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Golf In The Northwest 4.4.15

Apr 4, 2015|

Jason & Harold have Vincent Johnson in studio and talk with Matt Brown of Highlands Golf Course.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The latest tips and equipment to improve your game. Or latest from the leader boards and your favorite course and in the northwest and action packed hour a clean bill. Now with the Wharton. Professional herald lose here's your host Jerry since wonder. Hey good morning everybody who. Here ready to go for another week and the studio's little crowded this morning a rarity and in studio guest with the Cerro. It is exciting. Ten and I can't remember her name. Eight bridge is really that's okay yeah oh yeah and thumbnail and somebody everybody knows they're Vincent Johnson. What on earth decided I was hoping to get chill on the phone may be for 1015 minutes in and find out how things are progressing after your big tournaments out of Oregon golf course he said yeah he woman to command a light. Knock yourself out come on and so they can forget now. The covenant that's what I did to be here and it's always nice not to worry about the a cellphone coverage. That's true but that does tend to be an issue but but Vincent Johnson former Oregon State's. Golfer. Of big break alumni winner of the first Charlie Sifford exemption. And then re most recently had that big of an out and origin golf club. I know came Cleveland and I as a crop and Wilcox were all involved out there with yet helping you raise money. Because the goal is to make the PGA Canadian to word this year as you try and continue the dream again on the PGA tour. Now yeah I'm nuts right knew it was pretty amazing how that came along. The first the biggest. You know cause catalysts and all do is brining an anger. You know he's been huge support mentor. And that he got a friend has for an Summers to get involved and he went out this thing full force and just with him with senator added people on and and got a lot of support. We had about 1415 people on our committee and just took off with that so it was it was really cool to see I try to. You know documenting and kind of blog about some of it but it's really really a lot of fun to go through with a lot of work. But there are the result was incredible. And now of course you play and a couple of little small events you have a couple more here before the big event which is at the beginning amid PGA. Tour of candidate qualifying tournaments show. Over the next hour we'll just kind of talk about how about progressing goes in for people that are interested in just how difficult it is. To make the tour not only with the golf but as you mentioned yet a tournament to raise money. Just the tournament fees and travel and all but even on the at the Canadian tour and for people on the Web.Com to were it is not only the F to have the game but. You gotta have all the support behind just. Yeah yet not absolutely it did that that comes with that you know you have to. To have that freedom to have feel like you have multiple opportunities you know just having a bankroll a mostly guys are successful they do you have some mobile support that allows him to go out there and even make an occasional mistake just to keep going. It says there's a lot of dreamers out there and they always ask me as if I would know how much money is it gonna take to last year on the tour. Can you give Mo little. A reality check. Well if you talked in just Canadian tour. That's gonna cost you about about thirty gram to play on the air. But you know you're not talking about paying any bills at home so you know for a typical year ischemic costs are probably between seventy and realistically. If you're doing other things other qualifiers in a process to coast about a hundred grand a year witches. A crazy number most guys don't get and I haven't even sniffed it so what you end up doing is you kind of you know you definitely you're traveling Jamaican all these. A tournament decisions based upon the money you have and how long you can stretch it out. So. You you kind of take less chances and and just do what you camp so but but if you were able to do everything required you would it cost you know just not a hundred grand years. I'm Eric grant that. Canadian moneys go like 30000. Well I know that's that could. Put it's great night at eighty cents on the dollar simply five cents on the dollar right now. But so that's that's gonna be out hanging out with us here today. Aides but typical show otherwise. Joining us in the business of golf Matt brown he is the head pro at a highlands golf course formerly dear hearts. He was the no no go ahead that's I thought you just torment and now there is another subject. He's an entire cost golf course through it and Gary Hart and so amassed it'd join it he was the PGA sections of merchandise through the years in the business of golf and kind of find out. Just and ask him what's useful approach you know. This approach shots you've got a big box stores now that I come in but is there still something. The pro shops that are run by PGA professionals and if you're looking for something he needs some help a lot of times. They can provide more service sometimes in the big box stores. What do you mean provide more says they can actually give you expert opinion that sort of thing and you know it's tough to buy equipment from people who can't I can't teach. And that's with a big box stores offer. Saw collective support to PGA. Fashion absolutely so Matalin join us at 740 or 845 but first as we always do Joel let's go inside the ropes. It's time for an insider's look at the leaderboard this latest on all tumors plus local golf events and Goldman. This is inside the ropes part of golf from the northwest on the affair. There is a major in contention this week it's on the LPGA tour they are I used to be the Dinah Shore classic