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Dusty and Cam - 4.26.16 - Hour 2

Apr 26, 2016|

Chris Paul's injury, NFC West 1st round draft preview, and history does not bode well for the Eagles or Rams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Base or listening to the dusty camp podcast brought you on the stand by your local less Schwab tire center doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Dusty narrow the offensive line can rest. And jammed Cleveland home downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. Oh yeah. As for goes down. And I mission team grow you know you. It's unfortunate you know four. Of the better players in the weeks you know go to injury like their Percival you know you don't wish that on anybody. This is a party game. And they they still have a really good thing you know this is not like they can't dig our guys like him played against a very good team. Both breasts. Mindset as to be nothing changes. That is Damian Miller in this is the biggest sports story of the day. Did some didn't do its moments check out the big grade or grass. It's still sends mammoth sports story of the day brought to you by a mammoth HR you're on call HRT soon. As soon as possible yeah. You can. Text eight jar to 5530. I've and you can drive mammoth HR poor free unlimited access to their HR advice and tools takes eight jar. Took 55305. Then man in sports story of today. Is Chris Paul's broke in at third medic carpal on his right hand. As Gerald Henderson was gone one up for a lane and he. T Petrie went to swipe down on the ball his left hand with his right hand he had eight. On that hit. Anderson in we don't know what happened. Whether got tangled and a Jersey Ur freak on whether it was suggests her Kenny Smith talked about on TNT said he did both his hands. In the same year. Getting cotton Jersey he's like that. Really capped how does and that's the interest thinking to me is I sit there and nothing about it's like. I can understand your finger broke be your meta carpal is in your hand dancing to it that third one is the middle. Bones and so. None of the other ones just the middle one was broken they usually call it a. From my experience because I broke both my broke the ring finger one and they always call that the boxers injury. Because when you punch your knuckles are in the situation and it just it just bends in in the middle of the bone and obviously go to the weak point which is in the very middle. Away from that on the knuckles and it just it fractures there could really see how it bent her how what how an immediate just never know I mean that's just one of only the freak injury. Then I'll continue to say it's the rock hard buns of steel and Gerald Henderson broke his hand you know in honesty wasn't working out is yeah. Does is well whose work out was is that Jane Fonda now a monument in cheated. Especially one's the steal diet I don't know that that was Chrissie from Adrian out of that was thigh master all you taxis and Summers and Summers so I think he buns of steel may have the might have been months the body Gerald Henderson if that may have then does he broke CP three's and with that in that changes to directory of this series obviously. Knee you're talking about. One of if not the best point guard in the entire NBA in crisp ball whether you like his complaining. Or not. The guy does on both ends of floor he gets it done. I tend to believe that he gets a lot of that from his coach Doc Rivers as I remember him being this complain me. Under. Was it Vinny Del Negro for one year did he have done they grow. Yeah adding his one year eight where was that that ink in LA OLA now has three dollars is right in I didn't and eighty have a New Orleans. Was it. Who are members of the new world was the time is it dead for the trade. In this wooded had been delve. And sneaking down it's all it's all what they mean it really doesn't matter because he's developed in the Doc Rivers personality. Anyway. Yeah and that they have everybody follows what docks leading. Yeah is an all time out dominant run out onto my Centre court in New Orleans it was Byron Scott course it was Byron Scott while. Yeah it would have been Byron Scott he's got to be the most traveled head coach. Most undeserving and head coach keeps getting jobs yes. Yet in new group that. But yet that is it would be like him or not Chris Paul is dynamite in these really stink in good. And did Chris Paul breaking his hand changes the trajectory of the series as it heads back down to LA for game five tomorrow night. Another injury that in looms large over the clippers organization is out of Blake Griffin. Do as a quad injury of any re aggravated that he was out from December 25 until let those he only played five games in the regular season at the end of the regular season. And said he heard a paw is is what Doc Rivers says in quote. Did he say like that are. Gravel gravel router to pop. Up right there and he said he's 5050. Moving into game five is those two guys there are gone. That is the game the blazers get and they bring this thing back to Portland for game six it with elimination online. But the Portland trailblazers do you need to you win on the road which. They're not good on the road in and they shoot like they did in games when it TO. I don't think need Chris Paul Blake Griffin to beat the blazers. Blazes are riding momentum and there are riding a hot streak