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Golf In The Northwest 3.28.15

Mar 28, 2015|

Kathy Porter of the First Tee and Matt Plumb of Nike Golf join Jason & Harold on this weeks' show.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The latest tips and equipment to improve your game. Or latest from the leader boards and your favorite course and in action packed hour about it briefly go. Now with the Wharton and professional herald lose here's your host Jason slider. Or good morning everyone who spoke hope everybody got out and played some golf the last two days it was gorgeous and a both you and I did. Yes we did a well it was a form of all. Well what I intermittently fun and hey it's no okay priority taking shots at me ten sectors and Russia non I don't know highway fifteen OK I. Am putting is is it's now. Had a about good. Or better than I have in a while. And I just them now make enough putts and hit an analyst and not make it. I couldn't chip or a very exciting it's great no doubt the OGA course yesterday. So. A buddy mr. growth he down there courses in great shape greens were fantastic. Birdied the first told Wally should aquae I should've walked off right there like that you know got a good aegis rocket potter. Yeah they did clubs Y anyway not to make a putt I knocked it within two and a half feet. Run on the right side of the fairway nice nice short opening holes a short par four but 345 yards there from the blue tees and I. And took a three wood out didn't wanna you know get crazy with the driver. And right right on the right side of the fairway about 145 bout took a seven iron. And was up from bounced it up there to two and a half feet rolled in the putt should walked off right there ya what you do as you drop your partner. Even at clubs walked in. And tell the cart boy go get two clubs the green you're not you'll meet him it is an issue that's why you're a veteran award winning PGA instructor. There connected to my show should've taken that lesson right now and it's you've got him really. But no I apart punish myself with eight more grueling holes he joined late night. Yeah I took my mom yeah ends a little little birthday celebration for her since I was busy the last couple weeks about the mom offer some golf. And did in the wind kicked up patty they're each your mom what did you. Now that he shouldn't do. I never peed my mom and bowling. That's because I don't think you can count it but it. Not on no no my mom's not she understands oh really yeah it competitive here mark marks competitive and a trend but it it C a rock and so bury you know it wasn't like that let her out their plan I have a couple of nice bloke to join us that was great character Brian out there. I appreciate that they were patient with us out we're hacking it up now although the wind kicked up. Even so you know my propensity for power fades if I'm hitting it well. Yes the wind grabbed some in their giant slices the outweigh they start out Jesus Christ there it now. So well and city to slice there at. Well I have a power fades when they end their opinions you have planning a propensity hand no kidding but no I was a lot of approaches though that were in the cabbage in chipping was just new feel in I was burglary in hands of stone the it's tough. That struggle he did say today and a first law. Had a skull the first wrench on the second line thank you very much that'll be a double. No I yeah I know I'm gone through it. So we think we yes we feel your pain out there at that time a year fortunately we've had great weather. Through the winner now in the spring and it's going to be a little damp but a lot of courses are in great shape they didn't get saturated over the winter so. They'll be able to take take some rain here often on shouldn't keep you from going on plan. And as long as the wind doesn't kick up too bad the ring to keep from planets and it's a good opportunity it's up if you're gonna play in the northwest do. Need to go out and do so if it's a light shower or something get out there understand what the conditions are when your wet. We keep in the grips dry when the ball's wet when the rough is wet how to hit those shots now it. Good points all of those good points the issue being the weather's been so good. If there's a drizzle. Sorry but I'm not playing every other winner we've had if it's a drizzle I'm out there this year I got spoiled and fellow. My standards have changed temperatures got to be equal to or shot a million now you wintering in Phoenix. And on on winner again in the confines of the least I houseful. Bush know and we. Tearing out on the professional tourists are all five tourists in action are coming up in the are asked the pro segment. I got to talk to Cathy Porter she's the executive director of the first tee of greater Portland you know was spring break this week for Oregon schools Washington schools coming up. It's that time if your kids or interest did or your interest did in introducing them to golfer. Giving them into programs. For steel Portland is offering a great many of them. A round. The Portland Portland golf courses in so Kathy is gonna let us know kind of how those programs work. And also as a parent when your expectations. What they should be. For your child especially if they're being introduced to the game really formally for the first time. Does nothing ruins it for the kids then parents who think they've got the next Tiger Woods in the making it and they just wanna go out and have some fun and hit some golf balls and see where they go. Yeah absolutely parents to get in a way it's like Little League Baseball sometimes and and I I