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Dusty and Cam - 7.20.16 - Hour 1

Jul 20, 2016|

Big 12 expansion and a discussion of Jerry Richardson's epic statue + what kinds of statues Dusty, Cam, and Crawford would want.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the mornings. Please yeah. To me yeah. Yeah. Brit gone. Jerry patient does Dinara still. I was like yeah me yeah he's cool parents an NFL veteran can clearly meant. Waiting for you an apology on 1080 shown time and then. You. Are paying more. Land. It's Wednesday it's hump day after today were on the down word roll into the weekend my friends. The last go. Let's. Go that excite you know. Can't. Tell the while why. Kids and amid this morning. And wow did you ever earning IA that was in my dream last night. I was Wu can't live in the man and Alex trafford streams out her real. We got to a big argument yesterday or last night in my dream Yahoo! and was that those around yelling at each other. You you leave your thoughts sports shirt I was doodling. So I was you thought I was wasting time in my show trapped by doing stuff that was a waste of time this is the grade this is a great dream and I told you that I didn't I wasn't and now everything would be fine. And then he's thirty yelling at each so wait a minute I was yelling at you because I tell you wasting time yes and not being productive yes. Where you're Nostradamus it's. An outlet it was a dream that was a reality here is that injury no that's my dream and buddy Harold Deane and well didn't end well no physical. We were like in each other's drills playing NHL no less fundamentally wrong with loans and not mound there was an awkward because there is like for some reason a dozen more people in the office at that hour in the morning where there's not really got me to get office fighter renowned and yeah the wrong without nasty B Charlie's ghost it's getting. And a little sexual harassment here and there Marmol has an awfully we were there I think I could easily keep HR and it's does not all fighting is a little bit more it's not as. Risky every office needs a Michael Scott's. Brett I guess is that pushing the envelope. And getting things in good natured unknowingly. It says the creeps that that are the problem if there's always that one person he just doesn't get it you know it just takes will to seriously ask. Yeah yeah now via. You know you really that can now. No we don't know you have no idea nor agree. On all right let's says sports today half. He and I remember was just like yesterday. Today in sports history and 1859. Men know this is a long time ago. Brooklyn in New York fled the first baseball game with they charged admission and pop 1850. Claim the gaffe. Yeah 1859. They charged fifty cents for a ticket to the baseball game. According to the inflation calculator I found on the Internet it was a 2.3 bucks. I'm no closer to about fifteen bucks now okay deemed immoral like wait we've never had to pay for this loud we have to pay for this. Yeah I'm missing you know like what is this what are we doing here. What you bus and go beer cost is saying that brought dogs. But the others are media he's really I don't they're certainly not Doug but now they're gone now limbs everywhere service I don't near serve in the beverage. I wonder and I'm sure it was more like out. Four it was this drink of choice in 1859 assuming it was an MP Ohio feel they'll be. And the oil and the torment lions will want drinks wine at baseball games whiskey will they maybe they didn't 1859 I don't know think solar drinking jail war hail. No around. Gates is well slander. Which means we have our Debbie TF Wednesday. Idea. Where we get to. What's up Campanella and how I feel today now via the U heads then again you you we locked in India who is. In every other day you show up and down up and down with B realistically we're gonna break you out of that shirt we get a break orgy stuff to go to sports and I must pointed out today Debbie T of Wednesday's all of all of the sports stories that. Or just a little of steer also Ken Griffey junior's heading to Cooperstown this weekend which is pretty interesting we'll talk with clear stone Seattle times covered most says. Junior's career obviously not the Cincinnati days. Because you are she Seattle times. But he's been there for what over 25 years and he is heading and that a way to Cooperstown New York. Do you. Cover the kids so we're gonna talk to him about the legacy of king your feet here kind of what what makes him special. Because gosh. He was a truly special star. In sports we don't see guys like him every day. I'm no Waco. Right now we played. We don't. I don't know if it's a step back but we're gonna gonna let this. You know the back pains subsided and see where we go so as far as. Is returned uncertain. That's Dave Roberts as manager of the Dodgers they shut down Clayton Kershaw itself. Soreness in his back is completely gone apparently he react remitted a mile herniated disk in his lower back it's. He's been on the DL since point six in June no timetable set for return. Hard to see the big star pitchers that are getting hurt you know Felix he's making is. Debut again. Here today and we get a daily return yes we gonna call again no I don't like seeing those big time pitchers especially. Knowing that during this stretch. This is where he can pick up games because a lot of guys are feeding. Lot of guys lot of teams are fading but the good ones are. No they are not in this is a deserved it. A unique opportunity for the though years to make up a little bit and that and run you talk about teams stating that giants and a little bit of a swoon right now. They've lost