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Dusty and Cam - 12.8.15 - Hour 3

Dec 8, 2015|

The NBA is trying to help the Sixers, Twitter trolls, and the worst bowl game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This. Is Dustin camp in the morning with Dustin Harris an NFL veteran can Cleveland fans that have left on the local. Miss him we'll we'll chat and it never been there's no. On 1080. Yeah friends. Our number the Reid. Does seem came in the morning thank you for being with us. The Philadelphia 76ers are joke and they have been in joke in the NBA for what warriors now. That that are truly a joke in one of the most losing franchises in NBA history. Over this current run at their on and they're not much better this year despite having. Top two picks or top three takes in will be four. Consecutive drafts. Yes that the 76ers. Are a joke. When it comes to putting a good product on the on the court. Do they with this decision. And if you're a fan of basketball. And you mean to tell me that you really like the idea. Of continually to suck to get picks. Well I guess you're a fan of seven sisters. Yes and you know let. I was a fan of Houston Astros baseball innate in close called the short cut through hell would jetBlue now. Is there general manager and he is a guy that is fully analytics based they were terrible for a long time. All three years were dreadful but made. Smart draft picks did great job evaluating talent and ended up putting themselves in the situation where last year playing in the ALCS. The is Philadelphia 76ers are different story though because this team. Is continually bad and they keep drafting guys in the same position yes and have. The appearance of having zero direction whatsoever. And it is gotten so bad with the NBA. Is that there are now several reports. That say commissioner Adam silver has stepped Dan. And essentially forced the 76ers to hired Jerry Colangelo who has the executive director of USA men's basketball. To take a former owner is an executive role with the 76ers. In silver winner as far as the call local Angelo. Made gauge his interest then call. This 76ers and say this is what you're doing. He's a former owner right yup former owner of the Phoenix Suns in. And you're you're telling me that the commissioner which is he's tired of watching this. Symbol for absolute joke for the leak. Mean to tell me you have these consistent top picks in you still can't field a team that can be somewhat average. But you're not motivated if you were if you're the team now and I think I I read the report or saw the report that the. Our three times the amount of value. Then they were when it was purchased. Yes today you can put this crap need true product. How in what businesses do we do we see in the real world. Because you know that an NBA sports is lets me let's go it it it's an Yemen flows but where can you put a crap product out and then get. Record profits. Exponential returns everything on paper TV yet Josh Harris everything you know and I paid for being made for TV everything that's a product you by the deal but I mean I'd be a little facetious there but honestly though not really for the entertainment business if you're in the NBA and that's about look on your product and I'm I'm I'm happy for Adam silver. Stepping in and say this is this is agreed to see you can't put this crap out hearing. Well this is four years ago Josh Harris by Indy 76ers and he is a guy that is a take over. Artist in. Also take over in the professional world in his state job what he does is real he buys companies. Turns them over for profit and sales mob then that's what he does he takes them over. Stream lines some resells them. After the Josh here's to you see a little trend coming well what he did with the 76ers as he bought them for years ago Oprah decided what he wanted to do was the same thing he's done in his business side which got him his billion dollars to buy the 76ers. And then went oh my god this is way harder in the NBA doesn't work but when it doesn't but sat back after Kobe isn't it wait a minute. Wait so I don't have to improve anything in I'll still make it more money also what's my motivation in that. Is exactly what Adam silver is seeing insane heat EEE. The general manager there. He's been calling it the process which he totally ripped off from the Houston Astros and I've teacher to prove it. That's who had the AstraZeneca following the Astros have coined the process he just says process that was their slogan during their rebuild when they sucked in if you're Ireland's its process princess. Yet the processes you. But that the Yankees plan has always been to take that shark. Dare direction is terrible and here's the here's the problem with what they're doing. They have an old veterans on the team. Don't leadership does not zero direction. On that team this is why it is hard. When talking about. A lot of people what is the main thing that we see win regarding the Portland trailblazers. In what they're doing this year with this roster. There's a veteran leadership still well no the biggest problem none technical