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Dusty and Cam - 10.19.16 - Hour 2

Oct 19, 2016|

The Big 12 is a lost cause, NW Nuggets, and Gabe Marks' beef with UCLA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks Louis and into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. This isn't dusty and cam in the morning mix. Q as a fan of organized sports in this family has been violent. Organized person wins dusty era in they would let me sign up for anything when I was a kid per. You can always here's an NFL veteran jam Cleveland you know you know you're you're just a turnout. You can take you can run move dusty and Cameron more million dollar and 1080 contestant and turner. Eight. I'm 530 well. Here is seen. Regulators and. 9594. Before. 94 I think I VMware was award G. Yeah more and Jeanne any thought or thereafter I was a great Al that's a really good looks good album. Kill him underrated song this DJ. Oh yeah. Underrated I think it's well rated but I give you mom this teenager herded the other day at a football warm up. I'm really gonna around during stretching and you guys don't know this Warren G yeah I'd this DJ. Grade C I think that most people will look at. More like if you were to say more indeed they're gonna say regulate in which a great song actually the pride is in the wrong song they gonna says regulators. And it's actually called the regulate what movie again was it in. I don't know. Songs but that so I just played was the regulate jam and remakes were gonna kind of mash up a little bit of the old Michael McDonald keeps good stuff though. Good ninety stuff well not a fan users turned up the street cred of Michael McDonald on the blood I don't think that's those are movies sampled it and in the jam remakes kind of mixes about it's good stuff. Who cares. I paid big twelve is a las costs. I AM 100 in 10% in this you know. Maybe that's how the pac twelve can get its academic rankings up or maybe that's how. Oregon and Oregon State can look better is that they just go innate in the pactel just plucks a couple of does schools like in the four hundreds and education. To believe them up from the big twelve ha. Is Texas Tech isn't a good school no Kansas State ranks below them. How about that how about we just going pull some of those schools and stick them underneath sedan you know we're gonna organ Stater. You know eleventh and twelfth out of fourteen instead of twelve where where was where size across Kansas and all this Kansas Jayhawks word they rank I don't know him as a matter. I think that's actually decent school. It's a pretty good school OK I don't know. I was curious then again I'm probably outta said that about Oregon State before reader intoxicated and articles. But indeed big twelve opted not to you expand. This happened on Monday afternoon it. I this that this is under fire folks and areas yes today is because this first of all schools there are looking to expand with. When were not so very sexy like Houston nine schools if I'm correct. I'd I'd be was mirror quite a bit that they the could narrow it down tonight 109 presentations that teams are off firms in yeah gold. And put together all these forums EU IU he used in SMU Colorado State Cincinnati. UConn. South Florida Central Florida. And Cincinnati then there's this Cincinnati. It meant this. And then I think there is one other one in there but on those are the schools you bizarre it was all down to you and out did not did just kind of stand pat and move forward which on the surface that seems like K. You know that OK they were unanimous. In their decision as they came down they said right. Continued sit there you go on while. And maybe now's not time they dared things are okay for them. Well ESPN's Brittany Murphy it got their hand you got scenes on a big twelve memo. That they sent out in I think that like I was sitting there on the on Maine if on the pac twelve. If on the Big Ten if on the SEC. I start circling right now in I start Eisen I started. Loans taken a look at what Texas in Oklahoma and TCU or think Dan. You know did they feel safe in Eden did with the future of the big twelve right now. If I'm right now there's blood in the water in the sharks should start attacking because this memo. Had a talking points. Two in make the conference not look bad. In their decision. What would make the conference look bad well well this memo getting out would make the conference look bad I think that this that makes conference look horrible yeah. Among the things that they were. They were said at all costs to make sure. You moon did say that we were unanimous in our decision. Which means big conference was not unanimous in their decision to do this they didn't even vote by the way or no we don't need those schools. We know who voted well now they could buy and I know who had a big say in this. It was also mentioned is schools. Not TU. As say that we're at a competitive disadvantage. And who needs that reminder unless you're at a competitive disadvantage I don't say it. I mean don't you have ten teams. You