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Louis Riddick - ESPN NFL Analyst - 7.10.15

Jul 10, 2015|

Louis Riddick joins the show to talk about Russell Wilson's contract, how much Demaryius Thomas & Dez Bryant are worth, and players doing dumb things in the offseason.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us now on the Gil mortgage mobile hotline is a guy that's spending decade in professional football as a player. Over a decade as an NFL executive now an analyst hideous the end joining us Lewis and critics think you've taken a few minutes source Egon. I'm doing great are you guys. Doing very good thanks Louis yer kid from Pennsylvania. Race you go to yet. In I was doing some research on he had no idea about how did you guys staff was yet Mike Godfrey as head coach Jack Harbaugh John thoughts Allison Siri. But I want to know if you remember. Your receivers coach for your first couple years you remember again in Steve Corry. Actually. Coach Cory or coach Cory is now the well one of the highest regarded high school football go to gasoline our area. Up here are any is a great. Great guy so alone there are. I will say this might countries. Never got to credit but he deserved for the Stephanie for together also hired Mike McCarthy had coached. Marvin Lewis. Head coach. Frank committee junior opposite coordinators and it was pretty tired on of people. Talks it it's crazy the united welcome Mike about. Butler four weeks ago I told Bernama Oprah tell you never got a second chance or rather a real chance to pick it up well. Well he did in Pitt in the active in the late eighties district court. Oh my goodness now you have a niche easing path though I mean has read some articles about you when your grownup. And being that Pennsylvania guys staying in pit. How did you. Kind of carve out your path as a player. In the NFL and then a front office executive Amin. Was that the goal from from day one. It's no not at all really cutting both players. Back in that time speculative. Early ninety's late ninety's dirt on our plate. Out front office were well Albert much among players as being second career. And quite honestly most guys at that time. This really. It looked flat on talk with really good relationships with people on opposite people who stand. You do world try and replace you need all the money you crossed the old days were book and try. Trying to Q out of there and someone else someone else them. Thought you looked down I crumbled down the same way I never thought he did in the personal work I got about our football. There's money our money on it certainly 2000. I had no planned don't that was you don't invest in banking. And really considered home and trade stocks in Europe and an alpha one don't really in no hurry can Barack was. Personal bag full stop and then later I was a bulk of those teams. But the guy who initially called me. In the summer of probably the world's 2000 actually about interest in one of the Packard media interns or stuff like that he thought. Would be good at. Scouting personnel work because ally approach. When I begin my plate it is inevitable public what. In the Milwaukee I'm going Green Day number two now. I've held on Atlanta I don't wanna be one of those guys. Alt dot writer called me the next year. John king and can meet some people had gone to my cousin will Lewis who was. In this doubting that the economy now the pro personnel director can't see all these guys they would like to keep count and he misses football seat he would talk and it would dominant market that the armed into our markets are. Pulled me up their own yet to be easy from Atlanta. XP you know more accurate in that telephone ops would call but it won't become out seeking out of the last election. You know let's all get right after it with the Seahawks right away I know because Russell Wilson's contract is continue to be a focal point olds don't mean that's discount what it. What it's gonna be after. Back to back super doubles you pay Marshawn Lynch Richard Sherman because you know they're either value their important it's it's quite obvious. Does Russell Wilson deserve to be the high speed coach or a high speed player and is he also the rules about mobile person to that's Indian team right now. What does he deserve to be the most highest paid player like all subjective knuckled the Paul Allen on minor league Ichiro. They paid out naked beauty that important to the fact that football team in League City we are. You can't you know we're not there we're not in the locker. We're not on the practice field every day we're not involved with the law that would not on the side. You don't know what his effectiveness. Right now on a day to day basis but we don't know what they work forty court. There were Tavares Jackson they were. Charlie Whitehurst. Were Matt went. That's what they wore so if you wanna go back that kind of circuit an iconic carousel club on the next guy. Then Doherty head butt. Would city be the highest paid player won't be. I think there I think quarterback well I mean you'd have a top kinds that typically in the static we will watch in the day's pay anymore governor Bobby. The fact of the matter is Russell won once capable as the quarterback what do you wanna give him credit or not the number two is that Iowa border novel. Did you the most important person that he. In that city. Well mark by people who say that. It's Marshawn Lynch would make an and you go I could argument that he is indeed circuit make indigo could argue that leader. It's all pretty driven rock and make that go there are so if he'd be most important some people would say it may be out on people they Null. I don't think again that this is one of those things where you're gonna have people all over the map which should also be paid just like might if it that was an easy contract negotiated indeed got. That's why that's what's taking. You