than it was the Nabisco and now they have a new sponsor the eighty NA inspiration but it's still let Mission Hills. In Rancho Mirage California lo and behold there's a Korean atop the leaderboard. Say Young Kim seven under par two shots clear of Morgan Tressel. Brittany Lincecum Jenny shin Katrina Matthew at four under but Stacy Lewis Angela Stanford Alexi Thompson at three under Alexi defending champion. So some familiar names atop it I'm curious from Vince in here watch in the ladies. How clot you know how much do you watch. But the ladies are doing out there on the professional tour other than not being able to hit it 350 off the tee in arm always in here telling people if for the average Europe are decent amateur you want a pattern your game and see. Go watch the best ladies in the world because they're playing roughly the same yardages and stuff that you would be death saw on out your local club. Yeah I think quipped yardage is in just the style of play. It seems like. They as well as any professional play within what they have. And that the men do as well but there's you know it's a little bit more explosive and more risk and obviously as examiners it's a little bit harder to relate to so it's always great to just see. How they go about it. And that it's it's very disciplined very structured and have a plan and so if you can model after that I mean you're again indefinitely due to be a better on the golf course. Shake your head Politico at the age of seventeen she just had a streak snapped 29 consecutive rounds under par on the LPGA to work ended yesterday a one over 73 does it. People I mean insider. The have a game that have played college and trying to get on the pros and shaken their head at what she does at the age seventeen. Yet it's it's really a fascinating how women. You know how they can develop so young and just achieve this level of expertise so young so. I I'm floored I can't really fathom it I mean she's you know to the golf prodigy gimmick a couple of those every penny of every generation so you just really appreciate. Somehow she's able to you know mentally put it together she has a physical game but a lot of people do but at seventeen to be of a handle what comes with the rigors of playing professional golf. You don't see that I know you work with a lot of our juniors I rent. How ridiculous is what she is. And even target because she still seems. Like a teen I remember Michelle week coming up even Alexi Thompson to some degree they were a little bit more robotic they were little seemed a little programs and she seems like a seventeen year old kid who wants to go up ice cream and hang out after afterwards and yet she she's Maine's. Well she hasn't been over trained on those that could happen. I swear commit David Leadbetter so you never know what direction things can go and. But right now I think he's really good job allowing her just apply. I do our crew a lot of juniors and I can tell you that this girl Politico is very special. It's an mentioned you only get one or two of these every generation because of their maturity. It's the way they handle themselves on the golf course. It is they can control their emotions and when you can control your emotions you can control and manage the golf course. And the swing is a lot easier and we have those moments where. Natan roll off six birdies and in where that conference with the matter where it came from you they are for you in the present moment you pull that off. That doesn't happen very often with young players are Ali's tinkering of their swing trying to figure out why did I hit a good shot. How would tackle hit another good shot so. Well she's not over. Over thinking the game right now. And the other thing that's amazing about her look differ from a show we Alexi they came out and they they were third. Taller than everybody there or physically gifted and bombing it by everybody. She doesn't seem to be that she's very tiny. And has enough length but she's not hitting it forty yards by everybody she's doing this without actual. Gain eat you said the maturity. The other cheek and cut. They're really you know if you luster piety can. She's really she got a total game and she does manage a golf course very well she knows who she is. You know intensity you know they see you can't play the game like Bubba Watson if you pop up though Watson you have to know who you are in play the game might. Who you are now works out best trio. I have silly preannounce something you know for. I myself included it it takes some time for a lot of players to kind of developed an identity here become aware of it and that's I think that's what it is when it comes to young players they just it somehow it kind of clicks have they kind of know what they're bringing. And know how to play to their strengths and and also a you know I'm not clear there winked weaknesses and they're fine with that and that it's it's it's incredible the outflank the other. Strengths understanding their weaknesses. Play not to simulate playing away from them but on the golf course you're you're aware of that. And then when you get off the golf course to work on those weakness. Show around 3 coverage 2 o'clock today on Golf Channel 2 o'clock on Sunday for the ladies said the former Nabisco first major of their season. PGA in action last tuneup before the masters the Shell Houston Open golf club in Houston there and humble Texas and former friend of the program while no friend of the program at the end nobody's weren't always former we have many friends we got a people I know Andrew Putnam with a big finish. He birdied six of the final seven holes he played yesterday started on the back 912 under par he's your second round leader one shot clear of Phil Mickelson and Austin cook. And Andrew. From just up the road opened the Puget Sound area Web.Com tour graduate last year. That's quite a way to finish especially