morneau row. They need to make up that ground in the NL last. Yeah wake up ice and you know unfortunately there's there's not a lot to add on these potential doping violation announcements that is. That is further you saw the program it's just they're guidelines or policies they don't put out. What substance of the guys tested positive for is that even what the substance of what the substance was that method of Dan meant that the the values. You really don't know instilled athlete himself talks about it and then the sanctioning process begin. Oh Brett Sakamoto of destined. The easier it's your part I know that he's talking about what substance he's talking about. I know who he's talking about two Brock Lesnar failing a second. Straight drug test apparently tested positive. For the same estrogen blockers that Jon bones Jones did. Prior to USC 200 that the results hadn't come in before his fight against mark hunt to. Coincidentally. Mark can't that is the name of the engineers at CSX. They're really yeah I don't think it is GSE fighter though don't he has all of idiocy tighter. But understandably. Hunted is dale little pissed off that his opponent but who tested positive performance it's a summary was cheating somebody was cheating infighting. We've seen. There today. Are outraged yeah we're from completely outraged. It faded as is Dexter says that 55 survival aboard a via the draft talk. I did not hurt Brock Lesnar his draft stock in the WWE drastic probably end up with the in May need maybe did which I had a legitimate question I didn't know that was a thing your did I. I turned the TV on and it was on the USA network is on that channel them. And gave a draft was going on in it was right on Brock Lesnar was picked out that what is happening. What is this was most like you should and why do they need this what you would really doing and use drafted right after John Sina. Yeah. And it does not test this is rock and roll away. Really keeping them out is due may. 0600 Lazio's and or oh my god it's early wake up. Both of those coming in practice you know she is still common practice. It's just energy. And his good news whenever we work together and been through anything as a team was just very. That is Marie's heart Kalus. The space cowboy himself according did Comcast force that's Jason quick. There's no movement in the negotiations between it and no New York though in the Portland trailblazers. He's a restricted free agent has a four million dollar offer sheet he wants a long term deal. She is agents. And telling quickened CS and that black man we have got offers on the table he wants to be a blazer and we're just not finding anything right now. Are we got a Feyerick I guess leverage when you're talking about negotiations and they need a big offer to come in if they wanna long term deal. They need something uses levers come right back on the blazer the problem the problem with this it right now is that the blazers don't have the money to do it if you're looking if you're looking into the featuring your forecasting out. The blazers and thus can't necessarily extend if they. In multi year deal right now knowing that next year. You have Amax dealing you're gonna have to get out to see Jim Coleman you have to write other guys there I mean did did so much money to go around so for Portland any and that's one thing that. Heart this is agents said duke did to Jason quick he said look we're gonna be. What if we have to come back gun in his free agency and restricted in next year's Soviet. But. He really wants to be part of Portland he just wants a long term deal. I understand if the blazers. Can't given the money right now because you and you need to keep CJ three I understand both sides mean he didn't have a great stellar career in Orlando had a good break out half of the season. Sometimes you gotta bet on yourself gosh she was so valuable to us is the blazers. Last year at the end that they hear and of course and a playoff run against the clippers. Our rights in the big twelve hand has been forced there's a few good options to expand but not very good options to grow come big competitive balance. Of the big twelve. 55305. They're adding teams he's going to be. Goodness gracious testing came on the same. This is toast and jam in the morning. And on 1080 love. Her own likeness. I wish I was a little bit taller you tonight needs no I do know honestly here's the funny thing is I'm looking at the USA basketball on CN. Kevin Durant standing next to dream on dream 67 to get like eight inches tall and in the in the hype video picture that might stop the 69 Kevin Durant stop with a oh yeah you're seven foot people still think that it's hysterical. Anyway so I was I was a little bit taller so relied cam. But Nolan and it'll real people in the real world with him you know what if you are gonna be you're gonna be the perfect type. Do you pick for the first 4646. C six feet. I was gonna say 63 would be made I'd really cool with me. Yeah 68 as you can kind of be an offensive tackle. You probably be an offense tackle a pretty good power forward goodness and Andy could be a dominant pitcher on the mound 68. And with 64. Point guard you can do easy point guard it you don't could give you point guard. We phenomenon you can't party like we'll get a point guard is that he you wanna mail it in honey you know I don't know I don't know I'm just saying it's 68 even cannot even kind of you can float between. Small forward all the way to a five of your money you guys. Those guys are in great ball handlers at 68 you know I think almost all my hand on the game on the line I'm what I wanna be in your region RB relied on argument and I don't see