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Dusty and Cam - 7.20.16 - Hour 3

Jul 20, 2016|

WWE brain damage lawsuit, WTF Wednesday, and Big 12 expansion.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about plus against the system this system that kills the human. Stands for so we're dusty era that had the old bull. Now one. An NFL veteran can do them. I'm Tiffany Wilson. Now an amateur. He does Sierra came clearly into it to you before we get to UW TS wins the these viewers you mentioned in this Demi did he can press and Lawson. So the Debbie did you. Our current current and former wrestlers. Are suing the WWE saying. They got concussions in the dividend he's to blame for them. Very similar to the NFL. This is cracked this is correct it includes. One of the big played a senator in this is Jimmy super fly snippet remembers and also Joseph Joseph road warrior animal. Laurinaitis and they also include guises does a wonderful his dad. Mr. wonderful poll or door if King Kong Bundy was Chris Paulus and then. Few other guys have better all at the at the age where some of these effects are starting to take a guess it would take effect but. This is this is a lawyer that has been known. To file these lawsuits in the WB feels very confident that they are gonna have this thrown out because of previous attempts to try to get this. Lawsuit underway. Didn't wasn't Jimmie super fight snack on trial for murder something earned him wasn't he charged with murder something strange like that. Yeah like like a cold case that they found I think so on my goodness and Ed but yet he's part of this lawsuit. How well hold on now are they claiming that is the NFL in the former players are saying hey look. The reason why are pursuing we knew we heard what we're getting ourselves into you but you guys covered it up in the that is the problem Leah. Was their research was there. Information is that the WW was pretty TU that aid that they covered up and didn't allow other wrestlers to know. One of the claims is it seems to be that a lot of the moves that they were taking a worthy realize that they were going to be aggressive or. Detrimental to the body but it was the overall impact that the WB was sane overall over time multiple impacts. Did not cause these issues but in fact what the issue is is. US district judge her name is Vanessa Bryant in one of the previous lawsuit said these were scripted. News life. Name's Vanessa Bryant from US district judge Vanessa Bryant said you knew that these moves were scripted. And they were told and you knew the inherent risks immediately yeah as as part of this leaking. So called. It in part. They were dumb enough to think that what they were doing and when you fell after doing a movie set Al. They didn't think that it was because of the moves they did ya well okay well yet that seems to make sense is why did they toss that one out. That's it interest seeing. Interesting. Case here. Well this also happened to because you remember Chris Benoit who who ended up bread killing himself and join his family and his his. It was donor is brain was donated and they found severe. Cases CT with him in any was one of those things word now. Wrestlers are looking at this and going sure man I I'm assuming. That they all wanna be compensated. Potentially for what they say it's the same thing as of the NFL. Trying to do I don't know if it's along the same lines. Well I don't know how to I don't know how to gauge the CTE thing anymore it's really hard for you because he just you don't know. At some point you have to look at date yet to take some responsibility for your actions. On the other end if you're if you're told to safety mean to tell me somebody in the WB's walked around today by the way you know. Hundred hits and head falling down pat has. I just can't I can't imagine that somebody would be out there saying that this is safe you're gonna be fine. No big deal yeah right. Yeah and that's that's an interesting. Common sense has to step in eventually right but LaDainian they're saying that they this excerpt points out of five after your father send their loser choreographed by Debbie don't eat. So they were directly responsible rather than accidental like the NFL. Mean when years and that makes that makes sense if you're if you're sitting there getting instruction on. How did these something in what to do you and then oops all the sudden. They're going to pay no accounts these are your five and they're not at this is going to be an interesting case to see if it actually goes through because. This seems. This seems different than the NFL. But they still have 88 a leg to stand on if they're saying. Vince McMahon or whomever was I was running need to world wrestling federation at the time. Told us exactly what to do how to do it and that it would be okay. If they can prove that then they do. Have a leg to stand on here and I think well on the surface just like I looked at it I think a lot of people will go. They all heard trying to do with the NFL players did but unless the WWD. Or dubbed a BF at the time. If they were to you dating cover things up like the NFL like the infield did research found horrible things in the went learn yet know. We're not finding anything here but a lot of it also has to do with guys. Only money. I think a lot of guys want health insurance to anyone a lot of guys need to have as they age you gotta think about the medical costs what it is to be former athlete. And what you did your body at a young age will absolutely be. Massive costs