since Phil was up there and out there. And shall be interesting to him it looks like. I think he will be paired with Phil. So that'll don't get your nurse go on record there in the last group on the weekend to trying to win your first tournament on. GA tour the pretty incredible I mean this is like a lot of young players more than any error in all all kinds of sports. There are more ready. To kind of play with the guys they grew up watching but Natalie fastening to see how he he copes with that today. Did you have you had a chance split with the Putnam Brothers those funny so and you think this was the year he had web status and we played at first stage of Q school on 20121000 laster TJQ school and we both made it through but we played the first two rounds together and yell and then had a good week and so yeah he went on and I think that's saying you know CNN up there's a lot of players in my position you know like last year you look at the Web.Com and there's guys on mini tours I've played with you'll see about. Fifteen guys he like oh yeah I've I've actually played golf with you on in various mini tour events lead just realized. That. You still have to continue to improve what Andy's done is really really awesome and he's he's done really great from self. But it's really close I mean that that a fine line between making any kind of pushing forward in and kind of staying where your dad. Sometimes it's it's it's just you know bounce here there are around here there. Yeah that's got to be encouraging in one respect and a little frustrating in another respect a 100% a defense. That will affect this conversation up there with the Vincent Johnson he's in studio with that's here this morning and look ahead to the masters is everybody's geared up tiger made we we got through about thirteen minutes before brought tiger up again he broke Twitter yesterday when he announced he was gonna play in the masters. The yeah they private plane watchers and teed everybody up earlier in the week so we'll preview the masters a little bit here with incidents Johnson and studio it's golf in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio Tenet the fans. This is also in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio generated both ran. They 70 in this morning. There gulp of the northwest Sydor and sync coming up at nine at maturity it's a big weekend for the blazers of course the final four in Indianapolis today. And it's. Arnold I'll sing hacker can filtering to meet at some point that she's gonna witnesses. If they get past today yeah I think Wisconsin's a bit more formidable for them then. Then neither are the only win by ten. Early five point favorites according to Vegas at catch. Estonia now only beat Wisconsin by a point last year in this same national semi final twelve don't we know Vincent than a year can make it differently now. It's definitely yeah it's in Johnson is in studio with us and glad to have him here this morning. As season gearing up for. The qualifying tournament for the PGA tour of Canada. And I'm curious to know now that your that this product as we remember talking to you with Oregon State you're on the big break. That seems like forever ago doesn't seem like forever good you. Yeah it's pretty crazy Al is try to think back to that time because you know I I feel like I was appreciative of the opportunity and and what was. I'd I would've yelled as you get older you realize how cool some experiences are and those so to play in this. Northern Trust have a choice differ exemption and then play in the big break that was all within like eight months of turning pro. So is this night you know two huge fireworks going off and to think that now was you know six years ago now is it's hard to really really imagine. And then is so yes six years ago. And you've kind of you know hit mess and get interment sponsor's exemptions here and there were you could did you stay get that time especially. And Charlie Sifford exemption playing in the Northern Trust it was gonna be elected you're too when you were going to be. You know get your rookie I'm a morning what the thought process wasn't cycle while this is this is all laying out in front of me in the year two and one of the on the PGA tour. Yeah I I think so but I think most guys that turn pro you know probably for for better or worse believe that it's gonna happen quickly. And so I I was one of those most definitely. You know and I proceed to take him this song probably not but yet with how things are cooked and you know you feel like at the time you're making a lot of progress and I realize now you know there's a lot that I needed to learning go through with ware was at that point. But you know how to told mice 22 year old self torn through real self that Taiwan of believes if the guy. Heavily as student right now has been text being saying no I don't think I really want to play college golf anymore I wanna go right to make to the pros. And I Texan back and I said you have to understand that it's a process. And there are. Our process schools along the way and performing schools and things that you you know. We know what their ultimate goal is but it's going through that process and for every one its own different. You Rhode is completely different than the guys right next to you I wanted to ask you how have you been. Able to keep up your competitive edge and what have you been working on to do them. Boy a lot of things who have Brian in anger and I we've done a lot of work and he's so knowledgeable I mean I remember our first lesson I had a that we ever have together and the biggest moment there is confusion as he's given me light. Answers stick kind of what happens when a ball does something and for me to die I had a few lessons but I was really informally all all the way through college and a I Jeff Coston really great northwest pro he taught me a handful lessons in college but. I