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Golf In The Northwest 3.14.15

Mar 14, 2015|

Jason & Harold talk with Jake Bader of GolfTec and Garrett Johnstone today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The latest tips and equipment to improve your game well latest from the leader boards and your favorite courses. Is it gives you. WJJ it's important. Because this is the ESPN sports Williams and it is. I think were on the morning by the morning well trained weather changed and now Italy Ireland. Apparently looked a little short in their. Sure a short imminently this subverted here. About but I assure every weekend here hey. How's everybody doing. A good. Cool wet today yeah. And like waking up in the dark and wet. What was good in the dark every morning yeah and leave you show from. Alike now at quicken up. And it's great when sums up just coming up and play no I did I get two months out of the year where there's actual daylight when I get up and come into the station. Went Wednesday usually its partners. The FBI about 445. So you know right there around the ended June through July. I concede you know just as dawn is breaking. Otherwise it's you know it's dark. That's terrible liked his kids know that this is tough enough. I know. I know and and so we went on daylight savings time because we started at 630 you the last couple weeks is likely there Simon and it was all dark and rainy this morning yeah. We shouldn't keep you from going out playing golf. I may want it's it's still warm yeah it's not cold winds not blowing really so too slow damp. Every out of work and those conditions it was quarry gets in your party in the studio with Oregon my way here. I mean it was cats and guard coming down I'd. I don't know how to cure for a I don't really notice too much yeah it was awesome sprinkles ended up to turn on the Wii and windshield wipers little bit. And wins this now it's its own nitrate and we've we've got to expressed. Matta I think it's okay not should be great work spectrum sun next week seeing get out there. Money going on it as well we'll have Jake debater from golf tech to join us in that asked the pros. Work on some tips for you there and great time to go to golf Tek nice indoor facilities with all the computerized as as technical as you can get so if you've enjoyed. Playing earlier than normal in February the amazing weather. And found the one element of your game more several like me. Other needs little work. Talk about how to get in there and take advantage of the the technology. And Gary Johnson our good friend he'll be joining us 845. He was at Doral last week to WGC. Dustin Johnson winning in a play off. Come and kind of from behind. It was an interesting week you know more playoffs or your. You know he won for the first time since he has come back from his. Hiatus is sabbatical his suspension whatever theory out there that you choose to believe. A regarding why Dustin Johnson was not on tour for several months but. Does look like it's affected his game too much he he seemed to have it. All back together just heightened drives weighed down there and had a fair amount a touch him was pretty good on the greens as well so. At a time where nobody knows when tiger's coming back we'll talk about him a little bit later but. The PGA tour could use. Dustin Johnson's. Golf game. Nights it kind of help draw some attention away from tiger not being there. BI exactly and I think the American public would like to see more than four guys in the top ten in the world ranking. Bob love being number two now. Bill Dustin Johnson moved up I think he's seven or something like that. He's earned. Top five finishes in three of five events so far this year should Dustin Johnson's playing very well. And he could. It be if he were putting a little bit better. He could be someone to watch the masters not tell you though Bubba is really looking for his third green jacket oh. And he knows that golf course he's very. Hi comfortable there because he has won. By. Augusta. Like Doral is gonna force it's going to favor the guys who had a long. And last week was a perfect example he had 12 and three of the longest. Drivers on tour. Finished 12 and three in the tournament. Now. I think I think you're looking at I JB Holmes really knelt down here. In his last round as yet you're looking at two guys who go on to do well at the masses and that Dustin Johnson and of course Beaubois. They'll be a sting I think I think Bob is really gonna try and jump on this because. You've got it's it will be interesting to see to how Dustin fares. At the masters. And you look at the rest of the majors. The US open out at chambers bay nobody's really got any experience with this course to speak of certainly not in a in a championship tournament sort of situation. So the you'd this US open is going to be wide nobody knows what to expect it's a total crapshoot. Then you've got the British Open which is that Saint Andrews. And that's going to be one where. You know depending on the weather I think you'll see. Some familiar names you could see. You know what Tom Watson or Greg Norman or a Freddie couples are one of those veteran guys who knows how to get around and play the course boring. You know the weather. Whatever that brings so uninteresting to see there EI in that case Judy you have to bring up Ernie Els yup. We're sure it's got a quick break him his clubs on the sides of trees though. At Lowe's and act. And I've never done that because. He he's gonna go to the trailer. And get a new club an hour after India have been ultimately play I might have to wait two weeks it's the stuff. If you visit shifts of busing