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Dusty and Cam - 4.28.16 - Hour 1

Apr 28, 2016|

Nigel Burton is in for Cam Cleeland, Blazers beat the Clippers in Staples Center, and who is your starting 5 NBA team that doesn't look like they're NBA players.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought to you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. Dustin and jam in the morning. Oh yeah. The and it. Really love of god. Jarrett if it does Vieira asked. The czar for like yeah I mean I don't support here in an NFL veteran can clearly Mitt. Waiting for you and apart from Montana eighties showtime. Premiere and he. Good morning it is Thursday the favorite day of the league for this show. April 28. And what a great day it is it is NFL draft day. And the Portland trailblazers are just one game away from moving on to the second round came Cleveland not here in his spot. Is former Portland State head football coach now with the pac twelve network Comcast sports net and eighty the fan he does. Everything. Nigel Burton I'm mot you're Lana take care your kids who walked her dog up. It doesn't. And I know this morning under agreements could see that's it thank you for being in as cam will be on the draft show out at some utopia. At 23 in Vancouver with Isaac today this week is out this week. So you are woke up early. How are used to waking up early not this or the coaches you guys. All crack heads. Yeah it does yeah were stupid. But but but it's been awhile it's been I guess that you got there before Thanksgiving 2014 of the last summer will go into you've got used to you. Normal people hours I I irritate my wife every morning. As she gets them to work outs and she X about six fives. Earth and I get the kids going you know way. Thought. City's first teeth barking out orders from the net just in front of it I spoke to actual move. That's perfect it's almost yet the bull and now I have the coaches that's a I mean like you know like yeah I think your sixth crime that's got. Yeah let's go let's I love that day hearing here today because we that we don't just have. Blazers stuff to talk about what you are big blazer fan absent. The one of the one of the great things is going into ablaze a game in seeing you. You usually have the really good seats any time that is the game. I am there. Let's announce I don't see it knows properties up in the 300 level you know I like it up there. There's one benefit to working fifteen hours a days you get good seats three times a year to blaze again so that was my benefit is. Carried out against or be like you know. Well used to be the hornets but now it's like the Sacramento Kings are in town I really don't know ago and you want the seeds and I'm like yes that's got and you go well we can also. Talk about organ spring game which is coming up this weekend. You dialed in with everything that is pac twelve and then you know little sum about and the other graduate try answer from the big sky could improve cop. Who's now in Eugene and then you've got all access behind the scenes TU organ State's spring game. And you did win behind closed doors Gary Anderson his crew. So we can get a rebuke of OSU. We'll talk a little actual draft. Today as well awesome so let's buckle up let's get a go and where we start the wake up call. In my remember was just like yesterday. All right today in sports history 1985. Billy Martins was named the manager for the New York Yankees very bored. Time. The feeling I got fired from a job three times I would not be taking fourth step that that yeah I mean if you if you get fired from McDonald's you probably can't even go parties. I mean. You never going back to McDonald's three different look this is like the Houston Rockets. Problem that there and there's rumors that they're gonna hire deafening and the again. If I was ever fired from one place I don't care they got in management I probably never go back to that place while they offered you five million dollars. I would go back half I guess that's a five million it's. It. It is into you are NFL draft conversation our pac twelve Oregon Oregon State's spring game in draft coverage we will have a rash markkaa Ozzie to talk blazers that 830. He was at the game less than Staples Center where she ESPN LA. This year expect the clippers to fold the tent after what was a disappointing game six lots of by the way Crawford. Let's not away. Good morning what do you how right in for a third straight day Sackett that's not cool man I do he is a clippers fan. So yeah we live. You're now I'm like this I grew up in Southern California. As a Laker hater because every one like lakers know unlike the clippers always been an underdog god. Summer this the first team barely know when you say you grew up in Southern California were due to high school. Newport harbor. Quick down and so Miguel de OK okay as opposed but tonight new port ice rank and I knocked out on Newport harbor is when I was in Seattle we were going to school you don't there's always those guys like I hate what's going on and where you from more from New York sun. Federal