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Dusty and Cam - 4.27.15 - Hour 1

Apr 27, 2015|

Addition by subtraction in Dallas, the Josh Hamilton situation and "Case of the Mondays."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dusty and jam in the afternoon blew us. Variety. Television repair. Fulton says it tool. I can fix it would dusty streets and Manning era find him come from. And former pro can Cleveland there's been little more time doing yourself. A little less time little village president. Does the engine room on ESPN Sports Radio. Seeing what a beautiful day outside and we're inside well. Yeah thank him in the act passed on but I said that words down. On the land and river. Outside Steve you need to make it happen. That was in the every tiny cells in the original plans and moved into these officers courtesy window would be good nice theory is yeah really is that an outside studio with second dock that went down in party stuff that are back over the budgets you know personal chaos in every gonna cut something maybe cut the dock Hillary gets it and party dock in people in. You have the parties and so are going to the break room and looking out on the Lam and Sunnis especially on the day like this where we can see the skylight. That the that would be good we used to have windows that TV history that they blocked everything out yet because natural light doesn't do well on TV and you know. They can't make it look like a soap opera for her prime time. It is what it is now usually on mornings like this I just jump out of that and I'm like energized ready to go. I was limited unable to jump out of bed this morning. Went old man you have old band back today I hurt my back opening up a grudge door. Yeah I know you've reached a whole new low in my dude I'm still at 38 men out. And I turned 31 next week this is these things countdown happening dude. Yet that I would to like pull up the graduated snags so wrecked that right when that back who is bent over just kept on Ellen no. I mean look like Ed stick up about today that that's a sign of getting old is when your back search going out in the second sign is we certainly can just average noises for no reason. Yeah like getting up out of it here. Or just literally doing any little movement and there's an. So yeah how does all grass and he's so. Aren't getting you know is that she is about to die painkillers yes no it's not I've only been taking bill growth and it through its anti inflammatory got to get back this year no watt from drugs. Hit it yesterday caller's. So yeah we ought to get today we've case of the Mondays at 1245 which. Of course and no 19 will be on you can send us yours and be particular insect sent by a factor of five because. I'm sure the weather compounded by a sudden go to work because it was like rainy over the weekend in just Tenet in his. And then today we finally get good weather and you have to go to work nobody wants that so you can text your case of the Mondays on can't you Obama's on Friday night. I thought it was actually. Stepping out just a little bit early but it was a half hour I mean I have is that it was a that you might laugh that I left and I listen I had a calling. To go up north they asked me Nellie was it was alumni weekend and it's great tribe for the spring. We get a chance is old old guys it's been the other rest for the spring game if you wanna call and the university Boston University Washington there's a spring game in Seattle and alumni weekend Friday nights we get a chance do you. Hang out in club husky which is the east side of the stadium sounds like where the big gap. During that went out there are some very quick edit to get together a lot of guys from. Literally from the fifties and Jim Jim owns here into the sixties all the way in through a ski through up there via. Sort of garnered an eighty or how clubhouse TV that they do every day. Those tickets are expense that was blown away they try to get me to buy some tickets in my whole I'm not and 2000 dollars for one ticket you crazy so we've seen yet it's not that it gets taught as a group tied wants to be the future team clearly seasons of the IP program at a lot of alumni guys came back and we did we get speak with got to. Talk with coach Pete for probably 1015 minutes which was awesome that he is indeed one of the greatest guys in that I mean I couldn't tell enough how lucky we were to have him these. And then got stock starting groups and that we met as a group also talk that all met all the coaching staff at the first time I got to meet the whole coaching staff and only allows former players to come back and watch practice post. The media uncle more time so it's just one of those nice features that he still pizzas in the did you tell them there's there's no way to district can go past decade. You can't you DG do you cast them out and say hello I was gonna say at this point oh win. When you hit some day I just wanna be alive when that day happens beat organ but in a breather and yeah. And I do it he courtesy parent lone nay guess you know I can get this year. You pep talk that you gave them it's private and I could easily edit he can keep some things in your apps I have a repertoire of things I lean on. I like to share those that's like my goat to so. Okay about do you do in the same pet talking in the junior yankees before a big game and I think at the hundredth game against the Gina mariners'. We would play the Orioles is here this week so yeah Julian straight out seven to four are right