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Dusty and Cam - 4.28.16 - Hour 3

Apr 28, 2016|

John Middlekauff joins the show to talk NFL Draft & Raiders to Vegas, Arash Markazi joins the show to talk Clippers-Blazers. Also, Pac-12 prospects in the NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is dusty and jam in the morning bit about how hard it. About how hard they. Thought we'd dusty narrow and NFL veteran can Cleveland revising change. You say. On ten AB. And. Dusty hair Nokia clearly and today Nigel Burton in his spots. You'll say the better looking of the us. No question that. You'll say taller that's better looking farmers head coach of Portland State announced pactel networks in 1080 defamed him organ and we're gonna sit there we're gonna take credit for you. Here 800 jobs we're gonna. The dollar and take credit for one of them at least a mine. Being hit a snippet I. NFL draft gets underway today alive in Chicago cam is not here because he will be doing her graphs show the Isaak. That says cynic tropea. Brood. Brute tell Pia out in Vancouver. That's chill from three to seven address starts at 5 o'clock for a little preview and a primer won't get ahead down the Bay Area. Our sister station 957. Game mid day host down there is John a middle copies of former and its NFL scouts. And now with our sister station. 957 height on this morning man they stayed the minutes tourists. Or already are. Well we're well we're better than I think the niner fans are in the Bay Area and he guys in the home of the raiders but Chip Kelly hasn't even coached to gain yet in San Francisco and calling cabernet can Anthony Davis up apparently don't wanna play form. What is the feeling. About chipped jelly heading into this draft is there already apprehension from forty niner fans. Ought to mean it will even without a doubt. Because a lot of unknown. I need to look at the team I mean a lot Serb side to Cleveland Browns by eight less equipped rock or. They head into medical beaten in the supporting her one. I think the way everything. You know up all part Philadelphia. The question marks can chip handle an adult type players. You know can he deal with star players. Can he deal with Eagles. He he tried to try to just get rid of ever want DeLeon and it didn't quite work out now attempt to coach you won't be picking the players. But if anyone knows I mean echoed a lot of influence on the player's general manager picks and you don't talk to my buddies around week. And really trying to keep on everything around here are a lot of bill. What adapt and got it forty where they're at they're one of the great while courts in this draft. No one knows how Trent ball he would typically work. Well and you went twelve picks what are you looking at as the biggest need for that this 49ers team because I had to pick everything I can't. I'm tired of it they have every every single position is is a need especially when your quarterback you'd feel stable about watts now. Yeah I mean actually everything and clearly at seven the two best quarterbacks and B onslaught and expect them leak or back seven. You know probably one of the optical line in particular they all can't leak. You know deport Buckner that's obviously Chip Kelly knows well we're all lit a seven checked out. They're they're kind of been it's really did feel like a worse spot to be in this draft like great draft that top. It and they're like re really impact player and they're gonna go like 3456. Do artwork targeted route seven. I mean technologies superstar player but your Gannett is the enemy is going to be great ought to trade out under not a quarterback. I mean a debate rated if they were actually happened. I think the Bay Area it would not be happy at all and meet personally I think that would be that beat saint I don't think they're gonna do that. But. I mean that I've read some places that you just you ever go eat you really never not always a couple shocker and and when it comes to Chip Kelly have never reach. Well you were you already mentioned John this is not a burden Yuri mentioned before Buckner and you got a guy who's 68. Can move please. Plays a lot harder than guys there is a bit is biggest and he plays. Really harder is he can't miss guy in your mind to me at that if the niners to Cayman they would they feel good about that. You know at night I think people looked good and Portland TrailBlazer and use. Looks. Looked more like an NBA basketball player that he got alt flair and it turned I love the guy I mean in terms of his ability to run out. Played a lot of play or high character guy and now I think he's a can't miss prospect down all he'd ever gonna beat. Some dynamic consistent all pro. But you know I think at the end of the day I beat. Better prospect. Are so accurate or said you know I had a organ that was you know I call him and under achiever again you'll. You look like he could be in that you know the blazers you know eight deep also got immediate next one that they are warm. And usually sometimes you can be too big in the an appellate defense blind bit. You know air guard that I got to get credit you get pretty good rookie year. Now clearly Jim Thompson who it was an