as you get older especially if you have dementia like would you meet a super fights that has been diagnosed with. Yeah he who has after Google laying in this to both less than gotten murder. He was found. Not competent to stand trial there. So he's he's gone down made a bad bad road. That is. Horrible and not unfortunate for him this finishing case that because of a deal to keep implications that has four other sports TO there because. If here a year finding. And lawyers and plaintiffs finding different ways to you. And hold the leads responsible for head trauma. And undoubtedly you know that there's an inherent risk when you're doing when you're playing the sport of injury. But. If police would just take this step to secure the health of their players the number one thing health care. Give them the option to have health is the number one fight in all these players it's yes and you think it's a money grab. It's just give me health care can I have an opportunity to make sure something goes wrong. While I was plane you're in your league can I be covered not asking for extra money out of pocket cannot be covered in that seems like it's no it seems like and it in. Natural thing to think if you think if you worked for company for 1015 years that if you got hurt on the job you would be covered if that represented itself later in life. If you can prove that hey I had I had something wrong and that's the number one issue I think throw all these board. We do see health care we do see lawsuits like class that's action lawsuits against businesses. Corporations. That. When they get wave when somebody gets in law a long lasting effects like the you know being. Mess of Helio must lessons here you know you see on the when you're watching mere means to you and owner Jerry Springer and when you're watching the price is right the being pops up there daddy did you work in a warehouse and it's like yeah I did Erin Brockovich right there see this all the time. And now it's trickling into professional sports because. We're finding out that a lot of what these guys were dying in the in the east to blame the they lost the game so they had no purpose in life right and that's why guys fell off the deep end. And really that's what cleared the air and now they're finding out wall maybe it wasn't just because he lost the game it's because the game destroyed its brain. And if the research and science is starting to catch. The health care is my biggest biggest proponent of of find trying to find ways to make people. Shouldn't have to suffer after your done you know nobody's asking if you just be a check writer to have the option for health care. And that's it. I know I mean does that sound like it's its it he should be easy it's not. Yeah Bernie Sanders and here. I'm sure this is Bernie proponent of that you'll universal health care and course those obamacare in new. But I was there were efforts. Sometimes he's got to say WTF. It is Wednesday the obscure sports stories of the week stuff. This is a dusty and jam in the morning and dogs an eighty sale unless. All right Crawford let's get to it it is Wednesday let's get to those weird stories of the week Yahoo!. Yeah the ones that make you say. Debbie TF WTF man. And aliens holiday. Yes great song let's start off with the Republican National Convention is going on the sports got brought into it by Paul Ryan's. During his speech on Monday in which she made a college football reference trying to unify the Republican Party. Saying quote when you advance to a national championship. To would you root for a long worn if you're an Aggie. Start seeing that way now I know move in college sports or sports rivalries there's two sides there's a people like within our state and say I heard him Bieber fans hey. Root for the ducks and they make national title because it's good for the state it's good for that you now. Pac twelve I guess. There's a flip side at San rather be dead then root for the ducks or vice Versa I'd rather yeah resident these people wanna know what side you guys are on an argument it went rivalries. I I look at it this way LA. Every beaver fan and I knew. That win the ducks made it's and ask intensive game played Ohio State. They all became. Ohio State fans because at the point of the ducks getting to NASA JBU you know like final we get Canada to you because conference history tonight. The mayor elect Obama to go for how sick. Michigan fans for cheering for the ducks right I don't think any Auburn fans are pulling for Belmont when they were playing cleanse and a national title game. So now on the South Carolina fans. We're pulling for anybody in that game because they are in Alabama the conference and they need Clinton is in their state so I go it. No don't root for the seat unless you're one of those people he's not a fan of of of either right. TI don't there's no way I root for me I'm impartial a sense of actual representation but if you're talking to me about. Where were my allegiance holds if I'm gonna do that no way am root for another team it's best. Part about going to directional schools that I can root for whoever allowed a trial on you can take Joseph beads you can say go down I did indeed get go thanks dudes go lose to Huskies go on bikes I can and I don't write scene out don't you you know I GL ITN I hate western and eastern organized hate the other directional schools in organ tech. Okay all right you're going hippies and the government are finally coming up got a governor Alan can I did. I've been split people like to believe. I'd