yell when you moved to Seattle also allows like to be yeah I thought they know it from New York furious. Where did that come from yeah I can I it's it's it's just it's just look and then we'll just us and we'll itself that it. NFL scout John middle cop former NFL scout done though copy now works for our sister station. I 957 game down in San Francisco he will be joining us at 8 AM parade. Raiders niners Bay Area draft. Primer. I'm doing go. Marines do. In game one so the typical one run game. He seems to like he. It's okay. Well they have their right there Zell is Aaron Goldsmith. Robbie canal only yacht again that the Astros avoid this week because they beat the Mariners. Last night seventieth or are they on TV went five were used in in the win by bigger news out of Seattle is that the Nintendo. Group has knots. Are will not be the owners of the Seattle Mariners anymore. As John Stanton. Has purchased the majority control of the Seattle Mariner's. From Nintendo America and it will lead Q how are Lincoln he CEO who came Cleveland blames for the Mariners sucking. Stepping down and stand we'll take over as CEO for cam traffic ski champ should be thrilled right now. He's probably it's a good thing he's trying to organ and a dizzying eat right cracked a few. Is hung over. Wake up certain way. It's NFL draft day bids people still seem to be one talk about some. Deflate gate and it is it's. A on the front page of ESPN on SI dot com before any of these drafts stories. It is the fact that. After report yesterday that that few owners are going to Roger Goodell and trying to get Tom Brady suspension reduced from four games to some like TO barely Roger Goodell not haven't any of it and it will stay at four games of the things right and had backed court. Busy longest standing. Peeing contest people Walton. Yes yes it's too early to say the other word I mean we all I mean it's it's. It is it's exactly what it is in this thing is not gonna go away as long as they keep him. Fighting in both of them had ego so big I don't think Brady will back down and they'll definitely back on this is going to be. Ridiculously lucky I am guessing this is what happens but so. Brady fights and until we won. And then when he doesn't get to play against Arizona as many as our I. All sit up the next four games because it's buffalo Miami. Cleveland's. And some other crap. BT but appeared Tom Brady you sit up here is on because they will blitz you every which way. Thank you you lets you you might find yourself sitting in the next four games anyway hey good point does it maybe gets hurt. And then says are my suspension erring now. Cops and it does not test this is rock and roll today is really keeping them out and do leg. 600 mosquitoes and or oh my god it's early wake up. Why there was pretty frustrating but come here. You know everybody's at all you know what was gonna happen in notre Iverson's you know long flight back to Houston. We were routed the and that's sort of come ought to get a diagnosis a lot about this group a lot about our character and how we got to continue to get better part of what allows them. Drain on green of the Golden State Warriors they are awaiting the winner of the blazers clippers series after. The rockets completely. Nailed it in last night losing 114. To 81 in there in game five. Is there eighteen. That you are on that was completely just dis functional like the Houston Rockets were reason Agilent. This team is ridiculously good but I've got three turns that are bringing everybody down. Cam senior year. All really true story I mean how weak we were we had. I think we broke the record when they reduce the draft and a seven rounds. We have the record for number draft picks on that team it was ten get ten guys drafted. We let it eat in four. Because it was announced an insane asylum I mean on the sideline guys are frightened I mean at least at least defensively we were immense. But we had some talent we act acts. But it clues. UC is make a play needs see ten different tests out or ten different celebrations because of safety although under it was it was trees. That is the Houston Rockets and mean they are a mass in that bad thing is gonna get the bomb. Brought to that. Now that the big story as the warriors will await the winner of the blazes overseers analysts think it is probably gonna be Portland. Last night also the hornets still home court in their series with the heat winning 1988. A nail biter. But where we start. You won pretty again. This confusing series is just continuing force lasers can close it out though tomorrow. After they get a one Elway nine DA when we break it down blazers. Taking game five down in Los Angeles. Just a close it out dusting cam on the fan. This is Dustin jam in the morning on 1080 votes on the. Does he came in the morning Nigel Burton and it's so it does seem Nigel it's kinda sounds like you bad buddy comedy where. Debris comes over and get stuck with live in the some redneck in the stack. Up that's good at this ideology. And as the end I think it's it's. Ala Nazi damage his son's terrorism against Mary that I