abomination at choate what are people at our. They got to go on I mean he may complacent in this guy like him so well. Yeah I've been reading the regular number reed San Diego charters. Which would totally shocked me now meet personally be partly to pull the trigger canard ever seek to force beam like double digit sack. At the next level. But you don't a guy is probably more. You know 67 acts. Like kind of like a jet and at what for a long time attempt Cisco but they got real role. You know are to meet or. If you went deep felt the seven net that feel like right about as. John Hancock is I guess our sister station ninety fastened in the game down in San Cisco hosts middays. All right greater Cigna fourteen unlike most years the raiders and Reggie McKenzie have the luxury of not going for like eight. Glaring. Look at this fill this need. What do you think they go with you think all O line did they go safety. Inside linebacker where are the raiders leaning towards in your mind here in this first round at fourteen. Warrior in my mind from what I'm hearing I think and corporate world trade back. Get to about the early twenties acquire another second round pick and at three picks their second round pick someone else like that. You know that taken late teens or twenties were failed trade back to. And try to acquire restart or you know on the top sixty connects. If they queue up stay at fourteen I think there's going to be a couple options whatever the top with lime and Altera at tackle. That's never the sexiest pick which usually the right want special we have a young quarterback. It is legal Elliott were all there I mean I would say that's about it less than 1% chance and it art app on them poet Derek and Maury. And then defensively attic or perhaps some options there. You know I think it's pretty sad that you know it from the northwest sector kind of you know tumbling in Israel process and rightly so I mean any time you have major arms. But peace at their fourteen it it be really are at an appeal or discussion draft room. And then obviously some deep at the back weather will reject and they're used in. Part of our great from Florida. Eli apple from Ohio State like I you know credit give me the raiders have a lot of options. Easily whoever they do draft what are they do you do it'll be you'll least amount of pressure Matt Pickens pat. You know probably in you know Al Davis in his forties or fifty I mean this kid whoever kidnapped at any store. It's. Amazing you know in when you think when you talk about that when you say that we think where this raiders' strange as was just sort of 45 years ago. And Reggie it. Reggie McKenzie has done an unbelievable job of rebuilding and reconstructing this roster and truly from scratch. Continued talk about is it doesn't seem like he gets enough attention nationally and truly how dismal it wasn't where it is right now. How much is he changed the culture in Oakland. Well I mean that is there were a lot of her agony jacket real credit I mean he came in to really change the Coulter try. Just kind of get guys the Bosnian ship and some guys out. Reggie did there wasn't blocking all I mean they they would have. Definitely been more grass on free agent years three aces wouldn't take all call I mean it to dump kids who would not take. And that's one of those. You know we talk a lot about the Bay Area I mean the worst try to find a white power. Did not work out maps there are some luck and all that. Beat the raiders of Simon dom can do I mean out think. I mis use artery stories of Miami Dolphins players are not show up. And then you know Bjork carpal sec around me they reached at that wrapped meat public order to. Some of that is some of that luck and she's and he. Sorry to sound morbid saying this but is some of them look Al Davis not being around pressing that button anymore. Yet and I I just think there's a com net and one give Reggie a lot of credit. I would him right now it's it's hard to be drafting and did he know trying to trade back beat Gilles Lee birdied eight could be got a berg called personality. And I think that's when he came in I mean the place just. Me closer to traction that it was seven win team. So lax I think his personality. And they are obviously the drafted now enemy threat. Three straight years you know how it is about term bought the 49ers when he drafted high. Before Harbaugh got here for the year that you are about first year or draft again if it has Mikey potty all the net. And Reggie last cup readers Marc Cooper you know collegial. Did you draft in the top five top six stops seven you're getting a lot better player regret topic. Also have the Cleveland Browns from this decade and a half so. Admit it. Why I've I understand year ago they got. Back to her I mean that. And then the next year in Reggio honestly the top Vickie Mae was what he chose ago Amare. Over Leonard Williams because she couldn't complain overeat or they leave a Mark Cooper because the young quarterback question mark letters. Shoulder and it was 100% right deck hand and that opportunity in their cars sec around might change entire outlook and franchise for. So yeah I mean it it's it was a group effort and I got