root for the B semantic you know I know you wouldn't know you would be I don't barely the entire state of Texas dude. At that yeah I was very similar Twitter responses it was really good media Republicans try to get a college football side. And I want calls for let's talk about Dae ho Lee. Real quick reminder of what his home run calls some liking Korean. Okay. You get the gist of it I would I don't know what he says it's awesome walk out it was a daily to walk off it's an ad is that 32 cut down we almost played the whole thing and we're done yet. So I've bout this is to weed out by John Taylor of nine MLB writer for Sports Illustrated. What dailies nicknames are in Korea and why we're not using a matter of you guys saga is known by his team nicknames are either big boy. The war ended relatively big boy this is the better one big dagger. I love pink tiger. What's the significance of pig tiger I don't know why not I currently in high total total but I just first of all as he's fat and fierce too is. Big tech shooter Jagger wanted not a big tiger pig pig as that. Tiger it tiger. One can you extend. Yeah he's a he's a big give dusty some adversity this season loss like forty pounds and he's still okay and that's my treatment and you know what's funny is that. IC IA Burton I mentioned this current players. That he is probably number. He's probably the number one leg new dangers you saw here and there were customize big day ho Jersey yeah he's got some grimace going on what about customized piece anger and agreements yes. So first of all your questions Mario my first look can't we start the campaign to start calling in pig tests. And then second of all. A lot of talk about either weird or under rated sports nicknames your favorites because we all know the common ones we know what the big fund a man role in the big iron and I want to write your unit billion all the classic blunt you know what about we're lines are under rated ones like Darryl Dawkins he's chocolate thunder right like that presidency again that's a really good ones classic. You know there is a up and sell dean Kerry broke Arizona's. Rushing record. V in previous holders nickname was. The cactus comment yeah that's a good or right practice comments and believe that it's. Cashing can't remember where you played that. Is negative Pendleton Jack rabbit he's either and you can either play organ organ state his nickname is penalty Jack rabbit like. I was low on any scene setter of this year it's weird I guess if I can go big country. For sure you knew and then Robert tractor trailer of course tractor trailer is a great idea ones that are great but you kind of forget about forget about a and I hope that picked tiger becomes a single ones that end like big country. This stories that are behind them are great to play good big country Brian Reaves got his nickname because he never been on an airplane well he's a really big belt buckle before they went 20 lead before Oklahoma State had to fly somewhere. For a trip and he looked over at somebody in the hand is sure is a big country idea and so they just started on the Vancouver BC youthful audience. It's all pleas and so his nickname was big country after that light I loved it when you do is it. Throat to random things together if it's like big jagr can't discount and or it has good story behind it. My final three of fighter text demand underrated. Sports nicknames we know all the great ones but the most underrated 5505 all right let's keep me going through. NBA summer league. Is is over at least the biggest portion of it Denzel Valentine put on a show for the Chicago Bulls. Two buzzer beaters one game for them to win the championship of the summer league. My question. Do we care about summer league do we put any stock continual players' performance. No. No. You don't ever. At bike and cocaine you look Brandan Wright summer league MVP I think about Damian Miller who was as well but I'm gonna go down the list. NBA's summer league MVPs. And he's just I mean you just lost me already to crack that's not that's gonna go down the list of I don't care. Right it's a giant list of I don't care and it's another giant list of nobody cared when we Josh Selby euphoria you know yap. The done this summer league MVP the highest Jones was the summer league MVP. Fixing and I was with the spring passing league MVP for Ray McCallum won here really. Okay Marty done OK what do we care less about what's less telling summer league or NFL pre season. Well some relief that we see some tea leaves there NFL pre season you have somebody like a Jeremy Shockey moment in the hall of fame game we'll make catching you go. Holy crap where did that guy come from one game of that. Jerry's argues rookie here in the hall of fame game when he caught an out route went seven lead on the sideline and stiff armed and he went. Whoa oh police you'll see that in an NFL game that's true if you see one damn big shot makes its reporter raised few hours ago a school that school in Scranton and Erie equal. Yeah I guess I don't give much for medical reason because. For that we'll get that Jimmy drop below who compete complete 79% of his passes and like Tom Brady is here. Brady's back to release its football. Football. And see I was watching summer league and I was trying to sell myself that it was teaching me about NBA I was like I can washes to prepare on the upcoming season bigs scrimmage for gas and can't. Thanks I just about the Portland bike share that started with a nagging you'll have called it bikes downer