nice seven and sanitary and news. And then the PGA championship. Is at Whistling Straits. And what that not be some poetic justice of Dustin Johnson keeps him play in the way if he goes back there where length is is. The biggest advantage. Now that he knows the difference between a bunker and a waste area. Yeah if he won at the PGA dot that would be a great story if he's able to put a couple more together may be he wins. You know he seems like his game right now. Coming back who knows what to expect it that chambers bay I think that's wide open maybe he wins there this is the Jiri finally it really puts it all together and has the season. Well I think Whistling Straits is a lot like chambers I think their similarities and in being. Links style course moves and that that could be to his advantage to me it's a long if he knows the rules of golf. Weller in a caddie we don't know how local rules members regret that she staple tea caddies for better his hat out and yeah. And should be fine but he's overcome some note. You know some demons I don't question. Emmett we will discuss that a little bit later does the PGA tour really serving its players by this shroud of secrecy not explaining why guys are there are there. In terms of discipline. If there is violations for drug test even you know for Rory throwing his club. You know. Every other major sporting league announces. Fines and suspensions it's all out there. And the reason you poured it all out there is show coaches and GMs and other players don't have to. Be asked questions over and over from curious media and and public. About what's really going on out and it's. It's a and it's an image issue for the PGA tour. I think the images become worse by everybody speculating and some crackpot buddy of his in junior high who thinks he knows. Will get the microphone because everybody searching for an answer I don't think those guys. Will be offered a microphone at the PGA says. This is what happened this is the discipline. We wanna support whoever. You know if it's if it's some sort of a drug issue were something like that. We're gonna educate him we're gonna support them he won't be on the tour for this long. We're taking care of it. And were helping him so that he can come back can be. You know the draw and the golfer that that we've all enjoyed so far you know there's a story there's nowhere for anybody to go there's a speculation. Well actually I think that they creates a story I'd be jumping all over that if somebody was fine for. Thrown a club I I think what you find is there a lot more fines. Then. I think there are two there's a lot more going on behind the scenes that we don't know about it would. And I think it which had kind of a negative light on some of the good the players and the PGA tour just doesn't wanna do. Little city pool will kind of get into that a little bit let me you and I have this image here but behind the scenes but I have known him we have. We're where college. And I am glad you set it and accept that that's a vacuum utter percent ethnic both back on that note. Let's go inside the ropes. It's time for an insider's look at the leaderboard this latest on all two hours plus local golf events and golf news this is inside the ropes part of golf from the north was on the affair. European tour still in South Africa the each won the open down a Pretoria country club in South Africa. Only two players in the top 100 in the current golf world rankings made the cut George coats see. All one of them he is a Hmong. Set eight players. Excuse me six players tied for the lead at nine under par Ross Fisher is the other. Top ranked 100 player from England's. He was so one of those anonymous guys on the recent Ryder Cup team. He is several strokes back that's what's going on there Web.Com tour finishing up their South America run they are in Brazil. Peter mom knotty. Is your leader fourteen under par patent is eerie thirteen under their a couple of youngsters and then had mr. two gloves Tommy Gainey there twelve under par he is in position. To try and win as he tries to get back on the PGA tour he'll be a fun one to seated come to the win cola foods Portland open. In August Jason Allred also a friend of the show he is the Ashland native made the cut he is seven under par had a top ten last week made its first cut. On the Web.Com tour cashed in and he's 35 on the money list as he tries to get into the race through the the top 25. Yeah I really can't wait for the lead dot com tour to come back to Portland in IA in that relates primarily phone and it's it's great to watch these players I. Some good guys out there and watch guy Tommy Gainey. How big bright guy and he you know areas of the day and a tour career. It's kind of fun to watch he's still though is official world ranking is 560 threes who's got a ways to go get that kind on tour. The thing about the Web.Com if you did and if you get a victory the way the purses work so heavily weighted. For the winners you know winners make between a 10025000. Usually for. A winning a regular tournaments. But it falls off very quickly signed the PGA tour yet the guy that wins gets a million bucks but you finished you know in the middle the package to make him semi 500 you're. So you can build up. Some points that way so but on the Web.Com tour after about the first 1520 places it's you know cover your expenses for the week navy. Yeah it's tough thing it. It's not as romantic as people think so now you're looking at the Valspar. Yes we are championship and you got a young guy. What's his name earnest. Under her out Ernst I'm sorry because he lives right down here at the computer is. And attacked for second five under par Hendrick stents and Ryan Moore. Ran the show Kevin through a man and also Jordan speak they're all one shot behind Brendan the young. It's about time Jordan's speech wins another tournament will pick up there as we continue here golf in the northwest. ESPN's Sports Radio timid looking. 