faced that quite often. Usually the first question I asked can I don't work with real little ones. Easily about 11:12 am. End up. Seeing. Are you Turkish you wanna be hairy here because mom and dad one year. And fortunately the kids are saying because of that age. I really wanna be here. And giant ain't courage their parents the lesson of the kids if it doesn't wanna be there don't push him into he's not gonna do to edit your share in the pocket and giant. And it's just tuition money and time just let the kid kind of work their way into it and take a nod to the range every now and then hit some balls go to the putting green. Have a contest within and if you can light the fire. Income and child in the right way of the pollution. And evidence to say it actually go to the range great. Let's go. And that's that's the kid eyewitness you know regardless of the age I usually about seven years now. There really start getting into an odd time of ten or eleven. These kids use Iowa and how to play this game right exactly sort. To cap the it to 830 and 3045 we got map on this week product line manager for Nike golf we think. No he told me word we got him we're the result technical mix up there last week. I'm hoping he's going to be and show our product line manager for Nike golf so hopefully we can ask him. About some of the new technology with their wedges. And then see if we can't help or short games both here and I. See if you know what we need to get in the bag. And hit those shots and quit coming up three feet short or knocking it off the green to the other side. Often times and and the first thing that players look for is a mistaken mechanics. And I. And you really should look at mistakes in the can't but at the same time look at your equipment. Maybe you've got the wrong way it's maybe you've got the wrong Brian may be it's there on driver for many in my citizens you know fifteen years old and just outdated. The every year and actually about every two years. Club companies come out with new technology that new technology which really can. Move your game forward they're not always successful at a but there are at least trying. I always when I'm being fitted for anything now is take what the club I'm hitting now compared to the club that and that is being recommended forming. And if a new one isn't better. Then the one I have now I don't switched. So Matt's coming up joining us and a 45 in the business of golf but as always we start the show by going inside the ropes. It's time for an insider's look at the leaderboard. Latest on all two hours plus local golf events and Goldman. This is inside the ropes part of golf from the northwest on the program to. All right we start with the European tour there in Morocco trophies Sauna. A golf to power away Royale. There's only three guys inside the top hundred in the world who made the cut. And cheered as they are up. George could see at at 66 was the highest ranked of them Richie Ramsay scotsman as your leader eight under par their play in the third round right now on the Golf Channel. Andrew McArthur another scotsman tied with Romaine that battle. Of France at seven under par. But most of the top European players are over here in the states as they get ready. For the masters here in just two more weeks Champions Tour is in action. Boy Colin Montgomery tie would Joseph Durant for the lead five under par. They are in Biloxi Mississippi it fallen oak for the Mississippi gulf resort classic. Nice to see them when they're in action Jeanne Sowers at four under par. Tied with Kevin Sutherland Woody Austin Brad Faxon. You got Lauren Roberts in at three under Calcavecchia is in a two under some Champions Tour. I don't have a little more regular run right now though lay off for the masters week but there's a lot of them. Still that are still qualified will play and that again that it going on a regular basis. Yes they get an invitation and most remote plane until they can't walk anymore. The Colin Montgomery good to see him up there are two wins last year both majors. They're playing out there are some windy conditions thousand the same issue that. The regular two hours. Yeah everybody seven wind issues everybody kind of down in that general area the Web.Com to worry is in Broussard. Louisiana late pro golf and country club for the team macho Louisiana open. That's a mouthful. I anybody's got them out Flores is we have writing Gibson young Australian rookie on the Web.Com tour your leader at twelve under par Cameron Wilson another rookie. Just 22 years old he turned pro last year coming out of Stanford keys at ten under par. So again we're seeing these young guys. Coming out on to word from the amateur ranks from wherever and immediately finding success getting in contention we've seen it now with its a lot of the Web.Com tour graduates. How will's now now I can't think of his name. Daniel burger on the PGA tour. It has had himself in top ten contention for a lot on Sunday it it's a little bit of a process but at young ages. We see now the development of the Web.Com tour and it prepares them. When they've achieved success on that level to have some level of sustain success. On the PGA tour rather than the old days yet have a hot week at Q school and you get out there. And then you find out what a weekly grind it is and how you have to prepare your game week after week course to course travel all that stuff I took note to make money. Try another name actor Carlos Ortiz. And the skits coming off the let number one last year yes three wins on the Web.Com tour noting the wind cook foods Portland open playing very well this year. And and making an