you're getting production from guys that were lifeless. Through the first three games of the series. Al farouq Aminu last night thirty points and ten rebounds. Allen Crabbe goes five of five from the field and snaps out of he is massive slump. And then Mason slowly continuing his hot streak on its ablaze can ride that momentum carried over to the road. They will win this. Feels kind of like what James said as he. Is a good look it's part of the game yet and guys are gonna get hurt things are gonna happen but it's how you capitalize on that because usually he can play the wounded the wounded wolf I mean he's got a little chip now the everybody's gonna count the clippers out just what they need a little bit more motivation to win both Blake. And CP hurt I don't know well padded the and clippers go about that without Chris Paul. No I mean I don't listen I've said it all year I don't dwell on it much my job as coaches to figure out. The way of digging this up and ready. Four game truck so. You know there's nobody probably in the leak is this gonna replace Chris Paul so there's nobody is clearly on our team that's gonna do. But as a group. Calm everybody pitches that. Well loved. Blazers coach Terry Stotts kind of echoing that sentiment. I haven't heard if he's out for how long but certainly. Hurt his hand and didn't come back. News out for the game. They're different team amuse. He's a great garden and he runs his team has scored the first twelve points per game. He's. It's been haven't outstanding series so. You know its third different team without him. Men undoubtedly are different team in name look like at times they were. Well I lost the floor general Mayo this is called what it is right they'd they were lost and what's interesting to me is defensively. How lost universe. Played when he came in he's done a very good job in this series of not just being a black hole trying to get shots up. And committing on the floor lay off Austin was there any question that he couldn't play defense though I mean he's athletic he's athletic and he's quick and Jamie could not get by him last night one on one was not getting by him one on one at all. I would just as clippers guy and like debt for Austin not to always try to get his offense going. Sometimes and never. But if he's taking his game and modeling after Chris Paul I mean offensively those midrange jumpers that's what Chris that's when your guards are supposed to be doing in that offensive feels like. Is getting those midrange jumpers because nobody's guarding. The hundred Jordan she gonna have to make shots somewhere somehow midrange and that's that's that's gonna be your answer right its property owning there's no way. Oil play made pretty Yani won't play major minutes and we really profitable show until right. Well does that change his game now well Pablo pre Giannone in mug that's a really good question because. A tougher as. Good as Jamal Crawford was in games on T he was bad in 34. He went one of four from three for the fifty plus dirty looks flustered mentally flustered well I just don't think he shoots well enough to senator. Well we noticed that we would even heard of Portland trailblazers but I do you know there's some guys some marine is they just dull. They don't. She well and or his off for him is no joke is twisted I don't know what it is but he were he doesn't he does not look Rambo he Yemen JJ Redick look out of sort features a look fine in LA the first. That's what I'm saying like nobody knows what's gonna happen on Wednesday even without Chris Paul over the clippers this how different. Where games wanting to use the games three and four out it was game four than game three like those shots are going Manning games one and two and they weren't a warning for the Blake Elena the blazers. They're shooting performance in game one in the flip the script flipped so who knows what's gonna happen on Wednesday court advantage. Without Chris Paul Blake Griffin. Yeah yeah I mean I think we have a good idea but David to your point though. And the way that the Portland trailblazers have played on the road this year. There's no guarantees even without Chris Paul and Blake Griffin that that is a win mean we. And for people that'll sit there and be like what the playoffs a step up they were sixteen and 25 this year on the road and they had some day it's a pretty bad losses and that. To me when you sit there and you look at how bad it was in games one and TU. You need to make shots and he makes shots that better than 30% from the field. And do I have a lot more faith and that they will do that hit that they'll go on the road than absolutely. But it's easier said than done right in there's something to you guys answered the bell win. When their stars are hurt knew about Israel Somalia and you're gonna see a very inspired clippers you're gonna get everything they got. Everything they got. But my whole thing is. It JJ Redick is it is bottled up. In the blazers defend him like they did in the last two games which you know heartless and mean. Alfred commute had done a fantastic job of guarding sideline to sideline not base and a base on sideline to sideline. Cutting everything off. And where they get they scored from without Redick in Crawford. Where does it come from immediately land Dioner Jordan I think Luken about moute has like. Four points the entire series. Jeff green's been able to do put some points