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Golf in the Northwest - 6.13.15

Jun 13, 2015|

Jason and Harold are live from Black Butte Ranch for Golf In the Northwest.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The latest tips and equipment to improve urging. The latest from the leader boards and your favorite courses. And here's Beaverton deal. Vista ultimate North Wales and action packed hour of everything go she brought to you on the fanned by Bob Lan shares leverage India on canyon road in Beaverton on line immigrants and dear god come and fight club and save. Now we're award winning and PGA professional herald blue sky clears euros Jason's white yards. Will herald we are live and large this morning are way. Well I you know there's never been a day in my life and actually live to its I have. That small in big ways. So yes this is great we are you out here I believe this is our fourth it is consecutive year at black Butte ranch we are on the decked out here overlooking the cracked. This dream of lay's meadow. It's the third anniversary here of placement we were out when they did the whole redesign of its. Jeff both the director of golf will be along in about fifteen minutes kind of Telus. Others jewel here of central Oregon golf continues to get accolades but kinda how the courses different three years in. From the total redesign. In and fun at what else they got playing for your summer vacations school was out. My little man just graduated eight grade on Friday. Us so we saw families. Of the family trickster is Poland in but I all last night with kids in. But if you look for some to do this summer there's there are few places if any that are better. And as relaxing. But he you and I both did this last summer right now yeah I came in would. Half of my family I'm come in with my family this summer welcome back in August for a week we had a great time and we we out play golf but on the other hand there's so many other things do I AM pulled the grind of playing soccer. I was excited. They now call it Heros growing. Feel though boy is black yeah I did score on that and that that's good out by. That left growth in knots is now a year later it's healed well at the Aaliyah took them ready fro rulers it's a bicycle ride yesterday this year. Dead and we've we've brought the dog the dogs out here so we're just a nice peaceful walk. And double were ready to go to Dave looking forward to a candle bigger. Marketing directors going to be long and it four or five in the business ago they about some of the the opportunities the deals the packages. And there are also do some construction if you've been out here before. Up near the lodge at a great little metal grit little lakeside facility a nice pool and wolf they've. Expanded greatly and that's gonna open a little later this summer. It's social kind of tells about some of the things have been doing here buck be rich and at 830. We did reconnect with Larry Gil only. Agronomist for the US GA keys. Pretty much upper chambers now do put the final touches get ready for the US open. That starts this week up in chambers bay. And out how to get a sense of just everything that goes in to repairing a golf course especially in new work golf course. For a championship event the championship event in the world goals. He the championship event for us in the United States with the champion of the youth of America. And that as the British have their open the Americans have are open and defining open. Is is really critical here this is not just a tournament filled with. Professionals. This is a tournament that is open they have. 101000 entrants try and qualify for the thing did and they have the most amateurs qualified this year. Since 1981. Of their seventeen amateur players playing in this event. That's astounding now fourteen of them qualified. Three. Had to prior. Amateur cook one area amateur tournaments worldwide and and qualified. We'll buy that so it'll be a lot of budgets and our congratulations Jason Allred he qualified. Pride Ashland there as well as Michael Putnam who's. From their -- he's he's got multiple home course advantage as anybody and smaller and run Korea so Adam you have home court advantage there. It will be fun and will be although Bruno Isaacs going up next week. You know if you get in there that will be the interesting thing is is probably pull off some of logistics and will be sued here's some variants do. It's it's the bottleneck. But hopefully it'll look great on TV and fox sports for the first time. Televised in two in the broadcast major golf event so loud that. A lot of new things for the US open this week they'll be a lot of opinions. Kemba. Adam. A week from Monday you bet but we got a lot of golf going on this week so let's get right to it let's go inside the ropes. It's time for an insider's look at the leaderboard it's the latest on all two hours plus local golf events and gulf news this is inside the ropes part of golf in the northwest broad view on the stand by Bartlett and fears leveraged and. Or just get in the year these two girl nobody who's anybody is playing and that all the major Europeans are over here. And it's lame I don't even know where their plan I thought it was. Well I don't know better in Sweden last week Al can. So who knows where than I did read very quickly. Actually looked at some on the at dinner while it was the Russian who. Hope I love yes seventeen on his first pole now Pamela. I'm at went through psychology yeah Alex then. Analyst on dia Lotta Lotta those jokes in the last couple days yeah I bet they IB. There are because. This poor guy would latest. Date that in ninety. The seventeen on the first we shut all the brunt of that 73 on the other seventeen holes so