8:15 this morning. Big big day here on the fair championship Saturday course sitter in the states. Coming up right after us at nine with Keith and Luke recap a professional blazers win last night take care business before they hit the road. Put the pistons out of there a misery are adding to their misery. And then on up he stayed up late. Joseph young. This reporter at TCU is second to go putting the ducks and the pac twelve title game coming up tonight. I didn't stamped them at all I was McDonald's after I got back from the US state basketball tournament. Which is where does the and I will be this afternoon for you at 3 o'clock boys title game west Linn looking for their third in a row jesuit. Who won four in a row and opt out long ago that'll be at 3 o'clock. Then we'll take yet to Greensboro for the ACC title game Notre Dame and North Carolina. And that will come back with a girl six A title game 830 tonight. In a wide open girls' tournament. It'll be Saint Mary's. Taken on south Salem. OK so they go that's the day on a fan you got a busy day and then we'll have the Big Ten tournament tomorrow noon here. And then turn it over to ESPN has the brackets are filled out we'll find out who's coming to Portland next week. After the NCAA tournament so what's up off fun time of year sports all around. That includes golf app as the PGA tour in Florida they're finishing up the Florida swing. Getting ready for the masters Brandon to Yong six under par leading after 36 holes at the Val spar. Copper head corset in its Brooke one of the underrated courses. In that Florida swing it's it's the least review are under the least. High profile. But you play in August I ain't no but it's it's difficult and it's tricky but you've got you know the bear trap. At PGA national Dana goaded to rile you got our knees course at bay hill some this one kind of gets overlooked but I think if you talk to amongst the players they often say this this one can be the most. And founding aroused as long and there's water everywhere and when the wind kicks up date but they know what it is I think they buying this one sometimes the trickiest of the four courses well. Crisis because I've greens and regulation matter being here Ed at Doral you got to get the ball in play out fatigue. And then you can hit greens this. This is a really. A golf course for hitting greens. And and then once you've hit the greens are not that easy to practice a lot like it got us they got some buried elephants and some of these greens. Op. The and it favors guys who are not the biggest hitters even though Ryan extensively about Ernie it's a pretty long. Ryan Moore kind of hung in. Last week and he's not a real long hitter when you compare him to JB Holmes Dustin Johnson. And bubble Watson. And so yeah he's excited to be very he likes this golf course does cause in a position golf course. Which means greens in regulation a very important Jordan's speech said the same thing al-Qaeda winning this week is greens in regulation. I can tell you if you look at that leaderboard. You guys Dion at. At down. Six under. And everybody who made the cut is within seven shots. So today is really important as what you say absolutely we talk about moving day yet and and you've got. How many guys sixty guys who couldn't love looking at guys. You know Kenny Perry's claim he's three under Vijay Singh is three under. Lee Westwood is two under Mac future is two under. Luke Donald to wonder Patrick reed to wander so and then you've got all these younger guys that we've you know had. Bits and flashes from like a Brendon Todd Justin Thomas the youngster from Alabama he's three under par Michael Putnam. The older Putnam brother here from from. Washington. Three under par so anybody who can get hot. Hasn't chain instituted to put some distance between them in and the rest of the field but. I was looking at this lesson okay it's time for Jordan's beat to win a tournament yeah he had the hot start. To his young career I know we still 4122 years old but. He needs to win a tournament again. And start to separate himself as one of those special he leaked players. Com Ford for the United States and in on the PGA to work. People know who he is now he's established himself they know he can consistently be in tournaments week in week out but it's tapper and start winning. Yeah I couldn't agree anymore and I think he's ready to rent win a major tournament not just any tour event I think he's prepared to win a major. And which is quite remarkable at age twenty month. That's that's pretty good stuff. I. So would just have to see he's got a shot this week. Branded the young has asked the 36 hole lead four times in his career. And never won so this is a he's a bit of a launch not even though he's leading internment. And the guys behind him except for Derek Ernst. Really know how to win. So will see how are Brendan hangs in there. On hooted I wanna Ole miss Derrick Ernst I. I was just looking him up and he's he's. 757. Done. And in the world right well we've been seeing guys also why you know back in 2013. So how do you go from what I believe that was his only top 25 finish on the PGA tour was that when via. All right so but we just got hot. For a week basically and that's what he's open here is to get hot for a week. Because this it is not played well he's had seven of his last nineteen rounds