you Nazi Brooke Leo one game losing Easter got the Red Sox tonight's Gregory to allow. And not the mariners' impressive. All right blazers face sweep in note senator tonight. Game three go over the week it was awesome fight out of this blazers team you're 27 points or nick. Lot of people were lamenting his efforts so far in the playoffs he turned it around had a great shooting night defensively showed up. And and played well you get 26 from CJ McCollum who look like from in an all honesty he looked lost over the first two games but. He shows up and then 22 from Damian Miller. You if you would ask me get that kind of production from those three or any combination three guys outside of LaMarcus Aldridge being one of them. And I say the blaze got into that mean that's a good shot that you're gonna win yet done that this is these reviews to be the Memphis Grizzlies and in a winning by sick. How good are they at this point literally too costly just tease you throughout the game get the three get the five to eight. He just couldn't see the blazers get over that hump and how they can get past that. Little range but they they did fight and that's was one of the things we argued about on Friday and said are we gonna see that. Can really see the effort and if you would have told me that LA was gonna go what was it one for. One for seven to start one for eight moves again going and any and all for I mean it was a run but the guys that stepped up. Where important and CJ played well everybody kind of does battle but it looked like there was some sort of semblance of a spark yet they would use the Iron Man mask bad. Don't know anything that that's that Wesley Warren but that was impressive that might get everybody really this. Rule of he had six of eighteen for an in your all star LaMarcus Aldridge and he just look an I think that he'll look at that men that's the bigs take and pull finally in this series because for two games. You sell Marcus Aldridge and battle through and still be productive on the offensive end. And he had held he and Robin Lopez should get credit they've held. Marcus own Zach Randolph relatively in check over the first two games. The U some kind of Wear down in game three and they went to assault over and over and over again and roll was doing is his day of this to keep them off the boards but he dated 25 points. From Marcus all in that's the equalize today he's been around that fifteen to nineteen point range which is about you know eat if you are saying. Blazers and what they need to do to win its hold Marc Gasol under twenty points because that's a big second score back to the basket traditional basketball and they tell him in second and a very good job against in game three he showed up in he dropped when he five got to the free throw line of lunch just because. It was a weird game officiating wise it was. Now that's the scheme again on Gasol that you like anything the blaze closer we're gonna give up the perimeter shot he is them he is really get. And it just a front facing set shot he doesn't get out of control but when human Robin help to the inside and goes and he's gonna give him. That's 1520 footer the aegis is gonna knock it down okay if you could stop on the inside I agree you're gonna. Shut down one part of his game don't let him have the back to the basket easy little hook shots in the paint but again that man was lighten it up from fifteen to twenty yet he was he was great. And in that decisions and proved to be the deciding factor in the game. On one thing that that did happen and may claim the blazers favor and it's unfortunate to see beat his. You know I don't think that there's any. I don't think there's a good feeling when you beat a team that's not that's not clicked and Mike Connolly went down with a facial fracture was and cheap shots he Jim column in the Connelly just go for loose ball over and some like JR Smith are we different where he. Just punch Crawford or in the face or back Alley laminate dislocating Kevin loves elbow or shoulder rather prefer. This was just two guys go for loose ball he adds. It's multiple facial fractures right and he underwent surgery today and he's definitely out tonight he's definitely out if there is a game five on Wednesday. It meant this on they're gonna to a 48 hours to see whether. Once the swelling goes down after again I don't know he got a plate put in there or what. But he has the cheek bone fracture and and he may be done for a large part of the conference semi finals if not. All of them he's definitely done for this at the remainder of the series whether it's one gamecube games or. You know the blazers find a way to force a game seven. Well Memphis looks beatable at this point when you have those two guys out and its metrics doesn't play. What what are we thinking if you're the blazers gonna save this game is definitely winnable. Got to be now they know injury from well from everything that's coming at Memphis is that he will play. Tonight it was a precautionary measure to hold a press Saturday should and it's de Jager the collective genius now after Connolly goes out to nature that you give him it. Extra what is Indy five days he's in after arrest on what was announced they could've played on on Saturday. So he world he'll likely be in the night Conley junior in six games against the blazers this year this is a ridiculous that stat. In six games against the blazers this year his plus minus is plus 107. In six games mean he's been just. Ridiculous against Portland in the one game