and make money last night I don't know but he he made a few threes he's going get seventy last night is your question to ask you loosely streaky yeah nowhere yeah yeah there's no there's no reliable and steady. That you can get scoring from on the clippers as Jamal Crawford still come off the bench now yeah I tell you yeah past you yeah he leads that psyche unit Aaron. Is that your sixteen is that much weaker he doesn't read yet it's bad for the clippers man the ship is sinking. Yesterday is in so's your popularity in the city Crawford well I 53 of five as the man with nature takes land. We well. Get to Simmons your feedback game we need to start looking at the NFL draft as well we've gone an hour and fifteen minutes of blazer heavy we are not done with that though we have a lot more to get to you. The wean dude we take a look at the NFC west first or needs for some of the teams in the Hennessy US. In your feedback as well fire factor fives and imitate her attacks on dusting camel thing. This is Dustin gem in the morning you know until maybe the. It's. A. I resenting that disaster. During the break. And drinking tea this morning Mika is. You don't drink copy now I don't drink a U rounds in Red Bull now. Didn't he. Honorable. Net and yet. No but I have to heat over here and did you spill. Yeah on the crutch in so that the peed myself. That's OK no camera O William and that is not like people are going to be in the office and not a guy and how hot he on your crops that you want. I know. Later innings on video whatever I want my parents and body RT. I see all owe the I does funny that they're running on that by youth. While. 553 or five is he mimic each are text line the clipper ship is singing is that it is every year in the Clancy injuries and just give them a better excuse than simply choking away did you. That off. No no not at all I'd rather I would rather the clippers. Do you what date this feels worse than last year and the rockets won it this is it sucks out Chris Paul out can now. If things go the way I think they'll go. You just it's just. I don't know the word is. Let's be honest here and he's being completely selfish. In saying that it's worse this year what a joke it is wait worse last year by this year but. Please call easy in his words mean way worse he's just saying it's worse because he is getting the brunt of it from Portland area we sure didn't last February you stand. And you were producer they I mean there's a news then you would not be getting nearly as much flak from people. Are you would be getting just as much like if you are this year because now you're in Portland I don't it's just so deflating to see imagine Damian Miller got her for the blazers how do you deal how important would deal you know and you know what's interesting about this is the the conversation that we're having at the blazers and there's a facet of the fame they say is like why are we getting excited about a potential first round playoff. And you know when you know are Tugnutt enjoyed it. Triggered a ride right man this is enjoy the ride it's a fun team likeable guys do zero expectations and there are. You know two wins away from winning a playoff series. Crawford you are a clippers fan. And if there are honestly when you. When you started the playoffs this year was there an expectation that they would win the championship this year no no because a Golden State because of the warriors and the spurs. I realistically and other clippers fans right now. I am. There was no expectation when I bloody nose championship home my game well you know that in the stress can do it Tia. Look each year it's very stressful that it would Chris Paul's done he'd dead he's he's made our struggle trying to. Solidarity with the injured clippers I am on nose bleed air so it's stressful man it's been a long morning right. On. We know Crawford did it wake up this morning and he knew. But yeah powdered rebel. Google makes that bigger. Somebody get him a tissue. But this is you know that's been about expectations we're gonna Wear and what at what I mean here's the thing is this who put expectations on do. Who put expectations on the clippers who puts expectations. On the blazers every team every pro every guy that's on a team would you start a season no matter who you were aware you are if you make in the playoffs. It's a new season right everybody expects to compete. So what I idea these all these things like Specter anything like that is that. The blazers are playing great because there's no expectations says who those guys walked into this. In the training camp last year when they took a trip to San Diego and no one no one expects anything from us but we do. We do we expect to play well as a group we yeah so I mean edges that's why I always say is that. No matter what there's always going to be expectations there's going to be reality this team had something special they figured it out. And they've played so well not only from January on but now you're in the playoffs in your beating a very good team yes there's an injury still ought to be a battle tested. MBA proven playoff team and it's 22 it's not over it far not over he got to win other yes you do. Yes use a I'm expecting to enjoy the ride. Would you like to talk a little NFL draft. Of that is not that does this weekend. It's now you have to into the weekend camp it's on on Friday you Thursday Thursday Thursday it's coming on things