have been 75 or higher. That's sounds kind of like me ask you believe you though more so. Police he's still a youngster he's yet these yet to turn 25 right. So we just turned pro in 2012. That was when he graduated from UNLV so. Of he's still learning and finding his way. Know some of the guys and I think the scary in. You know on this is what we talk about what the Web.Com tour does need helping prepare guys on a tour week in week out understanding what it is to be consistent and eventually you windy comes out. In his first year and gets a PGA tour victory. And now we saw on the PGA tour capped a two year exemption of course you wanna play in stay on the tour but. I'm having to find your way on that PGA tour I think we fines. More often than not unless you're really special. It's tough and we seem come back may be two to the Web.Com tour. Yet learning how to compete. Grind it out week after week after week and keep yourself in those FedEx Cup rankings catching every week it's it's a different sort of mentality then. And getting hot for a week and winning a tournament. My wife and I were talking about this yesterday that and chief. She's unhappy that Tiger Woods is and I very much concede she may not be in the minority. That she she has an opportunity to watch some of the other players particularly the online. And and you're seeing so on some meltdowns. We had it we have last we had Pulitzer we had JB Holmes we've had out. The mother GO surge well that Sergio I don't think that's a surprise to anybody out I relish in the Hamlet his name. You come to me. Believe that's written for her. Thank you we had three or four meltdowns already this year. I think. You know Brendan young is he set up to for a meltdown even though he's playing quite well and I'm predicting that you may see something like that. At the masters was somebody's got to three or four shot lead and who what happens in the last nine holes. Anything can have depth and somebody melt down I find that. More intriguing and and for me personally. Better TV. Van to watch one guy Dominique I'll turn it off well and that's why I think. That's why we need you know people appreciate tiger so much as when he got those situations he just never let off the gas and that's hard to do. Com in a worries shown he has the ability to do that he hasn't done and as much and so as we start now projecting ahead to the masters. Tiger Woods making the formal announcement that he will not play. In or east tournament next week that was his last. I'd tournament he had originally on as scheduled to play before the masters so the big question is will show up at a cost. I just I know he knows that course like the back of his hand but I just. I don't see it well I can see why you say that he's won bay hill eight times. Why wouldn't he play there. But he doesn't feel like he's ready I think he's gonna come back for the masters and play. I don't think he'll play well that if he is in the top ten at the masters. That's going to really make him feel good but I don't see here they're struggling would your indoor and win the masters is the. We're just we're exactly on Barack. You know I think he can fix to hit it right hit it left off the tee I always done that but he's had a great shark and all in the masters is any knows word amiss at the masters so I would be is gonna spray at one way or the other he knows which direction the spray and written to give himself a shot to make par but. If you can't scramble if he has no confidence in his ability to scramble and make pars. Then there's no way he shows up but it just he's not if he's in then if he can't get it together. You know in time for the players or whatever else he's not gonna go to chambers bay course who knows it how many times he's played it certainly hasn't played in a tournament right so I don't think we're gonna see him until after the US open. If he gets his game together. Practicing or whatever he's doing. Going the same injuries like you know aired it here first. I'm saying at tiger's playing in the masters. I'll be shocked I shall be even more shocked if he shows up and makes the cut it. Well I mean he's he's got he's got 7879. Written all over him the last time we saw him attic just. And that's only gonna further everything in you've got to wonder what. You know his heads you know scrambled eggs as it is when it comes to his golf game and standing over a golf ball in the in the weeds. In a bunker right now right. So. You come out there in a place that you should feel comfortable should be confident. And if she makes a mess out of that. Then we're seeing it there's nowhere to go. Yeah I I I Syria gone of that and I would agree that would really be a blow to his ego. And then he he should get into the restaurant business after the still what is your name. He's a proud guy at stake I think he wants to play of course you are Ali wants the play and I I think you will. Will be it'll be interesting to see wool like you'll get the thoughts of Gary Johnston will join us at 845 he was sick at the WGC event last week after Ralph. Sort of talked to him about that what's the scuttlebutt there as well as Dustin Johnson. His return to form. And how things are looking here about three weeks away. Less than a month away from the masters and a gust when we come back though Jake debater from golf except gonna join us. And that talk about some of the instructions. A good opportunity this weekend with some poor weather coming in. Get inside get into a ranger. Have somebody take a look at your swing what you noticed it. Getting out earlier than normal here in the northwest of playing some golf this week as we continue golf