not. Completely. You know Ottawa but yet to put in waters six times in a reel him in couple. It puts it out of stubbornness that was ages I I doubt I don't know I don't analyst if that was the house are wary couldn't there was a drop Sony had to play it. From I don't know. And what the exact. On and that's really tough I am that your makers that ground the other no doubt that would have been in touch it's. The the Web.Com tour is just outside a Cleveland in the Russ DeLeon championship Peter mom oddities try and suit. Re takeover. The lead in the money list he lost at the last couple weeks the patent is eerie but Peter mum on the there eleven under par you've got. A patent is Syria at nine under dostum parade ten under. Tyler Aldridge the pride of Boise State from Boise played Boise State he won last week and are right back in it at eight under par so. Tied with Michael Kim and some others so we we keep an eye on that it's not too long. Before everybody will be here at Kerr will be at pumpkin ridge at the end of August for the cope with Portland opened the I am really. Cited FOIA and and that's the issue of every member for for a listeners is that if if you got a son daughter grandson granddaughter on a golf team and you need to raise some money if that. Wind go open yeah that it cost for cheered that's a wonderful. Concept and a 100% of the money that. From the tickets yet at a tourist I was energetic you know goes and he though program so you best really a no brainer and I as. People have to realize that this is a great opportunity to raise money for your. For your golf programs and a lot of high schools and I really struggling some of them don't have enough money to have a CT marriage and the environment in this is not to do it. They also need some volunteers. As well as the standard fare so that's a great job for the kids themselves and I it's the big scoring placards with each group. The golfer's trio while I usually in the Brownsville both uncle smaller sum for a men they have a great time being inside the rupture with seen what it's like. At a at a PGA tour and a very exciting to be inside the ropes Champions Tour at the constellation senior players championship Bernhard longer who has not won. On the Champions Tour this year that is. Rarely the case but he's got a four shot lead at twelve under par over Russ Cochran in minutes expect the Jesper Parnevik Steve Pate and Lee Jansen. Bernhard longer try to become just the second player ever to win back to back players senior players championships Arnold Palmer the only one to do that 8485. You get it back it says it needed to write home work and now Condon packets just for you. It's it really last year credibility. This. Atlanta has been. Struggling with some injuries and age 57 bullet injuries. Possibly at any amazing he he doesn't have as many as a lot of the guys doesn't. You know he's one of the fittest guys. On tour when you see him. And so he'll look go to run away with this he has the ability it is one of those front runners where if he keeps the potter hi. He can bury this thing on Saturday but they have some really good round commend the agents and 62 every. Brad Faxon a sixty well there's some good scores dramatically. It's to it's that time a year too with the weather finally were done with these thunderstorms and hail storms and balked at the water's so. Conditions. Warm greens can get fast you can get some roll out of the fairway. Come in with wedges and sand in Cleveland claim. Yet know the Web.Com tour's indictment they're open gather up in mass. The ladies are in New York. Four. Their second major of the year. It used to be BO PGA. Championship and now it's the women's PGA championship they've combine forces with the PGA. Good for the ladies because the purse got bumped up significantly perhaps million dollar purse they're playing for. Say Young Kim your leader at eight under par but that it's in the park with separate third consecutive win in this major she's tied with Corey web at seven under. She's in Paterson who won last week. Tied with Brooke Anderson at six under par Stacy Lewis at five under par Alexi Thompson foreigners so. Pretty star studded leaderboard there one name we haven't seen much though it's missed show we of late and then there's the specific reason for that. You know there is. Again we talk about injuries with the players. Tiger Woods in his injuries that are. With his knee Michelle Wie with the backing these young players they come out. So early in their careers and a lot of repetitive motion. Can produce injuries. And she's only 2525. But and a pro for what 1011 years. But it's just that constant grinding and your body produces injury. And she's here she is you would expect from an older player let Bernard longer. But from the younger players were always surprise you there's there are injuries. And sure enough. She's been struggling they've. Worked on changing her swing. To try and accommodate the her bed bath. And so what's their what are sparkly David Leadbetter and he's been longtime teacher effort that they've been narrowing her stance. Two wider stance there's a couple of things that can happen you start sliding into the ball. And and you don't turn quite as much in in order to turn you really have to tour Q back. With a narrow stance a little easier to turn. So if you're listening in got a bad back to your toes out here you stance a little bit. And try to take a little easier swing. And that of course the PGA tour in Memphis the FedEx saint Jude classic in knots as many big names that you would expect. US open next week's a lot of guys prep and plus. It's on the West Coast so it's not a quick jaunt from Memphis Brooks kept gay teacher leader at nine under par. Austin cook won back