that the blazers had a shot against meant this was the one that he didn't play and which in the regular season ending Tuesday January 15 meeting now between the two you. I'm heat in plain ablaze almost pulled that one now. Very different team without Mike Conley junior but the way Beno jerk has been playing. I don't know if bridge the it matters while at this point we don't know him because each time they wrought another guard duties as thirteen points. Yet I mean it's collate this and escalate our airline notes and it. You can do what you want exactly as you can see now you can call beta locally this at the news. It is the way I don't know in eagle and likely they are not yet I'm still on it that is but they throw another guard out there that has another double digit day you're just gonna throw your hands up and really. Again they have that kind of depth on their bench to be able to do that arts one thing that is vastly overlooked is the coaching job that they Yeager is done. Not just in this series but over the course of the season and keeping his guys. Ready in inject x.s and those lies he is a phenomenal which we talked you know Chris Vernon. On Mon Friday was attacked earn in a Thursday. It's right political note Thursday Thursday. We talked and after the game two loss and he he was he saying that de Jager it was almost a good cop bad cop because he's an assistant underlined Holland's. And he hit and everybody knows that he's had the x.s and o.s part down. It was controlling now locker room and in going for and been in the nice guy assistant coach last year to being you know vaulted into the head coaching spot last year. And then this year he's got back a man backed it guys aside now BXs and o.s are really taken their whole key is a very good coach and he just puts his guys in places that they're gonna succeed. And that's when it that's where comes down team might Connolly. Being out dinner sets don't change what they do you won't change tonight. All it does is adds you know the blazers a little bit of an advantage because. They will have been soldier coming off the bench to be an all of your round in the point from from the Jenna. Yeah that's a good sign of a good coach that believes in his depth that knows he does have to change any schemer any idea Iranian identity of his team based on the guys he has in their so. Is that kind of trust level yeah one being able would really wanna note after watching game three it was. And that kind of mentioned that officiating was horrendous spent awful all of them and MBA wide I just I hate blaming officials because every fan base doesn't they think their teams getting job but. As a get the grizzly has tags in the blazer test tags over the course of the game. Is that to do that for all seen on the Twitter things. And both fan bases are saying. Their teens are getting job by the officiating. But the reality is both databases were justified in their bitching. Because. It was so poorly officiated no team can get a rhythm. In the game but nobody got an advantage out of it there numerous so much inconsistency. In the officials I just I could not figure out what they were trying to do in that game now. I don't get it either I don't know what why the inside calls the pushing the inside but then. The flops they call them the week flops they. Have certain travel calls they don't call it is just what is this easily you browsing push in the back end is usually you see consistency on one particular type of call there is a course of the game. But like whether it was you know on the elbow as geysers you know going out you know as they buy chart you can get sound and then you wouldn't get him for about five or six minute stretch and then they come back. It was his consistently inconsistent. And at that's been a problem as you said for being tired and gives me Rick Carlisle got. I'm 25 grand per saying how bad it was and I think that we can blame Rick Carlisle for the ridiculous officiating in the blaze near as it was it didn't turn into bullet playoff basketball turned in TU. And regular season slow it down with the whistles and no team got a decided bandage from it even though bulls teams in bolting Sandy's it's not like. They are getting close. Iran and the united just down the NBA's big an issue its officials and it's been like this forever and now it's never gonna change engines. You what can you do it's a subjective game. When you're talking about referees it's human area every get that out of it wouldn't there's no other it's like to have much earpieces in one guys don't call now know well if you're looking for consistency tonight Danny Crawford officiating blazers game on a nice that are really hardcore blazer fans will know that. Whatever it is he president officiate these games very well itself I don't know world and that's the officiating crew for tonight does head by Danny Crawford. Doubts mavericks got it exponentially better without Rondo though addition by subtraction dusting campuses tentative. Dusty and jam in the afternoon on ESPN Sports Radio generating salsa. The mavericks are dealing with the addition by subtraction that translator dealing with thank multiplication. Is. Night. I don't know man they're multiplying by the hundreds by subtraction. Rajon Rondo is a top shelf cancer and they are playing like a completely. Different team in two games without him it is night Monday. It's an uplifting feeling when you don't put guys literally dares your locker room in. Pour me mentality I should get mine just as