college golf by heat down because there's no report was considered by town USA now to it's I think it's up there is one actor Alec Holland. So yeah it's not collins' status I don't have heard Mario golf insurance you can. I'm I'm relieved to work in the bike. Capital but I also heard people call. Davis California the bike capital Portland is also Soccer City USA hey listen I can shoot the town and keeping a very weird right. Some people I can sleep that we are no T you know they ripped that off from Portland announced Hamas to be able to only the Portland lifted off from them known their own okay. That's what OK so anyway people have had mixed reviews on the I know you guys are big. Bike riding dudes like myself but we're talking about I love writing about Rasul what you've got these cruiser is people have had mixed reviews to be like this is off some. Some people like this is dom. It's taking up Gorky. It's taking up all vice phases I think it's a racket yeah I've seen in Boston and I've shoot in Chicago gets people active like share you know want to buy something used target write it right that's kind of the theory the gas reminded. It's you're fifty per adding a couple of hours or twelve for dollars for a day or twelve dollars a month for a year. To give it like you guys. 144 bucks I would hope if I lived in the city I honestly I would not on the car. I would just get a bikes are being a driver around or org you are well on assigned I mean dead honest I would waste my time when the vehicle. I would ride a bike you can pretty much get anywhere in Portland on a bike it's not that big of a city where you're going while I can't get there you can get there. Do they have pigs on the backside containment girlfriend ran the right on the handlebars somewhere surely it'll work no pay eggs. No I like it I actually think it's it's a great idea in its dignity and the buyers are actually chemical did. Or well I like to take that I'm surprised you deny. You did I did would you think exist in all more big vehicles. He thought I kind of tired as say that no more more gas guzzling S raised. No I like get the work that we got one more sorry the song whereas muses on the song ended because of the anti producing. Yes you can't multi path I multi channel zucchini. My job to write I enjoyed anti producing and as the producers love Crawford hill Helio heads are one more quick one. Ruled this Chapman you won in this head. You don't know what's going on and now you're and I don't. And certainly don't want him since. You're my dream last night only. The acting is that being in the show came clean is the man is all grown for a dream like renew your dreams and wanna know why you got mad at me in my dream when I was doodling can because you are Delaware you know time I remember no I was on times that you thought that I was wasting time because I was doodling. Tougher golf courses in Portland's. You know why are you doing that I was like. I was curious in the users street Damian and I said Ethier can't clean whom hand you went to left ball I mean and I dropped and law monument you wouldn't do that real life. Tests may he. And this week. Barack Obama to Google's and stuff but when it's time my question was how does a wanna talk of federal his jab and he threw 105 how impressed are you must. Are you gotta press stories is it that yes I get. Are you at a press what it's like one pit I don't know. I breast. Okay have you ever been clocked in how hard under the I was never stood in a batters Bono I never in his life and say I guarantee you you've never in the batter's box and seeing ninety. No I honestly see nine if there is anybody from the Hillsborough hops or Salem Kaiser volcanoes that he was he willing to use and we had to get that done have Crawford to come down and just -- and lay a bet with your fastest pitcher I don't care if he'd be at hacking community yeah I'm gonna lay a bet right now just I believe there's a Little League pitcher out there twelve year old pitcher that could throw. When he pitches the Crawford if she wouldn't touch one of OK let's take down that why not and a Major League in the players' ideas iPod player throwing ninety. You wouldn't even get you when you would run out of the batter's all I know Miami's pat continental person need antique is seeking out in the ninety's did I'm not talking trash on I'm just curiously how impressed we won all five OK I'd that's really present nobody did. I don't I don't care if you can hit or not because hitting missiles really hard. I bet to stand in that I don't Iowa I would also wanna like stain and then deceit. Because it is so fast. A 105 miles an hour trips. I can't fathom what that would look like with that would sound like you know obviously nobody around here can draw under and five. But. That's incredible. That's incredible. How a superhuman. It is it's unbelievable. It did you know it doesn't factor when your 67 left in your. Fifteen feet down the gallons a day here's why is my followed then is that gonna become. As we've all this humans like we talked about getting bigger stronger and faster. Our readers are seeing this becoming more commonplace in many guys are drawn hundreds consistently 105 and he search CNN they're gonna move him around back another foot. Isn't always appealed to touch it yeah no I agree got to hit 200. Anyway and it's always been a fan of the craft year pitchers that can't throw like. You would be because your lefty had your eye that craft a lightly like he's maybe you LeRoy Alexander I'm doing seven BA