impression on the other place to play with them and appreciate his personality and of course this kid can play. He can play very soft spoken he seems like one of those guys who will get along fine out there are more of a Mac future like in. Kind of personality to fit in but yet he's got game. And to has been demonstrating it throughout the year the LPGA tour their first major is next week so most of the top players they're Kia classic at Carlsbad California. Hobby or a golf club. And hey an American might win this week Morgan pretzel. Atop the leaderboard ten under tied with the mirror and Lee Allison Julie Christie Kerr Bolton nine under par Brittany Lang at eight under Stacy Lewis at seven under par. So you've got a host of Americans finally up there is a Korean won last week again. They've won five of six and Lydia Ko who's of Korean descent one the other tournament this year. And this after last year when the Americans got off to a really hot start. Stacy Lewis was winning on Michelle Wie I believe the defending champion here. You know also I don't know what it is Stacy Lewis seems to be in the top ten every week but she hasn't been able to close out a tournament yet. Now she hasn't been yet. Four Americans are in the top ten the age of seven broken through yet the Koreans. By they really have come out strong this year like is saying. There are 25 active Koreans and the LPGA tour how many Americans. You know. I would say the bulls 7580 now 45. 25 Koreans 45 Americans. I'm not surprised the Koreans are competing with the Americans the numbers aren't that far apart. You know consider running the size of this country is compared to the size of Korea and there's a lot of Korean players out there and they're playing very well and they have. Quite in this is different from the United States they have quite a sisterhood the Korean players are all. You really supportive of one another there in their interest in developing their own games their competitive yes but. It's it's a very interesting sisterhood that they have out there Connell altogether and it's all for one on one for all in some respects well they are. Are trying to prove that they belong now and on these two dollars and the only team and the and the LPGA and certainly they do. On the men's side Dayton they haven't yet. Achieved any stardom. It got some decent players this KJ Choi he doesn't yeah at least it's really not the same at all. So the Korean women do have something to prove the Americans in culturally were always about competition in beating up the neighbor. And here we are our you have a different culture here and they're very supportive of one up brings together the Americans are not no limits there are different. Yeah it's different. Brings us to the PGA tour. Two stops in Texas before the masters first won the TPC San Antonio. Valero Texas open Jimmy Walker. Now with the big finish in a sector around will start the day with the lead six under par one shot clear of Aaron Baddeley and Charley Hoffman. We'll pick it up there on the other side of the break. But a star studded leaderboard here. Four at the top players that have entered Jordan speak there's only two back. Billy morsels Zach Johnson Phil Mickelson all on the first page of the leader board. As we start gearing up for the masters. Wool discussed who's really rising in the form the probability of a first time masters winner a first time major winner coming up this April. And why nobody can seem to hold a 54 hole lead on the PGA tour this year that as we get going here it's golf in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio Tenet defends. This is the ultimate northwest on ESPN Sports Radio obscenity goes for men dating scene here. This morning sinner and saint coming up right after us at nine. Wanna come hang out with me I'll be from 11 AM to one at the cricket wireless store 11400 southeast 82 avenue and I'll be there this come. And say hi. Elaine outlets wag I do it burn our dream you do it for an hour here a better man for a and that's to be debated but I relish this these times again I know. Slide out birth defect just an hour which is proves to be plenty for each of us did. Does but the F from 11 AM the one. And then critical wireless got some great deals going on their phones implants done theirs he can check that out. We've got us a minute away and got some timbers tickets to giveaway for the the timbers taken on no Orlando. Coming up in a couple of weeks out here so. You know that's even more incentive. To come join us as well and then. The fate and the fan girls were going to be hanging out Abbas hogs this afternoon watching tournament action three to 5 PM a scene that 1080 the fan dot com. In two get all the details there are so that's what's going on for today but as we get back to our discussion here the PGA tour. In San Antonio the Valero Texas open. Horrific wins for the first groups out Thursday morning. That morning flights. Nobody was under par so everybody that played in the afternoon took advantage the winds died down. They were scoring well they have continued to maintain their lead that's where you see Phil Mickelson in Jordan's beaten Jimmy Walker they all play in the afternoon on Thursday. Took advantage of the conditions Jimmy as your leader at six under trying to become the first two time winner on tour this year. Jordan's beat 212 weeks ago Matt every one last week coming from behind to take the Arnold Palmer invitational a defending his title. The only tournament he's number one on two worries won it twice. At bay hill so he'll be at the masters but. We see it again coming from behind 34 shots to get