in the northwest on ESPN's Sports Radio ten ADP it. Are you. 830 back here. Golf in the northwest Garland Jason with you ticking up to the top of the hour Lou can keep the takeover sinner in the same picture ready for March Madness sorority. Well in. In its maddening fashion. And then the blazers big victory they get kicked out of the modus sinner while the NCAA tournament comes to town next week's to a huge week for them. All that coming up. In just a half hour right now here as we asked the pros bring in the director of instruction in a regional manager for gall to act very happy to have Jake Bader witnessed this morning good morning Jake. Hey I got a bill today. Or doing great doing great other than a little rain that's put a damper on things little unfamiliar after that amazing February that we had so I imagine there's. A lot of golfers here in the northwest to might have noticed. May be a particular. Shot or piece of the game that they'd like to take a little extra work on them and a really a perfect time to come. Find out to take advantage of your services. It it's show up for people who port as familiar with the golf tacked. And haven't had the pleasure of going through the services it's a really using all the technology. For swing analysis so you can pinpoint what exactly it is you need to focus in on Scioscia with everybody a little bit about the process that you guys go through somebody's. Want to come in for some lessons. Yeah absolutely you know look the first thing that we do it is people people are very comprehensive swing a value we sit down we talk about their game. Find out exactly what their frustrations are. Spent time outlining goals in. They're really tight speed cameras and and motion sensors to get instant act based diagnosis you know with high speed cameras it's really easy Q. Pinpoint exactly where everything's going wrong. The motion sensor that we use over the last decade we've gone QPGA tour stops the senior toward the LPGA. As measured what these people are doing. On so we've been able to quantify. The golf swing and an in how their body is moving bullet comes with a learning process by using. Motion measurement you know we can accurately and specifically. Dial land exactly what it is that is causing some of these. Undesirable shops are inconsistencies or whatever it may be for the individual. Typical thing as a that we worked through all this technology. On our students can go home and reading their last two online so they can have had those advance retention tools. Ilk journal last and I mean we're just showing them what to do on but it really comes down to their practice we also offer indoor video based practiced. Where they can use our height speed cameras launch monitors to make sure that the practicing the right way. So pretty cool you know it's it's it's speeds up the learning process it makes teaching easy for me. Social to win win for everyone. Jake come and ask your question that every run you know the most asked question is though. Would you wearing unique. I. Okay most you sound hideous the anyway. Thank you very much stake I appreciate them that was a send off for yet this bad patent. At the away. I you're talking about. Different. Numbers and things like that your qualifying with you would you student in any thing. I believe that if you can measure it measure and and yeah qualifying is important but what. Let's below more specific Carol what are you quantify buddy what numbers are you looking. Yeah sure absolutely so you know we're just looking at the hips and shoulders. You know we'll reassess what state so many they've flipped but the bottom. You know if if the body stops turning their hands take over an eight laps to weaken precisely measure. Hey you know your your hips are only eleven degrees open it impacts need to get out more toward birdies for the body can lead danced and so that they can't slipping past. Aren't to be more specific really looking at how the bodies turning tilting and bending. On we also have some translational data as far as down and now sways. Dictator are jester director of instruction regional manager with a golf golf second. You know it's always interesting where. You know the the weekend hackers and the low handicapped miniature thinks they're doing one thing and they common discover it's actually really some mouse what are a couple of the most common. On this perceived. Reasons why ate there swing maybe isn't is. Isn't as in line is they think it is and people think they're doing this on a golf course when really they need to be focused on a different part of their body. Yeah absolutely I got some of the biggest things that I did is as it passed. They'll people. People have a misconception in the past you know eight it may think they're getting into the inside and or not. And that's why with a video that makes teaching a little easier for mean and that it really forces the student do you make these drastic changes. I mean if we're talking about bringing out called on a different pout. You know it may be assists and it ensure or oranges I mean it's it's pretty drastic in the the other thing that I would look at to adjust on the connection in the backswing. Some people. Don't really turn their shoulders and just to get back with their hands of their arms advocate collapse. Think like tapped. So it Jake day. I'd Wear in my brain go I just had a great questions. To ask it anyway way we're talking about disconnection. In the index. Really one thing I worked on quite a dead is the connection between the hands and the movement of the chest. And talk a little bit more about the outlook there with a our listeners could. Yeah