year playoff is not you play nine game comes into it people are upset about in the big twelve right now that have play everybody in the conference. You only have ten teams your conference championship game hadn't been there. In in this in the past. Like yes you're at a competitive disadvantage big twelve you obviously are with only ten teams because everybody else looks far better than you. And you have to play every single teen nearly there's not even though hope if you have twelve teams. Like in the pac twelve you miss one of the schools like you will play every single team. And that is a competitive disadvantage in this landscape of college football writer absolutely that's and they're supposed to say. Do not say expansion is it dilutive in case they wanna go out and say it but. Iowa State's athletic director apparently didn't get this memo before he went talk to the press because he said the reason why they need do is because it would dilute the product Eric. Say in what's funny is that it's the athletic director at Iowa State which is the worst athletic program in the big twelve tracks saying that. And then don't say candidates for power five worthy don't refer to any specific candidate by school name I think that was an interesting one. For me the biggest thing that I noticed that came out was the funding. And that's the most critical point of view that I look at. And go OK I get it folks we understand it's Texas we understand it's Oklahoma we do realize that Texas Oklahoma. Pretty much Texas is running this entire conference no doubt about it well are today because this is this was added to the memo. Do you not indicate that television influence the decision right who has their only network in the conference. The deal longhorn notre longhorn which is failing miserably at. Bias television did in it did in a big way prior to do. Their meetings. It was it it was reported. And errors in mean they're people I came out and said fox sports executive told Bloomberg News that day word. Actively telling the big twelve not to do it in not to expand ESPN reportedly. Has been so according to Sports Illustrated when out in told the big twelve do not expand you know why they didn't want him to you because they would have had to dish out an additional what 25 million dollars. On in television rights money per year it's a money. It's all about lingering in so television did influence this decision this decision. And there's a lot of schools on the outside look left looking and it and if futures are up in the air which. I think that. Things like this in the device in this of the big twelve. Aid you tell me if I'm wrong here I think that the other conferences are gonna go in there and they're gonna start ends start asking you do you want now. In windy one out because we can make it happen sooner rather on later. And here's the issue too used as the pac twelve wanna reach out and do that does the Big Ten does the SEC does the ACC. The road is moving towards a power for no we have power five but wouldn't the I guess I would say the planets align. If you had four power conferences you've got four champs out of that every year than you may be eventually had a couple you wanna call quote unquote wild cards that come out and create a true. Playoffs and aerial system that's even in balance because this big twelve is falling on its face that we do I mean I realize that everybody realizes that. If you start seeing independent white isn't Texas go independent or they ever gonna do it this is the Texas conference. Oklahoma's a second number two but of course everybody understands that. You know what. If I am in the pack two other wrist has gone after Texas go laughter why we don't want any part of Texas I don't touch them know. I do not touched the bar read the University of Texas the only part of the party I would go after Oklahoma. First. And then that would be where my first call lists because if you look at what Texas does. Texas takes away from. In name they know that they are the bully of the big twelve they know that they are the glue holding that entire conference together right now they're. In Oklahoma lots away from from that power. Of taxes. But they are still kind of attached to Texas those kids and of those rivalries they have to stay together and right. But what would be into staying in for the pac twelve is. You'll would be scary. Is that I think the pac twelve would say we have enough powers here to keep them in check we've get USC they're in Los Angeles we get UCLA. In they don't in mid day in Texas who come in and they would try and bully the same way. I would try and make that domino to fall with it fine if on the pac twelve is Texas laws Billy SEC and go more power team and but I'd go and enshrined in pluck their rivals first you don't tell me that the actual would love footprint for recruiting in the state of Texas right made you go in you get Oklahoma. Oklahoma State brings in both states TCU via media going need to grab a TCU is well. Texas would probably fall. In that would reduce a lot