was mostly self taught and so to have some some answers of why things happen. At that point especially you know I can have a lot of speed so it helps having some of that. And that's who we do a lot of work and actually when Greece or work together seven months later on my biggest win at the Long Beach open so it really felt like it paid off quickly. So you you have some kind of mechanical stuff but then you kind of get more into the game aspect of it now so it's more of just your mental mental process. Tom also you know getting. One thing it's really these are short game proximity to the hole so can you hit your scoring clubs close you can get the ball in play so that's us tonic come along actually recently. I met individuals these scam and and that he started to. We're Sunday talk about kind of mental. Mental strengthening. And that's at this point like most athletes know. At some level you can only get so much better physically. You're just you're gonna kind of topped out but mentally I have a hold universe test tonight to improve and so starting there you know really grasped that and really wanna be. Immersed in that I'm real excited about. That is a process right there and because of physical we look at at the young prodigies and some of the college players and as physically Dayton. Their pattern we are good and that they can't think and in the mentally there you know on a different planet. I did great book out today got a recommend that listeners and viewers golf the ultimate mind game it is fantastic in it Rita. Another one out. Entitled the hinge. Who really good book and on and they're not just golf specific although golf the ultimate mind game but. Still there are there life lessons and absolutely have to learn when we play golf. From a mental standpoint is one of the life what's life lesson in how to handle how to weigh. Deal with the you know though the failures then what do I learned from the failures. No I absolutely. Calm and any other thing too with all this you know then I've I've been around some sports psychology and throughout college and whatnot. Whether it be instructions physically or mentally. Is ten years is it com. You know applicable you know does it can you relate to ten you start to own these lessons in life and that's that's a huge part of it and that's that's out like you say that process. Connecting someone can have a great message but if it doesn't. Resonate if you don't alternately own it and have something to related to go all this makes sense now for me. It never really you know develop the perfect message could still not sink in in the key cannot give it. No I agree a 100% then and when I work with students in and it's not that I have mastery of them and a game vetted by any stretch but. It's finding the words and just waiting for that almost an epiphany when they hold now. Makes cents from eight. An emotional standpoint that's a big step fitness. It is an and it's fun to see that growth where it's like you know it did it takes awhile sometimes man it's as as assists teacher I'm sure it's very. It pays off a lot in on feels great to attacks UCLA student progress and make that next separate like all this. That you can see that improvement I mean that's that's what all about it there TI it is it's a lot of fun and as a coach and I'm sure Bryant feels the same way we are just. Really stoked to see our players better than we are or potentially way better than we could've been you know it's. Vincent Johnson our guest here in studio this morning so. Richard but you learn these lessons and and trended see what it takes to get to the next level so when you watch when you watch a term like the masters. Are you now watching it trying to put yourself out there in position I'm always curious about people who are our professionals are played sports. They watch sports differently than then just a fan where it's like oh man he crushed out of whatever. So when you watch the masters now do you watch it. Particular player who you think you're deemed sort of fit sport is similar to know everybody's got a different way but. In terms of yardage do you play it left to right high low that sort of thing and in try and see how they're playing shots and put yourself and opposition. Yet to go watch him more as a whole and I don't necessarily track one player but just. There's so much to learn and it is really fascinating and you know wanting Stephen hour timeout just with the you know. Just meant told mentally how to handle takes emotionally how to handle things is knowing that you don't weather's tiger at the height of his playing. Or a golfer who you know is eighteen handicap. We all feel the exact same nerves and assist these guys. But grant and they're playing well that we put these guys have a way of coping with the bad days those nerves never grow away and that's so it's upon thinks so there's times with. You know certain shots or you see certain sports they make a dumb throw or dumb shot like. What are you thinking it's like this is the biggest moment of their life and sometimes you. These reactions you have you know UP EU dispute can always account form but it's vested in C. How well they can handle it you know when they're playing in May not closing out these tournaments. That's why the masters is so darn exciting oh yeah and particularly those final nine holes. Take young players like Jordan speak moon and heat he got. Kinda lucky last year now is how lucky anymore in me knows who he is he's going into this tournament he really got to. Be thought of as one of the top five. Favorites to win this tournament. But I don't know until I see him on the last nine holes of that term because. Albeit that all the majors are important there's something special about the master. I'm just just that name the masters now means that you are at the pinnacle. None of Europe. Profession and here you are the ultimate. Around. Within