I'm very easy down I don't like those guys to beat wake feel like you Tim Wakefield and I'll look like those decade distrusts 75. And a guy keep that fastball I know and a guy can hit it. It reminds me of are you speaking yeah I love that it reminds me of Major League. And yes like they'll all big deal Manny and that's the young guys leave I was there let me be authority only gets some of these guys movement on their pitches and dying there's no way that's legit like there's no way he did that. By any means that are legal what the heck was his name. I don't know that. If you Joseph bouterse did you know I do you scratch your lord it. Did you hear the music means she conceded the Indian should do that with. With young guns and he got hurt. He did TE Dave brought in a joke Lil and he got hurt except as provided in Baghdad are eligible to ask. Our man. There's very vet this Joseph who's for a it is clear that. Yeah. All right and it takes guys hey you're welcome guy I still if you find a little leaguer camel given a shot people. I have a few twelve year old side you'll morons that mean. The big twelve history to throw a reits could be amazing. Without upsetting the top dogs in their conference who are they looking at dusting king he's Crawford sports center. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on 1080. Does Siri can't clearly feel the big twelve. Is saying hey you we're gonna look into expansion bubbles in commissioners and then that they could add between two and four teams as early as next football season. This comes on the heels of the ACC announcing yesterday twenty year partnership with. ESP NT launched the ACC network. Which also in doing so locks in each had their teams for the next twenty years so nobody's moving that the ACC every conference that's stability every conference has a network. Indy deal except for the big twelve and they're not gonna get that in till they expand to at least twelve teams. We talked about this earlier in the show. Right now would be early candidates are. Houston Cincinnati and Central Florida Memphis Colorado State you Khan. And BYU. Seemed to BD presumptive favorites for big twelve expansion. Which one of those stick out to you as. As the most likely if you're looking at T. You're asking me from my hot take on on what I think the big well I think the big twelve is on life support a city yesterday tube it. They have to do something. I have to make something. More relevant other than Oklahoma. Texas Texas controls that so if you're gonna tell me the bad somebody why not add somebody with a little with a national merit. Or brand that's out there the other team you are you you have to be able to take somebody that's gonna be woo move the needle right yes they well somebody's dead they're gonna wanna tune into. Well some that is somebody that'll add value to your product right. There. And be like you can do that and one thing that bulls he said that was interesting is he said we will explore football only additions as well. And that is been the big hang up with the Eli user fees plan on Sunday which is your basketball baseball and your Olympic sports they mall play on Sundays. During the year if you had football only ought to worry about. Is that strange though. What you would only take community you're talking big twelve senior. You're here only willing to take whatever will benefit you like of you are you just for football and would be why we BYU. With their standards be willing to jump just for football I feel like that school is either gonna be all end. Or not I maybe I could be off base I just can't see them. Really being on the side because they would have done it years ago. I blah I think big game has changed since it years ago because they know they can't get in if they're Clinton went to mountain west schools they can't be relevant anymore. And with the way that they're set up right now with. All of their other sports being in the West Coast Conference which is a non football conference. They actually. Have. Joined the conference and anything except for football on a football you're not gaining any traction in your not gonna be getting. The games that you need. Dave basically wanna do exactly what Notre Dame is doing right. Notre Dame did it didn't actually have done everything that Notre Dame has done except for nobody will take the money partial acceptance like noted that. They're partial acceptance with the Mountain West Conference which gives you nothing and if you played as scheduled there there's just. A rudderless ship wandering. The oceans college football they'll never. Be a contender now at the way they're set at NASA think they kind of have to. They kind of have to at this point and I did that is I think BYU will happen. I absolutely acting debut ladies gonna happen for football only if they do go be at the around a football. And that's a big if because. The other thing is that yet defiant would you have to find another school. That's going football only. The major question is the big twelve better off disbanding and joining up or do we wanna see that what what what's. What does everybody want to see. Is there a problem with what big twelve is doing don't mean instead of treading water. Are they trying to get better they try to do something outside of the box and say we have to figure out a way to compete or do they realize that. They're gonna get pillaged ES in teams are gonna go somewhere else. Undoubtedly this is what they're doing they know that if if they don't add somebody get that security