of their power I wouldn't want the University of Texas so I know the brain this huge I know that the money is there. But that seems like a lot of issues on the pack fourteen Oklahoma and Texas. Then. Now I could go up there's also big implications that are coming through on the tech sign is off 55305. A loving Doug I love you bro amount. I can be haven't you looked all that growth dusting came on the fan. This is dusty and 1080 sale on. Big twelve. I think it's all part they're trying to spin it as they're strong in their stand together. Every day opted not to expand. And by the way they are taking more money it's it's not as much money as the big networks we're gonna have to dish out if they did that two teams very. They talk about think about that David ESPN and fox like look. We will give you more money. But. We're not going to be the fifty million dollars a year eggs is gonna have to be 25 million dollars per school. That they added that yeah this is in and fox would have to give the big itself. It is huge chunk. So what they're saying Islam does give via part of that and we're gonna save money on this whole deal and that's a big reason why don't business they did in and decide to you. Breakaway and and now all this is where the separation is gonna get a little bit. Stake here because. I guess he gets a bigger chunk than everybody else still it's Texas and we are talking about this I would go after like at Oklahoma. Would be probably know my number one call I wouldn't they you know Nader agreement that Texas is. I wouldn't touch Texas with a ten foot pole right now. And I would die I mentioned TCU earlier like Oklahoma TCU what tee schools are you sitting there in your goal and that's what I would go if you find that if on the conference a looking to pillage the big twelve. Yeah for me the pac twelve my two schools that I would go after and my my reasons are are kind of simple but is the first one we TCU and the second one B Oklahoma State. And I really and and strange enough that it does is that I don't want the shiny new toy in my conference at this point because I have to look at this. You have to look at it just past football. In Seoul. While I say there's Kansas out there you don't want Kansas in the pac twelve it throws off your Arizona brand which is huge for basketball throws off your UCLA brand. Which is big for bass and right now organs on the right your vessel you don't want Kansas in your eyes is evidence hissed a year as he did that Kansas trumps everything with basketball yet to look at it at that point to. Kansas State they don't really give you anything I mean Baylor is a dumpster fire Texas Tech you can send Baylor and Texas Tech. To the mound like a mountain west and find that Jimmy TCU and Oklahoma State. You get a stronghold get a footprint in Texas for recruiting which is big because you don't need the big the big brand. You still get a great peace in an excellent school. You can go and Oklahoma you don't get the big noisy big timer with Oklahoma. We get Oklahoma State get the cowboys it's still water you get that group which is equality program but they're not gonna overwhelm you. With a lot of that he's still get good footprints in those recruiting hot beds but they're not the the high maintenance barn that's gonna come with the they're very competitive they're good every year and they bring all the across the sport can you have to look at more than just football. And and basketball yet to compare how they're gonna. Group altogether but I think we'll all bass will definitely ruled the roost and those two programs are gonna step in and overwhelm you they're just gonna enhance. Your conference already and that's how I look at it. Yeah I am I don't see. Oklahoma State's a tough one because I don't know what neighboring unless they bring Oklahoma with them. You know from a from a fan base and a perception level of your university. Thank Isetan I go on and a Oklahoma State. You know there will what do you think of anything Oklahoma State very Sanders I mean really. I'm Ina don't always hold it is a quality football program you know I'm forty a very good baseball program I don't know the basketball. But Eddie Sutton is gone and gotten it anymore. So I don't know they're a basket of organs not bad Marcus Smart is but it could use come here to there Oklahoma State this isn't throwing throwing stones you taught at Utah. If you Josh expectations. And kind of and middle of the road at this price and people every year is CU was like an Arizona State. Damn thing come out of nowhere that we're really good get a good coach. Multi program. Yet TC would be the dynamite for an addition in dynamite addition because we see that. I think I look at a local or TCU at the same way to you look at Oklahoma State. But I as I say it brings more. From a cash aid because it's in Dallas right Dallas Fort Worth. And they're football program has more prestige then and Oklahoma State does there. Where eat and it's a foothold of recruiting in Texas and that's with a packed all they're really use. Is