheme to teams. Do this against Stanford because that is the question right here let's start with with what's the most glaring thing right out of the gate its second in two. What is second in two and most times when you work. Coaching or when you're going up as a defense course to shot to shot down in it's one of those where we know we're gonna have significance we're you know we're gonna have a 32. So we can take a shot. So with that. This is the defensive scheme that set up for failure from the get go because what you've done as you put 88 up front. You left to. Stacked in you left corner which your corners are your forced defenders if you learn about football your forced defenders are using the guys elect contained usually guys that are all the tacklers and they're also using guys like to come up and being excellent in the run. Cover two is another way you could say forced defenders discover choose use the those edge edge corners well in this scenario. This is scheme folks to mean this is massive scheme and it's set up you know Stanford's running the football here you do know what's more significant as you have no second level defenders. You have to. And it starts with strong side your strong side backer is a and then you have a head up defender both those guys slant to the inside. You know Stanford's most popular run what is it called I said at Fort Worth favor play in all football power. Two down blocks pulling guard and a full back in you mean to tell me you're gonna slam. To the center. Which is not the strength to the call and then you're gonna leave a corner. To be able to block against the pulled back is gonna be you're forced to vendor and then you're also gonna have your linebacker which destroyed I would as a freshman. He makes a mistake by taking on the block with the inside with the outside shoulder it's at a taking heat on square. In making sure that he doesn't pick a gap. This is scheme. I would never done this I would set up a second level I would have a safety in their. For it for a bailout and I would have not done that because it's second and to give up the first down you can't give up the home run here your lock him down saying Stanford is not gonna do anything. You're worried about protecting a first down here. You made a scheme issue and that is that you never put a quarter as your last tackle. Well they had a nose guard dead 47 straight up I believe that's again I got kicked of the team isn't Millwood I don't know Otah. He isn't square up. Right over the head of the senator. From there you have three UT down linemen in an outside linebacker and Troy guys stand up. On the outside right so in just by the way the formation is set out. They've already got four offensive lineman on that side of the football be your feet and balanced do you all you've already got four on three right and then you have. Tie every Robinson. Is the corner on the outside that edge Saturday he said so now you have on wall the last now you have four on four OK. And then you have AJ hodgkin's this is a linebacker in the in the C gap lined up over the over the top and so in this situation they've got five guys. By defenders on the outside line of scrimmage there's four offensive lineman. A fullback coming through and then your pulling guard they've got numbers on new home from instantaneously. On the first level of. The defense is before you even get a chance your beat in this play. Because you didn't scheme it right and then you slanted to it. And you have guys taking edges and none of them are taking on square bay has the did is just it it's it's a debacle Stanford head. Six on five we then. Two yards of the line line of scrimmage when Trish McCaffrey of the football now. They had six guys to block five on the outside the football in zero safety help up and a you know you say it's bad defense is. Eight you're right I've because I'd seen it before I'd seen teams in this is not just unique and in we're gonna get the Brady held key. Tax this isn't just a minority an issue it's that easy it's a bigger issue because a lot of teams defended this lead. But it's exactly who is standard want to defend it absolutely would you put everybody up front and you have just second level and only 12 level defender. Stanford is just licking their chops going please thank you do this again and enjoy it. And then in the eyes just. The there's so many things wrong with this and then years and they're going thank you sir may I have another BR please do it again our rights so now we head to the NFL I don't mean on the call as the cowboys. Clinched the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at physique Elliott touchdown scamper. Under senate press Scott Elliott as the single back. Here's the snap did that really. It's. Enabled the dog big big Bill Elliott with nine seconds left. Did the heaviest Steelers. Seat. This deal really its brick through the end zone but they swarming around aid shocked they want to Eliot. Go for the touchdown authority to conduct both boys had taken a party plied with authority lead. Sure it's not big day crazy till Lillian incredible run and a wonderful little. Wow that way is the no hole. Who enjoyed the Dallas Cowboys know eighteen seconds ago the only one time out they were one time on their running the football. Now were they trying to score on the absolutely not all they're doing is setting up a chance to senator the ball on the hash marks the NFL have maturity short anyway. So you're talking about the significant five yards senator here I mean that's all they're trying to do and here's the listing that that really sets it obvious that. They removed Dez Bryant eagle with a single backs you know Ole you know exactly what they're trying to do their give mean. Zeke Helio Elliott here. The zone run you you don't run leads or you don't run powers unless you have a fullback so there's number one significance you do automatic second set up as a defense recorder or they're not run in leading power they're running zone in wire they run