negative feeling. It probably was just uplifting for all of them to realize that guys not gonna be around are yet to get out of here let us being in in between you don't have that guy who. This can drag you down whether it's by his play or by his attitude in the locker sucks the life out of it is I mean it's an energy sucker I deadly Nick Saban calls an energy vampires yes exactly what they are it's real and when you saw the way that. The Dallas Mavericks played last night against a Houston Rockets. Did we're looking at the sweet they were in Portland's position where it was demagogue is gonna happen they gave their best round and they fell short game three. In game four is and you know going to be than he sting coronation into you. Day conference semi finals because he had Jason Terry wearing a all black Gainey said you know when your elimination game you dress for funeral did the same thing as Portland Portland beat him in game six but that's just kind of the way. They handled their business in Dallas came out in. Despite not getting a great performance from Dirk Nowitzki. They were lights out in every facet of the game in the biggest one was just. Energy when things went down there was no guy kind of dragging them down they just spot right through it. And were able to pull out when it. This is why when I look at Houston Rockets what I see them. This is their fault is that they think that they're that good they kind of believe that they were good enough to be that maybe their B minus game. And demoralize Dallas and they were able to do that because. We get thirteen. At a Terrence Jones than Dwight Howard only gives you thirteen. Those guys that have to be in double digits even Ian James hard to be able to put up 24 that's not their high numbers but it literally coasted in this game. But I have to give to Dallas because they could plea down to that level they could felt sorry and done that. But they play great aunt and at least. Mean their stat lines are crazy 1616101731. Out of their starters. That's the reason why he'll never cease selling like that when your plane grizzlies if you're the bleachers good luck with that because you never gonna see that. However in Dallas it's put that together you start to go could they make the jump back could they be able to do that and I. My my sentiment saying now I don't know if it's ever been done. For three of death not dissing him back to Houston they were kind of right in the emotional way it is good to see why Houston's not gonna progress because I don't think they have that killer. Killer mentality to finish I really don't. Null a day adult. Dated in that's their biggest issue that they have is they don't have that guy that guy who just is the dagger type guy you evade their scary yeah Gary good indeed you know what if you let them and you give them all the confidence in the world they'll roll you over them but they don't have they don't have those guys that would just make you pay. James Harden will make you pay over the course of 48 minutes but at the end of the game when you want those daggers she's being thrown I mean. Pardon is nice but why is he comes out of this in the playoffs. My question is why isn't anybody like legitimately foul James Harden. Like I mean foul him hard ever like he gets a lot of the bogus calls. Why does and images site make him pay for for now. It's a great question I mean I know with fused these you bring Charles Barkley off the bit he would just probably its slacks and just. Barack check him given the forum because if you're gonna come in the lane everybody knows he's gonna flop now so it's honestly like how far can we get away from him. They may be found or not heard this don't brushed up against him he's created that bubble around him that everybody knows is a real you know one thing that I was. As target new Winona buddies and he was saying he noticed that. Nobody else does this in the NBA. Is that when he goes to the bucket everybody keeps the ball tonight because you wanna get it hasn't ripped out. He extends his arms out and gets kind of extends that bubble that you're talking about. Outsell any contact anybody's eye rolling it out instantaneous looks like he's going to the rim but the ball so far away from his body. Bet you wanna break it out but you end up getting arm nine times out of ten and he held his foil after that I'll give you soccer at duke I give him some credit he knows how to work the system and and he knows big how to get calls. That's credit doesn't mean it's good I don't think so I would just. Now mark and I like did you adamantly found him hard and I take whatever guy you don't hear about in just say he takes you up herbal. Make him pay for weathered that mean agreement plus the fear now I'm I'm with its own those and he just can't keep them in front of them well. It's hard but that's who DP deflator one now everybody seems as a review flagrant two knows what it is and T he's gonna get the called a matter what your pretty much just like. Who cares to let him go TV's gonna throw forty fine with a stop power is the least you can act power and it doesn't look like you do anything till -- one thing that was emerged in that mavericks went into those Al farouq Aminu I mean we know Mallory I mean it is looming as a member connected 2010 draft he was he clipper beneath the clippers picked him like tenth overall everybody I remember that draft everybody's like looking around going. He's seriously his demon deacon you mean I know where you're gonna take Al farouq Aminu