know evaluating in this one a citizen we used to citizens got all the pot it violated the players want that valuing them. In all different as a whole different as a whole different ball game. That's where the problem lies right now. There's plenty of people think Russell should be valued very highly outweigh about 41 million dollars a year that result as you say I didn't close so. Mentions the out and doesn't like it or not. The streak is our guest is Ian NFL analyst now quarterback is one position that you can't overstate the value there but. Right now we're seeing a couple of wide receivers who want their Calvin Johnson money need Dez Bryant did Marius Thomas. I'm always wondered what the conversations with front office guys are like. On with the position like wide receiver in where everybody on the outside seemingly goes how can you justify paying a receiver like a quarterback. What are those conversations light win when you sit there and you have a guy that wants. A a contract that could eventually. Just cut you down in any move you make moving forward with the salary cap. So. All I think little I think there is more important than that is Europe in the hole. What are what does the trickle down effect if you are going to commit. To a player. As far as the kind of guaranteed money that these guys are looking for the title average. Per year that they're looking for that type of cap numbers are going to carry based upon how he struck the Contra that the course you're going to be talking about. When you're even talking not contract up in this kind of non league you know part of dollar range. Number two. You're also talking about Europe would be brutally honest with yourself that sport what he actually mean your genes within the context that you organization. And it can't be an exercise where you accomplish both beat down a guy older you get the best value that you can't keep. Although that's what's your you know you really charged with doing it being a contract negotiator. It does no good that you you can't go in the contract that you still you can't go into it. You know mob and player light on the field scored touched out until security to make it appear it's forty. Padilla come on ten to beat a mop. To a point out everything that you don't like about him you'd bet Contra got seen that happen. I've seen that happen on the team that go on. As far as negotiating strategy when you say it never ends well and players always remember that the players long ago okay. So now that I even entry into the may be well when you are honest. And somehow everyone feels a little bit of pain and yet meaning you can look more. The player kind of give him a little bit more than he wants the debate and helped them. Most players always seem to make a critical third down at that critical birds don't catch. Players go to the wall for you when you're there. But he can't deal markets aren't quite as it can't be about winning would be able to make sure that they feel like they lost to deal. And then go to Chicago wouldn't look at outcomes is not have a contract negotiators have been involved with. In my time when you have Mike productive on a conversation. You bet he'll get. It was I wanted to get your perspective on this just because of the news it may disappear Paul C. J. Wilson make some of them let's call. Jack wagon decision about what playing with far were you wanna call what it is. So. You know Leeson went I would take breaks between that camp that gap in training camp I would go home I would hide I would work out I'd be around guys are made sure at least in my perspective. All wanted to make sure did everything I can't to not make a dumb decision. The decisions like this now with guys like this with the amount of money and and specially with Jason peer Paul being in a franchise player. Is this going to be something the NFL or even the lead your team make a knee jerk reaction seemed we gotta have we gotta have something where we organize keep these guys together or just simply as weak you know front office we can't babysit these guys all the time and and also we can't fix stupid. That's this year actually right elected that you set. Out how to monitor. Any more than you already do you can't you can't have you can't be walking around Jason Pierre Paul. Don't reported light making sure it'd be something like this where she was dog eat cake. And then it was some guys. No matter what. No matter what you tell them how people you count how many people you come in pop album talk to him. The company that the carriers say look just. July by your teammate by your family and batted it always has that line. And then when they mess it up and crossover. It's I'm sorry I won't do it again and let's listen formula on the handle it now block walk like you know what at this point. But anyway I'm so Graham about. I'm over I fought and scratched clawed sustain the league long that I could. And some of these guys now. It is. It's almost as that they think you're entitled action scenes I've seen so many guys that. Continue to get second chance today. Abdul might consider bill. If it's amazing to the amount of stupidity. Or out of disrespect for just how fortunate guys are playing out while. That's one of rapid drew some new guys. The main communion party and he people's well a lot of work to our got in trouble whenever a lot of people who are getting caught. I. I've seen it you're gonna tell me any Dirk. You can sit there and edited your I attribute in better and look I'd I'd seen it I've gotten our little bit and I'd watch it as a opt that a lot of guys right now. Walking right on that tight rope men. Walking it every day and they need to wipe out. They're really do. So troop ESPN's. NFL analyst Louis Riddick we can talk to yield amen we really appreciate your insight good stuff in the hope flu can catch up with you again soon thanks whose appreciated our.