in your 56 groups ahead of the Saturday leaders. Able opposed to scoring get in the clubhouse why is it become on the PGA tour are so difficult. For guys to hold 54 hole leads. I don't know. I'm. And nine and the on the Internet right now too and if the if anybody did which is Jason. Oil and why by tiger and and to some extent by Rory. Who when they got out to 456. Shot lead were able to put the hammer down health specialists skill is that ability. Even with your juniors who are playing in in high school and in college tournaments. How different how special is is the mind in between your ears when you get a 45 shot lead you know you have a four or five shot lead. Going into a final round of the last nine holes out to not. Do anything differently. Bin got you there. Well ideas that's the point end and I do have an opinion on some goal far away married now. I think it's very it's like making a bogey or double bogey earlier round. Out OK I screwed up. But I got a lot of holes left here to play. And I'm just going to be keep firing at flags and see what happened. You start out really hot in internment look at oh Morgan Hoffman last week. So he starts out real hot 6665. He's playing really well in. And even plays decently on Saturday and now he's in a position. To possibly win. And it all goes south on. So what happens I was thinking about this this morning looking at all these 54 hole leaders who have just dumped it this year. And and I expect the same thing at the masters I think there's a trend going on here. And and often times we get that momentum rolling from tournament to tournament. Number one you don't have a dominant player that can take a big lead in and finish with that because the the Tiger Woods. Type of player and how many are there there's one they have that he tries to increases league. And his mindset always was this if I have a two shot lead and in America Sunday I needed to be four or seven and keep going. Most of the players out there. And with all due respect to them. I am trying to figure out how to keep Elaine and there's a big difference between keeping a lead in and and winning a tournament. Let's look at last week were mad a very. Two years in a row. He comes from four shots behind last year to overcome Adam Scott. Three this year to overcome. An extensive now that being said. Scott and Stetson helped him. Bloody still came from behind in line on on Sunday and I think that's an easier thing to do it in a hold of all the fifth old age 54 late. Is the advantage. Of being out in front behind knowing. I have to make birdies. If I got up par five I can reach into I have to go foreign to. I and then yacht and you're able actually to obviously. As you see it the other thing too guys man they're going for it and they can't get it they hit the water there put him bunkers they can't make putts and they shoot 76 well. Well there's a different mindset from rounder around. And tucked. I I think it's best to start out fast you wanna get going it builds confidence and builds momentum into the weekend. I think the players who come out in their first couple rounds in just trying to hang around I think you're gonna be. A top 1012 south 25 of the time it's over. But what happens is and I I believe what should happen for these players is that if you're all going into the final round. And Europe a couple of shots through four shots behind. You know that guy up there is probably not gonna give you the tournament you can't plan on that see you got to turn what you refer to. Previously in your course management. As. You got to take the the caution policy turn him into green light they got to the green lights have to be green he had a go for it. The yellows become grain east value reds become yellows theory you just changed the whole mind set up you are near to each all. Depending on that on the pin placements and such. I you take a look at China's stance and last week albeit he snuck. He really struggled with a spotter he did make a birdie in the last six holes and those are the places and he needed to make birdies that he was trying to hold the lead instead of taking his three shot lead and and expanding it to six or seven. So then as we we've seen this happen. Throughout you know since we started really in January. You know on the tour so as we look ahead to the masters. What you know. Somebody's gonna be out there are most likely with 54 hole lead might have a two shot lead what position would you rather be in you wanna be in that final group. On Sunday at the masters I I know it depends on who it is if it's if it's Adam Scott or bubble Watson they've been their before right so they know what that pressure is like but benefits. If it's a Billy or shall. If it's a Jordan speaks. If you're those guys would you rather be in that spotter you wanna be in about the fourth group back. You know how bullish on like to be I think it like Libya and the topic is out. I may feel more comfortable coming from two victory shows that Kazaa now I feel more green lights and I I stay aggressive. As opposed is gaining a little passive. At that from fits my personality. Pride. He still wanted to beat up close to the top end. Albeit the masters is very different in that state and usually animal but did got a two shot lead. In the last two seasons. Anyone with a 54 hole lead in twelve attempts only for those players whine. With a 54 hole lead if you look at. A four shot lead download the odds go way up and in seven attempts he had six wins. One shot lead. Sixteen attempts. Only five wins so but let's take a look at the masters. When does it really start the last night now. Anything can