prowess probably should've I have comparing the 21 know the fans have they're not sucking enough exactly they're not gonna suck it up just like that that mentality that gives me an absolute corn area. In this that is we see that as a number one policy from blazer fans. Is that they're not sucking enough to get a good draft pick in that this is a disaster of what this season is going through. It's that fine line of the blazers may be entering basketball purgatory or your stuck in the middle the first turn you don't get anybody Goodman. But here's the flip side of that which she is the fact that. The 76ers have run off. Any decent talent. That could possibly be interested in going to Philly because there is a fact that it did have too many young guys and assisted disaster over the well. How bad is it to say that the NBA if you get if middle first half and picked the there's no talent left anymore about is that if you say. And how do you develop talent overall you cannot find ways to win and you have three street is it three straight years of the first pick. Tom retailers top three pick yet worries for years four years erode the top three picks out in you have. You could set a record this year which I think the record is nine right most losses in NBA history. Wins you mean I'm sorry wins here ten during a list wins when nine when you get that fewest wins has a big beat that record. Oh yeah K okay how well he did this. Did the 76ers. Have more wins. All learn DD warriors have fewer losses. Moved to them. Yeah so what the blaze or notably so is really think that their bullets every 310 cracked and he too intense an agent. A math Seve to intent you. And losses I don't I don't. Who were the two with a ten losses the Golden State's gonna half old in there I mean I know it could happen I think it's harder to win out I will say I think I don't think. Illegal state rakes the bulls' record this year I think they're out and get 7233. Wins this season doesn't start till Christmas itself and I don't see yeah you know uncertain Christmas here. I don't. I am looking here. While. While. It as actually five straight drafts where the seven sixers have been in the top three. 2010. That they tick Evan Turner number TO. Your now environment. Scott says it's four or so there or there again and they're gonna make it five this next year. No excuses anymore it's awful bring OK with the fact that a team can bet that a league. Instead ends Ab Canada and and say this this is enough. Yeah big enough owners and another in the league says that's enough you can't do this anymore yet you have dead direction now. And deed we see either rudderless ship that was the Kansas City Royals the Pittsburgh Pirates. Knew what people thought was the Astros though that was a lot shorter than what was extra. Bull we signed Kansas City or Pittsburg. That's bad for me that's bad for me that was bad for baseball. And this is awful for the NBA to have teen men trying manipulate. What you do is is a league and have your lottery system. The way that they are for the extended amount of time that they are in no end in sight. I mean they took. Guys have played that same position and back to back years beating Juli a local for a well indeed YYY and you don't need that and know a dual three years and are up is that Okafor indeed in Maryland's Noel. Back to back to back skiers. And I know they are they the Detroit Lions of of basketball you know this is all the receiver that is what well he's doing woody and run for rain in one now mean. I don't know in so I I if Adam silver indeed did go ahead and pulled the trigger on this in nature Jerry Colangelo. Was interested and then forced Josh Harris in the 76ers to hire him. I'm all for it because clay Angela has a track record of turning things around. And all indications are he's not a a guy he's coming in as a consultant just do it and monitored the situation. No he is going after this aggressively and he's not a guys is gonna sit back cell. On bogus surround himself we've seen the MBA. Out of solar force a sale of the clippers and under different situation but kidney force an owner again to change his whole business because it is his business true. But can they force an owner to the point where he will be out as an owner can we see that again in the NBA. Get rid of that because no matter what that owner still there you mean to tell me he's gonna change his business practices overnight. So gonna fight it out he met another guy coming in to tell you uttering your business now. This I gonna sit well now majority guys that make bill a better billionaires there egocentric and and Taipei and they're very cocky for a reason. Yeah this is a really get text if I factor if I would totally under rate the difficulty of truly tainting without ruining your team that comes from JW. If that's true because he I don't know if you do both. Houston did it. Houston did it. They didn't. And you sit in the ninety's there we dug in Houston now the Astros on -- to Utah and Arizona basketball sorry the Astros did it for years ago they absolutely. Porch their