Stephen walker at seven under. Russell knocks amongst those at six under Ben Crane was the defending champion he got body had seven birdies in nine holes get it to seven under in his first round but then. Some bogeys brought him back in an even par round yesterday's four under par. Hasn't won since he won their last year east outside the top 125 on the FedEx Cup points list so he could use a good performance. And placing as well but we there's some low scores from early guys this morning so there's the potential there if they get they get the plotters Roland some technical loaded it. Yet they really excited this is interesting that. These off Aaron. Providing. Great opportunity for players to move up into the top fifty. Which means a lot to them on the other means a lot of major events. If they get into it but an opportunity for young players. To begin to build some credibility and some traction on the on the to build up their money. So we're seeing them. Some of the Web.Com. Players who have. Now has some exemptions on tour. And sponsor's exemptions or taking advantage yeah. And who's the accurate cook yeah yeah he's one of those that has a sponsor's exemption he wants to make an impression. And walk away with some cash. In an opportunity to play more tournaments that hold on Monday qualifier last yes you got a sponsor's exemption so there's kind of a process security it and they. Get into these events in the eighth off. We tournaments or. You know nick though the regular ones. A they really provide an opportunity for. We'll be a fun week to watch all the long but. Were just get started here once again we're live at black B ranch on the deck here at the glaze meadow course. And the director golfer black Butte ranch Jeff folk gonna join us next. Here live from black people just get started with golf in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio Kennedy defeated. Presented by Bob Glen Sears Bieber to India this is also in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio Jenny you vote for them. Just like our back here live on the deck. At the delays meadow course here at black Butte ranch one of the two courses of course big meadow. You see that one just as you enter kind of near the lodge and then. Plays meadows. Towards the back here but Jeff Foote director of golf and black you rent join and us. Always always glad to be back yeah it's nice having both back and you'd play golf after after the show to play a little golf had a little dinner at their Roberts pub last night up by big meadow in. So yet just limited up then you can go to black Butte ranch and dot com you can find out all about it but will talk some golf here in the courses with Jeff. We were here. But when the debut happen at that the big redevelopment the redesign here. A lot of money a lot of time went into it here escalates medal but three years later cut talk about how course. You know settles then obviously there's there's you know the big redesigned sort of bit the view look it changes but for a golf course. That through such a big redesigned how was it different now than it was when it went first reopen. Well I you know I think it softened up a lot I mean the ball's holding on the screen a little bit more for everybody knows when you be built dreams from scratch. The greens don't have to catch on so you know they're firm in the council lot now people are real holes some shots. We verified of now twice. You know the fairways there are getting much more grass on them because we actually replanted all the grass on the golf course. So what what's that you've been in the fairways that stuff in the golf courses herbal that. Phenomenal shape probably some of the best shape I've said. You know I've been there fourteen years in bad shape but for seniors we Wear. Fair I was worthy. A fifteen year. Pro am event. Two we had a three day in their last day was here and my team. Really got an opportunity to see all the trees on the golf course and some of the houses and things and I. It was six. He's guys and it's so sideways. Lilly had a great time and that golf course wasn't phenomenal shape. That I remember the first hole when we first came out here and you just opened up the first hole he hit the center of the green it was over the back. And actually spun one back so I. What you're saying is so true that if the golf course it takes time to mature and I don't think people realize that that golf courses once their first bill. It you have to build up some sand base and some facts in them to hold. Voted that as you said the golf course in great shape. I think you know I think two's the whole idea was to re model place meadow is. You'll a lot of people were playing big battle that may be going off property for the second round now work keep that a lot of people on property. They wanna play two or three times just here on properties today which that was our whole goal. People's. You know favorites still has big battle on some of the people now some people place medals their favorite. And is such a beautiful setting having plays medal we opened it up so much I mean we took out 3500 trees I mean. It is still very treat ya but we took out 3500 trees and made it not so claustrophobic. Errant. And I think we made up to the greens are double in size John did a great job you know make in the greens. Little more resort friendly eaten it and solve. You know where your people love this golf course still on the whole orders would be the first one it and the homeowners play ball. Wolf golf courses and they love old golf courses now and that they didn't love the old glazed battle but it was so quirky that they had to know. You know the first hole wasn't five iron eight iron out wedge and get to know the car units of it