to get the horse because art Berkeley probably wire human and yet years and he didn't. And they were some public pressure around here each stood by him. And it definitely worked out I mean the expectation now mean. If anything let that play out next year a wildcard burst. Disappointment and I don't think that some of the fans have been able to say that the last year. I don't think anyone truly truly in a war thought it was possible out like it if they're not compete for division you know come December. It's going to be very disappoint not just locally but nationally. Is there is feeling and you mentioned mark Davis and the reports are that he's in Las Vegas today. Is there a feeling that this is starting to get real about the potential move to Vegas. What city get. This week come on now and I. I refuse in my short talk about it I mean. It is that it be like meat that you could have my parents cork. Like Eric needle case it is believed catches yet this marketplace would ever want a lot. Until the owners I'm not I'm not even in detention boot soared. This is not it. It's his team but it is not is auctioned now there's a lot of Levitt played it in all fairness to the Oakland politicians urged joke. Let them and there defend America OP debate it is wouldn't let raiders LA. Now when I'm play devil's advocate here gen. Because you're sinner target about Las Vegas but before when you could not have any. In CA event. In Las Vegas now every school I went for the big east to have their basketball term base everybody's going to Vegas because. He argued replicate these late soul low I'd get into their seven million people in the Bay Area. It's one of the most riding economy American ever seem like don't want no it is meant would ever move. This right now. From from the greater Bay Area which he gets sold out these opera or time in franchise history you know. And but again it's not. I edit the ultimate point that is not marched city at least a year now so that's why don't get too caught up but it because. Unless they get 24 votes east one people were both at that time. In the end and what he had been in them they got to. And ultimately they got to vote and won a mutt it was deep can vote and even mark it crop. So country and what are we talking about here. Exactly job middle Gabi divided about our sister station 957 big game middays ten to noon they can do time and really appreciate and love the inside. Abroad and now I'm fired up terribly in order to be as good people here. Anywhere still cross our fingers we closes sing out late yes it will be and we'll have beyond the talk little smack back and forth aren't. Hey John enjoy their mood Vegas but he. Wow old parting shot a now this isn't easy part this is the easy part in Europe again. Asked host company you keep this shot. Although at age he'd write just told Crawford the fruit lose my phone number but out ominously Johnson John does were was this natural it's gonna be clippers warriors know. I so so I worker Jala the pactel networks obviously it would com on Tuesday and I can't wait but then again John is one of the few guys that like I actually look I die with the Mets on that says so he he gets in this it'd better is his co host is very short. And they make you make him look a little taller of the city. Why are they sitting none of it appears that they're standing that also islands and the nearly the same height as him in some of ours and then you it is very true at all. Our rights let's talk a little bit about these pac twelve. Prospects coming up in the draft today. You've got. Jared golf DeForest Buckner miles Jack alt top tier kept talents. But they all have question marks surrounding them. You've got Isaak saint Malo who you said earlier a lot of people are are a lot higher on the some of the analysts are projecting. And then Vernon Adams you had a firm Rosie. To see a few times not just up Portland State when he is that he's from Washington but the last year covering him with pac twelve network. 55 after a finds the man at HR Texas and sitting in your questions in dusting jammed with dusty Nigel Anthony did. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. It. Our idea NFL draft gets underway today. Goes Jolene. San Su plus cam. That's the senator between beyond Vancouver. For the ban draft party. Nigel Burton is with me because Kim is gonna be gone from 37 with Isaac. And we are gonna talk about some of these tackle prospects that that number one is gonna be the number one pick. By all accounts Jared goth is big guy. Worthy of Los Angeles rams. I said it several times on the show and I I would like you to you'd talk me off the ledge here Nigel. In that I don't feel comfortable at either of these quarterbacks but I look at some of league games from Jared goth in. I get a little scared. That he's that he is being guy you give up what five draft Jake says. The rams did to move up being gay is because I remember the five to game against Utah. I remember the games this past year going Dotson stadium in that secondary. That was. So. Topsy turvy make them look real good at times. You know there are these question mark games that I keep going back to. OK so let's start with some your