absolutely so let me is the emotion in in the video with connection. Al McGovern won TP Hanson in the in front which. You don't want we're about halfway back we like to see that that a player gets more than half their turned utterly. So Al the core breach is parallel to the ground we like to see the shoulders turning about fifty degrees now the tore Albert at the top is about ninety. Arms or get more than half that Don and how that is all moving back and get the club on plane and also have to beef until the left shoulder. And the shoulder actually. If they're turning about fifty degrees and we want to tilt to be about 25 degrees with the use of at that video. You know we can also see where there imposition club position typically what we see is old and about golf club is moving much faster than shoulders in the actually. Which right they're called the disconnect. Yeah right dictator are Chester director of instruction with golf tech I think. The other thing too is well a lot of it is working on the full swing maybe talk a little bit. You know so much of scoring is based on your short game your ability to. Get the ball close. From bunkers from the rough. Leave yourself par putts rather than two putting for bogeys. What how does Seth how does that all the golf tec system help with kind of the short game and in developing not necessarily pudding but. But with those bunker shots with with working out of the rough and shorter links swings. Yeah absolutely great great question I'm glad you brought that up. You know we we really huge fight doctors here and and and only one of the factors as falsely. We do you pudding ship being mental approach course management. With art technology we can we can work on all of those things now once he lets say get a person fitted for their potter. They're they're stroke is looking to we got their technique working together for like the bump and run the tension a flop shot. You know we have several outdoor locations that we can transition into. Or around the area. Judge Jacob wanted to cascade that question. That comes up with a lot of my students is and end the the issue that they have is. They've taken a lesson they feel comfortable with what we are working with them on they've seen it on video. But they just don't have time to practice. What how much time do you recommend between lessons for practice. Sure absolutely you know during the jostling a valuation we we line out of practice schedule that's gonna work for them let's talk about practice if I don't have a whole lot of time the last thing I want to do it just swaps are being involved and apply just gonna do what feels comfortable. I'm not gonna get a lot done so we give people specific to wrote that they can do at home Olympics in front of a mere. You know eight is say that's it's a lot easier for a person to make a change if they slow it down an isolated. So let's say that we're working on. Connection in the actually. Probably assigned them five to ten minutes tonight just go home in front in the air just taking the club away. The ball work on take away why why oh why is there a ball off why are we make a full swings. So. It if you don't have a lot of time that you better be practicing effectively. You know what our video equipment typically people come in for a half hour. And we assign one specific movement to master. And you can find out more about that golf tech dot com and chick let people know in the area. How they can find you you're different locations. So they're just a big come in and seed in person and and get a real feel for how the the lessons in the swing of valuation work. Yeah absolutely here in the Portland market we rent space in the back also that the cascade station by the Portland airport. And Donna Nyberg wood which isn't flawed and. And you comedian go to golf tech dot com. Both Nyberg yet in the golf Schmidt stores. And we appreciate you very much shed taken some time out hopefully. We get people to work on their game focus on the practice session mentioned that's always the the toughest part really. Because it seems tedious Monday and at the time but but it makes the biggest difference out on the course. Absolutely. Thanks so much Jake. Thank you got a great day. All right you two Jake Bader therefrom golf tack. I needed that with the students all the time especially the young juniors they act class they got boyfriends or girlfriends and whatever and you say and then they come and complain about why they're not making any improvement in new basketball how much of practice this week. That's usually the first question I ask him not have pardon me is not how much did you practice I ask them how their practice went this week. And I also get invited drills to do at home. Specific things say. There's a sense of guilt if they don't get to a driving range and I don't want them to feel that way. They can work in front of the mirror or do what I refer to a shadow swings which is kind of a practice swing. They don't need a golf club in some cases they don't need a golf ball just giving a little bit of that repetitive motion. I into the matter. In the other swing can go a long way and when they do have an opportunity get to the range they can see how effective that practices. The game golf tech dot com for more information they're thinks dejected as we come back. But the business a Koppel talked to Gary Johnston our good friend he's down in Florida was at the WGC. Cadillac championship last week Dustin Johnson do when the most of business cash and a big check his first win since he's come back from his hiatus. So wolf find out if he's looking elected Dustin Johnson everybody thought was