a Libor actually they're wannabes ordered sports superstar. You quarterback or wide receiver can be a big goal corner we Brock asked why there sixth with seven. All right very good pitch right I can be of no better up and then you know breed that Texans for a lot of money now rake in that though. I write down fixing. I'm on six for it and I'd be comfortable hype for me. Strike zones really smoke is a lot smaller juveniles let's Lawrence is live strikes on the Evan baseball too you know. It's easy when you think here there's other sports you know you gotta think about I can play all kinds of sports you can be 68 hockey goalie pointing covered the net. Are there any. And tall hockey goalies are glad they swear there's again it's like 6667. Mom. I don't know if he plays goalie they have the added it Chara. That that deed 68 and then he'd has skates on he's like this election. Six out of the Afro wearing the skates like four inches. I don't know if you're not big enough for those that listening on radio that they've got a bridge fit the. Paid big twelve is their hand has been force. I after yesterday's announcement at BC scene was gonna bill what they're made a twenty year deal launch and as ACC network. In conjunction with ESPN. That hat and it locked up every single team in the ACC. For twenty years we talked about this actually yesterday and brown at the point that what this deal with ESPN means is that. If they conference if one of those schools the leaves the ACC for any reason in goes to the SEC or the big twelve or never pac twelve even. Then those the TV money still goes to the ACC no matter if that he would school is in the big twelve their TV money then goes back to the ACC schools. So this is locking in for twenty years BCC as we know it and its partnership with Notre Dame. What that did for the big twelve is it said hey. The Big Ten the pac twelve the ACC. And the SEC are all locked up for the foreseeable future. You are all sitting ducks without a network and no security. And soul of wit that being said the bubbles Beebe commissioner of the big twelve at their big twelve media days to the podium and said hey. We reopened and missing out we are gonna room be looking at expansion between two and four teams to be added did the big twelve by the start of next football season. They're playing catch up. Absolutely and they have to be extremely fearful. It's all about the dollar talk about the revenue it's all also about the network when you think about the Longhorn Network what they are able to do. Just to control one conference isn't it amazing what Texas in the power of that football conference. When you look at one school is there another school I mean I know you're gonna go with the Alabama and SEC release the SEC has its own network. Everyone else and now the ACC joining up the big twelve is looking around looking at both sides going weir are in deep trouble because they realize that without a network. And with Texas dangling that cared out there to everybody else yeah I don't know how this conference in the next five to ten years is still intact. With the amount of money that's gonna be thrown at those teams. The lock in security. AI don't know either I mean if there's eight if there is a school that has is the ability to have as much power rest Texas it might be Ohio State. It might be because of the power of their programs. But with that said these these schools of the Big Ten had never given Ohio State the opportunity. You wield that power. And did Texas has been given every single. Iota of power that they've ever wanted. To become the dominate. They're not good right now bully the other conference they're not even that good they're not even in the national conversation what they've gotten they'd be in better Dave they rested on the laurels for their bed they got too comfortable they got fat and happy and they got the network. And it's gonna be changing image shows strong send a tingle on their Shaka Smart as the head of the basketball program fair there on the right track but the big twelve has just fallen is fallen behind. And the one thing that bad leads you to believe that. Big twelve will stay. In now add somebody is that with all of these four power conferences locked up now. Texas is going to be willing in Oklahoma is going to be willing as well to let anybody end because they know it's not gonna take any power away from them. They're gonna be going in Tilly Jeanne. The Mountain West Conference USA the American athletic conference for their next member or an independent because of the fact that. Nobody else is available right now. I guess it also to if you look at local home because right now the Oklahoma and it's Texas everybody else is just kind of guy I don't wanna put him put it past what Texas Tech and TCU or. Worst Baylor is going to be gone for years now and indeed they just got blown up. If you if you're seeing you're looking at Oklahoma Texas what's your motivation. To go to another conference think about think about you have all walking in. Opportunity every year year in and year out to be the major bowl to be in the conversation always all used to do was win a little bit. If you're looking at the fast track you're trying to fast track yourself why would Texas go to the SEC. Why would they come over to the fact well they wanna go to nine game schedule actually not they wanna give a television money share no does Oklahoma wanna deal with what the Big Ten has become. Medically Michigan Ohio State Nebraska now they love the fact right now that they consider an add a few teams are on the weak side maybe they pillage. I don't know that the American athletic conference is what it sounds