points there and you target rep. Those picks three of them were on the wide receiver so that very last pick right. The receiver stops is route short there's also another it's all the whipped route I was in the final laugh and it was a currently it was everything was fine on Carson's side of the route was terrible thing I've floated away from the ball up so. You know those things don't concern me is much. Wouldn't concern is the thing that I think about injured one he throws one most beautiful balls that shall see. He's got all the at the height he's got the IQ he's got the demeanor he took program that was at the basement. And brought it back to respectability in bowl games almost thinks he's got that will win. The other thing and in here's though that in on and we were talking you know I've news off camera but yeah we were talking. During the break that. I think one day it'll be a silly conversation will talk about hey you win. You know the guy from North Dakota State. You know that one guy may solo lead. But we'll column for exercise and only gag hey you know that guy went in and we're sure we're gonna take him or heard your off like how dumb is that now. No different than now I know it's an extreme example but no different then back in 1998. There was a conversation who beat take first. He Manning. Or Ryan leaf that's also dumb conversation. It's a do you believe that was an in so I think. We look injured off and consider the fact that you know he got his head ripped off. Because of the offensive line issues that count and yet still was delivering the bulls still was actor stood in the pocket took the shots all those different things. Those are things that concert translate to his game in Saint Louis he wished he had and now I like in a Glasgow and and worry in the backs they have their account but they're not Todd Gurley that's what he's gonna have in Saint Louis so. I think that'll translate I think when you look it winds that at a North Dakota State knew we're joking around the North Dakota State. Is SES football's version of the US I mean they are dominant they've got a dominant run game. You know he's he never got touched and Odyssey was playing you know playing southern Illinois not the same as playing golf playing US. And so. You know you're talking about a guy who's now gonna go possibly affiliate for the first time due to space ripped off. And how is he going to respond to that in something that he's never had to deal for. And so you know you we were saying that their elected the US CU of FCS football when's the last time USC quarterback. Made it in the NFL ended well. Person all right all four of bio and that's 1213 years ago because those guys nice comfortable pockets of all the five star offensive line. A five star wide receivers in the gets the league in its equity mean everybody's this. Everybody's good there's we're not count like so much better and so it's it's a different deal. Yeah and their seventy's that lite two wheels. If you have the it over Carson once and he's only started two years so he didn't step into you. North Dakota State like Jared got stepped in to cow and Adam stepped in the eastern Washington was thrown into the fire immediately. And it was you're starting day one. He's started tears that he probably had. Would it be fair to say because you the better you have a better idea of this he probably had four games in his entire career. That were. The equivalent to what Jerryd goth went through I guess three times every which is a four game spanned over twelve game season of of competition wise. Yeah I would say that they were that team and when north go to states step on the field that place was party built. And yet they're more a whole lot of teams that they played against the can match up with them personal lines so here it whenever and dubbed big twelve team each year and then probably the national championship game and maybe a semi final yet you're right whereas on the other hand your golf usually was outgunned. And he had to will his team to certain things I mean I the one the most impressive game to me. Wasn't even some of those five touchdown performs is six touchdowns in the ball game against air force. I go back to the U dub game in Seattle played against the pac twelve best defense or guys who will rip your face off their plain old school husky defense. It comes down to Google base won the last offensive plays they've got to convert he runs for the first down and trucks owe a lot of back. And they talk about how freely as you ran a guy over to get the first. Those are the things that may guys want to play for you those are things that make your offensive linemen blocked better. Make your defense wanna play harder when they see the your warmest sellout winning game. Those are things that think that'll middle separate. You know it's sold me on him. In this is goes back to his freshman year that drive. On the pact on the power is the first whenever a young erupted in it was in his Sonny dykes first year. In it was geared God's first year and they did that whole I don't know this is Eddie. I do not know this any heat they pulled me and it's it's like DC that whole moment and in when he was