roster. Turning Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn and yeah analyst guy add on to but that's such a rarity how hard is that I mean there's not enough guys out there they already yes that's what it that's when it's still hard to just blast it to the stone ages and then turning around really quickly. It's it's a very tough thing to do in you have this this thing where you're you're going. Is it ever gonna come back. It it's so largest naked clicking click right away one team that might be doing it right now. Is the Minnesota Timberwolves but they had to trade Kevin Love. To get two of those pieces that's true word impatient society now sports expressly. Don't have time frames nobody's patient. Anymore two years he is the is the new five year six here's what used to be. Yeah two years is you're not if you are competitive in two years and all sports ever with same fire via let's get something new era. They DCU it done. See Jim Coleman miers and it did last night yes it was phenomenal if he didn't see it lets you know updated it had nothing to do with what was going on on the floor. Dusting him on the fan. This is dusty and jam in the more million dollar and 1080 love sale and. Trolls can be a heck of a pain in my man and they live under the bridge and yes it. You've been turned over those of different trolls they do you things being Asher and neutral that's. He's scary lives under the bridge and the realities in the troll we don't like mud and VW bug under the bridge. For CNET terribly Keebler elves you guys have not seen patrol in Seattle credentials are not trolls and he's he's he's a troll these carved out of the concrete and he's holding a VW bug you have to you have to check it out on what airline out when Seattle it's under the gas dang it would bridges the Texas vote me out and it's really cool and dark art or tease you jets really cool it's cool. I'm. But I was scared of trolls under the bridge as I read the the if it was not and nurture it but it's. Excellent Inca mamet a bad memory did. Something about rules had twelve Netgear trolls but that's not the trolls we're gonna talk about. Well yet know there is a guy that said. On Twitter last night he asked Jason quick. Of Comcast sports net northwest. One. And might wanna cesium a column why he is always joking with opponents during crunch time lackeys like it some pick up game. Week. And quick said. Because I'm not worried about his commitment or effort that you can ask him his Twitter handle is at CJ McCollum. And CJ. Went after in this is thing I'm actually I won't say this guy controlled him. Because he was now under way in he didn't he didn't tag. At CJ he didn't he didn't they call at mentioned him ranked so this is like what they called kid's college Crawford sub tweeting. Yasser dreaming sleep something about this with the non confrontational. Girl. That would does not aggressive pro any is his CJ responded back with you can questioner pick apart my game all you want but don't question my integrity desire eleven game ever. A caddie yeah on on here. What do you think of that deep what do you think and see Jamont. Woody think of CJ in the columns. What green monster. Smile or or his actions on the court are we talking about that reaction all all of it in now hole OK so my first one is as I'd. For smaller plane game right if I'm not having fun as an athlete I was paid millions dollars I was not I'm dissent speaking to CJ. Five paid that and I'm gonna go play game. To have fun doesn't matter if it's it's crunch time or anything like that and his personality is that I had no no problems with the because the guy still plays a great game. They number one got no problem smiling. Did no big deal have fun play game let's play it over to other pitcher throw Twitter troll trash talking. A let's at a time loser trying to win three times fast. And I also like the fact the CJ Myers went right back after him is getting get away without because you get the DF behind your little pretty profile picture needy and get away with that stuff we all do it. But sometimes when you get called out. You might Disco boom used by just drinking your shell. He had a little bit more embarrassed well in. Myers obviously. This is bothered CJ because he responded to it. If he must've said something to Meyers Leonard because Meyers Leonard then went in looked at the guys Twitter feed them for you and he sighed tweet where the same person said. Terry Stotts is not a good NBA coach. This guy just lost the game after. Being up four and the other team having zero timeouts. Pathetic. Meyer's response that was one stop being a loser Internet troll to you he's a heck of a coach and roll around behind and three rear read for get a life. Now what he believes that of the that one which he wasn't directed at him. But directed at a coach and he just went out of his way to do you went out of his way to do that I don't know you'd. Is it not with social media is about the content yes yeah. You were seen. Is it. Jimmy cables professional athletes or people or celebrities read mean tweets. You're seeing those skit I think that's into holy smokes that