zone to give Zeke the ability to go. From the all the way cutting back to the beat gap on the left because he sets it off he sees it. The card that press got hands and off to the left he cuts all the way back to the beach gap on the left hand side. Because that's what zone does it'll also zone does. Zone does. What great offensive linemen do. Every single one of these offensive linemen and tight against their shoulders are completely square which makes it so your back can go every direction. In this is on the right linebacker and I'm not sure you number fifty. For the Steelers key. Terrible technique he goes with the inside shoulder again just like what Troy dye did and didn't take it on square and bang there's your cut back lane. And no second level defender. That number fifty isn't that. She easier. It might be Brian was easier I think you're right didn't take it on square that's the number one thing the linebackers in that have to do is take it on square so they can go both directions. But you're facing the best offense line and football and they just and mauled view what are you running zone when you have to. You mentioned need the backs the AB having everything square. For your alignment huge dude varies that makes it easy for your taxes because indeed rule in net in game when runs on his seed the buck added up. Right when you win you have square backs. When you see your line in pushing down field. You know they you can just go you're going forward and then when you see that shift boom there's your week we talk about the one cut back you see that but turned them. There's your one cut seed but cut it up. This is why DeMarco Murray was so excellent two years ago when Hughes with the Dallas Cowboys. And that's why he's having success now the titans. Is because they designed great backs set this play up great backs keep their shoulder squared great lines keep their shoulders square. They set up the zone he set it up to the right any cut back left this is not when your back in you. Dictate your shoulders renewals we are going. Okay he didn't he said it square cut back it was a beautiful run and that's why these two these two rookies back there are taken over the league but it helps when you have that kind of offensive line. Alrighty let's. That's a good breakdown I think we we got to end in May that was Geithner. Yeah I know aren't Russell raw read it remind recent case and again and in 321. Russell Wilson is draining engineers greatest comeback in Seattle but I'm not sure this is game that he matters mention. Here's covers sports and. This is just jam in the morning on 1080. All right dive got a question for you you tell me. How do you think this drive ends it was a ten minute in 282 drive this week. In the NFL. It lasted twenty place. How does it when he played drive turn over. Now things get known known in which 51 yards. Is a punt. Is it punt beat Carolina Panthers went twenty plays. Or she's we when he plays 51 yards tendons in eight seconds. And they ended up. Up putting from from their opponents forty yard line. And it went Indians on for touchback so it was a twenty yard net punt at the end that essentially kind of was turned over because he turned it over on downs with. Air your calling upon a turnover on downs is trying to just. Axl sounds Smart gave the disk drive included for third down conversions a fourth down conversion. Indeed and did have three sack lost twelve yards in perspective there's back to a fourth and thirty beat him as having fun this year Ol boy he's Devin during that game causing yeah there were up all game he brought the dab back. In and they blew a seventeen point fourth quarterly. Why would I feel bad and one conference at a farm. That bonus for me I'd be glad I don't feel good that he is is losing games and that I don't feel bad that he's not. Winning game you know. Aren't breast Wilson Amman is trying to bring the come make comeback happen. He must do bring the NBA back to Seattle in the NHL team Seattle. He is joined those ownership groups for the CEO or eight year deal. Why. I. This is a tough one for me. Because she's currently a player so it's one of those things where. You have to be careful you really do. B when you when your star in your heyday in your city there's it does feel like we're not gonna cease certain guys anymore. Hold up over time like a Michael Jordan like even even Peyton Manning got cast aside I mean Indianapolis Amir Brett Favre but everything kind of comes back. This is one of those things where you know at first of all can I just say when Russell Wilson calls up billionaires and goes he can nine getting to nine get in on this they're probably right. A cancer who will they will look at Billy Hurley and what does he bring to what is what are you bringing to the table while financially that's not the quest it's not money. Okay bull what it is. Is marketing eating Chris Hansen going you're so cute you that's so cute and give me ten million dollars do you see. Would you do you biased luxuries box now that's easier did that you seek to license there not even there. So it's not financial what it is is getting the number one athlete in the entire northwest. Washington northwest Washington. To get on board were bringing sports back to to a city. And that's really what it is is this is a marketing move and and I and I applaud that because that's who you're trying to do if you were in Portland. If you wanted to bring a Major League Baseball team here who would you reach out to first Damien album river absolutely. You know and you would reach out to him and say dame let's find a way can you help us with this it's very important to our city. Let's do this and you look. Because of that that would be significant because he's the most influential person in the entire region. Yeah he is Smart marketing is what I'm calling. I don't think it resonates though with the NBA league offices are the NHL league offices though you mean crossover guys that that you don't you don't think that when LeBron James