he had ninety's body. He gets in trouble feeds you is parity down our it would have whose life is perfect strangers what does this. Room night. Burton and they're not had a cop show and a half cop show it has dealt like jobs which. Patent that cop I don't know I don't. I'm Don didn't I didn't get copies. Ole mustache. Ali elites and donuts. He'll send them some doughnuts are about it we are worried statement you talk about my maple donating some Yahoo! with I don't know. Try to take in the donut from the defense lineman yeah theory and stay tuned in and written maple doughnuts and neck right now. The blazers beat the clippers last night game 5108 to 98. And just this confusing series continuing. Last night one thing that we actually did get right about this series is without Blake Griffin. Without Chris Paul we're talking yesterday. Jamal Crawford in the starting line at. And we were thinking and bombs away with Crawford and Redick that's what happened that would happen and always win it's not the way we thought it would play out at all. But it it turned into a shoot out in nobody could make a shot and sell the blazers really turn it on in the fourth quarter and separated themselves man that was. It was ugly at times to watch that game. I mean no doubt I mean you watch the game and early on and I think we talked about that this morning was. The talent of the blazers back court really took over and in who we were joking around skylight watch and if you have like a college freshman walk again. You'll walk on freshman and he's. It looks at this guy's going to be a lottery pick and he's gonna defend him in practice all he's gonna do is annoy him and when you look at you know how. Between Austin rivers and you know you got for you owning and all these guys the way they defended those guys early on the way to defend at Willard ways they defend its its CJ. Is they just tried to annoy him I mean hack come push them slap Adam. Every type and and they felt for the big early right and many are trying to dribble through it and dribble to the defense that gave the ball a few times. But eventually that talent just took over. And there was really Mangini can make you answer. And they had to wait a long time for that talented to take over though holy smokes mole heartless doesn't again he kind of put the team on his back and in the first half. But who. Damian Miller goes one for ten through the first three quarters in your Rowland our home guys win is gonna happen is gonna happen. And then by the in the fourth quarter regards sixteen point jubilant. Hey that's what you need that's that's your guy right there when you bank shot the reporter. That's one of those like about the game's over. God's not on your side yeah that was on arouses site I. Yeah out is yeah yeah not to clippers' night it's not it's over you turned it off had a Sullivan and Jack and Coke when did he think after they had Sally moment like days okay that was the age when he hit that being threes and I yet. Am older but at. For his bat of the night is illustrative Millard in what's amazing is that if you'll see that guys a night game national TV you were products in the state he's the game. They will sit there in the look at the stat on ago he went seven for twenty which isn't. Great it's pretty bad but five of ten from three shot 50% from three to Google like. For Daimler Willard. That game was awful and they were lucky that the game was back close heading into the fourth quarter to where he could beat the separating factor. Because they were missing free throws nobody can be yours one of your two stars going offensively. And in the clippers are just hanging around hanging around muddying it up. After the bomb's away didn't work in that first half. They went to the ram a lot in the second half and they've made that thing a game and they gave the blaze a little bit of a scare there in that second half a third quarter. We give it up the blazes defense Ameen I know defense is the Sunday talk about a lot of the NBA but. It was they the clippers lose and scored the most points I believe right then they have the entire series lead so. Having this low scoring back and forth kinda ugly game is really the way the blazers won a played defensively now obviously don't play that ugly offensively. But. I is instead of saying like well how off the clippers were how often is were I think sometimes it's just a matter in the bliss is defense is really good and actually their defense is maybe a little off last. Well yeah and then you mentioned that the the blazers. Didn't allow a point for five minutes and 28 seconds of the third quarter the first five when he and his third court book leverages couldn't get anything on there and and now they ended with 21 point. Tonight the last four and a half minutes. But. Good the first five and a half dating give up a single point to them. The defense has been carrying them and it's the big senate that have been the big difference down there with heartless apply only in Aminu doing it. And those guys are planned out of their minds end to be arson blazes have their