Texas football for recruiting because would soon as you say we have a pac twelve team. The kid from Texas goes man I might. Go to the northwest or. All play in Arizona although they do a little bit now you might get a guy out but I'll tell you what that kid that's a really good Texas football player. He's got everything right there forum in that state why go to the pac twelve this sticks come in at 55305. It. I'll I'll go with in this gracious a lot of and Oklahoman he's seeing coming in a ton. On the tech senate 55305. Would you touch Houston Houston scenes. Because they were in the conversation. But. Do I do what it neighboring a year and a half of good football. You know he's a really doesn't interest me not a good school academically and mean. The fact that the big twelve did didn't pull them another governor of Texas has this. Because if he's got the dollar to help he's in tremendously. I don't know man. Q since not even the number one draw in the city of Houston. Eden. This text of five factor five TC is a religious school of the pac ten turned down BYU for consideration for that reason. That's little misleading it. Because of the fact that so many sports planned Sunday is now outside of football CU plays on Sundays BYU refused to Bosnia in doubt was a big reason big big I vagaries and it's not a research institution. Which we were just discussing earlier how organ in Oregon State are really great academically in Newton neither is Utah. But they are considered research institutions. And so that was a big sticking point I believe TCU is and that's what kind of what got them into the big twelve. Again this is not quite getting the academic growth of the pac twelve. Asking Oklahoma State to come in because their ranking is atrocious. Is that it's it's not good are they pretty back there in the 400 because blow yeah. Because that is a big sticking point with the academia and that's why I got the pac twelve actually realistically if you don't have that research attached to a but you just don't know you don't know the perception of the pac twelve I mean I I can't even see the fact over reaching out if you and had 20 trying to steal anybody in that conference but if you had to register my two thoughts out there. Again. How about this one. Hey these big twelve Willie Lyles was the footprint that organ needed in Texas. About that he looked a big swath. Yeah in his week. In that show cause your Chip Kelly air. Duct transit Levy remember that there was a show cause for Chip Kelly done. And was it bud Riley had a friend. In Texas that got them the Rodgers Brothers up there. Mike Riley's dad had a friend from his index like they might. You should come check these kids out. Quiz and James Rogers turned out to be pretty good lawyers. Not bad not bad at all isn't it funny how Boise State seems to be in getting on this section is what I Boise State in Oklahoma. I'm hoping Boise State will ever get a new major conference now and I'd provide a way I them about them the ideal. I DOR because there's how much have program means to that area. It's all about is it really is it's about media markets in NATO and bring them anything big big don't bring any Oklahoma State or Oklahoma bring media revenue. Do then yes in Oklahoma yes. No everything's about football when you read about Idaho I'm sorry. They just need to Boise State's good but he does not gonna get the media driving the he would from Oklahoma now. And this expire academics a part of it anyway. Because there are the universities are all lumped together for better or for worse. I mean that's a big deal I don't know why they are. But for better or for worse. And the academics are always. Lump together it seems especially important in the pac twelve. While history of football we've always seen expansion from a good from the pack aid to the pac ten and pac twelve doc gonna say that it won't expand in our lifetime. We see Steve is the trucking school. Like that text 553 of five islands take a look at the upper left corner of the country it's our northwest nuggets and it's next on the fan Norris. Yeah since brown. Fans can listen when guys are. Several weeks from now. Yeah it's I Bloomberg premium food focused solely or they love the most important it's. Time for dusty and GM's north was magnificent a look at the area's top like twelve teams part of dusty intend on intimidating goes so rare moment. Heidi it's our northwest that is created some to talk about her on the water cooler about each of the northwest schools in their games this weekend. He's maybe he's Sheryl Crow. Why wait why. Something to talk about mass stunningly good looking they Sheryl Crow. No I did I'd date Lance Armstrong I just felt like that. He says Sheryl Crow sang that song something's talking about cannot be honest I don't think it is she needs somebody else she obviously Reid made that song right there. How's it go gave he's not and its if that's your problem. Now. Somebody else I guess he sang a version of it I could bureau are business matters are wholly squirrel bowl. I know I