was hanging out during the World Series. That's not credible you don't think. Having football guys that's that not help bring more and not to bringing a franchise citizen I'm just talking about the crossover. When when guys big time guys that are part of your franchise city. To Sissy French president city. When they when they come out yet or I know things yet but I don't think that that's gonna help bringing eighteen tees Seattle noticed how the Mariners are mute. And they don't say much about anything you know why they're crappy leadership for years and hopefully now they figured it out of that they're dumb they're the ones that are opposed it. So they're stupid do the Seahawks are not. Right they're taking this says let's let's deal with this together here's our best guy let's make this happen. Of the Seahawks certain guessed him up there or residue that aidid had the common his letter to the a player should be makes it sound like it was he just wants to do it because he wants did. On seed sonics back in Seattle really mean he says NHL but it's mostly. Well funny you decide to keep that Russell Wilson probably approached. Some of this Pete sea hawks brass is a do you think this would be a problem fire helped with this current I think he got the OK from the Seahawks. Yeah I think what it is going to be in seeing here is. That the NBA doesn't have a team that's gonna move. And it. What he'd need you about the had been massive expansion fees at the NHL's asking for here is I don't think the NBA is going to be expanding a times. Because they've that's a big issue for them is they've a lot of people feel their products watered down as it is. Done so expansion is out of it out of the question and it's relocation at this point and all who's gonna relocate right now. A I don't know in I don't know Russell Wilson is gonna push a team of kids from moving in the NBA to move the team because then. Local support generating a local sport. Well look I it seems like they have that local support as this don't they. It's just the port of Seattle king get out of there. I don't know the semantics governor of the government behind him when he's outside he he'd do you mean coming to be enough people that. Show up 20000. People per game with a 41 games vehicle is fine me I mean that's what you're asking you discuss that kind of support public support one no public support to build the arena to push earlier in the early you don't ignore it because that's all privately funded. But I think what it ate it should be bigger signs to you is that wrestles and hasn't gone anywhere. He's in draining himself in the community and he's inter inching himself. Finally you know that is it that would Timmy bedecked in Nolan signal that. You tin and relying your quarterback not leaving your franchise of course he's not as long as long as he's parties signed a big deal. Mean he's in the heyday this this is their heyday it now this is the peak this is were in the pinnacle were in that window. Can Russell will simply fifteen years probably. But I mean to tell me your fourteen and fifteen that Miami beat Pete Carroll's can be around that longer so we semantic but he got to live in the now. In a fills about now in the now mean I think it's great marketing. For city. You're trying to do that. You know. And on off mean it c'mon think about it if I think in the old clay says let her go to Portland and you got Damian Miller behind it why would you not jump on them well because we we need to lie I don't know why day. I mean I don't tell Brussels and no I just don't know what it's gonna do to bring a team. You know gazelle privately funded yet they don't need the community's support it. Do you think there then do you think there are. Contingency of Seahawks fans that he would like to help cross over to be becoming NBA basketball fans and help. Bring more people crossed in and bring them over from just a football person all you may be under behind this basketball thing in having Russell Wilson supporting it because it's a huge group of people. Yeah if you need that then you probably are gonna have a successful basketball franchise in your city anyway it's my. Because the you don't have enough basketball fans that Seattle has not basketball fans TU fell lettering. Like you don't need. The Indians ever coming back yeah they shouldn't need Russell Wilson to bring fans I don't have any problem that would be at your bats well right I'd I think marketing you always seem marketing. You always need to do you do that. Biggest excellent have a crossover. I think it's cool that he is easygoing out it is in aids is important to him that the NBA and or NHL go to Seattle funding that is cool. I'm dead that is a very rare thing to have in in your professional athlete you know I I'm I'm biased and start deceive the blazers seek sonics rivalry. She rekindled who keep their guard Richard Petty thing Paula feels not Russell Wilson campaigning like this because an easy under the blazers. Think you can works the act by bribery I think. Paula I was like yes yeah. Aaron you the schedule says he doesn't want to sonics are gone forever. Tax on factor of and believe that that sucks im gonna fight Baghdad and track know him by your phone number Seattle Sonics never go one way. You can't it was sonic super fan trawling for goodness you called them a zombie. Well yeah because. The did team. These zombie fans couldn't you can argue about it. Seven banners the boundaries is important in every relationship. One gadgets games a whole lot of little room. And we also be taking notes so see you Crawford 553 or five Aztec sun dusting came on the fan. Dustin gem in the morning on 1080. Wedding vows sacred. In this guy's too thin excuse for the whole. Nother. Left home he knows and depends what you have to do is you've got to you. Said those boundaries in your relationships everybody knows kind of where you're gone what you're doing. How everything is again a shaping your relationship moving forward. And I don't know who this guy