it was still pretty good golf course. But I think we opened it up where people and it's a little more resort friendly he installs a challenge to it though it can have some bite. Kosher can just vote director of golf spirit of black Butte ranch and of course with a mild mild winter this year you guys started playing around that normally once. The snow comes and you just gotta gotta wait and hope that doesn't. Freeze to market to cold but what's how is it different being and he told me sort of playgrounds in February. Yep February 14 we open this year and and I bitter fourteen years and I've only open Watson march so we opened. A month and a half early you know that the weather was nice so you know the golf course is really got better shape a month and half early we got to see what. What a normal season you know what that she's could be if we get good weather rot off the baton. And you know you grout that winter damage just you know beard and under snow and freezing weather for 45 months takes it all on the grass yet so. We're able that take you know have that grass heels so much quicker in and really up and going by April 1 we are raging. Willie had great weather and on the other side of mountain through and it all it means is that. We're getting more people playing which is fantastic. And all the golf pros would be burned out by the end of July and August. The end of July for a lot of I improved I Eilat and give it were lessons this year to short period of time just as everybody's excited about client. Though talk. You know referring to lessons and things you've got some programs going here that you want to hear whether. I they we always I mean the ridge road been known for its golf schools it's it's junior programs works I did this year like junior program. We're gonna started in junior program in our recreation. It's called snag golf where we introduce. You know the three day. Eight year olds in to golf with little bigger had bigger ball. You know to get some success with that in that makes wanna go on when you get to that he use old start doing. Golfers take off back camps we have we have a golf junior camp every every week here all the way through. The end of August sell you know we have so much junior's stuff and I think. Yet out there and it's so much fun to see kids love it. You know I think that's what all of golf professionals in it you know girl. I mean we we all got to commit this new generation hasn't obviously we miss the generation. That's thirty to 45 we did you know they're not playing as much as we used to play. And now. We gotta take this I've got three girls I'm teaching right now I teach him. Q3 times a week enough they've played golf two or three times we and they can't wait to get here and there there all three over twelve years old. I love those girls and they're so excited. And it that just feels like be at a golf pro analogous. And and for those our listeners who aren't familiar with the terms snag is that. That particular company you can go online and look this is my grandson has been through a program that royal oaks with the snag. Equipment. And they've got this velcro suit that you can that a person can where I'm looking forward to seeing you in that little bit. I know that that's Terry Anderson. Very. Doll. I'd give it actually hit it velcro ball like. And at this makes it to very we're actually get a whole fleet and then during the winter. Oh hole we're gonna have that egg available in the woods elementary school and let the kid to -- program for a and if you see I am excited about it oh yeah I've got two kids get excited about golf and that's Okie. And the other thing Q is the atmosphere at that both the courses here and black you rants creates. Makes it. Acceptable on the courses for a younger players in and it's relaxed and you get some places where. You know they might not wanna see people out there who are developing in the game. Day and so that but that's a great thing here you you encourage families to come on you've urged the young players come out. And and be part of it there's tee boxes for all. Ranges of of ability and skill to do so that will help keep play moving so they don't have the plate from somewhere so far back that they haven't developed the scope or yet. Yeah it it it this year to were also gonna start every Thursday. We're gonna do it hits Heidi. Competition here on the street that's what we built it for rent a number of organized by the now. You know apple sold shall give to parents introduce them to party whether your office there or not. Eight and you know I think that's going to be fun to it where we're gonna get really evolving getting kids at least to start Heidi to see what if they really like it knew. Sometimes you know just doing the small stuff in golf and learning to like it pitch into the bigger stuff ago. Absolutely but I don't go ahead I know. All the kids information all that information. At black he raged dot com put. In a school just got up from both the kids on the other so it cascades and so I imagine as you said you party got some common. They are filling up fast if you're interested you need to it to you ride on it in and on this vote the summer. I agree yeah we have are that she is called big meadow golf shop you know the 541595. 