told it was decide okay. Thank you is that expectation of of were ready to go in is that it's an texting if he can I don't know if they even have it available to go back and watch but. That. I stuck out to me and I remembered a call my brother in be like dude. Sonny dykes guy's awesome and you should see this freshman Courtney to start Watson drive an end. It eight. Actual number is 8:8 o'clock Pacific but yet that. I that you right now they might be who knows there's so easily and there's seven different network so cut ears on the state park because that was worth it. Well yeah I think we knew we were a week we were an episode when we played against the importance of the second start ever after that you should have won. Game idle any I think we did. Anyway but it was it was I mean he would you knew he was special the way you would. Just deliver and we after we have a few times we gave him much different looks and he's I think he's a he's a special guy hopefully and and he's going in the right situation with a veteran in a folk coach. Don't know how to you know protecting do the right things and more importantly he'll have a running game. Which is absolutely vital to early success for you. I let's talk some blazers clippers are heading back to Portland for game six ESPN LA's are actually marked Ozzie joins us next right now though. Is Alexander Crawford with the sports center update in his 500 dollar jacket. This news just in to them in the morning on 1080. As our producer Alex Crawford lives infinitely deeper depression. Every game of this series. Rips it he is getting stronger it's like they're feeding off and he Crawford it's like they're feeding off I feel like I'm being eaten so that makes sense. Injuries Steve Blake Griffin anchors on turning this series on his head after. The blazers won game three they love the clippers lose. CP three's in Griff inning game four. And then in game five the blazers get a ten point win one knowing 98. Talk a little bit about it we head down to LA ESPN's. Or ask mark causey joining us thanks to take it a few minutes Orszag adored this morning. Good I'll be journey today than Portland litter and that's it. Nice awesome. Okay of the first meeting we talked about this yet on the show. I'm looking at the official box score from last night's game and this is the attendance was a sellout of 191060. People. It bit down I I see a lot of people were complaining these about the 7 o'clock start time and and having the empty arena. Why is it that it is so empty at 7 o'clock and because the pictures in the photos on their work it was looked like a ghost town to start again. Yeah I mean PM is always hard in Los Angeles out content. Purple W plant could think about your Los Angeles and we try to get used to being that I'll be opposite eat. I hate about them yet at times I wrote a Serbian had thought I need applauded by gay. About light gate at that it would it started 130. I didn't even take my proceed and technically a bit reads they'll. Be a problem. I will be audited by the current it was settled forty by dish plate with people are on. We're talented Florida says they were sold. You know I had applied mention and I tweet about it you could have gotten that building and dollars. Our yesterday morning but I think. Ticket when it kinda gave had already started were like how it or play yes 7 PM or whatever of the Los Angeles. Trapped they were lazy I have no idea we will always be late. He's not the only one. That I didn't say they gals like got to 730 game and ions embodies that bar watching. Come down from percent. What do you mean there's two minutes left in the second for his order god. I humble good as we sit here we look at this who's now I was last night the straw that broke the camel's back court. On being an Alec locker clippers' locker room. Did you feel like may have another push in them after just not happened and in the fourth quarter. You know what I think. It was realistically you don't want the I don't Leon it was totally apples and oranges and this happened last year where it was a unique against the spurs the spurs win 85. Quote I. Well incidentally the corporate trying to way to win and then they win game seven I'd meet the major differences script called weaker and we're helped you so that we can it go into the next scheme. Trying to beat them. Talking about that hey listen guys we wouldn't have said Antonio. And that would be wouldn't that badly chip is. And we'd beaten at their whole that we ticket back in that it without Opel. Saying. I don't think we kind of got a glimpse at how this team will play out. Game six words I think those guys gonna come out with another key to. I hear that you don't want. To try their best to win. I can think of it right out at aimed at the end to be quite honest even up pulled strain. The play is there isn't worth it harder team in war when you hit Apple's straight to when you were eighteen civilians or. Port without a way to win. You know what they weren't playing good beat out a way to control the game and I were you that academic dead in game they. And it could get ugly we don't want. Corporate got to keep the quote that we first app but I hit it