gonna. Take over and get to the top of the world rankings and tiger says he's not playing bay hill how's that affecting everything. On the PGA tour we continue golf in the northwest and ESPN's Sports Radio Tenet being. Switch to cricket wireless this taxi didn't get a free Lumia 635 after 35 dollar mail in rebate cricket is a promotion card are and it finds complex pretty in every month of service after completing two months and Smart are proof plan which puts his foot foot. That we could trigger tax refund into the meat fund and treat yourself to something nice like strict not scare me to meet all the things cricket wireless something to smile about. And went to number decreased to 82 or who is important not to implement record two parts it is Albert and they 45 sinner and saint coming up next. I don't know they're gonna trying cram everything from the week commit to hours NFL free agency the NBA playoff chase March Madness can be tough I expect ten minutes on the Buffalo Bills. Day hey they earned ten minutes yeah I absolutely no question yet but at the next ten minutes here belong to Gary Johnston our good friend he's down and. Lord up till morning Daryn how you know on. Are we are fantastic up here although it's finally arraigned for the first time in like three weeks so. People people got out played a lot of February golf in the Pacific northwest which is extremely unusual. But the whether or not so kind down there in Florida during this swing a lot of rain a lot of wins. What was Canada how's this Florida swing going from the PGA tour's perspective so far. Well it's and it's a challenging shot making a turn at. And that set up really from week to week out to right how would speak. A come into the stretch on the blue monster either trump has done so much of that course but it. That isn't demanding test last week I think usual years. Is of course this week at the belt started to Tampa always seems to bring out. Very. Tricky tricky. Perspective down the stretch I can read a little. Play it well a couple of years back Ike getting its first win. There at camp on Daniel. Other guys support for the first time as well to get their first digitally and it's sort of like here were little what it 2011 cell. It's tough this summit these courses can beat. There can also be your first time winners as well and we know this stages of the game and marched back gets you into the masters here next month so. After CEO will feel we have cooking this weekend. You can follow like Garrett on Twitter at Johnston Garrett an affront that's the best way want to keep track of where you are pitcher all over the east. Cover in this game. What you find out what he's working on it very very next let's go back to last week here Garrett Dustin Johnson coming through JB Holmes. Couldn't hold the big lead that he produced early in the tournament. And it's not too long after he came back from whether you believe who was hiatus. Or a suspension. His game seems to be. As good as it's been in his career. It does appear that way you have to dust and really. Really seemed to have competent. Candidate the leak occurred some itself that it's kind of it's like it's called the port that is direct or virtual that but yet they're accustomed it has today. Confident feel about in just. He ought to distances there or it's always been part. And so when he and paranoid aren't constantly at Pebble Beach and also we Revere and and I effort it would be in the week tell. What are you expecting to do each week in it where you met with sending an inning and he I'm ready to attend every week. He Oprah being its without. Being in the and I know and not to be there are tucked how would it take to beat they're they're reach single week and so when you're not simulate a total success look like. While our beat this guy think he can sustain little. Two victory that the matter where he's playing but he thinks he can be unit. On Sunday pretty much air pre event and with that kind of slacker Jack are competent. The rest he's gotten over those six months well it's. That Dustin that has quite quite a lot already but while honing. He's he seems to be in a position. Both continents why it cannot physically. Well something is had to have happened because he said I I knew I was really good that there was something missing them they need great. And it had to be up in his head somewhere. You have any inside and whip who is helping him through this rough time. We did mention obviously coursing of sorts of winning Gretzky and its future father in law aren't. You are united that you talked to lean a little bit out there excited Curtis story that we ain't played around with and radical state. Brokers at Sherwood Country Club that's where the Gretzky lit engine net and then of course Dustin and Polytechnic state their first few months during the winter so they. Place your route together at one point or claim that okay. Could that start out there and you're gonna break the course record today. And that's just how it. And it and having that kind of competence in union for somebody yell but that that's what I'm wanting to Wayne is actually hey listen I felt like. I felt compelled to elect a custom. And it was actually in a winner and of course you go along that he tied the course record that dates. But perked up and how somebody to have that protocol for them especially link stature. That's huge for Africa and another person Dustin mentioned which is like coach Kiki sucked into like coach now. He's meeting with fairly regularly. And that helped destroy the bigger picture guys you know it is just understanding worse yet in the chapter of the life that. You word yet from per