1545. We have a book back there and you can sign up anybody can decide if you don't have to stay on the ranch design. We welcome any of the kids to come in and be apart of our programs. That's wonderful and I've been involved with player development for many years is as you guys are aware of them. Glad to see that and central Oregon has been doing some re equally good things and I'm glad to see it here and a good. Yeah well I I've old school yeah you know what it it. I I'm sad that I don't see some of those golfers play between thirty and 45 I know they have big commitments with their kids. But you know they just you know even if I had a big commitment back in the day when I was out I still stuck waved play golf. Exactly nice thing is that what you're doing your track and there are children and when you attract their children. Those people will be back in the game that's what. Tiger again a black Butte ranch dot com slash golf you can find out all of the information Jeff vote director of golf that you so much for stopping by. That you guys so it's a pleasure guys coming that Saddam was beautiful that. Of course you guys that play golf to get it off a little later. When we return it's time to ask the pros were gonna go up near chambers bay Larry gill who league is an agronomist with the US GA has been. Instrumental in helping set the course up for next week's US open will get a little more detail on just what to expect from chambers bay. Next week as we continue golf with a northwest live from black people rant here at central Oregon. But he is being Sports Radio putted there. It's for your game from award winning PGA instructor here a boost. I asked the pro golf in the northwest asked the probe was teed up on the stand by the Oregon golf association. In reaching lifestyles through. We'll find out more and OGA downward. Welcome back live from black you ran on the deck. But the delays and meadow course terrible news that Jason laggard here with the Tamil Tiger. Marketing director here what the range which is in the business of golf here a few minutes in college you know. They get some big projects going on and let's know how to take advantage of the great golf and and scenery and just the wonderful place that is like you but joining us right now. Very happy to have with that's agronomist for the west region of the US GA he's based in Gig Harbor. Has been instrumental in helping prepare chambers made a host the US open next week leery gill bullied good morning Larry how aria. Just fine thanks. We appreciate you join and us and it's kinda helping us understand a little bit more about the the science that goes in to. Natalie just creating a golf or course but getting it ready. Four to host the championship in the US open like chambers bay but there is give people little background as to kinda. What your specific roles or with the US GA and when you worked with the golf course of the parameters. That you wore assisting them. It to get the golf course ready for play. Yeah. I do with the US cheer for about 32 years and based on the top or in now to harvest past twenty years. And there's a lot of golf courses but this and a little bit special but tremendous Marla. And my job has been a work Mike Davis and a rush the agronomist economic steps US share. They're preparation this about seven or eight years now. Was very small dot inside the ropes on via US amateur in 2010. And now the US open and so going full force structure we're about it anyway. The players usually starting that there's a few players out here and I would sure want to exit this golf course you played it before. You won't believe what you achieved when you see it again if you've never played her ever prepared really well as she touched sure links golf. At its finest. Real quick anecdote this morning I was driving around and I caddie walked off the turtle game right at fourteen she says I just got left Ireland says this is. An Irish election right I agree it's very very lecture right now. So. Larry what are the challenges. For devolved to. Well in the selection process of a golf course. What is the US GA look for. In selecting courses and then. Along with. What kind of preparations. Do you have to make changes do you estimate to a golf coolers. Well the selection process is partially done by Mike Davis and a spectacle oust. I can give you kind of an outside a Puyallup it is that turn course has to be obviously challenging charmed chipped caliper. It generally and general earlier. Look for sites that have what the population base near par which this is it is one of those terriers. On any medication in the past it's been a private club but as you know. Starting at Bethpage black and open at Torrey car engine now the third one chambers spent distribute this book of course. I'll big golf course is very different doses. Way outside the box for the normally you're rushing champ Richard do you know there's a lot of firsts here and this course. It is a links course and that that really intrigued Mike Davis. Pop charts to show the other thing that Riddick rep Mike and the on this course Shanghai and and when you have sand based golf course especially one that's true links. Like this year's. That changes. Things just source source and herb you can get traction amongst rescue very easily. And that's hard to do on following you on some of the other grasses the knowledge rescue. Check it last year Pinehurst on Bermuda grand Sierra legal fast permanently damaged or crouched Bermuda grass you can handle. So. Yeah a long and advanced to should be a short. The shortest of the chambers there's a little different. And I know went might get an executive committee sought. After they uphold the amount up from the view. That got down on the golf course tickets in addition to championship site. Larry you truly is our guest an agronomist. Four at the US GA help and been preparing chambers bay. 01 of the things that we have heard is. With that links course a lot of com tour on installation elevation change especially with the greens. And I'm curious I know that piece of property on school university Puget Sound they know exactly that piece of property it is totally exposed out there. To the elements show. How do