needs this kind of is since then he's bouncer on the league kind of been an afterthought. It but he is a solid defender very athletic very athletic. And he's one of those just read down orders and in yet for offensive rebounds and it in you know of his what sixteen point said he had last night. Mean most of them we're just like easy looks in just forgetting about him because they get Dirk Nowitzki on the floor at the same time. There was a time when as a downtrodden clippers and the future hope of the franchise rested on Eric Gordon now for rock Aminu from those days very well now. Air Gordon member winner Gordon was better than Chris Paul and people were like worried about that night what are they do you know. The leader board member Eric Gordon is a member or glass cover stay on the verge of being the next superstar like five years in her whole. Yes yes he is still on now or is he still deliver Virginia is completely do is fallen off of that cliff and rolled down the hill that he said decent player and he's getting. Ish is going to get Eric Gordon is it. Here in the NBA you're good. Yeah actually gonna give you the good cards that it now and did not get into it yeah. He's good in the media guy but he's like goods he's not he's somewhere okay like we do is Paul Damir little or those guys that's a different level upper tier and and you got like Jerryd Bayless type guys there's a bowl oh. Eric Gordon Scott in the middle there all floater in the model or middle class yeah. I'll give you that you want mayor Gordon on your team. I don't know about that. No life you know Jones and to have and I'm not I'm not Jones in for Eric Gordon to be taking big shots for me but I want on my team gap I can. Bring him up as a six man. He had 29. In. Against. In the game for a loss to the warriors and ideas again on Syria at the and he had a huge huge shot is clank to averages thirteen points a game. That's good that's that's that's better than good that's like. Good you know like a murder that's like. Burger still weighing and it's pretty to a Turkey and I'm enjoying it but I'm not going to be to come back and needed this restaurant. Yeah in two turnovers a game. That's a tough question. That at this adequate. This is takes to bring the input he's OJ Mayo bit which is probably a really good compares him and did discussion of is Eric Gordon ended player he's like an OJ Mayo where. You know what you'll take it for the ups you're gonna get the downs too. Part of the deal I could come up yeah upper middle class and actors think of the text machine seems pretty split T you guys did know is not the reasons that I would I would never gonna I'm never gonna you're never gonna hear me. Telling guys not give when he that the best highest level. Now every night you're never happy you know honestly argue that don't know Orel I don't write about in just in the NBA for beauty NBA standards he's good. Okay terrier. Great and then you have superstar those of the three tiers I'm gonna go ahead factories there's this little bit more yet. Our Josh Hamilton's head back to Texas the angels in teaser incident and they can just go away. Dusting can't right now as Alex a sports center. Does in camera midafternoon on ESPN's Sports Radio sanity both Sam. Yeah it is yeah. Officials right knee now just coming across the fire great timing Josh Hamilton the injured outfielder. And they seem dumb controversial outfielder and where the Los Angeles Angels is now back at the Texas Rangers streak going through. The angels have dealt Hamilton. Knew I'd he's still a couple months out with after going to shoulder surgery did not face suspension after relapse thing. With the drug and alcohol abuse on by Major League Baseball but he is. He's on his way now to. Becoming it takes a stranger yet again and it's a good deal for both teams against the terms of the trade are either player to be named later or. Cash considerations meaning dissing his images and come down to you. Howell. How we need to raise it how well he plays and so. Is that it you know right arrow a lot of teams that threw money at this guy freed notice mariners are one of them that offered him. A lot of money and everybody is looking back at this decision and going thank god. We did not get stuck with this because that bill to get rid of him is unbelievable. Yes. It's in really what the angels are doing from the various reports. Are that it's Hamilton has agreed to forego a six million dollars the eighty right and that's guaranteed. And war. Rain it essentially the angels the gonna have to pay him 68 million dollars just in got a number and be gone. And see the Rangers who paid their last six millions for golf is just being let go but here's the Texan that is that. Because the tax in California the highest tax bracket there is twelve point 38% brick. That's six million dollars going to Texas it's just taxes so easy median paid the same he's just waving the taxes that they'll have to be paid. Motive for playing for the Rangers. So it's an RBC a great deal for Josh Hamilton it's a great deal for being testy just to get the questions out there and they can move on and move forward without having to deal with. Hey what about Josh Hamilton went about this what about that and now hopefully Texas can give him the support system that he needs to be as successful human not just the successful baseball player again but. A person because what he had in Texas was he died I was within the entire time and he is a paid employ about Texas Rangers just to. Make sure he