that appeared to use that it's on record. They like it all on it I liked it on the weekend you caught me by surprise mark. Remember it's not in New York this year whereas Chicago that's raised in Chicago in big in big double books. Radio music. Radio city music golf. Known yes the double booked it and data and incidents are NFL. One here I don't know what's happening whether it's again I was lying ass could. Larry. But no they had to move to Chicago this year. That little weird. I think this travel around of the to move to LA and the basic movement just a couple cities new Miami button. I think they should do pick by taking a different city via Skype. That's a joke I don't think guys who show up to the draft I don't either I actually don't believe that I hate that. Yes I'm tired of seeing families and their new press suits that they'll spend much money they haven't earned yet. And it was surrounding get embarrassed in the draft in the top ten now. Yeah I didn't like that okay. Aminu who's doing all that money. The agent exactly. He's been money or any better yet let's be honest it's called credit he could be whatever college booster had been paying. He couldn't do that anyway that there topped and they weren't a 5000 dollar suit on draft day. You know that is something that I think the NCAA. Should make mandatory for every school to do with the buying. Every Steve Napoli that graduates as soon. Traveled here now not all east suit will Biden may seem 'cause they scoot once they graduate. By amnesty regulated to go the F to graduate yes you your degree because gradually your eligibility now be getting the witching get your degree. You buy in the soup because either had not to the pros or they're going off to become a professional LA or Peyton Manning did for his didn't his buddy sunshine. That he's got a mini sued for the several would as the easier as you know practice squad got on time to get suit him suit that's right. Put him out with his Taylor he showed up. They should do it colleges should do that. Because guys really early they can afford their seats any leasing some of these calls guys some of the clothes they have yet to them money. Well I had khakis and a green jacket they make fun and you play the masters they did they made fun. The green jacket before it was only one and fit can we get some tam clearly draft day pictures this week and I see a pick I wanna see you re comical. I'd love to see that tomorrow. I think are my scrapbook. Somewhere. You know exactly where yours now I don't Amylin my mom because that are oh really yeah it wasn't it was he'll walk around with in your in your wall. Deep in your wallet and a little picture draft day picture you do with your girlfriend in the eighties and everybody has a phone now. Accurate picture your girlfriend that eighty only line there. I've heard about it on scene as he presented you know appeared to picture and operating you're all it. If you have one what the point of that is still he could actually flats and open say I've got the girl. Like me now I guess this is on mr. Graham right normally when your dad had his wall over the wall the he had family pictures in the wall in its third day they come out and they might get are total enlightenment and huge debt wall it was so big that we'd sit down you have to lean to the left alive he couldn't get on it is so big. And India too stands a law in Libya title. We did talk about the draft and all but it's gonna beat Chicago in the NFC west is an interesting little case study here. You have teams that have NASA needs are and rebuild load. For half of them. The other half for and win right now note what are the biggest need Seahawks cardinals niners rams dusting Candice Crawford with sports center. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 euros Salem. I DN FL draft on terms he. And Gary this is a weird spot that. We are looking bad with the NS US especially because you get in Seattle and Arizona are in their kind of in this win now mode right. Where they need they're just getting this and it's clear pieces. It's got to help. Facilitates. A run at a Super Bowl for. NFC. Championship game right nimble ghosting during that window right now then you have the San Cisco 49ers where. It did it be really easy to you drafted fewer than because you have twelve picks. Talk. This year. And yours seventh overall you have so many holes that. Mean you just take best available basically anywhere except for that in May be well even the quarterback does he take best available or hate. Yeah I think so you take a lot I mean look good news if you take Seattle. Which has nine pick Sampras Cisco has twelfth. LA has five. And cardinals have six I mean with twelve picks San Francisco needs the utmost helped throughout the entire roster so. Right away you don't even know your quarterback situation is in you have guys that are just. I don't know what the situation down I don't even know how they're gonna fix the quarterback deal until cap predict. Feels like he's either traded or. Has gonna have a love fest or Levin meeting. With Jim Kelly I don't understand but their needs are linebacker quarterback and wide receiver. That's massive needs for them right now. A linebacker especially it is that the retirements. Over the last decimated. And it that is that's and outside right there but. You know did maybe they do even turn it into more picks ends in you don't really