own dress fell there in the second quarter and they one to ogle alone and about six and a half minutes so. I mean they both had these dry spells but you're right I mean Mason calmly. It might be the MVP of the of the end of the series right now on the way he's playing now granted it may and it's kind of and it's unfair to say because of the two guys so talented but. To get what you've gotten out of hand with his rebounding. I mean the way he's even distributing the ball like. It's hustled didn't break ways those are giving and then more heartless. I mean I've been maybe maybe co MVPs. As to yes I'm serious now I've been playing out of him. And they've elevated their game in the post season where we've we always see guys wither away and actually we have seen a couple of guys kind of disappear at for long stretches of this series. Those guys have elevated every single game they've gotten better and which is huge for teams this yellow Wheldon and yet I. What was in interesting for me night I did not see this commenting in Crawford maybe you have an explanation for this is through the first four games that is series. One guy that's eliminated seat chemical for large stretches and I and I think there's no mistaking Y siege in the Coleman's a go. Shooting 50% from the field scoring 27 points last night. Luc Mbah a Moute did not even play for the clippers last night yen in the only thing that I can think of is that they said were putting Paul Peterson because we're going bombs away and he can't shoot at. Well first of all that stupid is Paul Pierce is on he's sewed want Paul Pierce jobs opened on the court. Kind of stands there. Taxing guy. Johnson back. It's the ball. Passes it he even shoot more when he does he miss these shots. Dusty I don't understand why Luka bobbled they did not play. He's at all be the best former defender of the clippers out outside Chris ball who's out. He's obviously not gifted offensively but he. He'll give you all the Paul Pierce egg you know what lay out all of that would you look planet in the NBA it's 67 years old I mean come. He has got a lot from now stabbed guy's been wheeled out the it's NRA hang it up as I said. Let's not act like he got wheeled off the future Ford in a wheelchair because he needed to be yeah I am running back out onto the floor and play after will never know. Now what I'm saying is I don't understand that and yet just how much I've 'cause there's nothing in the injury report about bombing today there's nothing free game. It would adopt brought up with a all the injuries the clippers out. It's just I think it's is docked on yell or just an issue or just gonna shoot the whole game Luke. To diesel now we're trying to bother trying to play perimeter defense that is gonna please double bunch of threes I don't get acting that was silly but. Hey as it was though mandate your blazer fan that's three straight wins and that was the first double digit road win for the blazers. Since 2000. When they beat the lakers in staples senator in the Western Conference finals. That is a long time kind of and it's not the blazers have a minute the play out saying in the lot since then. First double digit road win since 2000 in the Western Conference finals. Unfortunately for Portland the Western Conference finals did not end wealth from the Big Ten. And especially against the lakers but. It was he was named in nights to remember as the beat out clippers. End up falling by ten in the blazers now let's head back to Portland. In what has been just a massively confusing series with the chance to close out in game six I mean. The my big question for this is. It's the blazers can't in which we do expect him to close the series out. Without depleted and how run down you saw the clippers and in the fourth quarter. That is basically what what we should expect right is that they'll run out of gas in the fourth. I mean all you got two games. All you've got left to do it I mean you have to out policy right I actually understand I'm on the defendant dock because I understand why people yours because. Offense in and out of trying to look up all the other scored or was that what was them the most points he scored a series until last night was us intervene 98 right. So I mean they're they're not scoring the way that they need to score now uses sauce Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Yeah you're worried you might only score sixty points by in this ideally so they say you know what forget it we've got to do something offense Lou because. We we can't continue this way and win the series we're lob city. And lob city right now OK even I mean. Zorn a lob there's only a lot there's a lot of love to there's they came three doesn't mean so we've got to do something injects an office Barbara are. Because also Wilson into Austin rivers like whose school last night we saw exactly what would have happened if DR Andre Jordan signed with Dallas he looked so confused in the third quarter without ample like without Chris collar and a lead point guard to get him the ball. He's getting the ball elbow. Any uses. Looked he was