instability. Dare they will disband because. Texas. Is wearing an Oklahoma. In Oklahoma saying either we expand. And we change this big piece the big chunk of the by the Texas is getting and we'd come up with a new parameters here today organ for us. War. They're vying to go see ya. Good luck cabinet great conference with us and they'll be they'll build disintegrating doing non power five conference even if it is just Texas. Because just Texas won't be enough to hold up what is about to happen when Baylor falls off the map. In Oklahoma if they opt to leave doesn't doesn't fact she's deduce. I still think it's good for college football to have the big twelve although I know it doesn't feel like it right now because they don't have a championship game but they have a team in the in the final four last year. In college football is better when Texas is good. Bring if you wanna tell me the top two teams we look in in the pac twelve team you know your top heavy right now also yet Stanford in organ. And it's been occasionally you'll get someone else sneak into a thought process but USC hasn't done it years and so yes you're you're looking at a very top heavy conference. Well that's what every conferences we knew anything about it that's why don't see immunity against garbage below got their values have adding more teams to them too big twelve that's fine. If you need to be at that point they have to do to keep it together Brooke what you know what they have to do when you caller of the big twelve get a minimum of twelve teams and that's all I would like that. That it would be good and simple melody the Big Ten has more than ten right you need your vote yeah they're in order that there are over cheating with there. With their tent in a region deceive Houston's little cute little player of what they leaked yesterday of hey we met with the actual about possible expansion and then all of this flurry of news comes out because they could be attractive to the big twelve. As could Central Florida which would get your foot in the state of Florida. On Orlando is the is a decent TV market if you're looking at TD size. It would be attractive. You have a conference championship game rotating between ninety Dallas. Game in her technique anywhere taxi good Dallas Houston wherever. And Orlando and you can add a little bit more beer footprint. To a bigger. A larger area if you get in the Florida meant this as you mentioned earlier in the show. Evening that they could be to try and just for geographical purposes make sense to go out there aren't. And then Colorado State might be the dark course there. In all of this they lost that Denver market when the bus came out to the pac twelve. They could get a little bit of that footprint back and car state building 220 million dollar on campus football stadium. They have a commitment there. I've I've heard from parents who have kids that are being recruited by Colorado State saying that their coach is a flooded out hey we're going to be in the big big twelve sin. So. There's there's a lot of whom these errant play. With. The big twelve and expanding its just not going to be any of the giants that are moving right now did the ACC's deal well. Few agreements as I would rather see the big twelve despair with Texas and Oklahoma coming to the actual that's ever happened. Why wouldn't that ever I just don't see Texas and Oklahoma want me to deal with what the pac twelve is is. Nine conference games not the top dogs. Having to battle through to try to get through that how can you imagine adding those two guys to the conference how. Yeah ouch right mean the south would be well they already play nine conference games. And in the if you add two more teams in you get to give 19 conference games for us real opponents if in a sense that the pac twelve has a more on the well if indeed the admin to finish what I said is a bit that you when they say nine conference games. -- don't have a championship game so that's my different ninety and they will end this year yet but no there there averages five it's only have ten teens and LB play nine conference games in the new play team duty yeah semantical and the same is that the overall of it is gonna be a different level of competition. And what I'm saying is if you add the T teams. Then you actually miss. Some of the top teams if you add two more right there would be like this year you have. To the north schools miss one of the cal at LA schools right if you add those to the dusty team's answer at TD pac twelve. Then not only are you missing. One of the LA schools that you're missing you know either Oklahoma or Texas you not always playing the top two teams the more teams that you have to actually kind of Smart to expand. And add those teams because you do end up missing a lot of the powerhouses more often. And not you can actually add more. A parity tier school in your schedule Texas is not gonna split up their own financial revenue in years Oklahoma work with pac twelve teams knew they do not. All right there are bow on the show today and get your feedback that attacks the line is 55. 