is. But he is genius with the way that he shaved his letting Gaza and he watches video. You would not guess in a million years that these vows are coming from the scat. My promise to love you more than I was Twitter had to laugh a few more than a lot of the dangers of us. From this day on I promise to hold on you it will be held onto the ball and I take you for better or for worse from Eastern Conference finals to down in the draft watch lottery. For insurance for 42016. Indian tennis team salary. In sickness and in health and disabled list active roster I love you like Jerry Smith not shooting contested jump shots. I promise to always be trustworthy and promised his loyalty is Tim Duncan was to the spears. So I promise always achieve very slick Rickey Henderson and about an hour. Oh even put you first and you need me anyway there's have a goalie holds the leaders have bases loaded two out the bottom of the ninth and the gators are and gunning all nine seconds left down. Nice has this down 02 in the count as we know wipo sliders coming I promise live life like street one. When my forces me to have a 25 and 57 seasons to come classics and these are always different Rajasthan and I promise to support your work your ministry and just how Jessie like JJ Redick transistors. I promise to protect you agree to go there to protect the rim chair issuing an analytical three. Value added value extra possessions and and everything it's just process. I can always needed even passed my Mario the stock to its final because you can Imus. I've got to disparage a successful secrecy for that extra. Send us standard pretty odd Eds this can be sports alleged Sid sweetheart and you've taken the backseat you think she knows what he's getting into 00 my goodness. Easier Chester more than a JJ Redick three that he's gonna have a radio show or TV show here to mark my words my goodness knows he's so we offer that got some I think we all need to use take that as. You know the standard that we need to set you setting boundary on that first day but he doesn't have my priorities in check remainder comes the the shout out. Sports too important he made it about her he did. He compared her to sports and I cool that yeah it was wonderful Cal's ex a lot more successful than the University of Florida athletic department. Catalog titles. Well they deal that. I mean we go in messes they have to be like got a baseball Tyler Perry Florida grad Ohio today titles weep at Ohio State and it. With the I don't Harris say it's Dolly gets he didn't say I don't know Georgia State Rutgers couldn't let. You know. Now this and another four to school he did say it a you know be the flood of NBA contracts and instead of the now refer turf war. He went you know NBA free agency this year to deal league. Does that how much do you guys make. I don't know amnesty DDD it's not good what's not good. I need to play basketball care for its minimum wage thirteen thousand dollars I don't care you paid to play basketball. And that is here what you're getting paid eighty you're paid to play game you're in a good spot your life so the highest. BA players they have a salary of 25000 dollars and and then the EC players. Earned thirteen thousand dollars each player's may nineteenth there. So between 25013. Thousand dollars he has equivalent to a that's before taxes yeah that's equivalent to aid. A room and on the arena guy. Right around there yeah and love of the game bro if you think is your love of the game go to Europe. Europe remain more European that you live and Europe Nikki you know car and stuff but they still might not get paid. You hear that I bet I know a couple of guys that went over to Europe they have coming back because like dude did you stop paying us now with Deutsche anymore. Why yeah going to teens goes bro like Diana LAM. 50000 dollars a year. You're like sure and the you know couple paychecks in the current were down. Feel like playing sports is like someone making me a meal anytime makes him and somebody makes me Emil and serves it to me on the love it you. Because they made the effort to attempt to make something for me I don't care what kind of food it is I'm eaten at animal evident. Just like you're someone police sports and some is gonna pay me to play sports I'm at all but how many do it until they seemed. Oh and eat it. In on eleven it. With a huge smile on my face him. All right to have a busy asking we will tweet out and the audio of that and it says twitter.com adds 1080 the fan that dusty and scored era act came clue in the net doctor underscore croft. If you were in that kind of thing did you sit and it does set parameters in year wedding bells. You dropping sports references or did you good generic you right around. Well it was a very traditional. So now. I know them very traditional. Tradition traditional. Is there like dad is there like I tried cab temple. There is if you in the Catholic Church there are okay template and make a you can go off I don't. I don't know anything about this very easy to do whatever you want rate eking kind of Uighur you know he made up as you get you freestyle. Highly it and highly recommended you have something written down Gloria out not to freestyle your wedding vows is as a promises a you know you once. It's speak off the cuff and yeah I don't know what today Diaw but if I greased yeah you were vowing that. You know any sports services and on yours who thinks can. That was cool for that guy and all but I don't think I'd ever do that. You know in battling does they did. I did vowed to claim any smells and public that can possibly be years. You know quality even if they you know we're on the subway and you see all summer about and I need any armor that's me. That's me and you never know you know you need delay in the middle of that mystique this case. There's coaches that were written off at the beginning of the year they're back from the dead which pactel coach to be undervalued the most this year it's a no brainer for me. Dusting cam on the fan.