situation. Has happened indeed said that last year accused of Houston. Where. They pull down big they're there they're just gonna quit so. But he got the big eagle or at the beginning at 86. All grass we're talking about earlier. And maybe you can give us some perspective. The decision a star Paul Pierce and then Luke mob a booted not playing. At all considering how successfully was defending the blazes backcourt. Mean who did were there any thoughts or were you guys they passed on. I think it was you'd typically what would. That they in the that was sort of an. NBA I think it felt like let's let's see what he can do it. You rekindle a little bit of magic. Of it got literally they well the policy in any doubt that. Pretty early on the east just. Not spirit he really captivated the tires heated. And if that report that when the cap or score so all you need normal starting light that would Kristen Blake. It's why we need to buy some kind of a pop band however. Without those guys is a lot. You know look again. Could edit the standard not the greatest stopped at a player by not really that it out that the leak it shocked in play and at all. I would expect that changing interest but with a ticket item doubted that we need to get the pop band. So it. It adding eighty you know strong perimeter defender. Let's put it out there who can actually score conduct would at that. Ira around Sarkozy is I guess he is CNN LA a reporter. This clipper series as they as it heads back up is there a feeling that if it is finished off in game six tomorrow night. That this may be the end of the lob city aero as we know it in LA. You don't want it into a ball straight I would say at a 100% yet I think it's less. But the chances is brought back all because of the way it kind of in Italy that you know with the Chris couldn't wait it hurt the same day. I I might do so leading unit are pretty in this group that won't wartime and I don't know whether that's what anatomy I think Hillary would really depend on. What trade possibilities that I need I don't think rake it up just take it. We'll bring you up and yet there's that could trade up there to be out for Chris or quake hit. I don't know what the market would be secret. The artery that included a trip to be out but at IP they would certainly. Don't think the beat Garnett trade at a mop or that the right so I think leadership that this group is that only because the way. Did you think it is to a close will likely tomorrow with both cricket lake go down on the same night. Ask mark got the ESPN LA he's also professor USC which having that in your titled just makes you right. That aren't. Aren't. How has it been I mean is it then a is a kind of like animal house let Jack hagel what happens when you're the lesser. Into a graduate graduate secret but it suffered like apps become. I well. At it and other illegal it has worked reported that labor a lot of my colleague aged yeah he had done it on idol. The people come I crack at it in Ali. And that night which I take it to a game and. Rob sorry we'll all hold on your rewind that. If there is it game on Monday night you take the class of the game. So here's the beautiful thing that they look at it hockey press spot that basically not really you know turning. You know during the yet so that the corporate inadequate really great to be with this the Olympic record it was copper Celtic that it Monday night we don't go. Got a student to meet. That in the hot rod opted afterward doc. A lot of credit on the front operated and it got that it. Questions that we've really got to. And the artists you know I don't will learning how to do you know talk duke players and coaches so. Yeah. Look at it opened come to USC idled or origin are great but you know. They came out they are you take a professor mark because he's glad I have never skewed in that class ever. Number I'm gonna grab the USC am enrolling any up and Hank wrestler got the base at the time and really appreciated saint Giles appeared. You know here's the thing is that. Big kids that USC really need a break like that. The university US universities royal children might lead they. All schools need the big breath because you get to go to the clipper you know there they're actually the one group of kids is like. I cannot believe we have to go to the clippers game are they would step this woods' dip the clippers game take a liking cal state Long Beach right. The dirt bags and Nadal you know how can you need except of their bags yeah sting acts like. Bags. Andrew yeah other than you build on their longest ever clearly I 49ers organized but they go by the dirt now baseball team is now under the dirt bags and they go by the dirt bags. So take it is. This. Like it's like the clippers have been really great to me. The lakers of the team that sucks it take the good team in L label that opening up the doors. I know he probably than they also like you know you know you definitely keys games but only only the Stanley Cup yes it LA LA it was just summed up in that inner. Up I that we rapid rapid ups and yeah opt year Thursday afternoon. Dusty give Nigel Burton in with me 1080 the fan. This is dusty and JAM in the morning and on 1080 I love