your reach and how do you handle at that point that's why I mention it's a process yeah you got the no win in Longview version numbering in the mass. The and it's really answering to see because. You know cut wolf I guess you sit fought formal formal law. Former skews younger guy you know this is you always seeking dual why not but experience is a big piece of this whole thing especially golf so. Like you say I agree you start to realize now these guys you know I Dustin Johnson who's played it are obviously a Bubba Watson but. These guys have played it 8910 years to just the one major. That is opposite of course heavier side goes it ends have gone a long way and Brian actually you know obviously has it with his experience at the masters. If you get some why there and some variable conditions. Experience goes a long way if there's no no wind or anything he says that you know you can first timer can actually be okay. But typically there are conditions and so that that experienced those years of playing the tournaments and knowing the breaks the greens in the pins. You just you can overlook that so I mean torrent speech he's played met but it's still he's very young in that that progression. We'll supposed to be weather this year it's going to be hot sticky but rain some possible thunderstorms so. As we as we look ahead of you to be like going into this tiger announced he's gonna play. He played this mysterious practice round earlier in the week and then went back up Friday and you know there were plane spotters like Ted to sitting there are gone Basel the plane to plane. I am so. So we finally announced he was gonna play. Yes some played since he walked off the that Torrey Pines. And his game was in shambles a short game was in shambles that at Phoenix I'm sure a foreign concept to him in the he still tiger was are gonna be a circus with Torre come in and look at for a crew Grand Slam. You look at this and we're what do you expect to be thinks should be there on Sunday. Yen to really interesting. I guess that I I think kind of our favorites that hit the ball of a ways to use that kind of pays. So I Dustin who just came off a win. Bob obviously. And then you know 2006. Mickelson granite he's just two rounds left this week but this is really reminiscent where. I was taken as record actually in 2006 Dexia some decent finishes early. But basically it wasn't yet won yet and then the week before one and anyone again and you like you know as his counter reminiscent of that year I would never put it past him is he just seems to show up. There's one player I'm really interest to go and I'm not I'm not predicting he's going to win and all. But Burks Coca. He's made every cut this year he's won this year up one of the Waste Management. And he has a knack last year I mean that's when this kind of coming out was the US open he played well the PGA and he made the cut at the British Open. He just seems have a knack for majors grannies a first timer but I'm really caters to see how he plays. What will be interesting it'll be masters week next week just Sanders shall join us here we'll talk about that and also get everybody. Start in to think about the winkle foods Portland open again. We got to quick break the app going to come back asked the pros and you've mentioned you've been working with Brian quite a bit on scoring shots and close close in short yardage I wanna get your thoughts on some of the things that you're doing. Practice wise and drills that. You know the amateur can go out there and do just as you know because that's where you can improve your scoring the most is get rid of those tough chip sin. In a from a 150 yards and I'm I'm a master of the death chipper right now it's driving me nuts. Sonnet on C if there's so little drills that we can do and take out there as we continue here Vincent Johnson kind enough to join us in studio making the turn here it's got the northwest on ESPN's. We're radio Tenet defend. It's for your game from award winning PGA instructor Harold loose it's time to ask the probe on golf from the northwest on the fair. Welcome back at 833 hair golf in the northwest. Timed. Asked the pros get to frozen here today Vincent Johnson kind of the comment and join us there with terribly Stein. As we get ready masters week next week of course but we're talking about you know just. You're gearing up for the Canadian tour qualifying tournament in about four weeks you work O'Brien manager who's. Fantastic week for he's join us here on the program over the years. He's fantastic and you mentioned. I can't focus has been. 150 in scoring range short irons and then scrambling play around them. Just how important that is you know we hear that all the time on the tour your ability. To save strokes. Scrambling you know that everybody's. Gonna you're not always gonna hit it where you want. Uneven at a professional level especially the way they set up golf courses for your other got tucked pins and water and all sorts of house urged. So what is it that you kind of focused on what Brian when you started really working on the short game gear and up for the for the qualifying tournament. One I think. I mean with I guess he retired from mechanical standpoint as you know have been a consistent a consistent bottom point. But it kind of comes sounded just controlling your distances so how can you accomplish that. And so with you know with with rip them being aware of that. You know growing up you cannot release to be young guy kind of roller rise at the old school guy that wants to just talk about rhythm in and sat up and tempo but. As you get older no matter how good your mechanics are there's always that element of that that is Mets and play that's golf. But you know you're serious kind of trying to seek up arms with the body and and control your arms and ultimately could if you can control your arm swing. And have that be consistent