looking to pass it says he's got he's like I can do anything out here finally he went on dummy simple as like. Do we you've got to get opposed to news man and I play you turn your back to the basket please you do something he looked lost island. I would give them credit they didn't rollover that I don't know it caught the blazers gave them several opportunities. And in my the only one that wanted to use third row. My phone through the television. Watching the lazy passes across the lane that can't dislike getting to to like a radically just like turn in my gag you thank you I think he apologized that sounds like I'm really sorry but I have to take this able or. Aftermath defending doctor Mellman a bash. Because you know we just gotta keep an eye on our radio guy there arm arm and the media. And so. How Bob cock pulling all of his starters for the about two minutes left in the game and then then they Mittal were. The alexion only goes from seventeen down to nine inning heartbeat. After cobbled no mistakes and clubs and you're taking her value conceded the game yet so when you're talking about you know Dion. Given up when he's gets the ball the deal at the top of the key I mean doc Cuba but about two minutes left in the game and then I also know watching on she's do you put everybody back here. It adds to your artist you're ready and wave the white the guys who made the run by and he's today I'd be like this slap in the face Hague has made this from that yeah and finish it's those CF II we didn't even they were surprised I Aldridge who run around like way you just gave me the ball again okay thanks. That's a weird clippers thing that you occasionally see out there psyche unit 'cause like. They played differently against Golden State back in early February calling this the second unit we on the third call. I'm gonna bid public version when he led unit that whatever you call that unit. Which I guess it normally be the third announced the second sadly it's got the victory cigar for the opposing team it's all Obama's problem let's go. By the way he got. Eviscerate it on defects when they put him and he did not. What did but does say he's at 38 year old like trying to play defense is 25 year old. I've. I got out early is passing you looked sadly. We're we're out that techno guys that was tablet covers against the warriors back in theory dot AD Jackson the Horry did the mass of and then they came back and CJ Wilcox you dubbed graduate missed that three would have tied it does force overtime I'm sitting there like. I was CD it will cost taking that three can lead he settles stars outweighed the lamp light and it brought back so I don't know what that says the clippers but its capital are. By 530 fives and imitate your techs and level lot more on this game we have harassment cause the ESPN LA joining us at 830. I'll be taking feedback throughout the show though about the blazers clippers game 51 game away from moving on the second round. And a meeting with a gold state warriors I have one final thought on publicly is unique. We move on really quickly. He looks acted old guy at the nightclub that wears white pants in and gold chain single chain spill like unbundle lay down. Nike doesn't he have that feeling and every now and again he's got a untangle it from mr. Lester yes. Exactly gaming came in her first team all don't look like they play in the end I did he's solid on the street. Yes they are. Idea that it talk mean a thing in those guys are MB I'm fighting so Isiah Thomas and I think they got it Thomas he wants and I feel like okay I'm an all star like. She's here you okayed this Saturday okay send move along kids are little guys we have where's your backpack Stan go back guys girls that. He's got a lot like the other you'd Nate rob my name probably the exact same way we you'd be like you won the dunk contest. Share Nate rob was ripped though Isiah Thomas is is kinda. Do you with tabs did you see DC when he had his kids and did the hold human Charles Barkley that he was Berkeley's comedies like. You know knicks you didn't tell him at apple. Sure. Therefore. And then Nate Resnick in that mini city if you think it's a little crunched version and if if it. We do we might have to come over the like who are the ball. Are you really in the yeah like giving if you saw the Al oral like. They pulled outlined a club a girl would be like out on Canadian and us that I'll take the drinker behind me but you're not on the exit and I but we got three union fund to. The Luke Babbitt on the island out there. He. All he's kind of got yeah how is that Nevada when Luke was there and he he's he's holed the meaner woods. I'm again you know. After I was that guy he had to say that. It's. I have a feeling this is Kabila is awkward like as an. Well he does is it has c'mon now that the candidate rob. Only a game but it its current yet it's currently at its current guise its for sure Pablo. Public that he does and it missed payments for sure is it was not a soccer havens like. Soccer like out like a beard got all plus he's got the ball big like c'mon you again maybe