is funny yeah it is fantastic because it's just exactly what. Twitter or social media's created everybody's got a voice and everybody has no fear because why there's no consequences well. CJ Myers decided to give this follower when I'm not even given the credit to beat to follow it I'm sure some people now look it up NC. Again the guy some credit you know we're gonna go after him says you know there's on the wrong with that and they did and always block him in the inner had to deal with a again. But a lot of people a lot of blazer fans can feel the way that. He does about Terry Stotts. You know the bill what about CJ is ridiculous. Because. You inside Jordan with a smile on his facing crunch time of games at times at the free throw line Kenny given that smirk it to somebody here. Sieges is little different because in aid we don't know if he's joking or not and I don't know early sane you know I know what do we what do you born. It's light again it's a Dini yeah. I'm on ended murdered the other person why don't we don't all look like Kevin Durant after a documentary Kevin Garnett throughout the entire game a guy looks like he wants to kill everybody all time and nobody likes exactly and guess what that is that's his personality we just gonna. Mocked everybody into the same. I am giddy got to look like one guy out there they're human beings are the motions not bad ones and zeroes I thought Charles Barkley last. Have fond slap. You whatever he needed to do is that still take away that you think well I mean Q imagine what social media be like those guys were troll after. I think Michael Jordan would not have social media and Charles Morgan still doesn't have socially he's refused to deal with the idiots that are yeah. That would be something that Charles is on fuels new idea though but in general you think you'd you'd think it's okay were those actions come after those guys like that fire back. And after on the tired I don't mind them fired back it's inching deceit that. Myers went out of his way to stand up for Terry Stotts I think that says a lot about how they feel us Stotts. You don't dig guys says he's these terrible NBA coaching he says he goes out of his way. Nothing directed at him to address what he said about Terry Stotts no I. That does say something about how now locker room and especially Meyers Leonard feels about it so I think that's a good sign. Well I don't think he's had in I don't think coach Stotts is there's no locker room issues. No digital locker room know that there's obviously game management issues that are happening I mean last night the way dale Lhasa game was head scratching I don't know. I don't mind the facts added on one thing different in that game and the finish what would you get a hand up and OJ Mayo space well Ed Davis did Jesus was his clothes out slow. Be out in years I don't know what it is they still are Beth let me get off the pick rotate on the pick on the PL when he comes off and step up it I mean look. Myers Leonard's last shot well is he may it felt like the ball was moving around a lot in so maybe he didn't know exactly how much time was laughed and outlets like he was forced a little quick public. He had a war of words how many times sega's go Wendy's if you pump staking goes up that's two shots the end of I know I know what to what is in bucks and it in the I know what it is where none of them so well I don't have anything I don't have anything either that I would've done different is to get a screen to free a blue or goth ailment in bouncy doesn't have to go to Lou are tired go to Leonard grants though. I don't know. I know I don't improbably that it went down public trolls you might not send him to be sure yes you like trolls I think third and can speak in evidence it is the Fremont bridge that the trolls under and yes it is Billy group's growth that I was terrified as the cute. I'll review it. Look we get a lot of trolls and R&R and here in this. I got my I got a lot of trolls I publisher eaten by Billy goats on nine yeah and as a kid. So where did you don't turn your back to Billy you know is he will Latif publisher. You know yeah. And the pit. That detects and an end right now five factors I owed Jack loves KG of course you Jack and of course you're a salaries. The patsy at that. I had this person is that I just received it would replied in my tweet and I know that's a cool. Well in that's in that right there. That text is exactly exactly why people troll does he say something nice they'll be like well that's not but if you say some mean and all of his offensive. Boom in dancers myself grant lay works. Newer bridge event that Fremont. Or our credit down and Damian little or for this because. He kind of started at least among some blazers players use the first one to start replying patrols and throwing him back. Yeah wasn't he didn't someone say to him about his game receiving. Any said yeah like your hairline yes. I'm a little ago come back with burns is get on you doesn't get me there's still Damien do matters is only notre company if norm that's member with some of the tweeted for a when he was