start building for the future in trade down there is that idea and that bout that they could be. In that motive of trading down maybe picking up a couple more sector outtakes and is moving a couple of spots down. But in that that's a tough one I mean they've the rams is the easiest with where they quarterback obviously mean. On. Only five picks I mean it in the in the fourth round legal pick one. And they're resting. Till the fourth round at a 110213. That's how long gap they have so they will pick on the first day and then they'll not taken total play a couple of rounds haul that thing come back now Thursday they'll pick the very first pick in the name will come back to Saturn that's an and the player -- Saturday after in the hopefully put golf on Friday in the come back. The dead a loud meanwhile Arizona is the interest in one year and and Dave pick 29. And if there is this growing sentiment that they will be selecting a quarterback at some point. Win indeed they do that. Is that the million dollar question. Because you have Carson Palmer who's getting old getting all he has been in a situation where he's gotten hurt well each of the last what three years. Does. Arizona go with a quarterback or potentially trying to move up because it their roles they don't have very many banners honoring him. Do they go for a quarterback maybe move up. Couple picks of Paxson went just on the board trying go get pats and lynch. For. I don't know when he your safety spots defense in line offensive line at the end of the first round. And then maybe go for a quarterback second or third round. Well. I mean overall I think if I'm talking Arizona right now you have to play for win now you have to figure that out right and I mean if you're doing that. Do you hold off 129 pick it there and pick a quarterback when you use desperately need an edge rusher defense a backer senator just somebody. There are those are those your biggest he may have indeed they desperately need them they need an edge rusher. They need big time in a Dresser they need somebody that's on defense I mean I have I get they have Patrick Peterson and Antara Matthew who are gonna come back. But they're gonna need something up front in their front seven that's gonna create some sort of test the look well they played against Carolina couldn't get anything in Carolina. So understand I I do see a 29 but there's not a quarterback in this draft after the first two that you're gonna sell out of first round pick for. Yeah well you have people think they're they're probably tax than lynch. But is he bonafide. First round pick now. Hours in need first round I am now I Ian that's that's how I look. I don't know it's on the on all about who they value them in and that's a nexus of heart you're talking about teams that are are in the you know twenties and it back end of the of the draft in draft position like. Seattle is at 26 the F 26 and 29 those are two teams that are locked and loaded ready to go. Is pretty simple for Seattle union offensive line now. He offers a line and they're gonna they'll they'll probably draft offensive tackle defensive tackle somewhere in that because they lost a lot of guys. Losing Bruce Irvin whose in branding me being they signed Chris clip Clemens backers is will 3535. Mika monsignor. You still Michael Bennet you saw the favorably you're gonna need some big guys and senator you need offensive line. Aid did desperately in the interesting move for Seattle is that you've seen guys they clear me console. Start you'd take a tumble down in a lot of people's draft boards which is pushing everybody else's offensive line takes back. A little bit if that in fact does happen in town council takes a tumble. And enter all the other offensive linemen do is not that bodes well for Seattle and then that might actually help them not tremendously. If there is an Iran on one. Tackles especially. Until late in that are mid of the first round I think in a fight can go back to John Snyder's draft where they took. Was it out by Alabama. It took one offensive lineman in the first round or it no they haven't taken any offensive lineman in the first round. In quite some time and I just I don't I don't see I don't know if I see Seattle take an offensive lineman in the first round usually if they're gonna go big they go. It has to be in defense of specialists to pass rusher. Somebody they know that they can boost to our bolstered their strength which is their defense. Yet on the last time that the Seattle Seahawks. Sit in offensive lineman in the first round. Mayor Russell can. James Carpenter yeah and interpreter 2011 acre. Not that not that long ago and then how did he turn out for them they went back to back years yeah surrenders they went OK and the NT doesn't ten grounder into Dublin Ireland. Selves. Milk tune given their open and carpenter just didn't turn out the way they expected. So I don't know. You know usually unless those guys are in those top top ten top fifteen offensive lineman. Or you'll be really sure. Is it bad day you sit there and Yi Yi really at this point with the Seahawks ego who inning to pick up in the third or fourth rather nobody's talking about that'll be really get things and like Tyler Lockett last year third round pick. And in 2014. In an arm and maybe the best players that they had there but they usually always finding guy in the late rounds that ends up. Turning into a starter for