happen. I think I'd rather have that four shot lead coming out of the thirteenth and fourteenth all I as opposed to going into amen corner. Much more on the masters and next week as well wool will know pretty much what the field is small start breaking it down as to. Who we think is is gonna be there in the back Manning contention on Sunday. And the propensity or the probability of heaven a first time winner of the masters maybe even a first time major winner. Vs the guys who have done it before. As we get to ramp up from masters week in a couple of weeks the coming up next. I'm douse the pros will chat with Cathy Porter she is the executive director of the first tee of greater Portland. It's that time a year. Spring break looking for some for the kids to do as well as looking ahead to summer time and what sort of programs and activities. Several golf courses around the Portland area have offering for. You're junior golfer or make an attorney here golf in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio Tenet came. It's for your game promote award winning PGA instructor Harold loose guns and it's time to ask the probe on gulf from the northwest on the trip. Big 31 here golf from the northwest sinner and saint and Keith and Luke go take over after rescue chalk that up in the tournament conjure bracket by bracket is an excellent chin. I can't believe you have seven of vein yup. I I really go from the line in. The odds on losers you know buffalo Albany Hampton and then I do a Michigan State in the final four sevenths he. Recently yeah achievement. 'cause I'm Smart. Out of me because nobody on. A lot of people didn't east communism Barton navy and and in Iran Noland who's. So yeah I'm open Nam open you know now we need now we need to everybody take your business this weekend. I simply have in the final four Kentucky Arizona Ginn zag in Michigan State. A 34. You know. Who's kids out as planned. Inzaghi plays duke duke that's that's the that's the if you want out early puberty just takes your business in Wisconsin finally goes down. Catch much more on that with Luke. And it keeps coming up but right now we're very pleased to have wit that's the executive director of the first tee of greater important. Cathy Porter joining us good morning Cathy L Loria. Don't work. Out. Well it was a boring morning beautiful morning I think we're gonna dodged some showers it's been great the last couple days a course for most of the Oregon schools last week was spring break the Washington schools serving coo over schools coming up shortly and so. I got to see my little nephew. At one of the one of the camps he just turned four is very excited to be out there but it's it got me thinking and you know now's the time the weather's getting better parents are starting to think about summer. And to just the opportunities. That the first tee really provides suited to introduce kids to golf. Kind of been a more enjoyable manner. Rather than just you know sit there and lessons and pounding balls in and so wanted to bring you on. And just let everybody know kind of the mission for the TT. And but it had to start with them and we can talk a little bit more about some of the programs that are that are going on throughout the spring and summer. Sir. Though the mentioned that the first key Israeli. It teach children like killed during the game of golf stokes. You know golf is really the vehicle. We teach them. Mainly you know a lot of fundamentals in the beginning we make it socially make I'm really looking that way Adam. And all the while we're introducing them to be life skills in English way now back. You don't even really realize that they're getting it because when you think about the game has called you think about. Some of the nine core values. That we reached that parallel with the dean. Are you such as. Honesty integrity. Sportsmanship. Courtesy. Confident. You respect responsibility and gently and it girl thing that we are introducing the children are out there game in a very seamless manner Carol. Our mission is it's rarely do you teach these children to be good credit and in the community. At all. And and if stage you play golf at a higher level. We are certainly. The platform for making that happen. We chat a lot of children that you know have been very big tackle in the sport. And that we have a lot that you'd wanna play golf as a lifelong. Like now. It it's really an amazing out program that we offer Arab. You know we do as you mentioned we try to keep it social. And engaging and fun arrogantly it especially in the very beginning when they're being interviewed actor the sport. Because that's what really hurt them. Cassie there's guys like you said there's nine core values idea struggle with eight of those. And I'm sure kids due to an adult the fact that. Which one of the nine and then tough question bill which one of them do you think is the most difficult for kids. To acceptance. Of I look at confidence though what do you see. You know I think Adam really. Kind of integrity as an interesting weren't sure at the children because. In the game of golf you know you learn to call a penalty on yourself it's different than any other. Sport that you participate in and that you know you're you're keeping your own or you're doing the right staying cool and yelling out there watching and you know for the children and I am we really really hit hard on an outline and even they thank like when your hair without QQ. You know pressure cheese and you know that maybe you haven't done that. You know you don't want to add a look at yourself in the mix every day and make a big change. And so that I think that