you played the NBA beckons at Indiana and I had to can be yeah I sought to convince people don't watch the blazers he's a member of the team and all the staff are at this is Steve Blake is again in coming in mammoth theater tech sign. Steve Blake he definitely looks like Peter person at the golf pearl like he did what I that's it though we've we capped out at three white guys know more like I I cannot Texas somebody out of car. Now and Europeans. Eat you can only quote no we are got presuming he's got to be your. He's Argentinian guy all of skin Argentine he's our continue Indiana. Urgent and union. I know that guy South America we've got back on Goddard SO WTO now we get now. Got to be of a we gotta we gotta have some equality here that quality on you don't look like if that's. All right five factory or by the man at HR tax and we can fill out our all awkward basketball team. And we can also do what would you burn you first NFL tech on its drafting guys gonna frivolously spend their money. Removes he yes they will what do you spend it on yours drop sports. Widespread text either. That's the message of what number. Two or. Niners five. Six I can't hear you drilling off and like him I learned there we have all of my life I mean. Most cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Fly messaging data rates may apply to just play my number. Or you can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does steal and jam in the morning on ten may be the brain of that person actually see them all today. 55 survives and imitates our tech sign and man this is all NBA team that doesn't look like NBA players has kind of taken over. And there are some really good ones that are coming in on the name of they terror attacks on 55305. Amazing during the break we have initiated to trade down. And we have traded Pablo preachy on me. Of the clippers. TD you kind of look normal team. And we brought investing element Obama yet. No doubt but you know maybe we don't need a trade because at this point we've got so many great names. We might just happens we get about and sure yeah I it's this he's he's not gotten benched aka mad they'll Dolan and we think we came up with the obvious it was so obvious we actually didn't. You we didn't picket in first. Staff Kirk. Stepped curry there's no way if you saw walking on the street and didn't know he was stepped Currie. Do you think he plays in it's 61. Ish. Yen. Rail looks comic goofy looking dude has not good facial hair but continues to grow it out because of V Sheen did I it and he's got he had too easy on. Now that that to me is if you. Very professional athlete that. Staff I know that year of age thank you view word normal diet like you you were in this is like the total high schooler or. First two years in college moved to where I wanna look like I'm older someone grow my crappy facial hair out. I I'm there I had terrible facial hair I'd like any time that I'm growing yet is because I forgot to shaped like. My mom makes on a means says I've. Sell a summer beard because some were gone years Summers ago you elect you look like you're thirteen it's bad but that's gonna come here that's gonna be to your advantage in about seniors. But I will say this so crooks are on Gaza organ state. First one my First Act means a sit down and I've met the rest of the coaches that Obama Alexander of Tennessee coach there's. Let's custom news are you serious. As they should we put divers in your chair think that you don't even shave another is and so. Think once every. I was 25 may in fact there's nothing wrong. With shaving once every three days that's true they another one guaranteed we've seen his name called a few times Jeremy Lin. That is a very good one coming back and and not to be stereotypical you know I'm stay on take industry from the horse's mouth Jeremy Lin says he has to bring IED to most of the NBA's you know. Stadiums all seems whenever. Arena has because. Security a stop them and say no you eat eat you can't be backing music and I'm Jeremy Lin I think that that explains his terrible hands out of the senate is Dre. Aegon balls he yet that he had no doubt he's got another thing going on man done. He has Amanda got the top not yeah this pain is he exe where it as a pony tail in game one or two you. It was the worst look I've ever seen but I think that might be like is like oh yeah. You could do for the words at the crappy air. Come and body that is the only explanation does is here is terrible this year and he does not look at all and other agree when just popped up James Harden. If he would just throw on a pair of like really big glasses he would be an end like a black hipster with seriously annals is mood now. Absolutely that's pretty anti ray Felton. Ray Felton is good because he's just over Kyle early he's kind Chevy is this texas' very felt competitive eater yes NBA player c'mon bro. And NT one Brian coming in with Nick Young had he seen his hair it's awful and another Laker which I hate to say Marcelo practice practice have you seen that guy who is. I've no idea how he is an NBA player he turns the