like you're gonna offer up if they pillage that it doesn't make their run into the college football playoff. Any harder than dirty indeed you mentioning America. Athletic conference is theirs a lot of the teams from that conference are the ones that looking at UConn is been thrown out there I just don't see that from may. Travel. And just in Baghdad that just doesn't make sense financially I don't know how it does none yeah I'm really just for football although I can understand it but we're talking specifically for football you're gonna. Just just cornered Mac cast doesn't make sense for football though no I don't know OK magazine Connecticut there's better options if you're adding just football then then UConn. I mean. If he had basketball and make more sense but I just don't see that being a good fit for football only. Bubbles V is specifically said we may just add football only. On the growth from two to four teams BYU. Is in that conversation because the big the big knock against believes they won't plans Sunday as. And that is every other sport except football right here in basketball player on Sunday baseball soccer. All of your Olympic sports will participate on Sundays. And that has been a big sticking point for wit with expansion into the big twelve because. That's a big TV day release for these colleges. On in their networks and Tom homeowner who's the athletic director at BYU. He really see even a statement yesterday saying we're obviously excited about the leadership of the big twelve has advised commissioner Bob bulls need to review potential exchanging candidates BYU is known for academic excellence. And I believe we have an exceptional athletic programs as I've stated before. I would like to see our student athletes compete at the highest levels so obviously there is a there's a mutual. On courtship there if the big twelve is is considering yet. And for football only BYU would probably be beaten probably be the most obvious one because it's a national footprint. No it's not as big as Notre Dame you have a religion tied to its own in that brand is massive. On the orient you can eat in a ditch your reach up a lot bigger on some viewer you may be in the next. And it would be why you be willing to make that jump that is the Ghana that's that's the key is everyone thinks well you dangle the carrot and BYU just all the sad BYU because. Remember BYU was the end in the question for the pac twelve also. But the issue was we need you all and then they're not willing to do the Sunday issue. If you're just talking about football. Does BYU wanna deal with a or they wanna continue their independent style where they're going after all the teams all over the place. Well BYU doesn't make a lot of money. That's the big one there they're TV deal is neglected to one point two million dollars. For the mountain west and invades signed an eight year as an independent senate eight year T television agreement and I think a couple of those games go. Two mountain west schools like that's the agreement and a Clinton unless schools like one or two of those gas goes to mountain west. And the television deal they sent an eight year TV deal for their home football games. It's peanuts compared to what these other schools are getting so. Didn't from financial standpoint it totally makes sense interesting one would be. Houston. Lady look at me card yesterday her game boy it was at a great time to do that because it may work for them to get their foot in the door. Cincinnati. It has been long rumored to be a big flirting with being told they may give. They may be string this whole deal because they don't have university president and don't plan on having one until after this decision is made. So you have university president how are you gonna join a conference there that's a massive one right there. Central Florida does that do anything for her. Travel issues budgets in the Florida now bear in its not if that that may cancel out the the travel issues if you're getting into the state of Florida and having a recruiting footprint in Florida Oklahoma Texas. No I just look at it may go OK you gotta get if you can get into Florida which is that recruiting hotbed. You take anything you can get at this point you're not getting anything else. Where LC gonna go through the big twelve work are you taking all commerce you're just gonna listen to anybody any to the team that I would get most excited about obviously would be BYU and number two would be Memphis those are the two T I know I was. I think Mensa Memphis is a centrally located team I think it's that it's it's one of those teams where it works well it just feels like it fits better their their their team is always has those one every five years type runs that you go okay Memphis is in their. It's in a little bit. But it just feels like you would fit better with the big twelfth. Yet Memphis it to me at the school is it's not a great school no it's not meant for higher level education but obviously have made topsy turvy football program. That's up and down but it would bring up you would definitely elevate their bare team. Who'd just dilute their coach their best coach they've ever had just left for Virginia Tech and is so they have a brand new football coach that who knows what's gonna happen there. And they lost you know Paxson lynch and tried to best later come through their income and a long time the proximity to the I think about that travel fit. Mean the thing is you wanna you wanna add Houston that's fine I mean you wanna have those. Those teams BYU Memphis I mean you're looking at those two teams right away but don't sleep on Colorado State also. Well you have been mantis and