typically you're gonna go in and produce the same distance shot. And so referred for the amateur out there that that's practicing regularly not just the Weekend Warriors but the guys to. Really do play golf in the practice regularly what some. Or couple simple things relate to help. Develop that rid of them were were that you do so you can quantify because sometimes a lot of guys are out there and word. Trying to just worked on you know we're just at the driving range and off mats or whatever and okay balls pretty straight they're going and you know about the same distance or whatever but. To really control it how do you quantify that when your practicing so you know exactly okay when I'm not a hundred yards. I'm hitting the shot when I'm out of 120 on swim in this club. Will some guys talk about the clock drill soul and four year your lead arms up your left arm it's your right hand a player right army feel left handed player is they can't use the clock system so just imagining. If you're left armor at 9 o'clock if you're looking not a golfer. Or at 10 o'clock some some guys really like that is a gives them a visual of how far the sanction go back. And basically you know that will produce one every yardage and back that's a really nice way to hone it in. But you know another another thing is just drills as far as getting to those yardages and putting down balls and just seeing how consistently I mean that's what pros do. I'm her does that Zach Johnson PX he has he's on us now granted we can't do this but he cement. Blocks and so he hits wedges and they should bounce off of amid these inning is numbers. But it's just it's all about. Lending your ball the distance so it's not even about where it ends up really did I think that's wanting amateurs really get off his. All my seven iron went a 153. Yards wool it rolled twelve of those yards so there's water and it's a 149 yards past and I got the guided. So knowing how far the ball carries and there's drills you can do and just hit putting out I mean but you can put out. Towels or hula hoop or something just give you visual there's my yardage and I need to land the ball there and you can do that with chipping and pitching as well he eight. Most amateurs works so much on the mechanics of it to me talk about syncing up our our arms to our our core and that movement. Anywhere on the they forget the fact that tempo which is in a way armor hand speed. I controls trajectory and spin and thus distance. And so they don't know how to work on that and I would have students close their eyes. And just makes some swings that helps them sing the parts market. Get the right sequence of order but at the same time get a sense for the speed of their hands in their arms and then I. With certain players and I'll experiment that clock drill can be effective. For others who are more can aesthetic and last visual then I have closed their eyes and ended at there's no substitution. For practice. The problem we have is that there are very few courses. Except for the private courses that half of that kind of practice facility. I applied. If you can get out on the range where every aren't you have a range finder. Pick out some distances out through a patch of grass is something and look for landing areas don't look for distance the ball traveled. Look for landing areas and I think that's mostly in difficult thing for players. In knowledge gave houses studies. Most players will hit it pretty straight lets you have you know Shiancoe but they'll hit it straight. They just don't have any idea of distance and that really takes practice. And then Vincent Johnson here with us in studio along with Terrell the other piece of course is then what you get on the Green Zone for potting. How do you. When you did especially this is more I think for when you get and you're gonna play in whatever you know play first of all on the practice grain. How do you get a good feel for the speed of the greens firsts for you start worrying about. You know target and that sort of thing but what are you go through when your degree for tournament so you got a good feel for the speed of a green. One thing I'll do. As did a nice mix of breaking putts uphill and downhill putts and just again that a few opens that always changes one thing you know because from tee to green. You have your game and you can kind of dictate some of what happens on the course all the granted them of course lay out kinda helps you to guide that. What whenever you end up doing by. You have some control over that the short game especially putting you're at the mercy of what the ground says. And sold just trying to get a feel of how the contours go. You know you get from turner twenty feet thirty feet forty feet and just roll putts. So that's a good thing to do. Brian he always says he doesn't feel like guys do enough distance and speed cutting because no grand and I work a lot of around the hole that kind of ten to twenty foot range I don't spend a lot of time because if you look to tour averages it's not. Threats we get closer to twenty to taxi incredibly low yeah so what you're probably not going to three putt it you're you know a period people Dell decently. A decent amount but those shots that are OK but they hit the green but they're 3545. Feet. If you can get those two in into every time. That also opens it up Tuesday and it kind of relieves pressure. From the from the approach shots knowing that you know I can get this ball on into so it doesn't have to be really close for me to make par. So it's it's amazing though with golf short game all the practice to have gone into it. There's one thing about action don't hit the shots and there's another thing with feeling like you're gonna hit the shots to that just starts to alleviate pressure. All the way back to the T. And that's all what it's all about if you feel like you're gonna kind of play OK or do you okay. You