think Bonnie rate Andre it is why it is called the let me now you have but I had a it was coming to me slowly Bonnie Bonnie ray Allen's album luck of the draw yeah Croatian I had tween mixed up you have got out of it's all. All the same era you know Sheryl Crow was a can guarantee you before she became clear school. Tiger hot Kennard if your goal kidney and they're quite a few of them out there goodness gracious since. Our earlier there's a little too I guess hitting Honda's integrated teaching. Little kids I'm impressed with you. And are automatically hot Zeller going to say I'm OK all I'm impressed warranty engine right now son. My my life takes me Julie Roberts in a movie called some gonna talk about where that song was and yes right right Julia Roberts. Great controversial and might be on a night they are known not mighty one in my top five. Aren't you possibly top three possibly number one of all time I love Julia Roberts for some reason you know what to steal the movie. Sorry we're gonna take into this really quickly numbness in the south you know those movies that you watch and you turn it on you like guy. Had you see it on your screen you're scroll down you all I gotta stop ducks this. You guys are gonna freak out when I tell you nodding hill is one that I IQ I really like life so this weird. I don't know what is it out of its about these bids because watchable woman that that random guy gets in. When I licking you I think he Hugh Grant movies are sure about very weird I don't get it I have no explanation for it I just I thought it was a young holiday and I really feel like I don't know I don't know but anyway let's get some nuggets. Got one more North Korea and whether or not gay movies from the movie her from the song regulate from earlier in the show we have this is dead as good or with the download is above the rim is one of them of course the other one has forget that isn't to block in that yes yes yes. That the other one is young guns. Young guys as an ugly LS events is related to sound clip from that was the Bon Jovi and that song right Yemen it would this sounds good wanted to federal regulators we regulate low and younger guys that you read it started to song is in the above the rim soundtrack and the champion he geek up the street denoting got to be handy to steal if you know demeanor to keep. I have to northwest now against good segue by the way yup and oh yeah I don't know can't be any new Gaza street we need to unending. Berkeley in strawberry canyon. Memorial stadium as site Friday night game but the playbook uniforms really releasing these same wearing the same web blue ones is they wore her there as early polling goals. Funny Crawford. They do well let's see last week they were cal uniforms. Against Washington so their next of point eight opponent is Arizona stayed in the other layer is occurring more couch so they're going to be wearing yellow and Maria and no big game no say they're going to be wearing their green helmet with the duck on the side got so there might nugget for you though is. It seems like Royce Freeman haven't done you're done that don't you get that feeling. And tune in for his season's not going so well if somebody in his ear telling him to stay healthy for the NFL. Well his season actually not that bad folks. Royce Freeman has 513 yards and seven touchdowns this season when he's healthy he's out there running he's very productive he is averaging. Seven it. Point. Six yards per carry good for the organ dives in with 164. Yards in this game Royce Freeman. We'll move into eleventh all time. In rushing in the pac twelve. Present think about that if midway through his junior year. Two and half year or two and have seasons that that he could be a top eleven rusher in the pac twelve history. Which is been known for its running backs in his conference has been loaded with running backs over the history of the conference so. I'll Royce Freeman. In that offense an act that's a good time for the offensive line to right. I mean doesn't that tell you at the app and you guys got. Average in seven and happy Arctic here yet no way if it doesn't it's it's one of those things but it's not bad but organ c'mon organ leads the conference in rushing every year the average over 280 yards per game. That's when you're gonna get video quality back. Like Royce Freeman he's Jesus really do it in the first round pick up. We're back. Gloria is staying. Hits the road in Nate take on oh by the way they game Friday night on ESPN. Former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti will be on the call without investing for organ counts aren't giving up. Pactel network Saturday 3:30 PM kick on the pactel network if Ted Robinson yogi Roth continued reds and on the call yet again for Morgan Stanley yet again they're on the call for the months in Oregon State to add one yard passing in TV second half I believe that says second half as the winter quarter. In the but we're in states now hits the road. How about this. There have been this rivalry is known for some notable records. For