them and know that'll be fun to see is like where they go in in in the late rounds because there's going to be it's. This draft seems like it is missing something this year president. There's it's it's missing its luster it's missing its big time superstar player. There isn't that guy that everybody is just Jones seen over even the top two quarterbacks have arguably been name. Right there right doesn't that just kind of make you feel like. I've it you makes you feel like you're gonna lean on. Somebody. Like an organization like a Seattle like a New England that has. A proven track record a fining great players late in the draft that's who you're gonna go with if you're gonna go with the Cleveland bossier league best player available according to their draft status. You're gonna think that's a joke you wanna go author. Guys and figured it out and have a proven track record. No Gotti departments that understand that you got to find guys that are in gyms. Yeah and well in Aaron Thomas Rawls Purdue experience for example last year Arizona did get their edge rusher in Chandler Jones. In that trade with New England in the I think a second round pick outside my mega pastors for yes and he's a leaked the he is he beat. At that but they do need help. And in depth on defense of line is something that are on defense in general no coach will. Will put that. In front of your back up quarterback you know burden. With a backup quarterback in front of just adding depth. To your defense and another thing Seattle that doesn't have visas is a bona fide backup quarterback right now. Yeah he out but they are in Brussels and still so young you you're not gonna go your read geared looking at third round fourth round with that insane. Just like you said about doing that how many on a quarterbacks that they used and drafted a law in Tom Brady's second and third absolutely. And then that what the Linda do and is known in trading him for. Everything the rams and Eagles though they need quarterbacks but history is not on their side. Net not one bit. I saw an interesting article of the guys that have been drafted because teams are traded up for them. And you may worry if you're in Eagles Ahram sand dusting him on the so I had two teams trade up. And get into the top two picks in the NFL draft the rams will stick number line. Overall. It. Meanwhile the Eagles. Well draft second presumably they will take Jerry goth in Carson once in that order first and second on Thursday. See that changing. Now. Now you feel confident and it will with everything that every single reporter has said I mean unless one of them gets injured in the next couple of days now. In all the reports that where there's smoke there's fire right. In Eads even if it is. Whence dolphin nothing much changes you roll the dice on both of these guys in goth to seems more LA. Do you make that trade ever make that trade what for one and two if you don't feel so confident you're getting your gut. Do you make that the trade for number two like Philly. I don't I just go whoever wondered too is we got it don't you think you communicate with LA and there are some secret. Communication is going on by the GM sandy c'mon there's no we we wanna trade up. You guys getting our ULA and saying well. I don't know who were thinking how are you roster. How are heroes and he made no bones about it that they don't know and he said they're two completely different quarterbacks. And it site you would he say thanks bid comparing Vanilla and chocolate. I don't go great together sinking I have no idea what Philly was thinking when you don't know. It unless they know specifically like you're saying there's. Collusion there which is totally against rules news. Talk about that amongst teens. And figure that out and then make that trade. Because then that would be -- Cleveland on the outside looking in saying hey they need something I didn't now. More pain wears beef Fleming in the begin on this but. I wouldn't do it just because. There's a reason why teams are willing to get out of the top two picks. It's because that neither of those guys are sure fire franchise changing quarterbacks. And I don't think that. I tagged addicting that that right there it's sit there and maybe go. Man in be really hesitant no and a look at the last ten drafts. In the fact that there have been ten teams that have traded up. In the draft to get cornerbacks in a look at how those of worked out. I think that it's even more alarming. And the further trends in what's happened over the last ten draftees and gene over the last ten guys. The most recent one I can think of is RG three big. 2014. Johnny Denzel when he second overall okay late late late trade via long also he doesn't fourteen Teddy Bridgewater. Went 32 overall not awful. Not awful you can't sit there yet still body of work. RG three. Second overall rookie year and won the division made the playoffs it's an awful the way it's kind of like it's telling you can't. Kentucky kid of one and done and got hurt certain. Reverted back tees they weld and revert tried to reinvent himself as something that he's not he's injured and is not play with Disney is not that guy is not that accurate passer. 