you go about preparing the greens. Need to be prepared in case the wind kicks in off that harbor. And off the sound so that you can continue play even if you've got big wins. Right that's a direct question to an end you you know the site. On that term gets the best site the world as a Turk guys got one tree. It is completely explode there are no trees. It is all based on land and during the hammered twenty Chan. We are caught by the way. It is it is true trust we've learned from that contract this this past evening we water a lot of water on this golf course you preparation. And that's achieved at this golf course is to have the moisture levels right. The that this staff here I'm led by Eric Johnson's the director of army Josh Lewis. They've really got this thing dialed in as spores on the moisture levels and that is that's very important. The other thing is the weather in what is constitutional court to great. And seventies. Statement this week in the eighties and then into the next week it's gonna be mostly high I'd get seventies. And then the wind factor. On what we learned from parameters we can only chickpeas greens to a certain speed and then they have a tendency to tweak up and Steve when we're in terms that and so we know what the maximum speed will be. I know that Mike has. Tension up beforehand and many different town folks. There are goal it's going to be allowed twelfth street. I don't that is believe it or not relatively slow for US open but it is because of the contours we don't want to lose great hole locations. And there are many. I don't like getting degrees too fast or firm. The firmness right now is softer. That we had for the Hamburg and we're we're trying to keep it there and make it extremely playable which still firming up you have to use the ground. Four for play. But we're keenly aware of the wind and these urology issues it is pretty good information already will be watched gimmick issues. And readjusting the golf course based on the weekend. Honestly as you move forward. So what kind of adjustments do you make tested the length of wholesaler. Or they'll be built harassment while in the polls are like two holes are hole locations could be tweaked a little bit of one layer and other I don't know which way to wind coming from. Our bets and maintaining armed to the cheaters are can be moved. If there's wind suddenly that it's coming out of the door one day in which switches to the shall. Or even how innocent to achieve market go down they're down. Seoul on the other there can be some real changes. Honestly but it just we really don't know until the wind also what is gonna do. So he'd that's done on a daily basis is that common for a US. GA event. Any site as wind it's it's very common. Candidates. Is it we meet. This standard practice regarding net three times at 230 in the afternoon. And it's that tree crime mystery the question this year. My Davis just fall. That's the main stay out. Period we all meet and talk about who waited based on what the plans are pretty mean what I endorse the next morning and it's. Really dialed in. Regard to the weather. The numbers that we're receiving as far as moisture. And then speed of the greens and the firms agreed to rip tools intestinal votes. Larry gillooly agronomist for the US GA our guest here so. I guess the question is for those of us here in the northwest. Who. Wanna see more of these types of events come back here how much is riding on how this comes off next week. Well that's not a great questions I know that the county. I'm certainly expressed a desire to have us come back and we have expressed in equal desire. Come back it has been as you Manuel now over the top. Our response. For both all the cheers ticket sales. On the merchandise tent opened two days ago and urges that just going great guns. All of it is in very positive from our standpoint niche. How how the championships moves forward we'll watch it but I know that's very. Very optimistic on both sides that we hope they'll come actor or see what what captains. Well I know everybody's excited about it whether there going up or whether they'll be watching and hopes that comes off that great and provides stunning views and great drama there. And determined in the next US open champion Larry Gil literally agronomist for the USA GA we take you so much for taken a few minutes for us this morning. My pleasure and hopes everybody appear in a priest and some market property away and break her judicial ultra dual white Chaplin activity on the on the water outreach shout. OPEC had absolves perfectly regularly make so much Larry. Yeah. It's going to be it's going to be a scene up there. But we know that. Logistically it may be as seen yeah let's take some patience too if you're going up and you just have some you know you're don't have the relative that lives. You know close by where you can just walk if there's any way to avoid. You know the cars are the buses there anything you you might be better off walking or riding a bike. Yeah is it and that issue aside. This is a great opportunity for the Pacific northwest to show off with. I equality of our golf courses and our environment up yet. It's a great place to live and we're glad that the US GA has decided to host a major event in the Pacific northwest. Don't like the weather is going to be as perfect as as they could dial up upper seventies. If they get a slight breeze I think they all they want as consistent wind. If it's consistent you know ten to fifteen miles an hour coming off the coming off the sound build be able to know what to do with the courts it's when the wind either ships as they get gusts they catch him by surprise that. Except for the fact that makes Hague right to him and it does it's it's a