start did do that because you know you start to relieve that and and his its source to kind of come out. In all of the yeah abstract thoughts and mechanics and and visualization. It's important for our course management. But really golf comes down to field. Can you collier shot leadership and hit it wanted to ask you about. And two greens and and one recommendation I make my players is just cut to the fringes. Forget the whole just try to get the ball as close to into the French from various links. Without actually having such as getting a feel it feels very intuitive there's something you can't. Leak now why is something that takes some thought I teach he point express do you. Have you used it at all. I've gotten a sort introduction and it's really interesting because it's really you know putting it seems like is more. Art than science season but everyone you know once you see this kind of naysayers but everyone that I have says you know you should know more about it so I've definitely become. Much more open to the idea that you know this decides it's it's actually it's pretty it's pretty darn good there really is it's excellent and and I can tell you that alignment and name is. And your visual perception of of your line. Is a bit more science. Than anything else and you feel for distances intuitive and so there's there's a place for science and as a place for word just let it go and putt like it yeah and the last thing I'd say is. Byword it ever encourage golfers to do is. When your putting are doing chipping is at some point get one ball and do it short game contest his as far as you talked about quantifying. You know you could even come up with a couple different. No out of ten you kind of have very shots that you have a routine and doing but basic come up with the tenor twenty game short game that you have set up for yourself. And that can be some sort of proficiency tests as far as and it as far as how many Kia up and down and then on top of that. It's more golf are you know golf course like it's funny 'cause one sports a cause told me. If you practice golf like you you know you wanna practice golf like someone practice medicine. It's not how many go hit a hundred golf balls and then now I get one chance of you can kind of make him more lifelike and use that it's not is. And natural as what we've come to know what's practice but it's some of the best practice you can get absolutely you write this and make it play. Knew exactly. You can follow Vincent Vincent Johnson golf dot com you can follow along as he's got a couple of tournaments coming up the next couple weeks. Before he heads up to Canada for the LPG tortilla and a qualifying tournament. When we come back its top for the business of golf going to be joined by Matt brown out of the highlands golf course in gear hearts as we continue golf in the northwest and ESPN's. Which radio Tenet of the team. It's new driver's best for your game makes the best golf years where should you take your next golf vacation which is local course did you get to know rendered vistas the business of golf every week on golf from the northwest on the affair. 847 haired golf. In the northwest sinner in sync coming up next did you all set for big weekend for the blazers as well isn't the final four. But the business of golf Vincent Johnson kind enough to sit in with this this morning and we're also glad to welcome in from the highlands golf course out at your heart head pro Matt brown good morning Matt. And Terry are. Or just seven to good old time here talking to Vincent get ready for masters week next week but so. We wanted to bring UN this section merchandiser of the year here for the LPGA in the northwest. And to first of all tell everybody little bit about the highlands golf course in in the there's is some great little hidden jams out on the Oregon courts are really knows about abandoned but. There's plenty of golf to be played on the coast all the way up and down Oregon. Absolutely we're kind of like a little mini and in nor battle were radical little hole golf course coat back and look out the window right out of it. The pick ocean. It's a beautiful sunny morning hearing here are. And then you know get a little nine hole golf course. It's kind of a shorter of course our street enforce it and it's in beautiful condition walking only. And that's it stat really really special place. Matt how are you this morning. You know I'm good now you didn't who in the section award for merchandise through the year and I wanted to talk with you a little bit about that. You have any. A web site you do a lot on the line correct. Correct. And and how did June go about this how did it start. And why did you get into an annual a lot of those. Tentative steer away from trying to compete with the the big boxes and other professionals out there on. Content how and why did you get in the. Absolutely well. It all started. Along time ago I was about thirteen or fourteen years old and worked for a guy and you're hurt golf links in industry right. And kind of pioneered. Mail order golf back in the early eighties so. He would talk to people came in played golf course. And he would solid golf equipment these people would be cattle from California. And they are really good relationship with them and it would cost about eight era. She called crumbs all over so I really learned the business early are I was just starting on the golf industry in and playing golf. He ended about seven years ago mr. strike required. You don't know I don't golf course and we took over at least a golf course. And we decided continued his retail business arm and it's been really successful for us we ship golf clubs all over the country. In a cult based on word of mouth interest creating personal relationship took out. Now you also have a line of clubs your own clubs correct. Correct last year we you know what a brand has forged blade column