ball over in the those horrendously as possible I think he is the all time record for most not thoughts and plays. History one just came in. The bird man. Fan now I disagree because anybody who has net tax and has over 61 you assume. Plays mask. On to say. Is that still way way you know LSU AK and now you're totally rocked out mites are deeply football earlier biker. Or have you gotten that many tattoos all of your neck. You gotta be a basketball players. Ia has on the entire 76ers roster. No this isn't a list of guys who can't play basketball it's the people look like. They can't because teases 76ers credit they're all like number 12 or three takes an outlook apart Bragg eight pages can't. King get it done wrong done Kevin Love looks like he's still look back in with a bad beard coming in on the name of the earth that's a bad cut I I do think for. Our team of the all NBA guys who you'd have to prove that you're in the NBA then you do have there's a certain. Amount. Level of notoriety negates you not allowed on the team like hollow pretty Joni average person. Never seen them James Harden his death curry bought on this yet so I know let's let's top dog to get like. Now what I say it with a reason we said says so here's another reason you can say is Tucker. Because staff Corey was asked why I was he'd eat he passed a one point LeBron as most popular player. It's a the reason is because of people see hit see LeBron James play there like he sixty's our police bass like. That guy you got I can't be that when they let his leg when they look at me they'll like. I can be yeah unlike super able to that you know and so I mean he's even admits like I'm just an average look at new. And he does them is that every guy does and they wire at the gym which is durable in between your legs step back shoot three separate when he hits net it's because goes through the hoop. When we hit that is because we miss by six inches and it hasn't yet its bottom of a we kept it local. CJ McCollum. Actual TV that. I think c.'s Jake today does not as they look like going to be England needed these cell. Stephon our cal. Except. He had not not eat all Stephon her kept the cooler. It's more sloppy looking yours Steve Turco. When the machine TDs on coming in at 55305. Dusty and Nigel candy is out Nigel Burton in studio it does pac twelve network Comcast sports net 1080 that spanned. He has eight other jobs that I mean I'm a paralegal so these by the general manager. The NBA team that's on the lectern do you aren't you very good and assembling of this is pretty good to have little to do what's there in little tease I did see an MBA player do you think would be more recognizable on the street wants. Indeed recognize him all right and Crawford Crawford nickname from his girlfriend the little tease us and that's not a. Just to examine the morning on ten it's on the. Get weird disgusting. The alternate NBA Oxford team Nigel Burton and earth. Kim Cleveland today. For those of you that are out of towners that are listening to the very Sam or maybe watching from a foreign place. Could background and Nigel. You were employed in the last football players ever at the university and the Pacific and I inserts opt in the opposite and they knew upgraded the U dub. Yeah the best worst thing that happened UI but lo and sold high with it moves at the University of the Pacific closing. Football and closing shopping you don't need my my dad so that I actually found out on television. And even though yeah yeah no. So weeding getting phone calls this is so full of energy is scanned again don't do so. I go to see an old ex girlfriend's from high school and I'm at an awkward or she opens doors. And you okay. As there's something on the news. On head coaches and six. Coach shall tired. She's like no it's the whole program so I go in. Turn news on the base and a UP after 77 years canceled football division one big list in play against Max steel schools. Tom like I'm out like get my card race home in my dad sitting in the driveway waiting. Andy's eyes and it's just chill out this might be the best thing. Man sure enough exactly it is true freshman in lose. Freshman whenever you know all of America and the putter. And against some good teams and so. Makes you know the crazy part is those are guys offer team didn't play much who got calls from Texas UCLA analysts. I didn't really give me pac twelve. Really a pac ten back then I actually then made a tape and sent it out every school except USC. And I got a call back from Washington. Washington State Stanford and there's. An outside brokers are burials lose. In Seoul Washington as. And then from there are you. Finished up and then you start coaching no I actually went I went I was an accountant. For about six months that sounds terrible and delete institution. What I yen as a whole yet there's nickname for the company but anyway. Delay into public accounting firm they are great like yeah is one of the Big Five yeah and that's still around they survived the the a big powerful accounting firms you are not Nike and you are not your personality is not that