one is is really when a band that he component you. Have them in their decision making an article in the that we teach Israeli how to make good agent spoke earlier not let golf. Kept reporters executive director of the first tee of greater Portland here. And show a that I core values. You know with the kids in and kinda. Introducing those to them through the game of golf I I know there's a lot of parents who probably could have those nine core values reinforced I think there is big part of this process as ever especially. You know introducing the younger kids what is it that they need to keep in mind. To make sure and reinforce what the first he is is is all about and not necessarily be competitive nature of golf at that point but. Just being introduced to the game and learning to enjoy themselves and the game at the time. Well you you bring up. You know across a very important part I think it's really really important for Abbott parents did not try to get. Technical with the children when they're just starting out. A you know her act we try to pick one thing and we focused on math and we work and out of a mastery Durban climate now we give them one saying Kelly and we try to get and after that component and it might seek. Balance for example we want you have a balance finished when you cling. And sometimes the apparent target set back and watched that because. They might see something else that is that technical aspect that the child is not doing exactly right. Now you know. We wanna stay away from trying to give them three different thing to think about it wants and allow. And you just spoke on the one item at a time and then move on. Each that it can't do many things. You know that you're gonna shut down I've seen it you know several times where a parent will come up or have their arms wrapped around them and they'll be source in the lane and and that's how that is you know kind of clothing down and I just laugh I'm swinging well I don't in the beginning they called regret that opera. That way. You know you might say I don't you try doing it this way that they wanna go back to back. I let him in the beginning eventually they would change about make on that let them clean extremely. And and feel what it feels like to have success hitting the golf ball. Kathy Nguyen do you. Notice. And is there any particular age that you notice that kids start saying. I'm really wanna start learning how to play this game the right way and that then they're ready for instruction but at what age do you see that happen. Sure I think that more right around the age of ten and eleven actually Aaron. In our program they progressed through different levels they're called player are birdie eagle. An eight. And they've progressed through the different levels that children are receiving different component of the white guilt training. Well at the golf Gil and the golf you'll get a little work technical right around that thirty level. And at the very level that the children are actually learning a lot about goal setting and goal setting on the course. And goal setting in school and in life and when they start. Setting out called their their their written has taken stated positively. And when they really expect that hone in on. Check that technicality of say a big game. And applying it to you you know their paperwork and app Burkle had. Death reporters artistic sick director of the first the up Portland you mentioned there the different levels in the different program says the kids get older. For people that are interested in finding out more about that heard the different programs 'cause I know you know and it's kind of that time a year the weather's getting better. Parents are look and whether it's lessons whether it's junior league she got several courses in the area that dead. Are part of the first tee. What do they need to when they need to start signing kids up so that they're ready to go when school's out. I would highly recommend spending your child up at right now. April 13 is where our classes start. And we offer classes right now at the children Cloris Strickland to veer off course Kola gulf are under. The LG eight cornerstone and would burn rubber ridge and Eugene and apparently golf course. And and registered in the just go to www. There's. Cheney. Greater Portland dot org. And then I know all show. You know did you guys who rely a great deal on the community the golf community and donations you could have a big event coming up for the adults but the yurigan golf club to. And I two in June if anybody has been to yurigan golf club knows it's gorgeous but to let everybody know how they can get involved. And in you know we talk about growing the game in and player development it's a great way to participate in and have some fun. Exactly we have our biggest fund manager of the year that will be held on Friday April 17 at organ alt. Club and it is great wine and golf ball so it's mainly wine tasting at the very street slowing demand it's fun we have seen. And you'll have a silent lie auction will have a couple children there as guest speakers from cutting contracts and rarely agree and that we got some amazing winery coming out. Have you Owen Nolan Wilson owner vineyards. While a case is did several really good winery and great news and get straight on Bianca it to really great weight you help. In our fundraising efforts and you know. The majority of our our funding comes from the bad such as needs and a lot that go out into the community and their children that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to participate and electric is there. Currently we partner with a 110 