was you know on the on the right track and going downstream narrow you know a personal lean on in case he was speaking about relaxing again and when he went LA they said yes group that you gotta be your own man. It's important when you're when your team he got to move on with something and in the skipper Mike associated for the angels said he. We're tired of being asked about this will work cited to move on whichever. Happens faster just please let's move on so this is it gonna be breath fresh air for the angels. Not to mention that Texas is embracing this and my question is is Texas when you're looking it is what are you looking. Four when you bring in teammate back into the clubhouse who's gone through this who left did a bunch of money obviously still hasn't. Dealt with his issues. In depth I mean maybe he's gone through those rehab what are you are you receiving him in the clubhouse when the guy comes back like that because of bomb found that's my teammate and I'm coming back. There's a lot of questions and the series a lot of questions and aids 34 he's getting 68 million dollars to take a backseat. Come down and help the Rangers when he let's look back makes more money into that so it's amazing what we tolerate we tolerate to deal with somebody when you have this guy back. It's hard to not discrediting what he's trying to go through habit. And it it's just it's unbelievable. At this point that he still in the game and trying to fight back. Well it's not because that's what it's what we do it's what you do not have a superstar it's not what is is thrilling no fault of his own I mean that's what's gonna keep his life in order. Mean if you were to take baseball away where would his life you know what that's no requests went dark roads that he go down. And by all accounts and mean it hasn't fallen yet. It's not like when Josh Hamilton yes he has fallen at all trying to get back up will definitely there is my question though is falling get in sixty million dollars because you've got to leave it didn't follow the rules is that falling yet. Fop I mean it's I don't I haven't been through this situation so I can't common in that I've been through. I'm a rehab is going through addiction is like I've fallen before I notice is yet to say it's it's about the money fall. Or is it about the fact that he's the angels knew that they were getting themselves. Did they sign and date they signed an addict too and I don't feel sorry for the angels at all over 200 whereas 125 million dollar deal exactly what they were size so it's not is the fact that they wanna get rid of them and they wanna say OK see you're not working out here. In to be honest they gave him a boatload of money right but he had his his concerns and as questions about having a support system because he is an addict. And maybe he should have paid for that with his 125 million dollars I see that side of it you know if you wanna have that guy there to be your support. And to be a little companion. To make sure you don't relapse again that's an important part of his life that he needs because he's an addict in its CDs it it is a disease okay that he is going through. In when he needs that person he should you know if the teams that can pay for the and you pay for. You know but going back to use the Rangers if he can be productive they won't care as long as he's productive. And he doesn't drag down their locker. That's my question is you they don't care. They really don't neither does Major League Baseball they don't care as long as he is aged 34 can hit forty home runs and hit 280. 270 he's not gonna fall he's not gonna learn anything at this point in my. Personal position and thinking that this is this is a situation where he. Up the suspension levels again I mean what what point this if you will I'll argue the fact that. He was still playing baseball is good for him because it keeps him in the the team keeps him in the atmosphere gets him away from that I'm sitting in my partner my house by myself ansari Raikkonen. I can relax I get that. Oh where oh where you go from there. Are you preparing him for post baseball. What is he gonna deal with the housing and deal with it. It is in that's not the job they sponsored job just him give us have been there you go see them we argue that the football we say in and I put it into football professional athletes. When the game is over it is the job of the league and stuff to prepare people for the transition and do that and understand what they're gonna go through then here we are saying that we don't care but none and is this there's different this is different because he's a drug addict he's not a guy. He's not a guy that doesn't know he is you know he's making his own choice his financial situation in being a try to get drug addict are two completely different thing though I agree with you but the financial situation is allowing him and his success is allowing him to continue this and not pay for. Look he's paying for because he's a drug addict correct I mean he he you don't learn when your and we're Nina addict. It's beyond just cycle learning. Let's go IE he relative to the financials. And the financials and enabling you still have chances and chances and chances and chances are that's on the angels. It's not an army Josh bass Josh Hamilton on the angels was such a disaster from the gate dole and a pay here's a guy with huge addiction issues. Let's give them on haunt the money. Put him in Southern California I know they keep giving it to him put him in the middle