British Open at. Well we can't wait that'll be next week will be covering that as well put. We are still here a lot of talk about a great venue right now on the deck replacement of course overlooked in the putting green not a cloud in the sky. Warming up for a great day candle beggar the marketing director here black Butte ranch gonna join us next Telus tell you all about it about him. Enjoy this great department as well we continue golf for the north. West on ESPN's Sports Radio today you can't. It's new driver's best for your game makes the best golf here where should you take your next golf vacation which local course or you get to know rendered. This is the business of golf every week on golf from the northwest gulf in the northwest has brought to you on the samba but a blend peers from Beaverton. Just like art or a blue sky and back here. Golf from the northwest and that's right to work and these this man it's wrapped up that it is that there. I help you through this arrow is clouds discuss that. Yeah we got to deceit we got to find a way to build a little studio little mini studio on here that is I think it at a company it was publicized the other voice you hear their Kendall bigger idea marketing director here black Peoria tell aria. A great it's. Hard not to be right out and it. Up on the neck beautiful day like man glorious sunshine. Lot happening in grant couldn't be better but I notice that cumin and for people that have been here over the years big construction project it will start there at the first things you see. By the lots of the lakeside facility that was there is really nice pool and in the wake with a paddle boats in the canoes and stuff with a with a lot of fun but you guys under a canoe ventures and trying to put that thing on steroids. Now we shared. It we actually essentially demolished that entire area eleven point five million dollar project to. It's nearing completion. And grand opening is June 27. So we're coming up it's a brand new pool is 80% larger than the original pull a while great beast stroke lakeside be stroke. Sauna hot that sits 25 people. Family activities senator I mean a whole place is gorgeous. And I know will be back. Yes there are Marty got the plans were bring in the kids in the dog immigrant parents that little bit later little bit later this summer and that's that's what's so much fun you know Jeff was here talked about how great these golf courses are. The ability to start the season or early with a mild winter that we had and they're playing in great shape but I think that's the one thing people keep coming back and it happened in. You don't know which are missing there's so much else to do. And it's so relaxed it's so peaceful. And another some great packages still available for people who want to experience that this summer there's so many. Things happening and there are so you know the recreational opportunities at my fear rancher limitless they really are and you can come whether your offer your to starting golf or. You just wanna come as a family and enjoy the vikings has and the pools and the retail outlets go horseback ride mean and there are so many things and just being outside. In this tranquil environments it just it can't be better. The bicycle past a great life and dire. She came with me on this trip and we've about it bicycles in the hole. And she had me go. To my accent or wherever a. I never I had obviate. He it's great we enjoyed it. We had a Jewish vote can play golf do bicycles rule will play golf today. There's so much to do last year when we came in their family the kids one note did horseback ride yep we've played soccer and soccer field. Would play some baseball. I and the news is we had a great right right near pleas that it down art museum wrecked recreation area. You can play hockey and pickle ball awkward. Or adding another pickle how it fares well that's in the tennis court did that's over by the I'd big medical off court in courts and it just across from the sports. So I can a bigger here the marketing director for black Butte ranch a black Butte ranch dot com you can find out everything that's going on. But I know some of the things that they you've been doing this kind of more event based and you've had some concerts. That you brought in over the summer you do some special. Golf sort of events trying to weave in the great wine industry and in some of the break breweries are in central Oregon as well. That's right again lots of opportunities we has a lot of events you can come down rehab golf packages. Starting right now on 119 dollars per person that's unlimited golf with great midweek specials seeking comfort three or four nights. Mid week and earned seventy fiber hundred dollars and resort credit. To go stand throughout the resort. And then you know just surrounding your vacation around some of the great activities and events that we do have we have a huge fourth of July celebration and Patrick lamm is returning to Portland based artist he's returning in August for alive at variance concert. We have golf events father son tournament coming up on June 20 that's great fastball eighteen hole best ball format. Great sync office a couple premier couples golf event that occurs in September. And an individual you know for those competitive offers individual strip really championship in October battle. We had a great the vacation rental they used to and it's been. Really nicely. I my only complaint is at war ads and I think I'm too low and. They will will survive. But it is such a wonderful. Occasion rattle and have I got like thirty years older you have got to believe in luck. I've got sure that people realize it. There are vacation rentals here and you come in for a night Europe or week whatever. That's