different schools and organizations in the greater Portland area. And that the court allowed them to go out to work with Boys and Girls Club and you know at risk organization and they like about. It's such a broad based pitchers trying to reach you must need volunteers got you. We absolutely need volunteers add. You know. That we are actually a grassroots effort I know that we are part of an actual organization called the source she. And they provide the curriculum but not necessarily it's not financial. Support so we try to do as much as we can't let volunteers in all areas. We have volunteered that actress co chaired by our country the apparent. Data entry. I'm working on our golf course we have out archery nine hole golf course in America. Actually in need ask actually at an end it might. Even mowing greens and fairways out. They want has lectured on their hand please give us a call. We would love is pleased to work getting any you know it's actually an organization that will make you feel good lately at the end of the day. No question about it and now was up efforts one of the classes. The my little nephew had with Trey and Johnny absolutely had a great time. Outcome of his first formal introduction to golf so. Other volunteers are greats. And really supportive of the kids in and if you're interested you love the game and you wanna pass that on that's a great way to do that Cathy Porter executive director of the first tee of greater Portland. Thank you so much for taken some time for us into hopefully week in continued to to grow the game and introduce more kids do it. Thank you tinkered and worldly really appreciate your support we're getting from the morning. You batic gap the border executive director the first tee of greater Portland and and as you mentioned it's. You know the big kids themselves. Will figure out if they really wanna play the game. And she said the same thing you right around age 1011. Is when those competitive juices kick in if they like the game they've experienced some excess. Bill let you know as parents when their ready to turn it up. But until then. You know as the first tee mention it's a it's about the core values and developing life skills through the game. And developing that enjoyment of the game. I think those that development of life skills goes right through high school and college and work with my players and the saints. Sort of skills and albeit on a more mature level. You start young you can maintain those core values far in two year playing career. So thanks to Kathy for joining us next up. We've we've located Matt club. Your we got them product line manager for Nike golf pocket wedges when we continue golf from the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio Tenet defend. It's new driver's best for your game who makes the best golf here where should you take your next golf vacation which is local course did you get to know better this is the business of golf every week on golf and a northwest on the affair. They 48 hair business a golf and early map clone has people. To his work and through people yeah he's got handlers apparently it was too he's working through the line here. We'll talk to map plummet just second thanks again Cathy Porter. An executive director the first tee of Portland while looks like you we got him here shortly and soul. Will talk to him about wedges and you know we got into it a little bit last week just abouts how much technology has has advanced. With wedges in a traditionally. Old school yeah had a pitching wedge union had a sand wedge in nice Connick it. In two now glad to have with this year. On the line on Matt plumb product line manager for Nike golf and specifically wedges good morning Matt how aria. We're doing fantastic. And and as we. Before we get in the kind of the the newer technology just give everybody an idea. How you came to Nike golf in and what product line mean injures at Nike golf for actually. Working with them getting product out into people's hands. Actually yes I am. I got hired my dolphins about out of work out of our our research and development ability of the company. What we're taxes. Bit about five years down there and the network hurt her career over on the European tour are our marketing to a rough. Welcome all of our our great athletes over on the European side. And that about a year ago like I got a got a call exactly urine. And work on now have our future product a product development. Of wedges and putters. And drivers term it would average. So it's it's a great break gate I what were company and really do is we try and find insights on things are areas where we can make athlete but structurally what it's all about. And that then that spans the gamut from the professional players the Tiger Woods in the Rory McIlroy is down to me weekend Duff for 24 handicap. In so wool wolf focus on that end of it first when work considering. Wedges what to carry in our bag and what were looked at Matt. On what are the what are the things we need to keep in mind. Knowing we can't pull off you know miraculous shots you know. Giant flop shots of that but what you would really have in mind in terms of thinking about wedges and what we should have and our bags and we go out play on the weekends. Think my favorite question asked a player with with regards to let us party that your pitching wedge you have in your back. And and generally that's somewhere in the neighborhood of 42250. Yard. And we say cup party at the longest iron you cared. And generally it's it's it's somewhere in the neighborhood of about eighty yards. Difference. And then we will look at 120 yards and all of which