305. This is dusting cam on 1080. The Fayette. And they did well. I'm glad you're tied his Tex signs. You know when we are talking about big twelve expansions. He briefed the good point you know would day. One tear if like Texas and Oklahoma if they wanted to leave the big twelve and they were able money to go elsewhere. You know and could they afford to do that has scheduled to be really hard. And you know some years you would. Like Alabama this year they have got. Obviously everybody in their division and then they have like Tennessee. Coming out of the other side. Of the conference which is. Not a good somebody wanna have this year especially. Because they're going to be loaded and that's one of their cross site crossover games but you then you have situations like LSU where they miss. Tennessee and Georgia in. All they have is really a Florida team who who knows so like he'd be India crapshoot that need. Interesting to see because that could dictate really who goes to the college football playoff through into the championship game in situations like that is the luck of the draw in your schedule. Which kind of sucks but it it be intriguing at the same time. Overall. We need to be told to be better if they have other teams out there. That are willing to join up and make super conferences that's what college football's going to it's gonna be super conferences everybody and that's. Eventually I hope I do I really do hope that we seat. Evolution in the playoff system because that's what everybody wants it's never gonna be perfect a playoff system out there that is perfect. Oh what you need in college football. Is more conference championships and more teams getting in and we cannot see again we're gonna see a bit. The unfortunate side we're gonna see a power conference again. Where you're gonna get your conference champion and they're not getting it into the play enough. That's the hardest thing for me to deal with is seen yourself win the conference against viable. Division one talent and not being considered good enough by voters. Yeah that maybe the biggest or reason for Beethoven disbanding because they're not gonna budge on this fourteen playoff for the foreseeable future. Get rid of the five conferences only have four guys for John Cook meat easy. Dumb idea this text explain why everybody thinks tackles that are embedded in the big twelve top to bottom they seem equal in football. Give an answer for that no I'll. I kind of deal it's because if you were to go to this side by side. And I guess tit for tat. Top then you're gonna say yes but if you're on top to bottom I would say that the pac twelve is probably stronger. The ten strongest teams in the pac twelve you throw like last year Colorado and Oregon State out of it. Tackles and released. And indeed. Right I think it's absolutely it Steve but it hasn't had the type of what we haven't seen it I've been dominance that you would like to see from the SEC just now because that's the best conference in fumble is more or less they are more or less equal now and gotten in that's right. That's riady and actually if you wanna go back I mean the big twelve weren't Dave before the FCC went on their run of championships those in the big twelve. The last. The last one to win a championship and tackles on the longest drought has that you'll see as Florida State air you've had Ohio State. And then you had a USC lost the taxes them and now been quite some time right. Now and so that it. Yes I told pac twelve gets into that that conversation having the team being in. That final four you're hitting your out missing out laster absolutely through their conference this conference or pac twelve. Just down in the conversation. No doubt about it if he mr. interview today with Larry stone of the Seattle times you can go and check that out ads. The lessor tires podcasts and Tinny and thin dot com it is. It was a good conversation have a thin. Ken Griffey junior going into the hall of fame we gonna have more on that and in the coming days because. Did moments. There's so many of them whether it's gone back to back with. Pops or it is the slide or crashing into the wall or as Larry stones at one of his favorite moments is the home run derby. In Baltimore where he hated off the warehouse. There's been there is a ton. Of Griffey their memories that we can go over and he's kind of putting a a great bow on his career at all Tim induction with Mike Piazza. So that interview is up plus on all of the hours of the show as always attending the fan dot com. Tomorrow. This could be Dicey. For this to that don't know Alex Crawford as a friend that is and Olympia and he's a buddy Eddie went to high school list. That is going. To the Olympics and sailing. I want to go I may question whether or not he'll pass his drug test because he's Crawford's friend from high school. Wow what how. I will say this. There's a I wanted to talk to somebody's going to the Olympics not in basketball. Because. He's gonna go in he's an easy sailing guy right TI is going to be in a boat in the water. The water which is the badly polluted worst in Olympic history you get busy days worried about you've got them crime. I wonder plus click on how many people. Lite TM in his situation. Have thought about backing out of New York. Oh my first question is going to be how many congress can you so well that's a decent but right there you permitted your very first want Cox come. Sailor's. Sails and you put out as they come and important whether named Jack what do they turn into Jackie what turley bucking ham. Wow. That's and that's is an eight year putting as you're gonna give us all laying. No he did steal their man he's agility at night up but Charlie bucking him and possibly tomorrow will will see if if this sailor joins. It could be interest it. I the next is herd with Colin Gabbard and Indian industry during spring could seven prime time with guys it's again and hot corner with her slim just left dusty camel thing.