Morgan State. And Alexis Serna back in 2005. Had need. Record for worst field goals in the game with six. The most kickoff return yards in pac twelve history. Have been in this series by Victor Bolden in 2013. His return game has been. A bright spot in 305. Yards Victor Bolden had in this game in most all purpose yards. Against Oregon State I'd Charles Frederick back in 2003 at 371. Yards of total offense most team passing yards. You dad 588 yards back in 19980. My goodness. In John Fister threw for 469. Yards and none in game against the beavers as well and then most interceptions thrown by. Eight opposing quarterback. Steny six killer through six of them against Oregon State. On the back in 1970. All those red school records in one robbery against Washington. Pretty impressive yeah I guess. Bunker in most any other school that they play effort on both will be at this game be excited. Cited Alex you know I'm most excited for is my invitation to your tailgate hootie you know you're TO. Teed up. Aren't. Are you two gonna fight each other at this and you know life doesn't look this is the love and beginning in the swirling. Can you must surely you know I guess you'll do that even be mean I know we know. Teammates I think I've never been does he leaves in here all you've never been to the since do you recall the remodel some excited for that I'm excited to see how. How old GM does it in his native elements. Not only are you a Washington DC you'd. Mom just like I am here now going to be closer to see drove closer to the home base. I'm excited to see you amongst your people whom I don't know nearly a year you're going to be in me exclusive. Tailgate is cam only does it 11 when I don't know guys fatty style lets her tell us. Yeah we don't go the week we tailgate. The Huskies you know there right now I right now there they're leading the nation in current nine game win streak which is tied for second with. Who western Michigan and I don't know what they are western there in the Broncos that Broncos so resume. The nine game winning streak rilya voters deciding PGA flex and they're they're they're just leading that the country in a lot of stats for some of the significant ones are leads the nation in completion percentage about that. 73%. Pass efficiency at 200 in a fumble recoveries on defense with twelve. And sacks at four per game. But that some bad when your playing well but also their second infused interceptions and not turning the ball over. And also fewest in turn overs before but most. In takeaways at seventeen in the country. That's a reason why you're winning football games pretty simple. I'm body's gonna give said. A wanna meet candy think he'd smoke with me I see absolutely no putts. Well he actually asked that question yeah in serious points smoke what are. He means marijuana which I know you don't it's mean it's legal team both of those states and good for you if you wanna do and I'm. I've never done it no interest or zero I like my lungs but. Once CO PD. All right talk to me out of anonymity yeah. You knew that you get that done Colin yeah I don't know CO PD isn't hurting on the commercials seller had a right police department that's not true. Not true at all. Which they also busted for smoking all right 112 weeks. Those two X was good to us now right. Was his won four straight games for the first time and three you know in the conference. Since 2003. Think about this list but cougar fans UCLA. Stanford and Oregon are your three streets. That's impressive I don't care what you say he just threw the stats and records out and said that anybody across the country you go those tubes are pretty good bet you can't fear way to start the season includes. Quasi also seventeen rushing touchdowns. This year in 2016. And they're the most since 2005. But for the season the team rushed for twenty they're gonna break that record this year for the troops a ground. Team right around team Mike please ground are losing ground and pound center with a giant qwest the floor raid. The grand grade Hillary that's a good luck hey. That is our northwest nuggets in by the way. Why are seeing two and states takes on. Oh my goodness gracious my computers freezing right now and that Washington State game against Arizona State. 87 o'clock kick on the pac twelve network in the desert with Clark with Roxy Bernstein in Danny Haren and Louis Johnson. Yah it is after dark pastoral after dark warm expressing warm down there. Paint we have it Ivan updates to you my new favorite college football player. We heard him yesterday. And gave marks of Washington State. You know it's time do she you know. This LA okay assailant. He got a response from UCLA. He has a response in UCLA you have that I do okay. If everyone here than it well. Also I have a follow up to why gave marks has vaulted further up nine hierarchy of college football players testing came on the fan. This is dusty and gem in the morning on ten AV program. And I yesterday we discussed it. Big game tomorrow. He said this yesterday and. I'm not back this year. To