also the basketball programs taking a step back so data do what did they really offer besides being close. Meant this is in the NASA television market either Orlando is is comparable and bigger. In television market which is where Central Florida is from a car out of state is he said they may be the sleeper there because the fact. David I I and I've been told by parents of kids have been recruited Derrick that they're using their recruiting pitch that they will be in the big twelve in five years. And so I don't know how much credence that has. But. That has been said yes to kids. And they did their building at 220 million dollars football stadium right now they're committing to either athletics and it is a great school and that proximity they you're talking about. You get back in in the state of Colorado after the university Colorado left for. The pac twelve that when may make sense they insisting when that we're not hearing about it all where did Boise stake out there. Where's Boise State this'll conversation. They seem to have the disappeared when talking about expansion in the big twelve expansion into a power conference yet delights of Cincinnati men this Colorado State. Had I have seemingly jumped. What was one of those teams out matched should have been in the conversation for the actual it's one of those hard things to to deal with but you could you could honestly argue that with coach Petersen went Boise State. Yeah. There are ten win seasons and go low and did not not saying that it didn't are right. Now man. I can't there's owner Jerry Richardson has given himself quite the birthday present. This is bizarre he detects human fat factor of five dusting gambled that. Widespread text easy. That's a message of what number. Two or. Diner by. Six I can't hear you drilling off and it isn't here I learned there we have all of my life I think. The most cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Anyway you can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show did likes to read. Overtaxed. A steal and jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually see them all today. 55305. That is the tech side. It's Jerry Richardson the owner of the Carolina Panthers turned eighty yesterday. Which is a feat. He think you'll make it to eighty. We're thinking make it isn't he eighty. I did say I said that I said do you think you'll make it to you're asking me to predict the future. Yeah do you think you'll make an Indy 400 medium orchard target. So what do you look right now I don't think you're gonna make it to the end this hour sleep deprived. They Jerry Richardson for his eightieth birthday. Gave himself quite the presence on the front of that Bank of America Stadium in North Carolina where his. Panthers play their home football games. There is very cool stadium is actually really good spot attacked its its its intimate. It's right downtown and looks it looks great it's sharp the grass is usually. In good to Lisa was when I was playing it's been known to be really brutal but it's actually are really nice nice six. Charlie is gorgeous city. Under very underrated city beautiful I know the location is gonna just never been inside the Sadie absolutely beautiful. Now we'll look at video. It's got a quite the eyes are on front of it now though because for his eightieth birthday. Jerry Justin gave himself AM bronze statue you liked size exe looks. Larger than life size it's out out in front of the stadium. Where he is in a seat. Holding a football out words. And he's got. An unknown and it's smirk I don't wanna call it a smile but a smirk on his face and he is on one on either side he is a Hitler on either side of him. Know that looks like you battled cap from he man. Like soup battle axe I'd love team in my as my favorite cartoon growing those are really ominous looking Panthers to. What do you wanna know why they're there yes can you please tell me this because I'm quite curious of what the Panthers were doing by putting this. Is this according TV big lead is from the press release of the Carolina Panthers each Santa represents more than one thing. One or resents the offense the other the defense and because of what they are who they're standing next to their present north and South Carolina. And you take all three of them together and I think all three of them represented and there's because mr. Richardson. Is definitely a panther is. You're looking at that wouldn't you mean that explanation on a plaque and quote trying to view you'll lose. This certainly what the heck you're looking now. No I think it's I think it without explanation it makes more sense it's it's and it's the owner of the Panthers. With with two Panthers and that's all I could I could leave it there and just walk away from that. I'm just wondering. Billion should be they get it in in Roman times or something like you should have eight. Chariots and these should be leading them and I feel like it looks like that toll keys. I'm giving this big new statute that that guy the Panthers rally I. Do you think this was his idea yes could have been his idea here is absolute gonna be his idea come on. We put this is the biggest most narcissistic thing I've ever seen first of all. I thought you had to be dead before you get a statue oh no passes beyond money. I cannot added at a when you think you would probably wants it all like an international law no I'm just so I'm just thinking of this c'mon put myself outside the stadium I'm still alive I'm still here eighty now you're eighty. You own the U Laura certainly old man now but oh my god you remember what he said to Peyton Manning during the negotiations of the CBA in 2011. You're just to