southern cal I guess it all in all this pressure on him. A lot man staggered out here's a ton of money in LA and we're not gonna have your baby sitter around so go figure out here I also don't do any don't do so the Rangers are they gonna put another baby sitter on him again. Yes David David probably will because I did it before. And you know this is is this isn't a well what lesson is he learning. He's a drug addict and I don't remember you have and he did that's not a lesson you can learn in the mean addiction as a disease and and it's well arguing two things are I'm not on the not on the Dixon side like I what is that like what what about learning like. I don't and I guess what I'm missing is what should he learn what's the lesson that. That could be it's not about a lesson that's the confusing part is announcing or should be Alexis and has he fallen to the bottom yet where he's reached the spot where he knows he can't continue this. This action. Anymore where where is the bottom and action what action did to the addictive personality equality he will those things mean he'd. Did you let that happen it will rock bottom that's on trying to fire him. When he first got into the league and he was banned for five years right but addiction is something he can do it can't slide back right in that's not a he has. If there's indeed that hit rock bottom it's he'd lost everything and had to get his way back in a Major League Baseball. Again you know and he he has hit that rock on dude was heroin junkie you know and he went through. And literally everything dot Major League Baseball Don you know his entire family gone. From him and he was his son his own and this is a hard story to you know he's been clean for a long time because he has to take what drug test three times a week when it was out of your grocery threes so. He is that's a problem with. They do gigs the dude it's just drug through the mud because he has wondering that it needs to it which is what you're supposed to do one realized we deal. Yes well to that we know because he had that one agenda texas' well right. But he's. Optimum owned up to on. It's an addiction addiction as a disease you lattice is this always absolutely you hit it directs this will be the last one he'll have several more over the course of his career. It's just he needs to a a good support system around and end of outrage and he's getting a divorce threat won't what I. Wanna see is this turning into a doc Gooden Darryl Strawberry situation where you're just mean everything when their career is over. It is a bottom drop a mile literally bottom drop which you say ERD reached the bottom and argue that it might not every to the bottom because he still keeps getting money. Well this thrown out that's not his fault he's a little baseball player angry then isolate and there's nothing that he can I tell you is that the system it's this is not get baseball and not get paves the system. I mean he's but he hasn't put up numbers that deserve those kind of that kind of money but they paid in those numbers and based on what he could do. In what he did do before he got one time money yet he was that he was an MVP was an Allenby being as an all star is good for like three solid years and then he is not even touch that sense that and a lot of that has to go with being and one being the attic in any well what I know what we know we I don't know. We can per we have projected that that it has to do with being. The attic it has to do with the situation was in all things around him in the distractions in the expectations all those things built up into this. And the pressure to perform to that kind of contract. A lot of people. Buckle under that sort of pressure absolutely they do you mean it's not. Just do one time thing but he's getting a lot of money existing bill away from the net Los Angeles Angels he's officially now a Texas ranger heading back there. When he's healthy from his shoulder injury he will be a member of the Rangers he desperately need a man has talked about an injury riddled team that just can't put it together. The whole west needs it just gets stuffed on. You're Astros yet there and a leader CAL west leading Astros I it's my ability sound off on what's grand a year gears case than Monday's nexus dusting cam on the fan. Oh. And. Dusty encampment here afternoon on ESPN Sports Radio Janet you and yeah. Yeah. By the time Israel finds his deep into it detects I'm going through cases. Among days here it's everybody's got a grip on Monday. Jesse Jason Mondays with feasting on Saturday fellow in their icicle there are probably still cold truth from that. I don't know I think the Afghan leaders stepping down. That's scary and it's scary scary stuff. And then we got this guy who passed his motorcycle endorsement class. DMV part done anyway to go and you know celebrate that by any new motor I don't know dealerships close. Motorcycle and almost never open on Monday you know and announce X in ever now on the idea ever compares and now for Weaver. Talking about air Gordon whether he was dead and dozens. On basketball reference they they compile all of your stats and aggregate them together and give you like simulation. Of what. You win you share is in wait your averages are in the compare you to other players can't. We tried to compare. Eric Gordon is he good in the NBA is he had good NBA player Mike. Not rec league is he getting that it would destroy anybody let my body CA yeah I'm getting are yet to destroy them but is he good among his peers. He