of an accountant. At all I you'd be surprised me and I was and auditors those different like so auditors. It's a lot of talking to people in China fear or you're on your way to being a pencil. So anyways I did that didn't like that went worked at the NCAA really mainly because you're live in the Indianapolis Indiana now that will make you hate me. Yet so did that then bit nicer work -- towards coach went to Florida itself. Stage. Stay. Home cast how much do you bounce around. And you know the first efforts are single in I was chastened girl. It yeah I Cecil I was dating this girl you know Wednesday when their running from like that that's. FX so I'll do it yet you'll liquor at that point she was here either I was a stalker shoot really better running this is she didn't you know so Stockholm's and yeah daughter and then when yeah. The in my mood to Portland she actually follow me. Tickets it's a UN from Morgan State team in Nevada as the defense or and then you became the head football coach of Portland State. And then after post that you're now two pac twelve network yeah. And you're doing post game analysis. Mainly in my now AM yeah I mean the hammer and linking Kennedy that he you husky he's. In the best part is so when when washes and stuff yeah and when he wants me calling game winners suns on patsy in Seattle and do exceptionally. Notes like wind colonial a link from candy that he was a do I was a good player but he's like college. You were. And leave it to your kids depleted in or yet but just ruin your ego so. So yeah I. Yes I did that and ants have been doing that but I got a chance to called Ortiz spring game and doing couple features so. It's cool and I've learned align them. Nice and yields do the full lawsuit here in the sand absolute Anderson yeah it's asphalt and I hope we're gonna have you back. Had nearly two and then I see you like your do you wearing Comcast sports net Paul lows. I think makes an who has been in living color skit where the Jamaican has fifty jobs I think at least make fun of me because I am going every which direction. Our job and I'd be good. At it and in and sit there are paid for each Nigel Burton. Leave message snagged it like what I need you medical sales well. OK some meat is like that gored especially when your people try to categorize you as a football. You know. In a list analyst ray and so called the first thing threat. You know that's that's our that's our job cutbacks are a joke on. On the actual so anyway. It's so that's that's you know football season and so that's why am I love doing this because I am a fan and I pay attention and you know them I just summed them football and like I watch basketball and got a background toppled peaceful and so. But anyway it was a football seasons at Iowa possibly do and when especially when you are dynamic you're used to twelve and fifteen hour days. Can't sit around the bomb on doubles stars I'd do that. Keep us busy. You know it's so. Good good Crawford main theater Tex and I thank you find is asking how's your phone doing you know you've gone without enough about you are so confident. At the beginning of the series last year when the clippers melted down in the layouts that rockets. Crawford broke his iPhone because he threw across the because of an iPhone. All TO Landry it was okay yet whenever. Guys I'm sure it would have held manner. Demolished Altria picture of it later on about my vote it was just you know what I've been. Drinking and lasts during the games. Beak and I've been and more after and I am more actor and trying to maintain tag as a more as an attitude. About. Clippers basketball I don't know manatees. V icon as the iconic does feel defeated. Like I know if you're saying you were so confident the first two games he comes Rolen and after game TO. He has only need. Here at tech guys that I gotta get an otter box to last year just and I think that's my phone after is like. Why do actors totaled and dad is a matter box. Found intact though again. On exacts. I didn't have enough time to build up hope. There's only a sick and I tell us is like all the clippers about Elizabeth the warriors in the next round. And I and then add a six hour window instead Corey was out als like your ego that wasn't enough time to build phones. Though she died. But let's IA to bring ET habit you know being an old judge who. You know we Cecil chip on our side God's not yours I can tell I mean between the bank three point shots and Chris Paul breaking a bone in his hand. Literally walking on streaks that's what that was fuses dribbling it know when he landed on it that I saw right now he hit it on Gerald Andersons booty yeah like how does that happen. Our call actually a caller. Guy Tony from Salem called in earlier said they should place or makes it on like big butts when they announced clippers' starting lineup on Friday they should do that tomorrow night in a senator. Are we up former NFL scout now organ for our sister station 957 to gain in San Francisco. John middle cough an hour from now at the draft preview but next is it's huge just. Minutes on the fan.