right there are we have ever under twenty. Privately on vacation rentals are programs range from private eye injury to three bedroom condos cabins. To spacious cup custom amounts that you kind makes central or in your base camp. Freer off group for your family. You can fit in you know ten to twelve guys in one home when it comes large enough to a comedy aid group or and you know arrange to have accommodations with and close proximity to one another lots of opportunities and options for people that how. Haven't been out before maybe a couple of steps one it's you know it's a little late in the season it's it's becoming very very popular but if if they're looking what should the how should they be looking to you know how to plan a vacation. If they're coming out here especially if they haven't done so already. Lack the grants dot com as a great resource go to our website you can actually view. All of the lodging options that are available online booking engine call any of our vacation renal specialist. Over at the welcomes Sadr. They can really tailor your accommodations to what you're looking force if you're coming as one family that. You know you have a lot of kids you're looking for those specific bunk beds are twins. You know we have a wide range of options that are suitable for a lot of needs. And the other thing too is if you're just coming to central Oregon maybe year you know it's been a week and out of the area. Com you know the golf courses are open and public you don't have to stay here calling get a tee time that might be tougher but you know. But that the lot the restaurant at the lodge is fantastic. You're looking for some fine dining aid they do an outstanding job. They do we have chef mark Barnes is back this summer. Has done an incredible job at the lodge restaurant the new lakeside be stress going to be unbelievable. Roberts it's a great family friendly you know five to come in just enjoy great see you guys had dinner there oh win. It was fantastic and again black the ranch the dotcom any thing anything else news bits in the by the planning stages the that is coming up that you turn to work on for you know Laker I'd get that apartment right there are jackets and it it's just going to be. Phenomenal were so excited architecture is unbelievable. The activity center you'll still be able to go to lakeside guests of the ranch can enjoy the pool. At lakeside and we'll stop the paddle boarding canoeing kayaking now on Fowler flake. New family activities that are right in the heart of the ranch where kids can go families can go play board games. We have lots activities like the new snag golf program the united mine about earlier. And it's. In the end. Well the place to go black you ranch dot com there's that you mentioned there are specials going on still there's an unlimited golf stuff. And then you guys can also there's some kind of adventures outside and some Whitewater rafting trips and some other things that that. Can be arranged. Through the ranch absolutely you know weekend. You can come here and stay here and never have to leave and enjoy a range of recreation but then also you're in such great proximity just to. World class Whitewater rafting fish dean. In the disputes national forest just for hiking opportunities sisters town just eight miles away greet our great culture restaurants. There had been no it's great and like I said I'm coming back with Mike Finley later this summer and and that's the great thing is you know you get a nice house so you can just be. Comfortable casual cooking for yourself and then you wanna go have that that vacation experience to go up a great meal. Up but the lodge your playing golf. You know horseback riding and rafting whatever the case may be we are so excited to be here doing it solve it. But through doing their show my wife and I have really come day in July black Butte where we're looking. More vacation time here with their family yup and actually looking and considering purchasing something here this is a great sensitivity bucks well. My life has got the big. We talked about that last year I thought aperture I think the real estate office at a lot of a little delay it whenever we're building up they bank accounts right. They're looking a little more space you gotta have yet of the gestured for us it will come back out yeah. Kendall thank you so much for having us out again. Very in hair up having guys out here every air it's a blast for more information black Butte ranch to dot com. Makes the Jeff vote as well for stop them by. These you can't imagine a cloud in the sky golf courses please meadow big meadow open outstanding shape. Wicker to come out it benefits for the day it's only two and a half hour drive from Portland so you can get out. Played team have a meal at on home plate thirties and a matter very ago. We're gonna play it. And we are gonna plated that'll do for us that are in saint coming up next and then Sunday evening game for her game five. Where we act and a great game five of the NBA finals. So relaxed about it through duke at. Sunday evening for you here on the field pregame will start at 4 o'clock pixels Butler regularly from the US GA for joining us as well. We'll talk to you next Saturday. Where we're going to be meriwether next Saturday you know we so I tell you about football about there the government put golf course about will be next Saturday. Four herald I'm Jason how big thank you rejoice McCullough. Pinch hitting for its back in the studio. You figured you always voice again at Il veterans back yeah I know I have a bribe him but I got him back in to help us out so we can put this together. Sydor and say coming up next here this engulf the northwest obvious you were radioed that it did.