that the year when he's at that so her hair well yeah. But that is that's like a scheduled tweet on tweet deck or in our data and now. But no he does like post game he does his his tweeting is and sell got you. And I think he made fun of somebody's. T there's something that she's like yeah he may made fun of something about him in the news like my own yeah like you're smile. Yes in your shots broken sewers are right for the Obama. Lover of the mom. Your mom is yes and you know there's no jokes you know I hate him I AT might Twitter was packed excuse me and I think he should be a troll should be at least be. Creative if you're just gonna give the obligatory F bombing your immediate you'd that's not create some creative trial I'm not gonna respond to that because being creative. Make economy creatively yes I think it's funny at doctor underscore croft go ahead make fun and make fun of it. He gives you plenty of ammo box he went with his stick at but I don't know what you yeah. Dalembert is our future. This is a that's the flannel to assure you pay for that happen by the way. Folks Vienna that's that he Nady that sideline had a of the Buffalo Bills to meet our needs that's Cuba's and a starter jacket out there and buzz slowly outfitted ahead of patriots had. Like that. This is NFL pro line starter. Jim Kelly thank you dusty Oakland is top of the line I wore it I warned that. Pat with my idea and a member of the DL and really an issue next Hanna had this black look like you had to yet another starter jacket. I have eight of them and so have them you did I even have the Minnesota state screaming Eagles one for wow coach he can allow me the fictional school from the that they Hamas those are vintage you know. Where and Korea nutrients winner times ish medium. Yeah I have been it is they're loo little fuel sort I don't want for Christmas I'll last for Santana give me one million. I'm always wanted to starter jacket. And it will be your readers the sad state of the mountain west here's governess for senator. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. I am. Quick can name they. Commissioner of the mountain west I. Scooby Doo. Reroute for. Ridder horrible bunker know what. We wanna babble. You know it is Craig Thompson who really do. He up. Close to scooby do and Thompson. He is the commissioner of the mountain west and he is super sad. About what is happened his conference as to. Well I think this kind of bush league because for the first time. Since 1979. In the Orange Bowl. When number two Nebraska played number four Oklahoma. No number three player number four. We will have a rematch. Or we will have a conference game. Enabled game I was a rematch from the regular season oh yeah on the Nebraska 1977. This is a mountain west dual. Enabled game. Between Colorado State. In Nevada. In the Arizona bull. Which is not televised. At all. It's on campus insider dot com it's Kenny and get a stream Kangas streaming service known and that's what did O campus and senator doc Kanye I got you on earth I've never met like a big time streaming certainly can't put it on. Firefox stream or and nothing not even ESPN three dot that this was a bell medal yeah. They're going with campus and senator dot com and this is led. None less commissioner Craig Thompson to say. This is a travesty. In Daly playing in the air as honorable which is in Tucson it'll be add to the universe steer Arizona. I don't know the name of their stadium naming their stadium Baird an item is suffered nine month Arizona stadium. As they have demeanor and very creative OK it and looking and are now here's his they have not good. Date Craig Thompson is calling it a travesty that two teams in the non Lester playing but I will say this. Is it really a travesty if they didn't play in the regular season because they're in opposite divisions. They haven't played each other this year so saw a rematch it's not a rematch and a but so were OK with their mountain west opponents and there's out of teams to go rentable games anyways and that make it more interest in no fear if you're a in the same conference. I don't know. I don't think wanna play an unnamed opponent. It means nothing I will not be watching this game Walt yet because that would force Debby yeah to log on your computer to do so. Nobody's going out of their way to watch Nevada and Colorado State that is one of those bowl games where if it's on TV. I'd watch it a second out I think you'd be interest. Because it's a conference matchup. Wryly and if even though there's more its I believe there's more set of in conference it was it's one of those things where you could say we beat beat an in conference opponent Jim played each other. Kind of like a mini conference championship again. It's now we are in an exit finished middle of the pack and there cock into account for and a on I think that bag of money mountain west sandy ago state dating SA and they play in Hawaii Bowl no wait. That would it is the end of play why able big thing in the libel which now no longer this year and libeled practice the level and by the way. Has anybody noticed that