I which more important. You know 200 yards out per 120 yards to the whole company tools are or clubs you have to cover it up 120 arts. And so it kind of breaking up and finding finding a golf club at each other purpose you're sat in the which are apparent. Can we put into wedges in your shattered three additional wedges that pitching wedge in the what do we look and formed a bit. We can Richard what do we get a spiritual level we get his full shots we've had shot out of a out of a bunker. And we need to find an appropriate golf club at the shop actually underperformed. So Matt how do you balance the skill level of the player. And the circumstance in which you might find himself on the golf course. A burger great cross our bank. You know it it it educating a little bit out of an understanding of how we use that golf club he probably use the traditional art and golf club. I'm you know enough talent is it also not giving at all but we wouldn't we wouldn't recommend it off of that that it isn't these skills that would inevitably ballclub. We do we recommend the more perimeter weighted ball a bit and help out. And registered a bit parts. Saying what is need to be perimeter weighted organ and needs and how it's sold appropriate there was one titans' skill level player reps. Don't match I went through us and they feeding over at the Nike headquarters with you and you asked me about my short game and I. Lamented that sometimes I scarlet and sometimes I chunk at which and I share that with 99%. Of all golfers out there. And you may descend decisions for me. And had me hit some wedges. In you kind of share with the listeners how old you are going to solve that child king in scrolling issue. Absolutely and I think you're in the product search through it through you get go through what our new engage random wedges. And and really it's that simple we've got three different sold arms the better touch or soul that we designed to. Certainly be played and an squared up club its position on like that that's all her for kind of 52 degree wedges wedges or using Shelley. Most of the time but this work what page so one question. To all or review. We send in are really important question is which call on you like to use from a greenside bunker. And understanding that there's different shops but your primary go to wedge you can pull greenside bunker and we found our program that we call socially where. We wanted to make sure there was there was Al Assad on the host side and at all. And then three you're you're you're shelling in and checking our group that this scenario what we were trying to do was provide US sold out a lot bottom land. And through. A looking through your motion and through your having success you start learning competence and I think that's for a lot of it comes from as if you're not scared that the shop. I'll tell you where I'm more scared to hit and miss and those tight lies have banded dunes and you have inherently more of those lies around. Is a balance going to be effective off that time and I. If we know how to use. Absolutely you know you look at a lot of wedges in that week and I'm at a concrete pledges. Did you start to take away outs in areas where you don't need it when you're gonna wanna open golf club. And I reached you put out on the areas of our ballclub where you're gonna want to. Out of a bunker out of rap I areas where can help you. I think there's a real common misconception that tour players all play it would very little else. When in fact the average culture or our our athletes are on to work on a sixty degree wedges and degrees. Fairly wide type of soul. You think about the belied under conditions of those guys played cholera or. He. Matt LaMarcus product line manager for a Nike golf clothes were all talking about what is unfortunate run and at times so Matt. Fur of people that wanna find out tin and you mentioned the next evolution. Of of wedges that Nike is working on. Where wind and where they going to be able to get their hands on those in and start testing them out and sand sifting get fitted for a. Yet but they they go on sale I'm on May perk so to be looking for a public key gauge here wedges and they're they're really. You know we have a saying it Nike if you bought your aptly in the Asia really it's our wedges are. People are all the skill levels from the players in the world. All the township to those people who struggle with some of the chunks in the and in the area the scope like shops. And we'll look for those I know demo days will be big a lot of you know may and June to big time for demo days Scioscia ones coming to a course near you. And give properly fitted in and fitting you know a lot of times that the degrees that we go to and and that sort of thing Matt plumb product line manager for Nike golf bags per I've taken some time for us this morning Matt and hope ketchup with two down the road. Map plum product lineup manager for a Nike and the wedge issue good or Nike dot com. Golf find out more about that. I know the demo days Langdon has won heron lake has a big one easy. So yeah really get out there. And has he said would those demo days they'll have all the different. Variations. Of the club head that you can really try out. He everybody grabs a driver and starts whacking away at that and in used to drive her fourteen times and around New Guinea is that wedge election analog ranging and he is a lot more. So go through and take the time to be fitted properly with a wedge. Thanks to captive. Porter as well and Matt plumb not a wrap it up for us thanks to Joseph way. Sinner in sync coming up next for herald I'm Jason hit him straight.