the other players in the end it all of their news. Kind of come off as does and they do things like I don't know that they do that everybody. This is finally. You know it's time duty you know there's a lake located say it's. You can we don't cut us dollars. There it makes you look like you know. Think you know you're trying to be tough because there wouldn't. Thinks you know because you there was salute you Wear baby blues you're not and in. Nation look lest because you try to work. This is a weird. You know you don't have to do this. I gave mark said that in response to you in the UUCLA Bruins whirring up on their side of the field and kind of talking trash about it by the way can I just make when you one quick point. I bleach. What was his Montrae. After two losses. Toughen up. Be tough mean that listen gave marks get tough. Tough in and Tagamet tough guys right stuff guys. You worked. So then news and obviously this goes back down the UCLA and the people lesser like whoa whoa wait a minute here and let's ask these guys get out of my Mercedes I am how they feel about it on Richard's senior safety Randall. And go forth who got burned by Washington State. Sometimes. Was quoted as saying. We go out there and warm up everybody just goes out up there and warms up we are just worry about ourselves we're not really worried about anyone else. And Jim Moran. He said did Denmark's is misinformed. In that they didn't do anything wrong in this. And that he'd they did today UCLA players. Just went. To you decided to feel that they were told to. And. At the same time Canadian Palmolive the offensive coordinator. Goes to do. Behind like as Jim Moore is being cast same questions says. Let's just college football we are trying to get Ned that's just look what the officials are foreign and they don't catch it then they don't catch it is just like a holding call or pass interference. That's what you've got to take you you've got it. Taken on yourself by playing physical and earning their respect. Back so be offensive coordinators like yeah we did it. Because Jim Moore is trying to deflect this whole thing by saying. Well we're just told Mina marks is misinformed we just told our our strength and conditioning coach get him out there you don't their strength and conditioning coaches. Who I think you'll know the name when you hear. Obama who sole way to rent is at the guy from the jets Sao stuck his leg out sell below sea. Is the guy's name it's the same one that who is a heat trapping heat get suspended and fired from the jets is puffy going that. One know each of daddy I was a little Diddy. ODD on call Helms went in to beat the crap out of him with a cattle now if we don't. Triple right. So this is Blaine guy this is this is lake gate from the jets and you know. Are you by the way sell low C. This is ride up is out to produce heat this week going dubbed it use waffle in warming up on their side of the field. Is right out of Seles he's played it perfect and knowingly doing it. And fake tough guy where is sell sell a mosey from. I'd Jersey courts he has I was gonna say that is in Jersey dude he is from Jersey yeah. Yeah. And I was born and Oyster Bay New York. In. He so. UCLA has responded saying no we didn't try to do it yes we did try and do it. So they're talking edible sides of their mouths which kind of accept everything that jot they gave marxists hate not hate groups with oops. Also vaulting gave marks up to my name. Hierarchy of players is that I loving college football you will enjoy this is slow please share. If you missed it I reach we did it at dusty underscore Arab. And here he is. Twitter handle is act throw it up to nine and I like that you two receiver named him but he treated out PSA. To all the high school football players out there and then he goes in all caps. No one cares you Reese served precede your 73. Oliver you can only choose one that. And then ends it with do you she could. I'm really sorry resemble what is PSA or PS that we PSAs public service at all overtures alligators are. Yeah totally spaced out on that anyway moving back public that's fantastic field. It did hit close out I think kids that. 73. Blessed it received by silly me I wandered off hurt nobody cares and shares we are seeing your table with your 73 hat you're gonna pick for a yet so right now look gave Marx's new thing is called people dishes and called people out in I for one cell those he sued British in mall onboard with that yes sell low sea legs my eight courtesy of the number one do she is guy in the pac twelve boy and that the players added that were with the jets when he was there. All backed it up when he got fired to remember when he got fired that nobody. Had his back from don't nobody. He's good strength and conditioning coach I'm sure he knows weights really well good for you good weights you get little bro viewed them as ninety Bassett and chemicals. That's a neighbor you. President. Full squat guys sometimes he's got to say Demi TF it's a stories in sports that are a little out there dusting camel fan.