San Diego State has won nine games and around quietly. Unbelievably here Dave won nine in Dayton they can win their bowl game Indiana ten game win streak pretty good and then all of those questions about how Clinton. Cindy estate never have a good football team. They may get some forward momentum moving forward here haven't turned around us. He answered near that is their first conference title since 1986. Has been. They didn't even win one Witten when Marshall hawk was there when they had its length conference titles that's tough in the lack. But I would not call this travesty I think Craig Thompson needs to Google a travesty means you have. Playing a double nobody cares about and it's not even going to be televised this is not a travesty. This. Is a mountain west in this is what you should be used. And and tags are big bad I don't get to be the commissioner of the mountain west in and complain via yeah. Years covering Tucson in your not in El Paso right your conference is getting money the bowl teams are gonna pay you money they're gonna give it your conference he can spread out and these were recruiting him here. Area better hitting distances. At five fax your vote at least you know your conference notable game. Anything good point. It's also one more loss when you're tidy yeah it's there does that doesn't matter though at least you know I don't know for you since the kiss your sister or something. Hey well you know it indeed. Worse is if the mountain west wind. Oh for in bowl games this year. Is that they have cal air force we're forced to like air force and nagging. I sent CUNY no way. I'll throw all or reflect the NBA less than a dice is still mad. Her. But the way we haven't talked about that this week and what ever happened in Indian so unhappy he's sleeping maybe you didn't get. Answer well but he obviously didn't get the Calgene our cal that he has that Missouri job or zero judge and then South Carolina it didn't get that even though him it. If Rich Rod apparently turned violent you know what's left you tried to pay bump and Arizona view I use open but you have to be. Is sending Dyson don't you know. Done he he's gonna stand cal and hopefully they're renegotiating along a contract because if cal loses Sonny dykes that says their program four years. Minimum minimum for your mum for years unless you bring in an air raids today type guy as well but. If you read any other style of coach yeah it takes a long time real settled back. But there at least keeping him and they got a horrible game so well you know what I I say we have too many bowl games. To fix this problem is to Mabel. It's too many bowl games they're really. In truly are far too many games did you see higher at Montana state. Oh did she set the day on the fan dusting him. This is. Dusty and examined more million dollar and 1080 sail around. I am reading this crazy story. At a Rochester New York filed in the AP. Six people have been arrested and in the abduction of two football players. At the university of Rochester New York. Where. It looks like you have two men. And at one teased her for women. Were arrested. In connection with luring these two football players. To pull over. And ended TI is. Jumped the two abducted and held them hostage shot one Adelaide. And nobody knows that what they were in Guinea deal with them but they were just holding them hostage. In New York putts test hop. Crazy. But they don't motive. They don't know what they were looking for. This kidnapped two football players then. Shot one of them in the leg. Be weird story hours speaking of weird stories out of the NCAA. Did you see that there could be NCAA is forming a committee. To address the bench celebrations that Monmouth is doing. Have you seen the Monmouth then I've seen their very creative how awesome is they're they're fantastic they wanna stop it. Why the NCAA wants to stop that excessive celebration on the sideline on the bench now they're gonna get a penalty do you what do you do get a basketball penalty now more technical yeah. I don't know lol why in the world the NCAA would want that. These are grumpy old curmudgeon is wanting to kids to have no fun do you realize there all the kids that never play. Yes and they're the same yeah it's an extension of the student section is pretty much what the end of the bench is there the white kids OK you say it but they are that they are the they might know they. I agree with you they're the white is the cable have you not seen near the bench guys this yet there the last six guys on the bench and they're they're just. Re doing their rebooting what the student section doesn't terrorists yeah it's it's that's my funniest thing July finest that's one of my favorite things to do. Is after a play. Or during a play when the camera catches the guys on the bench during a player dunking you to watch the reactions. That's on my most favorite thing to to want to look at the first two years of Meyer Leonard Myers Leonard's career. This little reunion standing out giving the three fingers reviews. Doing the bone marrow the last and back three god he's back constant rain