Steve can player get out of here we don't care what you think well he's a former player he is a former player the only owner who's a former player absolutely. On those guys that collect money in. Tourist attractions those guys are living statue is the sky as the standard really Sully does it paint themselves solar right but yet Nick Saban has stats you. Out in front of he's not an owner doesn't own the team. Ruled Bryant Denny stadium you've got and from the small Tim Tebow who's the player once again not an owner he Spurrier now at an owner. Well there was nobody owns colleges so you're criticizing the owner who brought the Indy here's the thing he's beloved in Charlotte. He brought the team an area. BC not loved in Charlotte you'll write I don't know I don't know. With cynically I can't disable love Dem senator throw that word out there I mean I think I've heard a lot of a lot of former players and a lot of guys that I know. The key is once early cheap old dude. Fooled again I and that's because you businessman but he brought it's not just that it's not just what it's like any owner you have to be ruthless and he's an owner. He he brought he brought the team to the city and he's he's got them on the cusp of championships. And several several times olds yeah. I'd say yeah he's gotten meanwhile this year they want to see rule on though is it obnoxious is this over the top is this the most. Undoubtedly sell this is over the top a massive humble bragged this is an humbled. Stumbled right out front he has known this is the wildcats. Growling next to him and really big Panthers it is really big. What is. And it indicates this is come on I'm looking at this web what do you what's the first thing you're gonna you take away when you look at this way give me your first impression his head is really gold. Did you notice that night holding up the ball with his left hand out like this like. He's I don't always handing it TO yes he handing you the football is he handed the city of Charlotte. And north and South Carolina football team now he they can call their home land. You can do that and colleague your own carriage cement the people feel like he's god he himself up. My yes I'll eat out I first impression is though is like that's bad ass dude like if I ever get his dad GO. I want can't I want the wild animals and ethnic news around army. Right so if you have a statue would be your statue I'd probably have maybe like actually similar to panther like amount lying on the ground. And like a bird of prey I'd be writing a bald eagle you all get me you guys are straight would your statue be you would like to hammer early building something no. Man I'm only gonna stay out they're going street. Straight comedic comedic news company goes down now s.'s okay. Huge chunks and in his stats and an arm with the idea you don't get time to put it on that what you're funny chemically balanced and I just I would I would go so. So I'd I don't know Ottawa over the top I am so gaudy its audience I feel like I feel like it's I don't know if you. Let me just say this. It is my goal in life to achieve such a thing to where I could be in the conversation to receive a statue and let's be honest here and he did a full sit here like handing the football out. If you're going to be. If you're gonna narcissistic enough team. Commission is stat sheet for yourself to put down from your stadium. Give yourself some nap time goes shirtless with it. Because that that might if I'm gonna go I'm needs to push all land and I'm gonna go with it in I'd go surely is absent nature at a six pack possibly an attack. I don't know. But I make sure that not techs look good and I've got ads in my in my photo. Few false advertise. I like that bull yeah you'd air pressure own statute while absolutely I would why wouldn't use of means you're gonna go all Lynne you're going all in. Do this is this the most narcissistic thing you've ever seen or heard of because I had that would be something I'd like to know. I don't know I guess. You know we've had a lot of reasons to see statues there's all we see a lot of reasons to see statues founding fathers are people like that. I guess he's considering himself the founding father of panther football and he's gonna. Honor himself I feel like he said look I'm I'm I'm 88 we better put some together for me before I die so I can see myself. And in this will be here forever. Yeah. All right well I keep digging the had a lot of really good recommendations for camps that deep. And what should what's a MySpace you that you had instead of football is a host of aren't hot on the hooker he's handing the people aren't very good he's coming his mullet. If I have hair ball I'm in how would you have would you improve your Richardson's. Sets you what are some of the things that you have seen. Or in your life Robert ads donkeys. And climb the narcissistic. Jesus rode an old as much as these. One lights. Teases wrote I don't think that that's where you'd be surrounded what someone said I think they are referring to something else but Andris letting you know. In many connotations five factory a five is excited testing came on the fan. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 of them. By a factor of five and as this bit of news coming in in it. I have really had to dig in search for this. But it's in the fourth story that I have clicked on because. I sat there and I said no immediate with his wife they gave it to him there's no way that he did this for himself. Apparently the with the help of the minority partners. On that owned small portions of the Panthers. And then a hard hard starting to Strickland was taking a little bit of the credit for it but let's make no bones about it your urges and made a statue for himself. For his birthday eighty crew. Had to approve it who had to say that looks good you're not just shown up within within draping going your mr. Richardson what do you think after tardy bill now. He's he's all in on this. Now from the creation all the way through when he we have what he needed as they can. Let's get this thing out as you just how he's holding the football. It really bothers you though he's holding the full reminds me of that statue on game has thrown you guys would know when your when their sailing under the the giant. Warriors he's seek boiler out. It's not a spoiler word nobody knows I camera which city that edit is in game thrown there's a giant statue that comes under the river new sailing and and it's this huge stink. It looks the same he's holding this giant handout. Images that's what it was I was trying to figure out what it reminded me haven't fixed them. Roman empire. Leader like Caesar what are. What is your stats you 55305. Jessie G Chiming in I'm two missing man sets you. I'm just not doing gonna be riding a horse that's been done I'm writing a dragon like I'm targeting Jiri and you're ready to take the iron throne right see her another game thrown reference sure. Sure. And I'm communal launch here. Sipping a beer not true I don't know. That doesn't embody and doesn't know not at all Kerschner suggests did you yelling and a bunch of small kids for being happy with their participation trophies that would be good that is probably a net excellent academia could find an artist who can detect that. When little kids is sitting in Israel doesn't just like this going like this yeah and nobody can see them on the radio but they're only my finger down and just yelling in their homes and their ribbons at fairgrounds on their fate and the reasons have to be brownie you're strikes do you bloody ground ribbon gets painted over on his hands yeah bronze them the bronze is third it's okay. Will pay on his third date you know really tainted. Nia colors we need brown. Red and white. With just like a plaque with a quote. Met says you you know what else is brown the surgery place Brendan. There you typically lines. Proper steps to be him holding a six pack of PBR. I Mike in his face and blunt paying an out of his mouth. Actually I think Isaiah has some going right that sounds like come on it as sounds jail Ennis and half I'd have to use that the C word here don't well I go. I think you get the U unfairly get deep pot head label big sack early unfairly highlighted timeless fairly elite. But not enough to put a blot my mouth in the stats you. There's nothing unfairly about him being called out. Big proponent numbers and our own an attorney moment wrongly do with owning it crow only nine pro weed. But at the same time. Well I never smoked before work. Good for you now Ariel whether or trying to that is the wow what a high level of thinking you must have put you round of applause there. Guys next chose not to spoke for a guy here today. That's right in too much effort. By factories. While sorry. You and Jack is also writing a dragon in battle gear that is an interesting way to go about the year statute that we have two people that one right dragons and hundreds of dragon. It does he said you had to drag in the harnessing a bald eagle ya you're right many legal right to two really big deal I love America. Yeah it is a big it is a very big Eagles are big you delight in America I love America there are few things I love more than America and my wife my child. Dan probably America could you be writing eagle draped in the American flag now. No it's just a big symbol of America I don't need to be draped in anything because remember I don't want my abs to become so by the DreamWorks has not done by the American flag you hear of this release journalists and we'll be totally over the top you totally missed the window of hi leveled uniforms. Belly shirts. Well you would have loved that we're gonna love and you will love that era I did aim a little jealous that I was not in the belly shirt era there. I also am jealous that they did not have the jabs that but who is the guy for organ that had the you've played against and the defense to tackle who had they you say in Ricky Whittle he did it to Hewitt does your gonna he went all the belly shirt the defensive tackle who did not look like he should've been about your guy one of those guys any way it anyway yeah like yeah there was quite a bit hang out the bottom. And he was my favorite football player in the world for a while just because I was like you know what. I liked that guy. I liked him a lot I wish I could pull that off and very few people can text whistled definitely did that come and. I tried did bring back the belly shirt in college sir wearing it to their next senator worked out you were like. Wearing wearing a woman's crop top like no it's like T shirt that I tied it's my belly Sheridan and now now also didn't have the ads for it. Wrong guys are you wearing it to you last this wrong guy okay. That's funny this guy says I should have the one of vacation we're with that new notification and yeah movie to movie poster you know completely out into Clark a meager is all love it. You know I in dad is that would actually pried me pretty good one for you. If there's a lot of people to see you look at this our our demographic. Tammy in 55305. Dated and the couple awaken makers are texting in. Crawford's body is by five your fight is attacks on pay is balance overrated in football but is balanced and even need anymore. Mike Leach's chimed in any might make some sense listing came on the fan.