2011. The jaguars moved in the top ten to get Blaine Gabbert. Then 181000. The first legitimate when I see he doesn't and the Broncos straight up to get Tim Tebow who went left and didn't do their thing trade all the whipped fifteen and get him 25 15 yeah uncles. But in 2009 the jets moved in the top five and got Mark Sanchez and brown back to back NFC or FC championship games. Which he'd dated bill I know that hey you need to winning game and he'd been winning game. 2009 Buccaneers moved up and got a second first round picking up Josh Freeman. At seventeenth. Yeah. It's well there's no Joseph Flacco. In 2008. I doubt one works. The browns traded up and got Brady Quinn in 2007. In and then in 2006. The Broncos moved out and got Jay Cutler at eleven. When you look at that though the history of trading up to get a quarterback you're giving up Paul's and you giving up a lot of draft picks and especially when you think about the teams that. Traded into the top ten RG three Blaine Gabbert marks into what. Pick was RG three TOK so too so all of those picks there's only one that's RG three that was either first. Or second pick union you can argue that a RG three does not tear his ACL and that and that league run. And he was in week what third fourteen when he did it. That he has a better career now let's is this is the what if scenario that I would say hey what ifs. Everybody else is late late trade ups late round late pick trade ups. If you're trade not for the want her to pick Europe for sure certain this guy's a game changer the other ones you're reaching. You're hoping won in two picks are gained dangers and other than RG three getting hurt and I know that's that's a big what if but he did. We'll see his second run in his career now at Cleveland but I still think the one and two picks when your get up to that level. These guys are game dangers and I believe the person with an injured golf are going to be franchise quarterbacks. But history says. That they'd probably won't work now. No they don't and number one takes that quarterback if you look at what they've been and one team takes you back of your point in his Winston Mariano last year. And low injure lack RG three. In 2012 Cam Newton was number one overall pick in 2011. Sam Bradford 2010. Loop and Matt Stafford 2009 not a bad. Not awful but not bad so you treat them trading up name another. Name another great Detroit line court wreck right now he's I don't know. Sam rep or Sam Bradford Matthew Stafford the best Detroit. Lions quarterback more time. Ray but doesn't his tennis seem like may be the 2009 draft where all our effort one saints as TO. Heard we're while beating us like me would fit overall but those are the top two quarterbacks off the air because the next year got worse because then you had who yet Jake Locker going in the top ten having ten to ten out of the year prior. No way I was 2000 years after that eleven when he had Cam Newton Jake Locker blink guys regime that was the emotional run on quarterbacks are freaked out young. Yes it was in the guys behind that all of them were probably the best outside of Newton bright who burst Iran India don't call it captain nick in Oakland the second round. But. Your point yes there if you than number one quarterback what first or second pick absolutely that. Neither of these guys just seem like they are. Your key can't miss prospects and that should be alarming you know I think so carrying his can't miss. Noticing now there is there isn't and that's what that's there all cities in the NFL there's no such thing. In any draft status if we're looking at those guys that have been traded up that her. Are these two of the most less proven. Least proven quarterbacks that have been traded up for them. It into the top ten. These are due season highs in order and Mark Sanchez we at USC right. Done. Mean those against top ten quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert at Missouri kind of mean. Isn't picking any time you pick in the top ten in the quarterback they are it can't. There's also seeing is a can't miss amid a bulldozer that that's that's good headline material that's not realistic. Yeah I know but we're talking about the cal quarterback and the cornerback Kevin -- CS program. Like when we're talking about 12 quarterbacks it's back to back Heisman winners Winston Marianna. Injury luck and RG three. Mean as a Heisman winner and a guy who probably should have won Eisen in Andrew Luck. Mean did doesn't it seem like these guys don't have the luster that some of the other guys that and not not to say those are the guys improve panned out a 100% of the time. Well it's because they're on average football teams I know north Cody is a team that's won a title that they're there are dominantly to produce a title they could probably win the Mac I mean it that's how good they are yet but he won he's well win the Mac they've. At a better big twelve record and Kansas and last couple of there are some good enough to do that and you can't tell me that the Beers and but you know there's two years. That's what guys used to view. The guy used to do is wait your turn because there is talent in front of the air resources are ordinary team. Yeah. I don't know this is it's going to be action to see how does history not on the side of teams to trade now. It's not as bad as evil and would like to think either Chris Paul Don Blake Griffin might be as well all is good rich city but they are not in the clear. Yet will hear from the coaches and the players as a blazers evened up their series with the clips at two apiece heading back to LA for game five tomorrow dusting cam on the fan.