and the pats doing that's right right. But Myers really stuck out Aziz is the seven footer anyway to begin as guy three fingers in the year and it Liz day out we're scored points. Cheerleaders on your own team there are routine that's right in what's wrong with what we're really you curmudgeonly old. Mean do gooders. It's do you. I don't get it that's that's the incident Yemeni grumpy old man yes we do. We're talking in the blazers. Reporter earlier that paving the way our last report that. In a seat and Asus said Mark Jackson deserves all of the credit for the not just some. Poll all. In this section says Mark Jackson should get a lot of credit for Golden State's defense is all of locker showed up in tournament in the ball a little bit more on the offense that. And yes I agree with that. But Stephen A Smith said sees all that. All the credit not some of it and that's insane the lot of insane things he said. Q he's not paid to be PC. No he's not in any visitor to Unita either no. I hate it you're not either you do it click I hate politically wherein anything in the as it gets my it's my. My blood when you're. At least you're not. Stephen A Smith is not paid to be PC sales amount paid to be correct. And overseen but you know what if in your head do you think you're correct you're correct. If that's all that really the Packers I like watching on Comcast sports and what have you is this is our producer Cosmo Kramer. Yeah I had a hat here that have had at my usually had Ayers on Matta disorders like him dragon balls EC percent had an iron eight. I just decide shaved off. Ha. Yeah yeah we're forwarding go on and cheering your team is Senna PC what is the number one PC thing that's bothering you are now. The number one PC thing I would do that people are being too PC. We don't die don't wanna do it I'm not gonna do it right now he's being PC now this that I'm I'm gonna go back. Not again do you going to be the end of that one and we don't have enough time we're not on political talk radio show and the domino I would do that embryo if we're gonna go over ghosts. Or what's that one PC thing we're talking about sports in fairness. Equal in trophies breed it's blue route and well that's my number one huge. May lose in his charity came Cleveland political commentary podcast and then on the outside. Yeah when he yell a viewer I troll I need to get my trolls political pot's not there in in the air that would be something. I be great if he fired. Yeah. It's it would now people are sending in what their PCs a little bit being a what are your number one PC problems right now listeners. This could get Dicey. In which there are a lot of better listeners mr. words coming up today on the sand is a special day for ten navy defended Asif fifteen annual. On the Special Olympics radio on on the fanned the starting at 3 o'clock until seven Ed tonight as Datsyuk will be live and on the air for four hours straight. Giving you all of the details on what I believe is the best fundraiser that this station is done. Ever and it is my it was my favorite show and as the longest few days of the work here for us here. When I was working with arising in seat on prime time but it is the most rewarding whenever because. This is a day where. Radio our listeners this station Isaac can suit. Make a change in a lot of lives hundreds and hundreds. Special Olympics athletes. Years will be funded pro whole year plane all the sports that they want for a full year will be funded through this radio Thon. Over the next 2436. Hours noble and 34 hours that we you'll be on the air it all starts today at 3 o'clock I encourage you if you have the means please help these guys out. In his starts all at 3 o'clock because you'll hear the stories from the athletes the volunteers. In the parents. Of how much that this means and it is it is truly one of the best things that sent on the station here. I can't wait I'm excited I know I don't get a chance to be part of it like you do but you will be will be you don't even know yet but I will be. But I'm thankful for this new and it's a great great cause and really looking forward to yep all starts at 3 o'clock but from now until then we do you have. That her with calling coward from nine till noon. Durden sprinkles still be in their spot from noon to three but then it all starts and it is. Thunder dome. From then on out they get a little loopy. Then what we love our. No no not a lot of club hour but they get. They get out there knows you get creative with the way that they fundraisers special of those organs so I love it buckle up close it all starts today and I can't wait for a lot of grated incentives this year acumen they go ahead tease it that. And we'll be back tomorrow abbreviated version dusty camp well in an hour. 67 organ in upsides and see we're give them a little bit of a breather. There are gonna let them hop back in and finish up the radio Thon tomorrow and still stuff. We'll be back tomorrow morning is than dusty camp in the mornings on today. The fans. Growth you'll looks. Opening read that guards were child seriously I am and at the CIA. Agent.