is. Similarity. Of the players that they say he is the most on similar to our nimble Coles. Carlos Delfino. Quinton Richardson. Lionel Hollins. Anthony morale. Jody me. Man those guys are so all over the board of like I hear like Lional hall lands and I'm like number is in the rafters out of line and he's good but then I hear like Jodie Meeks and I'm like yeah thirteen point four. Points per game 'cause that's deserve a Carlos Delfino callers Delfino to me like defines. Averaging near the end via citadel that he is here here's where. Air Gordon. He had two years that we're really stink and get his last year in LA where you averaged like 20 man he was he was like it was like do we want to trade him for baseball yeah exactly are you kidding me and yes on in the in his first year in New Orleans he averaged a twenty points a game and he was really stinking good. Now he's been injured he's been banged up a lot of these and they get to run. So Eric Gordon at this is Eric Gordon. Good enough to where if you're playing a video game might NBA two K fifteen pounds that's according to you again his skills and you'll be in that video game is get an up or you could go off with him. He's getting up in Libya games where you can have a put up a crazy game from him. But buddies but he's not. You know what I mean like Carlos Delfino. This you'll be to blame his arguments were heard and yet as a group they have tea that's all I can get up there this man honestly didn't know what's funny is that it hasn't committed a graphic at points per game. India looks like like at the heart monitor at the hospital like it's like. Up down up down up down flat lined up and up and down a career sixteen point eight he's videogame he's good video game like given good. It is not great there was not a very good parents. I had this guy's case of the Mondays is and all the fans chant MVP when their teams are players' seats that he does Al Horford for the top of each hitting. Still with you on that I dare guys they did chats ESPN's fault they get to answer it and BP needs the granular or senator there's no way that that happens. That there's no way that I should be ever be getting and the people like John Wall gets a for the wizards like. John walls a nice player he's he is really the only. He's not NDP in and yet MVP. Every time they cheated everybody wants an MVP could save VP for your team how about that shirt let that would go right yes not league MVP he does for your team in MVP for our team there you go let's say that teachings the chance. Oh this guys. In case of the Mondays when people are always in erupting not letting other people finish their sentences Monday it's not. Really when they cut you on a wet. Obscurity that is not talking I. I got I don't know I guess that is. Answer IG got a lot you guys to some like over here in the other room and you can be you can hide behind that glass right come through YouTube. And helps us Mike's case of the Mondays is that. And this is one year he said but and the weather was just like. Really inconsistent like crappy does again in that I get up this morning I'm tired man thousand to three some last nano into a concert last night. And I get up in arms likewise the sun shining like Janet just be raining today psychic has put my head down. You've got some kind of my case of the Mondays is would you rather it is the would you rather point but. Waking up on a sunny Monday. Is a heck of a lot better and complaining that waking up on a crappy Monday to make it even worse them I'm that we that's how I look at it because that's the case of the Mondays it. You should still be thankful it's nice and sunny out but if it's crappy just makes the money just beer easier Monday down this actually makes it bachelor. Not just I want my Mondays to be rainy I just want him just like Colorado or not just pay Monday lucky we just saw right there we just that we not be kinda good to me just be bad. Let's not be Eric Gordon this is an Eric Gordon Monday and he is like the sun's out but we're stuck inside but this is like this guy points. He came into work and agree knew every single person I'll listen Enola negative that every Eva. Doubt I had everything is all did do is do see those are the people ledges there's bid had no Rajon Rondo moment the right there they are mad because it's sunny out in there's try inside the life out of you don't energy vampire in the op yes. You energy vampires out there stopping you guys sort of get married when I came in today and as and that brought me up. Right that brought you brought me up even more your jacket that brought me up today and I lifted me. Seriously we're gonna tweet at a picture this outcropping and today he eat a seat Monday as he does he mixes it up. And you let snazzy he looks like he is like straight up the cover of that here's refer yourself back from my. 89. It is a grade out the year rocketed a little new wave yet a little bit of a little eighties cocaine Eric's way via. If you got down. When our down two to go still keep us and it's York. Jason Mondays we'll get to that is as the show goes on at 55305 that's a beamed into it detects and he'll also send it via dash slot dot com Twitter feed continue to fan. Next hour we get the next big thing in college sports picking up the option on a quarterback that you don't trust at all. Football is under attack ravens coach Jim Harbaugh is far more sane and his brother Jim brings up some great points and an open letter. On the team's website call a lot of cam on Hannity defame.