month to month and it's extinct helped. Perhaps some kind of definition to where Dustin is going in and student so. I think theatre question I think it's combination. Last week was the they'll weaken the bombers in this week it's more of her position course. What is your preferences as far as big golf course sent sent out. Referenced earlier this week to week well yeah yeah do you like bomber courses you have any preference to shock courses. I'll let sequestered Errol I love I love of course look at every body in the duke recruit each you know it's it's like. It still doesn't deserve a chance to win now year another one as dust in your late bubble watch and cook. Lane as well. I think it for a future fight I think that's where it comes down to it and it course like in it the ducks are in the copper coarsening. Oftentimes see you are nuclear weapons upon rate in 2011 in the industrial and it's the plenty far he went toward thirteen. The guys play well there. She uses and then McDonnell has played well early Christian Peter. Guys that aren't quite as long but I think by and large you want to see force I and the like Harbour town if you what do you. Shot making and it's that they wanna see the guys. Have a thing that there aren't necessarily. In the top ten or top fifteen in driving distance you know I'd like this he's thinking man. Thinking man's game. You know. He gave the guys a reward their freaking hard to plod their way around the course several. It also typical game and I think people should be rewarded playing even the small. Garrett Johnson are Jesse can now check him out online Garrett Johnston productions dot com or you can follow him on Twitter at Johnston directs. And today we talked about. The preparation and and the different sort of courses as we look ahead of the masters tiger announced that he's not gonna play in bay hill also now all the speculation. Is it gonna show up but it gusto or not you get a feeling down their being with the guys in this Florida swing. If tiger they think it's gonna show up there or is he out firm for a while our people Palestinian okay. Tigers is done for awhile he'll come back when he's coming back. You know that the beauty is that. You know hiker candidate in the zone at his own game right Perry it's almost like he's not. A partisan here they're right now you're talking about what will we wanted to stick it is talking about it. The under war. You could beat topic and we looked at seem at the masters but. I would be I'd be jump in the car and say one way and other perks just as accurate and not substance. On the Tiger Woods era in April we see in its web site will receive reported. To. To where we are right now you know it no part of march with the toilets or six point five days to go for the masters cell. It's gonna be what it's gonna be yet though he was stopped it has not happened there for the first time ever last year at the gut and we're we're gonna see what they decided to let the tiger which can't decide cute chemistry but he is they want to play at the top. Pop a bit leveled gain in order to to be out there are so. There is they're really not talk right now about tiger here papers that are. You know record but he has her own battle out here are they can't from week to week excel. Well I'd I'd look at the bastard but. The ticking and keep progressing if it is well right to have a direction with good players American and European and I'm Scott decent data Australian that there are so many players. Seem to be stepping up want to want to deter it. And it's they should make up for a very very in arresting three weeks leading up to. Augusta one more all bay hill artist tournament next week and then the two in Texas. Gary Johnston unfortunately we're out of time you can follow him on Twitter at Johnston Garrett. Or Derek Johnston productions dot com on the way we always love it when you take a few minutes for Garrett so enjoy the tour down there and and have fun leading up to the masters. RID Gary Johnston in ends so there you go on the tour it's kind of like okay. We're not worried about tiger anymore. It's time for it's it's an opportunity for us and that's great because we've seen some compelling golf tournaments are coming down the stretch of four in the early part of the season. Yeah can you believe it's been ten years since. He won his last masters that it seems like I'm at a time Miller and what I Phil's won three bubbles 12 since then EL. And timing is really passing him by of the tourists not talking about it. The end the only people who are the media. People like us and and so it's still a story because he's such a big figure in the game and. And there is yet to be Rory is on the press this may be Adam Scott Jason Day Dustin Johnson Jordan's beat Bubba Watson neither and none of them have yet. Captured. Beyond the golf community the the overall that general sports fan to become an icon and become bigger than the game Woolsey if one of those develops here in the next next. Next year or so well I'll tell you know could be for sure is Dustin Johnson. They're eight yep people like we like him. And and he's had a little bit of trouble so it. It people like to see a comeback comeback story teller card and who I similar whoever comes challenges. I think Dustin Johnson could capture the hearts and minds of the American public. Well wolf find out so and see how the Valspar finishes up this week thanks to Jake beta from golf second thanks to Gary Johnston for joining us. That'll do let's that are insane are up next Bennett's championship groups. All afternoon and evening long here on the fan thanks to Joey for herald I'm Jason head on straight.