you're buying or blade. End. Not always loved the played blade even though I'm not good enough to play item has at least look yeah. That you'll love nominal government. In so a lot of and blades from a lot of manufacturers like you know and it looked itself or. So you wanna come up their brand new and we have a we are or exporting outs and chip and a girl Japanese forged donor. Finest quality Japanese steel and leave it and it imported and your partner we build a course and ship Ramallah where. Matt brown head pro at the highlands golf course in gear of our our guest here. In so. I think a lot of times people overlook they see the pro shops that bed courses and resort courses and they think it's just to get you know what a golf shirt or hat from the course but I think he really overlooked the value. Of of purchasing clubs are getting fitted their win eight PGA tour professional and I think the other thing they think is it's gonna be far more expensive than what I'm getting. At a big box store maybe you can explain just the value of your local pro shop and in in terms of getting clubs you guys usually have access to more clubs than than even the big box stores. Well sure you know. Personable. But that's what you said is only going to be your local PGA professionals so. Her appear ever looking at purchasing a golf club or several hundred you know that can be pretty expensive. Really recommend going to your local pro first. And in having to get fit because they're going to be a big achievement the club. Is gonna use that bat. And it are you more but on the golf course kind of how we eat. You'd think they're island so you know. It grows and it not only great teachers are also great cuts and theaters and you know when we eat a customer come and you'd better indoor pro shop we talked to Robert on. Our goal is to just create a relationship type person so. We don't necessarily want to sell them anything yet. They are clubs are working great for them we usually cover district playbook which it. Gonna try to sell you something missed the sell you something. But we want to engage that customer. Yeah it can it make sure that you're playing what should be playing and and unique step in new club that we can only get on a world that a little bit. Well and that's a value of being an instructor at the same time as being a club for better correct. Exactly exactly a week. Well you know our shot at PGA professional that he can promote the game. And the world it could be on the front lines that so what what's important about that while you gotta be a acknowledge it via the latest. Shaq the raiders. Getting carts. On the latest technology. Nine has talent we have an indoor putting. Studio so we have a lot smarter we can get people are numbers in May regret. Com that the shock but they're playing more of that reporting it and there ain't so. There's lot to Lleyton in the candidate at you know with golf the technology used is getting better and better every year. In the lot computing to a lot of people so you know it's PGA pros we have to make sure that we can convey. How the new technologies Garnett are safe and strokes. And armed and armored out. Matt brown from the highlands golf course it gear hearts thank you so much for taking some time ports of people learn more about the course heard more about that you were line of votes forged. Are forged wedges there. How can they find out more about it online. Absolutely will economic go to our. Our online web site which is just being and golf dot com. And we have all the lines that we carry this catalog of all the products Kerry air. And that if you want more information on just the golf course it's highland golf your heart dot com. Yeah and feel free day check out some great go to the golf course and we lobbied at eight and the coast where course. Oil Carol Mira scheduling one shortly. Oh there you go sounds good Matt thanks so much for joining us this morning. Are riding Matt brown out there pylons golf course. As we wrap things up this morning Vincent Johnson yeah I mean. I imagine you're a bit more sensitive to making sure you've gut. Proper fit and grips and how much adjustments do you guys who would you make on a month to month basis with what your playing based on. Where you're going what you're. Yet it I think guys are kind of across the board. Like I know that tiger is really. He has his habits and thinks that he likes a truly hard to get sucked in his set now as I've gotten older. I can and I know what I like and so now it's multi Millie I kind of just stick with that young Nike golf they've supported me with. With clubs and equipment and apparel on and been really supportive and so they just ultimately at this point kind of same shaft same lie angles and not really tweak and around too much could once you find something new light. It's so easy then you can go on to just playing golf and not thinking about the numbers or the technology and just let. But that do it's do its job try their new wedges yuck I just got fitted with a new wedges they'll be coming out may one. Big difference tonight I'm on Nike staff also and then there's the IRS web to find the new wedges. Are extraordinary commitment from some what's next Loria. Going to Scottsdale can play in a pro am down there when and one more event then nine Q school Canada Q school boy can't thank you enough for common and hanging out with us for an hour. I'm street guts practice there are golf somewhere scheduled for the day trip to the course there you go you can. He's off the Scottsdale and then out to wallow wallop before he heads out to Kennedy you can follow the results of there. We'll check in with few may be after qualifying school hopefully you've got a tour cards and know we'll see what's next to it thanks so much thanks to Vincent thanks for Matt graduate and a senator and state is up next. Thanks Joey for herald I'm Jason had a straight.