serum yeah. I still can't get over US seems. Rod your sports journalism class when Q cover clippers games. Like. My cousins I had to go in. Covered the City Council meetings for talent or again you heard talent organ. There's a reason. I had the talent there. Not good. But I mean well and it's either clipper games and add the students Connell about it T and T and older clippers. I guarantee Bluetooth two lingers. Donate it and I don't know I UST frat you know what you know what they're really worried about them. In that class is like again would they make his gun and. And America. Were not driving Inglewood for that. That's understand. And trojans today. It did look at night. A sports Korea it's a weird thing to say is it's like April 28. It is the opening day of the NFL draft the first round will go off. Typically first pick is just after 5 o'clock. Primetime will be at it. And San tropea 23 in Vancouver. And Isaak in cam will be their during the draft show that's like Nigel Burton is in and so graciously. I giving us his time to coming here today in. Talk a little football talk about the NBA playoffs. Is because team will be out doing the draft show where we'll have our thirty TG ends gain live trap as it happens would. The commission who's looking dapper today he's got a scare he's clean shaven like Roger Goodell Jason. At the Dell sly guard will be in attendance as though he gets suited but he liked. All till. Dresses tries to act gives the bro hugs when they bring as every day they and again everything rules of an iron fist of discipline. That suspends. Drag us bird days off around six Crawford double dip key suspended four games. Yeah I judges got reprimanded for not making enough copies of one of the papers I can't I can't be on and I do we could. It dock on there. Crawford's balls are too deflated so guess like ear out for games you get four shows that it's almost a week and we're gonna talk about it incessantly for the next two years that's right. Now. Hey Joseph Pesci we found out that you are the Joseph Pesci of this of these shell out shined shoes anymore attack act. That's only to Joseph Pesci got second save in reliably be stuff that's right. As Rick but down so we had the draft going off. 5 o'clock is in the first because that happened also going on at 5 o'clock there's one game in the NBA playoffs and it's gonna be a fun one as Atlantic can close out Boston. On the road game 6 of their Eastern Conference playoff matchup is in Boston Cox Celtics 5 o'clock on TNT. They get that goal and Korea. As well and and you can always start looking forward to the blazers and clippers tomorrow night. You know the one thing that really bothered me is when he's talking about 745 did you imagine that a senator not being full. By. 645 that's difference important element. I'm close they blame it on traffic bet and M and glad that arrest was honest with us and said we just don't care about time. A bunch. You for being honest with that. Better place will be rocking tomorrow no doubt. Is going to be it's going to be fun is this one of the games that you have. Two owners yourself and getting tickets to you from any. Now on the jacket I don't think acted. You know I might be able with a nail Lulu because people say you know it. They're gonna win the B into the series goody can have these two I'll get this I might I might get the scraps off the table with this one's likeness like this Crawford he gonna go to game six. UAT give it to game yeah it depends on if liking get. Affordable tickets. To be on the streets. What is affordable for liberals do is read between the lines. You know I'd like to go I'd like to go ticket prices are more expensive thing clippers to gets. Yet there they are ten bucks. Yeah after a ticket to Milan that I would love to get that they're gonna blow for ten bucks I don't know if they'll really get to 300 level Friday for less than a hundred. Nigel thank you so much for sitting in if you have a youngster a taped her eighth grade. Go to Nigel. Burton football camps dot net. That would it is no Nigel Burton football camps dot com and June 27 to July 1 only a 150 dollars. For the week week for the week out at Lincoln high school Lincoln high school and I and AM all star cast a coach is nick Kelly OT. Vernon Adams Joey Harrington Lincoln Kennedy camp Cleveland via. Yeah awesome Michael James Yvenson Bernard yeah a lot of guys. And it's very reasonable very affordable got to give the bikes shot out Casey close to yes that means it costs going to be it'll be awesome and so he Jacksonville last year he was he was so we'll have a lot of former NFL college players coaches. Kindergarten kindergarten to eighth grade boys and girls what kimono big key man for coming in really appreciated my pleasure. All right we'll see you tomorrow sixty. And Alex Crawford. And get his shot and his show as I am at a town tomorrow the little clipper this law if there's one thing that is for certain Graf. Very good chance that happened. Now you'll do fine. You'll be fine crop will be a moan don't break your hand on him but that. It's a big bucks if I and epic day with us and Diane gusty cam on the thing. Funny how. I don't shine shoes anymore.